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"I'm going to Pepper City!"
— Future Master Roshi wanting to challenge the androids

Future Master Roshi (らいかめせんにん Mirai no Kamesen'nin, lit. "Turtle Hermit of the Future") is an alternate timeline counterpart of Master Roshi who survived in both Future Trunks' and Cell's timeline, as seen in the Dragon Ball Z: The History of Trunks.


Dragon Ball Z[]

The History of Trunks[]

Future Master Roshi's past is exactly the same as his main timeline counterpart prior to August of Age 764. Until Age 766 He along with the rest of the Dragon Team were shocked that Future Goku died from a heart virus. During one of Future Android 17 and Future Android 18's rampages in Age 780, he is shown to be hidden in a submarine near Kame House, along with Future Turtle, Future Oolong and Future Puar. Listening to the news of the ongoing destruction, he was sure he could go out and challenge the Androids, but decided not to do so when Oolong, Puar and Turtle begged him not to go.

Dragon Ball Super[]

"Future" Trunks Saga[]

It is unknown whether he survived when Goku Black invaded Earth since it has been stated by Future Trunks that there are hardly any humans left alive in his timeline.

Other Dragon Ball stories[]


In -Trunks- The Warrior of Hope Episode 3 Sub Story "Rest in Peace, Krillin", Future Master Roshi explains to Future Trunks he wants to finally hold a memorial for Future Krillin and wants to give him a specific item that inside a Capsule somewhere at the bottom of the ocean somewhere around Kame House. When Future Trunks suggests asking his mother for help, Future Master Roshi is little nervous about involving Bulma though cryptically says she's probably forgot about "it" and agrees to Trunks' plan. After Future Trunks acquires the Capsule Detector from Future Bulma, Future Master Roshi shows him the spot it's in and retrieves it. Future Trunks inquiries about what is in the Capsule and Future Roshi explains that it contains his and Future Krillin's "dreams". Before he could show Future Trunks, Future Bulma arrives to stop Future Master Roshi and reveals that the capsule contains his and Future Krillin's collections of dirty magazines. The two of them get into an argument and Future Bulma tries to take the Old Capsule from Future Roshi who does his best to save the collection. One of the magazines gets soaked by his sweat during his efforts. It is then revealed that Future Roshi was indeed sincere about offering up one of the magazines to Future Krillin's spirit which ends up being the one that got sweat soaked. After Future Bulma leaves without Trunks, Future Roshi thanks him for his help and believes Future Krillin's spirit will be pleased with his offering. Future Trunks however notes to himself that he didn't realize Future Krillin had that kind of side to him.

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