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Future Oolong (未来のウーロン Mirai no Ūron) is an alternate timeline version of Oolong.


Dragon Ball Z

The History of Trunks

Main article: Dragon Ball Z: The History of Trunks

Future Oolong and Turtle

He was one of the unfortunate ones to witness the death of Future Goku in Age 766. In Age 767, the Androids killed Dragon Team with the exception of Future Gohan and Future Trunks. Along with Future Master Roshi, Future Puar and Future Turtle, Oolong now lives on board a submarine near Kame House.

Dragon Ball Super

"Future" Trunks Saga

Main article: "Future" Trunks Saga It is unknown whether he survived when Goku Black invaded Earth since it has been stated by Future Trunks that there's hardly any humans left alive in his timeline. But even if he survived, he would have been killed off by Infinite Zamasu's Chou Makouhou Barrage attack along with any other survivors on Earth. Shortly after, his soul was erased from existence when Future Zeno erased Future Trunks' timeline to eliminate Infinite Zamasu. However, his soul still lives on in the second future timeline created by Whis (in the anime) or by Future Trunks' (in the manga).

Other Dragon Ball Stories


-Trunks- The Warrior of Hope

Future Oolong appears as a NPC during the -Trunks- The Warrior of Hope DLC story set in Future Trunks' timeline. Like in The History of Trunks special, he takes refuge in Future Master Roshi's Submarine along with Future Master Roshi, Future Puar, and Future Turtle.

Episode 1 Sub Story - "Master Roshi's Discernment"

After begining the main story "Gohan and Chi-Chi", Future Trunks can take part in this Sub Story where his mother reveals that she has been sending supplies to Future Master Roshi and the others via a shipping company. However the company was recently attacked by the Androids causing them to suspend their shipping business operations due to it simply being too dangerous. Future Trunks offers to deliver the supplies himself as it has been awhile since he's seen Future Master and the others and Future Bulma agrees as it could really help her out as their friends need them to survive living in the Submarine.

Near Kame House, Future Trunks enters the Submarine where Master Roshi and the others are hiding out. There he encounters Future Oolong, Future Puar, Future Turtle, and Future Master Roshi who are all happy to see he's doing well. He gives the supplies to Master Roshi who takes them and they have a nice chat before Future Trunks leaves to report back to his mother. However Future Master Roshi wonders if the Androids are truly evil and leaves the Submarine to find Future Android 18 in the hopes he can convince her to change her ways (though it is implied that he has other lecherous motivations due to Future Android 18's beauty). Fortunately Future Trunks decides to check on him and saves him from being killed by an angry Future 18. However she is still too strong for Future Trunks as he has yet to become a Super Saiyan, though Future Master Roshi pleads for mercy. Future Android 17 in a good mood after having defeated a difficult boss in a video game and witnesses Future Master Roshi standing up for Future Trunks despite his own frailty compared to the Androids and feeling generous as well as noting that letting the kid live will make things more fun for them, decides to let them both go just this once, much to Future 18's annoyance. Future Master Roshi thanks Future Trunks and returns to the Submarine to everyone's relief.

Both before and after this Sub Story, Future Trunks can visit Future Oolong and company by entering the Submarine. Additionally Future Gohan will come along if he is part of Future Trunks' party and Future Trunks has access to the World Map, allowing them to travel to the Southest Islands Area where the sub is located.

Episode 2

Three years after Future Gohan's death, Future Trunks can visit the Submarine to see how everyone is holding up. Future Oolong reveals he misses Future Gohan, due to having known him since he was a kid and warns Future Trunks to be careful, not wanting to lose him to the Androids as well.

After Future Trunks returns from his adventures in the past and defeats the two Androids and Future Cell, peace is finally restored allowing Future Oolong, Future Puar, Future Turtle, and Future Master Roshi to finally leave the Submarine. However Future Oolong continues to stay at Kame House with Future Puar sticking around to keep Future Oolong from causing trouble.

Episode 3 Sub Story - "Android Admirer"

After Future Trunks heads out on patrol and encounters Future Shin and Future Kibito during the main story "Looming Threat", the Sub Story: "Android Admirer" becomes available. The Sub Story centers on a lovestruck admirer of Future Android 18's known only as Despondent Man who plans to end his own life after learning of Future Android 18's death at the hands of a mysterious warrior as Future Trunks' heroics are only known to the Z Fighters' remaining supporters and not the public at large. Due to having little life experience regarding matters of romantic love, Future Trunks seeks out his mother for a solution to save the man's life. Future Bulma points out Future 18 would be the best person to get him to reconsider, though even without Future 18 beibg dead, they couldn't really get her to cooperate if they wanted to, so Future Bulma suggests they have Future Oolong utilize his Shapeshifting to turn into Future 18 to convince the man not to take his life. Future Bulma briefly recalls how in her younger days she had Future Oolong transform into her once to trick Future Master Roshi though she angrily notes he took things too far, causing Future Trunks to note to himself whatever happened must have been bad given that his mother's visible anger. However Future Bulma asks Future Trunks to gather ingredients for her as she plans to make some candy to give to Oolong due to the likelihood that he might refuse cooperate. After collecting the ingredients, Future Bulma makes Tasty-Looking Mango-Flavored Candy and tells her son to give it to him as soon as he finds him and to call her so she can convince him to cooperate if he refuses to help.

At Kame House, Future Trunks finds Future Oolong remembering the candy his mother gave him and gives it to Oolong, unaware of its side effects. Future Oolong takes the candy and eats it without suspecting a thing. Predictably, he refuses to help Trunks with the jumper as he notes that turning into women always leads to trouble for him. Future Trunks remembering his mother's instructions asks to use the phone and calls her. She tells him to turn to Oolong and say "piggy" though he says it out loud inquisitively while still on the phone, but Future Oolong is able to hear it due to his large ears and he starts to feel the effects of Bulma's candy. She tells her son to say "piggy" four more times before Future Oolong can't take anymore and ruses to Kame House's bathroom. Future Trunks asks what is happening and Future Bulma reveals it the same Special Candy that she used to force Future Oolong to behave after he joined her and Future Goku's quest for the Dragon Balls and also points out that the effects last for a month. While Future Trunks is not thrilled by his mother's methods, Future Oolong ultimately agrees to cooperate, recognizing that Future Bulma tricked him again using her son as a proxy to deliver the candy so Future Oolong wouldn't realize what it was.

At the island where the Despondent Man is preparing to jump to his death, Future Oolong and Future Trunks hide behind the man's Hovercar and Future Oolong transforms into Future Android 18 as requested. Unlike with Future Bulma, he gets Future 18's overall body proportions and shape correct, though he fails to replicate her facial features accurately reducing her attractiveness. However Future Trunks has trouble telling him he got the face wrong and Future Oolong assuming he got Future 18's likeness down perfectly, approaches the man. In disguise as Future 18, Future Oolong convinces the man that "she" is the real Future 18 who faked her death after deciding to stop attacking cities and killing people due to her notoriety making it hard to live a normal life. However when the man confesses his love to Future 18, Future Oolong as 18 states she intends on seeing the world and isn't ready to settle down, though notes if she ever reconsiders, she'll come see him giving him something to live for as the promises to become the ideal man for her. After Future Oolong as 18 leaves, the Despondent Man thinks to himself that Future 18 wasn't as attractive as he originally thought.

Back at Kame House, Future Trunks thanks Future Oolong for his help, which all things considered Future Oolong accepts as he was successfully able to fool the man into continuing on living in the hopes of one day that 18 might someday comeback to him thus saving a life in the process. However unfortunately Future Master Roshi appears complaining about the television making a squealing sound which the old hermit inadvertently notes sounds like a little piggy squealing, triggering the candy's effects to accidentally causing Future Oolong to rush back to Kame House's bathroom, with Master Roshi wondering what is wrong with him, while Future Trunks sincerely hopes that one day Future Oolong can forgive him for giving him his mother's special candy, as he feels guilty for being partially to blame Future Oolong's suffering. As a result, Future Oolong once more has to suffer the effects of the candy for a month.

After the Sub Story is concluded, Future Oolong can be found at Kame House. Despite the situation with the candy, Future Oolong is thankful to Future Trunks for defeating the Android menace and bringing them all peace. However due to being cooped up for so long, Future Oolong wants to go into town for perverted reasons, forcing Future Puar to keep an eye on him so he doesn't cause any trouble.

Techniques and Special Abilities

  • Shapeshifting - Like his main timeline counterpart, Future Oolong can shapeshift due to having once studied at Southern Transformation Kindergarten, before being expelled for stealing the teacher's Panties. Used by Future Oolong in Kakarot to transform into Future Android 18 during the Sub Story: "Android Admirer". He is also noted by Future Bulma to have transformed into her in the past to fool Future Master Roshi, though Future Oolong went overboard to much Future Bulma's ire upon mentioning it to her son. Though he is shown to have gotten better at transforming into women as he is able to get most of Future Android 18's body proportions correct , save for her facial features (though this may be due to him being out of practice and/or his unfamiliarity with Future 18's facial features compared to Future Trunks who had seen and fought her many times). However he makes up for this by being a skilled actor as he is able to fool one of Future 18's male admirers.

Video Game Appearances


  • In Kakarot, Future Bulma briefly mentions she had Future Oolong shapeshifting into her to trick Future Master Roshi during the Sub Story: "Android Admirer" and angrily notes that Future Oolong went too far, alluding to the infamous Puff Puff scene.


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