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"Freeza's Third Form" (フリーザだい2のへんしん Furīza Dai-Ni no Henshin, lit. "Freeza’s Second Transformation") is the one hundred eighth chapter of Dragon Ball Z and the three hundred second overall chapter of the Dragon Ball manga.


The cover features an intimidated Piccolo in the background, looking in fright at Frieza in his Third Form in the foreground.


Frieza in his Third Form

As Piccolo, Vegeta, Gohan, and Krillin watch, Frieza begins to transform into his third form. Spikes grow from his back, his skull becomes elongated, the armor on his shoulders grow, and his nose disappears. Piccolo calls Frieza a monster. Krillin does not think that Frieza has changed much, but Vegeta says that his power is much greater now and that his previous damage has healed. Back on Frieza's Spaceship, Goku feels the increase in Frieza's ki, and wonders what he should do about it.

Frieza decides to resume the battle, and charges towards Piccolo. Piccolo flies into the air to dodge. Frieza gives chase, and Piccolo dodges again, stating that he still has the advantage in speed. However, Frieza quickly gets in front of him and unleashes a barrage of finger beams. Piccolo is unable to dodge them due to the speed of the blast. Gohan dashes off to help Piccolo. Krillin is about to follow, but Vegeta stops him. He tells Krillin to give him a fatal wound, hoping that receiving more Saiyan Power will allow him to become a Super Saiyan.







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