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The Galactic Bandit Brigade (銀河強盗団 Ginga Goto-Dan), are a group of criminals led by Saganbo who once rampaged throughout one of Universe 7's galaxies. Their spaceship is shown to be faster than the ones used by the Galactic Patrol. After allying with Moro, they become the highest-ranked members of the "Moro Corps".


Seven-Three's footage of the gang's assault on Zuno.

When the bandits went to see Zuno to gain information, the Galactic Patrol lay in wait ready to ambush them. They were strong enough to give the Galactic Patrol a hard time until Merus captured them and locked them all up in the Galactic Prison.

Moro who was serving a 10 million years imprisonment ran into them, and alongside Saganbo planned of freeing them all alongside the rest of the prisoners if they'll agree to work for him.

Once the heroes made their retreat, they proceed with their new master to attack Planet Zoon and rob its royal treasure before Moro devours the energies of the planet and it's people. They continue to do this for the next two months.

The Galactic Bandit Brigade (minus the deceased Yuzun) eventually made their way to Earth to deliver the same fate as the other planets. Each of them was confronted by a member of the Z-Fighters, with the Galactic Patrol assisting the heroes in their capture. With the exception of Saganbo, Shimorekka, and Seven-Three, the rest of the Galactic Bandit Brigade are defeated/captured and are sent back to the Galactic Prison.


Character Description
Saganbo The leader of the Galactic Bandit Brigade and right-hand man of Moro. Died as a result of being powered up too much by Moro.
Seven-Three An advanced artificial life-form with the ability to copy the powers of others. He acts as part of a squad alongside Shimorekka and Yunba and together they attacked Earth. Briefly absorbed by Moro.
Shimorekka A small alien who acts as the apparent leader of the squad composed of himself, Seven-Three and Yunba. Killed by Moro.
Yunba A bear-like alien and member of a squad composed of himself, Shimorekka and Seven-Three. He was defeated by Krillin's Kamehameha and re-captured by the Galactic Patrol.
Bikkura Quoitur A Metalman. He is one of the pilots of Saganbo's Spaceship. He attacked the Earth alongside with the rest of his crew, but was defeated by Chiaotzu due to his weakness against insults and was re-captured.
Yuzun A member of Zarbon's race. He attacked Planet Yardrat but ended up being killed by his own attack after being defeated by Vegeta.
Zauyogi A lizard-like alien who acts as a pilot in Saganbo's Spaceship. He is the adviser of the group. He was defeated by Goku and re-captured.
Miza Apparent leader of a trio of female convicts. She was defeated by Goku and re-captured.
Iwaza A female convict who battles alongside Miza and Kikaza. She was defeated by Goku and re-captured.
Kikaza A female convict who battles alongside Miza and Iwaza. She was defeated by Goku and re-captured.
Miza Iwaza Kikaza Fusion The fused form of Miza, Iwaza and Kikaza.


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