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Future Piccolo (未来のピッコロ Mirai no Pikkoro) is the alternate timeline counterpart of Piccolo in Future Trunks' timeline.


Same as his present timeline counterpart.


Same as his present timeline counterpart.



Future Piccolo's life was exactly the same as his main timeline counterpart's life until August of Age 764, when Future Goku used the Instant Transmission to arrive on Earth and kill Future Frieza and Future King Cold (something Future Trunks' arrival in the main timeline altered). Two years later, in Age 766, Goku died from a lethal Heart Virus with no cure and was unable to be wished back, due to the death being of natural cause. Future Piccolo was shocked about his former enemy's death after Future Goku's death.

Dragon Ball Z

Cell Saga

Main articles: Trunks Saga and Perfect Cell Saga In "Mystery Revealed", Future Piccolo makes a brief cameo when Future Trunks explains to Goku about the Android threat and how they were responsible for killing all the Z Fighters leaving Future Trunks as the only Z Fighter alive in his timeline. Because of the Androids killing Future Piccolo which also killed Future Kami, Future Trunks was unable to use the Dragon Balls to wish any of his fallen comrades including his mentor and best friend, Future Gohan, back to life.

Future 18 delivers a heavy blow to Future Piccolo's chest (anime flashback)

In Future Trunks' flashback in "Ghosts from Tomorrow" when he explains to Cell how the Androids caused devastation and destruction to the people in his timeline and killed almost every last Z Fighter remaining, it is shown that 18 killed Future Piccolo with a single kick to the chest. The only survivor of the battle is Future Gohan, who dedicates his life to avenging his fallen friends.

Dragon Ball Super

Future Piccolo's brief and only appearance in a Dragon Ball Super special chapter

In a flashback in "Bonus Story" bonus chapter of the Dragon Ball Super manga, Future Piccolo is shown fighting the Androids alongside his allies. He then dies as Future Gohan and Future Bulma notice the Dragon Balls fall to the ground as stones after the Future Pilaf Gang finished granting their wish. Future Piccolo makes a brief and only appearance in the Super manga.

"Future" Trunks Saga

Main article: "Future" Trunks Saga Future Piccolo's spirit was erased when Future Zeno wiped out all existence to end Infinite Zamasu's reign of terror. His spirit still continues to exist in the new timeline Whis (in the anime) created or by Future Trunks and Future Mai (in the manga).

Film Appearances

The History of Trunks

Main article: Dragon Ball Z: The History of Trunks On the 12th of May, Age 767, two killer Androids would appear. Coming to the defense of Earth's inhabitants, Piccolo and the other Z Fighters would engage the Androids in battle. Future Piccolo was killed by Future Android 18 when she delivered a swift kick to his chest. He was the first of the Z Fighters to be killed by the Androids (and, being fused with him, Future Nail died as well).

Future Piccolo falls to the ground (TV special prologue)

When Future Piccolo died, Kami died as well, and so the Dragon Balls became useless; therefore, neither the Z Fighters, who would all also perish, nor any normal citizen who got killed by the Androids could be wished back. The only survivor of the battle is Future Gohan, Future Piccolo's student, and Future Piccolo's death had a great impact on him, who later states he thinks about how the Androids killed Piccolo when transforming into a Super Saiyan.

Future Piccolo died three days after his 14th birthday. The Future Pilaf gang were the last Earthlings to ever obtain a wish from Future Shenron before Future Piccolo, and by extension, Future Kami and Future Shenron, died from the Androids.

Techniques and Special Abilities

  • Flight - The ability to fly by utilizing ki.
  • Ki Blast - The most basic form of energy wave.
  • Eternal Youth - As a result of being the reincarnation of Future King Piccolo, Future Piccolo inherited his eternal youth. However due to being reborn, Future Piccolo retains the ability to age from an an infant, child, teenager, adolescent, albeit at an accelerated rate with his rapid aging allowing him to reach physical maturity in just three years. Said aging effectively stops upon reaching his physical prime, as per the parameters of King Piccolo's original wish which was to be restored to his physical prime. Unfortunately though he is effectively immune to death by aging himself, since his life is linked to Future Kami, his life span is technically still tied to Future Kami's as his other half still ages normally. Additionally Future Piccolo is still vulnerable to be killed in battle as he lacks full immortality.
  • Life Link - As Future King Piccolo's reincarnation, Future Piccolo inherits his life link to Future Kami. Since Future Kami lacks Future Piccolo's eternal youth, he continues to age and remains vulnerable to death by aging, which would in turn kill Future Piccolo due to the life link despite Future Piccolo no longer aging upon reaching his physical prime. Said Life Link can be nullified if Future Piccolo and Future Kami once again fuse into the Nameless Namekian, though unlike his main timeline counterpart, Future Piccolo never does so due to him being killed in battle by the Androids. Additionally if Future Piccolo is killed, Future Kami will perish as well. This happened when he is killed by Future Nappa's Bomber DX and when he is killed fighting Future Android 17 and Future Android 18.
  • Cloning - The general ability to split into several identical duplicates to fight as a group.
  • Doppelganger - The ability to create doppelgangers.
  • Explosive Breath Cannon - First, Piccolo yells out "Die!" as he charges at the opponent and elbows them in their stomach before kicking them up into the air. Then, he flies after the opponent and double axe-handle punches them down to the ground, where he teleports beside them and grabs their arm. Finally, Piccolo says "I'll beat you to death!" as he punches the opponent in their stomach and throws them in the air before blasting them with a yellow Mouth Energy Wave, inflicting a huge amount of damage.
  • Explosive Demon Wave - The user fires a very powerful energy wave shot from a single hand, with the other arm supporting the one that is firing the attack.
  • Risking it all for a friend - Future Piccolo used this technique to save Future Gohan from Future Nappa's Bomber DX in Cell's timeline.
  • Special Beam Cannon - Future Piccolo used this technique to kill Future Raditz while Future Goku had him in a Full Nelson.


Fusion with Future Nail

Like his counterpart from the Present Timeline, Future Piccolo fused with Future Nail on Namek. However, he never gets the chance to fuse with Future Kami due to his death at the hands of the Androids.

Video Game Appearances

Future Piccolo appears as an enemy in Future Gohan's Arcade mode in Dragon Ball Z: Shin Budokai - Another Road. Before fighting, Future Piccolo tells Future Gohan that he has nothing more that he needs to learn from him, and Future Gohan reflects that he would not have made it this far without Future Piccolo's help.

In Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, Future Piccolo appears in the DLC -Trunks- The Warrior of Hope which adapts the events of The History of Trunks special.

Voice Actors


Dragon Ball Z
The History of Trunks
  • Future Piccolo vs. Future Android 18


  • In Future Trunks' flashback, he claimed that Future Vegeta was the first to die at the hands of Androids 17 and 18, and Future Piccolo was the second. However, in The History of Trunks, Future Piccolo was shown as the first to die and Future Vegeta was the second.
  • Piccolo's fights against the Androids are switched between timelines, in Future Trunks' timeline, Future Piccolo fights and is killed by Future Android 18, in contrast to the present timeline, where the present Piccolo, who was stronger than his future self, thanks to his fusion with Kami, fights and goes toe-to-toe with, Android 17 (whose power grossly exceeded the future timeline Androids) instead.
  • As he was born on May 9th, Age 753 and was killed ybthe Androids on May 12, Age 767, Future Piccolo was 14 years old at the time of his death, as it had been exactly 14 years since Future King Piccolo's death and reincarnation into Future Piccolo who was killed three days after his 14th birthday. However since it only took three years for Future Piccolo to age from a child into his physical prime (at which point his aging stopped as he inherited his father's eternal youth meant he would not age beyond his physical prime as King Piccolo asked for his physical prime to be restored), Future Piccolo was physically much older, as a side effect of being King Piccolo's reincarnation.
    • However since the Funimation dub changed Piccolo Day from May 9th to May 13th (in reference to 13 being unlucky), in the dub Future Piccolo would have been 13 years old as he would have died just one day shy of his 14th Birthday (May 13, Age 767). However this would still fit with the number 13 being unlucky, as Future Piccolo death in the dub would have occurred on the day just before he turned 14 (which ironically would have taken place on the May 13th of Age 767).



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