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I just had this idea because I always wondered: Who would be and who was the best hero in Dragon Ball? So I had an idea: why not do it in a comical fashion, respectfully of course, while making sense and just having fun with it! I hope this can continue to grow and as I said, respecting you're fellow contributor's opinion, have fun! (I have begun with Goku, place whoever you want and add reasons, pictures and quotes like I will) SSJ4Ichigo 21:05, 12 January 2009 (UTC)

Note: Only canonical material; manga, anime, movies are fine. No jokes and internet comedies (abridged, etc.) Only the official material counts. - Zarbon by raykugen-d2ygchz PrinceZarbon talk contribZarbon ava3 06:25, 26 May 2009 (UTC)

Reasons why Goku is better

Goku Saiyan

How Goku takes tough battles - seriously

"I am the hope of the universe. I am the answer to all living things that cry out for peace. I am protector of the innocent. I am the light in the darkness. I am truth. Ally to good! Nightmare to you! -Goku facing Frieza as an awakened Super Saiyan"

  1. He mastered the Kaio-Ken technique, which the inventor King Kai could not do.
  2. Can utilize the Spirit Bomb and has used it several times to save planet Earth.
  3. He mastered the Master Roshi Turtle school of combat.
  4. He can perform the instant transmission, taught to him by the Yardrats.
  5. He gave his life twice to save the world.
  6. Was the first to transform into a Super Saiyan in over one thousand years. Also ascended to Super Saiyan 2, Super Saiyan 3, Super Saiyan 4, and Super Saiyan God.
  7. Was considered a low level Saiyan warrior at birth, but became the most powerful pure-blooded Saiyan in history. Even as a child he has always had many years worth of experience when it came to fighting and as an adult he had instincts and strategy that surpassed some of the greatest warriors.
  8. Goku executed hundreds of Red Ribbon Army soldiers, Tambourine, King Piccolo, Yakon, and was responsible for the final defeat of Majin Buu. In Dragon Ball GT he destroys Baby, Super 17 and Omega Shenron. In the movies, he also kills Nicky and Ginger (Garlic Jr's. henchmen), Dr. Wheelo and his Bio Warriors (Misokatsun, Ebifurya, and Kishime), Turles and all of his men (Amond, Cacao, Daiz, Rezun, and Rakasei), Lord Slug and Angira and Medamatcha (Slug's henchmen), Cooler, Super Android 13, helped finish off Broly, fused with Vegeta to kill Janemba, and killed Hirudegarn.
  9. He always gets stronger after being beaten (Zenkai).
  10. Puts up with Chi-Chi (seems impossible).
  11. The only thing that ever killed him for good was a heart virus (alternate timeline).
  12. Thinks only of others, never himself. Goku's good nature is contagious, as he reforms hoodlums like Konkichi just by being friends with them.
  13. Always shows mercy to even his greatest and deadliest enemies.
  14. Even in the hardest of battles, Goku can crack a smile. When he gets horribly beat down, he just gets right back up and laughs.
  15. He has an extraordinary appetite far surpassing that of humans.
  16. He performed the Kamehameha wave in one try when he was only 12, something that took Master Roshi "50 years". He also completed Korin's training regiment in 3 days when it took Master Roshi 3 years.
  17. He has been champion of both the World Martial Arts Tournament and the Other World Tournament. Through the years his actions have earned him the universal title "greatest person in the universe". He devoted his life to the epic journey that revolved around the story of powerful beings trying to destroy worlds.
  18. He convinced many of his enemies to become his allies. Some of the most brutal warriors were reformed as a result of his guidance and friendship. (Examples: Piccolo, Tien, Chiaotzu, Yamcha, and Vegeta)
  19. He's the strongest fighter in the universe at the end of DBGT. He can keep up with the strongest villains while exhausted. He fought for an entire day while in ssj4 which uses up a lot of power being a transformed state. He fought and defeated Nuova and Eis shenron, he spared Nuova, and then fought Shin. He later obliterated Omega but Omega regenerated. He's a fusee of a super strong hero.
  20. After becoming SS4, his raw power is able to temporarily undo a wish on the Dragon Balls (Pilaf's wish).
  21. His heart is totally pure, shown by his immunity to attacks like the Devilmite Beam, as well as being able to ride the flying nimbus.
  22. He has been in every movie. He appeared in the most media out of all the characters in the DB universe.
  23. He maintains a childlike innocence, even as an adult.
  24. He taught some of the most powerful fighters ever.
  25. He's creative such as when he made the pepper pot rhyme to get timing right on merging energies. He's observant shown through his ability to know his enemies movements, weaknesses, and how a technique is performed sometimes copying it. He even surprised Oceanus by imitating her technique.
  26. He is merged with Shenron, the wish-granting dragon of Earth.
  27. He survived a planetary explosion when he fought Frieza on Namek before it was destroyed.
  28. Elder Kai, the great elder of all the Kai race, and the God of Gods, gave up his own life to bring Goku back to life and empower him once again. If the God of the universe sacrifices himself to bring Goku back, you know that Goku is one reliable hero.

Reasons why Vegeta is better

SSJ Vegeta

The "Super" Saiyan Prince Vegeta

"The sleeper has awakened. I am the prince of all Saiyans once again!"

  1. He was one of the most enduring characters--he could take punishment and keep going like a badass. The best example of this is seen in Vegeta's fight with Kid Buu, the sight of which leaves Kid Buu himself in extreme shock.
  2. He executed the most number of villains in the entire series, and ruthlessly. (This includes: Zarbon, Dodoria, Cui, Jeice, Burter, Recoome, Guldo, Nappa, Android 19, Pui Pui, and Saibamen in the series; he also executed Android 15, Cooler, Dr. Raichi and Hatchiyack in the movies.)
  3. He's the best anti-hero in the history of anti-heroes. He is one of the Z-fighters who underwent the most positive changes during the series (especially Dragon Ball Z). From a cruel, sadistic villain killing without hesitation (sometimes even for fun, and even killing his comrade), he evolved to a hero caring for his family and friends, as well as his arrogance had also decreased, yet he still kept his spirit and attitude of a real warrior. He starts off careless and mean, then becomes nicer and less angered.
  4. He is the Prince of all Saiyans. He never declared himself King of Saiyans after his father had died out of respect for his father.
  5. He was the second Super Saiyan in the original timeline and the third in chronological order.
  6. He got to nail Bulma (very lucky bastard). His daughter Bulla is hot like her mom, His son Trunks is very powerful like him.AND He is connected to the richest family in the world through his wife, Bulma.
  7. He has the most serious and determined personality out of all the Saiyan characters. His desire to surpass his opponents and always maintain superiority makes his thirst for battle greater and his connection to Saiyan royalty more firm. He has an indomitable pride, even when faced with certain death.
  8. He blew himself up against Buu in order to save the world and his family and friends. Although he sacrificed himself "only" one time (Final Explosion), he was ready to do it other times (for example, when he told Goku to throw the Genki Dama at Kid Buu, when he knew that he would die because of it as well). He even risked dying when he was dead already, taking the risk of being obliterated once and for all from the universe.
  9. He sold his soul to Babidi to gain the Majin strength to beat Goku, and to regain the evil edge needed to provoke Goku into fighting him.
  10. He always gets stronger due to being beaten (Saiyan gene).
  11. He acknowledged with honor and respect that his life-long rival, Goku, is stronger than him (Took him long enough, though).
  12. Gohan wouldn't have been able to finish Cell without his help since he blasted Cell, distracting him, and allowing Gohan to eliminate him with his Kamehameha wave. He is the only one who had managed to inflict severe damage to Perfect Cell before the Cell Games began.
  13. He risked his existence by fighting Kid Buu on his own in order to buy time for Goku to power up as a Super Saiyan 3. He also risked his life and fought Kid Buu on his own in order to buy time for Goku to create the Spirit Bomb itself.
  14. Goku wouldn't have been able to finish Kid Buu without his help as Vegeta was the one who came up with the entire plan to wish back the earth and its residents in order to use their energy to create the Super Spirit Bomb.
  15. He has a mind for strategic thinking that puts Goku to shame most of the time. His Saiyan pride helps him overcome obstacles, such as becoming a Super Saiyan.
  16. He had the best lines, quips, quotations, remarks, etc. He said the most popular line in DBZ history.
  17. He has been Goku's deadliest rival since the day they met; and his best sparring partner. None of the Z warriors could actually beat him in a duel, and he wasn't defeated even by teamwork, surviving the Spirit Bomb as well, he was defeated by sheer luck when the Great Ape Gohan accidentally fell on him.
  18. He skipped the SS3 form and went directly to SS4 (with a little help from Bulma).
  19. He has some of the most powerful and devastating energy attacks in the series (Galick Gun, Big Bang Attack, Final Flash, and Final Shine). Unlike others, his inventions of techniques and energy attacks are mostly unique to him and aren't used by anyone else.
  20. He saved Krillin and Gohan's lives several times on Namek. He has saved Goku's life many times in the movies such as Return of Cooler, Super Android 13 & Fusion Reborn. He also saves Gohan's life in Wrath of the Dragon.
  21. It was his idea as a SS4 to fuse with SS4 Goku creating SS4 Gogeta.
  22. He is relentless. Every time he is defeated (Goku, Zarbon, Recoome, Frieza, Android 18, Cell, Majin Buu), he never gives up and always comes back with a vengeance. Aside from his genetics, he never quits, never stays down, and always finds a way to strike back at the opponent, making him completely dangerous and a relentless warrior.

Reasons why Piccolo is better

Piccolo 2-1-

Calm, Resilient, Determined, Honorable, and Gohan's mentor.

"I am the Namek that has long since forgotten his name..."

  1. He's very serious.
  2. He sacrificed himself THREE times. First for Gohan, who was the son of his ex arch enemy, Goku. Then, the time he took Frieza's Death Beam to save Goku. He even sacrificed himself for the planet Earth, which he decided to perish with in order to avoid Dragon Ball usage in the future.
  3. He receives the most emotionally moving and psychologically enigmatic death scenes in both Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball GT. First, when he sacrifices himself to save Gohan against Nappa. And second, when he dies with Planet Earth, the planet he had grown to love, after explaining the necessity of his death to a highly sentimental Gohan.
  4. He reformed from a villain to a hero and became one of the strongest Z-Fighters. He also understands the psychological differences of being both.
  5. He trained Gohan to become a powerful warrior and continued to remain his closest teacher, ally, and master in the art of combat. He also trained Goten and Trunks in the time of peril.
  6. He's the most important non-Saiyan main character of alien descent in the entire series.
  7. He's the smartest, most meditative, and probably bravest and most sincere character.
  8. He fuses with Nail to become substantially stronger. He also fuses with Kami to increase his strength to become a Super Namek, which is stronger than a basic Super Saiyan!
  9. He executes Raditz, Salza, Neiz, Doore, Sansho, and Wings. He also halves Babidi.
  10. He was the one most of the Z-Fighters looked up to in Goku's absence as he most acted as a leader.
  11. Dragon Ball manga creator Akira Toriyama has said oftentimes that Piccolo is his favorite character.
  12. He doesn't need to turn into a Super Saiyan to keep up with his opponents. He has the might of the entire Namekian race, and then some. He's a primary force and maintains his might even though he's not a Saiyan like some of the other main characters.
  13. He has the best armor/cloak/cape/weighted clothing/turban/ outfit combo ever!
  14. He can hear extremely far distances, putting his ears to good use.
  15. He can make things appear out of nowhere (Gohan's "Uniform", sword, etc.)
  16. When he removes his armor, he becomes much faster!
  17. He can perform a split technique, becoming deadlier! He trains with his separate components when he performs this split.(similar to Tien's)
  18. He has the ability to regenerate his limbs, even when they are sliced off (against Raditz, against Cell, etc.)
  19. He's the spawn of Demon King Piccolo. And his most powerful offspring!
  20. He wasn't affected by the Black Water Mist and tricked Garlic Jr., making him think he was.
  21. He eliminated two Saiyans simultaneously. The last character to do something like that was Frieza.
  22. He let himself get sent to hell just to help Goku get out of hell, indirectly stopping Super 17. Even though he was in Heaven, he went to hell to stop the villains from hurting the ogres becoming one of the only heroes in hell.
  23. He trained 3 characters (Gohan, Goten and Trunks) who became some of the most powerful warriors in the series.
  24. Unlike many of the other combatants, he is very strategic and intelligent. He plans ahead of time (example: killing androids and cell before they pose a threat) and deciphers based on logic as opposed to emotions alone (example: fuses with Kami to take down menace). He plans to decimate opposition before it becomes a hassle and is systematically knowledgeable about his surroundings (example: aware of threat before it arises as with Garlic Jr.), allowing him to protect others and take down the opposition in a more clever manner. (example: teams up with Goku when necessary to take down someone who poses a greater threat; like Raditz).

Reasons why Gohan is better

Gohan Super Saiyan 2

There's nothing I like more than a positive attitude.

"I'm the son of Goku... the warrior! "
— Gohan when fighting Cell.

  1. We get to see him grow from a cry baby into a strong adult!
  2. He has hidden powers, which are released TWICE (first by Guru, then by Elder Kai) As a result, he becomes almost as strong as a Super Saiyan 3 (implied in Viz Media manga) after being trained by the Elder Kai.
  3. He pulls out the Z Sword!
  4. He was the first Super Saiyan to ascend to level 2. He was also the youngest Super Saiyan ever, until Goten and Trunks were born. Along with Goku he was the first one to attain Full-Power Super Saiyan, an upgraded form of Super Saiyan.
  5. Gohan was the first one to seriously harm Raditz when his anger exploded and he charged at him after busting through the Attack Ball he was being keep in. He "killed" his first villain when he was just a baby. He toyed with Cell in his fight with him. He killed Cell, when nobody else was capable, not even Goku. (He also decimated the Cell Juniors, Bido, Bujin, Bojack, Broly, Spice, Vinegar, Mustard, and Salt; he also defeated Garlic Junior TWICE.)
  6. He marries Videl.
  7. In high school, he acts as a Super Hero known as Golden Fighter and Great Saiyaman!
  8. Unlike his father, he is very intelligent and reads many books; he knows a lot more about subjects and is taught in many areas besides only knowing about basic combat, etc.
  9. He withstood the Special Beam Cannon twice in his lifetime (this was a move that killed his father and his uncle). He batted away Cell's attempt like it was nothing and managed to block Super Buu's version.
  10. He helped reform Piccolo into a good guy! He became best friends with him and taught Piccolo to have a caring heart.
  11. He has a pure heart shown from his ability to ride the flying nimbus.
  12. He was able to rebound a Spirit Bomb to hit Vegeta.

Reasons why Krillin is better


Bald is beautiful

"I Wax"
— Krillin after numerous fighters slip off his head in Bojack Unbound

  1. He created the Destructo Disc.
  2. He has no nose, which came in handy against Bacterian.
  3. He is Goku's best friend and training partner, and later, Gohan's best friend as well.
  4. He has been killed by Tambourine, Frieza, Buu, and Super 17.
  5. He is the most powerful full-human in the series.
  6. He died protecting Android 18 and Marron twice.
  7. He is probably one of the bravest characters in the series as shown in his willingness to fight Vegeta, the Ginyu Force, Frieza, Cell, Super Buu, and Kid Buu despite being outclassed. He cuts off Frieza's tail then moons him, instigating him further even after getting impaled on one of his horns.
  8. He is pure-hearted enough to wield the spirit bomb.
  9. He was able to beat the smelliest fighter on earth, Bacterian.
  10. He killed 3 Saibamen in one blast.
  11. Was always ready to help his friends and never hesitated to die for them
  12. Was the very person that triggered Goku's first transformation into a Super Saiyan
  13. He performed the Kamehameha wave on his first attempt.
  14. It was his idea to go to Namek to collect the dragon balls to wish back those who died in the Saiyan Attacks.
  15. He is the comic relief of the show.

Reasons why Mr. Satan is better


The Martial Arts Champion of the World

"I'm The World Martial Arts Champion!"
— Mr. Satan's signature phrase

  1. He was the one that threw Android 16's head into the battle between Cell and Gohan, and when Cell stomped on it, Gohan went berserk and progressed to SSJ2 and wiped out the Cell Juniors. So, therefore, Mr. Satan is pretty heavily responsible for the defeat of Cell.
  2. He won the martial arts tournament many times over! He even suggested a battle royale take place!
  3. He convinced Majin Buu not to kill anyone anymore.
  4. He took down the 2 goons, Van Zant and Smitty, who were responsible for shooting Buu's puppy, Bee.
  5. Piccolo even stated that although he didn't personally like Mr. Satan, he felt that Mr. Satan had undergone many changes and has the makings of a true hero. Goku even said Mr. Satan is a true champion, that he did what no powerful warrior could do.
  6. He took on Kid Buu, even though he dodged Kid Buu's kicks and punches with sheer luck! He took Vegeta to safety so that Goku could use the Spirit Bomb. Also, he convinced the people of Earth to lend their energy to the Spirit Bomb, saving the world by lending his voice. He serves an important role as a figurehead and a symbol. (EX: Vegeta yelling at people to give up their energy for Goku's Genki-Dama vs. Kid Buu and failing, whereas Mr. Satan stepped in, asked and everybody gladly obliged.)
  7. He gives the people courage and hope; something to believe in even when the chips are down and there's no one left to turn to. He's often shown moments where he'll step in to encourage or defend the weak and innocent without (outwardly) showing even a little ego. One example would be during the 25th World Martial Arts Tournament when Mooki fell out of the ring, dejected and on the verge of tears, Mr. Satan stepped in and gave him words of encouragement, even going as far as to hoist the child up on to his shoulder so the crowd would cheer for him.
  8. He is one of the only people who never died during the series (although he died by the end of GT).
  9. It is implied that although he does not hold water next to any of the Z-Fighters, that he is indeed a fairly talented martial artist. He can break 14 roofing tiles in a single karate chop! He's the only one of all these other somewhat heroic folks who is a 100% regular, ki-less human and still dares to fight evil.
  10. He managed to defeat several undead zombies while the other Z-fighters didn't in Fusion Reborn.
  11. He has survived a direct kick from Omega Shenron in old age.
  12. He had a city named after him!

Reasons why Master Roshi is better

Roshi buff

Master Roshi pumped up

  1. He was Goku's first teacher and taught him how to be a fighter, along with honing his moves and skills. Master Roshi taught him to have the spirit and courage of a fighter. If it wasn't for Roshi, Goku likely wouldn't have progressed as a warrior.
  2. He is the inventor of the Kamehameha wave. One of the strongest moves in the series, and used by many characters.
  3. During 21st World Martial Arts Tournament, in max power form, he destroyed the Moon! He's also the winner of the 21st world martial arts tournament. He also put up a great fight against Tien in the 22nd world tournament
  4. He defeated Goku in the finals of 21st Martial Arts Tournament.
  5. He goes undercover as Jackie Chun in order to conceal his identity from his own pupils in the 21st Martial Arts Tournament!
  6. He is famous and a very powerful warrior (and can pump up his body).
  7. He sacrificed himself to capture King Piccolo. (unfortunately in vain)
  8. He fought against Dr. Kochin's Bio-Warriors, Misokatsun, Ebifurya, and Kishime simultaneously whilst portraying excellent martial arts finesse although they were levels more powerful.
  9. He can HYPNOTIZE people! (as witness when he performed this maneuver against Man-Wolf)
  10. He whipped Krillin into good enough shape to overcome the bullies who used to pick on him.
  11. He's one of the funniest characters.
  12. He trained Krillin, Goku, Grandpa Gohan, Ox King and Yamcha.
  13. He put out the fires of fire mountain.
  14. He beat up several members of the Red Ribbon Army, including Captain Dark.
  15. He climbed Korin tower and defeated Korin (it took him 3 years to get the sacred water though).
  16. He can't die from aging since he's over 300 years old (he did drink from the fountain of youth though, acording to turtle).
  17. He is very wise.

Reasons why Future Trunks is better

Future Trunks

Oh yeah, what a badass.

"You're about to find out what it's like to fight a real Super Saiyan... and I'm not talking about Goku."
— Trunks confronting Frieza.

  1. He killed Frieza and his father, King Cold. He executed Android 17, 18, and Cell in the future timeline. He also kills Android 14 and Kogu.
  2. He uses an awesome sword.
  3. Grew up in the worst timeline imaginable.
  4. Has a deep respect for his father (Vegeta).
  5. Despite living in nothing but sorrow, he still looks on the brighter side of things.
  6. He is trained by Future of the greatest teachers in DBZ history.
  7. He is the 2nd Super Saiyan in the present timeline. He can become an Ultra Super Saiyan (guess he would do well in a muscle size competition).
  8. He is the most level-headed Saiyan.
  9. He was the last warrior in his timeline and he saved it!
  10. He is the son of the Prince of all Saiyans!
  11. He has a time machine and if he hadn't intervened using his time machine, the main timeline's Goku & most of the other Z-Fighters would be dead.
  12. He is very compassionate, and cares even for the safety of civilians, considering who his father is (Vegeta)

Reasons why Trunks is better

Trunks photo

Kid Trunks

"I think being the World Champion is going to be fun."
— Trunks at the World Championship

  1. He is able to turn into a Super Saiyan at age 8.
  2. He defeated Goten and won the Jr. Division World Championship.
  3. He can perform the Fusion Dance with Goten to create Gotenks.
  4. He is the President of Capsule Corp., one of the biggest and richest corporations in the world. He is very well educated and is very interested in mechanics, as well as numerous other scientific and technological advancements.
  5. He is the son of Vegeta and was trained by him.
  6. He was the only character who was able to expel Baby out of his body by himself. (although Baby still took control of him since he had laid an egg within his organism the first time he had infiltrated Trunks)
  7. Without him, it would not have been possible to gather all the Black Star Dragon Balls as he was the only one among the three Z-Fighters that had an intelligent understanding of technology, meaning he was the only one who knew how to fly the space ship and fix it.
  8. He shockingly outsmarted Dr. Myuu by making an extremely intelligent plan with Giru.

Reasons why Goten is better

Son Goten as a child

Kid Goten

"What's a Kakarot?"
— Goten never heard of his dads saiyan name

  1. He is a lot like his father Goku in terms of personality as a child. He also has a huge Saiyan appetite.
  2. He is able to turn into a Super Saiyan at age 7, which makes him the youngest Super Saiyan. He is stronger than Goku or Gohan were at his age. He (along with Trunks as Super Saiyan 3 Gotenks) were stronger than Super Buu.
  3. He can perform the fusion dance with Trunks to create Gotenks.
  4. He helped kill Broly and Bio-Broly and he easily beats up Baby when he first arrives on Earth.
  5. At the age of 7, he had to deal with watching his mom die, knowing his dad was dead, and thinking his brother was dead, as well as most of the Earth.
  6. With help from Trunks, he managed to take down Abo and Kado before they fused into Aka.

Reasons why Android 18 is better

  1. She is the most powerful female character in the Dragon Ball universe.
  2. She extorted money from Hercule and was the real winner of the 25th World Martial Arts Tournament.
  3. She is one of the most hottest character in Dragonball Z and GT.
  4. She was brave enough to rebel against Doctor Gero and betray him.
  5. She has a wicked sense of humor (along with Android 17). She remains calm and collected in almost any situation.
  6. She made a wreck of Vegeta, the Prince of all Saiyans. Even when beating the sense out of Vegeta, she doesn't lose her composure.
  7. She has great fashion sense, unlike her husband, Krillin.
  8. None of the Z fighters ever actually beat her in battle in the real time line.
  9. She wasn't scared to detonate her self-destructing bomb in order to stop Semi-Perfect Cell's evil plans.
  10. She risked her life protecting her daughter Marron from Android 17's energy wave.
  11. Without her help, Goku may not have been able to destroy Super 17.
  12. She held her own against Bio-Broly and saved Hercule from him despite the fact that he didn't pay her the 20 million zeni he owed her.
  13. She can live forever and she never tires, due to her eternal energy generator. (along with Android 17)
  14. She has a strange and twisted personality, even as her future, homicidal self (allowing the shop keeper who gave her free clothes live.)

Reasons why Tien is better


Neo Tri-Beam!

  1. During the 22nd World Martial Arts Tournament, he was the closest to Goku's power level. He barely managed to win the tournament.
  2. He was trained by Master Shen, Master Roshi's greatest rival.
  3. He turned from an evil character to hero in just a few days (thanks to Master Roshi). He had forced himself to believe that he was evil like Tao, but was conflicted and chose an honorable path instead.
  4. He apologized to someone he had injured, who was weaker than him, in order to repent for sins of his past.
  5. He beat Cyborg Mercenary Tao, the improved version of his old teacher, with ease.
  6. He is a human that has THREE eyes.
  7. He can use Dodon Ray and Tri-Beam Cannon, energy waves that are deadlier than the Kamehameha wave (as stated by Master Roshi). He also uses the Solar Flare!
  8. He is one of the most powerful humans on the planet.
  9. He lost his hand against Nappa, and still continued to fight until his last breath.
  10. He defeated Jeice and Burter simultaneously!
  11. He distracted Cell for a while in order to give the Androids time to escape.
  12. He also stood up to Buu when there was absolutely nobody left on Earth aside from Hercule and Dende.
  13. He rejected a hot babe like Launch in order to concentrate on his training.

Reasons why Yamcha is better

Yamcha- Saiyan saga

Wolf Fang Fist!

  1. He got to DATE Bulma! (Even if he didn't get to marry her.)
  2. He is considered to be a ladies man!
  3. He plays pro baseball and finds it too easy!
  4. He battled a Saibaman until it self-destructed and killed him!
  5. He defeated Recoome!
  6. He has a small sidekick named Puar, who can shapeshift!
  7. He fought Tien and got his leg broken! He decided to forgive Tien and they became friends.
  8. He defeated the Invisible Man!
  9. He had a very grueling battle against the Mummy Man, and didn't give up out of honor and pride!
  10. He is likely the most handsome and cares most about his appearance among the Z Fighters.
  11. He tricked Chi-Chi into thinking that he loved her.
  12. He has one of the best finishing moves, the Wolf Fang Fist!
  13. He makes the Spirit Ball and it's awesome.
  14. He was Goku's first rival.
  15. He managed to hold his own against Tambourine with a broken leg!
  16. He is the only Z-fighter who changes his hairstyle the most! So he is fashionable!

Reasons why Chiaotzu is better


Don't worry. I'm not afraid. And if I can save you, then it's worth dying for.

  1. He sacrificed himself against Nappa after a grueling battle!
  2. He was Master Shen's pupil and learned the Crane Hermit style of combat alongside Tien.
  3. He was executed during the King Piccolo saga in an all-out battle against King Piccolo to secure the wish; it took lots of courage to stand up against King Piccolo.
  4. He has telekinetic abilites, which he used during the Martial arts tournament to freeze Goku in Tien's fight.
  5. He was flying before Goku, Krillin, etc. even knew how to fly and he outmaneuvered Krillin in combat.
  6. He defeated Guldo!
  7. He was once Emperor Chiaotzu of a dynasty and Tien was his bodyguard! (why they are so attached)
  8. He has a distinct and intriguing design; a vampiric white little doll with a small Chinese-style outfit and cap.
  9. He used his telepathic powers to rig the World Martial Arts Tournament so that none of the heroes would have to fight each other in the preliminary rounds and so that he would get to fight last.
  10. Despite Chiaotzu's small stature, he is a powerful warrior.

Reasons why Nail is better

Nail Blasting Frieza

Nail Blasting Frieza

  1. He held off Frieza valiantly so Gohan and Krillin could wish Piccolo back. He still keeps his sense of humor even after a brutal beating from Frieza.
  2. He fused with Piccolo which made Piccolo strong enough to face Frieza.
  3. He gets his arm ripped off, grows it back, and continues to fight bravely.
  4. He is Guru's #1 bodyguard.
  5. He is one of the strongest Namekians in the series run and by far the most powerful Namekian who resides on planet Namek. (Most likely the second strongest)

Reasons why Uub is better



  1. He is the reincarnation of the powerful Kid Buu.
  2. He is the strongest human to ever live and the strongest non-Saiyan Z-fighter in the series.
  3. His family is very poor and he wanted to help them by winning the Martial Arts Tournament.
  4. He was trained by Goku.
  5. He saved Pan from Baby Gohan and he saved Gohan from General Rilldo.
  6. He fuses with Majin Buu to create Majuub.
  7. He let himself be eaten by Baby Vegeta in order to help later on by attacking from the inside.

Reasons why Supreme Kai is better


The ruler of the universe

  1. He is the ruler of the universe and a descendant of Elder Kai.
  2. Even Piccolo respects his power.
  3. He can live for millions of years.
  4. He has a bodyguard, Kibito, whom he fuses with to become Kibitokai.
  5. He can shoot invisible ki blasts.
  6. He was the only Supreme Kai that managed to survive against Buu.

Reasons why Yajirobe is better



  1. He is good with a katana.
  2. He sliced Cymbal in half and ate him and he was able to cut Vegeta's tail off and live.
  3. He was able to travel all the way to and up Korin Tower while carrying an injured Goku.
  4. He has an appetite that rivals Goku's.
  5. He was trained by Kami and Mr. Popo.
  6. He's Korin's senzu bean Delivery Boy.
  7. Once ate a lot of senzu beans at once and didn't explode!!!!
  8. He uses so-called "stratajems" that actually work!

Reasons why Bardock is better


Bardock... before he goes nuts

"Frieza's taken our loyalty and paid us back in our own blood."
— Bardock before tying a blood-stained bandanna to his head.

  1. He fought until the very end of his life defending the Saiyan race. He knew Frieza was exponentially stronger than him; yet he decided to face him anyway.
  2. He led an elite Saiyan force which included Tora, Shugesh, Fasha, and Borgos.
  3. Although he is easily defeated by Dodoria, he still manages to single-handedly take down Dodoria's most elite fighters and he is very strategic when fighting.
  4. He was the most powerful Saiyan at the time before planet Vegeta was destroyed.
  5. He is Goku's father. Without him, Goku would've never been around. Without his true bravery in the face of hopelessness this series would have never existed.
  6. He has the power to see into the future. He actually sees Goku facing Frieza and Vegeta, along with many other opponents.
  7. He challenged hundreds if not thousands of Frieza's soldiers all at once and all alone, and with serious injuries.
  8. He cares deeply for his teammates, unlike most Saiyans. He wears the blood-stained cloth of his fallen comrade Tora when facing his opponents.
  9. He turned into a Super Saiyan when he saw a child alien, Berry, get hurt. He was the first-ever Super Saiyan of legend when following the events of the "Episode of Bardock" special! As he stood up against Chilled, he instigated and set forth the hatred and fear of Saiyans that Frieza had in the future.

Reasons why Kami is better

  1. He was the good half of the Nameless Namekian that removed his evil in order to become the guardian of the Earth. Taking the risk that if one of them would die the other would too.
  2. Kami decides to attempt to seal away the new Piccolo in the World Martial Arts Tournament, possessing a human named Shen.As a guise, but the plan backfires on him
  3. During the Cell saga, Kami agrees to merge and rejoin Piccolo to stand a chance against Cell and the Androids.
  4. He Stood up to the gaurdian before him just to save planet earth even if it meant being sealed away forever

Reasons why King Vegeta is better

King vegeta
  1. He is the ruler of the Saiyan Race.
  2. He led the Saiyans to victory in the war against the Tuffles.
  3. He infiltrated Frieza's ship, wiped out several of his guards, then confronted Frieza one on one without caring about his own life, just so he could save his son's.

Reasons why Android 16 is better

  1. He is the most kind-hearted among the Androids.
  2. He stepped up to face Cell despite the fact he was programmed to only fight Goku. He risked his own life when he decided to self-destruct in order to kill Cell.
  3. He motivated Gohan by telling him it is alright to fight for the right purpose, just before Cell crushed his head which caused Gohan to transform into a Super Saiyan 2.
  4. He is very quiet but if he fights, he becomes very brutal and uses an arsenal of wild techniques like hell flash and self destruction.
  5. He gives one of the most inspiring death speeches EVER.
  6. he loves the animals and planets he didnt ask gohan to help restore him he asked to restore the planet!

Reasons why Majin Buu is better

Dragon ball z vol 72 majin buu tactics image lA3BVT4DChTd3aV

Majin Buu is excited for his match.

  1. He decided to join forces with the Z fighters after Hercule became friends with him.
  2. If it wasn't for him, Vegeta would have died when Goku was trying to charge the spirit bomb to stop Kid Buu.
  3. He fused with Uub to form Majuub.
  4. He fought against his evil half, Evil Buu.
  5. He has an awesome dog named Bee.

Reasons why Gogeta is better

200px-Gogeta photo

Gogeta is born

  1. Immediately after fusing, Gogeta is at Super Saiyan because both Goku and Vegeta have mastered the transformation.
  2. He beat Janemba, one of strongest villains in DBZ history (since he was formed from years of built up pure evil) and probably the strongest DBZ movie villain, in less than a minute.
  3. In his Super Saiyan state he is serious and gets the job done, unlike other fusions (Gotenks, Vegito).
  4. His Super Saiyan 4 form is the strongest being in the Dragon Ball universe.
  5. He makes a move called Stardust Breaker look like one of the most bad ass attacks ever.
  6. His Super Saiyan 4 form is so strong, it limits the fusion time to 10-15 minutes.
  7. 3 words...Big Bang Kamehameha!
  8. He is the fusion of the two strongest saiyans in the universe. Come on, it's Goku + Vegeta...need I say more?

Reasons why Vegito is better

Vegetto photo

Vegito, ready to deliver some ass-kicking

"What do you call a Vegeta and a Goku? Vegito sounds alright. "
— Vegito shortly after being fused.

  1. He could have easily defeated Super Buu at any moment and is one of the most powerful characters in Dragon Ball Z.
  2. He is the Potara Fusion of two of the most powerful fighters in the universe. He has the tactical mind of Vegeta, letting him figure out strategies to beat opponents or rescue his family and friends.
  3. Two words. Final Kamehameha!
  4. Instead of defeating Super Buu (which he easily could've done), he lets himself get absorbed to save his family and friends.
  5. He fought against Super Buu as a piece of coffee flavored jaw-breaker!

Reasons why Oolong is better

  1. He stopped Pilaf from wishing for domination by making a wish for female underwear.
  2. His shape-shifting abilities sometimes help.
  3. He gives strong moral support for main characters.
  4. He's one of the funniest characters of the show, rivaling in his pervertedness to Master Roshi.

Reasons why Puar is better

  1. Puar cut off Goku's tail when he was an Oozaru.
  2. Puar comforts Yamcha and Bulma during their fights.
  3. Puar tries to go into battle in order to revive Yamcha (when they are trying to fly to Namek)
  4. His shape-shifting actually scared some antagonists.

Reasons why Bora is better



  1. He is great with a spear.
  2. He is so buff that bullets don't hurt him.
  3. He was able to survive having a volcanic rock fall on his back to save his son.
  4. He took out Captain Yellow's soldiers by himself.
  5. He helped contribute to Goku's spirit bomb to defeat Kid Buu.

Reasons why Pikkon is better


Mean, Green and on the scene.

  1. He was the strongest fighter in the West Quadrant of the universe.
  2. He (supposedly) died a very heroic death.
  3. He took out Frieza, King Cold, and Cell in rapid succession with minimal effort.
  4. He risked his entire existence by taunting Kid Buu.
  5. He causes Janemba's jelly trap to crack just by insulting it. He held his own against Janemba, something not even Super Saiyan 3 Goku could do.
  6. He is the 1st and only fighter to make Goku use his Super Kaio-ken attack.

Reasons why Videl is better

  1. She is the daughter of the World Martial Arts Champion of Earth.
  2. She marries one of the strongest Z-Fighters, Gohan and is the mother of Pan, another strong Z-Fighter.
  3. She was able to master the ability to fly as opposed to her father, whom is weaker than her.
  4. She is a crime fighter in Hercule city and later joins Gohan in crime fighting as Great Saiyaman 2.
  5. She has held her own against foes such as Spopovich, Broly & Hirudegarn.

Reasons why Chi-Chi is better

Chi Chi late DB


  1. She is married to Goku, the most powerful warrior in the universe.
  2. She chopped a dinosaurs head off and blew it up with a laser from her helmet.
  3. She defeated a couple of Colonel Silver's troops while crying.
  4. She was trained by the Ox King.
  5. She could ride the Nimbus.
  6. She is responsible for the existence of Gohan and Goten.
  7. She was considered the strongest human female at one point in time.
  8. She was able to knock out two of Lord Slug's soldiers.
  9. Goku and Piccolo are scared of her

Reasons why Bulma is better

  1. She married Vegeta who is one of the strongest Z-Fighters and also the Saiyan Prince (which would technically make her the Saiyan Princess)
  2. Without her, finding the Dragon Balls would not have been possible as she invented the Dragon Radar.
  3. She is extremely intelligent and has helped out the Z-Fighters with her amazing inventions. For example, she invented the Blutz Wave generator which she used to help Vegeta attain Super Saiyan 4.
  4. She is part owner of Capsule corp. which is by far the richest and most powerful organization on earth, in the DB Universe.
  5. She is the mother of Trunks, who is another powerful Z-Fighter.
  6. She was the one who convinced Goku to leave Mount Paozu and come on an adventure with her which lead to Goku learning a lot of new things and making lots of friends, basically kick-starting the whole series.
  7. She has great humor and fashion as seen throughout the series.
  8. She's the only person (besides Goku) to influence the Prince of all Saiyans to join the good side! (During those 3 years, hint hint:)
  9. She's the only female character who has changed her look around twenty times! (SHE HAS STYLE.)

Reasons why Grandpa Gohan is better


The man who raised Goku

  1. He raised Goku and was the FIRST person to teach him martial arts. He had a good personality and much of Goku's good nature comes from him.
  2. Grandpa Gohan decided to come back to life for one day to help Goku train and become more powerful through Baba's competition. He wore a mask to conceal his identity and better aid in Goku's training.

Reasons why Future Gohan is better


You can't destroy what I really am!

"Even if you manage to kill this body, someone even stronger would surface and take my place! Not one death will go unaccounted for! Not one!"
— Future Gohan to the androids.

  1. In the alternate timeline, when he was about 9 or 10, he had to deal with his dad, mentor, friends, and most of the population of Earth being destroyed. He survived the horrible battle with the androids, and then took it upon himself to challenge them.
  2. Future Gohan loses his arm saving Trunks' life and despite this handicap is still able to hold his own against BOTH androids.
  3. He trained Future Trunks.
  4. He is executed after his attempt of heroism and his valiant struggle. His death was enough to motivate Trunks to travel to the past to save the future. Future Gohan's death brings about the Super Saiyan power within Future Trunks.
  5. He was kind-hearted and a lot more like Goku, had many great moves and an honorable personality

Reasons why Bulla is better

  1. She is the daughter of the Saiyan Prince.
  2. She is part of the richest family in the world.
  3. She has an attitude similar to her father's.

Reasons why Vegeta Jr. is better


Bad Kid

  1. He is part of the Royal Saiyan Bloodline.
  2. He was able to turn Super Saiyan at a very young age.

Reasons why Goku Jr. is better

GokuJrVsVegetaJr 01
  1. He sets out on a risky quest to find the Dragon Ball in order to save his Grandma's life.
  2. He was able to turn Super Saiyan at a very young age.
  3. He's the final known owner of Goku's signature haircut and the final known descendant of Goku.
  4. The last episode of the whole meta series was based around him! And he had his own movie.

Reasons why Gotenks is better

  1. He was able to skip Super Saiyan 2. He's the only Fusion character to reach Super Saiyan 3 and he reached the form after watching Goku do it just once. Technically, it wasn't even Gotenks that saw it, but his two halves.
  2. He was the first fusion based on dance positions.
  3. He was the only one who could match up to Majin Buu's power in the Majin Buu saga, other than Goku.
  4. He has a powerful maneuver, the Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack!
  5. He created his own attacks instead of fusing attacks like other fusion maneuvers such as the Final Kamehameha or Big Bang Kamehameha.
  6. He flys around the world about 8-12 times in a few seconds.

Reasons why Tarble is better



  1. He is part of the royal Saiyan bloodline & can be considered the second Saiyan Prince.
  2. He is not as ruthless as other Saiyans neither is he full of pride like his brother Vegeta.

Reasons why Arale is better



  1. She has her own series.
  2. She defeated General Blue with a few hits.
  3. She can run super fast.
  4. She can ride the nimbus.
  5. Arale took on Tao in Mystical Adventure and nearly kills him with ease.
  6. She was more powerful than Goku at one point. Even in a playful mood and almost in a non-serious personality, she's a serious competitor!
  7. She helps Goku fix his dragon radar by taking him to her father. Which then helps him find the Red Ribbon Army's base later on.

Reasons why Giru is better

GIRU. -333333


  1. He is a very intelligent little robot!
  2. He cares for Goku and his friends very much, most of all Pan.
  3. He has very many little built in gadgets that come in handy. Though he was only in GT, the shortest of the Dragon Ball series, he still helped out and was of more use than many other characters. He was always able there to tell the gang when danger was nearby. He saved Pan! And technically Trunks and Goku, as well.
  4. He completely ruined Dr.Myuu's plans and tricked the evil Machine Mutants and robots on his home planet. He knew who his true friends were, even if it meant betraying those that created him. (although betrayal is a rather nasty act)
  5. If it hadn't been for Pan bringing him along, Goku would have had a rough time trying to find all those Dragons.

Reasons why Pan is better

Dragon ball GT audio latino capit


  1. She is the grand-daughter of Earth's greatest heroes, Goku and Mr. Satan, and the daughter of Gohan and Videl.
  2. She calms down Golden Great Ape Goku, allowing him to transform into a Super Saiyan 4.
  3. She supposedly outlives all of the other Z-fighters.
  4. She is one of the only child heroes to travel across a plethora of planets in the universe.
  5. She helps Goku defeat the Shadow Dragons. She fired a Kamehameha at Oceanus Shenron to save Goku.


Reasons why Gohan/ Future Trunks is better.

1.Both are very strong and smart while goku is well... eh not a genius but smart enough

2. Both are saiyans one the strongest races in the universe

3..Both have had a sword at one time and they are very useful in battle. 

4. Gohan only: was the strongest Z Fighter at a time

5. Trunks only: gets thing done as fast as possible

6.Both have killed villians that were a problem for the other Z Fighters.

7. Both are serious during battle and dont play around like Gogeta 

8. Both don't give up easily

9. Both are pure hearted Gohan proven Future Trunks most likely

10. They are both the sons of the top 2 strongest Z Fighters( varies because at a time Vegeta was third strongest and Goku was second strongest)

Their are several others that could be the best like Goku Piccolo or Vegeta 

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