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This article is about the chapter. For the power up, see Fury (transformation).

"Fury" (いかる!! Ikaru!!, lit. "Angry!!") is the one hundred fifty-sixth chapter of the Dragon Ball manga.


The cover shows a visibly enraged King Piccolo clenching his fist.


Goku punches King Piccolo

King Piccolo displays his full power on Goku

Both King Piccolo and Tien Shinhan are visibly surprised at Goku's abilities. Goku tells Piccolo to get ready for his attack. Piccolo tells Goku that the moment he sees Piccolo's true power will be his last. Goku says that Piccolo took away a lot that he cared about, and that he will not get away with it. The two stare each other down, and then Goku dashes towards Piccolo with incredible speed, punching him in the face. As he falls over, Piccolo lands on Piano. Tien is amazed at Goku's speed, thinking that he could hardly see Goku's movements. Piccolo gets back on his feet and tells Goku that he will pay, then dashes at him. Goku dodges his strike and kicks at Piccolo's feet, but the demon king dodges. The two then leap towards each other again, but Goku jumps right into a kick from Piccolo.

Sent flying backwards by the kick, Goku recovers and sends himself darting towards Piccolo, connecting with a knee to the chest. He follows up with a series of punches and finally another kick, which sends Piccolo tottering backwards. Piccolo regains his composure, and then laughs and tells Goku that he is the first opponent to injure him so severely. Tien wonders why Piccolo is laughing. Goku tells him to fight at full power, and Piccolo says that he is not surprised Goku noticed he was holding back. He says that fighting at full power shortens his life, but that it is necessary to defeat Goku. He then begins to power up, and Tien marvels at his ki.

Goku then says that he can begin fighting at full power as well. Piccolo dismisses this as nonsense, but Goku says there is only one way to find out. Piccolo then lightly swings his arm, and the force of the movement creates a powerful gust of wind which moves Goku back. Goku and Tien are surprised at the strength of the gust generated by such a light swing.




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