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Forum Top Ten Strongest Characters in Dragon Ball Z

Who do you thinks are the most powerful characters in Dragon Ball Z (Not GT)? This includes DBZ Movies.


Rairyu's Picks

1. Vegito- Now the reason why I put Vegito over Bills is because of time. Vegito in the Buu Saga is able to completely toy with and easy defeat Super Buu(Gohan Absorbed). Battle Of The Gods is based five years after the Buu Saga. Now that's five years of long hard training as Vegito, not Goku or Vegeta. Having Vegeta's determination to constantly train and Goku's natural ability to simply get stronger, Vegito would get strength and power at almost double the pace. And I know some of you can simply say "But Vegito seperated in the Buu Saga, he can only be as strong as he was then." Which is true, but if we are going to go pound for pound on who is better in the series, I'd like to put everything on an even scale. So yes I am looking at it as if Vegito were to remain whole instead of being seperated. So throwing in that possibility into Battle of the Gods the senario is that the movie is about Vegito rather than Goku going SSJG. So picture a much stronger Vegito going SSJG against Bills. And I think we all can agree on Vegito being able to win seeing is how SSJG Goku put up a good fight against the God of Destruction. 

2. Broly- The reason I also put Broly in front of Bills is once again built on the basis of time. Broly has the very special and rare ability to gain mountains of energy and power just by fighting and being well...his crazy self. He even says this during his first movie, saying "Yes...I feel it. Getting stronger." and going on to release a huge surge of energy. He was able to defeat Goku, Gohan, Trunks, Vegeta, and Piccolo all without breaking a sweat. Now saying if he had won or lived as he did to create a second Broly movie, his power would sky rocket without even having to do much. Proof of that is in the second Broly movie. He is even stronger the second time around and he had no training or fighting at all from his time in the first movie. So saying that if he survived for the upcoming years leading up to Bills, it is very possible that even he could possess the power to either match Bills, or defeat him.

3. Bills- Enough said towards him haha. 

4. Janemba- Anyone who forces Goku and Vegeta to fuse is a strong fighter to get on anyones top 10 list. 

5. Kid Buu- Buu has many forms and for my top ten I am only going to use one of those forms. It wouldn't be a fair pick to put all of the Buu forms in a list of Top 10 fighters when they all represent the same person. 

6. Ultimate Gohan- Gohan proved to be the strongest un-fused saiyan in the series with his upgrade in power from the Elder Kai. In comparison to a SSJ3 Goku the arguement as to who is stronger can go on for fanboys all day. But I put Gohan over SSJ3 Goku because of the fact that Goku never controls the SSJ3 form until Battle Of The Gods. During the Buu Saga the SSJ3 form is almost a fail. Goku struggles the whole time with it and it almost is like a fusion where it has a time limit of use. Gohan on the other hand never has to struggle with power because he no longer has the need to transform. He's that strong. 

7.Goku- At his strongest form he still isn't able to defeat Kid Buu. He needs the help of every soul on Earth and the Galacy to defeat Buu with a Spirit Bomb. So saying "He defeated Buu" is irrelivent because in the end, it wasn't HIM who defeated Buu. So Goku earns the number 7 spot in my picks. 

8. Gotenks- Gotenks and Goku had a close run in the 7 to 8 spot for my list. It's very debatable on who is stronger at their strongest forms. But just like Vegito and Broly, time is a huge factor for me. Gotenks can only last a maximu of 30 minutes. And as we all know, the stronger the fuse, the less time they have. So wether or not Gotenks can be stronger than Goku, the time will always become shorter and shorter. So in simple terms, Gotenks limitation in time is a big enough weakness for almost anyone to defeat him. Alls an enemy has to do is weight out the storm and wait for the fuse to end to defeat a Gotenks. 

9. Meta Cooler- Now this one may be a shock to all of you who are reading this. But Meta Cooler probably deserves the number one spot on this list. But because I am doing this list on Power alone, I'll put him right here. My reason for putting Meta Cooler on this list is because he is invincible. Now you may ask "How did you come up with that?" Well here is my reason. Meta Cooler was only defeated because he got cocky and forced Goku and Vegeta to give him energy. He had clearly defeated the two saiyans with the 1000 Meta Coolers. Cooler defeated the both of them easily. They had so much trouble with just ONE. Now imagine if Cooler didn't get cocky and didn't take Goku and Vegeta back to the Star. WHat if he just killed them? No one else would have beaten him. Majin Buu wouldn't have had the chance to do so seeing as Meta Cooler could just send thousands upon thousands of himself at him. It's like a Zombie Horde. Their best strength is in numbers. And you put thousands of Super Healing Meta Coolers on anyone in DBZ, and they will win. 

10. Super Perfect Cell- Cell gets the last on my list because he is one of the strongest villians in the DBZ series. During the Buu Saga Vegeta said that Gohan(Before being Ultimate) was weaker than he was when he fought Cell. But even at that point Vegeta wasn't a SSJ2. Having said that, Cell at his strongest form isn't that far off from a character like Majin Buu. Of course he does get outmatched by any SUper Buu and SSJ3 Goku but he still is a tough matchup for plenty of characters in the Buu Saga. Not to mention the seven years of gaining strength and power he would have got if he lived. We have to remember he has Saiyan DNA inside of him to make him stronger through near death and training. 


1. wouldnt it be whis now that is the strongest cuz he can beat bills Goku= strongest in Dragon Ball Z. He beat Broly so he is winner.

9. krillin

8. Goku - a pretty strong guy, or so I've heard. (?) but goku defeated broly.. so goku is #1

9. Uub - since he was Kid Buu incarnate. So I guess you could include Kid Buu here too...

10. Vegeta - Matched SSJ2 Goku, and did you see what he did to Pui Pui?!?!

There's my rough list. Could be wrong about the positions of some of them, but whateva Janemba4eva 23:35, September 10, 2011 (UTC)

What about Super Hatchiyack? Thoughts? BubblesNo.pngShakuran13Goku 20SSJ4 1 .jpg 16:24, September 11, 2011 (UTC)

TOP 10 Strongest Dragon Ball Characters

1. Super Gogeta SSJ4 - He got one of most powerful attacks : 100x Big Bang Kamehameha. He can kill Omega Shenron at full power with one attack. He is fastest warrior in the universe. He is very powerful even many powerful Omega Shenron attacks and Ki Blasts don't work on him.

2. Whis - He is 50% stronger than Beerus. He beat Beerus with 1 hit. Goku SSJGOD power is 7 Beerus 10 and Whis 15 ~Akira Toriyama. He is Beerus master.

3. God OF Destruction Beerus - He beat Goku Super Saiyan God when he using 80% of his power. In this fight he use 70% of power. He also beat Goku Super Saiyan 3 with one hit. He is God OF Destruction and 1 of 12 Hakaishin's. He can destroy many planets with one attack : Sphere OF Destruction.                                                                                                                                                                                           4. Son Goku - Because he turn Super Saiyan God in Battle OF Gods and have chance to beat God OF Destruction Beerus using his 80% of power. He get so many transormations and he get very powerful power lvl. Goku can beat Legendary Super Saiyan Broly using Dragon Fist, Kamehameha, Spirit Bomb and other attacks, or with normal fighting.                           

5. Omega Shenron - He is strongest Shadow Dragon. In DB GT only SSJ4 Gogeta can beat him. He get one of the strongest moves. He is very powerful, second strongest GT character. He get many very powerful attacks, he can beat Goku SSJ4 and Vegeta SSJ4 working together.

6. Super Vegito - He is Potara fusion of Goku and Vegeta. He easly beat Ultimate Buu(Gohan Absorbed) even as candy. Very strog and powerful warrior, Ultimate Buu with many powerful attacks can't beat him. He created very powerful and dangerous attacks : Final Kamehameha and Spirit Sword.

7. Ultimate Buu(Gohan Absorbed) - He absorbed Mystic Gohan with his potential unslashed. He also absorbed Gotenks and Piccolo. Only Vegito beat him. He can destroy earth with single technique.

8. Ultimate Gohan - He turn into Mystic Super Saiyan and his potential are unslashed. He is stronger than SSJ3 Gotenks, SSJ3 Goku and Super Buu. Very strong warrior Super Buu are nothing to Gohan. He got Ultimate moves and attacks.

9. Gotenks SSJ3 - He is fusion and he turn Super Saiyan 3. He can beat Super Buu. He get and created very original and powerful attacks, moves and techniques. When Goku show him SSJ3, he know how to transform in this form.

10. Super Janemba - He is stronger than Pikkon Vegeta and Goku SSj3. Only Super Gogeta SSJ1 beat him. He had very powerful attacks, moves and techniques. Super Janemba is transormation into Janemba.

SS3VegetaNB's Picks

1. Obviously, this spot belongs to Vegito -  In his brief appearance, he outclassed, outmatched, outfought, overpowered and even humiliated Ultimate Buu by an impossible margin (even as a jawbreaker). It is frightening to think that this character accomplished all that he did without even remotely trying or even ever truly tapping into even the most shallow depths of his immeasurable power.

2. This spot, again, is a no-brainer: Vegito's counterpart, Gogeta. This is the fusion of Goku and Vegeta by way of the Fusion Dance technique. Although his appearance was even more brief than that of Vegito, his fusion materials and the demonstration set forth beforehand by Vegito carry with them enough of a justifiable implication of his power.

3. This one and the next two are separated only by an incredibly narrow margin. The #3 spot belongs to Janemba (Second Form). As far as I can tell, he's the strongest out of entries 3, 4, and 5. Only a fusion could beat him, and neither Goku nor Vegeta could best him single-handedly.

4. This spot goes to Majin Buu. He could've been stopped easily by a fusion character, although the fight would have been a bit more laborious than the one that Janemba died in. How I measure what makes him less powerful than Janemba is the fact that Goku (Super Saiyan 3) stood evenly matched with Buu in two of his strongest forms (Super Buu and Kid Buu), but was utterly decimated by Janemba.

Yeah he did he pretty muched slapped Goku and vegita around until they fused

Which form of buu were you talking about? it makes a big difference. ss3 goku was more powerful than fat buu but super buu is way stronger than ss3 goku. only because the fusion of gotenks negated the effects of the massive ki loss of ss3 were they able to take on buu and have a slight advantage. buutenks is on par with mystic gohan, making him extremely powerful and by playing mind tricks and have infinite amounts of energy he was able to defeat gohan. gohan-absorbed -buu is obviously THE most powerful form of buu. it's a miracle that vegata and goku were able to survive for even a bit against him. kid buu is not as strong as super buu, but his pure evil personality and completely unpredictable behavior makes him extremely dangerous. goku claimed he could have defeated him but we don't know for sure.

5. And the final member of this close trio? Goku in his Super Saiyan 3 form. In this form, he went blow for blow with Majin Buu in three forms (including the form that bested Mystic Gohan) and the first form of Janemba, and even defeated the legendary Hirudegarn.

goku didnt "go blow for blow" with buutenks or hirudegarn. the only reason he beat hirudegarn is because trunks cut his tail off and because of the hax dragon fist.

Okay let's all get one thing straight,. Goku fought buutenks and even then he was no match for him.Plus Buutenks was not stronger then Gohan, Gohan just fell for Buutenk's mindgames and that's why Buutenks gained the upper hand. 5 should be Mystic Gohan since he was stronger then any other saiyan save gogeta &vegito.

6. In this spot: Hirudegarn. 'Nuff said.

7. Number 7 for me is Mystic Gohan.

gotenks should go here

8. Majin Vegeta is on 8th.

um gotenks? super hatchyack?

9. Super Perfect Cell (although this form has more plot holes than the Final Destination series).

10. Broly (Legendary Super Saiyan). Again, 'nuff said.

Kinetism Pick

First of all: not a registered user. Kinetism is just the name I ussually go by at these places. Also, I do not count Hirudegarn here because he's a humongous monster, and so the fight isn't fair. So:

1) Vegito AND Gogeta: While it is true that Vegito would last forever if left alone and Gogeta would end after 30 minutes, I think Gogeta didn't get as much screen time as he deserved, and that his powers, if lasting as long as Vegito, would match his potala counterpart's. So yeah, it's evenly tied between those two for me.

2) Super Buuhan/Super Janemba: These two I also pair up as they're both unmatched except for Goku and Vegeta's fusions, they both regenerate seemingly with no end and have wicked brutal power.

Wait you're counting Janemba? He was in a movie you know and yet you don't put Hirudegarn and Hatchiyack.

if your counting the anime, kid buu > buuhan. and hirudegarn > janemba.

you're* and I previously said I'm not counting Hirudegarn because he's a humongous monster, and thus the fight isn't fair.

3) Super Buutenks:

4) Ultimate Gohan:

5) SSJ3 Gotenks/Super Buu: While being a complete goof, Gotenks proves that in this form, fighting evenly with Super Buu, who was widely acknowledged as too strong to be fought by anyone.

6) Southern Supreme Kai: Strong enough to take on Kid Buu, leaving him no other way but to absorb him, I think this Kai earn his spot.

he didnt take buu on. anime filler. if you count the anime, kid buu is strongest buu

Dude, you were lecturing me on leaving Hirudegarn out, who is movie-only, and now you say because it's anime filler it doesn't qualify? Get your facts straight, please

7) SSJ3 Goku: Goku openly admitted in full power in this form, he could have beaten Kid Buu

no he didnt. not once did this ever happen.

Uh, yes, it did. Goku told Vegeta he could beat Kid Buu if he could store his power for a minute, which is why Vegeta fight Kid Buu and lets Goku recharge.

, as well as the Fat Buu, who he beat to a pulp with no problem. I had some serious doubts whether or not Goku was stronger or weaker than Southern Kai, but I reached this conclussion: Kid Buu absorbed the Kai, which he's shown to do only when his adversary outpowers him. Instead, he didn't try anything else than one-on-one fighting against Goku, possibly considering he could beat him rather than absorb him.

8) Kid Buu:

9) Majin Vegeta:

10) Gohan SSJ2 Cell Saga: As Gohan slacks off during the seven years of peace, his young form has more power than the Majin Buu saga form

everyone knows size doesnt matter in DBZ. if thats the case, janemba shouldnt be on here either because in his original form hes a fat fuck

BardockGoku Picks

1. Vegito

2. Gogeta

3. Super Buu

4. Goku

5. Gohan

In what way is gohan less powerful than goku? his ultimate form makes him the most powerful saiyan and he doesn't even waste energy at all unlike the massive ki loss generated by goku's ss3 form

6. Gotenks

7. Kid Buu

8. Majin Buu

Majin Buu refers to almost all of the forms - this is unclear.

9. Ultra Buu

10. Janemba

How is Janemba lower than Goku? Goku was unable to defeat Janemba even with the assistance of SSJ2 Vegeta. Janemba should be above Goku and, subsequently, the others below Goku. The real question is whether it is more powerful than Super Buu with Gotenks, Gohan, and Piccolo, as the two obviously never fight but are defeated by opponents of roughly equal strength.

Not counting Movies

1. Vegito and Gogeta

2. Super Buu

3. Gohan

4. Goku

5. Gotenks

6. Kid Buu

7. Majin Buu

8. Ultra Buu

9. Vegeta

10. Piccolo

wheres janemba??

    • - Note: Gohan is stated to be the strongest non-fised character in DBZ. The person who wrote this fails.

Not counting Forms or Movies

1. Vegito

2. Buu

3. Goku

4. Gohan

5. Gotenks

6. Vegeta

7. Piccolo

8. Grand Supreme Kai

9. South Supreme Kai

10. Cell/Dabura

SSJ2Gohan99's picks

1. Super Vegito

2. Gogeta

3. Super Buu- Gohan Absorbed

4. Goku

5. Ultimate Gohan

6. Super Buu

7. Kid Buu

8. Vegeta

9. SSJ3 Gotenks

10. Good Buu

lol at vegeta being above gotenks. lol at kid buu being below super buu.

>Implying Kid Buu isn't stronger than super buu w/out absorbtions.

Supreme Kai himself even states, in the episode in which Buu transfrms to Kid Buu, that "this is his most powerful state". Rewatch the Majin Buu Saga and try again.

1. Mr. Popo (He's immortal!)

2. SSJ4 Gogeta

3. Omega Shenron

omega shenron will never be in a real top 10. Do you have any reasoning what so ever to put him here?

4. Nuova Shenron

5. Super 17

6. SSJ4 Goku

7. SSJ4 Vegeta

8. Eis Shenron

9. Kid Buu

10. Broly

broly and kid buu arent even in the others league. wtf?

1.Super Gogeta 2. Vegito 3. Janemba 4.Buu(Gohan) 5.Mystic Gohan 6.Buu(Gotenks) 7. Super Buu 8.Fat Buu 9.Goku ssj3 10. Gotenks ssj3

SpiritKamehameha85's picks



3: Super Janemba


5:Android 13

6: Goku



9: Piccolo


are you just listing your favourites?

I really like how ultimate gohan isn't even on the list

No Ultimate/Mystic Gohan? He's a lot stronger that goten and possibly goku in his ultimate form...

Squabmate's Picks

1. Super Vegito

2. Super Gogeta ~ Super Buu (Gohan+Goten+Trunks+Piccolo)

3. Ultimate Gohan ~ Super Buu (SSJ3 Gotenks + Piccolo)

4. Buff Buu

5. Janemba 2nd Form ~ SSJ3 Gotenks

6. Super Buu

7. SSJ3 Goku ~ Kid Buu

8. SSJ Gotenks

9. Fat Buu (not Good Buu)

10. Good Buu ~ SSJ2 Goku ~ SSJ2 Majin Vegeta

P.S. I don't like the 13th movie Wrath of the Dragon so no Hirudegarn but he's probably around Buff Buu in his second form.

10xDragonKamehameha's pick

  1. Super Gogeta
  2. Super Vegito
  3. Super Janemba
  4. Ultra Buu (kid buu + southern supreme kai)
  5. Hirudegarn
  6. Super Buu (gohan)
  7. Super buu (gotenks)
  8. Goku
  9. Ultimate Gohan
  10. Gotenks

SBK's Opinion (No movies)

  1. Vegito
  2. Buuhan
  3. Gohan/Buutenks
  4. Goku
  5. Gotenks
  6. Super Buu
  7. Kid Buu
  8. Fat Buu
  9. Vegeta
  10. Cell

100*dragon fist Strongest characters

1 super vegeto and gogeta

2 goku=vegeta

3 buuhan ultimate gohan and gohan bu

4 Super buu

5 Kid buu

6 gotenks

7 broly

8 cooler final form

9 super janemba

10 picolo


2.Super Janemba



5.Kid buu




9.Super buu

10.Fat buu

You have Kid buu on here twice. Dafuq?

Jfriscuit's picks

I'm not counting movie characters and fusions of the most powerful characters like Vegito / Gojeta / Buuhan / Buu (w/ Piccolo and Gotenks)are obvious choices so I will leave them out as well. Purely by what we saw at the END of DBZ after everyone had trained for a few years and base Goku (and most likely Vegeta to some degree) were able to fight on par with Uub who had a somewhat restricted form of Kid Buu's power

1. End of DBZ Goku (thats what i'm talking about #xiaoxiao999)

2. Mystic Gohan

3. End of DBZ Vegeta

4. Kid Buu

5. SS3 Gotenks ~ Super Buu

6. Majin Buu (the chubby lovable one)

7. Uub (pre-training)

8. Piccolo

9. Androids 17 and 18

10. Goten and Trunks

Next are some random guy's picks they are just under my section for some reason.

Super Gogeta(SSJ1)

Super Vegito (SSJ1)

goku (SSJ1,SSJ2,SSJ3,kaio-ken)


Omega shenron

Gotenks (all transformations)

Gohan (all transformations)


Majin buu Gohan

Broly (all transformations)

Top Ten Most Powerful Dragon Ball Z Characters

1 Goku

2 Kid Buu

3 Cell

4 Vegeta

5 Teen Gohan

6 #17 and #18

7 Piccolo

8 Trunks

9 Goten

10 Krillin, Yamcha, and Tien

are you dumb? 

PrinceTrunks235's Picks

  1. 1 Super Vegetio
  2. 2 SSj4 Gogeta
  3. 3 Omega Shenron
  4. 4 SSj4 Goku and Vegeta
  5. 5 Ultra Buu
  6. 6 SSj3 Goku
  7. 7 Majin Vegeta(SSj2)
  8. 8 LSSj Broly
  9. 9 The FPSSj and SSj2 Form
  10. 10 Cooler (merged with Big-Gete Star)
  1. gogeta/ vegito
  2. superr buu gohan
  3. super buu gotenks
  4. ultimate gohan
  5. gotenks
  6. kid buu
  7. janemba
  8. goku ssj 3
  9. vegeta ssj 2
  10. super buu picollo

Darko Nikic's picks

1 Vegito-Gogeta

2 Gohan Buu

3 Janemba

4 Kid Buu

5 Son Goku

6 Hirudegarn

7 Son Gohan

8 Gotenks

9 Vegeta

10 Broly

1. Vegito

2. Gogeta

3. Buu with Gohan

4. Buu with Gotenks

5. Mystic Gohan

6. Gotenks

7. SSJ4 Goku

8. SSJ4 Vegeta

9. SSJ3 Goku

10. Super Namek Piccolo

Xerdek's Picks

  1. Gogeta
  2. Vegito
  3. Goku
  4. Majin Buu
  5. Vegeta
  6. Gohan
  7. Gotenks
  8. Cell
  9. Piccolo
  10. Frieza

(Note: Statistics are based on the character's maximum power level.)

1. Super Gogeta/Vegetto (them being equal)

2. End of Z Goku

3. Super Buu/Gohan Absorbed

4. Super Buu/Gotenks+Piccolo absorbed

5. Hirudegarn/Final Form

6. Ultimate Gohan

7. Super Janemba

8. SSJ3 Gotenks

9. Buff Kid Buu (the one on the hill and Kai planet after absorbing Supreme Southern Kaioshin)

10. Farmer with a shotgun? (IMO a lot of characters can potentially fill the 10th spot)

SuperGogeta91 02:58, June 13, 2012 (UTC)

I want to point out one thing. Are these people serious when they put Super Vegetto above SSJ4 Goku/Vegeta/Gogeta? Or how one person put Ultimate Gohan above SSJ4 Goku/Vegeta? First and foremost, GT does not count in this list. And secondly, please be as accurate as possible, and not just give biased opinions because you favour said character over another. I know it's peoples opinions, but there are some really stupid opinions going on in this list. It's a list of the top 10 STRONGEST fighters...not list of top 10 favourite fighters. SuperGogeta91 03:06, June 13, 2012 (UTC)

Alan's picks

(Anime only, no movies)

1. Super Vegito

2. Kid Buu - Almost brought back the Spirit Bomb, which had everyone's power in it, until Goku restored energy, went Super Saiyan to finish Kid Buu off. He also destroyed planet Earth.

3. Super Buu(Vegito, Gohan, Gotenks, Piccolo absorbed)

4. Ultimate Gohan

5. SSJ3 Goku

6. SSJ3 Gotenks

7. Majin Vegeta

8. SSJ2 Teen Gohan

9. Cell

10. Future Trunks

These are mostly transformations. Top ten characters in general are:

1. Vegito

2. Kid Buu

3. End of DBZ Goku

4. End of DBZ Vegeta

5. Gohan(could have been the strongest Saiyan ever if he trained as much as Goku & Vegeta. Think about it, he turned SSJ2 before anyone did at around the ages of 10-12 when he was fighting Cell).

Goten and Trunks could have been WAY more powerful than anyone in any series if they trained as much as Goku and Vegita. Goten and Trunks turned SSJ3 when they fused, doing this earliar than anyone in the series.

when goku became a kid again in dragonball gt, he was able to transform into ssj3 but wasnt able to hold it thus he had as much or more potential than trunks and gohan so just judgng potential by this does not clearly show potential.

6. Super Buu

7. Gotenks

8. Cell

9. Future Trunks

10. Freiza (Freiza & Kid Buu are the only characters who have proven that they are powerful enough to destroy a planet; Kid Buu destroyed Earth & Freiza's Supernova destroyed Planet Vegeta[and namic]). goku beat freiza and has more poer so obvously he can do the same

You obviously need to check up on your knowledge. In some of the first episodes of the Anime, Vegeta destroys a planet. BEFORE ANYONE WAS EVEN SUPER SAIYAN! This proves that almost anyone in the DBZ universe more powerful than Chi-Chi could blow up a planet.

the top 10  


2.omega shrenmon

3.kid buu








SSJ2 Teen Gohan Picks

1. Super Vegito/Super Gogeta 2. Super Janemba 3. Buhhan 4. Butenks 5. Ultimate Gohan 6. Buucolo 7. SSJ3 Gotenks 8. Super Buu 9. Kid Buu/SSJ3 Goku 10. Evil Buu

Wow. I'd like to see Broly in the top three.

Broly is super strong. Did you know that the whole movie is just a joke? I did some research and I figured out the name "Broly" is a parody for "broccoli", as seen in the english version when master Roshi says his name wrong. The whole thing is a complicated joke. I think Broly should be in the top 3 picks. I was surprised. But none of the top three strongest that you picked are what I would have picked. Mine would have been number 1 Perfect Goku (as seen in dbGT when he fights perfect android 17), 2 Broly, and 3 Goku (normal). 22:13, August 3, 2012 (UTC)Silvertip69.211.136.109 22:13, August 3, 2012 (UTC)

The movie's not a joke, most of the characters in DBZ have name puns. Goku SS3.pngShakuran13Tapion with blade.pngThisDragonFistGokuHirudegarnMovie13.pngendsKonatsian wizard with effects.jpgNOW!SS3Rush.png 04:47, August 5, 2012 (UTC)

Repost of Shakuran13's picks (due to debate on the original)

Note: This is listed by using the highest power/strongest form of a character in their prime. Thus, "Goku" refers to Goku in his highest transformation, at his highest power, fully charged up. "Super Buu" would refer to Buuhan, the strongest of all the Buus, including Fat Buu and Kid Buu, etc.

1. Vegito/Gogeta - A fusion of two of the most powerful characters in the series...and they can go Super Saiyan (and beyond).

2. Super Buu (with everyone absorbed) - Regenerative abilities, has the power of Super Buu (which at least as strong as full power Super Saiyan 3), Ultimate Gohan (stronger than Super Saiyan 3), Piccolo (fighting genius, and approximately Super Saiyan 2 level by the time of the end of DBZ), Goten (son and brother to some of the strongest in the universe, about Super Saiyan level in base), and Trunks (son of one of the strongest, and stronger than Goten).

3. Janemba - Pure evil, has regenerative abilities, dimensional warping abilities, power exceeding a Super Saiyan 3, and a sword.

4. Goku - If we're talking about all of DBZ, including the very end when he is about to fight Uub, I would say a fully powered Goku as a Super Saiyan 3 is the fourth strongest. After the battle with Kid Buu, he was one of the few people who still trained intensely (especially when he learned about Uub), and if he could become almost as strong as a Super Saiyan 3 in GT, and if he could fight with Uub in base form in the end of Dragon Ball Z, I'd say he would be stronger than Ultimate Gohan in his prime.

5. Gohan - Stronger than a Super Saiyan 3 as "Ultimate Gohan", even stronger than Gotenks at full power, and able to make Super Buu (who at least landed some moves on Super Saiyan 3 Gotenks) look like a joke. Super Saiyan 3 full power Goku at the end of DBZ is most likely only marginally stronger.

6. Gotenks - Though Goten and Trunks seemed to have stopped training once they became young adults, I'm going to extrapolate that they still trained for a year at least after the battle with Buu. Using that training, and the fact that Gotenks is a Super Saiyan 3 and is equal to more than the sum of his fusees, Gotenks would be the sixth strongest. This all depends on how much my extrapolation counts as, however. Gotenks could have exceeded even Gohan's power, or not even surpassed Super Saiyan 2 Vegeta at his strongest at the end of DBZ.

7. Vegeta - He, along with Goku was training fiercely until the end of DBZ. By the way Goku and Vegeta acted at the end of DBZ, they were still rivalling each other in power. I would say they are about equal in power in base form, but seeing as Vegeta does not have Super Saiyan 3 to rely on, Vegeta is still weaker than Goku, though I think him as a Super Saiyan 2 is still enough to put him on the charts.

Note: I just realized I forgot Super Hatchiyack! In that case, he would go in this spot, and everyone would move down. (I might be off a little, I didn't do too much thinking about it)

8. Hirudegarn - Hirudegarn's size and power make him a formidable enemy for Goku, Gotenks, Gohan, and Vegeta, but due to the fact that his weakness is easily figured out and exploitable, he is not as strong as any of them.

9. Uub - The re-incarnation of Kid Buu. He'd be up higher, but he can't control his power.

10. Piccolo - Another guy who does nothing but train. Probably stronger than a Super Saiyan 2 by the end.

Honorable mention: Goten, Trunks, Pan, Broly, Super Perfect Cell, Dabura, Hatchiyack. Goku SS3.pngShakuran13Tapion with blade.pngThisDragonFistGokuHirudegarnMovie13.pngendsKonatsian wizard with effects.jpgNOW!SS3Rush.png 04:59, August 5, 2012 (UTC)

Worm217's Picks

When I list characters, just assume that I'm using the absolute strongest transformation they're capable of by the end of the series. Also, I'm only going to list up until the defeat of Kid Buu, because thinking about the tournament where they meet Uub confuses me.

1. Vegito

2. Gogeta

3. Super Buu

4. Janemba

5. Kid Buu

6. Gohan

7. Gotenks

8. Goku

9. Evil Buu

10. Majin Buu

Hiruman's Picks

  1. Super Vegito
  2. SSJ Gogeta
  3. Super Buu + Gotenks, Gohan, Piccolo
  4. SSJ3 Goku (Movie 13)
  5. Hirudegarn
  6. Janemba
  7. Gohan (Ultimate, Mystic, Elder Kai Unlock Potential, or whatever it is...)
  8. SSJ3 Gotenks
  9. Kid Buu
  10. SSJ2 Vegeta : I put SSJ2 Vegeta above Majin Vegeta, because he should be powered up 2 times by zenkai during Buu saga (after ressurected by DB and healed by Dende)

Honorable mention : Mr. Buu, Broly (Movie 10), Super Perfect Cell

Hypothetical Most Powerful Characters

I will take in DBZ as excluding DBGT and subsequent Movies so this would be as of the end of DBZ:

1. Vegito and Gogeta are the most powerful canon beings although one could argue that Gohan + Vegeta in fusion or Goku + Gohan in fusion would also be incredibly powerful. Goku + Vegeta might get a slight, slight edge though because they are both 100% saiyan.

2. Kid Buu is easily the second most powerful character. I'm not sure why everyone lists Super Buu when it is clearly obvious that Kid Buu is stronger than Buu even with all the others absorbed. Even Goku himself makes comments on how strong Kid Buu is. Really I shouldn't even be saying Kid Buu so much as the real Majin Buu. Because he is the real Buu and he was such a terror that even the Kai's didn't know what to do with him. Also, I know Kid Buu = Uub but I'm inclined to think Uub would be around #4 as well because He's not evil so he's lost that maniacal edge and he's not as ruthless so his fighter instinct isn't as strong. Basically he's not tapped into all the power.

Type in goku VS uub, i think that explains itself

3. Super Buu with everyone absorbed (Gohan, Gotenks, Piccolo). I have some other hypothetical placements of the other Buu forms, but honestly they kind of confuse me because I don't know how the Buu's compare relatively to the Saiyans past Super Buu. To me the Buu's might not have been as strong but they had the advantage of regenerating themselves and seemingly inexhaustible energy whereas saiyans get worn out so...

4. Ultimate/Mystic Gohan, although he wasn't really given much of a chance to prove himself. I'm still not quite sure how Super Buu with just gotenks and piccolo beats the most powerful unfused character, but whatever. Also I would assume by the very end of the series when Goku fights Uub, he would be somewhere around this level too, so....

4b. End of Series Goku

4c. also, End of Series Vegeta

Not really, vegeta has to power up and goku can get beaten to death and still fusion dance so......

(Technically another Buu entry might be here, namely Majin Buu after he ate Fat Buu, but I'll skip that.)

5. SSJ3 Goku, although I don't really like SSJ3, it's clear it gives you a huge boost of power. But it also consumes a lot of energy and is hard to maintain so I would still think it would be lower than Mystic.

6. SSJ2 Gohan at full power. Yes, I put him above Gotenks for a few reasons- 1) Gohan was slightly older and was also considerably more conditioned in battle than Goten and Trunks who had not been exposed to real fights prior to Buu saga. Also I still don't really give into the whole Gotenks being able to become a SSJ3. It's not really plausible because Goku had to go through years of training and still it took tons of energy for him to maintain the transformation and Gotenks as a smaller, less seasoned fighter should have had much more trouble reaching that state. Unless somehow being a fused character gives you an advantage, which I might believe except for the fact that Gogeta and Vegito never exhibited that level and are still significantly more powerful than Gotenks. Which leads me to believe that SSJ level necessarily mean you are automatically more powerful than someone else (i.e, SSJ3 is not always greater than SSJ or SSJ2). I mainly think the SSJ3 Gotenks was so that Buu would have some sort of formidable enemy while Goku, Vegeta and Gohan were MIA. 2) Gohan was also extremely angry at the time so in addition to the formidable power of a SSJ2 (such as Vegeta at that level), Gohan also had a wild boost to his power in the form of his hidden rage.

7. SSJ2 Vegeta. Now I could be wrong in thinking this, but to me, SSJ2 Vegeta is stronger than Gotenks even at SSJ3 for similar reasons as listed above. I'm not sure where his Majin version might fit in, but if you took SSJ2 Vegeta when he fought Kid Buu plus the added anger/power from the control of Babidi that would be around here too.

Seriously, the SSJ3 modifier Is something like ONE HUNDRED times the power!

(Technically another Buu entry might be here, namely Fat Buu, but I'll skip that.)

8. SSJ3 Gotenks. Basically my reasoning for this is that to me, level of Super Saiyan doesn't necessarily mean stronger. There are other factors that should come into play.

9. Ultimate Perfect Cell, for obvious reasons. With Goku's power in addition to his own.. that made him that much more powerful.

(Broly could go here... I suppose. I know I was excluding Movie characters, but he should probably be mentioned as the Legendary Super saiyan.)

10. Fully Realized SSJs after months of rigorous training - Goku, Gohan and later Vegeta. Eventually Goten and Trunks could be added to this list.

11? This is a stretch, but I think Pikkon deserves a place somewhere around here, due to the fact that he was able to stand toe to toe with a fully powered and realized SSJ Goku.

In the otherworld tournament Pikkon actually stood toe to toe with Piccolo, who is much more powerful then SSJ2 goku in my opinion

What i felt in order -

Unfused Charecters - (Heroes) Only Anime not Movies.

1. Super Buu (Mystic Gohan)

That's a fused character

2. Super Buu (Gotenks)

3. Mystic Gohan

4. Kid Buu

5. SSJ3 Goku

6. Super Buu

7. Evil Buu

8. Fat Buu

9. SSJ2 Vegeta/Majin Vegeta

10. SSJ 2 Goku

Fused Charecters -

1. Super Vegito

2. Vegito

3. SSJ 3 Gotenks

4. SSJ Gotenks

5. Piccolo ( Kami & Nail )

Just say nameless namekian fused with nail, same thing

All Characters in Dragon Ball Z (including movies)


1. Super Vegito

2. Super Gogeta

Same characters below

3. Vegito

4. Gogeta

5. Super Buu (Mystic Gohan)

6. Super Buu ( Gotenks )

7. Janemba (Final Form)

8. Mystic Gohan

9. SSJ 3 Gotenks

10. SSJ3 Goku 06:13, August 19, 2012 (UTC)

my fav fight is goku vs. freeza.

this fight has the most twists and turns and a lot of action what not.

1: Super Vegito

2: Gogeta

3: Buuhan

4: Janemba Super form

5: Buutenks

6: SSJ3 Goku

7: Kid Buu

8: Ultimate Gohan

9: SSJ3 Gotenks

10: Super Buu

Honorable mentions includes: Mr Buu, SSJ2 Vegeta, Super Perfect Cell, SSJ2 Teenage Gohan, Hatchiyack, Broly. hopefully i have it all down par on the top 10 though

My Top Ten Favourite Characters(Not In Order)

1 Gohan Kid-Teen

2 Goku

3 Vegeta

4 Majin Buu

5 Piccolo 6 Trunks

7 Goten 8 Gogeta SSJ4

9 Naturon Shenron

10 Super Janemba

Johnbailey's picks

  1. Vegito
  2. Gogeta
  3. Janemba
  4. Kid Buu
  5. Goku
  6. Super Buu
  7. Broly
  8. Gohan
  9. Gotenks
  10. Meta Cooler

1. SSJ4 Gogeta

2. Omega Shenron

3. SSJ4 Goku

4. SSJ4 Vegeta

5. Broly

6. Super Vegitto

7. Super 17

8. Golden Ape Baby Vegeta

9. SSJ Gogeta

You can't distinguish against Super Vegito and Super Gogeta. Just as you can't distinguish against Super Gogeta/Vegito, and Golden Great Ape Baby and Super !7. There is never any relevence between them.

10. Super Buu (Gohan absorbed)

Absolute's Picks

1. Gohan

2. Goku

3. Vegeta

4. Majin Buu

5. Cell

6. Piccolo

7. Broly

8. Trunks

9. Goten

10. Tien

Top 10 Most Powerful

~ - Top 10 - ~

1.Gogeta/Vegito - Clearly the most Strongest , They can both transform into SS1 but Gogeta barly getting any screen time we can't really judge . So I guess you can call it even .

2. Super Buu ( Ultimate/Mystic Gohan absorbed ) - Without the potara's Super Buu would have killed Goku and Vegeta regardless of how much power they had currently . Kid Buu dosen't equal to Super Buu since SS3 Goku was pretty much equal or maybe alittle stronger then Kid Buu was during there fight near the end of the Season .

4. Hirudegarn ( Transformed ) - Clearly deserves number 3 , Defeated SS3 Gotenks , SS2 Vegeta , Tapion , Videl , Ultimate/Mystic Gohan , and SS2 Goku . Hirudegarn would be #2 if only it didn't have a Weakness such as that and lost to SS3 Goku when Weakend .

3. Janemba ( Final Form ) - Surpassed SS3 Goku and SS2 Vegeta without barely any problems , He can also Regenerate , Able to Warp and also has good swordsmen ship .

4. Ultimate/Mystic Gohan - Gohan in this state is equivelant to a SS3 , Was able to make a fool out of Super Buu and could probably could equal or defeat Kid Buu if he could Teleport to the Kai Planet .

5. SS3 Goku - Was able to beat Janemba in his First Form and equaled Fat Buu and Kid Buu in there fight's in the Anime . Probably equaled to Ultimate/Mystic Gohan but only reason it stay's #5 is cause becoming a SS3 takes up alot of energy while Gohan dosen't waste any in his State .

6.Super Hatchiyack - Goku say's he is probably as strong as Broly was ( In his Legendary SS state ) , and looking back Broly was able to defeat Piccolo , SS1 Vegeta , SS1 Goku , SS1 Future Trunks and SS1 Gohan which is pretty much the same characters who fought Hatchiyack .

7. Broly ( Legendary Super Saiyan State ) - Same reasoning as Super Hatchiyack it is also shown on the released Power Level of Broly that he has atleast or about half the Power Level of SS1 Gogeta which is why he get's a spot on this list .

8.Kid Buu - Matched SS3 Goku evenly at one point , Also was able to hold off Goku's Spirit Bomb for awhile and is incredibly reckless making him so dangerous .

9 .'SS3 'Gotenks - Was stronger then Super Buu and Hirudegarn but it's 30 minute time limit is a hassle making it #9 .

10 .SS2 Gohan ( Cell Saga ) - It is stated that Gohan had more power back then in SS2 , If so he could have defeated Dabura more easily and could also do some what damage to Fat Buu .

cetra1's list

General DBZ list:

I. Vegito/Gogeta and of course Mr. Satan

II. Majin Buu (best form only) / most likely Janemba final form and Hirudegarn, Hirudegarn's power is not too clear, he seems to be too overpowered but beatable in the right moment, actually I think both forms of Hirudegarn are too powerful for all characters when its comes to strength itself, compared to Janemba in his respective movie, Goku might not be on this place, when it comes to Hirudegarn, Goku might already be powerful enough to be on place 2 as well.

III. Goku, Full Power Super Saiyan 3 (only power itself, nevertheless he has too many disadvantages which is also the reason why he does not even consider using it; not even against Super Buu which is the reason why he said he cannot beat him like he once said on Namek he is weaker than Frieza even though he did not use all of his power ups before he said that - I could also mention Goku could boost his Super form with Kaioken but that it would have been boring in terms of storytelling to use it all the time, nevertheless it is possible and even if difficult to handle Goku could probably use it at least a bit, definitely after training it; actually even against Cell Goku could have won with Kaioken but as said, repeating those things would be too boring, meaning his "hey, you are stronger" lines don't say too much since he does not always talk about all power he can charge, in fact the so called "Goku" and "Gohan is stronger" discussions are completely useless and NO side can be proven because no sentence in Dragon Ball can be taken 100% serious, at least Goku seems to be stronger with Full Power while Gohan has the better form), place counts for the Buu battle AND after it, so 10 years later

IV. Gohan, Full Power Hidden Potential Unleashed (without Goku full power, Ultimate Gohan is stronger, it is the better form because of its convenience anyway and most likely on par or even stronger than normal SSJ3 Goku)

V. Gotenks, Full Power Super Saiyan 3 (never shown or tried to charge, but he also needs to have a maximum, same for others) / Hatchiyack

V. Vegeta, Full Power - during the Buu battle, probably above Gohan when DBZ tells its final chapter, who knows

VI. Cell and Dabura, Full Power Solar Destroyer Cell is stronger, Pikkon, Kibito Kai

VII. Piccolo

VIII. Cyborg 18

IX. Super Saiyan Trunks and Goten but Trunks is stronger

X. Tien Shinhan/Krillin, Cyborg 17, maybe Supreme Kai is stronger than some or all of them; that is not so sure, Piccolo seems to give up against Supreme Kai because he respects him as a deity, he has some magical abilities and incredible power but does not seem to be to comparable to the others as a fighter

Uub might not have all of Kid Buu's power first but potential like Gohan. Broly might potentially be the strongest but actually not even close to being as strong as some other characters so I don't mention him in the list. If he could control his power and all ... and would not be a bad guy he could become way stronger. I cannot say anything about Super Cyborg 13 and those guys because they only appear once and I don't know how well they would fight that late in the story. SC13 however would probably be somewhere on the 6th or 7th place.

Strongest DBZ heroes, let out fusions here:

I. Goku

II. Gohan and Vegeta

Reasons for the three are already explained. First Gohan is stronger, then they are probably equal or Vegeta may even be stronger. Gohan did train actually but to me full-blood Saiyans who train seem to get by far stronger than others. Especially when Goku or Vegeta train 10 years.

IV. Mr. Buu

V. Trunks, Kibito Kai

VI. Piccolo, below Trunks 10 years later

VII. Goten, maybe above Piccolo; I just know he does not take Goku's training too serious so Trunks is probably even stronger

VIII. Android 18

IX. Krillin/Tien Shinhan

X. Pan

DBZ Villain List:

With Battle of Gods Wiz and Bills are probably rank I.

I. Hirudegarn

I assume Goku is way stronger in this movie compared to his battle against Janemba since it was supposed to be the last movie and they wanted Goku, the hero to wipe the floor with the enemy.

II. Super Janemba

III. Majin Buu (best form only)

IV. Hatchiyack

Stated to have more power than Broly, but who knows if he meant Movie 10 or not.

V. Broly, latest appearance, potential to be number 1 but not able to control his power and a villain which means he needs to be destroyed

VI. Metal Cooler (I don't know if the original still has too much power, but at least his clones are artificially made stronger)

VI. Full Power Cell, probably also SC13, Dabura, but most likely not as powerful as Full Power Cell

VII. Bojack Full Power

VIII. Cooler Final Form, maybe above Bojack

IX. Mecha-Frieza

I don't count a 10th place because I pretty much only show the strongest forms of characters and I don't count ex-villains like 17 and 18 and also not Majin Vegeta. I also don't count sidekicks.

GT list:

I. Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta

II. Omega Shenron

III. Goku Super Saiyan 4 Full Power

IV. Baby Vegeta Giant Ape / Super Saiyan 4 Vegeta Full Power / Super Cyborg 17

V. Super Saiyan Ultimate Gohan

VI. Majuub

VII-IX. Some Shenrons

X. Pan, Trunks and Goten to give them at least appearance on the list.

Strongest Characters in DBZ



3.Super Buu(Gohan)

4.Super Janemba 


6.Kid Buu 

7.Super Buu(Gotenks)

8.Mystic Gohan

9.Goku SSJ3

10.Gotenks SSJ3

Top 10 Strongest Villians in DBZ

1.Super Buu(Gohan)

2.Super Janemba


4.Kid Buu

5.Super Buu(Gotenks)

6.Super Buu(Piccolo+Trunks+Goten)

7.Super Buu

8.Evil Buu

9.Majin Buu

10.Super Perfect Cell

Anime x Manga

According to manga:

1/2 - Vegito and Gogeta

3 - Super Buu (Gohan, Piccolo, Goten, Trunks)

4 - Super Buu (Gotenks, Piccolo)

5 - Ultimate Gohan

6 - Super Buu (Piccolo, Goten, Trunks)

7 - Gotenks

8 - Super Buu

9 - Goku

10 - Kid Buu

According to anime:

1/2 - Vegito and Gogeta

3 - Super Janemba

4/5 - Goku and Kid Buu (their at least close)

6 - Super Buu (Gohan, Piccolo, Goten, Trunks)

7 - Hirudegarn

8 - Super Buu (Gotenks, Piccolo)

9 - Ultimate Gohan 

10 - Super Buu (Piccolo, Goten, Trunks)

This is not just my opinion. Everything I said is strongly implied, and sometimes even stated, in both versions.

1:farmer with gun







8:bulmas dad


10:ginyu frog

most say vegitos the strongest but its proven that farmer with gun is stronger.






1- Goku (SSJ3 with dragonfist or with Kaioken up to 4X): cause he can use Kaioken untill te X20 and have the Dragon Fist attack (what grow his power), and Gogeta or Vegeto don´t have 20X Goku´s strenght.

2- Gogeta (SSJ): He´s stronger than Vegeto because he appear on the last DBZ movie, where Goku and Vegeta where stronger than when they do the Vegeto fusion.

3- Hildegarm (transformed): The strongest enemie in all DB series.

4- Janemba (transformed): After he tranform he become motherfuckily strong.

5- Gotenks (SSJ3): Only stronger than Vegeto cause it´s used after the Boo saga.

6- Gohan (Mistic SSJ): Without the SSJ3 Gohan is stronger than Goku.

7- Vegeta (SSJ2): His power is over 9000!

8- Vegeto (SSJ): It´s only on 8th place cause it´s only used in the Boo saga.

9- Majin Boo (Kid Boo): I wanna see you joke about his height.

10- Broly (USSJ): You´re right when you say he´s gotta be on the list.

end of dabate the true list of dbz most powerful characters from end of z to frezza saga.

1:super vegito                                                            24:eoz picclo                                47:android 16

2:super gogeta                                                          25:kibito kai                                  48:kamicclo

3:bills god of dastraction                                            26:dabura                                     49:android17

4:buuhan                                                                  27:ssj2 teen gohan                        50:android 18

5:hirudegarn                                                             28:lssj broly movie 8                      51:ssj vegeta

6:buutenks                                                                  29:perfect cell                               52:ssj goku

7:mystic gohan                                                               30:super bojack                             53:android 13

8:super janmba                                                         31:goten eoz                                 54:meta cooler

9:eoz ssj3 goku                                                        32: tranks eoz                               55:ssj future gohan

10:buff buu (sothe kai absorb)                                    33:supreme kai                              56:ssj sword trunks

11:super buu picclo absorb                                        34:kibito                                        57: android 14

12:super buu                                                            35:uub                                           58: android 15                 

13:ssj3 gotenks                                                        36:fp ssj goku                                59:mache freeza

14:eoz ssj2 vegeta                                                    37:kid trunks                                  60:ssj goku (first time)

15:kid buu = ssj3 goku buu saga                                38:kid goten                                   61:cooler                            

16:fat buu                                                                 39:cell jr                                        62:freeza

17:pure evil buu                                               40:acended ssj vegeta                    63:king cold

18:movie 10 lssj broly                                                        41:acended ssj trunks                     

19:good buu                                                              42:super vegeta

20:ssj2 goku=majin vegeta                                        43:picclo post time camber

21:ssj2 kid gohan                                                      44:semi perfect cell

22:super perfect cell                                                  45:super android 13

23:super hatchiyack                                                  46:imperfect cell

I work very hard on this list, you can see that i have teken many forms of most characters to end the debate that never end. you may not agree on this list but the real fans and folewrs of dbz will agree for this list to bee very accureta. please lat my know your thoughts abot it and reply.(the rison it stop on frezza saga is because thre is power level from freeza saga to radits saga).

Goku vs Ultimate gohan

Super Saiyan 3 Goku is shown to be more powerful than Ultimate Gohan in Wrath of the Dragon; Gohan cannot hit Hirudegarn or block any of his attacks, while Super Saiyan 3 Goku almost single-handedly defeats the monster.

^ That could be, but I think that was due to Goku actually TRYING to supress the damage taken. Take it this way...which would hurt more? A punch to the face without you knowing, or a punch to the face (by the same fist) with you getting ready to take the pain? I know both would hurt equally, but you knowing of it would cause you to stay up instead of being knocked out. When Gohan was fighting Hirudegarn (2nd form), he kept trying to hit him, but when he got hit he didn't know where it was coming from so it was more of a sucker punch/giantfisttotheface. When Goku was fighting him (as SSJ3) he was luring the monster into attacking him while taking less damage, because of his preparation of what was coming.SuperGogeta91 (talk) 00:17, April 3, 2013 (UTC)

I am not sure. Bills is stated to be stronger than Super Vegetto. Does that mean Vegetto with all his might (SSJ3 counted) or just how he way in the Series just as SSJ? Because even if is easiely defeated as SSJ3, we have seen how easiely SSJ Gogeta and Vegetto have suppassed him. Just to take in consideration.

1. Vegetto/Gogeta/Wiss: I just can't believe that Bills suppasses them just that easiely while having the things above in mind.

2. Bills: That cat.

3. Goku SSJG: That very "original" design

4. Gohan: Ultimate Warrior

5. Super Buu/Gotenks SSJ3/Janemba: Just taking Buu in his strongest form without absorbing anyone else.

6. Hildegurd or whatever that Dragons name is.

7. Vegeta: Not counting his latest power suppassing Goku since I don't know how high I should put him.

8. Hackjack

9. Broly

10. Supa 13...or maybe Gethi Star Cooler


1.Super Saiyajin Vegito, 'nuff said.

2.Super Saiyajin 4 Gogeta, he easily overpowered Omega Shenron with ease. But the saiyajin transformation might decrease the 30 minutes....

3.Super Buu with all his transformations...

4.Kid Buu..

5.Perfect Janemba...

6.Fat Janemba...


8.SSJ2 Vegeta,,,


10.Babidi - He can control the monsters/people/anyone with an evil heart, as seen when he controlled Pui Pui, Yakon, and finally, Vegeta, which made Vegeta even stronger. However, Dabura resisted.... But yeah, you get my point, Babidi is on top ten. Because of his mind control.. If he had no mind control, I wouldn't put him in this list and put Evil Buu instead,

SupaBoySwagg's Picks

  2. Super Buu with Gohan absorbed
  3. Super Buu with Gotenks absorbed
  4. Ultimate Gohan
  5. Super Saiyan 3 Gotenks and Super Buu
  6. Super Gogeta
  7. Super Saiyan 3 Goku
  8. Kid Buu
  9. Fat Buu
  10. Majin Vegeta 
  11. (1-10 Without Fusions)
  12. Ultimate Gohan
  13. Super Buu
  14. Super Saiyan 3 Goku
  15. Kid Buu
  16. Fat Buu
  17. Super Saiyan 2 Gohan on Kai's Planet
  18. Majin Vegeta
  19. Super Saiyan 2 Goku
  20. Dabura
  21. Super Saiyan 2 Gohan (Before being nearly killed by Buu)

^LOL at Super Gogeta's position. 

His power level is 25 billion, do the math bro. I actually calculated all of these power levels.

Destroy Us All's list

This is counting GT and movies

1. SSJ4 Gogeta

2. Omega Shenron

3. Super 17 (10X Kamehameha Energy absorbed)

4. Syn Shenron

5. Nouva Shenron

6. Eis Shenron

7. Golden Great Ape Baby

8. Super 17 (No energy absorbed)

9. Wiss

10. Super Baby Vegeta 2

11. Majiuub 

12. Super Baby Vegeta 1

13. Baby Vegeta

14. Bills

15. SSJ Vegito

16. SSJ Gogeta

17. Base Vegito

18. Buuhan

19. Buutenks

20. Mystic Gohan

21. Janemba 

22. SSJ3 Gotenks

23. Super Buu

24. SSJ3 Goku

25. Kid Buu

26. General Rilldo

27. Fat Buu

28. Majin Vegeta

29. SSJ2 Goku

30. SSJ2 Teen Gohan (In Cell Games)

31. Super Perfect Cell

32. Power Weighted Perfect Cell

33. Perfect Cell

34. Dabura

35. FPSSJ Gohan (I swear to god Cell said he was stronger then Goku)

36. FPSSJ Goku

37. USSJ Trunks

38. Cell Jr

39. ASSJ Vegeta (Trained in HTC)

40. ASSJ Trunks (Trained in HTC)

41. Piccolo (Trained in HTC)

42. FPSSJ Goku (Tired)

43. ASSJ Vegeta (Against Semi Perfect Cell)

44. ASSJ Trunks (Against Semi Perfect Cell)

45. Semi Perfect Cell

46. Android 16

47. Imperfect Cell (Humans absorbed)

48. Piccolo

49. Android 17

50. Android 18

51. SSJ Vegeta (Before Cell arrived)

52. SSJ Goku (Without Heart Virus)

53. SSJ Trunks (Before Cell arrived)

54. Piccolo (Before fusing with Kami)

55. Android 20 (Piccolo's energy absorbed)

56. Android 19 (Kamehameha's energy absorbed)

57. SSJ Goku (With heart virus)

58. Vegeta

59. Goku

60. Trunks

EDIT: I have extended the list to the Android Saga

^ I agree with most of your list, except that Kid Buu is weaker than Fat Buu (but he's more raging, so unstoppable).

Sandubadear (talk) 17:12, April 16, 2013 (UTC)

Galaxy Dragon's picks

1 Whis 2. Bills 3. Vegito 4. Gogeta 5. Goku 6. Vegeta 7. Super Buu (W/ Gohan absorbed) 8. Gotenks 9. Cell

10. Future Trunks

Goku's Top 10 (No Fusions) Most Powerful









9.Tien Shinhan


Of course this is my opinion and you have your own

/\ goten stronger than vegeta? no way, goten is just a child.

Sandubadear (talk) 22:14, April 17, 2013 (UTC)

Strongest villians in dbz

1.Janemba 2.kid buu 3.super buu 4. Broly 5. Meta cooler 6. Cell 7. Bojack 8. Cooler 9. Super android 13 10 Frieza

My top 15 strongest characater list

1:Gogeta 2:Vegito 3:Super Buu 4:Super Saiyan 3 or 4 Gohan 5. Broly in Legendary Super Saiyan 6:Golden Great Ape 7:Super Saiyan God 8:Gotenks 9:Great Ape 10: Android 18 11:Piccolo 12:Frieza(Final Form) 13:Android 16 14:Kami 15:Nail

All of this are my opinion!

Strongest Vilians

1.Omega Shenron





7.Perfect Cell




It has to be Omega Shenron cause he could hold of Gogeta in Super Saiyan 4

Not counting movie characters. That means no Gogeta either, though he would be tied with Super Vegito. Also there aren't any multiples i.e Super Buu Gotenks, SSJ 3/2 Goku or SSJ 2/Majin Vegita. 

1: Super Vegito

2: Super Buu (All absorbed)

3: Mystic Gohan

4: Super Saiyan 3 Gotenks

5 Goku-End of DBZ

6: Kid Buu/Uub

7: Vegita-End of DBZ (can't say whether or not he is stronger than Kid Buu or not, so i'll put him below simply                                     because of the beating he took in their fight)

8: Hercule...just kidding

8: Fat Buu

9: Super Perfect Cell 

10: Piccolo (Nameless Namek)

This list can not contain vegito, gogeta, gotenks or any buu's who have absorbed characters.... using them is comparing multiple characters to 1 character.... they r all morphed writers block get out of jail free cards for when they realise too late that they have created a villain way too strong and dont know how to remedy the impossible fight they have in front of them. and the GT series can not b used as it was a spin off which means shenron, etc r out.......... so lets start fresh with creators formula for power levels, strength, skills, and achievmnts. this doesnt include a hopelessly outclassed Z team of 3 SS1's and super piccolo getting slapped around like school girls by SS1 broly and then somehow joining all their powers (which have been drained away to fuk all) together in goku and then having more then enough power to beat him with 1 punch (WTF). if that aint a writer monday morning, hungova and not giving a fuk OR realising he created "god" and made him angry i dont know what is. fukn stupidest let down ever.

Creators formula SS1 X50 power level, SS2 X2, SS3 X4

Using this as a guide SS3 goku would not b strong enough to beat SS2 Broly. but due to those "brilliant" writers using brolys anger as the source of his power (ie the legendary super saiyan story) broly got so angry he destroyed the planet.... so would broly transend to SS3 then 4 then 5 then 100 if u kept attacking him as they did??? in the series his rage is unstoppable and as his anger grows so too does his power. 

if this is the casethen he is by a mile pound for pound the strongest character in the series, he kicked the fuk outa every1 who faced him (usually all at once) and none of them could even make him bleed. both endings to broly r fukn stupid although the second is the most probable although if i gave any 1 of u a ps3 remote and broly u would have them all dead long before that would ever happen..............................u know im rite.

but.............. strongest yes, but if u get Buu in his strongest form with all his sneaky skills and attacks then he is the most powerful, most dangerous character... and we r not talking Buu after he has absorbed half the main characters (fukn stupid) as this is not buu but a combination of characters. if ur gunna use that argument then SS3 Vegito/gogeta is the strongest character in the universe then gotenks then whoever else wants to fuse or wear jewellry or watever....

1.Buu (before or after he spits out fat buu, doesnt matter)

he can go toe to toe with SS3 goku who besides broly is the toughest but his extra skills which all break the rules of engagement give him the top spot... Without combining characters no1 can beat him.

broly would punch the fuk outa him but his magic/tricks/powers give him the upper hand. but then again u could argue SS2 -----------> SS435 Broly would just get sooo pissed off with him that he would blast him into nothingness once buu got him mad enough.

2. broly (do the maths, look at the power levels... SS3 goku cant win) 

if u disagree then how bout this. SS3 drains power fast and cant b sustained for long. and then theres anger=power broly................................ enough said.

3. goku (SS3 is goku as is 2, 1 or normal, u cant say ss3 goku 2 then ss2 gohan 3)

4. majuub (fighting potential equal to buu which puts him above all but goku)

5. hildegarn

6. Vegita (gohan never reached SS3 or 4)

however in timeline gohan was stronger then vegita and goku but at the end of Z gohan was only so strong because of the sword and additional last minute training but he was weak as piss from years of being a nerd when he began training so without sword did he only catch up with vegita or did he overtake. hard to say. the writers r scetchy in the power levels around this time. what do u think??

7. gohan

gohan just doesnt have the fighting heart of a saiyan and other then cell games  and hildegarn he is a bit of a girl. no offense to any fans out there, just big admirer of vegitas passion.

8.  trunks (grown up or not, as infant he is stronger then goten)

9. goten

10. who cares, 1 of the 400 super robots they had to write into the show to give them a hard fight with no backstory.......

perfect cell didnt exist without absorbing 17-18, just like super buu. on his own he couldnt even beat piccolo.  perfect cell was a combination of 3. when he respawned he didnt need them but he needed them to get to that stage so.

saiyan saga = nope

namek saga = no1 stands a chance

freiza saga = "

garlic jr saga = "

cell saga = "

Buu saga = "

Movies = "

i havnt forgotten oozuloo....... he is classed as any saiyan who can get there. goku- vegeta, they r all the great ape. tough as fuk. 

going back to broly SS2 vs goku SS3, u can check............... all broly

Real Top Ten Characters

  1. Mr. Popo- pecking order
  2. Whis- stronger than bills
  3. Bills- god of destruction
  4. Goku- became SSJG
  5. Vegito- kicked buu's ass in base form
  6. Gogeta- defeated janemba like shit
  7. Gohan- mystic form
  8. Buu- almost invincible
  9. Janemba- can beat up SSJ3
  10. Vegeta- he's vegeta

1 gogaeta ss4 2 vegito 3 Gogeta 4 goku 5 Ultimate gohan 6 vegeta 7 piccolo 8 trunks 9 goten 10 krillen

You forgot popo's stool, but good list overall

Go dbz

dp15000's Picks

I do not use characters more than once.  This is based off of the strongest forms of all characters in DBZ.

1. Whis

2. Bills

3. SSJG Goku

4. Vegeto

5. Gogeta

6. Super Buu (Gohan & other Z fighters)

7. Janemba

8. Hirudegarn

9. Ultimate Gohan

10. Gotenks

The pecking order:

1. Mr. Popo

2. God

3. Popo's stool

4. The worms in the dirt

5. The Dirt

6. Everyone else

Most powerful villains only

I find the heroes too hard to calculate, so I'll just cover the villains:

1. Syn/Omega shenron: Stated to be the strongest villain

2. baby vegeta: Was stated to be stronger than anyone goku had faced at that point. In a weakened state, he was equal to a full power ssj4

3. bills: The strongest dbz character to date. Bills claims that whis is stronger, but he may be referring to skill and not power. Since we don't know yet, Whis doesn't go on the list.

4. Super 17: Super 17 isn't that strong. He's definitely weaker than ssj4 goku, so he's weaker than baby and he was easy to beat once goku figured out his absorbing trick.

5. General Rilldo: I hate general rilldo as much as the next guy, but goku says that he's stronger than majin buu.

6. kid buu: Stated to be the strongest villain at the time, so he outclasses all earlier foes.

7. Super Janemba: This guy could beat a super saiyan 3. But fusion reborn predates the kid buu saga and I'd hate to call goku a liar.

8. Hatchiyak: Stated to be stronger than broly

9. Broly: Must I explain?

10. Cell or meta cooler: You guys decide on this one. 

In GT, Frieza and Cell became much stronger in the afterlife, so they should probably be higher in the list...It all gives me a headache. The fact is, if the writers wanted to make one character defeat another, they could find a way to do it.

Top ten, counting forms. (Didn't add GT saga cause it's not cannon)

1. Super Vegeth

2. SSJ Gogeta

3. Super Buu (Gohan Absorbed)

4. Janemba

5. Super Saiyan 3 Goku

6. Hirudegan

7. Supreme Gohan

8. Majin Vegeta

9. SSJ2 Teen Gohan

10. Perfect Cell





5:kid buu

Movie villains

I will do the top ten most powerful main movie antagonist. Also whis does not count because he doesn't do anything remotely antagonist.

10. DR wheelo - He is strong enough to fight goku kaio ken 3x but goku kaio ken 4x could defeat him.

9. Turles - Even after eating 2 fruits he is still here.

8. Lord slug - He is stronger then frieza... No matter what form frieza is in there talking about.

7. Cooler - Stronger then full power frieza by a considerable amount, even his head robot form is... There.

6. Android 13 - without transformation he is stronger then a SSJ, but after transforming he need a special spirit bomb.

5. Bojack - Cell... This guy is cell... But as a pirate.

4. Broly - The legendary super sayian is a 4... Thank god they didn't make a 4th broly movie.

3. Hirudegarn - He is weaker then the other guy... No arguments!... Because SSJ3 goku could beat him that's why.

2. Janemba - He is stronger then Majjin buu, and after a boost even SSJ3 is weaker then him... Also he is hells incarnation.

1. Bills - Bills is bills... A god of destruction. Also called the most powerful villain ever.

top ten most powerful characters



3.kid buu







10.evil buu

Not counting movies:

1.Super Vegito

2.Super Buu(Gohan absorbed-Buuhan)

3.Super Buu(Gotenks&Piccolo absorbed)

4.Mystic(Ultimate) Gohan

5.SSJ3 Gotenks/Super Buu

6.SSJ3 Goku/Kid Buu

7.Evil Buu

8.Fat Buu

9.Majin Vegeta

10.Super Perfect Cell

Without movies

Not counting movies:

1.Super Vegito

2.Super Buu(Gohan absorbed-Buuhan)

3.Super Buu(Gotenks&Piccolo absorbed)

4.Mystic(Ultimate) Gohan

5.SSJ3 Gotenks/Super Buu

6.SSJ3 Goku/Kid Buu

7.Evil Buu

8.Fat Buu

9.Majin Vegeta

10.Super Perfect Cell

== top ten strongest dbz characters





4.kid buu


6.future trunks





by c.j perkins


1.God of Destruction Bills (Bet Z-Fighter easily!)

2.SSJG Goku (Probaly)

3.SSJ4 Gogeta (Could beat Omega Shenron easy!)

4.Omega Shenron

5.SSJ4 Goku/SSJ4 Vegeta

6.Kid Buu

7.Vegito(Trolled the $#!& ot of Super Buu)

8.Super Buu (Gohan, Gotenks and Piccolo Absorbed)

9.SSJ3 Goku

10.SSJ3 Gotenks/Ultimate/Mystic Gohan

DraculaCronqvist's list

1) Uisu

2) Virus

3) Gokuu

4) Vegeta

5) Gohan (potential to be the strongest)

6) Hildegarn

7) Boo

8) Cell

9) Hachihyaku

10) Burori

The top 4

Well if everyone paid attention to the movie Battle Of Gods then you can understand my reasoning. 

1. Whis: People need to understand that he is Bills teacher that means he is stronger. Bills is still being taught by him.

2. Obv its Bills he was stronger than Goku even when he took in everyone elses power and was still only using 70% which means he is stronger than Broly.

3. Have to be Vegito: Only reason he outranks Gogeta is cause he is basically permanent  Gogeta lasts for only 30mins max that have the same power level but one has a timer on the power

4.Gogeta cause of the reason above.

5. The rest i really dont care about sry i just wanted to put the top 4 noone else really comes close except mystic gohan but he isnt training anymore if he was i bet he could reach a level of the gods in a year or two in the time chamber.

1 goku in gt genki dama because it  eliminates omega shenron as gogeta ssj4 big ban kamehameha no eliminates omega shenron                                                                                                                                                    2 vegito   makes on fingers super buu in normal form can not even imagine how powerful is like ssj4                          3 gogeta dust made janemba as ssj ssj4 almost as it eliminates the omega shenron                                                4 vegeta  is almost as strong  as goku genki-dama no plus it,s super hard                                                               5 baby vegeta,s strong as oozaru baby is stronger than vegeta can absorb and once it,s in normal form is super weak  6 gotenks is super strong as super saiyan has moves that galactic donuts that ssj3 is as strong  as super buu and broken wall dimesion                                                                                                                                             7 super buu is super strong as gotenks but is seventh place because without regeneration would have been defeated by gotenks                                                                                                                                                            8 mystic gohan  is nothing in gt and adult gotenks  were  stronger than gohan super buu he absorbs it and ready       9 kidbuu     almost  survived genki-dama                                                                                                               10 rildo was stronger than buu but not he had the same  durability and strength

Pinkie's Top 10:

1- Whis

2- Bills

3- Goku (ssjg)

(top 3 are the only ones to have possession of godly ki)

4- Super Vegetto/Super Gogeta

5- Buu (Gohan absorbed)

6- Mystic Gohan

7- Janemba (final form)

8- Gotenks (ssj3)

9- Vegeta (ssj2)

10- Broly (Lssj)

Top 10 most powerful Beings in DBZ, DBGT and Dragonball

Let me be clear, this is a most powerful list not who would win in a fight, Gotenks and Gogeta are more powerful than some on these lists but would loose in a fight due to the time limit. For example, we all know Gogeta is far stronger than Vegito however Vegito would win in a fight due to the time limit. That is my reasoning for SSJ3 Gotenks vs Super Buu.

Movies, DBGT, Dragonball, and DBZ

1 Whis-Battle of the Gods

2 SSJ4 Gogeta-DBGT

3 Bills-Battle of the Gods


5 Omega Shenron-DBGT

6 Majuub-DBGT

7 Gogeta SSJ-Fusion Reborn

8 Vegito-DBZ

9 Goku SSJ4-DBGT

10 Vageta SSJ4-DBGT

Dragonball and DBZ only

1 Super Vegito-DBZ Buu Saga

2 Mystic Gohan-DBZ Buu Saga

3 Kid Buu-DBZ Buu Saga

4 SSJ3 Goku-DBZ Buu Saga

5 SSJ3 Gotenks-DBZ Buu Saga

6 Super Buu-DBZ Buu Saga

7 Majin Vageta-DBZ World Tournament Saga

8 SSJ2 Goku-DBZ World Tournament Saga

9 SSJ2 Teen Gohan-DBZ Cell Games Saga

10 Super Perfect Cell OR Dabura Sorry guys i really couldnt decide between these two... I am sightly leaning Cell, only due to regeneration... what do you all think?

DBZ Movies, DBZ

1. Whis(BoG)- Is stated to be stronger than Bills who defeated SSJ God Goku.

3. Bills(BoG)- Used about 70% of his full power during the fight with SSJ God Goku and still came out victorious. Not to mention the fact that he alone made short work of Mystic Gohan, Fat Buu, and SSJ2 Vegeta. He also defeated Tien, Piccolo, and Android 18 using Chopsticks....

2.Super Vegito/Gogeta(DBZ Buu Saga / DBZ Movie Fusion Reborn)- They seem about equal seeing as how they both never used their full power and toyed with some pretty dangerous and powerful opponents.

3. Super Buu(Gohan,Picolo,Trunks, and Goten absorbed)- Although defeated by Vegito, Super Buu in this form had the power to create a rip in the universe, and break through the dimensional walls.

4. Janemba(DBZ Movie Fusion Reborn)- Could warp through dimensions, and easily defeated SSJ3 Goku, along with SSJ2 Vegeta.

5. Hirudegarn(Movie 13 Wrath of the Dragon)- Was giving the Z- Warriors an extremley hard time and not even Mystic Gohan could finish him off. Hirudegarn also had the ability to warp itself to different poisitons, thus being to fast for any of them to attack. It wasn't until SSJ3 Goku used dragon fist that it was over.

6. Mystic Gohan(DBZ Buu Saga)- Was able to make Super Buu look like a joke who was about on par with SSJ3 Gotenks.

7. SSJ3 Gotenks/Super Buu(DBZ Buu Saga)- I am putting SSJ3 Gotenks on par with Super Buu, maybe he is even a bit stronger but probably not by much. Either way both of them showed the ability to create dimensional rips which requires alot of power.

8. Kid Buu(DBZ Buu Saga)/SSJ3 Goku(BoG)- So dangerous, that even the Kai's had trouble containing him. Not to mention the fact that he gave SSJ3 Goku from this time period a very hard time. Battle of Gods takes place a few years after the events of the Buu Saga and it is quite obvious that Goku kept training, so this means that he could probably put up a better fight against Kid Buu now in his SSJ3 form.

9. SSJ2 Vegeta(BoG)- I won't put him above Kid Buu, because that was just a rage boost much like the one's gohan got as a child and it only lasted for a split second, but since he still kept training his SSJ2 Form should be a bit superior now to SSJ3 Goku from the Buu Saga.

10. SSJ3 Goku(DBZ Buu Saga)- Goku during this time had a very hard time maintaining SSJ3, but still was able to give Kid Buu a good fight and able to last a few minutes against, Super Buu (Gotenks absorbed). Ablaze(Vegito) (talk) 17:56, November 30, 2013 (UTC)

top 10 list without fusions absorbtions count

Okay for one i am not useing fused characters because they in my opinion dont count as actual characters movie villains are in except the giant monsters

going from top to bottom 10-1

10Debura:Demon king said by vegeta to be stronger htan cell

9. Broly: took on all z fighters without breaking a sweat same after seven year time skip even super saiyan 2 gohan

8. kid buu: Third strongest character in DBZ cannon not counting gods

7. Gohan: Strongest non fused character in dbz (i dont count absorbtion as fusion)

6.Buuhan: gohan mystic form absorbed with gotenks and piccolo make most badass buu ever

5. Jenemba: took on supersaiyan 3 goku without breaking a sweat took the most powerful character of dbz to beat him (fusions are not in this list so gogeta)

4.Vegeta Rage Mode: No one slaps bulma and gets away with it. if you havent seen god you should really good movie you know what im talking about if you see that movie

3.Goku: after turning super saiyan god apparently made his normal form almost as powerful as 60% bills which made him number 3

2. Bills: god of destruction. took on ssg goku by him self and only used 60% of power and still won

1. whise: not much is known about this character but all we know is that bills says he is strongest in this universe so yeah he wins.

GohanTrunks5s Pick

  My Pick with fusions but without GT and movies.

1. Super Vegito/Vegito: I chose him because he easily overpowered Super Buu

2. Super Gogeta/Gogeta: Not as powerful as Super Vegito/Vegito

3. Goku: Because he easily toyed around with frieza At full power and if it weren't for the heart virus he would have destroyed every android.

4. Frieza: Just very powerful and destroyed Planet Vegeta.

5. Teen/Adult/Mystic Gohan: I don't know what to say but Just Very very very very powerful.

6. Vegeta: Very powerful and a strategy master when it Comes down to fighting.

7.Cell: Powerful but after a while Vegeta would overpower him at the fullest.

8. Bardock: Just because he is the dad of the most powerful warrior ever.

9. Future Trunks: Just because he turned super Saiyan in an epic way.

10. Future Gohan: He was able to fight against 2 androids with one arm.

SonGoku18's Pick

My list includes fusions and movies

10.SSJ3 Gotenks

He is pretty tough, being able to fight on par with Super Buu( and almost defeated him). However, his personality gives him a disadvantage.

9.Ultimate Gohan

Ultimate Gohan easily overpower Super Buu and was able to keep up with him even when he absorbed Gotenks and Piccolo.

8.Super Buu( Gohan, Trunks, Goten and Piccolo absorbed)

Super Buu, in his last form, was so strong that Goku and Vegeta needed to fuse just to defeat him.


I think he is stronger than Super Buu in his strongest form is because Hirudegarn easily defeated Ultimate Gohan( which is Super Buu's power source ). Even though SSJ3 Goku, who is far weaker than Super Buu when they met, defeated Hirudegarn, the possible reason is that he trained during time between their battle with Majin Buu and the movie "Wrath of the Dragon".

6.Super Janemba

Even though we could say Hirudegarn is stronger than him( because Hirudegarn defeated Ultimate Gohan who is far stronger than SSJ3 Goku when he fought against Janemba ), I still think he can win against Hirudegarn because of his different abilities( which include regeneration and materialization).

5.SSJ2 Vegeta

During his battle against Bills, we can see that he was able to keep up with him for some time even though he was still not angry, while Goku was easily defeated with 2 hits. And he become even stronger when Bills slapped Bulma( to the point that he made Bills spit blood).

4.SSJ Vegito/SSJ Gogeta

The fact that both characters are products of the same fusees( Goku an Vegeta ) makes me think that they only have the same powerlevel.

3.SSJG Goku

After achieving the SSJG form, Goku was able to keep up with Bills.


With his enormous power and martial arts skills, he was able to overpower all the Z figthers( including SSJG Goku).


Bills himself stated that Whis was stronger than him.

Evolve 20's Picks

   10. Hatchyack - Hatchyack has been stated by Goku to be even stronger than Broly, able to take on multiple super saiyans of advanced level at once, and even counter a beam of energy from all of them, plus a super namek! Whereas to defeat Broly, all Goku had to do was take the weakened energies of the Z-Fighters, however to defeat Hatchyack, it took the Z-Fighter's combined energies at max power! Thats why Broly didn't make the list, for those of you wondering. Hatchyack is incredibly powerful in his own right, probably even stronger than a Super Saiyan 2! 

     9. Super Saiyan 3 Goku - I know what you're wondering: how is SSJ3 Goku number nine on the list! As cazy as it sounds, its the truth. Goku is a complete power house in this form, able to take down the Fat Majin Buu effortlessly, and even match Kid Buu! However, he has stated himself that other fighters, such as Super Buu, even he can't defeat. Also, his ki drains constantly, so an intense battle would see Goku down for the count. Heck, other characters have obviously gone above and beyond his power level, as you'll soon see.

     8. Super Saiyan 3 Gotenks - Merely in Super Saiyan form, Goku and Piccolo themselves have stated he'd have more than enough power to defeat the Fat Majin Buu, implying he's somewhere around Super Saiyan 3 Goku's power! By going Super Saiyan 3, however, Gotenks becomes 8x stronger than his previous form, able to match Super Buu in a fight. If it weren't for this character's extreme time limit on his abilities, he'd be an even more deadly opponent.

      7. Ultimate Gohan - Once having his potential unlocked by Old Kai, Gohan not only surpasses his father in Super Saiyan 3, but Gotenks as well. Whereas Gotenks could only match Super Buu, Gohan dominates him, having complete control of the battle. His power doesn't drain and doesn't have a time limit, such as the last two fighters, eliminating any flaws in his incredible strength. However, once absorbing both Piccolo and Gotenks, Super Buu becomes too much for Gohan.

      6. Super Saiyan 2 Vegeta - Vegeta has come a long way as far as raw power level goes. According to one of the Z-Fighters, Master Roshi I believe, Vegeta in Super Saiyan 2 has passed that of Super Saiyan 3 Goku. Not only is that impressive, consideirng he's in a form that is 4x weaker tha Super Saiyan 3, but he also surpasses Gotenks and Ultimate Gohan. Whereas these characters couldn't even touch Bills, Vegeta was storng enough to catch the God of Destruction off guard, and inflict some pain, However, like I said, Bills was caught off guard, and wasn't using near full power. Vegeta may be mighty, but his strength still has limits.

      5. Buuhan - As strong as Super Saiyan 2 Vegeta is, Buuhan probably surpasses him, just thinking logically. He's proven himself to be the strongest villain in the Drgon Ball Z anime/manga. He was so powerful, he could rip dimension in the universe (but other other characters could do this too), but more importantly, only the fusion of Goku and Vegeta, Vegito, could defeat him.

      4. Vegito/Gogeta -  Vegito and Gogeta tie on this lsit. Both are ridiculously powerful, able to easily defeat opponents such as Super Janemba and Buuhan merely in Super Saiyan form! Their powers are literally rivaled by no one... until Battle of Gods came along.

      3. Super Saiyan God Goku - Goku, in Super Saiyan God, could match 70% of Bills' power while going all out. This state makes Super Saiyan 3 look like a play thing, and even more astonishing, goes higher than that of Vegito or Gogeta! We'll see why when talking about Bills, who is next on the list.

      2. Bills - Bills is the God of Destruction, blowing up planets for a living, and even capable of destroying galaxies, maybe the entire universe! Considering Goku didn't even consider fusion with Vegeta to face Bills, that alone should say how strong Bills is compared to a fusion. Not even after an ascension to Super Saiyan God could Gouk beat Bills. His power is a different dimension altogether, even his ki can't be sensed!

       1. Whis - Whis obviously takes the top on the list of top 10 strongest Dragon Ball Z characters. His power is so great, he can knock out Bills with a single move, even Bills admitted he was stronger! Wit that in mind, Whis' strneght must be even greater than all the other characters on this list just judging by the facts. 



3.super saiyan god goku

4.super vegetto


6.mystic gohan

7.majin vegeta



10.super saiyan 2 gohan






6.kid buu



9.mystic gohan


Ultimate SSJ1

OK, after corrections and revisons i've made my revised list. Now, the only things you need to know is the SSJ Multipliers and my ways for calculating fusions, Potara is max power levels added together and multiplied by 2 equals the base fusion. Fusion Dance is max equal power levels added together multiplied by 2 equals base fusion.Now, i also say Beerus(Bills) used 40% to effortlessy dispose of the Z fighters. That's how I calculated my numbers, so this is ultimately my opinion. Note:SSJG is calculated as 7.5x SSJ4 or 30,000 x Base. Goku's base is 10, but he was inexperienced, so I based Bills power off of Gohan Base. Then calculated SSJG Goku from that, and rounded the multiplier. 

1. Whiss-740,625

2. SSJ Vegito-500,000

3. Beerus(Bills)-493,750

4. SSJG Goku-296,250

5. SSJ Gogeta-200,000

6. SSJ Gohan-197,500 (Never fought only when giving Goku God Power.)

7. Buuhan-7755

8. Janemba-7600

9. Buutenks-7550

10. Hirudagarn-3975*

  • Goku as a SSJ3 post Movie 12 is 4000, but he is already on the list as a SSJG. Ultimate Gohan is 3950, and SSJ3 Gotenks is 3850.

Well that's the DBZ list GT and Dragonball will only be top 5.


1. Goku

2. Piccolo


4.Master Roshi



1. SSJ4 Gogeta

2. Omega Shenron

3. Syn Shenron

4. Super Android 17

5. Golden Great Ape Baby Vegeta —This unsigned comment was made by Ultimatessj1 (talkcontribs) Please sign your posts with ~~~~ next time!

KidVegeta's '#1 coolboy best guy ever knows the most about this stuff' picks for Dragon Ball Z

No need for a long-winded explanation. Any true Dragon Ball Z fan will understand the placements. I suppose I'll include all characters, canon and non-canon. Canon characters (characters who actually exist in the universe) will be in bold. No GT though.

  1. Whis
  2. Super Saiyan Vegito (note: post-BoG Vegito would be stronger than Whis, but this character is never seen)
  3. Super Saiyan Gogeta (note: post-BoG Gogeta would be stronger than Whis, but this character is never seen)
  4. Beerus
  5. Vegito
  6. Super Saiyan God Goku
  7. Majin Buu (Gohan Absorbed)
  8. Janemba
  9. Majin Buu (Gotenks Absorbed)
  10. Super Saiyan 3 Goku (this is the Goku seen in the Hirudegarn movie, post-Zenkais and power increases from fighting Majin Buu - he is stronger than the SS3 Goku seen in anime and manga)

So,you have Vegito and Gogeta above Beerus. "Official Dragon Ball Encyclopedia" says that Beerus is 4x stronger than Vegito. But other than that, not a bad list. Buuhan and Janemba, I believe could be interchanged, but we don't know. And since SSJ Vegito is on there already, who would you have in Vegito's spot??Ultimatessj1 (talk) 02:21, February 20, 2014 (UTC)UltimateSSJ1Ultimatessj1 (talk) 02:21, February 20, 2014 (UTC)

Number 11 would be Hirudegarn. However, Toriyama never said Beerus is 4x stronger than Vegito. He said that on a scale of power, Whis would be a 15, Beerus would be a 10, and SSG Goku would be a 6. I think that a fusion of Goku + Vegeta in Super Saiyan would easily put him over a 10, since power levels are multiplied in fusion, not added. -KidVegeta (talk)

My apologies, not the "Creator" but the "Official Dragon Ball Encyclopedia" has Beeus as 4x Super Vegito. My mistake. How do you know how fusion power levels are calculated??Ultimatessj1 (talk) 02:21, February 20, 2014 (UTC)UltimateSSJ1Ultimatessj1 (talk) 02:21, February 20, 2014 (UTC)

Not sure where you saw that. I just checked Beerus' page on the encyclopedia and didn't see anything about him being 4x stronger than Vegito. And despite this wiki's canon policy placing Toriyama's own word below that of several other sources (he's the creator, thus his word is the highest canon), I do not. So because of his interview where he stated Whis to be a 15, Beerus to be a 10, and Goku to be a 6, I can safely say that that is an accurate measure of power for the characters. -KidVegeta (talk)

I don't disagree that what the "Creator" says is supreme truth. I agree and that's how I calculated my list using Whis as a 15, Beerus as 10, so on, and so fourth. I just based all of that on the Super Vegito being 1/4 Beerus power. But ultimatley it's just my opinon I suppose. I do personally believe Super Vegito would crush Bills, but I've seen so many references on different forums about it saying Beerus is 4x Super Vegito. I guessed that was all true and that's how I formed my list. But I don't disagree with you about your placement, because it's not to far off from mine.I just calculated Vegito altogether differently. I didn't multiply power levels, since we don't know if takes their power at the time they fuse, or if it takes their max power and creates that as their base fusion. If you multiply it, it still works, but that's a lot of 0's lol. It would actually make Super Vegito 200,000,000 and I had him at 500,000. So either formula is good in my opinion. I will try to find an official source and exact link that puts Beerus 4x Super Vegito. But doesn't the promotion for BOG say that Beerus is stronger than any character we've seen in Z yet. If  you count that as fact, than that includes Super Vegito anyways. Except Whiss ofcourse. But I believe Vegito and Gogeta to be fully capable of SSJ3, and that would be the all for Beerus or Whiss. Gogeta as a SSJ3 wouldn't quite be enough, better than SSJG Goku, but Vegeta needs to ascend to a SSJ3 for Vegito and Gogeta to be completely equal.Ultimatessj1 (talk) 19:05, February 20, 2014 (UTC)UltimateSSJ1 

You are correct, no where on Beerus page, Vegito's page, the Potara Page, Goku's, or Vegeta's page does it say anywhere that Beerus is 4x Super Vegito. So, I apologize for putting something on here before verifying it myself.Ultimatessj1 (talk) 15:31, February 21, 2014 (UTC)UltimateSSJ1

For what it's worth, I think that Vegito and Gogeta can both access SS3, as Gotenks could. I think both of them in SS3 would be far stronger than even Whis. And if you take the fusion after BoG, where Goku and Vegeta would have much higher base power levels, those two would really have no equal in the universe. As to why I multiply the power levels of the fusees, I know I saw it somewhere (a game or maybe an interview), but I haven't been able to locate that, so I can't properly defend it. So as of now, I don't really have a problem with your perspective of simply adding their power levels, but it's not what I used when crafting my top 10. And the thing about Beerus being "without a doubt" the strongest guy ever was already disproved by the existence of Whis, so I wouldn't take that quote as being very factual. -KidVegeta (talk)

I completley agree that since Gotenks could that both of them would be able to access SSJ3. The reason I don't multiply, is since that makes Gotenks so damn strong, I know he's not stronger than Gohan, and I don't believe him to be stronger than SSJ3 Goku equal. I believe it's in one of the video games where they multiply the fusions, I add them and then multiply that by 2, since there is an obvious increase in power during fusion. And yes, Vegito or Gogeta at the time of BOG would easily as a SSJ3 thrash Whiss. I also agree, that it was just a statement for the movie preview, and Whis disproves it.Ultimatessj1 (talk) 01:52, February 22, 2014 (UTC)UltimateSSJ1

MegaBossMan's list

1. Whis 2. Bills/Beerus 3. SSJG Goku 4. Vegito=Gogeta 5. Super Buu(Gohan absorbed) 6. Hirudegarn 7. Super Buu( Gotenks) 8. Super Jamenba 9. SSJ3 Gotenks=SSJ3 Goku 10. Super Buu



3.ssjg goku


5.raging vegeta(BOG)

6.mystic gohan

7.ssj3 gotenks

8. kid buu

9. teen gohan ssj 2


ReillyW's picks





5.omega shenron



8.super buu


10.super android 13

if no fusions: mystic gohan then hatchiyack

This doesn't include movies, fusions, or GT top 20

1. Goku 2. Vegeta 3. Kid Buu 4. Gohan 5. Mr. Buu 6. Supreme Kai 7. Kibito 8. Piccolo 9. Android 17 10. Android 18 11. Trunks 12. Goten 13. Tien 14. Krillin 15. Yamcha 16. Pikkon 17. Olibu 18. Cell 19. King Cold 20. Frieza

BetterCallSaul3210's picks

1. Whis

2. Beerus

3. Super Saiyan God Goku

4. Super Vegito

5. Super Gogeta

6. Super Buu (Gohan, Goten, Trunks & Piccolo absorbed)

7. Mystic Gohan

8. SSJ3 Gotenks

9. SSJ2 Vegeta

10. Fat Majin Buu

Shin Izanagi's Top Ten Fighters

1. Whis: Now the first three are pretty obvious. The reason Whis get's the number one slot is because when he gave Beerus some wasabi Beerus started destroying moons because the stuff was too spicy for him, to make him stop Whis gave Beerus a swift karate chop and Beerus went down. After the fight of Beerus vs. Goku, Beerus told Goku that Whis was the strongest fighter in there universe. Also it was stated by Akira Toriama that in terms of power Goku was 6, Beerus was 10 and Whis was 15.

2. Beerus: Beerus takes the number two slot because he took on all the Z-Fighters and won, Gohan, Mr Buu, Piccolo, Android 18, Tenshinhan, Gotenks and Vegeta all lost to Beerus's power. He even beat Super Saiyan God Goku!

3. Goku: The strongest of the Z-Fighters ranks in at number three, it's Son Goku! The only Z-Fighter who fight on par with Beerus for a long time, he is also the only saiyan to reach the form know as Super Saiyan God. Gaining a power boost from using the SSJG form, he was able to match Beerus's power for a short amount of time as a Super Saiyan!

4. Vegeta: The one who is shown not to be able to use SSJ3, but can still pack a deadly punch is Vegeta! During the fight with Beerus, Vegeta was shown to be as useless as the rest of the Z-Fighters against Beerus, but that all changed when Beerus slapped Bulma. After seeing this Vegeta into such a rage that for a very short time he started to beat the crap out of Beerus, as a Super Saiyan! He even made Beerus spit out blood, which even Goku couldn't do!

5. Vegito/Gogeta: Both fusions of the worlds greatest heros, both having enormous power levels, yet there full powers never shown, it's Vegito and Gogeta! They show how strong they are by easy defeating Super Buu and Janemba, without having to go a level higher than Super Saiyan!

6. Super Buu: Having absorbed the powers of Gohan, Piccolo, Goten and Trunks along with all the abilites of Majin Buu, Super Buu is the second strongest villain in Dragon Ball history! (Not counting Whis as a villain.) Super Buu is almost indestructible, he could be blown to bits by a energy blast and regenerate like it was nothing! Once he even regenerated from just smoke, smoke!

7. Hirudegarn: Now the Genmajin, Hirudegarn! He shows his strength by defeating SSJ3 Gotenks, Ultimate Gohan, SSJ2 Vegeta and SSJ2 Goku. To kill him, the Z-Fighters needed to cut off his tail to destract him, then use the Dragon Fist: Goku's strongest attack at the time.

8. Janemba: Created by generations of evil energy spilling into one ogre, Janemba is someone you would not want to mess with. To prove his power Janemba took down SSJ3 Goku and SSJ2 Vegeta with ease! To kill Janemba, Super Gogeta needed to use his strongest attack, the Stardust Breaker!

9. Gohan: Being the son of Goku it's natural for Gohan to be one of the strongest heros of all time. Before Gohan wasn't very powerful, because he stopped training in the 7 year gap between Cell and Majin Buu. But after getting his hidden power unlocked (Again) by the Grand Elder Kai, Gohan's power skyrocketed past the power of a Super Saiyan 3!

10. Gotenks: Being the fusion of two little kids it doesn't make much sense how Gotenks is so freaking powerful! It took Goku 7 long and hard years of training to become a Super Saiyan 3 and it took Gotenks 7 long and hard minutes of training to do the same. He even matched Super Buu in power as a SSJ3! (In base form of course.)

Honourable Mentions: Mr Popo.

Kishimpl's Top 10 picks

1. Whis

2. Bills

3.Vegito, Gogeta


5. Broly and Hatchichak(sorry i dont know his name correctly)

6. Janemba

7. Buu( gohan absorbed)

8.Buu( gotenks absorbed)

9. Gohan


But between the z fighters( without fusions)

1 Gohan

2 Goku

3 Vegeta

4 Future Trunks or Piccolo

5 Trunks

6 Goten

7.  Tien

8. Krillin

9. Yamcha

10. Yariobe

1.Whis-pretty simple                                                                                                                                               2.Bills-again pretty simple                                                                                                                                       3.Goku SSJ God-again pretty simple                                                                                                                     4.Vegito-his fusion cant run out and he beat buuhan in his base form.there is no much for say except sorry for my bad english lol XD                                                                                                                                              5.Buuhan-well,buuhan can easily beat both gotenks and gohan so yeah,and these who says kid buu is stronger,he is only stronger than super buu,not buuhan,i will put just one form of buu                              6.Gohan-yes he is stronger then vegeta,in bat.of god.vegeta became enraged but thats not character or form so yeah XD                                                                                                                                                              7.Goku-he is far stronger than gotenks at the end of dbz,because teen goten and teen trunks arent that strong(like gohan at the start of buu saga)                                                                                                             8.Gotenks-he can go super saiyan 3 XD,enough said                                                                                           9.Broly-his power just keep rising                                                                                                                           10.Janemba-he is not stronger than gokuat the end of dbz so thats why he is on this place                                                                  

Strongest characters from dbz

1: Whis - bills himself states tht whis is stronger

2: bills - one hit ko ssj 3 goku nuff said lol

3: ssjg goku - fought Bill's equally while Bill used 70% n goku using 80% of there max power

4: gogeta=vegito - I don't need to explain why there on list do I lol

5: super buu (gohan absorbed) - the strongest form of buu

6: mystic gohan- he easily pick apart super buu

7: super janemba- defeats goku ssj 3 & vegeta ssj 2 without too much effort

8: gotenks ssj 3- had a slight advantage over super buu

9: super buu- ok now the reason I believe super buu is ahead of KID buu is simple in the anime and manga super buu is much stronger than goku at ssj 3 goku even stated while they were inside buu body that even tho they freed gohan,goten,trunks & piccolo that neither he nor vegeta stood a chance against super buu 

10: KID buu- KID buu is not the strongest buu but he is the most feared and crazy

Pandemos's picks

I'm going to disregard movies since I haven't really seen many of them and I'm not going to count fusions. 

1. Goku: This seems obvious, but Goku is still number one on my list. He is really only challenged in terms of power by Vegeta and Gohan, but has beaten the latter on several occasions and the former doesn't keep up with his training. 

2. Vegeta: Vegeta is number two on this list because, since he has fused with Goku (via the Fusion Dance), it is likely that his power is very close to Goku's own. He would be below Gohan on this list, but the latter doesn't train himself consistently like Vegeta does. 

3. Gohan: Gohan is number three since he has consistently shown himself to be more powerful than the other Saiyan Hybrids. He would be number one, since it was stated many times that he had the potential to be the most powerful in the universe, but he simply doesn't train consistantly enough. 

4. Uub: Uub is number four since being the reincarnation of Kid Buu gives him enormous power. Even though he was only a child at the end of Z, I believe that Uub has the potential to be a powerhouse, though not as powerful as the above characters. 

5. Majin Buu: While the Fat Buu lost much of his power after losing his evil half, he was still powerful enough to fight against Kid Buu for some time and completely outclassed Gotenks (in his base form) and Vegeta (in his Majin state). 

6. Trunks: Trunks is number six on this list because he has been stated to be more powerful than Goten by virtue of being older. Considering that Gotenks lost to Fat Buu, Trunks is probably less powerful than him alone. 

7. Goten: Goten is weaker than Trunks by virtue of being younger. 

8. Piccolo: Piccolo might not be very powerful in the broad sense of things, but he was able to fight evenly against Android 17 and later trained to become more powerful. He's weaker than the full blooded and half Saiyans and those related to Buu, but ultimately still quite powerful. 

9. Android 18: Android 18 was capable of fighting against both Trunks and Goten simultaneously, showing her strength. She's below Piccolo because the latter managed to fight on par with her brother, who was stated to be stronger than her. 

10. Pan: Pan is last on this list. She's a Hybrid Saiyan and thus possesses a great deal of potential and she was shown to be quite strong at just four years old. If we're discounting GT, then she has very few showings, but I still think she has the potential to be stronger than the Human Z-Fighters (Krillin, Tien, Chiaotzu, Yamcha, etc.) 

MiToJu's opinion

My Opinion:

Some are from GT. :P

1. Whis (Godly Ki)

2. SSJ4 Gogeta

3. Beerus (Godly Ki)

4. Omega Shenron 

5. SSJ God Goku

6. Super Vegito

7. SSJ4 Goku

8. SSJ4 Vegeta

9. Nuova Shenron or Eis Shenron

10. Nuova Shenron or Eis Shenron

11. Buuhan (Super Buu with Gohan, Trunks, Goten, Piccolo absorbed)

12: Super 17 energy absorbed

13. Buutenks (Super Buu with Gotenks and Piccolo absorbed)

14. Buff Buu (Kid Buu with Southern Supreme Kai absorbed)

15: Super 17

16. Ultimate Gohan

17. SSJ3 Goku

18. SSJ3 Gotenks

18. Buuccolo (Super Buu with Piccolo, Trunks and Goten absorbed)

19. Super Buu

20. Janemba

21. Kid Buu

22. Baby Vegeta Golden Ape

23. Baby Vegeta 2

24. Hirudegarn

25. Evil Buu

26. Fat Buu

27. Meta Rildo

28. Pikkon

29: Super Perfect Cell

30. Hatchiyack

No broly :)

VegetoSS3's List

1. Gogeta/Vegito

2. Whis

3. Bills

4. Goku

5. Super Buu(Gohan, Goten, Trunks & Piccolo Absorbed)/Janemba(Final Form)

6. Super Buu(Gotenks & Piccolo Absorbed)

7. Gohan

8. Kid Buu

9. Super Buu/Gotenks

10. Vegeta

1 Whis this shouldn't even be a debate he is even stronger than bills

2 Bills - he knocked superman sayain 3 goku out with a mere chop and only said to have used 70 percent of his power against super sayain god goku

3 goku super sayain god goku

4 vegeta super sayain 2 enraged for the simple fact he was the only who even remotely challenged bills before supersayan god goku

5 vegito yes I am putting vegito after vegeta for two simple reasons. One im comparing him to the only vegito there has been. And as powerful as he was he couldn't dominate super gohan buu the way bills dominated super sayain 3 goku. And keep this is in mind. when goku fought bills this was several years later. So goku was already immensely more powerfull then he was back in the buu saga. Was he more powerful than his former self as vegito. That's another debate, The last 5 are in no particular order because there really isn't much to back up who would be stronger than who

6 gohan

7 gotenks

8 gohan buu

9 gotenks buu

10 kid buu

Top 10









9.Super Janemba


Top 10 (Strictly manga)

  1. Super Vegetto
  2. Gohan-Buu
  3. Gotenks-Buu
  4. Ultimate Gohan
  5. Super Saiyan 3 Gogeta
  6. Super Saiyan 3 Gotenks
  7. Piccolo-Buu = Super Buu
  8. Super Saiyan 2 Gogeta
  9. Super Saiyan 2 Gotenks
  10. Super Saiyan Gogeta

                              SSJ3Vegeto (talk) 01:10, November 16, 2014 (UTC)

pokecjs picks

1.Whis- Stronger than Beerus/Bills and that means stronger than Goku in Z

2. Beerus - Stronger than Super Saiyan God Goku

3A. Gogeta- beat Janemba with ease

3B. Vegito - toyed with Super Buu ( Gohan absorbed )

3C. Broly - Power increases during battle

4. Goku - Beat Kid Buu and made Beerus go to 70%

5. Vegeta - For a small time was stronger than Goku and beat up Beerus

6. Super Buu Gohan Abosrbed - Absorbed Ultimate Gohan

7. Ultimate Gohan - As strong or stronger than a super saiyan 3

8. Gotenks - About as strong as Super Buu

9. Super Perfect Cell - Would have beaten Super Saiyan 2 Gohan if not for Vegeta

10. Super Saiyan 2 Gohan Teen - Could have beaten Perfect Cell

SSJSonGohan's picks (Including Movies, Excluding GT) + some extras

This is based on their last appearance's in the manga/anime/movie and using transformations.

  • Whis
  • Beerus
  • Son Goku (Super Saiyan God - Super Saiyan)
  • Vegeta (Super Saiyan God - Super Saiyan)
  • Frieza (Ultimate Evolution - Golden Form)
  • Son Goku (Super Saiyan God)
  • Vegito (Super Saiyan)
  • Super Buu (Gohan, Goten, Trunks and Piccolo Absorbed)
  • Super Buu (SSJ3 Gotenks and Piccolo Absorbed)
  • Son Gohan (Ultimate Power-Up/Mystic Transformation)
  • Gotenks (Super Saiyan 3)
  • Gogeta (Super Saiyan)
  • Janemba (Final Form)
  • Son Goku (Super Saiyan 3)
  • Kid Buu
  • Hirudegarn (Final Form)
  • Fat Buu
  • Hirudegarn (Initial Form)
  • Vegeta (Super Saiyan 2)
  • Broly (Legendary Super Saiyan)
  • Gotenks (Super Saiyan)
  • Janemba (Initial Form)
  • Super Perfect Cell
  • Son Gohan (Super Saiyan 2)

Manga only (end of DBZ), no temporary absorption, no fusion, no hypotheticals (Quarantine Zone's Pick)

1) Kid Buu (temporary absorbance is being ignored in this list)

2) Goku

3) Gohan

5) Vegeta

6) Cell (Super perfect form has no androids absorbed)

6 (again)) Dabra (stated to be equal power to Cell)

7) Future Trunks

8) Piccolo

9) Android 16

10) Android 17

Other notable characters (not in any order):

All Kaioshins, Freeza, King Cold, Androids 18, 19, and 20, Goten, Trunks, Bibidi and Babidi, Piccolo, Captain Ginyu, Yakon

Top ten strongest characters in DBZ (no movies or GT)

1) Vegito

2) Buu-han (Super Buu + (Gohan, Piccolo, Trunks, Goten))

3) Ultimate Gohan

4) Buu-tenks (Super Buu + (Gotenks, Piccolo))

5) Gotenks

6) Goku

7) Buu-colo (Super Buu + (Piccolo, Trunks, Goten))

8) Super Buu (Evil Buu main with Fat Buu absorbed)

9) Kid Buu / Uub

10) Majin Buu (fat Buu with evil Buu inside) / Vegeta

(if Fat Majin Buu couldn't regenerate he would have died from Majin SSJ2 Vegeta kamikamzi)

Canon Only...

1. Beerus

2. SSJ God Goku

3. Vegetto

4. Gogeta

5. Super Buuhan

6. Super Buutenks

7. Chou Gohan

8. Super Buuccolo

9. Super Buu

10. SSJ3 Gotenks

If I Were to go From all media I'd pick

1. Whis



4.Golden Freeza

5.omega Shenron


7.Vegito (under goku because he dosn't go SSG or SS4)

8. SS4 Broly (Dragonall Heroes)

9. Kid Buu


If I were to only go Canon media (counting battle of the gods and revival of F but not counting other movies or GT) it would be



3.golden Freeza

4.Goku SSG

5. Super Vegito

6.Kid Buu

7.Super Buu (Gohan Absorbed)

8.Ultimate Gohan

9. ss3 Gotentks

10.Evil buu                                                                                                                                                          


1- whis

Because is declared in battle of gods movie to be the strongest being in the universe


He is the god of destruction and able to take down ssj god goku who has the power of himself,gohan,vegeta,goten,trunks and gohan daugther in his body and bills is stronger then that

3- ssj god goku

Seriously this had to be number 3 beacuse the imense power gathered from the all saiyans and he is 60 the power of bills and bills two shot ssj 3 goku and tho shot mistic gohan and fat buu at the same time


He is toying with super buu that absorbed gohan ,trunks,goten and piccolo like nothing in his ssj state but he only has the power of goku and vegeta thamake hime weaker then ssj god goku beacuse has the power of goku,vegeta,trunks,goten,and gohan 


Afther all the old kai that unlock gohan potential say in anime  that the potara fusion is better then fusion dance that make gogeta weaker then vegito

6-super buu with gohan absorbed and goten and trunks and piccolo

super buu when absorb gotenks he beat gohan like he was nearly nothing now imagine super buu that absorbed gohan that is even stronger then gotenks


janemba he get this spot because he defeat ssj 3 goku with out taking any seriously damage that could effect him witout gogeta that  everyone in that movie will be killed by janemba


And  now you're something like this what but let me explained to you why vegeta deserve this spot in battle of gods he get so angry and hits bill so hard that non of z-figthers did like except for goku and if you are still not convinced go watch the movie dbz battle of gods en then you will now why vegeta has this spot on this list

9-mistic gohan

Now seriosuly mistic gohan was toying with super buu the guy that was shatter the dimesions by screaming and the guy that was enough strong to kill ssj 3 goku and gohan was like thats all you got bro

10-super buu

Probably many will say that gotenks is stronger that buu but in fact he never was able to kill buu and because the fact that gotenks has time limit make superbuu more stronger then gotenks

And that is my top for this forum i hope you all enjoy if you had a problem tell my i will fix this post so enjoy

also i dint include golden frieza beacuse the movie is not relase so when is relase i will remake the top based on the new information for the new upcoming movie fukkatsu no f th ressercution of frieza

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