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"He's gone... Goku's gone!!"
— Krillin sensing Goku's death in Dragon Ball Z: The History of Trunks

Future Krillin (らいのクリリン Mirai no Kuririn) is the alternate timeline counterpart of Krillin.


Same as his present timeline counterpart.


Same as his present timeline counterpart.



Future Krillin's life was exactly the same as his main timeline counterpart's life until August of Age 764, when Future Goku used the Instant Transmission to arrive on Earth and kill Future Frieza and Future King Cold (something Future Trunks' arrival in the main timeline altered). Two years later, in Age 766, Goku died from a lethal Heart Virus with no cure and was unable to be wished back, due to the death being of natural cause. Future Krillin was shocked about his best friend, Future Goku's death.

Dragon Ball Z[]

Cell Saga[]

In "Mystery Revealed", Future Krillin makes a brief cameo when Future Trunks explains to Goku about the Android threat and how they were responsible for killing all the Z Fighters leaving Future Trunks as the only Z Fighter alive in his timeline. Because of the Androids killing Future Piccolo which also killed Future Kami, Future Trunks was unable to use the Dragon Balls to wish any of his fallen comrades including his mentor and best friend, Future Gohan, back to life.


Krillin killed by Android 17's Photon Flash (anime flashback)

In Future Trunks' flashback in "Ghosts from Tomorrow", it is revealed that Krillin was blown up and killed by Android 17's Photon Flash. The only survivor of the battle is Future Gohan, who dedicates his life to avenging his fallen friends.

Dragon Ball Super[]

In a flashback in "Bonus Story" bonus chapter of the Dragon Ball Super manga, Future Krillin is shown fighting the Androids alongside his allies.

"Future" Trunks Saga[]

Future Krillin's spirit was erased when Future Zeno wiped out all existence to end Infinite Zamasu's reign of terror. His spirit still continues to exist in the new timeline Whis (in the anime) created or by Future Trunks and Future Mai (in the manga).

Film Appearances[]

The History of Trunks[]


Krillin is attacked by both Androids (TV special prologue)

In Age 766, Future Goku had been stricken down by a deadly Heart Virus that had no cure. Future Krillin, along with the other Z Fighters and company await the news of Future Goku's health outside Goku's House. However, Future Goku passes away, leaving Future Krillin without his best-friend. Six months later on May 12th, Age 767, the Androids attack and Future Krillin is killed by the Androids.

In the TV Special, Future Krillin is shown being attacked by Future Android 17 and Future Android 18, each shooting a Finger Beam at him at the same time. Future Krillin was one of the last Z Fighters to die. He was 31 years old at the time of his death.

Other Dragon Ball Stories[]


-Trunks- The Warrior of Hope

As part of the -Trunks- The Warrior of Hope DLC, Future Krillin appears during its opening cutscene which recounts how Future Goku died of the Heart Virus and the conflict with the Androids which lead to Future Krillin being murdered by Future Androids 17 & 18. Additionally, several Future characters mention his passing such as Future Turtle who notes he and Future Master Roshi both miss him if spoken to while inside Master Roshi's Submarine.

Episode 3 Sub Story - "Rest in Peace, Krillin"

In addition to his brief appearances in the opening and references to him and his passing, Future Krillin is actually at the center of the Sub Story: "Rest in Peace, Krillin" which is available after first meeting Future Shin and Future Kibito in Episode 3: "Looming Threat" and completing the Sub Story: "Android Admirer". At Kame House, which Future Master Roshi has returned to residing in since the Androids defeat, Future Trunks finds Master Roshi mumbling to himself. He inquires as to what's up and Master Roshi reveals that he's looking to finally pay his respects to Future Krillin as he had been unable to do so previously due to the looming threat posed by the Androids, though with them defeated he decides it is finally time to get around to it. However, he has a problem as he needs a certain something that Krillin cherished when he was alive to give as an offering to Future Krillin's spirit. Unfortunately, this object is located inside a Capsule located somewhere at the bottom of the ocean which Master Roshi has had no luck locating despite repeated dives. Future Trunks offers to help and suggests his mother could build some sort of Capsule Detector to help locate it due to her being an expert in Capsule technology due to Capsule Corporation being her company after all.

However, Future Master Roshi is initially reluctant to seek Bulma's assistance but notes she's probably forgotten about some incident before agreeing to Future Trunks' idea. Future Trunks asks her to build the detector and after getting her the required parts, she quickly whips one up though notes its radar has a limited range. Future Trunks returns to Kame House and shows Master Roshi the detector though asks where he should start looking due to its limited range and Master Roshi tells him to search in a specific spot, noting that he saw it being thrown in the direction. Future Trunks is puzzled and wonders who threw it, but Master Roshi is evasive which makes Future Trunks suspicious as his mother had suggested that his motives might be not as pure as they seem. However, Future Trunks decides to ask him about it after he finds the Capsule. Using the detector which functions much like the Dragon Radar albeit with a limited range, he located the Capsule underwater near a wrecked ship lying on its side.

After obtaining the Old Capsule, Future Trunks returns and Master Roshi is delighted to hear he found it. Future Trunks decides to ask him what's inside and Future Master Roshi says it is full of his and Future Krillin's dreams (after stopping himself from saying "Dream Girls") and gives a speech on how students of the Turtle School take time to enjoy life before agreeing to show him what's inside the Old Capsule, he's old enough to know such things. Unfortunately, Future Bulma stops him having used a capsule plane to reach the island. Future Bulma that she was the one responsible for throwing the Capsule into the ocean triggering a flashback that apparently takes place around the period just she, Future Krillin, and Future Kid Gohan left for Namek. In the flashback, Future Krillin and Future Master Roshi are behind Kame House looking at a Dirty magazine pointing out their type of dream girl to one another. Unfortunately, Future Bulma catches them forcing them to try and lie as to their reasons for looking at the magazine, though Future Master Roshi attempts to suggest Future Bulma help them though she doesn't buy it and angered by Master Roshi's suggestion decides to gather up both of their collections of Dirty magazines which she stores inside the Capsule before throwing it into the ocean where Future Trunks found it.

Back in the present, Future Bulma is irate that Future Master Roshi would try to expose her son to such filth as she doesn't want him to end up becoming a pervert like him. As the two argue, Future Trunks is left dumbfounded as he did not expect things to turn out like this, before being approached by Future Turtle who having witnessed this sort of thing before offers him something to drink which Future Trunks accepts. Fortunately, for Future Master Roshi he is able to prevent Bulma from throwing the Capsule back into the sea and though sweat stained from Master Roshi's efforts to protect said collection from her wrath, he manages to offer said magazine to Future Krillin's spirit indicating that despite his ulterior motives, he was sincere about making an offering to his late student. Eventually Future Bulma leaves and Future Master Roshi thanks Future Trunks stating that he's sure Future Krillin will be happy with his offering despite its perverted nature. Future Trunks thinks to himself that he had no idea that Future Krillin had that side to him.

Meanwhile in Other World, Future Krillin with only his Halo and bald head visible sneezes and concludes someone must be speaking highly of him showing he is doing just fine in Other World. This scene also reveals that like his main timeline counterpart, Future Krillin's heroism as a member of the Dragon Team resulted in him being allowed to keep his body after he died fighting the Androids.


  • Flight - The ability to fly by using Ki.
  • Ki Blast - The most basic form of energy wave.
  • Ki Sense - The ability to sense Ki signatures. In The History of Trunks, Future Krillin uses this technique to sense Future Goku's death. Unfortunately, due to their lack of Ki, Future Krillin is unable to sense Red Ribbon Androids.

Unlock Potential
An empowered state that can be unlocked through various methods, granting the user access to their current full potential.

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