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Future Chi-Chi (未来のチチ Mirai no Chichi) is the alternate timeline counterpart of Chi-Chi in Future Trunks' timeline.


Future Chi-Chi appears nearly the same as her counterpart (save for several strands of loose hair).

Her outfit is the same as her present self wore in the Android and Cell Saga (except for the pink bun holder).


Future Chi Chi looks to be a extremely depressed and sad woman in this timeline due to the loss of her husband from the incurable heart virus, and that her only son is battling the Androids before eventually getting killed by them.

In "Kakarot", Future Chi Chi shared the same role, as she did in the The History of Trunks special, but she does regain her good spirits and moved on from her depression of her husband and son's death. She's aware of Trunks' existence and very kind to him, happily telling the young boy that Future Bulma has raised a fine son. Like her present counterpart, she hasn't lost her temper, as she was ready to combat several RR Mech Soldiers that required the teenage Future Trunks to save her. After Future Gohan's death, she would often cope by fighting the rogue robots that had come to inhabit Mount Paozu.

When first informed of Future Bulma's Time Machine by Future Trunks and his going back to the past to deliver the Heart Medicine to Goku, Future Chi-Chi asks if his alterations to the past will change their future, hoping that it might lead to her husband and son being restored to life, though Future Trunks is forced to tell her this would lead to an alternate timeline which she begrudgingly accepts.

She also considers Future Trunks to be a surrogate son, due to his close bond with her late son and while she was initially against the idea of him fighting the Androids, she was also proud that he was able to defeat them and avenge Future Gohan. Additionally while she admits she is somewhat envious of her counterpart, she is proud that the Gohan of the main timeline was able to avenge his father's death by killing Cell.



Future Chi-Chi's biography was exactly the same as that of her main timeline counterpart up until the Trunks Saga in August of Age 764 when Goku travels back to Earth via Instant Transmission and kills Frieza and King Cold (something Future Trunks' arrival in the main timeline alters).

Dragon Ball Z

The History of Trunks

Main article: Dragon Ball Z: The History of Trunks

A photo of Future Chi-Chi with her husband and son

In her timeline, her husband Future Goku died of his heart disease and cannot be wished back to life with the Dragon Balls, due to his death being a natural cause. As she cried and mourned the loss of her husband, the Earth is dominated by the Androids, all of the Z Fighters (excluding Future Gohan) are killed by Androids 17 and 18 and because of Future Piccolo's death, the Dragon Balls disappear forever as all of the Z Fighters are unable to be wished back which also kills Kami. Future Chi-Chi is one of the very few survivors. A few years after Goku's death, Chi-Chi is shown at the age of 43 and still lives in her house on Mount Paozu, with her father Future Ox-King still visiting her often. She eventually loses her 23-year-old son, Future Gohan (her only son in this timeline) to the Androids. She managed to stay alive from the androids, most likely because her house is hidden in the mountains, away from major cities the androids seemed to target.

Dragon Ball Super

"Future" Trunks Saga

Main article: "Future" Trunks Saga It is unknown whether she survived when Goku Black invaded Earth since it has been stated by Future Trunks that there are hardly any humans left alive in his timeline. Her soul was destroyed when Future Zeno erased the timeline to kill Zamasu. However, her soul still exists in the timeline created by Whis (in the anime) or Future Trunks & Future Mai (in the manga) where Zamasu would be stopped by Future Beerus.

Other Dragon Ball Stories


-Trunks- The Warrior of Hope

As part of the -Trunks- The Warrior of Hope DLC, Future Trunks is shown visiting Future Chi-Chi and her father at Future Goku's House in the Southeast Mountains Area where Mount Paozu is located.

Episode 1 - "Gohan and Chichi"

While training with Future Gohan, Future Trunks learns of his mentor's rocky relationship with his mother which deteriorated following the death of Future Goku. Future Gohan notes he hadn't returned home in a long while, so Future Trunks decides to visit Future Goku's House in his mentor's stead to check in on both Future Chi-Chi and Future Ox-King.

Future Ox-King greets Future Trunks and reveals Future Chi-Chi isn't home. Future Trunks finds her nearby being menaced by three RR Mech Soldiers. The young half-Saiyan jumps in to protect her from the robots. However after defeating them, Future Chi-Chi notes she could have handled them herself, while noting that rogue robots have been appearing around Mount Paozu as of late. Future Trunks helps escort her back home and has a nice visit with Future Chi-Chi and her father, letting them know that Future Gohan is okay while keeping her in the dark about Future Gohan training him, for fear she will inform Future Bulma. After bidding the two farewell, Future Trunks returns to his mentor and tells him about visiting his mother and grandfather. While Future Gohan is relieved to hear they are doing well, he decides against returning home until he has defeated the Androids, though tragically he loses his arm protecting Future Trunks and eventually his life to the Androids, thus is unable to reconcile with his mother before his death.

Episode 2 - "The Value of the Past"

Three years after Future Gohan's death, Future Bulma sends Future Trunks to Future Goku's House to ask Future Chi-Chi and her father where he can find a Pristine Crystal which Future Bulma requires as materials for the Time Machine. Future Trunks finds the two at home and explains why his mother sent him. Future Chi-Chi notes they weren't doing anything at the moment and Future Ox-King notes that the Androids never show up around Mount Paozu so they have it pretty good, at least not as bad as people in the cities. Future Trunks momentarily gets sidetracked, asking the two how they have been doing. Future Chi-Chi notes that they are okay and asks if he and his mother are doing alright which reminds Future Trunks of why he came to see them. He tells them about the materials his mother asked him to find. However she has no idea where to look so she asks her father if he knows. Future Ox-King notes there is a place somewhere up in the mountains but notes that their is a problem. Future Trunks asks what it is and Future Chi-Chi reveals that some weird machines are wandering around the area, calling them Nasty little thingamabobs that will attack anyone who gets too close. She also thinks they are old Red Ribbon Army robots. Future Trunks notes she was attacked by some robots before and suggests they may be the same type. Future Trunks also worries that if they don't do something about them, they might make their way to Future Goku's House and attack her again. So Future Trunks says he'll take them out while looking for the materials. Future Ox-King thanks him, saying it will be a huge help. However Future Chi-Chi is against him fighting the robots as she can't send himself off somewhere where he could potentially be hurt, pointing out that if something happened to him, Future Bulma wouldn't let her hear the end of it and that she'd blame her no doubt. Future Trunks however notes he can handle robots like that easily, pointing out that Future Gohan was the one who trained him (as Future Bulma is now fully aware him training under Future Gohan) and says he will be careful and that she doesn't need to worry about him. She finally relents, noting that if he gives her that look she can't bring herself to stop him, but tells him to flee if he finds himself in trouble. As he leaves, she thinks to herself that Future Gohan really did train him after all, as he even sounds just as confident as Gohan.

After Future Trunks defeats the robots and finds the materials, he returns to Future Goku's House to inform Chi-Chi and Ox-King of his success. She is glad to see he is safe and got what he needed while her father notes he's become quite the capable warrior, even comparing him to his late father Future Vegeta. Future Trunks notes it's because of Future Gohan and his training that he is as strong as he is now and that it is because of him that he is also still alive. She notes that she is sure Gohan would be happy to hear that if he were still alive. She also notes that while she is lonely without Future Goku and Future Gohan, she's still got her dad to keep her company and that Future Bulma has him. She also inquires as to what Future Bulma is working on and Future Trunks reveals Future Bulma's plan to create a Time Machine. He also explains how she intends to have him use the machine to deliver the Heart Medicine to Goku in the past to prevent him from dying. Future Chi-Chi gets excited and asks if that means that Goku and Gohan will come back to life. However Future Trunks notes it probably won't, as he think any changes to the past will effect their timeline and that its really unfortunate. Future Trunks apologizes for getting her hopes up. However she says it's okay as if he can save Goku in the past then he should do so, as at least her past self won't be so depressed, though she admits she'd be a little jealous of her and her father agrees. Future Trunks understands and says he wishes something he could do. She notes he is sweet, but doesn't need to worry about them, before telling him to take care of his mother. She also tells him he's welcome to visit them anytime, and to tell Bulma she says hi. Future Trunks thanks them and bids farewell. However unbeknownst to Future Chi-Chi, Future Trunks is convinced he can defeat the Androids and doesn't see the point of going into the past, until he suffers a crushing defeat at the hands of the Androids and ultimately decides to travel into the past to deliver the Heart Medicine to Goku.

Episode 3 Sub Story - "Overcoming Sadness"

After defeating both Future Android 17, Future Android 18, and Future Cell, Future Trunks decides to inform Future Chi-Chi and her father of the Androids' defeat in both their timeline and the main timeline. He finds Future Ox-King at Future Goku's House waiting for his daughter to return from collecting ingredients in the nearby mountains. Future Trunks agrees to wait with him for Future Chi-Chi to come home so he can tell her the good news. However its starts to get late and the two begin to worry about her, so Future Trunks goes to see what is keeping her. He finds Future Chi-Chi surrounded by four Skull Robo Type 3s. While he plans to take them all on by himself, Future Chi-Chi insists on taking on one of the Skull Robots while he handles the rest. After defeating the three robots, Future Trunks is surprised to see she has defeated the robot she was fighting which lies on the ground defeated. She also points to another beaten robot nearby, which she had defeated earlier. She reveals that since her son's death, she has been fighting the robots as a way to take her mind off her grief and simply lost track of time which is why she was late getting home. The two return to Future Goku's House to the relief of Future Ox-King. Over dinner, Future Trunks tells the two all about his adventures in the past, including the events of the Cell Games. Future Chi-Chi is proud to learn Gohan defeated Cell and avenged the death of his father Goku. She also reveals she sees Trunks as a surrogate son due to his closeness to Future Gohan and tells him to visit them from time to time.


Video Games

In Kakarot, Future Chichi is revealed to retain her strength as a martial artist due to the presence of rogue robots around Mount Paozu such as RR Mech Soldiers and Skull Robos. When the teenage Future Trunks saves her from some RR Mech Soldiers during The Warrior of Hope Episode 1 Story: "Gohan and Chi-Chi", Future Chichi is quick to point out that she could have taken care of them herself. Later during the Sub Story: "Overcoming Sadness", while Future Trunks takes out three Skull Robo Type 3s, Future Chi-Chi is shown to be strong enough to take out a single Skull Robo Type 3 and later reveals to Future Trunks that since Gohan's death, she has gotten into the habit of fighting the robots as a way to blow off steam and the reason she was later getting back home was do to losing track of time. She even shows Future Trunks another Skull Robo Type 3 she had defeated earlier before he showed up.

Video Game Appearances

Voice Actors


  • It appears that Future Chi-Chi doesn't associate much with Future Bulma.
    • However in Kakarot, it is shown she still thinks of Future Bulma as she encourages Future Trunks to listen to and take care of his mother. She is also aware of Future Bulma's Time Machine as a result of him paying her and her father visit before his first visit to the main timeline.
  • Future Chi-Chi appears to be more aged than her present counterpart.
    • Although this could be a byproduct of her sorrow, in which negative emotions can have a consequential effect to one's health.
  • In Kakarot it is revealed that before his death, Future Gohan had become estranged from his mother in the wake of Future Goku's death and the Android conflict that robbed Future Gohan of his friends and mentor, due to Future Chi-Chi being opposed to his training and fighting which eventually lead Future Gohan to leave home so he could focus on his training to defeat the Androids. However it is shown that Future Gohan still cares for her as he is happy to hear she is doing well, though he decided that he would wait until the Androids had been defeated, though unfortunately he eventually chose to sacrifice himself confident that Future Trunks would succeed in bringing peace to their world, thus he died without making amends with his mother.



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