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Forum Who is the best villain?

Well, since there was a Best hero forum, there should be a best villain forum. In here (as in other forums) everything counts, even Abo and Kado. So take your time and have some fun! SSJ4Ichigo 15:54, 19 January 2009 (UTC)

Note: Only canonical material; manga, anime, movies are fine. No what-ifs and alternate realities. No former antagonists or villains. No opinions, jokes and internet comedies (abridged, etc.) Only the official and factual material counts. - Zarbon by raykugen-d2ygchz PrinceZarbon talk contribZarbon ava3 06:22, 26 May 2009 (UTC)

Reasons why Frieza is better


Emperor of Evil, Tyrant, Ruler, and Most Powerful Threat the North Quadrant of the Galaxy has ever faced

"Pop goes the weasel!"

-After murdering Krillin.

  1. He's the Emperor of the North Quadrant who ruled the Galaxy Trade system longer than any other alien tyrant. Even the Kais feared his name (as expressed by King Kai's fear of going near him).
  2. He has FOUR FORMS!!! All more powerful than the last! All deadly!
  3. He executed Krillin after impaling him! He executed Dende brutally to sever any ability of the heroes getting healed. He executed Vegeta after watching him suffer and beg on the ground to Goku. He shot through Piccolo, nearly killing him, leaving him for dead.
  4. He ripped off Nail's arm! He caused Guru to die from suffering and anguish.
  5. He caused the genocide of the Saiyans by blowing up their entire planet and population, destroying Planet Vegeta with a single attack, a HUGE death ball, that he produced with a single finger! He's also responsible for countless other planet explosions and murderous missions including pillaging, conquering, and combat. He even displayed joy about the idea of blowing a planet so it would provide a nice "light show" for him.
  6. He was remodeled as a Cyborg unit! And he struck back with his daddy, King Cold!
  7. He defeated Goku's dad, Bardock!
  8. He executed King Vegeta with a single punch!
  9. Even in hell, he was the leader of an assault against Earth (as witnessed in Fusion Reborn) where all dead denizens of hell follow his command (even taking prevalence to his bro Cooler)
  10. Executes his own men ruthlessly for failure and incompetence (Namole, orange soldier, Captain who travelled with him to Earth, etc.)
  11. Surrounds himself with the the most loyal henchmen (Zarbon and Dodoria)
  12. Drinks wine! Is of high class stature!
  13. He's sliced in half! Then obliterated in midair! What an awesome death! Is chopped in half not once, but TWICE (three times, if you count GT)
  14. Has entire civilizations and armies under his command, including the Saiyans! Has an army of millions! Has them all do his bidding before executing anyone who grows too strong for his liking.
  15. He teams up with Cell and forms the Almighty Light Cage attack (Hell's Buster!) in Hell.
  16. He has the longest, most grueling, and most pain-inducing battle in the history of all DB related villains.
  17. He was the reason why Goku went Super Saiyan (and a Super Saiyan even appeared) for the first time in the entire series!
  18. He's so evil that even when Goku shows mercy and lends him energy so he can escape the planet, he still tries to kill the Saiyan.
  19. He has a very wicked and evil smirk and giggle as well as sadistic mannerism.
  20. He's his parents' favorite child (and they have very high standards)
  21. He can breathe in space. He survived when Planet Namek exploded. He survived things that would have killed any of the other villains in the series! (such as: Spirit Bomb, Angry Kamehameha from Goku, Namek's explosion)!
  22. He has awesome moves like the Death Beam and Kienzan Disks. He is also very swift and his uses his tail as a weapon against his opponents.
  23. It can be inferred that he is probably the most racist villain in the series. He calls the Saiyan race monkeys several times (especially to Goku), and out of fear (of the Super Saiyan myth), further prejudice, and advice of Zarbon, proceeds to commit genocide by blowing up their home planet.
  24. He is the only main villain who was fair in battle! He doesn't absorb others to get stronger and he doesn't regenerate; he is also the only one to be naturally born, not constructed or created. He has the most number of forms without absorbing others.
  25. It took about 10 episodes to injure him and an entire series just to defeat him, and he still comes back to kick butt and take names later!
  26. He became powerful the old fashioned way, by training and being related to royalty, not by absorption, or by integration of DNA constructs.
  27. He is the smartest villain with a repertoire of sarcastic quips, quotes, and comments in the entire series; he toys with his enemies and uses a refined dialect to undermine them.
  28. In an interview with Dragon Ball creator Akira Toriyama, it is revealed that Frieza is based on all the things he was scared of as a child.
  29. Frieza is responsible for bringing his own end in the "Episode of Bardock" special. It is his own hatred of the Saiyans that seals his fate, sending Bardock into the past, resulting in Frieza's traumatic fear of the legend of the Super Saiyan hundreds of years later due to Chilled (Frieza's ancestor) being defeated by Bardock in the past. The Saiyan genocide and the legend of the Super Saiyan becomes the very epitome and purpose of the entire series, setting the story in motion, all because of Frieza's actions.
  30. Frieza is the most returning primary antagonist and villain of the series' run; he's returned a total of 6 times (1st after a long hiatus from the Bardock movie and defeated by Goku on Namek, 2nd return in Cyborg form and defeated by Future Trunks, 3rd return in Hell alongside Cell and the Ginyu Force and defeated by Pikkon and Goku, 4th return in the Fusion Reborn movie leading an army of slain villains and defeated by Gohan, 5th return in Dragon Ball GT Super 17 saga alongside Cell and defeated by Goku, and 6th and most recent return in the Dragon Ball Z: Revival of "F" 2015 movie, making Frieza the most-returning and most-appearing villain in the entirety of Dragon Ball.

Reasons why Zarbon is better

Zarbon 2

You won't like me when I'm angry

"What more can you expect... from a monkey!"

-To Frieza, about Vegeta.

  1. He transforms into a brutal reptilian beast!
  2. He beats the life out of Vegeta! He's extremely brutal and relentless, including multiple headbutts, roundhouses, aerial kicks, neck holds, and a powerful piledriver.
  3. He brings Vegeta back to heal him for interrogation so he can butcher him afterwards.
  4. He butchers the Namekians, including elderly and children!
  5. He advises Frieza to exterminate the Saiyans in order for them to avoid further uprisings.
  6. He expresses an understanding of a dual dynamic between the Beauty and the Beast.
  7. He's a lover of beauty, wears prince garb, has a cape, earrings, and tiara, as well as the norm armor. He has blue skin! And long green braided hair which is flicked!!!! He's extremely handsome and vain!
  8. Bulma is knocked out by his appearance! (But he doesn't care, he's above them.)
  9. He acts very elegant and has high-class mannerism. He's also extremely loyal to Frieza and he's very militant!
  10. He's killed extremely brutally when Vegeta slams his fist clean through his stomach and annihilates him. (one of the most severe scenes in the series)
  11. He witnesses the destruction of the Saiyan's planet and the death of King Vegeta.
  12. He teases Vegeta ever since he was young and works him like a slave.
  13. He admits to Frieza in front of Nappa, Raditz, and Vegeta that conquering a planet in three days is not commendable as he can do the same in just one day!
  14. Zarbon is confirmed to be a prince among Frieza's men due to two separate indications. The first comes from the Frieza saga, when it is mentioned that when Frieza wiped out an entire species or planet, he kept the strongest warrior from each planet alive. The other instance is noted in the battle mode in the game Dragon Ball Z: Tenkaichi Tag Team, where Zarbon and Vegeta are both entitled as "Prince of Another Planet" on a stage select title.
  15. He is listed as one of the most evil henchmen of all time in an issue of Anime Insider's Top 5 most evil henchmen and is the only character from the Dragon Ball franchise on the list.
  16. He's the highest ranking General in Frieza's army as well as Frieza's closest adviser and henchman. He also holds the highest rank of Commander and is the most powerful warrior in Frieza's entire army. He also orders scout units as well as being Dodoria's partner in interrogation and extermination.

Reasons why Dodoria is better


Brutality and Suffering

"Don't think there's safety in numbers. I can take on twelve of you."

-To the Namekians, before butchering them.

  1. He mutilates and butchers the Namekian elderly and children.
  2. He has all of Bardock's crew executed. And enjoys it!
  3. He easily topples Bardock just with one mouth blast!
  4. He's extremely brutal and likes to make weaker beings suffer.
  5. He's fat, pink, and has enormous arms and legs. As well as large spikes protruding from his arms and his head!
  6. He reveals the secret of Frieza's destruction of the Saiyans to Vegeta.
  7. He's executed by an angered Vegeta in midair, screaming for his master's help! So COOL!
  8. He witnesses the destruction of the Saiyan's planet and the death of King Vegeta.
  9. He has his own elite team under him and holds the rank of Commander!

Reasons why Cui is better



"Let me guess. You learned how to run away."

-To Vegeta

  1. He reveals to Vegeta that Frieza's on Namek! He teases Vegeta about letting Nappa and Raditz die! He also teases Vegeta that he was beaten by Earth scum.
  2. He tries to trick Vegeta and blast him from behind! Trickery and Treachery all works fine! That's what villainy's all about!
  3. He's brutally killed after underestimating Vegeta's newly increased power and trying to run away! Cowardice is a villain's greatest ally. He's punched into the air and exploded, brains, guts, n' all!
  4. He's in command of a sector of Frieza's Galactic Empire as well as Frieza planet #79!
  5. He destroyed the Invisible Spaceship People's planet and left them for dead.

Reasons why Captain Ginyu is better


Change Now!

"I know. I'll just have to raise the stakes a little bit. The best poser gets a candy!"

-to a bunch of recruits.

  1. He fights Gohan, Krillin, Goku, and Vegeta simultaneously.
  2. He executes men for not being able to pose well.
  3. He can change bodies with a body-switch ability! He does this to Goku and Bulma (and a frog) successfully!
  4. He leads the Ginyu Force, the most feared and fearsome mercenary squadron in the North Quadrant of the universe.
  5. He doesn't die... he's turned into a frog as a result of using his technique at the wrong moment...when Goku and Gohan tossed the frog in front in two different occasions! (Buu kills him during the Buu arc, either when eradicating Earth's population or destroying Earth itself)
  6. He manages to fool Krillin when he swapped bodies with Goku.

Reasons why Jeice is better


Red Magma

"You gotta know when to go, go, go!"

-before running back to Ginyu.

  1. He's got a pop rock feel! He's got some of the best poses! He's the "red magma" of the Ginyu Force! He's handsome too.
  2. He's taken down brutally by a relentless Vegeta in midair when begging for his life; he gets chopped then blasted in the face.
  3. He can combine his attacks with Burter for more devastating attacks: The Purple Comet Flash Attack!
  4. He can pull off a Fire Ball technique, also called the Crusher Ball!

Reasons why Burter is better


Purple Comet Flash Attack

"Complain all you want! At least you've got hair!"

-to Jeice.

  1. He can combine his attacks with Jeice for more devastating attacks: The Purple Comet Flash Attack!
  2. He's the fastest on the Ginyu Force and the fastest in the universe for a time!
  3. He's scaly, blue, and extremely tall!
  4. He gets his neck snapped! And his tongue sticks out. Ouch. Awesome execution.

Reasons why Recoome is better


Does anybody wanna arm wrestle?

"My name is Recoome, it rhymes with doom, and you'll be hurting all too soon. I really am a man of many many talents."

-about himself.

  1. He fights Gohan, Krillin, and Vegeta simultaneously! And he dominates until Goku arrives and takes him down!
  2. He has awesome moves, which he names: "Recoome Kick", "Recoome Zooma Booma", "Recoome Kaboom", "Recoome Breath Blaster Time", "Recoome Eraser Gun", etc. All attacks are combos and devastating hits performed by Recoome and titled with his name in them.
  3. He's the brutish powerhouse member of the Ginyu Force. He can take a beatin' and keep on kickin'. And his kicks are strong.
  4. He's extremely flamboyant and comical even in the heat of battle. He makes rude and self-gratifying remarks constantly and teases his opponents.

Reasons why Guldo is better

Deceased Ghurd


"I knew I should've joined that Ginyu fitness club last year, but no...I had to go on that stupid chili burger diet."

-when fighting Gohan and Krillin

  1. He can stop/freeze time and run around when others can't move! He can freeze the air around the opponent as well, another maneuver called the Mind Freeze!
  2. He has four eyes! He's short, pudgy, and frog-like in appearance!
  3. He's killed by getting his head chopped off and blasted to oblivion. Awesome.
  4. He has a longstanding hatred for Vegeta ever since the Saiyan mocked him many years ago. He's wanted to butcher him for a long time and hopes to do so when arriving on Namek and obtaining instructions from Frieza.

Reasons why King Cold is better


The mighty Lord Cold

"What's a Goku?"

-after Trunks mentions Goku's name.

  1. He is the father of Frieza and Cooler.
  2. He is enormously tall, has a high stature, acts very elegant and high-class, thinks very highly of himself, and is annoyed and impatient with others.
  3. He runs the planet trade organization.
  4. He is brutally executed by Trunks after asking him to join his side and begging for his life right afterward.

Reasons why Cooler is better

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It is I who decides who lives and who dies!

"No-one can comprehend my power and cunning!"

-Cooler, while fighting SSJ Goku.

  1. Cooler conquered over 250 planets.
  2. He has an awesome form beyond that of his bro. His cranial structure extends and shark-like fins protrude from his arms. His facial structure distorts to close his mouth like a deadly ninja.
  3. Cooler is turned into Meta Cooler after fusing himself with the Big Gete Star!
  4. Cooler can make duplicates of himself, all efficient and as powerful!
  5. Cooler has the awesome Armored Squadron at his disposal (Salza, Neiz, and Doore). He also has mech droids in the next flick who battle Piccolo, Gohan, and Krillin.
  6. He is defeated by being blasted into the sun. He is ultimately defeated by Goku, but his brain construct is crushed by Vegeta so he can never replenish himself.
  7. He can recreate himself like a cybernetic unit, fixing any damaged parts with ease! His mechanical forms have the ability to adapt after taking damage!

Reasons why Salza is better


Salza Blade!

"Destroying Frieza was a feat a few could pull off. You may be a prestigious kill for us."

-to Goku

  1. He is a member of Cooler's elite armored squadron!
  2. He pulls out the Salza blade, a deadly lightsaber-like attack!
  3. He outlives the main villain of the flick, Cooler!!!
  4. He is designed very handsome, light blue skin, tidal wave hairstyle, and is very elegant in his mannerism!

Reasons why Neiz is better


As if it matters what he thinks. What matters is what Lord Cooler thinks.

  1. He looks like a gigantic salamander!
  2. He can tuck his head into his skin to protect himself from attacks.
  3. He uses electicity to fry his opponents and was killed by Piccolo sending his electric shock back at him.
  4. He has remarkable speed.

Reasons why Doore is better

Doore angry

Attention to detail, that's why we're the best! We're so darn thorough.

  1. He tortured Gohan brutally and almost killed him!
  2. His most notable attack is a CRUSHING BEAR HUG!

Reasons why Cyclopian Guards are better


Machine Guns, Arm Extensions, Nets, Blasters, and Cannons!

  1. They captured Piccolo, Gohan, Krillin, Yajirobe, Master Roshi, and Oolong. Their power rivaled that of Piccolo.

Reasons why Chilled is better


The first to face a Super Saiyan

  1. He is completely cold-blooded and ruthless. He greatly enjoys murder and destruction! He was once the most powerful being in the entire universe!
  2. He is Frieza's ancestor and possibly the first member of the Cold Family.
  3. It is his actions that create the Super Saiyan legend and strike fear in Frieza, who proceeds to take actions in the future to eliminate the Saiyan race, creating a chain reaction and domino effect.
  4. He killed one of his own men for standing in his way. He nearly defeated and tormented Bardock. He almost killed Berry with one merciless strike.
  5. He wears an ominous hooded cloak that adds to his villainous appearance.
  6. He was killed by Bardock's incredibly powerful Final Spirit Canon. Before his death, Chilled passed on his knowledge of the Super Saiyans to his clan.

Reasons why Appule is better


"My head looks like what!?"

"I don't know, but it looks like the high and mighty Prince Vegeta isn't so mighty after all, now is he!"

-Insulting a comatose Vegeta.

  1. He's the only one of Frieza's minor henchmen not to get killed by those piddly Namek fighters (and, in the manga at least, the only henchman Frieza has at all besides Zarbon after Dodoria dies).
  2. He called the Ginyu Force.
  3. He got to make fun of Vegeta while ol' Vegetable-head was unconscious. While healing him. So Zarbon could just beat him up s'more later.
  4. He's the only one of Frieza's minor henchmen whose name Frieza bothered to remember.
  5. He was apparently so awesome, that when Toei decided they wanted to have Frieza kill a soldier, they invented a character whose sole purpose was to die in Appule's place.
  6. He hails from the most popular common race under Frieza's dominion, apparently.

Reasons why Orlen is better

That orange guy

"I found another one of the villages!"

"You worthless Namek trash!"

-Executing a Namekian.

  1. He's the same race as Appule. But orange. And has red eyes. And big vampire fangs. That's awesome!
  2. He mercilessly kills a dying Namekian who was pleading for his help.
  3. He's so mysterious his name is only revealed the closed captions, and even that might not be his actual name!
  4. He has the honor of being the very first person Frieza kills onscreen. As well as the first soldier he kills for being a moron.

Reasons why Saibamen are better


Self Destruction works!



  1. They have kamikaze attacks, and they've killed numerous warriors in this fashion (including Yamcha)
  2. They are grown from the ground like weeds and are plant-like in appearance.
  3. They have near the same power level as Raditz! (and Raditz was exceptionally powerful)

Reasons why Nappa is better


Vegeta, what does the scouter say about his power level?

"Hey, come on, a little destruction won't affect the sale price of this planet. What's the big deal?"


  1. He was the second strongest elite warrior in the Saiyan army (led by King Vegeta) and garnered the highest rank attainable to a Saiyan elite.
  2. He erupts with rage and has a very short temper. He has an appetite for destruction, as witnessed when he leveled an entire military division along with their Navy and choppers.
  3. He eradicates an entire city just by raising his two fingers up.
  4. He was big, bald, had train sized hands and And an awesome moustache.
  5. He could grow green aliens (Saibamen) from the earth, cool.
  6. He was killed by his partner in honorable fashion... extremely cool.
  7. Nappa single-handedly fought against all the Z Fighters, causing the deaths of Tien and Chiaotzu, personally killing Piccolo, and almost killing Gohan and Krillin before being halted by Goku.
  8. He defeated the giant Yetti monster on Arlia easily.
  9. You can't hurt him by grabbing his tail. Don't even try.
  10. In the Super 17 Saga, he tried to attack the traitorous Vegeta in order to obtain vengeance.
  11. He's fast considering his weight and muscle mass and gave Goku a hard time during their fight.

Reasons why Raditz is better


Careful, you're more like me than you realize.

"I'm coming Kakarot!"


  1. He has sexy L'oreal hair, must be a trademark between saiyans. His is particularly long and awesome.
  2. He's Goku's older brother and he's Bardock's son!
  3. He kidnapped his own nephew to get his brother to join his cause.
  4. He has an awesome laugh.
  5. He kicks his own nephew, and breaks his brother's ribs! He tried to kill his own brother.
  6. It took Piccolo's best move to take him out! He was defeated by Piccolo's special beam cannon!
  7. He doesn't bother to cook the animals he eats. He just goes at them raw.
  8. He was once the most powerful fighter on Earth, even more than Goku.
  9. He slammed Krillin into Kame House using his tail.
  10. Cunning is his speciality. He tricked the Z fighters into telling him about the dragon balls while he was dying but instead he was passing on this information to Vegeta and Nappa (his comrades) through his scouter. If it wasn't for him, Vegeta and Nappa wouldn't have come to earth and most of the Z Fighters wouldn't die. Gohan, Krillin, Bulma and eventually Goku would never meet Frieza, and due to that... Dr. Gero wouldn't have has much DNA to put into Cell, and neither Goku, Vegeta, or anyone else would be Super Saiyans. His appearance triggered the series and allowed for the first four Sagas in Dragon Ball Z to take place.

Reasons why Turles is better


That fruit must have tasted good.

"It's always a shame to lose a Saiyan, especially when they turn out as weak and kind-hearted as you and your father."

-to Gohan

  1. He got very close to destroying Earth with the Tree of Might!
  2. He got fruit which made him buff and stronger! :D
  3. He had awesome henchmen (Amond, Daiz, Cacao, Rezun, and Lakasei; who beat up on all the Z Fighters simultaneously)
  4. He had an awesome voice and was modeled like Goku!
  5. He can use the power ball, which can turn any tailed Saiyan into a Great Ape.
  6. He shot at Gohan's pet dragon Icarus!
  7. He fought Krillin, Yamcha, Chiaotzu, Tien and Piccolo simultaneously, and defeated them!
  8. He blocked Piccolo's special beam cannon with one hand, while many others would have had a hard time just to avoid it.
  9. He deflected the SPIRIT BOMB.

Reasons why Angila is better


This was supposed to be my day off. Now I'm all dirty.

  1. He can stretch his arms to unparalleled lengths.
  2. He is the leader of all of Lord Slug's soldiers.
  3. He is the most handsome of Lord Slug's men and one of the most handsome villains.
  4. He was killed by Goku deflecting his mouth energy beam back into his mouth!

Reasons why Medamatcha is better


This is nice tropical weather, yes...warm enough to keep my toes from getting numb but still cold enough to kill the Earthlings.

  1. He can spawn miniature versions of himself that drain energy.
  2. He looks like a mutant frog.
  3. He almost killed Gohan with an energy wave.
  4. He was killed by Goku sending him into the air and smashing his stomach.

Reasons why Dr. Gero is better


Mad Scientist, Mastermind, and Genius extraordinaire

"Do you disagree with my methods?"

-To Goku, after wiping out a city.

  1. He used his own genius to turn himself into an android and gain infinite strength; an energy draining model no less!
  2. He has a longstanding hatred for Goku ever since Goku annihilated the entire Red Ribbon Army (including all its leaders).
  3. Not even being dead and in hell stops him from causing one of the worst catastrophes in Earth's history and killing Goku.
  4. He forges a friendship with Myuu in hell and they make Super Android 17, an even deadlier construct than the Machine Mutants and the prior android models. All hell breaks loose as a result of this creation.
  5. He creates Cell, the ultimate android, which is designed to modify its strength by absorbing further androids, becoming an ultimate model. He further developed all the other androids from #1-20 as well.
  6. He's betrayed TWICE and killed TWICE as a result of this betrayal!
  7. He's a calm and reserved warrior in his own right and has an awesome moustache and hair design, as well as the Red Ribbon Army vest, and a fez hat.
  8. Even Dr. Brief and Bulma say he's a genius.
  9. He drained Yamcha's energy and then proceeded to impale him.

Reasons why Android 19 is better


I will have all of your energy!

"There are no people left to leave out."

  1. He consecutively fights against both Goku and Vegeta; first toppling Goku as a Super Saiyan when he was stricken by a heart virus with relentlessness, and later struggles against Vegeta, whom had also progressed to the level of Super Saiyan.
  2. He is executed brutally by Vegeta, by his Big Bang Attack when trying to escape after having his arms torn off; he even has his head blown off by the blast. Extremely awesome character.
  3. He is the most loyal of all androids due to staying on course with Dr. Gero's programming and not being of a rebellious nature. He is limited to following orders and carrying them out without remorse.
  4. He is responsible for aiding Dr. Gero in transferring his brain capacity and encasing it into the body of Android 20 in order to give him longevity as well as replenish him as an android model.
  5. He has a devious and sadistic voice, and enjoys toying with his victims, as witnessed by his maniacal onslaught against Goku. He also has a stoic and devious attitude due to his programming, he seems to encompass many of the characteristics that Gero truly wanted to embed in an android model.
  6. He's an energy draining model and can drain an opponent's energy blasts and use it against them.
  7. He's a purely cybernetic model and is actually a cyborg construct (purely mechanic) and doesn't have the insufficient malfunctioning that the earlier models are encrypted with. He is also noted as Dr. Gero's actual success as an android unit.

Reasons why Cell is better


Ultimate Perfection

"Waiting, after all, is a small price to pay for perfection!"

-Cell, about himself to Gohan.

  1. He has nearly everyone's DNA grafted into his being and essence, making him a deadly model. As a result, he can also manipulate his attacks and learn them from other warriors, basically stealing everyone else's maneuvers and moves.
  2. He's insect-like in appearance!He has 3 Stages which he reaches through absorption! He's an insect! A Semi-Perfect Construct! And after absorbing his final model, he becomes Perfect!
  3. He takes on all of Earth's heroes (Piccolo, Tien, Yamcha, Krillin, Android 16, Goku, Gohan, Vegeta, and Trunks) who stood no chance against him at the time, except for Gohan! He defeated a Super Namek and 3 most powerful humans by just powering-up while he was having a beam war with SS2 Teen Gohan.
  4. He sucks the life out of his victims as witnessed when he mutilates an entire city (Nickytown) and proceeds along. He absorbs people with a needle-like tail, and he can make it as painful as he likes. As Imperfect Cell, he rotted Piccolo's arm by almost absorbing him!
  5. He executes Android 16 and Trunks and causes the death of Goku by self destructing! He forced Goku to sacrifice himself and he killed Future Trunks with a surprise attack.
  6. He causes chaos and havoc in not only one timeline, but also Future Trunks' timeline.
  7. He can spurt out Cell Juniors, miniature versions of himself, which are nearly as powerful as he is!
  8. As long as a nucleus in his brain is unharmed, he can regenerate himself constantly, no matter how much damage and harm he takes! (as witnessed when he travels back to the Cell Games Arena using instant transmission after exploding)
  9. He doesn't absorb enemies that are stronger than him like Buu does, he becomes stronger and wishes to defeat them. This is witnessed because he decides to leave the heroes alive for 10 days so that they can battle him (so he can test his might) in the Cell Games. Even after being knocked back to his Semi-Perfect form, he continues his fight with Gohan. He doesn't run away from a fight unless he's preparing to get stronger or concocting a plan for future combat/domination.

Reasons why Cell Juniors are better

Cell Jr


"Ki ki ki!"

- Cell Junior.

  1. They are all nearly as strong as Perfect Cell and can use all of his techniques.
  2. They mercilessly and easily beat up the Z Fighters, including Goku, Vegeta, Trunks and Piccolo. One of them maliciously broke Yamcha's arm after he tried to defend himself. Another of them was able to deflect Vegeta's Final Flash, an attack that even damaged Perfect Cell.
  3. They are sadistic little monsters whose whole purpose is to obey Cell and their voices are rather comical.
  4. They give their best effort at killing a young Super Saiyan 2 Gohan, and the enraged fighter eliminates them in an awesome manner.

Reasons why Super 17 is better


Seeing through your techniques gets kind of old.

"I'll never understand these Earthlings with their emotions. Lets clear out the rest of this planet's threat to us, even though it is quite small. I'll start with this pathetic louse before he gets a chance to embarrass himself again."

- While fighting Vegeta

  1. He was created by two dead scientists from hell (Gero and Myuu).
  2. He is both an Android and a Machine Mutant.
  3. He absorbs all the energy thrown at him making him more powerful as a battle continues (similar to the 19 and 20 models).
  4. He was able to easily beat Goten, Trunks, Gohan, Uub and Vegeta all at the same time. He was also able to beat Super Saiyan 4 Goku without much effort.
  5. He has the cockiest attitude ever.
  6. And he expresses his ideas about himself in an incredibly over-the-top way. "I am certainly an android of certain immense power that will without a doubt be your downfall of immense destruction that will destroy you."
  7. He resolves the Android Saga, which just ended without much of a resolution.
  8. He gets a hole through him, like King Piccolo.
  9. He can predict his opponents movements almost before they make them!

Reasons why Android 13 is better


Awesome-looking and evil: The Perfect Match

"Free will. Pitiful humans! War, segregation, hatred! Is that what you've done with your free will, boy? Don't you lecture me with your thirty dollar haircut!"

- to Trunks

  1. He can "fuse" by integrating with his fallen comrades, 14 and 15, to become Super Android 13, which makes him even more powerful, and even more vicious and brutal.
  2. He has an attack called the S.S. Deadly Bomber.
  3. He was created by Gero's super-computer.
  4. Goku, Vegeta and Future Trunks in their Super Saiyan forms and Super Namek Piccolo going all-out were unable to land a decent hit on him (until Goku SSJ's Spirit Bomb)

Reasons why Android 14 is better


Silent, but deadly

Little boys shouldn't play with knives!

- To Trunks

  1. He is one of Android 13's comrades and a sidekick to Android 15.
  2. He is musclebound, has long slicked back braided hair, and a unique green skirt.
  3. After he was defeated, his data was fused with Android 13 to initiate his super form.
  4. Along with 15, he destroyed an entire mall filled with people.

Reasons why Android 15 is better


Short and relentless.

Who Blasted Mah Blast?

  1. He is one of Android 13's comrades and a sidekick to Android 14.
  2. He's short, wears unique sunglasses, a huge sombrero-type hat, and an overcoat.
  3. After he was defeated, his data was fused with Android 13 to initiate his super form.
  4. Along with 14, he destroyed an entire mall filled with people.

Reasons why Super Buu is better


Absorption, Resurrection, and... puff

"All you people do is talk!"

- After getting aggravated over Gotenks.

  1. He turned everyone (Krillin, Mr. Popo, Ox-King, Bulma, Yamcha, Android 18, Marron, Master Roshi, and Videl) to dark chocolate and ate them at the Lookout. He turned Chi-Chi into an egg and stepped on it. He forced himself down Smitty's throat, made him expand and explode from the inside.
  2. He can absorb others and steal their abilities! He absorbed Piccolo and Gotenks to ascend into a Fused form. He also absorbed Gohan!
  3. He rejuvenated himself even after being hit by Gotenks' Ghost Kamikaze attack twice.
  4. He turned Vegito into a small piece of candy!
  5. Like all Buus, he is a puffy character (hence the trivia of other characters such as Jigglypuff and Kirby) >< hee hee hee
  6. He pulled off the human extinction attack, eradicating all of Earth's population.
  7. He can replicate himself in his own mind and create doppleganger clones to do battle.
  8. He has a scream that can rip the dimensional warp and tears open a hole in space.
  9. Despite his diction, he was able to out-strategize Gotenks, Piccolo, and Gohan to gain the upper hand in their battle and successfully absorb them. His Gohan, Goten, Trunks, Piccolo absorbed form is the self-admitted deadliest form of Buu.
  10. He was able to sense Gohan's power increase on the world of the Kai's all the way from earth.

Reasons why Kid Buu is better


Insanity, Lunacy, Maniacal Onslaught

"Buu squish you like bugs."

- About to destroy Grand Kai's planet

  1. He is mentally unstable. Buu's only reason for existence was to cause absolute destruction.
  2. He killed half of the Supreme Kais (guardians of the Universe in Dragonball). He almost killed Krillin again, who was already dead! He is the only villain to ever kill Gohan and Goten. Statistically, in terms of kill count, Kid Buu has the highest body count in the Dragon Ball universe, being able to destroy several planets worth of people. In total, Kid Buu generates an excessively high body count in the billions, maintaining all sources of literature, film, and television series.
  3. He was able to teleport from galaxy to galaxy, even to the Grand Kai's home world and he destroyed Earth, along with a few other planets while running amuck on an insane killing spree. This resulted in the deaths of millions of people across the galaxy.
  4. He learned some of the Z-fighters most powerful moves just by seeing them.
  5. Even after an intense fight against SSJ3 Goku he is completely unharmed and still at full power. Goku has doubts to whether or not a full powered Super Saiyan 3 would be enough to beat him. Goku needed to use the Spirit Bomb (powered by nearly everyone on the Earth, the Z-Fighters, as well as all the Namekians, King Yemma and his workers) just to kill him. He is killed using a massive Spirit Bomb comprised of energy from not only the vegetation around but the initially reluctant people of Earth. Vegeta had to associate with and persuade the Earthlings he otherwise views as worthless to help destroy Kid Buu because he was just that evil.
  6. He is considered the most dangerous of all Buu's forms. While many villains are referred to as being "pure evil", Kid Buu is literally pure evil. He's the last villain in the Dragon Ball Z manga and he falls under a completely different category other than being a monster, and we've never seen anything as insane as him. This kid is just the author of chaos. Forget bravado, gloating and buiding empires- Kid Buu is all about causing death and destruction wherever he goes with no regard for anything. He doesn't want fame, glory, the universe under his command, your fear or your respect; he just wants to end you.
  7. He was so insane and unpredictable that not even his creator, Bibidi, could effectively control him. He's always thirsting for battle and mayhem. He laughs maniacally, often. And everyone knows diabolical laughter is crucial to being a good villain. Bonus points if you're off your rocker.
  8. The proud Saiyan prince, Vegeta, couldn't last one minute against him in a fight without help. It was during the battle against Kid Buu that Vegeta finally realized and admitted that Goku was superior to him (Vegeta).
  9. Even though his size is not intimidating, he shows how powerful he is by blowing up earth with little concern. Whereas Cell claimed to be the end to the universe, Kid Buu actually came much closer to ushering all of existence into nil. He went around destoying galaxies and entire civilizations, causing Kai knows how many races to go extinct. He even came close to destroying Grand Kai's planet.
  10. Even Goku was awed by Kid Buu's power. Goku recognized that Kid Buu was evil incarnate, yet was so challenged by Kid Buu' raw, devastating power that he wished Kid Buu could come back as a good person so they could fight again. Essentially, the series' hero simultaneously acknowledged him as being the most powerful and evil being of all time.

Reasons why Babidi is better


Like father... like son

"All those sweets are just empty calories. I've got something more satisfying."

-to Buu

  1. He can take over the mind of anyone who has a trace of evil in them; turn it to his advantage and make a Majin warrior out of the most powerful beings in the universe. He controls Pui Pui, Yakon, Dabura, Majin Buu, and even Vegeta! He also controls numerous Majin Grunts.
  2. He can make people explode from the inside out using his wizardry; he uses warriors until they're of no use and then disposes of them like he did with Spopovich and Yamu.
  3. He's following an evil legacy concocted by his father Bibidi. He also wants vengeance for what was done to his father by Supreme Kai.
  4. He has a knowledge about kilis, a meter which determines how much power a warrior has (the equivalent to scouters).
  5. He wants to control the fate of the universe by controlling Buu!
  6. He was killed by getting his head blown off by Buu! Awesome death!
  7. He has an awesome spaceship that can teleport through space and time (and generate a dark room as well as travel from one gravity to another)
  8. He orders Buu to exterminate an entire town... by having all the inhabitants turned into candy then eaten!

Reasons why Dabura is better


King of the Demons holds the sharp edge of the blade

"Taste my blade!"

-To Gohan, after pulling out his sword.

  1. He can turn people to stone with a single spit! He turns Piccolo and Krillin to stone!
  2. He executes Kibito and nearly defeats Gohan!
  3. He's the KING OF ALL DEMONS! And the entire dark dimension, the DEMON WORLD!
  4. He has a sword (blade) which he pulls out of nowhere! It's sharp! (tee hee)
  5. He understands Fat Buu is a moron (idiot and complete waste as well as infantile and childish) and tells Babidi to crush him while they can (but Babidi's too addicted to Buu's legend and legacy to give him up)
  6. He's got a badass attitude, very determined, yet very serious.
  7. He's under Majin control, making him even deadlier! And he undergoes a meditative training!
  8. He has a cape! And it dangles with sharp edges! He's also got clothing that resembles a medieval king!
  9. He's structured like a RED DEMON! And he's got an awesome moustache and beard!
  10. He's sent to heaven by King Yemma because he would have enjoyed Hell!
  11. His design was reused TWICE in two of Toriyama's other Manga! (Sand Land and Cowa!)

Reasons why Pui Pui is better


Nice Shot!

"Your hopes of winning are falling faster than that stone!"

-after dropping a stone.

  1. His planet is 10 times the gravity of Earth, making his training that much more grueling.
  2. He's one of Babidi's strongest warriors, and the strongest being in his quadrant of the universe (as stated for a fact that Babidi's elite fighters come from the 4 corners of the universe)
  3. He's executed in excellent fashion by a determined Vegeta, by being obliterated!
  4. He eliminates Yamu with one shot!

Reasons why Yakon is better


Light is for eating

"You can't see me but I can see you."

- After entering his dark dimension, the planet of darkness

  1. He has huge protruding razors that come out of his hands, and they're sharp!
  2. He's huge! He's a tremendous monster!
  3. He can eat light energy!
  4. He lives in the planet of darkness and he's attune to seeing in darkness!
  5. He eats Majin Grunts for breakfast! (and maybe lunch and dinner)

Reasons why Spopovich is better


When you're as strong as us, this kind of job is like taking baby from a candy!

  1. He beat the life out of Videl! Videl gave everything she had but Spopovich being under Majin control, completely butchered Videl in combat, bleeding her all over her body and breaking all her bones!
  2. He's executed very awesome by Babidi: by getting his brains popped out along with his guts under Babidi's magic!
  3. He steals Gohan's energy with the energy draining device!
  4. He pisses Gohan off so much after obliterating Videl, that Gohan wants to get revenge against him!
  5. He has a great rage that Yamu can barely help control.
  6. He served loyally under Babidi and retrieved 1/2 the energy needed to revive Buu.

Reasons why Van Zant is better


Van Zant.

"Every single person on Earth is gonna die soon. Wouldn't you like to go out with a bang in the end!?"
~ Van Zant's philosophy on life after Majin Buu's arrival.

  1. He pretty much lost whatever morality he had when Majin Buu started terrorizing everyone, in essence becoming what he feared. Of course, he also rationalized that it was perfectly fine since everyone was going to die pretty soon anyway.
  2. He was able to convince his cohort Smitty to kill and terrorize people for fun. He goes on a shooting rampage in the city. He also sniped an old lady and had an old man shot for fun!
  3. He shot a puppy. A puppy! And he enjoyed it!
  4. He nearly killed Mr. Satan in Buu's house, shooting him when he was unarmed.
  5. He has great accuracy with a rifle... his personality, morals, and general way of thinking make him a devious lunatic on a rampage.
  6. He more closely resembles a real life villian which is scary.
  7. He was the reason why Fat Buu lost it and created Evil Buu, thus creating Super Buu! and we all know what Super Buu turned into!

Reasons why Garlic Junior is better

DragonballZ-Movie1 315

Welcome to the DEAD ZONE

"That little pimple of a shield is going to pop and the three of you are going to ooze into the Dead Zone like the pus that you are!"

-after opening up the Dead Zone

  1. He wants to get rid of Kami and become ruler of the Earth. He wants vengeance for what was done to his father, Garlic.
  2. He has two sets of awesome warriors (Nicky, Ginger, and Sansho) and later gets aid from the Spice Boys (Spice, Vinegar, Salt, and Mustard)
  3. He is the only villain to officially NEVER DIE in the entire series/movies history. (Captain Ginyu is killed as a frog)
  4. He can open a portal to a dark dimension which sucks in like a whirlpool called the Dead Zone. Anything trapped in here falls for an eternity!
  5. He fights against Piccolo, Goku, and Gohan! And when he strikes back, he fights against Gohan, Piccolo, and Krillin!
  6. He can transform into a huge brute-like version of his small form. And when the Makyan star collides, he becomes even more powerful, draining energy from the star's alignment.
  7. He's a Makyan! His race is an alien demon race. He wears a cape and is elf-like in appearance.
  8. He lets loose the Black Water Mist to make people go insane and chaotic, releasing man's evil appetite and controlling everyone like savage beasts.
  9. He kidnapped Gohan and he wanted Gohan to be his disciple when he sensed Gohan's power.
  10. He obtains immortality by using the Dragon Balls! (this is highly better a wish than "eternal youth")

Reasons why Spice is better


One of the most awesome and enigmatic villains in DBZ.

"The Earth belongs to Garlic Junior now."

-to Piccolo.

  1. Is designed to be the most handsome of the Spice Boys. He is also elegant in his mannerism.
  2. Is executed alongside Vinegar by Gohan using his hidden powers in a massive explosion. A death for the DBZ history books.
  3. He's the leader of the Spice Boys.
  4. Can extend his hair and wrap it around his victims to constrict them. (does this to Gohan)
  5. Is hit by Krillin with his head, and then impaled on a spike by Gohan. And survives after being rejuvenated by the Makyo Star's energy.
  6. Unlike Vinegar, he initially knows that anyone bitten by someone infected by the Black Water Mist also becomes infected.

Reasons why Nicky is better

Nicky4 get to live...he's going to train you.

  1. He was killed by a powerful kamehameha wave.
  2. He can pull a long katana sword from his leg.
  3. He seems to be obsessed with fruit. He eats it a multiple times throughout The Dead Zone and his battle phrase is " Tutti Frutti".

Reasons why Ginger is better


"Final attack! Gentle Statue Push!"


-Battle cry.

  1. He knocked Chi-Chi aside without even touching her. He also kidnaps Gohan!
  2. He gets to wear that cool hooded cloak.
  3. Of Garlic Jr.'s henchmen, he is the one who most closely resembles his master.
  4. He can pull swords out of his arms!!!
  5. He's executed along with Nicky as they are both obliterated simultaneously by Goku's blast after falling on top of each other in a heap of debris!

Reasons why Sansho is better


You should never judge a fight on the first fall.

  1. He has the most monstrous appearance of all of Garlic Jr.'s henchmen.
  2. He is the strong silent type of the group.
  3. He was killed when Piccolo threw him through a bunch of pillars and shot him with a ki blast.

Reasons why Dr. Kochin is better


"Hey, kid! Your dad dies more than Krillin!"

"Oh, that was easier than I thought it would be! Master Roshi was said to be one of the strongest fighters in the world! I never thought they'd take him out this easily!"

-Regarding Master Roshi's defeat.

  1. He's a creepy old man. Creepy old guys always make good villains. He's a mad scientist. Another plus. He's got blue hair. I dunno why, but that's awesome. Just ask Bulma.
  2. He's actually an android disguised as a creepy old man, and can turn his hand into a gatling gun!
  3. He has possibly the longest fall of any non-flying villain.
  4. He created Kishime, Misokatsun and Ebifurya, powerful bio warriors! (which is actually arguably more of an accomplishment on Dr. Wheelo's part; assuming Wheelo in fact created Kochin to begin with, this means Wheelo designed and built an android that could make other androids).
  5. He has a CANE LASER!

Reasons why Bojack is better


It's been so long... since I've snapped someone's neck!

  1. Pirates are already awesome, but this guy's a space pirate.
  2. He was so bad, the Kais had to trap him inside a star.
  3. He was so much of a threat that Vegeta actually had to step in and save the day and Goku had to break the inter-dimensional rules to give Gohan some assistance to beat him.
  4. He was perfectly willing to sacrifice one of his henchmen in a futile attempt to attack Gohan.
  5. Gohan kills him with an epic gut punch.

Reasons why Kogu is better

10. Kogu focus

Someone not to be trifled with, boy!

  1. He's awesome with a sword and also more powerful than Base Form Trunks.
  2. His name is an anagram of Goku.
  3. He has a full power transformation like Bojack.
  4. His death was epic! He was punched straight through his stomach by Trunks.

Reasons why Bido is better


Master Bojack has no equal!

  1. He combines his attacks with Bujin by immobilizing foes who Bujin wraps in his Binding Threads. He also has the ability to use the Threads.
  2. He maliciously strangled Doskoi to death and is the only member of Bojack's Gang to actually murder someone.
  3. He was killed by Gohan breaking him in half and vaporizing him with a kick.

Reasons why Bujin is better


Master is not patient. You would be wise to stand down. Or better yet, kneel.

  1. He is a master of telekinesis and uses the Binding Threads which drain the energy of the victim.
  2. He is killed by Gohan breaking him in half and vaporizing him with a kick.

Reasons why Zangya is better


The universe is littered with the bones of those who dare to think otherwise.

  1. She is one of the only female villains. She is beautiful and infatuated Krillin.
  2. Like the other pirates of Bojack's Gang, she uses Binding Threads that drain the life of the victims.
  3. She easily beat up Krillin, Yamcha, and Tien.
  4. She has made the most video game appearances out of all of Bojack's henchmen.
  5. She was betrayed and brutally executed by Bojack shooting a ki blast through her back causing her to explode from inside.

Reasons why Baby is better


Revenge is Sweet

"Let us wash down the sweet taste of revenge by sipping from this cup of power."

- After integrating himself with Vegeta's body.

  1. He wanted vengeance for what the Saiyans did so many years ago to the Tuffles (who were genuinely brighter and more sophisticated a race, as well as more technologically and scientifically advanced). He's determined to obtain his revenge.
  2. He spread the virus like a plague upon the planet, and took over Goten, Gohan, and everyone else on the planet before assuming command of Vegeta's body!
  3. He transforms into a Golden Great Ape (Oozaru) when being hit by blutz rays! He also doesn't lose control of his mind when he's in that form, being even deadlier!
  4. He wiped out an entire spacecraft after venturing in outer space and hid inside the body of a young boy. (He then jumps into the body of a doctor) He can jump from body to body like a parasite!
  5. He secretly controlled the Machine Mutants, including Dr. Myuu, whom was the mastermind behind the entire M2 planet base as well as the Luud Order and many other factions!!!
  6. He killed countless humans on Earth with his Galick Gun just to make Goku angry. Also, they were all his enslaved minions.
  7. He actually took over the world and made every single person on the planet (Except Mr. Satan, Uub, Pan and Majin Buu) his slave.
  8. He can perform an Evil Spirit Bomb a.k.a Revenge Death Ball among many other maneuvers.
  9. He ate Majuub as a piece of chocolate and crushed him inside of himself.
  10. World domination. Yet, he is.... soooo cute (I'm sorry! It had to be mentioned!)

Reasons why Syn Shenron is better


Shadow Dragons' united might

"Since you've been so fun, Vegeta, I'll put you in the same grave as Goku, so you can argue for eternity!"

- When battling against Goku and Vegeta.

  1. He transcends the ability of his prior form, Syn. He combines his powers from all the other Shadow Dragons! He has all their powers and then some! He controls water, thunder, lightning, wind, ice, fire, and storms, making him a deadly phenomenon with a combination of all of nature's elements at his disposal.
  2. He is made from all the accumulated evil energy that had come from the overuse of the Dragon Balls.
  3. He fights against Goku and Vegeta and even the fusion Gogeta! He brutally beats up Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, Trunks, Goten and Uub.
  4. He eliminates Nuova Shenron and he kills millions of people with his negative energy.
  5. He is the final villain in Dragon Ball GT and he is the strongest villain in the whole series.
  6. Dragon Thunder is one of his brutal techniques.
  7. He survived SS4 Gogeta's Big Bang Kamehameha and it took an enormous amount of accumulated power from around the universe to defeat him

Reasons why Eis Shenron is better

DragonballGT-Episode057 185

My breath is minty fresh.

"But dirty moves work better than clean ones. And I'll do anything to win this."

- When battling against Goku.

  1. He holds Pan hostage!
  2. He has a deadly ice attack! He froze all of Goku's limbs one by one. He also froze an entire city block!
  3. He goes against Nuova, his own brother, to prove that winning is more important than petty heroics and honorable fighting.
  4. He tries to trick Goku and pretends to give up, only to slice Goku's eyes and make him blind!
  5. He is executed by Goku viciously as Goku pummels through his gut, letting him drop, before he explodes on the ground.

Reasons why Haze Shenron is better


"You want to wish for the things you obviously don't have...good taste, clothes that fit, a little height."

- to Pan

  1. He has the power to create pollution, which weakens his organic opponents substantially.
  2. He is very comedic and sarcastic, even when faced with the threat of his opponents.

Reasons why Rage Shenron is better


Your bark's bigger than your bite.

Even half of my power is too much for you two to handle, but we can still up the voltage!

  1. He has the power to use electricity.
  2. He can become slime.
  3. When he grows to an enormous size, he can be seen inside the center of the Shadow Dragon's stomach.

Reasons why Oceanus Shenron is better


I will enjoy burying you with my own two hands.

Today, your death will be my reward, young one!

  1. She is the only female of the Shadow Dragons.
  2. She controls both water and wind.
  3. When she temporarily shape-shifts in her true form, her voice becomes male before shapeshifting back.

Reasons why Naturon Shenron is better

Naturon Shenron kamehameha

"And as far as little boys who turn into grown men go, you're interesting too."

- to Goku

  1. He can absorb any beings... for example: a mole and Pan.
  2. He even used the Kamehameha technique against Goku when he absorbed Pan.
  3. His true form is a very smaller dragon with a mole-like appearance. In his true form, he is a bit cowardly.

Reasons why Dolltaki is better


Your bodies are nothing but shells now, holding back your spirit from serving your true purpose in the Order.

  1. He tricked hundreds of people into joining the Luud Cult and giving their energy to Luud.
  2. He turned Pan into a doll and tried to keep her forever.
  3. He was killed by a ki blast from General Rilldo.

Reasons why Dr. Myuu is better


I can't tell which is more enjoyable, my brilliant mind or the sweet smell of victory!

  1. He gave Baby the energy he needed to grow.
  2. He created Luud, General Rilldo, The Sigma Force, and thousands of other Machine Mutants. He had his Machine Mutants wipe out all of the inhabitants of Planet M2 to make it their own.
  3. He teamed up with Dr. Gero to create Hell Fighter 17 and fuse him with Android 17 to create Super 17. He later re-programmed Super 17 to betray and destroy Dr. Gero because he was no longer useful.
  4. He ordered General Rilldo to mercilessly execute Dolltaki for his failure.
  5. He died 2 epic deaths. He was killed first when Baby burst out of his body and a second time by Super 17's Shocking Death Ball, after Super 17 betrayed him as well.
  6. He desires nothing less than total domination of the entire universe.

Reasons why General Rilldo is better


Machine, Metal, and the whole PLANET

"The strong must flourish and the weak must perish!"

- to Goku

  1. He has three deadly forms. His Machine Mutant form, his advanced mechanized drill-armed form, and his Meta form, which he assumes last. He even absorbs the Sigma Force Cannon!
  2. He can control all the metal on the planet; his head pops up from everywhere when he's fighting Goku on M2. He even says he "is" the planet!
  3. He's a Machine Mutant! His mission is to replace organic substances in the entire UNIVERSE with bio-mechanical engineered constructs using Dr. Myuu's research.
  4. He sent Giru as a double agent to betray Goku, Pan, and Trunks.
  5. He executes Dolltaki for failure! "Dr. Myuu had a message...DROP DEAD!"
  6. He returns from Hell and battles Gohan, turning his hand and leg into metallic alloy before being stopped!
  7. He can turn things into metallic substances with a huge mouth beam! (titanium, alloy, etc.)
  8. He actually REWARDS good work by his minions, portraying intelligence and honor.

Reasons why Commander Red is better


All my life, I've drawn the short straw! I've had to contend with being a mere pebble in a land of giants! It is the curse of my existence!

"I am the Red Ribbon Army."

  1. He is the leader of the Red Ribbon Army!
  2. He is a master billiards (pool) player and has a ferocious pet cat!
  3. He is executed very cool by Staff Officer Black!
  4. His dream was to be taller as world domination seemed easier to him!

Reasons why Staff Officer Black is better


If you want to see the Commander so badly, I'll take you to him. In pieces.

""Well, that may be the case, but at least I wasn't beaten by a girl." -In hell.

  1. He is Commander Red's private adjutant and bodyguard!
  2. He is a trained combatant and is powerful in his own right; he fights Goku and proves he is strong with his exceptionally long legs! He faces Goku with honor and pride, with the knowledge that Goku single-handedly decimated all the Red Ribbon Army's elite soldiers and Tao!
  3. He boards the Red Ribbon Army Battle Suit Mech and tries to take down Goku with numerous blasts and rockets! He catapults Goku right out of the compound!
  4. He executes Commander Red with a bullet clean through the forehead after Red betrays him when Black finds out that the Commander's wish was a foolish one.
  5. He can be seen as a better leader than Red as he knew Red's wish to be taller was idiotic. Unlike Red, Black wanted to make the Red Ribbon Army the strongest force on earth, and rule over the planet.

Reasons why General Blue is better


Look into my eyes.

"You can't cheat in a fight to the death. Fool. Whoever's alive at the end of the battle is the winner and that's that."

-Before beating the life out of Krillin and Goku.

  1. He's the most powerful officer in the entire Red Ribbon Army!
  2. He defeated Krillin and Goku in combat! He also tied them up along with Roshi, Bulma, etc. using his telekinetic skill to manipulate rope like a snake!
  3. He can buff himself up when he becomes enraged!
  4. He pulled a double-barrel shotgun out and pointed it straight at Goku's face! (and would've let loose if a mouse hadn't spoiled it)
  5. He has a telekinetic ability to freeze his opponents with his bright blue eyes alone!
  6. He's of German descent and very strict and militant; he has soldiers executed for various reasons: sleeping on the job, being afraid, failing to hit their targets with missiles, and even for picking their noses.
  7. He has Company B led by Captain Dark under his command! He's leader of Blue division!
  8. He strangles a huge electric eel with his bare hands!!!! And electricity had no effect against his supernatural powers!
  9. He outmaneuvers Goku into Penguin Village, where he strikes fear into the entire population (and smashes entire vehicles and crushes phone booths with his bare hands)
  10. He can jump out of moving aircrafts thousands of feet in the air and land safely on the ground using precision.
  11. He's very vain and tends to his looks often. He cares a lot about his exterior appearance and is obsessed with his own magnificence and brilliance.
  12. He is executed very awesome, by Mercenary Tao sticking his tongue right into his head and penetrating his brain... before he falls and dies. Very awesome!
  13. He orders many of his men to be executed after they fail at successfully targeting Goku, Bulma and Krillin with their underwater sub. He also executes men for sleeping, being fearful, and even picking their noses.
  14. Bulma was highly attracted to him!

Reasons why General White is better


I really love kids. They break so easily.

  1. He holds the village chief of jingle village hostage at gunpoint!
  2. He refers to Android 8 as a renegade malfunction and shoots him, as well as shooting Goku in the back of the head!
  3. He guards the highest floor of Muscle Tower! He's very built and muscular!
  4. He is executed in an awesome manner by getting rammed out of the Tower walls by an angered Android 8!
  5. He grabs Goku by his tail and hurls him around like a ragdoll, taking advantage of Goku's weakness!
  6. He can view the situations on any of Muscle Tower's floors and even trapped Goku and Eighter in a maze.

Reasons why Captain Yellow is better


I wasn't askin' for your permission!

  1. He kidnaps Upa!
  2. While he rides his helicopter, Goku pummeled him out into the sky to his death!

Reasons why Colonel Silver is better


Pity. It looks like you lost your ride. There won't be any getting away this time.

  1. He is a professional boxer and puts other boxers to shame when he knocks them out single-handedly!
  2. He terrorizes villages with his batallion; ransacking houses and pillaging entire forests (along with acquiring the Dragon Balls from Pilaf and spoiling a wedding planned for Goku)
  3. He manages to trap even Ox-King with his tank nets!
  4. He shoots down Goku with a shoulder mounted guided missile launcher (panzer faust)! Awesomeness!
  5. His execution is very mysterious. In the manga, he is supposedly shot in the back by guards who follow him on Commander Red's orders. In the anime, the guards follow him, but his death is left offscreen.

Reasons why Sergeant-Major Purple Ninja Murasaki is better


For I am as the warm wind blows. Silent, but deadly.

"You have only seen what I have allowed. But now you shall see nothing."

- to Goku

  1. He can split into 5 parts [he has five brothers] all with their own deadly weapons (shuriken, blades, chains, swords, etc.)
  2. He is a master of camouflage!
  3. He is a deadly ninja!
  4. He outlives the fall of Muscle Tower and tries to recover the Dragon Balls!
  5. He was the subject of three counts of humiliation by Goku (Using the wrong side of his camouflage cape and accidentally using the American flag, hiding in a pond and using a blowhole to breathe, until Goku poured some hot tea into it, and accidentally landing on Goku's power pole by his butt)

Reasons why Major Metallitron is better


I'll be a cameo in GT

"I'm mad."

-Major Metallitron.

  1. He pummeled Goku even after having his head blown off and malfunctioning! He may not have been defeated if his battery didn't run out.
  2. He has heat seeking rockets blast right out of his mouth!
  3. He's extremely powerful and packs a wallop for his huge size!

Reasons why Captain Dark is better


"You will soon learn that I am not a man with whom to toy."

In case you haven't noticed, these dirtbags, as you call them, have you outnumbered and outgunned.

  1. He is General Blue's right-hand man.
  2. He uses a whip as a weapon.
  3. He is defeated by Master Roshi with a great punch.

Reasons why Colonel Violet is better


Colonel Violet

  1. She is the only known female in the Red Ribbon Army
  2. She was successfully able to get one of the Dragon Balls and escape the Peck Peck Tribe
  3. She robbed the Red Ribbon Army and got away with it.
  4. She was one of the few members to survive the fall of the Red Ribbon Army.
  5. After finding a Dragon Ball, she fed her soldiers to crocodiles so she could escape.

Reasons why Mercenary Tao is better


That's all? Piece of cake.

"That's the idea. I'm a hitman!"

-After almost hitting Bora with a pillar.

  1. He can kill with his tongue and fight with his hair. He executes General Blue, Bora, a tailor, and numerous others.
  2. He can ride pillars and uses them to reach far distances! He is very accurate - his flying pillars and beams hit enemies with almost pinpoint accuracy.
  3. He might be the inventor of the Dodon Ray, a technique as deadly as the Kamehameha wave.
  4. He was rebuilt into a cyborg (with deadly precision Dodon Ray enhancements and optic eyes, as well as a retracting blade for an arm). Despite his age, he still has superhuman skill and maintains a youthful appearance.
  5. He is the world's most known and feared assassin, who charges 10B Zeni for each kill (and even gives anniversary discounts).
  6. He appears in both Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z.
  7. He deflected an incoming sniper bullet with his slipper without even turning around!
  8. He defeated Goku with ease the first time they fought.
  9. He's impervious to telekinesis.

Reasons why Buyon is better


Also known as...The jiggler!

  1. He is fat, enormous, wiggly and jiggly; energy blasts bounce right off him.
  2. He was unstoppable until Goku used the weather to his advantage to freeze him and make him shatter!
  3. He has an elongated tongue!
  4. Look at him. The guy's a slug-like blob monster. Blob monsters are awesome, and he has the antennae he uses to shock his opponents.

Reasons why Pirate Robot is better


Programmed to Kill

  1. It has a sword and a flamethrower as its weapons.
  2. He is a robot and a pirate in one.

Reasons why King Piccolo is better


I'm young again!

"My legacy on this planet will live on!"

-His last words.

  1. He was the first villain in the series whose power didn't compare to Goku's.
  2. He was so bad the first time around that Kami created the dragonballs.
  3. He was responsible for the death of hundreds of innocent people.
  4. He was able to asexually reproduce and created offspring that were very powerful.
  5. He obtained youth by using the Dragon Balls and killed Shenron right after! He also killed Master Roshi, which is hard.
  6. He was able to replenish by his own will and heal his damaged body parts.
  7. The way he died - Goku shot a Kamehameha at the ground and propelled himself right through him.
  8. He gave birth to regular Piccolo while dying.
  9. He has great henchmen! Piano was a PTERODACTYL.
  10. He has the word "Demon" written on his shirt - which is his calling card.
  11. He's the original Daimaou, Kami's real other half.
  12. He is somewhat responsible for the Black Star Dragon Balls because he is part of the Unnamed Namek (kami's original form)

Reasons why Tambourine is better


I'm not here to challenge. I'm just going to kill you!

  1. He executes many of the World Tournament participants, including: Man-Wolf, Bacterian, Giran, Pamput, King Chappa, Krillin, and Nam! He also kills random people right in front of their children! He begins the age-old tradition in Dragon Ball of making things serious by killing Krillin.
  2. He defeats Goku in combat with ease the first time they fight!
  3. He nearly defeats Yamcha but is told to go deal with Goku first!
  4. He is terminated in midair by a savage and vengeful blast from Goku!
  5. He is telepathically linked with King Piccolo!
  6. He has wings. WINGS!!! It's what every mutant villain needs!

Reasons why Drum is better


Now it's my turn.

  1. He mutilates Tien in combat, with very tactical battle stances and maneuvers!
  2. His size doesn't decrease his speed! He's extremely relentless and brutal!
  3. He doesn't use flashy energy blasts. Instead, he uses bone-cracking, back-breaking, jaw-smashing, ferocious combat maneuvers!
  4. Tien tries the Mafuba Evil Containment Wave against King Piccolo and he rushes in front of it, saving King Piccolo and himself from Tien's wrath!
  5. He's executed in an awesome manner... with a single kick to the face from Goku... which makes his eyes pop out of his head and his brains pour out! Awesomeness!

Reasons why Cymbal is better


If you're so eager to die, who am I to stand in your way?

"Everybody knows that Dynamite always wins!"

-Commentating on a round of Rock, Paper, Scissors.

  1. His only purpose was to collect the Dragon Balls for King Piccolo!
  2. He is executed in an awesome manner by Yajirobe... by getting sliced in half with a katana blade, and then EATEN!

Reasons why Piano is better


That human doesn't stand a chance. His majesty's power is unequalled.

  1. He is the only one of King Piccolo's minions who doesn't fight. He seems to act as an adviser to King Piccolo.
  2. He looks like a pterodactyl!

Reasons why Emperor Pilaf is better


Emperor Pilaf

  1. He was the first main villain in the series
  2. He had conflicts with Goku several times and still lived
  3. He had Shu and Mai at his side even when they became old
  4. He had a keyboard that controlled pinball that chased Goku and the others through his castle
  5. He attempted to lock Goku, Yamcha, Bulma, Oolong and Puar in a room that would have fried them to death when the sun came out.
  6. He successfully summoned the Dragon but failed when Oolong quickly took the wish.
  7. He has a numerous amount of resources at his disposal
  8. He was able to hide a Dragon Ball in a box that radars couldn't detect causing Goku and the others to fight Baba's Warriors in order to find out.
  9. He released King Piccolo.
  10. Wished that Goku would be turned into a child, weakening him substantially.

Reasons why Shu is better


Are we gonna retreat?

  1. He appears to be a ninja.
  2. Even though he is a dog, he has a pair of vicious watchdogs.
  3. He is one of Emperor Pilaf's most trusted servants.
  4. He is one of the most comedic yet fearful villains in the series!
  5. He stole the Dragon Balls from Goku and Bulma and was the main reason how Pilaf gathered all 7.

Reasons why Mai is better


Pilaf, may I remind you that we don't have time to shop today?

  1. She often makes Dr. Slump references and once attacked Goku with electric pink poop.
  2. She is one of Emperor Pilaf's most trusted servants. She seems to be the voice of reason between herself, Pilaf, and Shu.

Reasons why King Gurumes is better

  1. He is the first main villain in the first Dragon Ball movie, The Curse of the Blood Rubies.

Reasons why Bongo is better

  1. He is extremely cruel. He acted like he was going to give a village man a Blood Ruby, took it, and then punched him in the stomach.
  2. He put up a great fight against Goku.
  3. He died after being crushed by King Gurmes.

Reasons why Raven is better

  1. She's one of the only female villains and she's hot!
  2. She's great with a rifle a shot Yamcha a bunch of times.
  3. She's one of the highest ranking soldiers in King Gurmes's army.
  4. She's a mercenary and only worked for King Gurmes to get Blood Rubies.

Reasons why Lucifer is better


Maybe you need the sun, but to us, it's just a nuisance. You see dear, we love darkness.

  1. He has hundreds of powerful demon minions.
  2. He almost destroyed the sun with a destructive laser beam. He was killed by his own laser beam backfiring and destroying him completely.
  3. He is one of the most handsome villains in the series and charmed Bulma easily.
  4. He has a very cool demeanor and is very classy.

Reasons why Ghastel is better

  1. He is Lucifer's top henchmen.
  2. He has power that rivaled Goku when he was a kid.
  3. He was killed when Goku knocked him into the mouth of a giant fish beast that ate him.

Reasons why King Nikochan is better


King Nikochan

  1. He is the king of the Nikos
  2. He destroyed Mars
  3. He scored a whole bunch of free trash...I mean Treasure
  4. He survived after his spaceship being shot down by the Penguin Village Police Force.
  5. In the Dr. Slump remake he was part of the Red Ribbon Army for part of an episode.

Reasons why Paragus is better


Watch Vegeta, because massacres like this are rarely seen, even by Saiyan eyes.

  1. He created a device that controled Broly's incredible rage!
  2. He planned to kill Broly as well as Goku, Vegeta and the others by leaving them stranded on "New Planet Vegeta" when Comet Camori hit.
  3. He was killed while he tried to escape from the destruction of "New Planet Vegeta". Broly betrayed him and crushed him inside of his spaceship and threw him into Comet Camori.

Reasons why Hoi is better


These putrid humans are but a taste of the endless flesh you will consume once whole again. Together, we shall bring this universe to its knees!

  1. He had Tapion released from his magical seal so that he could release Hirudegarn.
  2. He wanted Hirudegarn so that he could spread pain, suffering, death, and destruction throughout the entire universe.
  3. He was killed by Hirudegarn stepping on him.

Reasons why Hatchiyack is better

  1. He's one of the most complicated android-like machine creation which didn't turn on it's master.
  2. When in his last "Super form", he can continuously increase his power without any limit. He can transform to a giant size as well as multiply.
  3. He has a timed attack that ends in a deadly explosion and was able to instantly defeat the Z fighters until Goku found his weakness.
  4. He doesn't waste time talking and just attacks his enemies with his only intention being their destruction.

Reasons why Hirudegarn is better


Hirudegarn, now complete, laying waste to the city.

  1. He easily disposed of the Z fighters. He easily beat Super Saiyan 3 Gotenks. He killed Hoi, the guy who summoned him.
  2. Goku had to use his Dragon Fist to defeat him.
  3. Fighting him is kinda like fighting mist.
  4. He has an awesome energy draining tail, just like Cell.
  5. He's a thousand year old demon who lives in an ocarina.
  6. He has a second stage which looks like a giant dragonfly.

Reasons why Janemba is better


Janemba with his sword.

"Janempa! Janempa! Janempa!"

-Chanting his own name.

  1. Stole Saike's body. He kidnapped King Yemma. Yemma was able to handle everyone before this guy.
  2. Turned The Underworld into CANDYLAND! He warped reality like it was a video game!
  3. He sent everyone flying out of hell. That would've caused some trouble. Cut all the dead guys loose, creating mass havoc on Earth!
  4. He easily defeated Pikkon. He could take on Goku, and was the second to make him transform into a Super Saiyan 3 for combat. He easily crushed a Super Saiyan 3 Goku. He easily crushed a Super Saiyan 2 Vegeta. He could keep up with BOTH Goku and Vegeta.
  5. He can transform into an even more powerful being; definitely one of the most powerful in Dragon Ball History.
  6. Had an epic, worthy defeat by the fused warrior, Gogeta.
  7. His arsenal of attacks are awesome. Did you see his sword? Freakin' awesome, man! What's better than a Sword, a Sword Blast, LIGHTNING SHOWER RAIN, a whole lot of cool stuff he can perform. He can launch his arms and legs through thin air and skip through the dimensional rifts, having his punches and kicks appear anywhere (as seen when he performs this feat in his Janempa form).
  8. He made "Clone Janempa's" out of other people.
  9. He's nearly invincible and he's totally insane.

Reasons why Broly is better



"You're all a complete and utter waste of Saiyan blood!"

-While confronting Goku, Gohan and Trunks.

  1. Broly is larger than any other Saiyan known in the entire series and his massive bulk didn't slow him down a single bit.
  2. His Power level is stated to be constantly rising thus making his power level non-determinable. Broly's power level as a baby was 10,000. For example, he was stronger than Goku in the Saiyan Saga when he was born. Broly seems to be driven mad by his unbridled power and never thinks twice about hurting anyone or destroying anything that stands in his way, even if that thing could potentially do him harm. He behaves insanely as a lunatic bent on one course of action.
  3. It took Goku having Future Trunk's, Piccolo's, Gohan's and Vegeta's power to injure Broly. He was impervious to all the attacks the heroes threw at him. He took out Goku, Gohan, Future Trunks, Vegeta and Piccolo while they were in their strongest at the time. It took Goku, Gohan, and Goten using a triple Kamehameha to blast him into the sun to kill him. This was also how Goku managed to destroy the seemingly-invincible Baby in Dragonball GT. He is the only person Vegeta has been terrified of. Even the overly proud Vegeta admitted that fighting Broly was like "Mere grunts fighting an entire army".
  4. As a baby, Broly survived being stabbed as well as being able to shield himself from Frieza's most powerful attack. He survives the destruction of planet Vegeta at a very young age.
  5. He destroyed an entire planet with an uncharged energy blast and his most powerful attack can wipe out an entire galaxy. Although this is left offscreen, Broly has supposedly destroyed an entire galaxy.
  6. He is the Legendary Super Saiyan and when he transforms, the entire setting is altered to a different color.
  7. He was in three movies and has been revived twice. He's cloned by Jaguar in the movie Bio-Broly.
  8. He killed his own father after he tried leaving Broly to die on "New" Planet Vegeta that was going to be hit by a comet. He crushed him in his pod and threw him into the comet.

all dragon ball series fan

To me broly is the best villain for the following reasons:

1. He is a blood thirsty maniac

2. He is a saiyan and they are extremely powerful and are hard to knock off their feet 

3.He has awesome and very destructive attacks

4. He gives the people he is fighting an extremely hard time  

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