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Future Janemba (未来のジャネンバ Mirai no Janenba) is an alternate timeline version of Janemba that appears in Dragon Ball Z: Shin Budokai - Another Road.


Shin Budokai - Another Road

Future Janemba on the Sacred World of the Kais

Future Janemba appears while Gohan is in the Sacred World of the Kai with Future Shin and Future Kibito. Gohan fights with Future Janemba, and then Future Pikkon appears and fights against the demon as well. Future Janemba is defeated by Gohan and Future Pikkon, though he was toying around with them, and retires.

Later, Future Janemba arrives on Earth and proceeds to steal the Dragon Balls. Goku and Vegeta fuse, forming Gogeta, who defeats Future Janemba, only to have Future Babidi re-steal the Dragon Balls

Xenoverse 2

Main article: Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 As part of the Legendary Pack 1 DLC, Fu alters the history of Future Trunks' timeline creating an altered timeline where Future Janemba appears in Hell. Future Pikkon confronts Super Janemba in the Hell produced by Future Janemba's ability to alter reality. Fortunately, Future Trunks and his current partner arrive via the Time Rift portal that Fu used to flee an altered timeline of the Tournament of Power.

Unfortunately, the Time Patrollers mistakenly assume themselves to be in the main timeline Hell where they had confronted Janemba previously. As a result, they are surprised when Future Gohan appears (as he lacks his Halo despite events taking place after his death, he apparently was able to temporarily leave Other World as a result of Janemba's alterations to reality, like the villains did in Fusion Reborn, before returning to aid Future Trunks in combating Janemba) unaware his presence is not anomalous as he like Future Pikkon originates within said future timeline. Unfortunately, Fu empowers Fu with one of his crystals granting Future Super Janemba Supervillain empowerment which allows Supervillain•Future Janemba to utilize Mystic Copy to create an army of Supervillain empowered clones. Fortunately, Goku from the altered Tournament of Power arrives as assist them to repay the Time Patrol for their assistance during the Tournament of Power. Super Saiyan Blue Goku and Future Super Saiyan Future Gohan work together to take out several of the clones and even manage to pull off their own version of Father-Son Kamehameha. However Fu reveals this Future Janemba's anomalous nature to the Time Patrol, revealing that their actions haven't done anything to correct history as Future Janemba didn't appear in the official history to begin with, thus Fu is able to absorb the energy from the altered future timeline which starts dissolving as Fu leaves through another Time Rift portal, forcing Future Trunks and his partner to follow after him, leaving Future Gohan and Future Pikkon's fates unclear.


Shin Budokai - Another Road

Super Janemba is described by Future Supreme Kai as being every bit as dangerous as Future Majin Buu, and Ultimate Gohan states that Janemba at Full Power would be capable of defeating him. Future Janemba reforms and gains something akin to Saiyan Power after being blown apart by Pikkon, allowing him to surpass even his past counterpart in power and giving him enough power to defeat all of the Dragon Team easily. He was still defeated by Gogeta in the game, however it took almost all of Gogeta's fusion time to do so.

Xenoverse 2,

Super Janemba is shown to be able to overpower Future Pikkon (wearing his Weighted Clothing). After Time Patrol Trunks and the Conton City Hero arrive via Fu's time rift portal, Fu empowers Super Janemba with 1st Stage Supervillain. However Time Patrol Trunks, Future Pikkon, and the Conton City Hero together are able to overpower him (both Time Patrol Trunks & the Conton City Hero had previously fought Supervillain•Janemba in the altered main timeline Majin Buu conflict).

However Supervillain Super Janemba uses his Mystic Copy ability to create an army of Supervillain empowered clones who overwhelm the Time Patrollers and Future Pikkon, though they soon receive backup from Super Saiyan Future Gohan. However the four warriors are still not enough to defeat all the clones, though after Super Saiyan Blue Goku joins the fight, he and Future Gohan are able to defeat them via a series of well coordinated attacks, including the Father-Son Kamehameha.

Techniques and Special Abilities

  • Flight – The ability of flight through the manipulation of ki.
  • Ki Blast – The most basic form of energy wave.
  • Pure Progress - Future Janemba possesses the ability to grow stronger after near death in a manner similar to Saiyan Power. Used in Shin Budokai - Another Road.
  • Altered Reality - The ability to alter reality. Used by the Anomalous Future Janemba to transform the future's Hell in Xenoverse 2.
    • Dimensional Hole - Like his counterpart, Future Janemba can create dimensional portals which he can utilize to counter Ki Blasts. One of Supervillain•Future Janemba's Super Skills in Xenoverse 2.
    • Dark Magic - After being granted Supervillain empowerment from a Demon Realm Crystal, Supervillain•Future Janemba gains the ability to utilize Dark Magic to grant his copies with the first stage Supervillain empowerment.
      • Mystic Copy - After Fu crushes a Demon Realm Crystal to grant Future Janemba the Supervillain empowerment, his Mystic Copy ability is enhanced turning Supervillain•Future Janemba into a generator of an entire army of multiple Supervillain empowered copies.
      • Supervillain-enhanced Regeneration - By using Dark Magic, Supervillain•Future Janemba can shave off more of his life span to completely regenerate damage.
    • Bunkai Teleport - A teleportation technique used by the Anomalous Future Janemba in Xenoverse 2.
      • Imprisonment Fist - A rush attack where Future Janemba teleports behind the opponent and punches them in the head with both fists in a vice-like fashion. The Anomalous Future Janemba's throw in Xenoverse 2.
  • Tail Attack – Future Janemba attacks with his tail.
  • Hell Gate – Future Janemba fires a green mouth energy wave.
  • Dimension Ray – Super Janemba shapes a line of bright-white, sharp glass by running his finger through the air. Once he makes the line, it shatters and he fires all the powerful sharp shards at his enemies. Used by Supervillain•Future Janemba in Xenoverse 2 to knock out both Future Trunks and Future Pikkon.
  • Full Power Energy Wave - A powerful energy wave Ultimate Skill. Used by Supervillain•Future Janemba in Xenoverse 2.
  • Rakshasa's Claw - A sword based rush attack used by Supervillain•Future Janemba as one of his Super Skills in Xenoverse 2.
    • Sword Blast - Used as part of his Rakshasa's Claw Super Skill.
  • Maximum Charge - A variation of Full Power Charge that allows the user to charge ki more quickly. One of Supervillain•Future Janemba as one of his Super Skills in Xenoverse 2.
  • Sledgehammer - A Rush Attack that knocks the opponent back downwards. Used by Supervillain•Janemba as one of his Super Skills in Xenoverse 2.
  • Angry Shout - A defensive Kiai scream that allows the user to evade attacks and recover ki. Supervillain•Future Janemba's Evasive Skill in Xenoverse 2.

Forms & Power-Ups

Super Janemba

Future Super Janemba is the primary form used by Future Janemba in both Shin Budokai - Another Road and Xenoverse 2.

Pure Progress variant

Main article: Pure Progress Future Super Janemba can utilize a variation of Pure Progress that allows him to grow stronger after regenerating in a manner not unlike Cell's Saiyan Power in Shin Budokai - Another Road.


Main articles: Dark Magic and Supervillain

Super Future Janemba using Supervillain Power! state in Xenoverse 2

In Xenoverse 2, Fu crushes a Demon Realm Crystal to grant Future Janemba the 1st Stage Supervillain Power! state in conjunction with his Super Janemba form.

After creating his Mystic Copy clones, Future Janemba takes on Supervillain•Future Janemba state, which is identical to his Fusion Reborn main timeline counterpart's Supervillain•Janemba state.

Supervillain (Mystic Copy Clone)

Main articles: Dark Magic, Supervillain, Mystic Copy, and Cloning In Xenoverse 2, Supervillain•Future Janemba can utilize his Mystic Copy ability to create an army of Future Super Janemba clones empowered by the 1st Stage Supervillain state.

Supervillainization Pure Progress

Main articles: Dark Magic, Supervillain, and Pure Progress Supervillainization Pure Progress is a power-up achieved after shaving off more life to regenerate and achieve greater power to the point his Dimension Ray can one shot both Future Trunks and Future Pikkon in Xenoverse 2. It is essentially a Supervillain enhanced version of his Pure Progress variant from Shin Budokai - Another Road.



  • In Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Legendary Pack 1's story mode, Fu states that an incarnation of Janemba never appeared in the official history of Future Trunks' timeline, with the Future Janemba encountered by the Time Patrol in the story being anomalous. This indicates that the future timeline where Future Janemba appeared in Shin Budokai - Another Road is not part of the history that Xenoverse follows, which makes sense as it conflicts with Dragon Ball Super's version of events following Future Trunks' conflict with Future Babidi.


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