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Frog-Face's race is a race of humanoids who served in the Frieza Force.



They have human-like bodies while their head looks like the shape of a cobra snake or dilophosaurus.


The first member of this race to be shown in the franchise is a soldier standing right next to Cui during the Attack on Bun's planet, however the first named member of this race was Frog-Face who aided Frieza on his quest of obtaining the Namekian Dragon Balls on Planet Namek, where he died in battle in Moori's village.


The second member to appear in Dragon Ball Z was Goose who tried out for the Ginyu Force, while Captain Ginyu waited for his crew to finish off Vegeta, Gohan and Krillin, near Frieza's Spaceship. Goose on the other hand, has a beak and an eagle-like face rather that of a reptie. A third deep-black-covered-eyed member of this race (with a simpler faceset than the other two) is shown watching the Ginyu Force's tryouts, and after Jeice returns to inform Ginyu of the others' failure against Goku, this third member is selected by Ginyu to be part of the new members to be recruited to the Ginyu Force and is ordered to dig and hide the Namekian Dragon Balls outside the ship, before Frieza returns and while Ginyu's fighting Goku.

Film Appearances

In Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’, a few members of this race can be seen serving under Sorbet and witnessing Frieza's revival on the mother ship. Later they can be seen among Frieza's army of 1000 henchmen who accompanied him to have his revenge against the Dragon Team on Earth. Both Tien & Krillin are shown in the 3rd manga chapter adaption of the film to easily overpower and take out a Frog-Face-like soldier and a Goose-like soldier, respectively.

Other Dragon Ball stories

Frog-Face's race soldier who served under Chilled

Two more unnamed soldiers who served Chilled seem to be part of this race as well, making this race one of the oldest members of the Galactic Frieza Army alongside Appule's race and Sui's race. The first one of them is slayed by Chilled's Ruthless Blow for simply standing in his way on Planet Plant.

In Dragon Ball Online, Rigll and Captain Wada of the Guard Troops are the leaders of the Frieza Force remnants that invade Earth in Age 820 after the death of Mr. Satan whom the Guard Troops mistakenly believed was the one who defeated Frieza. The Frieza Force remnants are defeated by the remaining Dragon Team members who combat them while wearing Saiyaman-like costumes to hide their identities. However he remains on Earth and continues to lead the Frieza Force remnants. In Age 910, he leads the Frieza Force remnants to begin expanding their influence taking over Boo Island as their stronghold. In Age 998, Mira and the Time Breakers invade Earth taking over Boo Island with Captain Wada forming an alliance with the Red Pants Army and Time Breakers at some point between Age 998-Age 1000. Captain Wada later confronts the Time Patrol but is defeated and killed.


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