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The Galactic Bandit Brigade are a group of criminals led by Saganbo who once rampaged throughout one of Universe 7's galaxies. Their spaceship is shown to be faster than the ones used by the Galactic Patrol. After allying with Moro, they become the highest-ranked members of the "Moro Corps".


They were strong enough to give the Galactic Patrol a hard time until Merus captured them and locked them all up in the Galactic Prison.

Moro who was serving a 10 million years imprisonment ran into them, and alongside Saganbo planned of freeing them all alongside the rest of the prisoners if they'll agree to work for him.

When Cranberry was about to make his third wish from Porunga on New Namek, Moro interfered and killed him to make sure that he'll be able to free his awaiting army.

After gaining a large power up from Moro (who absorbed the heroes' powers a few times already) they began fighting against the still-energy-drained Goku, Vegeta, Good Buu (as the Grand Supreme Kai), Merus and Jaco. Once the heroes made their retreat, they proceed with their new master to attack Planet Zoon and rob it's royal treasure before Moro devours the energies of the planet and it's people.


  • Saganbo - The leader of the Galactic Bandit Brigade and right-hand man of Moro.
  • Seven-Three - An advanced artificial life-form with the ability to copy the powers of others. He acts as part of a squad alongside Shimorekka and Yunba and together they attacked Earth.
  • Shimorekka - A small alien who acts as the apparent leader of the squad composed of himself, Seven-Three and Yunba.
  • Yunba - A bear-like alien and member of a squad composed of himself, Shimorekka and Seven-Three.
  • Quoitur - A Metalman. He is one of the pilots of Saganbo's Spaceship.
  • Yuzun - A member of Zarbon's race. He attacked Planet Yardrat but ended up being killed by his own attack after being defeated by Vegeta.
  • Three female aliens who act as a squad.
  • A lizard-like alien who acts as a pilot in Saganbo's Spaceship.


Without Moro's help, their power levels aren't too strong for the likes of Goku and Vegeta by Age 780, to handle.

Vegeta tells Irico that Saganbo isn't a worthy opponent and that without Moro having powered them up, even Trunks could defeat Saganbo.

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