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Future Kibito (未来のキビト) is an alternate timeline counterpart of Kibito.


Future Kibito's personality is much like that of main timeline counterpart as shown in Kakarot he is initially distainful of mortals like Future Trunks becoming infuriated when he asks them if they are Androids due to Future Shin knowing his name. He is quick to tell Future Trunks who Future Shin is and how he holds a position even greater than the Kais whom Future Trunks is aware of. While Future Shin gives Future Trunks time to talk to his mother and take care of a few things before leaving to the Sacred World of the Kai, Future Kibito warns him not to keep the Supreme Kai waiting intimidating Future Trunks. Though he is apprehensive about a mortal stepping foot in such a sacred realm, he feels Future Trunks should at least don fitting attire and thus transforms Trunks' clothes into a Supreme Kai Outfit identical to the one his counterpart supplied to Gohan.[3] Additionally he shares his counterpart's belief that no mere mortal could remove the legendary Z Sword and was confident that Future Trunks would fail and was stunned when Super Saiyan Full Power Future Trunks was able to remove the sword. When Future Trunks asks for time to get use to the sword's immense weight Future Kibito takes on the role of instructor and Future Trunks is able to Master wielding the sword in a very short time. Though Future Kibito is prepared to test Future Trunks as he wields the Z Sword in battle, he is dumbfounded when Future Shin decides to take on Future Trunks instead. After proving his strength in battle against Future Shin, Future Trunks is shown to gain Future Kibito's respect.


Dragon Ball Super

"Future" Trunks Saga

Main article: "Future" Trunks Saga Shin invited Trunks to the Sacred World of the Kai in order to prepare him for the arrival of Babidi. Kibito was impressed that a human was able to master the Z Sword. As Shin wanted to finalize Trunks' training by testing the sharpness of the sword by attempting to cut Katchin, Kibito sensed Babidi's movements so they head to Earth. After some time while fighting the Organization of Babidi, Pui Pui and Yakon were defeated. Trunks and Dabura were battling each other and Dabura used his spit to turn the Z-Sword into stone and burned it with his Fire Breath, shocking Kibito. As Shin attempted to end Babidi, Dabura attacked him and Kibito attempted to assist Shin but was killed by Dabura.

Other Dragon Ball Stories

Shin Budokai - Another Road

Main article: Dragon Ball Z: Shin Budokai - Another Road Future Kibito and Future Shin go to the World Martial Arts Tournament to inform Future Trunks of Future Babidi's plan to resurrect Future Majin Buu with the help of his henchman Future Dabura. Trunks fails to defeat Future Babidi and Future Dabura, and realizes that he can not do this alone, so he travels back in time once more to receive help from the Dragon Team of the past. Like his master, Future Kibito knows the Z Fighters.

Once in Future Trunks' timeline, the Z Fighters battle Future Babidi and his henchmen on New Namek. After the fighters return from New Namek, Future Kibito goes to the Other World with Future Supreme Kai and Gohan in order to use the Z Sword, but it is to no avail. Future Janemba shows up, with Gohan and Future Pikkon defeating him (though Future Janemba was just toying around with them). Their next mission is to recruit Future Bardock (Future Goku's father) and Future Gohan. Future Gohan is in rage over his death at the hands of Future Android 18; this rage continues until Future Goku calms him down. Future Gohan has his potential unlocked and is brought back to life by Future Old Kai, who also gives one day on Earth to Future Pikkon and Future Bardock to help. After that Gohan, Future Pikkon, Future Bardock and Future Gohan returned to Earth, Future Kibito and Future Supreme Kai witness the final fight between the Z Fighters and Future Kid Buu. The Z Fighters win the fight and Future Kid Buu is destroyed.


-Trunks- The Warrior of Hope

Future Kibito and Future Shin appear during Episode 3 of the -Trunks- The Warrior of Hope DLC. However he is briefly identified as Brawny Man in his dialogue boxes before being properly introduced.

Episode 3 - Future Freedom Fighter Trunks, the Warrior of Hope

Several years after the defeat of the Androids, Future Trunks encounters Future Kibito and Future Shin as he heads out on his usual patrols that he has been doing since defeating the Androids. He is greeted by Future Shin who appears levitating by Future Kibito. Future Shin says he certainly possesses a good spirit. Future Trunks notices Shin levitating and Shin says their is no need to be surprised as he can do it too, calling him by name. However this puts Future Trunks on guard and he asks how they know his name, hoping they are not more Red Ribbon Androids he didn't know about.

Future Kibito is angered by the suggestion and points out that Shin occupies a position higher than that of even the Kais and is none other than the Supreme Kai. Future Trunks is confused though concludes Future Kibito is trying to say that Shin is some kind of Guardian or something. Future Kibito says not exactly and since it would take a great deal of time to explain, notes that all Future Trunks needs to know is that the point is that he and Shin stand above the beings that govern their Universe. Future Shin introduces his attendant to Future Trunks, with Future Trunks noting to himself that Future Kibito doesn't seem to friendly. Future Shin then goes on to explain that the Earth as well as the whole universe are in grave danger. He then explains about the threat posed by Future Majin Buu and his master Future Babidi along Future Majin Buu's erroneous origins as the creation of Future Babidi's father Bibidi (as he is unaware that Future Majin Buu has existed in their timeline since Time Immemorial). He explains that in the past, Bibidi planned to attack Earth and brought the orb in which Buu was sealed and with Buu sealed away, Future Shin was able to defeat Bibidi but left the orb where it was for fear they might break it and potentially unleash the demon from its container. Unfortunately Bibidi had a son, Future Babidi who aims to free Future Majin Buu and unleash him upon the world and that he'll no doubt revive Buu, fulfilling his father's wish of laying waste to the Earth, then move on to other worlds. Future Trunks notes it sounds awful and Shin agrees stating that is exactly why they came to him, as they need his Super Saiyan power to stop Future Babidi noting his ability to transform will be of great use to them. Future Trunks asks if Future Babidi is really strong and Future Shin notes that he is frail and poses no physical threat, however his deadliness lies in the strange magic he wields making him a difficult foe due to his ability to control the minds of the evil and covetous which has afforded Future Babidi a large number of loyal minions willing to do his bidding. Future Trunks says he doesn't think he's ever fought anyone who uses magic. Future Shin says that in order to prepare him for this fight, he'll need to join them in the Land of the Kais and learn to wield a sword of legend. Future Trunks says he's not sure how much help he'll be, bit if it's to defend peace, he'll join them. However he asks for them to give him some time to speak with his mother and take care of a few things. Future Shin agrees and tells Future Trunks to come speak to him once he's prepared to leave. If spoken to after this, Future Kibito says it would be unwise to keep the Supreme Kai waiting causing Future Trunks to think to himself that Future Kibito is kinda scary.

After speaking to his mother and completing his patrol, Future Trunks approaches the pair ready to go. Trunks asks Shin how they will get to the Land of the Kais and Shin explains that Kibito will be taking them there. Kibito admits to Shin that he is uneasy about letting a mortal step foot in such a sacred place, but will transport him there if the Supreme Kai commands it causing Future Trunks to get the feeling that Kibito doesn't like him before Kibito tells him to stand by his side which he does. Kibito then uses Kai Kai to transport the three of them to the Sacred Land of the Kais.

Arriving in the Sacred Land of the Kais, Future Trunks asks if that was Instant Transmission and Future Shin confirms that it is a special technique of Kibito's before welcoming him to the Sacred Land of the Kais. Future Trunks notes it kind of looks like Earth, causing Kibito to explain that it is a holy world which not only mortals, but even the Kais and other gods themselves are not permitted to enter and that Trunks should feel honored. Kibito notes that mortal attire such as his does a disservice to their esteemed world and uses Magic Materialization to turn them into a Supreme Kai Outfit not unlike his own nearly identical to the one his counterpart made for Gohan. Shin says it suits him, but Trunks thinks to himself that it is hard to move in. Shin then explains that as he mentioned on Earth, they will have him learn to wield the legendary sword of the land which he reveals is none other than the Z Sword, a legendary weapon that has never been wielded before. Trunks wonders how he can learn to wield a blade that no one has ever used. Shin suggests that he first have a look at the sword itself.

Techniques and Special Abilities

  • Flight - The ability to fly by utilizing ki.
  • Kai Kai - The ability to teleport anywhere instantaneously. Used in Kakarot to transport himself, Future Shin, and Future Trunks from Earth to the Sacred World of the Kai.
  • Magic Materialization - The ability to magically materialize objects and clothing or magically alter existing clothing into different clothing. Used in Kakarot to turn Future Trunks' clothes into Supreme Kai attire after arriving on the Sacred World of the Kai. Later at the behest of Future Shin and Future Trunks, Kibito restores Future Trunks back to his normal attire. Additionally, he will also restore Future Trunks' attire back to normal whenever he transports him back to Earth, though he will restore Future Trunks' Supreme Kai Outfit upon returning to the Sacred World of the Kai.
  • Ki Sense - The ability to sense ki. Used in Kakarot to sense Super Saiyan Full Power Future Trunks' power when he transforms after failing to remove the Z Sword in his base form.
    • Godly Ki Sense - As a divine being, Future Kibito possesses the ability to sense godly ki.

Video Game Appearances


Dragon Ball Super


  • The way Future Kibito was killed in the manga is exactly like how he died against Dabura in the present timeline.


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