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Frieza in "The Approaching Wall! A Hopeful Final Barrier!"

Fury Golden Frieza[1] is an enraged variation of Frieza's Golden Frieza form.


Fury Golden Frieza has little difference from the normal Golden Frieza form, except for Frieza's noticeably bloodshot eyes (especially intense in the games) and bulging veins.

In this state, Frieza is absolutely furious, his wrath causing him to reach the breaking point and disregard any prior composure. Anything he might have been level-headed towards before taking on the form is subject to his anger, such as when he decided to completely ignore the rules of the Tournament of Power in his frantic drive to eviscerate Jiren.

Usage and Power

At the climax of his battle with Goku during his attempt at revenge, Frieza transforms from his Golden Frieza form to Fury Golden Frieza in a rage over being defeated, however, he had lost too much power and stamina and so collapses to the ground.

Fury Golden Frieza holds back Jiren's energy wall

In the anime, Frieza took on this state against Jiren after being knocked into a boulder, declaring that despite the Tournament of Power's no-killing rule, he would deliver Jiren's "death at the golden hands of Lord Frieza" for he and his team's humiliation of him, charging him with killing intent before being halted by Jiren's Infinity Rush and knocked down by a heavy blow. During the tournament's finale, Frieza entered the state again in a seething attempt to halt Super Full Power Jiren's wall of energy, the pressure overwhelming him to the point where his Golden form was shredded off of him and caused him to revert to his final form before being saved by Goku.

Video Game Appearances

Fury Golden Frieza in Dragon Ball Heroes

Fury Golden Frieza makes his debut in Dragon Ball Heroes, introduced in God Mission 6. In the game, Frieza uses the ability Infamous Emperor (怒れる帝王) to transform into the form, increasing his Power by 5000 in the process. Additionally Frieza uses the form as a God Boss in both Golden Frieza Sagas, the Modern-Day Mayhem Saga and Surviving City Life Part 2.



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