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For me, it's between Future Gohan & Future Trunks...

Hmm, well that's a tuff one. There's just so many awesome characters to choose from. For me, it's between Future Gohan and Future Trunks. The History of Trunks is such a great movie. Future Gohan is way more legit then Regular Gohan. He had to train all by himself in his time and become a Super Sayain without any help from anyone. Also he was really strong, he almost beat the Androids himself with just one arm and he was only a regular Super Sayain. The only reason the Androids defeated him was because they teamed up on him. Future Trunks is awesome too! He had no one in his time, he lost his only friend, Gohan, to the Androids and at that moment he became a Super Sayain the old fashion way, through the pain of loss. Let's not forget, he also saved the future and the past as well. If it wasn't for him, history would have just repeated itself. Goku would have died from the heart virus and everything would have been lost to the Androids once again. So if I have to choose one, i guess it would have to be Future Gohan!!!! DBZ 4 Life my Friends!!!!!

Future Gohan! :)

Trunks ssj2.

Future Trunks! :)



Mine is Puar, he's always the funny one and he really cracks me up. He is the first person in DB to be able to use Ki to fly. Some say he's the most powerful being in the universe, because he can change into anything. That's just rumours though, but we can't denie that he's stronger than Goku SSJ 2.

Kid Gohan Defeted Cell... Future Gohan is the Best!!

Gohan cell

Kid Gohan Getting In the First Good Punch on Cell... HELL YEAH!

! omg he is the Best...HE EXEEDS HIS DAD! Concerning Raw Power & Strength! and let me tell you! GOKU WAS OUTRAGIOUSLY POWERFULL...

Mine would be Android 18. Because she's smart and she can pack a punch. She's a true Z Figther just like the others, fighting even knowing that she wouldn't win, like against Broly, Cell, and Super Android 17.

Tie between Goku and Vegeta

Goku Vegeta SS4

Super Saiyan 4 Goku and Vegeta

I love both these guys so much! Goku is the goofy, kindhearted, leader of the group who will do anything to protect his family and friends no matter what the cost. I love how he forgives his enemies, no matter what they had done. Vegeta is the badass, tactical one who has a heart full of pride for his himself and his heritage. I love his whole story about his dark past, which I think gives him more depth as a character. I especially like how he changed over the course of the series from the mean arrogant badass, to the cool badass that cares about his family and friends. Also, they both kick major butt! I love it when they team up and fight together. They make a great team, and even though they have arguments(which I find hilarious), they always find a way to win. One of my favorite scenes with them is when they give eachother the "thumbs-up" sign after defeating kid buu with the spirit bomb. It really showed how they were finally friends. Also, the Vegeta giving respect to Goku also showed how they still have a rivalry, but it's a friendly one. Goku and Vegeta both have very diverse chracteristics (sorta like opppsites) to me and that is why they are my favorite characters.Msdbzfanssjelite 05:03, March 17, 2012 (UTC)


Android 17 is my fave DBZ character. He's calm and laid back most of the time, but he was cocky enough to fight Piccolo. To be honest, 17 and I have a lot in common. We both have sibs that try to ruin our fun. He stole a car/ van and I stole a lawn mower for about 25 minutes then it sadly ran out gas when I was 7. We are both cocky and ambitious. We have a lot more in common but I'm not going on.


My favourite would be Vegito. The cockiness of that guy...And his attitude.He is the strongest character in the manga but as far as I am concerned he could be the weakest.He just inherated the best traits from Goku and Vegeta.I love the way he teases buu.Like a cat plays with a mouse before the kill.Easygoing, cheerful nature, easily toying with his opponents. He possesses both Vegeta's strategic mind and Goku's combat intelligence, making him that much more efficient.Nuff said. 15:20, May 5, 2012 (UTC)


Vegeta best badass fighter in history.

I love how he becomes kindhearted but still badass.

I like Goku too but Vegeta more.

I like how they go from enimies to friends. He also gives very good comebacks.

Sad for youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

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