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The Fountain of Youth (also called the Elixir of Immortality) is a mythical fountain with mystical rejuvenating properties, which has the prophesied ability to restore a being's body to its prime, or at the very least, prevent them from fatalities such as death.


The elixir from the fountain made those who drank it completely Immortal - as it was said that if Roshi had drank it King Piccolo would be unable to kill him. It was first mentioned by Turtle, who argued against Master Roshi by stating that he had used the Fountain of Youth and therefore was not as old as he had informed Goku; this was after Roshi had requested to see Bulma's breasts in exchange for the Bansho Fan and said it would be his last wish before he passes away. It is however revealed in the King Piccolo Saga that Roshi had lied about drinking the Elixir of Immortality, which is why he dies in battle with King Piccolo.


  • The Fountain of Youth originated from mythical tales in folklore, such as Greek and European accounts and theories.
  • In several manga translations, it is stated that Master Roshi drank the "Immortality Elixir", which may indicate that the Elixir was formulated from ingredients and chemical compounds gathered from the Fountain of Youth. Otherwise, the Elixir may be an entirely different term than the Fountain. Another possibility is that the Fountain of Youth is a term limited only to the Funimation dub, as Funimation makes numerous alterations from the Japanese dub.