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Frieza's Honor Guard,[1] also known as the guard troops, are a group of Frieza Force members who served under Frieza and Cold's direct command,[2] and also as the elite personal guard of Frieza himself.


The guard troops were not present at the time of Cold's death and Frieza's first death. They were unaware that the Dragon Team even existed, only being aware that Frieza and Cold had been killed upon invading Earth, after having the planet scouted and discovering the "strongest man" Mr. Satan they chose not to invade until he was dead, as they knew they could not deal with the one who defeated Frieza.

Frieza's guards in Broly

In Age 780, ten guards of Frieza were present upon the emperor's arrival on Earth during Dragon Ball Super: Broly. They stand in formation stoically until they were blown away by Broly who attacks Goku and Vegeta at full speed under Paragus' command.

After Mr. Satan's death, the guard troops finally ordered the invasion of Earth in Age 820, leading to a full planet wide conflict and many deaths, and finally culminating in a battle between the aged Z Fighters and the Galactic Frieza Army, presumably, the guard troop were defeated and possibly killed during this conflict, though some survived to continue operating as leaders of the army when it went into hiding on Earth.

In Age 850, Frieza mentions his honor guard when mentoring the Future Warrior in Dragon Ball Xenoverse, as Frieza believes that the warrior is worthy of joining it.

In Age 1000, the Frieza's Force remnants still existed under the command of surviving guard troops, they joined the Time Breakers with the goal of reviving Frieza once more using any parts of his body they could find in conjunction with their upgraded regeneration technology.

Bullgokin took control of Pilaf's abandoned castle. He and his soldiers take control of the Guardian Pilaf Machines and the wildlife that has overrun the castle. While the elite soldier Archie controlled the outer area, Bullgokin and his three Kettlean and Bowlean officers convert the inner area into a facility, with a factory of producing FR Robots, as well as a Kiri Charging Machine.

Captain Wada allies with the Red Pants Army, overseeing their Oil Field facility and the development of Metal Energy Pudding.

Rigll controls the operation from the shadows from his Sky Dungeon. After their continued failings in their alliance with the Time Breakers, Rigll decides to turn on them. He, alongside the Boulean guard troop and Wada, send their troops to loot the Sacred Land of Korin, however their operation is stopped for good by the youth.



Despite their power above average Frieza Force soldiers, the honor guard are easily blown away by Broly powering up in his base form before beginning to fight and evolve his power level.

Video games

In Dragon Ball Xenoverse is stated by Frieza that an individual member of the Honor Guard should be able to defeat the entire Ginyu Force, and must fight to their last to protect Frieza. In order to test worthy candidates for the Honor Guard, Frieza personally faces them in both his first and fourth forms in order to prove that they possess enough power level to meet such standards.

In Dragon Ball Online, they are capable of fighting against the likes of Pure Majins and Super Saiyans. In Age 820, the guard troops noted that they would be no match for someone who could defeat Frieza, which is why they didn't invade Earth until after Mr. Satan's death as they mistakenly assumed the Earth's Champion was the one responsible for Frieza's defeat and death.



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