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I thought it was a pretty decent series, and want to know why people hate it so much.


Well, sadly, the Dragon Ball fan base is full of fans who judge the anime based on canon to the manga, and primarily praise only the material created by Toriyama, whit Toei animation and Funimation just being a bridge between creator and consumer. The series is not bad at all, it is actually quite good. But some people tend to like spreading the word of hate for it just because it wasn't entirely created by Toriyama(he contributed some designs, along with approval of the series to carry the "Dragon Ball" name). There are some plot holes in it, but not nearly as many as some think. There were many plot holes in Z as well, but due to pre-fixiation to Z, people tend to bag it out less. Quite pathetic if you ask me. I like GT, always have and always will. Remember though, 6/10 haters never even watched the whole series, just the first saga, which like DB, is slow for a reason.

I think you are right one of the plotholes in Z was that Toriyama was experimenting something and that something was giving the series to Goten and people HATED that. They downgraded so many characters in the series. the producers ruined the potential of Pan, Bulla, and other characters. Is it so hard for the producers to have a female Saiyan turn super saiyan. they made a false statement that pan can not turn super saiyan because she is 1/4 saiyan, however her great grandson or grandson/ Goku Jr who is 1/16 Saiyan can turn into a super saiyan. This action make me belive the producers are sexist or lack imagination. Then they made up a reason stating they do not know what a female super saiyan looks like. I mean come on now. Explain why their are female super saiyans in Dragon ball heros and dragonball online and not in the main series?! I mean they never allowed female fighters to shine in the series. the female fighter that had her moment was android 18 beating the daylights out of vegeta, but that was only it. they could of done better with videl and her potential to be a better and stonger character, but it seems the producers love bringing down female characters, like part where videl was brutally beat up by spovich in the tournament. but back to the gt subject, The fighting scenes in Dragonball Gt was horrible and goffy. I WATCHED dragonball. Even the orginal Dragon ball series had much more action then dragonball gt. They could of done better with the villians and plot. They killed off piccolo! They screwed up the power of other characters and super saiyan transformation, however i loved the Golden great ape form and super saiyan 4, however i do not beilive it is only execlusive to pure saiyans, because it was only theory stated by bulma, not a fact. I got many more reasons why gt suck, but i got more important things to do. Peace Out!!!

I like it

Personally I liked the second half of it. But a lot of people despise it entirely. Some reasons I think would be, the script, the music, fight scenes weren't as good, less fighting, the first half was slow and stupid, pan was annoying, the first half was just goku, trunks, and pan. The story wasnt put together very well, Gohan shouldn't have turned ssj. Goku is a kid. It's non canon. I HATE when piccolo dies and they dont bring him back ever. We don't get to see much of vegeta. Gohan's even more of a nerd. Goten and trunks didnt get ssj2, vegeta didn't go ssj3. Come on, your gonna give him ssj4 but not ssj3?! We didn't get to see an adult gotenks. Overall I still enjoy it.--Ssj3gogeta96 (talk) 15:26, July 2, 2013 (UTC)ssj3gogeta96

If you think of GT as alternate universe, the clashes between GT and manga disappear.

GT is alternate universe or unseen timeline

It's stupid and pointless

Full of plot holes, full of pointless plots that doesn't go anywhere, full of dissapointing fights, full of shit.

SSJ4 with pink hair. Let that sink for a moment for you.

Goku turns into a big ass GOLDEN ape, and then turns into a Pink monkey guy. With pants, apparently.

Clothes miraclously appear in GT.

Those forced, tear jerking flashbacks moments with Pan.


Oh oh, better question, why the fuck does Picollo have to die again? To destroy the Black star dragon balls, sure. But here's the thing, don't do that, one more thing, did they forgot about the fucking Namek dragon balls? Why don't ask Kibito to go to Namek (HE CAN TELEPORT), wish for the people in Earth to be teleported to a safe planet before the planet goes boom, then wish earth back when it goes boom, then wish for the people to go back to earth, SIMPLE!

One more thing, why the fuck didn't they wish for Goku to go back to his normal form? I mean, holy shit, they are constantly getting attacked by aliens and shit, and people is like "hehe, goku is a kid again, so funny".

Baby's saga was cool though. Wish it had more backstory about the Tuffles.

Also, i don't like that Vegeta changed his ways so much, like, in the Buu saga, he let Babidi to take control of him, sure, but he despised that idea.

In GT, he was like, "brb, 5 mins, gonna turn SSJ4 #swag", i mean, WTF!, he was so proud and shit, and in GT is like he doesn't give a shit anymore, he will take any power up, boost, or anything like candy. I don't like that. That's so out of character it hurts. —This unsigned comment was made by DragonFaku (talkcontribs) on 08:54, August 8, 2014 Please sign your posts with ~~~~ next time!


Most people dislike GT for a couple of resaons: The plot-holes, the characters being watered down, not acting like themselves, the Black Star Dragon Ball Saga, Kid Goku, Pan, fight scenes being lackluster, characters randomly getting there clothes back, Super Saiyan 4 being black and pink even though Super Oozaru and all the other Super Saiyan forms where gold and a bunch of other things.

Personally I like the Baby Saga, I find the Shadow Dragon Saga to be ok... the Black Star Dragon Ball Saga was most likely my least favorite thing about Dragon Ball ever and the only thing I liked about the Super 17 Saga was Vegeta's Final Shine Attack even though it still did jackshit in the end.                                

                                                                                                                           ~Shin Izanagi

Oh, I see. So you Prefer the Baby Saga over the Shadow Dragon Saga? Right. ;) WaffleGuy26 (talk) 06:30, August 13, 2014 (UTC) 

Yeah, I used to like the Shadow Dragon Saga more then the Baby Saga until I started like villains more for there character insted of there power. Because if you think about it, Omega Shenron is just a generic final boss character and he doesn't have much character other then what other villains have. Baby is more unique and can stand out from other villains, how many villains can literally possess other peoples bodies? Anyway my favorite dragons from the Shadow Dragon Saga where Nuova, Haze, Eis and Naturon and they each only had one or two episodes to get introduces and then killed off. The Baby Saga had more time to develop the character and made the useless characters semi-usefull to Baby. So that's why I prefer the Baby Saga.

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It's because it had HUGE potential yet wasted so much of it. Not to mention the horrible TOEI logic (Dragon Ball as a whole isn't exactly the most coherent story to begin with but Gt is on a whole another level), and Pan and Giru are annoying as fuck.

I thought it was good

Sadly, most Dragon Ball Z fans didn't like GT because it does not follow the manga/ it is not "Canon". I loved watching all the Dragon Ball series and movies. They were very entertaining and created many memories for me, and they're are still many memories to come.

CoolioCool (talk) 18:21, August 14, 2014 (UTC)CoolioCool


I think Dragon Ball GT is ok compared to the others. I mean drama humor fighting...thats Dragon Ball. Some people dont like it because it may not be canon but a dragon ball show that isnt made by Akira Toriyama is surprisingly good. It did me alot of good when no other dragon ball shows came on tv and i was like i've never heard of this and it was good enough for me!!! 

Oh yeah but who could remember all of Vegeta's common sentences, he repeats himself like a broken record. And I still don't get why does he call himself "the prince", isn't he a king now that his father's gone for a long time, or does he refuse to take that title in respect to his fallen father?

His best memories of childhood

I still remember the confusion at that time:

who could remember all of Vegeta's common sentences, he repeats himself like a broken record. And I still don't get why does he call himself "the prince", isn't he a king now that his father's gone for a long time, or does he refuse to take that title in respect to his fallen father?