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"Freeza vs. Gohan" (はんぎゃくじょう!! Gohan Gyakujō!!, lit. "Gohan in a Frenzy!!") is the one hundred third chapter of Dragon Ball Z and the two hundred ninety-seventh overall chapter of the Dragon Ball manga.


The cover features Frieza in his second form.


Gohan attacks Frieza (Full Color Comics version)

The chapter opens with Gohan enraged over Frieza impaling Krillin. Vegeta remarks that Krillin should never have bothered helping Dende. Frieza sarcastically says that he cannot control himself before hurling Krillin off his horn and into the water below. Gohan darts towards Krillin, but Frieza quickly gets in front of him. He says that it is no use, as Krillin will die soon. Gohan angrily yells at Frieza to move, then connects with a kick and an uppercut, both to the face. He then punches Frieza several times in the stomach before kicking him away. As the tyrant hurtles backwards, Gohan fires a Ki Blast which hits home, knocking Frieza into the ground.

Frieza survives Gohan's assault

Not yet satisfied, Gohan continues his assault with a Gekiretsu Madan. Vegeta is stunned at Gohan's outburst. Dende, having gone down into the water to retrieve Krillin, reports that he is still alive. As Gohan worries about Krillin, Vegeta says to concentrate on Frieza, as even Gohan's assault will not finish him. Gohan is stunned when Frieza is alive and gets back up easily. Frieza says that Gohan actually managed to hurt him a little. Nearby, in Frieza's spaceship, Goku urges everyone to hold out a bit longer while he heals in the Medical Machine. At the same time, Piccolo feels Frieza's power increase, and surges onward to help Gohan.







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