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Freeform Fusion (勝手にフュージョン Katteni Fyūjon) is a type of fusion that appears in Dragon Ball Fusions. The results surpass even EX-Fusion in freedom of variety. There are over 50,000 possible combinations.


While referred to as a "fusion", Freeform Fusion more closely resembles the absorption ability used by Buu, as the instigator of Freeform Fusion will be the completely dominant fusee - retaining their name and personality once the fusion is complete, though with the addition of "KF" in front of their name. It also resembles Shinjin-based Potara fusion as well.

The KF stands for Katteni Fusion, which translates as Arbitrary Fusion in the Japanese version of Dragon Ball Fusions. In the English localization, it is named Freeform Fusion, referencing its large number of variations and the freedom of fusion.


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