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The term "Frieza Force medics" is conjectural. This article's real name is unknown and an unofficial title is used instead.

The Frieza Force employs several medics of different races.


Dragon Ball Z

Namek Saga

Medics of the Frieza Force appear on Planet Frieza No. 79 to heal Vegeta, who barely made it alive from Earth. The team of 4 medics shown here were of Malaka's race, with one Malaka-lookalike leading the operation. Appule tried to nurse Vegeta back to health after Zarbon defeated him for further interrogation for the Namekian Dragon Balls he stole from the natives. They were allegedly killed when the Scouter computer failed to read Super Saiyan Goku's power level while fighting Frieza and exploded.

Trunks Saga

After King Cold and Frieza's Subordinates discovered the shattered body of Frieza floating unconscious amongst Planet Namek's debris they'd brought him on board of King Cold's spaceship and took a flight to King Cold's planet where the medical team led by Malaka-esque took care of his rejuvenation and launched a procedure of turning the defeated tyrant into a half Cyborg - Mecha Frieza - who is stronger and faster than his purely organic form. It was afterwards that Frieza and Cold's invasion to Earth took place.

Gods of the Universe Saga

In the Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’ (chapter 1), when Frieza is healing in the newest Medical Machine model in Sorbet's Spaceship, a Malaka's race medic is shown there supervising the process.

Film Appearances

Bardock - The Father of Goku

2 Medics of the Frieza Force, called Planthorr and Malaka, appear on Planet Vegeta where they supervise the Saiyan babies births (notably Kakarot) and later they also worked to heal Bardock who returned unconscious from Kanassa. These two were presumably killed when Frieza destroyed Planet Vegeta.

Other Dragon Ball stories

Episode of Bardock

Frieza's ancestor, Chilled, was treated by a yellow horned Appule's race member after Super Saiyan Bardock defeated him.


  • Horned member of Appule's race (under Chilled)
  • Malaka
  • Planthorr
  • Malaka's race doctor from Planet Frieza 79
  • 3 Malaka's race medics
  • Appule
  • Team who repair Frieza
  • Sorbet's Spaceship Malaka's race medic (manga only)


  • There's an animation inconsistency with the soldiers who are sitting in front of King Cold. their designs and sitting places are changed within the same scene.
  • In Dragon Ball Z Kai, the scene were King Cold took the damaged Frieza to be rebuild in his planet was removed and the scenes of his mechanic body's creation allegedly took place upon King Cold's spaceship.


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