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Future King Cold (未来のコルド大王 Mirai no Korudo Daiō) is the Alternate Timeline version of King Cold.


In the alternate future timelines, Future King Cold and Future Frieza journey to Earth to destroy it in August of Age 764. Before they start their assault, Future Goku returns to Earth via Instant Transmission and successfully kills Future Frieza and Future King Cold. It was at this point that King Cold and Frieza had their DNA sampled by Future Dr. Gero's Remote tracking device for the creation of Cell.

Other Dragon Ball stories

Dokkan Battle

Main article: Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle In Dokkan Battle, Future Mecha Frieza and his father's invasion of Earth in Future Trunks' timeline appears in Area 1: "Frieza and King Cold Strike Back" as part of the Story Event "Fight Against Despair! The Last Super Warriors - Gohan and Trunks".

Future King Cold and Future Frieza arrive before Future Goku and like the main timeline counterpart Future Frieza rejects Future King Cold's suggestion to simply destroy Earth. They land on Earth where they are confronted by Future Frieza's past foes Future Vegeta, Future Gohan, Future Piccolo, and Future Krillin who follow Future Vegeta's plan to reach the landing site on foot to avoid being detected by Frieza Force Scouters.

Future Goku uses Instant Transmission to arrive just in time to save his son and allies. Future King Cold questions if Future Goku is the Super Saiyan that Frieza spoke of before he and Frieza confront Goku. Future King Cold is then killed in battle by Super Saiyan Goku alongside his son.


  • Dirty Slash – Future King Cold utilized this technique against Future Trunks in the unseen timeline.
  • Full Power Death Beam - Future King Cold's super attack in Dokkan Battle.

Video Game Appearance

In Dokkan Battle, Future King Cold appears as a non-playable boss character and represented by his counterpart's Mightiest of Monarchs character card.


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