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The Dragon Ball Universe has many unanswered mystery's in it. Write your top ten unanswered questions about anything in the Dragon Ball Universe. They won't be answered since nobody knows the true answer to them but it would be cool to see all the random things we can think of.

SuperTiencha's Picks

  1. Even after failing several times and constantly being tortured, why do Shu and Mai still work for Pilaf?
  2. Why does Launch have a split personality
  3. Why are animal characters like oolong and korin attracted to human females instead of females of their own species?
  4. If Bulma is an extremely beautiful and rich, why would she need the Dragon Balls to wish to get a boyfriend when she could probably easily get one? ANSWER: shes also extremely insecure, not to mention annoying!
  5. Why didn't Arale join the 22nd World Martial Arts Tournament when Goku told her that she should have?
  6. How did Android 18 have a kid? Answer: she's not a robot, just a human with some of her body parts enhanced into mecanical parts. Her reproductive organs are still in place and functional.
  7. What happen to Bardock in Otherworld?
  8. Why didn't they wish Android 16 back to life?Answer: Android 16 was 100% artificial unlike 17 and 18 so he could not be wished back to life and when he died he did not go to the otherworld he just ceased to exist.
  9. Why does Tien have a third eye and why hasn't anyone said anything about it? ANSWER: He's part of a third eye race I'm pretty sure, and in Dragonball he is in a tournament and all the ladies thinks it's attractive. They ask whether it is a fake or not.

DragonBallZGTGoku's Picks

  1. How did Yamcha get his scars?
  2. Why did Vegeta stop trying to get his hands on the Dragon Balls after he begins living on Earth when he could have easily gotten immortality before Goku came back? ANSWER: Because he assumed that Goku and Freiza (The two strongest beings in the universe at the time) perished in the destruction of Planet Namek, so he would've found it unessecary to obtain immortality when he initially thought he was the strongest left.
  3. Why is the "Eternal Dragon" able to be killed by King Piccolo, a rather weak villain in hindsight? Answer: because the eternal dragon is only as strong as the one who created him, in this case, Kami. And as we all know, King Piccolo was stronger than Kami by the time he regained his youth.
  4. Why didn't any Namekians (including Kami, Guru, and Dende) ever warn the heroes about the negative effects of using the Dragon Balls too much? Answer: Because that's DBGT material which Toriyama didn't plan on his original work.
  5. Why did immensely powerful beings like Frieza not have the Ki Sense ability... one of the first things the heroes learn? Answer: because they relied on their scouters, thus believing they had no need for an actual ki-sensing ability
  6. Why didn't Goku take the Power Pole back and fight with it?
  7. If King Yemma was weaker than King Kai, as Kami says, how was he able to force characters like Frieza and Cell, who retained their bodies, into Hell? Answer: the parts where the guys in hell still have their bodies is anime-only filler. On the original manga, Hell is never seen, so we may believe whoever dies and is not chosen by Kami to go train in the other world doesn't get his body back.
  8. How do people listen to anything Puar says without cringing from the insane squeaking?
  9. What ever happened to Icarus? Answer: movie-only chara... and they stopped making movies
  10. Why didn't the heroes just have Spike the Devilman on speed dial to come and easily kill any evil character that came to Earth?

SSWerty's picks

  1. Where is the Power Pole?
  2. What is Puar? Is he/she a cat or a mouse?
  3. Why is Chiaotzu obssessed with Tien? (I know what you're all thinking...)
  4. Where was Bardock sent in the Other World?
  5. Also, if Bardock was sent to Hell, what happened between him and Frieza?
  6. How does Cooler discover a fifth form when his fourth form should be his original state?
  7. Who built Korin's Tower and the Lookout?
  8. How did Frieza's family build the World Trade Organization?
  9. Why can the Saiyans grow plant things that have the same power level as Raditz?
  10. Why is the king of Earth a cat thing?

SilverTaiyoAkira's Picks

1. When did Bulma start liking Vegeta? Answer: during the three years training prior to the androids' coming, Bulma got done with Yamcha and got fond Vegeta, who seemed to feel very lonely on Earth. This is taken from the manga.

2. Is Chiaotzu a boy or some sort of living Chinese doll?

3. If Goku was crying all the time when he and Broly were babies, why the hell does he hate Goku so much for crying? Babies cry, so he shouldn't get so mad about it. If it's because he get stabbed and almost killed then sure, that's be a reason to be angry, but crying is just stupid. Answer The repetetive crying of Goku Affected Brolys Phychological state of mind which caused him to hold a subconsious grudge against him

4. Is Android 19 Chinese? Answer: he was built from scrap, so he's androidish.

5. What is Puar and why the hell is its voice so damn annoying?

6. What is Pikkon?

7. How was Krillin able to come back to life every time he died if the Earth's Dragon Balls at those times were only able to bring someone back once? Answer: Namekian Dragon Balls

8. If the Z Fighters wished back everyone killed by Cell, why was Android 16 still dead? ANSWER: He's not a human, they must've had to be accurate in their wish makings.

9. Why does everyone like Hercule and how the f*** did he survive the bitchslap Cell gave him? Answer: Cell didn't consider Hercule worth a damn, so he didn't even try at killing him, just taking him off the way

Useless Mancer's Picks

1. Why did hercule live when kid buu smacked him around?

2. Why is it that Gohan isn't allowed to train and has to study while goten was not only actively pushed to train, chichi helped with that to turn SSJ?

3. Why does Tien have 3 Eyes?

4. How are the kais even able to seal away Bojack and co if they were weaker then vegeta when he makes first appearance?

5. Why is Frieza so bad with time?

6. How is Cell even able to regurgitate 18 when the idea of him being perfect involve completely and utterly absorbing 17 and 18?

7. Why didn't vegeta kill gohan after the whole great saiyaman escapes going on, it would have made alot of us feel better for that?

8. An additional question to that: why did piccolo allow the whole great saiyaman garbage to continue?

9. So how is it that full blooded saiyans can't grow hair past adulthood but vegeta, a full blooded saiyan, can grow a moustache? Also, was King Vegeta born with a goatee?

10. So why couldn't pan go SSJ but her grandson Goku Jr can? Answer: Best question on here, the only reasonable answer that I can give is that 'female' saiyans cannot ascend perhaps? I was lead to believe that only Saiyans that are full blooded or half blooded can ascend.

Gotenkz's Picks

1. Where is the power pole..?
2. Why is Puar obsessed with Tien Shinhan? Answer: Puar? Obsessed with Tien?
3. When they wished for everyone killed by Cell to be brought back to life, why wasn't Android 16 revived?
4. Why doesn't anyone exploit Mr. Satan being so weak and how they're infinitley stronger and deserve the money and fame? Answer: They don't care about Hercule enough to do that
5. How did Launch get her split personality?
6. Why can't you use the Kaio Ken while in Super Saiyan form? Answer: Using a Super Kaio-ken can cause incredible tiring and probably even death( or so I've heard). The one and only time that the already-dead Goku used this technique brought extreme exhaustion upon him.
7. How did Yamcha get his scars?
8. Why doesn't Krillin grow..?
9. How was Frieza rebuilt if he was completely cut in two? Answer: The mechanics and prosthetics healed all his wounds from Namek and supposedly made him stronger..just not strong enough to beat Trunks.
10. If in so many though situations where they had the Dragon Balls, Why did Goku/Vegeta or anyone else NEVER wish for unlimited power or eternal life? When Goku was fighting Kid Buu with the Spirit Bomb,
Dende used a wish to bring Goku's power back to it's full, when he could have just wished for ten times his current power or something else to power him up...? Answer: Goku never desires eternal life, that's Vegeta only, and he gives up on it after the Frieza saga apparently. And no saiyan would *wish* for more power, they are much too proud for that; they'd rather train and obtain the huge boost by themselves than ask a mystic artifact to do it for them.

SS3VegetaNB's Questions

First of all, whoever started this one, thank you. There are truly some things I would really like to know, such as...

...if anyone remembers correctly from Kibito's flashback, Kid Buu was Buu's original form. This form is weaker than Fat Buu, because he had not yet absorbed Dai Kai or South Kai. To me, I don't believe Dai Kai's benevolence gave Buu a smaller power level, it just made him nicer and a bit less intelligent. So bearing all this in mind, how was he even a match for Super Saiyan 3 Goku, let alone able to decimate him after a while the way he did? Answer: Goku said himself SSJ3 waas stronger than Kid Buu. Yet he hadn't fully mastered SSJ3, and lost way too much energy. When he tried to replenish, he only sped his drain, losing the SSJ3 state.

...Super Perfect Cell's entire brief existence is a complete mystery. When he self-destructed, he lost both 17 and 18 entirely, which would have reduced him all the way back down to his first form, costing him over 90% of his complete power. Even if his Saiyan cells granted him the ability to become stronger after death, there's no possible way he could have amassed that much power. I didn't buy the whole "my cells stored the power" thing because only one cell of his being survived the blast - ergo he STILL couldn't have gotten all that power back, even if his cells brought him back in his Perfect Form, which, in and of itself is a mystery. How the hell did that happen? He couldn't have achieved that form without 17 and 18 being a part of him (we fans spent the entire Android Saga being told that again and again), and the two Androids were offed in the explosion. Again, the entire existance of this form is one big conglomerated mystery on top of another.

...When Goku teleported Cell to King Kai's planet, did anybody notice that he had enough time left to carry on a whole conversation with King Kai? Why the hell didn't he grab King Kai, Bubbles, and Gregory and teleport away?

...Why did it take almost *20* episodes for 5 minutes to pass at the end of the Frieza Saga? Answer: Money

...Back to the Cell Games, the rules were still in effect when Goku nuked Cell with the Instant Transmission Kamehameha Wave. Why wasn't Goku declared the winner when he became the last man standing? Granted, Cell didn't permanently die, but the rules were clear enough. Answer: There was no referee in that fight, rather than Cell himself. And besides, with Cell regenerating, any "victory" on the tourney's rules would be completely useless.

...And another thing about Cell. Piccolo can only regenerate so long as his brain is intact, and can only regenerate minor limb damage/loss at best. It is Piccolo's cells that grant Cell this ability. The ability was not altered or improved by Dr. Gero at all. So...after the Instant Transmission Kamehameha Wave, Cell had no brain...or a torso... How did he regenerate?

...Why does Kid Gohan have a tail in almost every movie he's in, regardless of when the movie takes place? I know the movies aren't canon but it still begs the question.

...Goku Jr. 'Nuff said.

...Why didn't Vegito just kill Buu outright and wish everyone back instead of letting the earth and several other planets get destroyed? Answer: This is something that happens constantly in the Dragon Ball universe. Whenever someone has the easy upperhand in combat, they tend to get pretty cocky, but then the one-sided battle turns the tides and the fighter's pride can backfire on them.

...And hypothetically, if Buu absorbed Perfect Cell, would it create the ultimate villain?

One i just need to add that no one seems to have mentioned.

  • Krillen is 100% human, then how come he doesnt have a nose, and its not just his design looking like he doesnt have one, he actually doesnt because Goku reminds him in Dragonball and thats how he defeats Bacterion in the first Worlds Martial Arts Tournament. (And what are them dots on his head for?)

Ss4bardock's thoughts

1. What does Videl see in Gohan?

2. Why is Chi- Chi such a bitch?

3. What is Chiatzoa?

4. Why does Tien have three eyes?

5. Why do Frieza and Zarbon crossdress?

6. Did frieza's mom commit suicide after she gave birth to him?

7. How did the immortal phoniex die?

8. Why does Turles look like Goku? ANSWER: A lot of lower class Saiyans look similar to differenciate them from the upper echelon of warriors.

9. What does Andriod 18 see in Krillin?

10. How many issues does freaking Broly have? As a baby he hated Goku for crying? He lived with his dad til he was in his 30's? He still has a grudge on Goku? Answer: Think of it this way, if you were a baby that barely got any sleep because of crying and got stabbed then thrown out with garbage, wouldn't you have hate within you? Also, Broly didn't have a choice, his father manipulated his power, which is why when he was freed, he killed his father brutally.

1. Why is broly so overpowered Answer: His Legendary Super Saiyan form provies him with an unlimited amount of energy. The longer he fights in that form, the more power he gains. At some points, he has to burn off extra energy to keep himself stable.

2. How come goku beat hiduregan and gohan cldnt when ultimate gohan was ALOT stonger than goku

3. If gohan has good reflexes and was the strongest warrior at the time, how come he cldnt catch the potora earring

4. Why is vegeta not the king if his dad is dead? that wld mean that he is king, trunks is prince Answer: Vegeta, Trunks, Goku, Gohan, Goten. Only saiyan-blood people are left. 7 if you count Bra and Pan. What good would be for Vegeta to reign over 6 people? Not like any of them would actually acknowledge him as a king, nor does it seem Vegeta is interested anymore in becoming king.

5. Why dosent anyone realize future trunks is the king of all saiyans if king and prince vegeta are dead in his time Answer: Trunks is the only saiyan alive in the universe. Nothing to reign for. And Ft Trunks doesn't strike me as the wanna-be ruler kind.

6. Why is everyone insignificent in Gt besides (goku and gogeta) Answer: plotholes. Plotholes everywhere

7. What grade was gohan in in the saiyaman saga

8. How come the z fighters didnt catch the dragonballs before they flew away.

9. What is frieza? Answer: The official name of Frieza's species is unknown. This is because not much is said about their kind. The only ones known that share his species are Cooler and King Cold.

10. ANNNNNND about how strong is krillin at his highest powerlevel in the series

DB Junkie

-Goku turned nice cause he got hit in the head, im pretty sure he is not the only saiyan baby to be hit on the head real hard seeing that they were sent all over the universe to attack different planets, so why is goku the only one who turned out nice.

- on a side note to the last question, if you hit Goku really really really hard on the head again, will he go back to being bad?

- why do goku and krillin look like thay are 4 years old in the martial arts tournement yet they are established as much older.

-Where did Dr. Gero come from? In DBZ they establish that he was the head of the red ribbon army and everyone recognizes his name yet in dragonball, no ever mentions him.

- why did king kai make goku fly all the way back through snake way after being wished back to fight vegeta if he could have just used intant transmition to take him there thus goku could have made it in time to save piccollo.( years later we learn that king kai new how to do instant transmision the whole time)

- Why are people so freaked out and surprised and skeptical when Cell demonstrates his powers? as if they have never witnessed that befor. i/e- vageta and nappa got news coverage and so did the invasion of king piccollo.

- why did future trunks struggle so hard to becom a super saiyan when he had so much pain and injustice fueling him while the normal timeline trunks, who has no motivation whatsoever to become stronger, turns SS like nothing. same goes for goten and gohan Answer: Becoming a Super Saiyan doesn't only require intense emotion. It also requires a necessity, or an extreme need. Its possible that he only had anger then had a need at the last moment, most likely to avenge Future Gohan and defeat the androids.

- when excacly did goku and chi chi find the time to be together and conceave goten.

- shouldnt it be a little harder to surpass a kai in power the way DBZ demonstrates.

- why excacly is there a touching goodbye at the end of DBZ when goku leaves to train Uub? as if noone will ever see him again. they are still on the same planet and most of the characters can fly and sence power levels so its not like he is lost. and also is Goku such an irresponsible father and husband that he prefers to leave them all behind to go train some stranger.

Goji73's Picks

  1. Why didn't Goku use Instant Transmission to drop off Cell in a different place (other than King Kai's planet,) and then teleport back to Earth?
  2. How did Cooler manage to survive by one eye and still be alive?
  3. Launch's split personality
  4. Pikkon (a character with such great potential and there's little to nothing about him)
  5. Where Bardock went after he died
  6. Android 16 not being brought back to life
  7. Frieza's Mother
  8. Caterpy's metamorphasis
  9. Vegeta's unusual flat-top hairstyle at the VERY BEGINNING of GT
  10. Pilaf, Shu, and Mai still being alive in GT
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