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"You compare this insignificant nothing to Zarbon and Dodoria? Was that a joke? Ha! Either you brought the most cowardly of all my troops to my welcoming party, or the Frieza Force has become woefully faint of heart. How do you expect us to run an empire that strikes fear across the galaxies while we're cowering from a handful of Saiyan garbage!?"
Frieza to Sorbet in Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’

The Frieza Force (フリーザぐん Furīza Gun, lit. "Freeza Army"), also referred to as the Planet Trade Organization[1] or Galactic Frieza Army[1] is the organization run by Frieza, who through the Frieza Force acts as emperor of the universe. At the peak of its power, it controlled a majority of Universe 7.

The Frieza Force was previously known as the Cold Force (コルドぐん Korudo Gun, lit. "Cold Army")[2] and long before that Chilled's Army (チルドぐん Chirudo Gun).[3]

King Cold was the leader of the Cold Force,[4] prior to passing control over to his son causing it to be renamed the Frieza Force. The army employs and enslaves powerful races, such as the Saiyans, to take over suitable planets so that they can be sold to the highest bidders. Frieza himself does not really consider his soldiers as an army, looking at them more as a convenient group of followers.[5] In reality, the soldiers follow him and his relatives out of fear though some soldiers are known to be fiercely loyal to Frieza such as the Ginyu Force. Frieza runs the Frieza Force as a meritocracy.[6]



The army was controlled by the Frieza Race for most of its known history. It is never stated when, where, or how the organization was formed; however, it is known that the group existed in at least some form for over two centuries. The earliest known activities of the Frieza Force involved the ancestor of Frieza, Chilled, assaulting Planet Plant, which was at the time inhabited by the Plants (this attack was repelled by Bardock in a what-if scenario where he had been sent into the past).[7] During Chilled's reign, the army was little more of a band of space pirates lead by Chilled. However, by the reigns of King Cold and Frieza, it had become a significant military force.


Soldiers of Frieza's army combat Bardock's assault during the Genocide of the Saiyans

Many formidable races are forced into the organization with the threat of their own planets' destruction if they do not comply. With their great power, Frieza and his family held an iron fist across the universe, controlling many worlds under one giant dictatorship, and using fear and power to get races to comply. Frieza alone is shown to be in control of at least 448 planets[8] and was known to control 70% of the universe at the Frieza Force's peak. Cooler is known to have been in control of at least 256, with no mention of how many King Cold owns. They are also shown destroying planets that they believe are not suitable for sale (Cooler states in the English dub of his debut scene that he has seven planets to destroy by the end of the day, and Vegeta and Nappa's reason for destroying Arlia is because it was unsuitable for sales). Besides its Dragon Balls, Frieza also determined Namek to be of little value thus he decided there was nothing to prevent him from destroy it once he acquired his wish (though after the Namekian Dragon Balls turned to stone, Frieza became focused on making his enemies suffer for denying him his wish and ultimately chose to destroy the planet once he was confronted by Super Saiyan Goku holding back only for fear he could have gotten caught in the blast, though the attack was still fatal to the planet which eventually exploded).

Cold informed Frieza and Cooler[9] not to ever try to fight with Majin Buu or the God of Destruction Beerus. Frieza ended up befriending Beerus and the two occasionally destroyed things together. However, at one-point Frieza got carried away and destroyed something Beerus did not want destroyed, leading to a battle where Beerus easily defeated the tyrant.[10]

The Galactic Patrol once went up against the Frieza Force, but Frieza easily took all of the patrollers down by himself, leading to the Galactic Patrol placing a taboo on getting involved with the Frieza Force - considering it a suicide mission.[10]

Mission on Planet Vegeta

Throughout the organization's existence, King Cold made a visit to Planet Vegeta to meet King Vegeta III who introduces his younger son Frieza to him and the Saiyans. He announced his retirement as the leader of the Cold Force and handed over the organization to Frieza, which renames it to the Frieza Force. His first order of business was to gift the Saiyans 500 scouters and after demonstrating his power, Frieza and his forces left the planet.

Later, after hearing of the legend of the Super Saiyan, Frieza decides to eliminate the Saiyan race to avoid any threats to his rule. He has an order sent out to command all Saiyans to return to Planet Vegeta.

Upon arriving back, Bardock realizes that Frieza may be planning to wipe out the Saiyans, and so he and his wife Gine choose to send their young son Kakarot away to Earth to keep him safe. The Saiyan prince Vegeta and his ally Raditz both hear the call back but chose not to respond to it and stay on the planet they were conquering. Nappa - the general of the Saiyan army - also remains on his mission and does not return to the planet within the allotted time.

One month later, on Frieza's arrival to Planet Vegeta's orbit, King Vegeta and his men attempt an uprising both to end Frieza's reign and to rescue prince Vegeta, but it ended disastrously with the King and his soldiers being slaughtered by Frieza with only a single effortless punch as Zarbon and Dodoria watch.

Frieza suspected that other Saiyans would attempt to emulate King Vegeta's approach and commit a full-scale uprising, a suspicion confirmed when he was confronted by a charging Bardock, lunging through the fields of Frieza's men in defiance of the tyrant, and even goes as far as to fire a Final Spirit Cannon at him after giving a heart-felt speech declaring that the Saiyan race is done working for Frieza. The tyrant retaliated by laughing maniacally with delight as he prepared a Supernova to annihilate the planet. The attack consumes Bardock and some of his men as it buries itself deep beneath the planet's surface resulting in a massive explosion, eradicating nearly every Saiyan. Frieza remarked that he felt so much better after its destruction.

Failure on Namek


Frieza with his top two henchmen, Zarbon, and Dodoria

Frieza had brought his forces to Namek in December of Age 762 in order to use the Dragon Balls to wish for immortality after he overheard the transmissions between Raditz's scouter to Vegeta's and Nappa's ones. However, the Dragon Team coincidentally came to Namek at the same time in order to wish their fallen comrades back to life who were killed in the battle against the Saiyans on Earth. Vegeta also travels to Namek to use the Dragon Balls with the same intention as Frieza, immortality. In the ensuing battle, all of Frieza's forces on the planet are killed including Zarbon, Dodoria, Cui, Appule, and the entire Ginyu Force are all killed by Vegeta, save for Captain Ginyu who ends up trapped in the body of a frog. In the final battle, Frieza alone battles against Goku, who had become a Super Saiyan after Frieza had murdered Krillin. In a last-ditch effort, Frieza tries to blow Namek up by destroying the core, and after a continuing fight, Frieza is cut in two by his own attack, and Goku leaves him for dead, though not before showing Frieza some mercy after he pleaded for his life, by transferring some his ki to Frieza. However, unwilling to accept defeat, Frieza attempts to kill Goku with an Last Emperor, only for the Super Saiyan to counter with his Angry Kamehameha. Namek explodes minutes later, and Frieza is believed to have perished.

Attack on Earth


Frieza and his father heading to Earth

After Porunga tells everyone that Goku is still alive and will return to Earth by his own means, Vegeta uses the spaceship constructed by Bulma's father and leaves for outer space in search of Goku. On his way, he finds the last remaining soldiers of Frieza and kills them.

After his defeat, Frieza drifted in pieces through space, unconscious and near death. Fortunately for him, his father King Cold learned of his defeat and searched through space hoping to find his son still alive. When Frieza was found, he was pieced back together using mechanical parts. Frieza then only had one thing on his mind... revenge.


Frieza, King Cold and their soldiers on Earth

A short time later, Frieza and King Cold arrived on Earth, aiming to kill Goku and destroy the planet. However, this would be interrupted by the time traveling son of Vegeta, Future Trunks. Almost effortlessly, Trunks killed Frieza and his father, King Cold, thus putting an end to their terrible reign over the universe, but not before destroying their spaceship and killing all their soldiers. Goku then returned to Earth, was given the information about future events, and peace was restored.


After the death of Frieza, the army began to fall into shambles and also split into several factions. The factions who were known to have survived the initial falling apart from Frieza's death were Cooler and his sub-army, Third Stellar Region staff officer Sorbet and those who would follow him, the executive duo of brothers Abo and Kado, and the Frieza's Army Remnant commanded by Frieza's personal Guard Troops.

Sometime following the death of Frieza and Cold (between Age 764-Age 767), Frieza's brother Cooler targeted Earth looking for revenge against Goku for humiliating his family. However, he proved to be no match for Goku's Super Saiyan power, and just like his father and brother, was defeated and seemingly killed.[11]

Cooler's final form

Cooler on Earth in his final form

He managed to survive, and he too was saved by the use of mechanical parts, only he was saved by the Big Gete Star, which he effectively became one with, allowing him to create mechanical clones of himself called Meta-Coolers and a robotic army of Cyclopian Guards. After attempting to destroy New Namek and use it for fuel, Goku and the Z Fighters arrived to stop the threat. Once again it was Goku and Vegeta who defeated and this time finally killed Cooler.[12]

During this period several of the Frieza Force's allied races were shown to join the short-lived "New Saiyan Empire".

Remnants and resurgence


Frieza's army remnants: Abo & Kado

In Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, after the Majin Buu Saga, when Appule is brought back he will take command over the Frieza Force remnants on Earth, proclaiming himself Frieza's successor as emperor of the universe, however he is defeated by Gohan.

Years later during the special, Dragon Ball: The Return of Son Goku and Friends!, dated to Age 776, the twin brother duo of Abo and Kado, old elite henchmen of Frieza, who once ranked with the Ginyu Force arrived on Earth after their Attack on Gure's planet was put on hold due to Tarble and Gure's escape to Earth. They fought Trunks and Goten but were proven no match for the young Saiyan-Human hybrids. After fusing into Aka and going wild, Goku eventually stepped in and defeated the duo. After their defeat the two reformed and joined the good guys at Mr. Satan's hotel banquet before leaving Earth to earn a fresh start.

In the God of Destruction Beerus Saga of Dragon Ball Super (Age 778), the number two of Sorbet, Garana and his crew were on a mission to search for any signs of the Namekians or their Dragon Balls and came across a mysterious giant Dragon Ball. However, they had the misfortune of encountering Champa, God of Destruction of Universe 6 and they were all destroyed by Champa's Finger Beam. When the current stand-inleader of the Galactic Frieza Army, Sorbet is informed by Tagoma that Garana and his crew have been killed, Sorbet realized the state of their empire was severely degrading and announces they would need to revive Frieza.

Later in the movie Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’, it's manga adaptation and the anime adaption Golden Frieza Saga (Age 779), it is revealed that the army's empire is actually divided into stellar regions in structure and Sorbet who once served as the Staff Officer of the third stellar region is now the standing-in leader of the Frieza Force, he's shown having trouble keeping all of the occupied planets in line. He receives a report that the rebellion on Planet Frieza No. 448 has become too fierce to contain and since the Frieza Force is spread thin they cannot send enough back up to re-occupy the planet.

Frieza Soldiers RoF(2)

Frieza and his army attack Earth once more

Sorbet asks if any of the army spy satellites have located the Namekian planet, as Sorbet plans to resurrect Frieza in order to return the Frieza Force to its former glory, however they have not and so Sorbet finally decides that they will risk going to Earth and using their Dragon Balls. Sorbet and his strongest soldier Tagoma head to earth and manage to revive Frieza using the Dragon Balls in order to have him bring his forces back to power. Upon his revival Frieza re-takes leadership of the organization and then decides to train in order to become strong enough to defeat the Saiyans, as he needs revenge on them, and they are the only ones who are truly a threat to his organization. Frieza then heads off to train for four months. In preparation for his invasion of Earth, Frieza gathers a force of 1,000 soldiers, most are merely second-rate warriors, though several more powerful mercenaries were also included in the invasion force[13] and turns them into his New Frieza Army.

Golden Frieza vs Super Saiyan God SS Goku

Golden Frieza fights Super Saiyan Blue Goku

Four months later, Frieza and the New Frieza Army attack Earth in order for Frieza to get his revenge on the Saiyans. Jaco comes to Earth as fast as he could and informs Bulma about Frieza's arrival, she contacts the Z Fighters who alongside Jaco gathered to fight them near North City (which was destroyed by Frieza's Death Beam) are proven too powerful for the 1,000 soldiers army but fight as non-lethally as possible to draw time for Goku and Vegeta make it back to Earth from their training on Beerus' Planet. The battle between the Z Fighters and Frieza's army draws to a close after a confrontation with Frieza's elites: Shisami, Tagoma, and Captain Ginyu. However, when Frieza enters the battle personally his new power is shown even stronger than Super Saiyan Gohan even in just his first form, but he realizes it won't do against his father, so he transforms into his final form to fight Goku, but the Saiyan still proves too strong for him. Once Frieza transforms once more into his Golden Frieza state and fights against Super Saiyan Blue Goku on par after having the lead in the beginning, but Sorbet uses their plan B and attack Goku's chest while he was off-guard from behind, giving the tyrant the advantage he needed, Vegeta steps in after he learned that Golden Frieza's weakness is that his stamina is dropping fast due to not mastering this new form, also transforms into Super Saiyan Blue and effortlessly defeats Golden Frieza, but before Vegeta could execute him, the latter had a trick in his sleeve and he used his remaining energy to blow up the Earth's core causing Vegeta and the entire planet's inhabitants (except for the people who stood next to Beerus and Whis' protecting shield) to die as a result, while he himself survives the explosion. Whis used his time reverse technique so Goku will have the chance to kill Frieza before he blows up the planet, which he does with ease, destroying Frieza again.

Resurrection 'F' explained to Old Kai by Whis - Vegeta thinks the Frieza Force died out but the Non-Combatatns , Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 32 page 23

The recap of Frieza's revenge to Old Kai in the manga

Before the Tournament of Power begins, Beerus had voiced his anger in the Capsule Corporation that the Dragon Team had destroyed the Frieza Force during Frieza's revenge - noting that they might have supplied them some contestants for their Team Universe 7. Krillin mentions that some of the Frieza Force whom he faced on Earth were indeed tough; and Vegeta state that the entire Frieza Force combatants were most likely wiped out on Earth, noting he does not think that Frieza's non-combatant followers are dead.[14]

After the Tournament of Power

Frieza Force Resurrected

The resurrected Emperor of the Universe

In the aftermath of the Tournament of Power, Frieza is resurrected by Whis due to Beerus' orders as thanks for helping Universe 7 win, with Frieza vowing to the rest of the team he will not renounce his tyrannical ways. Later, a massive group of soldiers surround Frieza's spaceship, with Frieza declaring that "The emperor of the universe has returned!" The Frieza Force having restored to its former glory, Frieza begins to retake everything his empire lost.

Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 42 page 33 - Broly Saga

The events of the Broly Saga explained

In Dragon Ball Super: Broly, it is revealed that Frieza is working on rebuilding the Frieza Force and reviving his universal empire with his old attendant Berryblue and top scientist Kikono acting as his trusted aids and advisors. This results in Frieza Force focusing on recruiting new members due to Frieza having killed the soldiers who participated in his attempted revenge. Having heard rumors of Frieza and his return a delinquent named Cheelai steals a Galactic Patrol spaceship and joins the Frieza Force. She partners with Lemo a former rear guard and sent on a mission to scout planets for powerful fighters. Eventually they receive an old Frieza Force distress signal coming from planetoid Vampa and find an old ship, meet an elderly Saiyan soldier named Paragus and his son Broly - who has been banished their long ago, thankful at being rescued, Paragus is happy to return to Frieza's service.

Frieza sends two scouts to Earth to covertly steal the Dragon Radar from the Capsule Corporation and use it to collect the Dragon Balls as he now aims to wish to grow slightly taller, finding immortality boring. Frieza's scouts are recorded on security video causing Vegeta to suspect that Frieza seeks them once again to acquire immortality causing Bulma, Vegeta, Goku, and Whis to race to the final Dragon Ball on the Ice Continent.

Frieza welcomes Cheelai, Lemo, and the Saiyans they discovered learning of both Broly's high power and Paragus' hatred of King Vegeta. Frieza informs Paragus of Prince Vegeta's survival and offers to assist him in taking revenge on Vegeta's family. Broly and Paragus are provided with new Frieza Force Battle Armor while Cheelai and Lemo are paid handsomely for finding the two Saiyans. However, Paragus keeps Broly on a short leash, forbidding him from speaking to Cheelai and Lemo. This results in an argument between Cheelai and Paragus after he uses the remote to shock Broly when he defends Cheelai from the unwanted advances of a drunk Combatant named Daigen.

Eventually Frieza's lackeys find the final Dragon Ball and Frieza's forces head to Earth. Goku and Vegeta arrive to stop Frieza's henchmen only for Frieza to dramatically announce his arrival with a Petite Supernova and takes the Dragon Balls. He then proceeds introduce them to his new Saiyan subordinates. Paragus orders Broly to attack Vegeta, with the two battling until Broly gets the edge over Vegeta with his Wrath State, at which point Goku takes his turn. Goku gets the edge with Super Saiyan Blue, and so Frieza discreetly kills Paragus to trigger Broly into becoming a Super Saiyan. This is successful and the berserk Saiyan overwhelms both Super Saiyan Blues. However, when they retreat, he attacks Frieza in a rage for over an hour. Meanwhile, from a safe distance the Saiyans eventually fuse into Gogeta, return and defeat Broly.

Frieza Force vs

Frieza and his forces attack a planet three days after Broly left his ranks

Fearing their new friend Broly will be killed, Cheelai and Lemo decide to save him from dying, forcing Kikono to help summon Shenron. Cheelai wishes Broly safely back to Vampa before he can be killed. Cheelai and Lemo then flee, with Gogeta preventing Frieza from shooting them down. Frieza decides to retreat though swears to Gogeta he will return someday. Meanwhile Cheelai and Lemo decide to live on Vampa under Broly's protection. Frieza decides to leave the traitors be as he leads his forces to conquer another helpless planet, however he expresses his hopes that Broly's friends may be able to tame the Legendary Super Saiyan enough that he may one day serve him.

Frieza and his forces continued to invade planets to sell to homeless races, however when they discovered that the Moro Corps were attacking a planet they were enroute to they decided to go to a different planet to avoid unnecessary conflict.

With the Frieza Force returned to being the most powerful army in the universe, the leaders of one of their subordinate organizations, the Heeter Force, resumed plotting to take control over the Frieza Force. They made a breakthrough in their goals when they obtained Seven-Three and used his memory banks to locate Zuno as well as learn about the Cerealian Dragon Balls from the bounty hunter Granolah, allowing them to turn their muscle Gas into the universe's greatest warrior in the hopes he could take down Frieza and any other threat to their goals.

Heeter leader Elec lured Frieza to Cereal under the guise of a business meeting with the intent of having Gas destroy him, but to his horror, Frieza arrived and made short work of Gas before revealing that he knew Elec had been plotting to overthrow him all along. Frieza then killed Elec and turned his attention to Goku and Vegeta, who he was not expecting to run into. When Vegeta asked how he had defeated the "strongest warrior in the universe", Frieza explained that he had not been in the universe when Gas made the wish as he had spent ten years training inside a Hyperbolic Time Chamber he found on one of his conquered worlds. Frieza then transformed into his new Black Frieza form and neutralized True Ultra Instinct Goku and Ultra Ego Vegeta in one swift blow. He gloated about how he'd surpassed the Saiyans while they were having fun on Cereal and opted not to kill them as he had come to the planet for a different reason. Before leaving, Frieza noticed Oil and Macki hiding behind a rock and offered them jobs in the vacant cook and waiter positions aboard his ship, which they accept, becoming official members of the Frieza Force.

Super Space-Time Tournament

SDBH 41 06

Team 4 participating in the Super Space-Time Tournament in the Super Dragon Ball Heroes anime

During the Supreme Kai of Time Saga, members of the Frieza Force from different timelines participated in the Super Space-Time Tournament, Golden Frieza and Golden Meta-Cooler of the main timeline participated as part of Team 5. Team 4 was composed of Mecha Frieza, Zarbon, Dodoria, Shisami, Cui, Tagoma and Sorbet of an unknown timeline, while Team 10 included versions of Raditz, Salza, Dore, Neiz, as well as soldiers wearing Cooler's Armored Squadron Battle Armor. Team 11 was also made up of Ginyu Force members.

Joining the Time Breaker Alliance


Rigll, a leader of the Guard Troops in Dragon Ball Online

Prior to the events of Dragon Ball Online, in Age 820, remnants of the Galactic Frieza Army - controlled by Frieza and Cold's Guard Troops - attacked Earth, resulting in a full-scale planetary war and an onslaught of numerous people. Finally, Krillin, Tien Shinhan, Gohan, Pan and the Kikoukenjutsu Sword School, a martial arts school created by Trunks and Goten, engaged in the final battle against the remains of Frieza's army and managed to defeat them. However, the army survived and went into hiding. By the time of Age 910, the Galactic Frieza Army who had been hiding on Earth began expanding their influence, with Booby Island as their center. By the time of Age 1000 they were a major faction once again and are one of the many antagonistic forces attempting to gain control over the planet.


Artwork of Tock holding Second Form Frieza's severed tail from Dragon Ball Online

Eventually, Frieza's Army remnants joined forces with the Time Breakers - with the goal of resurrecting Frieza once more - and became integrated as one of the many factions under the joint group. Frieza's army began doing numerous missions for the Time Breakers, including the construction of Chocolay Tower and various invasions. During the construction of Chocolay Tower, Frieza Soldiers tried to collect the Dudekamin to help grow the ajisa trees faster, but they were run off by one of their own - Fry. The army also spend time searching for any remains of Frieza himself, that they can use to revive him, eventually some of the members of the army used the Time Breakers technology to travel back to the era when Frieza was alive, and collected several of Frieza's remains in order to bring him back to life in Age 1000.[15] One of the pieces they found was Second Form Frieza's severed Tail that had been cut off by Krillin's Destructo Disc on Namek in Age 762. However, a soldier named Tock ended up eating it which caused him to transform taking on traits of Frieza's Second Form which he uses to combat the Time Patrol.

Armor and Technology

EOB 05

Toobi and Cabira's round spaceship

The organization uses many different types of technologies. These include the Attack Balls that were used as the Saiyans' primary means of interplanetary travel. Multiple types of round spaceships are utilized, such as the smaller variety (like the one used by Bardock) and the larger variety (used by Frieza and Cold), the larger variety was given an upgrade in Age 780. There are also Transport Ships. Legenes - Hovercars equipped with blasters - were also utilized for combat.


Legene Rider

The scouters, devices developed by the Tuffles which were initially Scout-Scopes, are used mostly for calculating the individual Power Level or ki concentration of biological creatures. Originally, it was a device for the purpose of guarding against enemies and beasts, but Kikono and Gichamu, a highly skilled engineer in Frieza's army, laid eyes on it and made modifications for concrete battle power numbers and telecommunications abilities, and soldiers began making use of it to carry out offensives.[16]

DBS Broly (Film) Frieza Force currency Space Zeni (Cheelai & Lemo's reward money for finding Broly & Paragus)

Frieza Force currency paid to Cheelai and Lemo for finding Broly in Dragon Ball Super: Broly

In Dragon Ball Super: Broly, the currency used to pay Cheelai and Lemo takes the form of cylindrical rods made of an unknown metal.

Warrior members, such as the Saiyans, are seen wearing different types of armor, and this armor is used as something of a uniform by members of the organization. Those armors were given to the Saiyans by the Arcosians, apparent members of the organization. They use humanoid plant creatures called Saibamen to test an opponent's fighting skill. The Saibamen were developed as bio-weapons by a Saiyan scientist in Age 737,[4] and made their way into the Galactic Frieza Army through the Saiyans.[17]


A cyborg combatant

Known weapons are the Ray Guns. In Broly, it is shown that around the time the Cold Force became the Frieza Force, Rocket Launchers where wielded by the army's Combatants that defend the landing site of capital ships as shown by the landing party of King Cold's Spaceship when it landed on Planet Vegeta. In Super Dragon Ball Z, Frieza's Rocket Launcher is wielded by the upgraded Mecha Frieza showing the Frieza Force is still utilizing rocket launcher technology post-battle on Planet Namek, with Frieza's rocket launcher being able to shoot Grenades in addition to rockets/missiles.

Vewonean lightsaber

Vewonean combatant wielding a Frieza Force Laser Sword

In Dragon Ball Fusions, Cold Force veteran Caluppa is a master swordsman who has trained many combatants during his years of service within the Frieza Force since the reign of King Cold whom is also not unfamiliar with swordplay, indicating that some members of the Frieza Force are familiar with more primitive weaponry such as swords, though Energy Blades like Salza Blade, Dual Edge Slash, and ki based weapons like Tagoma's Bad Lancer tend to used in place of physical swords and weaponry such as spears. In Dragon Ball Online, Vewonean and Sinkleean swordsman wield Laser Swords. The presence of Laser Sword wielding swordsmen among the Frieza Force remnants in Dragon Ball Online could have been influenced by the Frieza Force remnants past experience with confronting Earthling Swordsmen of Goten and Trunks' Kikoukenjutsu Sword School who played a major role in defeating the Frieza Force remnants invasion of Earth lead by the Guard Troops in Age 820. Additionally, some Vewonean Cyborgs also wield a arm-mounted chainsaw-like weapon.

The Frieza Force also possessed enough scientific prowess to create cyborgs using technology like the Cosmic Suit. They also possessed advanced battle robots, with the most advanced being Compression-01.

Following his defeat on Earth, Cooler was absorbed by the Big Gete Star, gaining access to all of it's technology. In Dragon Ball Z: Supersonic Warriors 2, Frieza and King Cold gain access to the Big Gete Star's technology after defeating Cooler and his brainwashed servant Legendary Super Saiyan Broly in a What-if scenario. In another What-if scenario, the Cooler Force uses the power of the Big Gete Star to take over the Frieza Force, with Dodoria, Zarbon, and the Ginyu Force becoming Meta-Cooler's subordinates along with Cooler's Armored Squadron, Meta-Cooler Corps., and Cyclopian Guards.

In Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, the Frieza Force utilizes small unmanned patrol planes as different types of Drones. Attack Drone are drones that while weak on their own can prove powerful in large numbers. Assist Drone are support drones that have the ability to boost their allies base power level. Recovery Drone are combat medical drones that are the go-to device for health recovery (as Medical Machines are designed for more intensive care while Recovery Drones act as first aid medical units utilized on the front lines). Additionally smaller versions of Frieza's Spaceship act as floating bases during invasions and colonization which are often set up by Frieza Force Grunts deployed to colonized worlds.

Races Enslaved and Involved

"Listen! Don't you men get it!? There are no individual races anymore! There are only two kinds of people now! Those who obey Frieza, and those who disobey him...and they never live very long! So which kind of people are we? Do we support Frieza? Good! It's better than dying, take my word. Now get back to work, you bums."
Planet Frieza 79 Commander explaining Frieza's men that individual races no longer exist in the army.


Frieza's soldiers

There are many races enslaved in the organization, most notably the Saiyans. These races are employed in different ways depending on their strength. Groups like the Saiyans, who are shown to have great fighting abilities, are given many freedoms for showing their worth by conquering and destroying planets. All three leaders are shown to have their select armies, workers, and technicians. The commander of Planet Frieza 79 also implied that, because of Frieza's absolute control over the organization, even the mere concept of separate races had zero meaning within the Frieza Force, and only whether members were fully obedient to Frieza truly mattered in the end, and proceeded to prove his claim by killing a fellow survivor of his species who spoke ill of Frieza (as their species had been virtually wiped out by the tyrant in the past).

During the battle on Planet Namek it is implied that should Frieza come across a warrior with a high power level or strong fighting ability, Frieza may offer them a job in his organization, such as his desire to have Namekian Warrior Nail join his organization due to his high power level and even offered Goku a chance to join his organization after he had proved himself to be stronger than Captain Ginyu, though of course Goku refused. His father also made a similar offer to Future Trunks, although in that case, it was heavily implied that King Cold had been trying to trick the boy into letting his guard down to allow for an easy kill.

When Frieza was revived in Resurrection ‘F’, he implies that a lot of the soldiers present, or at least those who were currently composed of his army, were forced to join. Similarly, the Funimation dub for the episode "The End of Vegeta" has Vegeta on his deathbed strongly implying that his evil nature had been forced onto him by Frieza.

In Dragon Ball Super: Broly, Cheelai joins the Frieza Force after stealing a Galactic Patrol spaceship, showing that wanted criminals can join the Frieza Force. Additionally, before the Saiyan Genocide, Bardock admonished Leek for talking bad about Frieza when his Scouter was on noting that Scouter communications can be intercepted and could get back to Frieza (in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot it is revealed that Attack Balls have communication chips that record Scouter transmissions as Gohan finds a burnt chip from the wreckage of Raditz's Spaceship that Bulma recovers audio from). However, Frieza is shown to be more forgiving after his second revival and he decides to let the deserters Cheelai and Lemo live with Broly on Vampa hoping they might be able to tame him.

However, being a member of the Frieza Force does not completely protect one from being killed or arrested by the Galactic Patrol, which sent Jaco to Earth to kill the Saiyan Kakarot, and arrested Cranberry who was arrested following Frieaa's defeat on Namek.

In Dragon Ball Xenoverse, Frieza seeks out the Future Warrior to join his organization after hearing of the Warrior's strength from Captain Ginyu and even decides to train the Warrior personally and upon completing their training, Frieza appoints the Warrior as a member of Frieza's Honor Guard. Frieza also expresses his desire to have the Shadow Dragon, Omega Shenron his subordinate upon learning his role in the Shadow Dragon's birth (as the wish that created Syn Shenron was the result of Frieza and forces murderous actions on Namek), should they fight one another.[9]

In Xenoverse 2, a Time Rift anomaly forms around Frieza's Spaceship from an unknown timeline after a Distorted Time Egg is smuggled aboard by Time Breakers, causing the rift to appear in Conton City in Age 852. The Time Rift is contained inside a Time Miniature by Time Patrol who send Patrollers in to investigate the cause. If the Future Warrior is a member of Frieza's Race they are sent to investigate this anomaly during the game's prologue. They see Ginyu playing drill sergeant to a group of low-ranking soldiers as Frieza walks by and comments how the ranks of his army swell by the day, yet skilled warriors are regrettably hard to come by and decides he will have to take matters into his own hands. Another group of Time Patrollers is sent to investigate which includes Aoh of the Murasaki Brothers, as well as Tyno and Ias of the Taino Force, along with several other members. Later Chronoa allows the Warrior to investigate the time rift anomalies at their leisure. Returning to Frieza's ship, Aoh informs them that in order to investigate without interference from Frieza, they must go undercover and join the Frieza force which happens to be recruiting.

According to the timeline of Dragon Ball Online, the Galactic Frieza Army utilized Jigglers during their assault on Earth as a means of countering martial artists, as Jigglers were impervious to most basic attacks. However, the plan was only partially successful as while basic attacks had no effect on them, Goten and Trunks' new Kikoukenjutsu Sword techniques proved extremely effective against the Jigglers. Additionally, their Jiggler forces were vulnerable to Earth's cold climates like the Jiggler Buyon. However due to the Frieza Force's continued presence on Earth, some Jigglers eventually adapted to cold temperatures by Age 1000. Additionally Saibamen would adapt to Earth's environment leading to the development of several Saibaman subspecies by Age 1000.

In Dragon Ball Fusions, there is a Namekian survivor named Fargo who was put onto a spaceship as a baby due to the violent storms in Age 761 and was picked up by the Frieza Force who raised him into soldier.

In Dragon Ball Z: Extreme Butōden, Bojack and the Galaxy Soldiers serves under Frieza due to the warping of time and space caused by Omega Shenron's negative energy.[18]

In Kakarot, members of Appule's race appear as Grunts, Guards, Scouts, and Guerrillas with Guerrillas being the strongest while Grunts are the weakest. Additionally, a Chef named Melone joins the Frieza Force to get assigned to invade Namek in order to desert and search for rare fruits that grow there. The fruits have the ability to empower members of Melone's race causing their power level to skyrocket thus explaining his willingness to risk being executed for desertion. Additionally, during the post Frieza Saga Intermission in Age 763.

Known Races Allied or Enslaved in the Army

Planets Controlled

Leadership and Ranking


The three most well-known leaders of the organization Frieza, Cold, and Cooler

The following are known leaders of the army, they usually hold the rank of Emperor, with the exception of interim leaders (like Sorbet), and groups who act as equally ranked leaders (such as the guard troops):

  1. Chilled - The first known leader and "General"[3], became leader at some point prior to Age 550 and also died at some point prior to this year.
  2. King Cold - The second known leader, became leader at some point after Chilled's death and gave the position to Frieza before Age 737.
  3. Frieza - The third known leader, became leader at some point before Age 737 and lost the position upon his death in Age 764. He was referred to as the "Emperor of the Seventh Universe". He regained position upon his revival in Age 779 but lost it upon dying again in that year. Revived again in Age 780 and quickly rebuilt the Frieza Force.
  • Frost - In Dragon Ball Legends, took control of the pre-Battle of Namek Frieza Force when they were transported to the Tournament of Time by acting as Frieza. Killed by the real Frieza.
  • Remnant leaders - After the death of Frieza in Age 764, the remnants of the Frieza Force were overtaken by numerous different leaders.
    • Sorbet - Became stand-in leader upon Frieza's death in Age 764, gave the position back to Frieza upon his revival in Age 779. Garana served as Sorbet's second in command in the manga until he was killed by Universe 6 God of Destruction Champa while leading a search team to locate New Namek in Age 778.
    • Guard Troops - In Dragon Ball Online, took control of the organization after Frieza's death in Age 764, lost it after being killed off in Ages 820 and 1000. The highest ranked guard troops in Age 1000 being Rigll and Captain Wata - who commanded all of Frieza's Army remnants. They planned to revive Frieza and have him re-take control.
    • Cooler - The film antagonist and brother of Frieza, Cooler leads the Cooler Force sub-faction of the Frieza Force and retained control over it following Frieza's first death.
    • Appule - In Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, took control of the Frieza Force remnants on Earth after being revived in Age 774.

The Ginyu Force are of "High Level Executive-Class",[4] with Ginyu as their Captain and Frieza's right-hand, Abo and Kado also rank the same as the normal Ginyu Force members. Zarbon and Dodoria both act as personal Aides for Frieza and so rank highly as Commanders.[24] Zarbon is also the reconnaissance leader of the Frieza Force, while Dodoria acts as enforcer.[22] Sorbet once acted as the Staff Officer of the third stellar region and became both stand-in leader and Supreme Commander after Frieza's first death, Tagoma acted as the right-hand of Sorbet during his time as stand-in leader and supreme commander, and later became supreme commander himself in exchange for facing the Z Fighters, Shisami was the one who managed the Frieza Army's fleet in the time after Frieza's first death, while Berryblue and Kikono act as attendants to Frieza. The Heeters possess the role of brokers for the Frieza Force. The likes of Cui and Vegeta (during his time as part of the army) are both ranked as elite combatants, the likes of Appule, Raspberry, Nappa, and Raditz are mid-level combatant soldiers, and at the very bottom of the army's hierarchy are the low-level combatant soldiers. During King Cold's time there was also a rear guard, of which Lemo was a part of.

Inside a time rift anomaly that formed around Frieza's Spaceship, the undercover Frieza Race Future Warrior manages to raise up the ranks of the Frieza Force and eventually take Frieza or Cooler's position.

In Dragon Ball FighterZ, Frieza is linked with a human soul after being revived by Porunga. As Frieza cannot move or fight without the soul's assistance, the soul has a certain amount of control over Frieza's actions and thus by extension some control over other revived Frieza Force members such as the Ginyu Force and Nappa. Though Frieza does his best to intimidate them he is forced to occasionally go along with their decisions such as agreeing to team up with Goku and the Z Fighters to combat a shared enemy.

DBZ Kakarot Frieza Force elites

The resurrected Frieza's Elite invading Earth in Kakarot

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot reveals several different types and ranks of combatants: Grunt (Appule's Race), Guard (Appule's Race), Scout (Appule's Race), Guerrilla (Appule's Race), Officer, Corporal, Sergeant, Commando, Super Commando, and Elite Commando. Grunts are identical to Appule and like him are they are classified in the Z-Encyclopedia as low-ranking soldiers that are usually assigned to establish bases on colonized worlds among other tasks. However, Appule would later take control of the Frieza Force remnants on Earth in Age 774. Due to Kakarot primarily taking place in an alternate version of the main timeline (as a result of Towa and Mira's core gathering Kili to restore Mira's body following his defeat the Time Patrol during the events of Xenoverse) the events of Frieza's revenge are altered with the Ginyu Force assisting Frieza in his training and Frieza's Elite taking part in the resurrected Frieza's invasion of Earth.

Known Members of the Army

  • Frieza – Emperor of the Universe/Leader
  • King Cold – King of Frieza's race/former leader, deceased
  • Kuriza – Frieza's son
Saiyan Army
  • King Vegeta – King of an annexed planet/Elite Soldier, defected and deceased
  • Vegeta – Prince of an annexed planet/Elite Soldier, defected
  • Tarble – Prince of an annexed planet, exiled/defected
  • Nappa – General of an annexed planet/Mid-level Soldier afterwards, deceased
  • King Vegeta's Elite - Mid-level soldiers, defected and deceased
  • Onio – Elite Soldier of the Frieza Force
  • Taro - Low-Class Soldier, deceased
  • Tora – Low-Class Soldier, deceased
  • Fasha – Low-Class Soldier, deceased
  • Shugesh – Low-Class Soldier, deceased
  • Borgos – Low-Class Soldier, deceased
  • Leek - Low-Class Soldier, deceased
  • Bardock – Low-Class Soldier, deceased or defected
  • Gine – Low-Class Soldier, retired[25] and deceased
  • Kakarot – Infiltration baby, suffered amnesia and defected (trip to Earth unauthorized in both Dragon Ball Minus and Broly, as Bardock and Gine secretly sent Kakarot to Earth to escape the imminent Saiyan genocide)
  • Raditz – Mid-level Soldier, deceased
  • ShortyPhantom Saiyans, Second rate warrior, deceased
  • Scarface – Phantom Saiyans, Second rate warrior, deceased
  • Turles – Low-Class Soldier, defected. Took control of the Frieza Force after the defeats of Frost and Frieza in the Tournament of Time.
  • Jagamo - Guard Captain/Mid-class Soldier (in Dragon Ball Fusions)
  • Sage - Low-class warrior (in Dragon Ball Fusions)
  • Zemma - A barbaric Saiyan warrior (in Dragon Ball Fusions)
  • Nion - Scientist, deceased
  • Moroko - Scientist, deceased
  • Shito - Scientist, deceased
  • Beets - Non-combatant, deceased
  • Paragus - Soldier, defected and deceased
  • Paragus (DBS) - Saiyan Lieutenant/Mid-level Soldier, defected, rejoined Frieza Force in Age 780,[26] deceased
  • Broly - Elite Soldier. Joined Frieza Force in Age 780,[26] defected.
Frieza's Soldiers
Frieza's Elite
  • Zarbon – Emperor's Aide/Commander/Intellectual Advisor, deceased
  • Dodoria – Emperor's Aide/Commander/Enforcer, deceased
  • Cui – Elite Soldier, deceased
  • Appule – Mid-level soldier, deceased
  • Abo – High-Level Executive Class, presumably defected
  • Kado – High-Level Executive Class, presumably defected
  • Bonyu - High-Level Executive Class, formerly a member of the Ginyu Force
  • Caluppa - Elite Soldier who has served since King Cold's leadership of the army and had apparently trained at least 8000 soldiers over the course of his career.
Ginyu Force
  • Captain Ginyu – Leader/High-Level Executive Class, deceased
  • Jeice – High-Level Executive Class, deceased
  • Burter – High-Level Executive Class, deceased
  • Recoome – High-Level Executive Class, deceased
  • Guldo – High-Level Executive Class, deceased
Team Dodoria
Team Zarbon
  • Banan – Soldier, deceased
  • Sūi – Soldier, deceased
Frieza's Subordinates
Cooler Force
Third Stellar Region and New Frieza Army
  • Sorbet – Commander (former staff officer and interim leader), deceased
  • Garana - Second-in-Command of Sorbet's Frieza Force remnant, deceased
  • Tagoma – Elite Soldier, deceased
  • Shisami – Elite Soldier, deceased
  • Chidoru – Elite Soldier, deceased
Heeter Force (defunct)
Guard Troops
Chilled's Army
Frieza's Army Remnant
  • Tock - Elite combatant who joined the Time Breakers in hopes of reviving Frieza, deceased.
  • Tick - Elite combatant who joined the Time Breakers in hopes of reviving Frieza, deceased.
  • Tack - Elite combatant who joined the Time Breakers in hopes of reviving Frieza, deceased.
  • Stone Fist Burt - Bullgokin's underling stationed in Pilaf's Castle, deceased.
  • Chief Programmer Laster - Bullgokin's underling stationed in Pilaf's Castle, deceased.
  • Iron Fist Muggley - Bullgokin's underling stationed in Pilaf's Castle, deceased.
  • Fry - Elite combatant who aided the Dark Namekians, deceased.
  • General Sus - Elite combatant who aided the Dark Namekians, deceased.
  • Bomb King Nobel - Elite combatant, deceased
  • Archie - Elite combatant, deceased
  • Android 8000 - Androids supplied to the remnant by the Time Breakers, destroyed.
Dried Fruitz
Time Patrol spies
  • Future Warrior - Emperor's Aide/Commander/Elite Soldier/Recruit
  • Future Warrior (Frieza Race) - Emperor/Leader/Emperor's Aide/Commander/Elite Soldier/Recruit/Honor Guard Soldier
  • Taino - Female Majin recruit (Taino Force)
  • Ias - Frieza Race recruit
  • Risello - Female Saiyan recruit
  • Tion - Frieza Race recruit
  • Maita - Male Earthling recruit
  • Froze - An Earthling who uses the Frieza Clan Hero in Super Dragon Ball Heroes and is a member of Great Saiyaman 3's Dragon Ball Heroes Team.
Tournament of Time only
  • Frost - Acted as leader briefly during the Tournament of Time.
  • Android 19 - Worked for Frost's Frieza Force during the Tournament of Time.
  • Dr. Gero - Worked with Turles in the Frieza Force during the Tournament of Time.
  • Shallot - Acting as a spy for Beerus, affiliated with Frieza to save Bulma. Considered an Elite soldier.[30]
New Gadget Super Lovers
Galaxy Soldiers[18]

Fused Members

Fusion Dance
Five-Way Fusion

Known Operations and Wars


  • The names of Frieza's Elite are based on food and beverages that are commonly found in grocery stores such as fruits, those of the Ginyu Force are related to milk, the names of Frieza's Subordinates are related to fish, and those of Cooler's Armored Squad are puns on condiments and salad dressings.
  • In the lead up to the release of Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’, the Frieza Force were given their own recruitment video which featured anti-Saiyan propaganda, mentioned the names they were known by, and stated that the Frieza Force were in association with the Red Ribbon Army.
    • There was also several dossiers released with information on the Frieza Force's enemies.
  • In the Funimation dub, the Ginyu Force mention a bowling tournament they participate in. It is also mentioned by Recoome and Jeice that they receive dentistry and paid vacations.
  • In Dragon Ball FighterZ, Captain Ginyu reveals to Goku in a special event that the Frieza Force provides a great healthcare package, cutting edge medical equipment, top-of-the-line Battle Armor, and if members do well in battle they get their own planet as a bonus. However, Goku points out that Vegeta gets all that stuff as Bulma's husband (with the notable exception of the planet bonus) in addition to getting his own Gravity Chamber and lots of food, without having to work for any of it as he just trains all day. This causes the Ginyu Force members to become jealous of Vegeta's lifestyle.
  • In Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, Banan and Sūi are replaced by a Frieza Force Officer and Frieza Force Commando as the soldiers that confront Bulma, Gohan, and Krillin on Namek. The Frieza Force Officer is also the one responsible for damaging the Piccolo's Spaceship.
  • According to the Dragon Ball Super manga chapter "Bonus Story 4", Frieza corrects Kikono that the Frieza Force is not a criminal organization like the Moro Corps; it merely overtake planets and sells them to those who are in need of a new planet, and thus just business and a legitimate enterprise as far as he and Berryblue are concerned. This mirrors Toriyama's old comments about Frieza being based on especially cut-throat Japanese real estate agents, who he joked are "the worst kind of people."


Attacks on Planet Plant/Vegeta

Attack on Bun's Planet

Attack on Planet Namek

Attacks on Planet Earth

Frieza's Siege on Conton City


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