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I wander through this wiki a lot, and I was wondering what is the significance of the Z?

I know that in Dragon Ball GT, it means Grand Tour. I was unsure of the meaning behind the Z.

If someone could tell me this information, much would be appreciated.

Forum What does the Z stand for in Dragon Ball Z?

The Z stands For the Z figthers of course....

I think the Z was to stand for the end of the dragonball series. So, I guess Toriyama wanted DBZ to be the last of the dragonball series, so he called it Dragonball Z. This contradicts GT, but on the other hand, Akira Toriyama didn't have much to do with dbgt, just ssj4 design. Hope this answers your question.


If Im not mistaken in the ending song of the box sets I have It says go go Zenkai power power. And Zenkai was a big factor in the saiyan and freiza Saga.


I think the Z in Dragon Ball Z stands for Zetto,because I have a Movie Box Set and on the box it said Dragon Ball Z and under it,it said Dragon Ball Zetto

Zetto is just the Japanese name for the letter Z.


From what i heard it stands for "Zero".AREA95000 (talk) 23:16, January 3, 2013 (UTC)

End of manga

I remember reading that the "Z" represents end of the manga because its the last letter of the alphabet. DBGT wasn't based on the manga so it makes perfect sense--Ssj3gogeta96 (talk) 00:13, January 4, 2013 (UTC)ssj3gogeta96

Meaning of Zenkai and explanation of series'

The Z in Dragon Ball stands for Zenkai. Zenkai in Japanese means Last Time. This was meant for the ending of the Dragon Ball series altogether. But the GT series was created. Even though it is said that the GT series is not true. It's more of a "What if" scenerio. Which is why you don't see those characters in most of the games anymore and why they created the movie release Battle of Gods. It is however rumored that. Takao Koyama will be releasing new Dragon Ball Z episodes and in an interview has stated that he will be creating a new movie that will be releasing information about Goku's mother. Even without the release of new episodes the GT saga will forever NEVER be a real part of Dragon Ball. Goku never went SSJ4 or vegeta. Baby wasn't really. Uub and Buu never merged. So on and so forth. So far that is all the information about a new DB or DBZ manga, series or movie. If you have any information about it please let me know.

The z is a mistake. During production for the second Dragonball series, the name was Dragonball 2. However, someone made the 2 look like a z, so Akira Toriyama just went with Dragonball Z. This has been confirmed by the Dragonball staff.


During production of Dragonball Z, the title was supposed to be Dragonball 2. However, it was handwritten and stayed as a 'Z,' which caught on. 

relationship to the z fighters

the z fighters is the symbolisim of the letter as it represents working together to defeat a common enemy in dragon ball all fights were one on one while in z starting with the battle against raditz working together is a much better effort and tatics in regards with dealing with an enemy 

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