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Future Pikkon (未来のパイクーハン Mirai no Paikūhan) is an alternate timeline version of Pikkon that appears in Dragon Ball Z: Shin Budokai - Another Road.


Future Pikkon confronts Future Janemba

Future Pikkon helps Gohan against Future Janemba. They defeat him, though Future Janemba was toying around with them. Gohan congratulates Future Pikkon, and Future Pikkon tells Gohan's spirit is just like Future Goku's. Gohan tells Future Pikkon he would like to see Future Goku and asks if there is someone like him in the Other World as well. Future Pikkon says there is and saw him with Future Goku a little while ago. With Future Pikkon's guidance, they encounter someone new: Future Bardock (Future Goku's father). Future Pikkon tells he is different, but looks very similar to Gohan. This newcomer suddenly launches an attack on Future Pikkon, and then attacks Gohan. They recruit Future Bardock for the battle against Future Super Buu. Future Old Kai gives Future Pikkon and Future Bardock one day on Earth, and resurrects Future Gohan for the battles. After Future Kid Buu was defeated, Future Pikkon and Future Bardock return to Other World.

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