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"Fruit from the Tree of Might... That's quite a souvenir he brought! Only divine beings like us are supposed to be allowed to eat that holy fruit. It grants whoever eats it incredible power, but it costs an entire planet to produce."
Old Kai describing the Fruit in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

The Fruit of the Tree of Might[5] (神精樹の実 Shinseijū no Mi, lit. "Fruit of the Divine Essence Tree") is a fruit spawned by the Tree of Might.


Turles holding a fruit spawned by the Tree of Might on Earth

The fruit is a light orange color, and looks similar to that of the durian and lychee fruits. It is spawned by the Tree of Might after enough energy and life force is absorbed through the tree's roots, but like a regular plant, it needs a suitable atmosphere to survive (such as Earth's or Namek's). As such, large amounts of energy are required to supply the fruit's growth and the tree essentially sucks the life out of the planet the seed was planted on. Despite all this, the Tree of Might is not truly evil but simply requires such a massive amount of energy to grow. Few, if any planets can sustain it without dying. King Kai mentions that only Gods are meant to eat the fruits; in the Funimation dub, King Kai says that the fruit was originally meant to feed the Eternal Dragons (Shenron, Porunga, etc.).

Seed of Might

This fruit gives whomever consumes it a massive power increase, and squeezed fruit from the Tree of Might would make a powerful energy drink.[7] Amond mentions that with the use of the Tree of Might's fruits, they might even be able to defeat even Frieza. Turles eats this fruit during his battle with Goku and quickly gains a strong advantage, with his power level being increased by more than 15x its original level.[8] Goku attempts to attack Turles with repeated Kaio-ken attacks, but even this is nowhere near enough to bring the evil Saiyan down. Goku eventually spawns a Spirit Bomb after absorbing the energy of the tree (as the tree is essentially a living thing, energy can be gathered from it for a Spirit Bomb), and successfully kills Turles and the tree along with him.

Eating three fruits of the Tree of Might within a short time span is self destructive to the body, greatly hurting and weakening the one who consumed the fruit.[3]

Physical effects

Turles' bulked up chest after eating the Tree of Might fruit

Eating the fruit immediately increases the user's muscle mass dramatically, and the user's body then quickly recedes back to its normal shape. It is unknown whether or not Turles' body would have been permanently bulked up had he eaten all of the fruits of the Tree of Might on Earth.


"The Demon Realm has amplified its effects. Whoever eats of the fruit of the Tree of Might will gain incredible power beyond compare."
— Towa's description of Fruit of the Tree of Might (Demon Realm)

Turles and Slug consuming the Demon Realm-enhanced Fruit of the Tree of Might in Xenoverse 2

  • Fruit of the Tree of Might (Demon Realm) - The Demon Realm is capable of amplifying the effects of the Tree of Might's fruit which apparently becomes corrupted by dark energy which the fruit itself occasionally emits. This was discovered by Turles and Towa in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 when Turles requested that Towa get some of the fruit for him. Anyone who eats this amplified fruit will gain power beyond compare. It is implied by Turles that Towa modified the Fruit, so that it causes the consumer to swell with dark energy to take on the Villainous Mode state after consuming it and allows Towa to power them up further by shaving of some of the consumer's life force to grant them an unfinished powered up version of the Supervillain state, which after testing it on Turles and Slug using the fruit, Towa later develops into a Dark Magic spell that grants this powered-up state as the Supervillain state's first stage without the need of the fruit itself.
  • Artificial Fruit of the Tree of Might (Imperfect) - During the Tournament of Time in Dragon Ball Legends, Turles while under the influence of the Dark Ki, recruits his ally Dr. Gero (also under the influence of Dark Ki) to artificially create Fruit of the Tree of Might for the rogue Frieza Force faction lead by the Universe 6 pretender Frost (who is masquerading as the "true" Final Form Frieza as revenge for the Frieza's present counterpart's betrayal). However these fruits are imperfect and their effect isn't as strong as the perfected fruit which Turles keeps for himself and supplies to 1st Form Frieza who had discovered a flaw in the imperfect fruit, that consuming too many of them can actually backfire and harm the user.
    • Artificial Fruit of the Tree of Might (Perfected) - During the Tournament of Time in Dragon Ball Legends, Dr. Gero is ultimately able to refine the process by having Turles kidnap Bulma (Youth) of Team Beerus to assist him. Turles keeps the perfected fruit primarily for himself, though offers to supply it to the Frieza Force after 1st Form Frieza & Shallot's alliance defeats Frost and rescues Bulma, forming a new alliance with Frieza. Frieza uses this fruit during his confrontation with Vegeta and Shallot after Frieza dissolves his alliance with his former Saiyan allies. While artificial, this perfected version is apparently identical to Fruit of the Tree of Might grown naturally.

Video Game Appearances

When playing as Turles in the Budokai Tenkaichi series, before battle, he will be seen holding a piece of the fruit. He can also eat a piece of fruit during battles which makes him instantly go to MAX Power. It gives him an increase in strength, speed, ki, and defense for a limited time (further shortened if he uses a Blast 1, Blast 2, or his Ultimate Blast), as well as regenerate 1 health bar. The fruit of the Tree of Might also makes a similar appearance in Dragon Ball: Raging Blast 2.

The fruit appears as an ability used by Turles and his henchmen in Dragon Ball Heroes, that permanently increases their Power and Power Level by 1500 at the start of Round 2. The fruit is eaten by Xeno Turles during the Advent of Mechikabura Saga, which causes his transformation into his Rampaging state.

In Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z, Fruit of the Tree of Might is an item that increases all abilities.

In Dragon Ball Fusions, Fruit of the Tree of Might is a Special Move which can be used by Turles who can learn it after reaching Level 100. It can also be used by his EX-Fusion Tutz after reaching Level 100 as well. If Tekka performs EX-Fusion with Turles their fusion can learn it after reaching Level 100 as well.

In Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle, the fruit is in the state of a Support Item, an item obtained through events that help you fight boss stages. The fruit is obtained if you gather a support item that is in the shape of a silver Hoi-Poi Capsule with a blue Capsule Corporation label. The effect of the fruit is “Ki +3 for all allies for 3 turns”, a bulk-up similar to when Turles consumes the fruit and gets a muscle boost.

In Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, it appears as a Super Skill used by Turles who will teach it to the Future Warrior during their training under him. In Xenoverse 2, in addition to acting as a power-up, it also allows the user to perform a melee attack after consuming it via additional input, which causes the user to Z Vanish and attack the opponent with a powerful punch strike. However the user is vulnerable when consuming it and the follow-up melee attack can miss. Additionally, while training under Lord Slug, the Future Warrior learns that Slug is planning on using a sparring session between Turles and the Future Warrior to steal some of the Fruit of the Tree of Might as Lord Slug has only allied himself with Turles out of convenience and eventually plans to betray him. However Lord Slug fails to steal the fruit, though claims he will acquire it one day.

During the main story, Turles has Towa use her scientific knowledge to enhance the Fruit. Towa exposes the fruit to the environment of Demon Realm, creating a Demon Realm-enhanced strain that emits dark energy and causes consumers to take on Villainous Mode. She gives this fruit to Turles and Lord Slug.

In Dragon Ball Legends, it is shown that eating three fruits in quick succession is self destructive to the body. This is shown when Frost does this while fighting Frieza. However this is due to the fruit that Turles was supplying Frost being from an imperfect batch of the fruit grown by Dr. Gero artificially without the need of planting the Tree of Might (Turles can't grow one as the Earth is the location of the Tournament of Time and it would interfere with the Mastermind's plans who is subtly influencing Turles and the doctor's actions via Dark Ki). However with the kidnapped Bulma (Youth)'s assistance, Dr. Gero is able to perfect the process and create artificial fruits that function much like those grown naturally. Turles keeps this new batch to offer to Frieza (who knew about the side effects of the first batch) and Shallot in an attempt to form alliances with them. Though Frieza agrees in exchange for the new batch being supplied to his Frieza Force. Frieza uses one of these perfected fruits during his battle with Vegeta and Shallot after dissolving their alliance. After Super Saiyan Shallot kills Final Form Frieza for murdering Vegeta (and all the other evil things Shallot has put up with while being forced to work with him due to Bulma's kidnapping), Turles offers Shallot some new batch, but the Super Saiyan refuses tired of Turles' duplicity, inadvertently discovering that Turles is under the influence of the Dark Ki, With his alliance with Turles effectively over, Dr. Gero stops production of the artificial fruit to focus on completing the "Ultimate Warrior" created from genes of those participating in the tournament which had been collected by Turles and Frost's rogue faction. Outside of the game's main storyline, Turles uses Fruit of the Tree of Might as his Special Quirk Skill Arts and Sudden Storm Ultimate Move Arts.

In Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission, during Chapter 1 "Note's Side Story", due to an anomaly Xeno Turles and Turles Crusher Corps. convince Caulifla and Kale to watch over the Tree of Might promising to let them eat some of the fruit if they complete their task. Note who was sent into the SDBH game world to train but ended up near the Tree of Might due to the anomaly. Great Saiyaman 3 orders her to convince the pair Turles is lying about the fruit making them stronger as Caulifla might not be swayed by moral arguments against eating the fruit due to her desire to get stronger. Note does as she is ordered, but Caulifla wants her to prove it by fighting them. She defeats the two Saiyan girls and convinces them Turles was lying. Xeno Turles and his henchmen return and find that the two Saiyan girls have betrayed him. Xeno Turles eats the Fruit of the Tree of Might which causes him to take on his Rampaging form. Rampaging Xeno Turles and the Crusher Corps fight Note but are defeated. However Xeno Trunks revives in a mindless state forcing Note to defeat him once more. Caulifla and Kale thank Note and hope to fight her again someday before going off the train. Outside of story mode, there is a Fruit of the Tree of Might Mega Rarity Ability which appears as the Ability 1 for SH4-22 Amond. Additionally there is a related Mega Rarity Ability called Tree of Might's Energy and a related Ultimate Unit called Turles Crusher Corps Unit.

Related Abilities & Ultimate Unit
  • Fruit of the Tree of Might - Permanent +1500 to own PWR and PWR LV at the start of Round 2 (R2). Can be equipped via its Mega Rarity Accessory.
  • Tree of Might's Energy - When performing a Super Attack, increase DMG dealt based on the number of allies and enemies with a Fruit of the Tree of Might ability. Effect is repeatable. Can be equipped via its Mega Rarity Accessory.
  • Turles Crusher Corps Unit - The Ultimate Unit of the SH4-21 Turles card. Can be activated when Turles, Amond, and Daiz are on the same team with 10 Hero Energy. Activate Turles Crusher Corps' Super Unit Effect for a Permanent +20000 PWR to all unit members and all allies with Fruit of the Tree of Might ability & completely recover their STA.


  • It has never been explained in any media how Turles originally learned of or acquired the Fruit of the Tree of Might. Presumably he either discovered a Seed of Might and grew a Tree of Might which allowed him to acquire the fruit and more its seeds or he found a planet where a Tree of Might just happened to be growing. It is implied that mortals themselves are not permitted to consume it as it is reserved for deities which is implied by Old Kai's angry reaction in Xenoverse 2 to the criminal Turles' acquisition and abuse of the holy fruit (though his rage may be directed at Turles' using the corrupted fruit to alter history or a combination of both).
    • However the Future Warrior and Time Patrols can use its skill without any repercussions though it should be noted that the Future Warrior gains the ability to utilize godly ki and if they are a Saiyan even achieve their Super Saiyan Blue form.
    • Though Chronoa and Elder Kai apparently have no issue with them consuming it, some instructors such as Goku and Gohan will advise the warrior not to eat any of the fruit if they speak to them while training under Turles.


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