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This article is about the Universe 7 location. For the Universe 11 location, see Galaxy Prison.

The Galactic Prison is a Galactic Patrol facility designed to contain Universe 7's most dangerous criminals.


It was badly damaged after the escape of Moro and Cranberry, due to the evil wizard's wish from Porunga on New Namek to free all the prisoners.

The primary prison area has spacious cells, each with enough room for multiple convicts, with a see-through wall separating them from freedom. Moro's specialized cell is far away from the others, sealed in a vault with multiple rows of iron bars in-between, with the prisoner himself confined to a chair, strapped in so they cannot get up and with a special helmet covering their head so he cannot see or hear.[1] Ordinary prisoners are given rations, though according to Yunba it's barely any food at all.[2]

Planet Nutts, where Amond was serving time, seems to be a minor prison facility of the Galactic Patrol.

Known Prisoners


  • This prison and the Galaxy Prison share the name (Galactic Prison) in the original Japanese version.


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