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Future Babidi's invasion is the name given to the conflict waged in Future Trunks' timeline of Universe 7 by the Supreme Kais and Organization of Babidi who sought to revive the legendary ancient demonic monster Future Majin Buu. The events of this conflict are drastically different from the Majin Buu Conflict in the main timeline.


The history of Majin Buu is near identical to the main timeline, except Future Babidi didn't come to Earth until Age 795 after gathering energy for ten years to revive the legendary demon.

Several years after killing the androids and bringing peace to his timeline, Future Trunks is invited to the Sacred World of the Kai by Shin to train in preparation for Babidi's arrival. Much like Gohan in the main timeline, Trunks successfully pulls out the Z Sword and trains with it to increase his strength. During his apprenticeship to the Supreme Kai, Future Shin performed a day long ritual on the half-Saiyan, giving him the power to heal (Although, Trunks wouldn't know about this until much later). To finish his training, Future Shin summons a block of Katchin, the strongest metal in the universe, to test the cutting power of the Z-Sword. Unlike the main timeline, Trunks doesn't get the chance to strike the Katchin, as Future Kibito senses that Future Babidi is on the move. The three leave to confront the evil wizard and his forces, leaving them unaware of the power inside of the sword.



After getting stronger and following Future Shin's instructions, Future Trunks would face Future Dabura alone and destroy him along with Babidi.


After arriving on Earth, the three manage to kill Future Pui Pui and Future Yakon, before facing Babidi and Dabura.

Late in the fight, Future Shin and Future Kibito are injured and tired while Future Trunks is fighting a losing battle with Future Dabura, with Future Babidi laughing. Future Dabura uses his Stone Spit, which Future Trunks blocks with the Z-Sword, and notices it is turning to stone. Future Shin quickly tells Future Trunks to drop the sword before the stone spreads to his body. Future Dabura quickly attacks Future Trunks with his sword, which Future Trunks manages to catch with his hands. The Z-Sword falls to the ground and shatters, much to Future Kibito's surprise. Future Dabura destroys the Z-Sword's remains (which causes Future Old Kai to perish) and sends Future Trunks landing on the ground, claiming he will send the three of them to the afterlife. Future Shin apologizes to Future Trunks as he would not suspect Future Dabura to be a henchman. Future Babidi points out that Future Pui Pui and Future Yakon were only decoys to lure them there, and that it took him over 10 years to amass enough energy to resurrect Majin Buu.

Future Shin, claiming that it will not happen, prepares to attack Future Babidi, but Future Dabura intercepts him, sending him crashing with an Evil Impulse blast. Future Kibito prepares to save Future Shin, but Future Dabura suddenly appears in front of him and destroys him with a point-blank ki blast. Future Babidi proceeds to beat Future Shin, using his magic to torture him. Future Trunks, angry and at his breaking point, transforms into a Super Saiyan 2 and beats Future Dabura down, causing him to crash into Future Babidi. Future Dabura prepares his Evil Spear but he cannot throw it due to Future Shin freezing his movements with Telekinesis. Future Trunks takes this opportunity to fire a Burning Attack, destroying Future Dabura and Future Babidi. Future Shin, satisfied with their victory, collapses and succumbs to his injuries.



Sometime after the confrontation, Goku Black would appear in the future timeline and begin his project with his future self.


Unbeknownst to Trunks, Goku Black had been watching over the fight and is overjoyed that he found a timeline where a God of Destruction is dead due to Shin's death. This allows the Zamases to begin Project Zero Mortals without interference from the gods.

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