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Future World Tournament Announcer (未来の天下一武道会アナウンサー Mirai no Tenkaichi Budōkai Anaunsā, lit. "Future Number One Under Heaven Martial Arts Gathering Announcer") is an alternate timeline version of World Tournament Announcer in Dragon Ball Z: Shin Budokai - Another Road.


World Tournament Announcer Cutscene Another Road

The World Tournament Announcer in a cutscene

The Future World Tournament Announcer appears briefly when the World Martial Arts Tournament begins in the game. While he is commentating the match between Future Trunks and Future Kibito, Future Babidi and Future Dabura appear and steal Future Trunks' energy.


  • A joke in the game is that he understands "about half" of what Future Kid Buu says: according to him, Future Kid Buu will save half of the tournament's prize money and go shopping with the rest of it.

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