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Future Kami (未来の神様 Mirai no Kami-Sama) is an alternate timeline version of Kami.


Future Kami lived the same life as his present day counterpart until Age 766 when Future Goku dies. In Age 767, Kami dies due to Future Piccolo getting killed since they are two halves of each other. Due to his death, the Dragon Balls become permanently unusable and the Dragon Team are unable to be wished back.

Other Dragon Ball Stories

Xenoverse 2

Main article: Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Due to the corrections to Future Trunks' timeline (which lead Chronoa to leave in Xeno Trunks' meeting with Future Gohan which is implied to have created the timeline witnessed in The History of Trunks as Future Gohan's speech regarding someone taking his place didn't occur when Time Patrol Trunks reviewed the scroll depicting Future Gohan's final battle before the history change caused by Towa and Mira's reactivation of Future Android 16), various time fragment timelines are created resulting in anomalous or altered versions of Future Trunks' timeline. In one of these timelines where Future Android 16 teams up with Future Android 17 & 18, the Earth Dragon Balls (due to game mechanics the Namekian Dragon Balls model are used to represent the Earth Dragon Balls) are anomalously restored despite Future Kami still being deceased. Detecting the reemergence of the Dragon Balls with his mother's Dragon Radar, the Future Trunks of this anomalous timeline decides to investigate. Unfortunately Future Android 16's Power Radar is able to detect the energy signature of Dragon Balls allowing it to function as a rudimentary Dragon Radar though less precise than Bulma's Dragon Radar. Intrigued by the prospect of making a wish Future Android 17 convinces his sister and 16 to gather the Dragon Balls to summon Future Shenron. Fortunately, the Time Patrol arrive to assist the out numbered Future Trunks in collecting the anomalous Dragon Balls before the Future Androids can once again leading to another battle over the Earth Dragon Balls. Even if the Time Patrol is successful in gathering them, it remains a mystery as to how the Earth Dragon Balls could be restored without Future Kami being alive (as there is no indication that the anomaly resurrected him).

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