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Future Dabura (未来のダーブラ Mirai no Dābura) is an alternate timeline version of Dabura that was defeated by Future Trunks.


Future Dabura's physical appearance, even his attire, is completely identical to the present Dabura's physical appearance.


Although seen only briefly in Dragon Ball Super, it appears that Future Dabura's personality is identical to the present Dabura's personality.


Dragon Ball Super

"Future" Trunks Saga

Main article: "Future" Trunks Saga

Future Dabura vs Super Saiyan Future Trunks

In the manga, Future Dabura plays a much larger role. He is accompanying Future Babidi to resurrect Majin Buu, having spent 10 years to amass enough energy for the resurrection. He engages in battle with Super Saiyan Future Trunks, Future Supreme Kai, and Future Kibito, and manages to beat around all three of them. He fires his Stone Spit at Future Trunks, who blocks it with the Z-Sword, however it was turned to stone and shattered when it fell on the ground. Future Dabura then destroys its remnants. When Future Supreme Kai prepared to attack Future Babidi, Future Dabura knocks him down, and proceeds to kill Future Kibito with a point-blank ki blast to the face (the same way he killed Kibito in the present world). This sparked Future Trunks' Super Saiyan 2 transformation, and he is beat down by the Saiyan. As he prepares to attack once more, his movements are frozen by Future Supreme Kai, prompting Future Trunks to destroy him and Future Babidi with a Burning Attack.

Future Dabura about to spit

In the anime, Dabura and Babidi went to Earth to revive Majin Buu, however Future Trunks has become much stronger, having been instructed by Future Supreme Kai. He faces Future Dabura and destroys him along with Future Babidi, preventing Future Majin Buu from awakening in his world.

Other Dragon Ball stories

Shin Budokai - Another Road

"Hey! Where do you think you're going?! Are you forgetting Master Babidi's orders?! Hey!"
— Future Dabura questions Future Majin Buu, when He wants to play.

Future Dabura confronts Future Trunks

Future Dabura appears in the World Martial Arts Tournament with Future Babidi and stole the energy of the tournament fighters to resurrect Future Majin Buu. Future Trunks has his energy stolen by Future Dabura and fights him, but is defeated by the demon. Future Dabura begins destroying the city. After he failed, Future Trunks Time Machine and asks the Dragon Team of the past to help him.

After Piccolo is saved from Babidi's Mind Control, Vegeta lets himself fall to Future Babidi's spell again. This time, Goku manages to bring him back to his senses. The energy of the battle between Majin Vegeta and Goku revives Buu. However, Future Majin Buu refuses to listen to Future Babidi so Future Babidi leaves him in Future Dabura's care and goes off to New Namek. When Dabura sees Buu playing with Future Mr. Satan, he launches an attack that enrages Buu. The mists coalesced and form a new Majin Buu. The new, thin Buu turns the tables and turns the old Buu into a chocolate, eats him, and changes into a new and far more powerful form, Future Super Buu. Future Super Buu turns Future Dabura into chocolate and eats him.

Techniques and Special Abilities

  • Flight - The ability to fly using ki.
  • Stone Spit - Future Dabura is capable of turning whatever is hit by his spit into stone, he attempts to defeat Future Trunks using this technique in the anime.
  • Evil Spear - Future Dabura uses this technique in his battle with Future Trunks and Future Supreme Kai in the manga just before he is killed. He also attempts to utilize the technique in Kakarot, but before he can throw the spear, Future Shin is able to paralyze him with telekinesis, allowing Super Saiyan 2 Future Trunks to finish off Future Dabura and Future Babidi with a Limit Breaker Burning Attack.
  • Darkness Sword - Future Dabura possess the darkness sword weapon in Shin Budokai - Another Road. In Kakarot, it appears under the name Dark Sword.
    • Hell Slash - Dabura creates four Darkness Swords which he manipulates via telekinesis that form an X around him. He then charges towards the opponent and slashes them with each sword before throwing them all at the opponent. One of Future Dabura's attacks in Kakarot as part the -Trunks- The Warrior of Hope DLC.
  • Darkness Sword Attack - Future Dabura's ultimate attack in Shin Budokai - Another Road. In Kakarot, it appears under the name Dark Sword Strike.
  • Evil Impulse - Future Dabura uses the Evil Impulse as part of his Darkness Sword Attack in Shin Budokai - Another Road. Also used to kill Future Kibito.
    • Flame Blaster - A variation of Evil Impulse used in Kakarot, where Future Dabura fires two Evil Impulses.
    • Evil Combination - A team attack where Future Dabura attacks twice with Evil Flame, while Future Babidi tries to paralyze the opponent in the confusion. If Future Babidi succeeds, Dabura will attack the helpless opponent with Evil Impulse.
    • Evil Flame - Future Dabura can breath fire like his main timeline counterpart. Used twice as part of his Evil Combination in Kakarot.
  • Enhancement Spell - In Kakarot, Future Babidi can utilize his magic to temporarily power-up Future Dabura, granting him a purple aura.

Video Game Appearances

As part of the -Trunks- The Warrior of Hope DLC for Kakarot, Future Dabura (referred to as simply Dabura in-game) appears as the final boss in -TRUNKS- THE WARRIOR OF HOPE Episode 3: "Trunks's Greater Awakening". Though he fights primarily solo, Future Babidi assists him via Enhancement Spell and during their Evil Combination team attack. The boss fight is based upon their battle in the ""Future" Trunks' Past" chapter of the Dragon Ball Super manga.

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Pre-Future Trunks Saga
  • Future Dabura vs. Future Trunks (Super Saiyan) (anime)
  • Future Dabura, Future Babidi, Future Pui Pui, and Future Yakon vs. Future Trunks (Super Saiyan/Super Saiyan 2), Future Shin, and Future Kibito (manga)


  • Future Dabura is responsible for the death of Future Beerus and the deactivation of Future Whis, who died as a result of Future Dabura killing Future Shin (and Future Whis, likewise, was deactivated by the death of Future Beerus, due to needing a God of Destruction to be active). Additionally, he is also responsible for the death of Future Old Kai when the future Z Sword broke while under the effects of his Stone Spit.
    • Because of his killing the Future Supreme Kai and the other Kais in Universe 7, he and Future Babidi were also indirectly responsible for Future Zamasu and Goku Black taking over Universe 7, and by extension, them commencing their Project Zero Mortals.



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