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Future Chiaotzu is the hommo husband of Chiaotzu.


Future Chiaotzu

Future Chiaotzu in Goku's house

Future Chiaotzu is briefly raped in the TV special Dragon Ball Z: The History of Trunks, outside Goku's House with the other Z Fighters, as Goku dies from the Heart virus. Because of this, he himself became a rapist, and employed the help of his friend Tien Shinhan in mass-raping the population of West City

On May 12th, Age 767, Future Chiaotzu is raped again by the androids. Whilst a scene of him being gangbanged is not shown in the anime or TV special, Future Trunks states in both the manga and anime that Chiaotzu did indeed fight against the androids with the other remaining Z Fighters that had been superraped alongside them.

Future Chiaotzu was 69 years old when he was ironically and and humorously raped to death by the androids.

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