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The Galactic King (銀河ぎんがおう Gingaō) is the king of the Milky Way Galaxy in Universe 7 and leader of the Galactic Patrol.


The Galactic King has a light-green octopus-like appearance, with a large head and numerous tentacles. He wears a golden crown with the Galactic Patrol insignia on its front.


The Galactic King is shown to be a just ruler of the Milky Way Galaxy of Universe 7. He is known to have saved Earth in the past from a giant asteroid once he became aware it was a thriving world with intelligent life, after Jiya countered the false report of a Galactic Patroller who had gone rogue. Additionally when he had received word that a Saiyan child had been sent to Earth he sent Jaco to eliminate him before he could destroy the planet, though Jaco's mission ultimately failed due to him getting side tracked during his adventures there which inadvertently led Jaco to meet Tights and the rest of her family.

While he was willing to send Galactic Patrollers to deal with Saiyan children, he did not dare oppose the Galactic Emperor Frieza - who had bested the Galactic King and Galactic Patrol, which resulted in the Galactic Patrol considering tangling with the Frieza Force off limits, though Jaco was allowed to warn Bulma of the return of Frieza as Jaco heard from Tights that she was friends with the one who defeated Frieza, showing that he feared the return of Frieza as did the rest of the Galactic Patrol. He is shown to be very friendly and amicable towards Goku and his friends despite them not treating him with as much respect as would be expected.

He is also shown to be quite knowledgeable as he recognized Hit's Time-Skip ability and even explained it to Goku. This lead to Goku, mistakenly grabbing his private part for a handshake, though slightly embarrassed by Goku's mistake, the Galactic King was very understanding that it was an accident, even politely informing Goku of it while blushing from embarrassment.

Though Time-Skip is against the laws enforced by the Galactic Patrol in the anime, both he and his subordinate Jaco decide to overlook it due to Hit's power. In the manga during the "Future" Trunks Saga, Jaco explains to Bulma and Tights that as Hit's Time-Skip does not allow Hit to travel backwards in time it is not a violation as he can't alter history or create time distortions and thus the Galactic King and Jaco had no reason to arrest Hit.

Though he had never meet Beerus before the Tournament of Destroyers, he and the Galactic Patrol are aware of the existence of the Supreme Kais due to Grand Supreme Kai and South Supreme Kai defeating Moro in the past who was arrested and taken prisoner back when the organization was known as the Galactic Police.



While he doesn't make a physical appearance, he is mentioned by Jiya and was said to be asleep for nine years during this time. Sometime after Jiya sends his report about Earth countering the false one that Steth sent, the king seemed to have woke up in time to destroy the giant asteroid that would have destroyed the planet. Though this is contradicted as Seth's falsified report on Earth lines up with what the Galactic King says to Jaco in Dragon Ball Minus about the human race.

Jaco the Galactic Patrolman

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The Galactic King in Dragon Ball Minus

Hearing of the news that a Saiyan from Planet Vegeta was heading to Earth, the Galactic King orders the Galactic Patrolman, Jaco, to go and investigate Earth and try to prevent the threat.

Dragon Ball Super

Universe 6 Saga

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Galactic King watching the Tournament

The Galactic King is on Earth with Jaco to be taken to the Nameless Planet by Whis in his cube. The Galactic King is thought to be Jaco's new girlfriend by Bulma but he is said to be the King of the Galaxy. He is worried that Bulma is not paying attention to him. He learns from Jaco that everyone has met higher beings than him like Supreme Kais and the God of Destruction Beerus[1] (the conversation in the manga was done in the Cube).[2] After the Tournament of Destroyers is complete, Goku flies up to the spectator section to meet his companions, although his shoulder experiences a sharp crack of pain, prompting the Galactic King to question his well-being. Goku thanks him for informing him about Hit's Time-Skip, and shakes what he thinks is the Galactic King's hand. Jaco is aghast at the "handshake", and a blushing Galactic King reveals that Goku accidentally grabbed his private part instead, causing Goku to let go shockingly and wipe his hands off on his gi, much to the amusement of those watching.

Galactic Patrol Prisoner Saga

Main article: Galactic Patrol Prisoner Saga When Goku boards the Galactic Patrol Headquarters, he greets the Galactic King once again by shaking his tentacle though the Galactic King reminds him that it is not a tentacle. He then holds an induction ceremony for Goku and Vegeta, appointing them as special members of the Galactic Patrol until the time they catch the escaped prisoner Moro.

Several days later, while taking a bath he is rudely interrupted when Goku uses his Instant Transmission to teleport himself, Merus and Jaco from New Namek back to the Headquarters. Hearing their news, he rushes out of the bath to ask a couple members of the Patrol if it's true that all the prisoners escaped from the Galactic Prison. After putting on his royal crown, he is given an update on the situation from Jaco and Merus.

A few days later, aware of their lack of man power, the Galactic King suggests finding some new special recruits for the Galactic Patrol and asks Jaco about the warrior they saw fight before, Piccolo.

Following Moro's defeat, a ceremony is held for Goku, Vegeta, Good Buu, Jaco and Merus. The Galactic King presents them all with medals and takes a commemorative photo with them all.

Granolah the Survivor Saga

Main article: Granolah the Survivor SagaWhen Goku is using his Instant Transmission to teleport himself and Gas around the galaxy, the battling duo once again end up rudely interrupting the Galactic King's bath before teleporting away again.


According to Jiya, the Galactic King is said to be much more powerful than any of the other members of the Galactic Patrol and is capable of stopping asteroids that are big enough to destroy planets. However, he and the rest of the Galactic Patrol are no match for the tyrant Frieza, who defeated all of them together so easily that Frieza became taboo among the Galactic Patrol.[3]

In the end of "Great Escape" Goku (whose energy got drained by Moro) teleports himself, Merus and Jaco to the Galactic King's bathroom as the king was bathing and explains to the troubled Galactic King that the King's ki was the only Galactic Patrol HQ member strong enough to sense all the way from New Namek to use Instant Transmission upon.

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  • Galactic King's overall appearance resembles that of Mars People from the Metal Slug videogames.
  • The Galactic King is the only member of his race to appear in the anime as he appears in Dragon Ball Super, as all other Octo only appear in the manga.
  • Ironically he originally sent Jaco to Earth to kill the young Saiyan Kakarot before he could destroy the planet, though fortunately for him Jaco failed and assumed the Saiyan had never arrived when he in fact had and was found by Grandpa Gohan who adopted the boy, before the young Saiyan suffered a head injury and amnesia which resulted in the boy becoming the pure hearted Goku, who would one day grow up and defeat the tyrant Frieza whom the Galactic King himself has been unable to defeat. The Galactic King would later meet Goku and assisted him during the Tournament of Destroyers by informing him of Hit's Time-Skip which helped Goku in his battle with the legendary assassin of Universe 6.



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