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The Dragon Ball Universe has many unanswered mystery's in it. Write your top ten unanswered questions about anything in the Dragon Ball Universe. They won't be answered since nobody knows the true answer to them but it would be cool to see all the random things we can think of.


Q1: Why werent Bardock and the other saiyans brought back to life when shenron restored all people killed by frieza and his henchman? Because it only restored people killed within the last year.

Q2: Why didn't the earth's dragonballs just grant the wish the Namek's dragonballs did? To teleport all people on Namek to earth but Goku and Frieza. Im guessing it was so Vegeta stayed in the storyline. They used the Earth's Dragonballs to wish all the Namekians back to life, thus bringing back Guru and the usage of the Namekian Dragonballs. They needed the Namekian Dragonballs to bring back Chaozu and Krillin as both could not be brought back by Shenron because he'd already granted that wish.

Q3: Did Piccolo and Nail ever unfuse? or did Nail's personality just fade after a while? Nail eventually faded into Piccolo.

Q4 MOST IMPORTANT!: Did Goku survive the blow against Frieza during their battle, and they just continued the battle after he resurfaced? OR Did Goku die from that attack, and just after he died, shenron revived him because he was killed by Frieza, and all who where killed by Frieza and his henchman where brought back. This is a huge conspiracy that has been going on for a long time now. He survived. Goku'd already been brought back to life by Shenron; if he'd died against Frieza's attack then he would not have come back to life again when Shenron revived everyone. As it is that part was filler.

In the manga, Goku returns from that blow almost immediately. The anime just stretches it out for ages. But, if you watch the scene in the anime, Frieza throws Goku deep underground, and a massive gout of lava comes out of the crater after Frieza exits. Because of this it's possible Goku had to stay underground in lava and had an energy shield up the whole time, slowing him down. He eventually comes back via the water, so it's not like he just came straight to the surface, he maybe had to travel along underground/ through lava before he could return to the fight.

TrueCelt (talk) 05:36, September 12, 2012 (UTC)

Q5: Why the hell does Cooler's fourth form have a mouthpiece like a robot...? is that really neccesary? There is nothing saying that it can't happen.

Q6: Why didn't Baby come back in the Super17 Saga with all the others when Hell was opened? And why didn't he pick a body to take over if he could have? Unknown. Cell, being artifically created like Baby, was in Hell.

Q7: Why is Toriyama so lazy? 2 specials that haven't been english dubbed yet. Toriyama doesn't control that. Q8: Gohan Ultimate form can't beat Hirudigarn, but SSJ3 Goku can, however Goku SSJ3 isn't as strong as Super Buu, yet UF Gohan CRUSHES him. Goku didn't use Dragon Fist against any of the Buu's, probably would have saved him a whole lot of trouble. Because he didnt know Hirudigarn's weakness, strong emotions or something.

Q9: Last Question: Why hasn't Bulma/Chi-Chi learnt how to fly? The writers didn't see a need for them to learn. Plus, they don't seem as calm minded as Videl.

Advanced martial arts training and willingness are needed. Only Chi-Chi has the training, and  both are unwilling.

Q10: When Chiaotzu sacrifices himself by blowing himself up, we see him later in episodes in the afterlife, and revive him with the dragonballs. Though when Vegita does the same thing with Buu, Vegita no longer has a body in the afterlife. Why? As it goes, those seen worthy of keeping their bodies are allowed to. It was explained in the sceries. Later, it seems that they dropped this for the plot of GT.

Q11: Why aren't King Piccolo's eggs hatched out as namekians? They are altered by the will of King Piccolo.

Q12: Super Buu is the original buu so how does he turn into kid buu if super buu was not original buu? Another question linking to this one if super buu turned Fat Buu into a cookie and ate him we dont see anywhere that eating the cookies is the same as absorbing the power so how did super buu gain power from just eating fat buu when eating a cookie of the peson doesnt give power? Does the cookie that buu turns you to give buu power or just a tasty snack? The anime shows that kid buu is the original buu according to the current Supreme Kai. Also the anime shows that when Skinny Buu and Fat Buu were fighting Skinny Buu won that fight when Fat Buu tried to transform Skinny Buu into candy Skinny Buu reverted it back and then ate the Candy. This move allowed him to fuse both Buus together. That being said it does seem that eating the candy does have the capabilities of absorbing your opponents powers if they're strong enough to make you stronger(except in the case of eating the Supreme Supreme Kai because he was gentle by nature, thus the antithesis of Kid Buu(original Buu)). Eating the candy of weaker people does not weaken Buu.

SuperTiencha's Picks

  1. Even after failing several times and constantly being tortured, why do Shu and Mai still work for Pilaf? Answer: Because they're idiots. Seriously, krillin is smarter.
  2. Why does Launch have a split personality Answer: A real mystery, huh? Uh, because she's a DragonBall Z Character. They're just plenty weird.
  3. Why are animal characters like oolong and korin attracted to human females instead of females of their own species? Answer: I don't know. Maybe because they're DBZ Characters?
  4. If Bulma is an extremely beautiful and rich, why would she need the Dragon Balls to wish to get a boyfriend when she could probably easily get one? Answer: She's also extremely insecure, not to mention annoying!
  5. Why didn't Arale join the 22nd World Martial Arts Tournament when Goku told her that she should have? Answer: Senbei. Her father probably didn't allow her. She could destroy the whole ring for crying out loud. And probably because she wasnt that important to the story.

ARALE is also a character from another anime/manga. It wouldn't be right to keep her in dragonball other than for a cross episode which was it's original intention.

  1. How did Android 18 have a kid? Answer: She's not a robot, just a human with some of her body parts enhanced into mecanical parts. Her reproductive organs are still in place and functional.
  2. What happened to Bardock in Otherworld? Answer: Nothing. Bardock went to hell, in other words, he is a cloud.
    • If Bardock went to hell then why didn't he appear when everyone escaped Hell in Fusion Reborn and the Super 17 saga. Answer: Everyone that wanted revenge on Goku came back (Red Ribbon Army, Cooler, Raditz, etc.). And maybe he didnt go to hell because he did save past planet vegeta from Lord Chilled (Freiza's ancestor)
  1. Why didn't they wish Android 16 back to life? Answer: Android 16 was 100% artificial unlike 17 and 18 so he could not be wished back to life and when he died he did not go to the otherworld he just ceased to exist.
    • Android 8 is 100% android like 16 and he was brought back to life. Possibly another mistake. Who knows!
  1. Why does Tien have a third eye and why hasn't anyone said anything about it? Answer: He's part of a third eye race I'm pretty sure, and in Dragonball he is in a tournament and all the ladies thinks it's attractive. They ask whether it is a fake or not. Also, he's a DBZ character.<He is a human and is based on a mythological character.
  2. WHAT IS CHIAOTZU? Answer: a DBZ character.,<He is a human and is based on some type of ghost.
  3. Why do people insist on trying to solve mysteries about a series written by a cool guy who is known for making comedy manga that make no sense? Because we are bored nerds who know alot about DBZ

DragonBallZGTGoku's Picks

  1. How did Yamcha get his scars? Answer: After leaving Korin's tower and before the last tournament of Dragonball, he participated in many battles to continue his training. I remember vaguely hearing about a fight with a bear. Not 100% about the bear though.
  2. Why did Vegeta stop trying to get his hands on the Dragon Balls after he begins living on Earth when he could have easily gotten immortality before Goku came back? ANSWER: Because he assumed that Goku and Freiza (The two strongest beings in the universe at the time) perished in the destruction of Planet Namek, so he would've found it unessecary to obtain immortality when he initially thought he was the strongest left. EDIT: Actually, Vegeta finds out Goku is still alive from Porunga, when the gang is trying to revive him. I think he desired to gain the SSJ state and surpass Goku more than he wanted to be immortal, so he trained instead of finding the balls.

          if i remember correctly, and its been a long time. but if memmory serves correctly. it was very strongly implied if not confirmed that vegeta only wanted immortality to free himself from frieza. (nilla 151)

  1. Why is the "Eternal Dragon" able to be killed by King Piccolo, a rather weak villain in hindsight? Answer: The eternal dragon (shenron/porunga) are merely "projections" of a sort, of a force outside the DBZ realm (mortal universe as well as afterlife) so they aren't born into the realm, unlike the shadow dragons in DBGT.So the dragonballs are a way for humans to "tap" into the mysterious outside power that can bend reality in the DB realm, but with limits imposed (like in a video game) by whoever makes the dragonballs and his (creator's) physical power. The red shenron is a projection with very few limits on his abilities since the creator was stronger, but all the dragons are projections/images of the same "outside" (possibly omnipotent) power. SIMPLER ANSWER: Shenron has as much power as his creator, Kami, does. King Piccolo at his youth was stronger than Kami and, as such, able to destroy Shenron
  2. Why didn't any Namekians (including Kami, Guru, and Dende) ever warn the heroes about the negative effects of using the Dragon Balls too much? Answer: Because that's DBGT material which Toriyama didn't plan on his original work. Answer 2: They didn't know. Not even the Supreme Kai knew. The only person who had any knowledge of the ramifications of the wishes was the only one who had ever heard what could happen... The Old Kai. He tried to warn them in DRAGONBALL Z that using the dragonballs the way they were planning to use them would disturb the natural balance of the universe. He either saw it happen or found out it could happen before he became fused with the witch and trapped in the sword. The story would have become clouded in Namekian Mythology after that much time. Though Toriyama didn't write GT, he did oversee its development so I'm sure he wasn't left in the dark. Again: Toriyama never planned GT. He meant to end DB with the Majin Buu saga so, as far as he was concerned, there was no negative side effects from using the dragon balls. The elder Kai is upset about the Z warriors using the balls because humans are corrupt, and because they upset the natural balance on the universe.
  3. Why did immensely powerful beings like Frieza not have the Ki Sense ability... one of the first things the heroes learn? Answer: because they relied on their scouters, thus believing they had no need for an actual ki-sensing ability Answer 2: Another reason would have to be that the warriors who learned to sense power levels spent some time on Earth. Vegeta didn't learn to sense power levels until he came to Earth. He learned it after seeing how Goku and co. could hide their true power levels, and thus a scouter's reading was useless.
  4. Why didn't Goku take the Power Pole back and fight with it? Answer: Goku did take it back it is how he escaped the furnis in the last episode of DragonBall. ANSWER 2: THE LAST FEW EPISODES WERE NOT FEATURED IN THE MANGA. ITS PROBOBALY LONG FORGOTTEN AFTER GOKU TRAVELED TO KAMI'S LOOKOUT FOR THE FIRST TIME. I DON'T EXACTLY REMEMBER IF HE TOOK IT BACK BUT, CORRECT ME IF I'M WRONG, I DON'T THINK SO. Answer 3: While it may not have actually shown him take it back in the manga. Goku has it at the end of Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z: Movie 1 The Dead Zone. Plus in the ending song of Dragon Ball Z Kai they indicate the power pole is at the very least in his house.
  5. If King Yemma was weaker than King Kai, as Kami says, how was he able to force characters like Frieza and Cell, who retained their bodies, into Hell? Answer: the parts where the guys in hell still have their bodies is anime-only filler. On the original manga, Hell is never seen, so we may believe whoever dies and is not chosen by Kami to go train in the other world doesn't get his body back.
  6. How do people listen to anything Puar says without cringing from the insane squeaking? Wait... There are people that don't???
  7. What ever happened to Icarus? Answer: movie-only chara... and they stopped making movies AAAAAAANNNHHH!!! WRONG!!!! He appeared in Gohan's dream about his dad turning into Frieza. Truth is... Icarus SUCKS and Toriyama figured it out. Again: ok, lemme correct myself: anime filler-only chara. Icarus doesn't appear on ANY part of the manga.
  8. Why didn't the heroes just have Spike the Devilman on speed dial to come and easily kill any evil character that came to Earth? Answer: Vegeta would have killed him for killing the bad guys in his place. Also, I believe guys like Cell and Buu would have dashed and killed devilman before he used his attack.

SSWerty's picks

  1. Where is the Power Pole? Answer: Last time i remember goku using it was when he used it to reach kami's lookout from korans tower back in dragonball. The power pole was made for this purpose. After gaining the ability to fly, it became useless.
  2. What is Puar? Is he/she a cat or a mouse? Answer = Just a good ol' shapeshiftin' criter, I tell you what. - GoingSuper3< He is a shape-shifting "cat".
  • Why is Chiaotzu obssessed with Tien? (I know what you're all thinking...) Answer = Chiaotzu is, without any doubt, a little boy. How dare you make that assumption! Clearly Tien is to Chiaotzu, as a mentor is to a disciple. He just looks up to him. I mean who wouldn't find Tien a kick-fucking-ass monster fighter?! - GoingSuper3
  • no chiaotzu is a midget he was just as old as goku if not a little younger in dragon ball
  • He isn't obsessed with Tien. They are closer than brothers.
  1. Where was Bardock sent in the Other World? Answer: Probably Hell since he slaughtered millions of aliens.he might have gone to heaven because he did save past planet vegeta (not what it was called back then) from Lord Chilled<Originally, Hell
  2. Also, if Bardock was sent to Hell, what happened between him and Frieza? Bardock never went to Hell. He was sent back in time by Frieza's blast. I don't know how, but he did.<Even if he was in hell, nothing was going to happen between him and Freeza.
  3. How does Cooler discover a fifth form when his fourth form should be his original state? He is older than Frieza and more concentrated on power, physically, as Frieza was focused on power over planets.
  4. Who built Korin's Tower and the Lookout? Presumably one of the long long of guardians who watch over Earth.
  5. How did Frieza's family build the World Trade Organization? Their strength and influence. They were seen as the strongest in the universe. Only being able to be surpassed by a super saiyan.
  6. Why can the Saiyans grow plant things that have the same power level as Raditz? Answer: Science. Glorious, magical science.<Actually, they are weaker than Raditz by a smidgen amount. In any case, it is done via science.
  7. Why is the king of Earth a cat thing? Answer: It's because he's a DBZ character.< Actually, he is a dog. Why? Because Toryiama has a sence of humor. Since treacherous people are like dogs, it is a double irony.

SilverTaiyoAkira's Picks

1. If Kais and Supreme Kais are still able to live even if they're killed, how come the North, South and West Supreme Kais were permanently dead after Kid Buu killed them?

ANSWER: this is just a hypothesis, but maybe that life-after-death thing was a trick the Old Kai knew after his fusion with the old witch. Answer2: Another hypothesis, Northern Supreme Kai's and West Supreme Kai's bodies were both destroyed by Kid Buu, so they were perminently dead. South Supreme Kai was absorbed, so he never really died.

ANSWER 3: Because Buu absorbed them and they became a part of Buu. Remember carefully from the Buu Saga, when Goku mentions to Vegeta about how everyone was absorbed, he said "They cant even die!". This is because once absorbed they become a part of Buu, and over time it became permanent. This is also why Fat Buu retains the personality of the Kai's, he is actually nothing but pure good when separated by Evil Buu, he is all 4 fused into one Buu-Being.

2. When Super Buu did his human Extinction Attack on Earth, I think I get why Korin and Yajirobe weren't killed, and Mr. Satan and Bee made sense but why weren't Tien and Chiaotzu killed? It showed them dodging the blasts for a few seconds. Answer: They needed a character that didn't do anything for years to do something at least once, which in this case is just cause a VERY shortlived distraction.

3. In Bardock:the Father of Goku, when Bardock and his team were on Kanassa, Fasha and Bardock both agree that Goku was born the day before. But in Broly:the Legendary Super Saiyan, Goku and Broly were born on the same day, and that same day, Frieza destroyed the planet. So, in Bardock:the Father of Goku, when Bardock and his team were on Kanassa, shouldn't Planet Vegeta have been destroyed? And if they were born the day before, then they'd both be 1 day old, but in the 8th movie, the afternoon or something the 2 of them were born, Goku was supposed to have been sent to Earth, and Broly and his dad were supposed to be floating in space somewhere. Answer: Goku and Broly were born the day Bardock's team went to Kanassa. The following morning was when Fasha indicated that Goku was born the day before. So all in that day (which must've been the LONGEST and most awkward day in history) Broly and Paragus were in the trash by orders of King Vegeta, Frieza sent the young Prince Vegeta to conquer a planet, Goku was sent to Earth, Bardock's team died, followed by King Vegeta and a few followers which lead to the rest of the Saiyans including Bardock as well as all of Frieza's low-level henchman that were sent out to stop Bardock.

4. What is Puar and why the hell is its voice so damn annoying? Answer: Puar is a cat and its Yamcha's best friend, and probably one of the friends with benefits knowing how Yamcha is so thats why its got the annoying voice, and that's also why cats don't talk because they'd be extinct a LONG time ago.

5. What is Pikkon? He is an unknown species from a different galaxy (or different part of the galaxy) that looks alot like a namekian. Goku even says to Pikkon that he thinks that Piccolo and him would like eachother. REAL ANSWER: He's a Yoshi.

6. If the Z Fighters wished back everyone killed by Cell, why was Android 16 still dead? ANSWER: He's not a human, they must've had to be accurate in their wish makings.

7. Why does everyone like Hercule and how the f*** did he survive the bitchslap Cell gave him? Answer: Cell didn't consider Hercule worth a damn, so he didn't even try at killing him, just taking him off the way. Answer 2: Cell didn't bother trying to kill Mr. Satan as it wouldn't have been worth his time. As for everyone liking him, as far as the people of Earth were concerned he had SINGLE-HANDEDLY saved the entire planet. That's a pretty impressive claim to fame.

Useless Mancer's Picks

1. Why did hercule live when kid buu smacked him around? Answer: Due to fat buu's presense inside of kid buu kid buu couldn't exactly use full power on hercule and was severely weakend -WRONG Kid Buu was created from Vegeta ripping fat buu out of super buu. Kid buu is the natural form of Buu and has no conscience towards anyone

EDIT: BECAUSE, although Fat Boo was ripped out he still had influence on Kid Buu's character still being inside him and all.

-STILL WRONG. If you look closely, kid buu's just toying with mr satan, he doesn't hit him directly, just the ground before him. It 's also litterally said that he has no conscience what so ever and does not recognize fat buu or Mr satan to deserve different treatment than anyone else.

-WRONG AGAIN. Fat Buu had an influence on Kid Buu that stopped him from hurting Mr. Satan...until Kid Buu spits out Fat Buu like gum. After that point Kid Buu toys with him by punching his nose.

2. Why is it that Gohan isn't allowed to train and has to study while goten was not only actively to train, chichi helped with that to turn SSJ?Answer: Goten was born after Goku had been killed by Cell, therefore Chi-chi felt sad and knew it was the best thing to do to honor Goku whom she missed.

3. Why does Tien have 3 Eyes? Answer: He's a Triclops

He is based on a mythological character.

4. How are the kais even able to seal away Bojack and co if they were weaker then vegeta when he makes first appearance?

Supreme Kai took 5 hits from Fat Buu when he was released from his ball, while Gohan took only 2, a single punch that K.O.'ed him briefly, then a blast that took him out. Supreme Kai had to explode that blast for Gohan to have any chance of survival. Contrary to opinion, Supreme Kai isn't that weak, and he was able to restrain Gohan at the World Martial Arts Tournament as well, it's not easy to overpower a SSJ2. Bojack was weaker than Majin Buu.

TrueCelt (talk) 12:24, September 12, 2012 (UTC)

5. Why is Frieza so bad with time? HA!! I don't know but I'LL TELL YOU IN ABOUT 5 MINUTES!!

He isn't. They chose to lengthen the fight according to our time. But, in the DBZ world, it is five minutes.

Edit:  During Goku and Frieza's fight Frieza did mention that he didn't put enough power into his energy ball when he launched it.  It would have been 5 minutes if he did it right.

Filler, loads and loads of filler. In the manga, the fight between SSJ Goku and 100% Frieza was around 5 minutes of reading and a much more one-sided battle.

6. How is Cell even able to regurgitate 18 when the idea of him being perfect involve completely and utterly absorbing 17 and 18? Cell kind of explains it right after he returns. He basically says that since he experienced perfection, his central cell had retained the memory of that form and when he regenerated, that was the form that he undertook. Since he was comprised saiyans' cells, he became much stronger because he recovered from a near-death experience.

No, that is just one translated version. The original explanation of Cell ist that his new perfection is also a result of the Zenkai boost itself.

Cell never said that he had to absorb 17 and 18 in the same way. Meaning, he completely absorbed 17, but "swallowed" 18.

7. Why didn't vegeta kill gohan after the whole great saiyaman escapes going on, it would have made alot of us feel better for that? I completely agree. Srsly? I think it was hilarious

Because Vegeta isn't evil. Besides, why would he stop Gohan from saving people?

8. An additional question to that: why did piccolo allow the whole great saiyaman garbage to continue? Gohan's happy, thus Picoro says nothing Because Gohan is piccolos little puppet.If Gohan is happy,Piccolos happy.Its really that simple;)K1lp1k0nna 09:06, June 4, 2012 (UTC)K1lp1k0nna

Because Piccolo isn't evil. Besides, why would he stop Gohan from saving people?

9. So how is it that full blooded saiyans can't grow hair past adulthood but vegeta, a full blooded saiyan, can grow a moustache? Also, was King Vegeta born with a goatee? Vegeta is obviously not only full blooded saiyan, but a full blooded bad ass as well... It runs in the family. EDIT: facial hair runs in the family. Vegeta said your hair maintains the same form but that doesn't imply that you can't grow facial hair.

Vegeta was talking about head hair, not body hair! When you have very coarse hair, your hair will not grow. Therefore, you will never need haircuts, or anything of the sort. That has NOTHING to do with body hair!

10. So why couldn't pan go SSJ but her grandson Goku Jr can? Answer: Best question on here, the only reasonable answer that I can give is that 'female' saiyans cannot ascend perhaps? I was lead to believe that only Saiyans that are full blooded or half blooded can ascend.

I know... I know,,, Terrible answer,,, My apologies to the ladies but the story was written in JAPAN!!! Going Super Saiyan is far from the only women can't do over there.

Actual answer: Toriyama didn't know what a female Super Saiyan would look like.

Because she is female and they made it that way.

11. So why can't Toriyama just draw Pan then color her hair, eyebrows and eyes? At the time he probably didn't feel pushed to design a Super Saiyan Pan because she apparently had no incentive to transform (though I could name a few moments in GT where she could have transformed). As it is there now are designs for Super Saiyan girls as seen on Dragonball Online. Too bad it came 10 years too late for DBGT!

EDIT: Also, the closest to Super saiyan pan could have gone in that case was False Super Saiyan, ala what Goku became in the lord slug movie

That's too easy.

Gotenkz's Picks

1. Where is the power pole..? Answer: Still under Kami's Lookout, just never seen again in Dragon Ball Z.

2. Why is Puar obsessed with Tien Shinhan? Answer: Puar? Obsessed with Tien? Answer2: He/She either means Puar obsessed with Yamcha or Chiatzu (i dont give a **** how you spell his name, he's an annoying little **** to begin with) obsessed with Tien. Honestly, i think they are both gay or a little curious at the least

Puar has nothing to do with Tien. She is Yamcha's bosom buddy. Tien's bosom buddy is Chaotzu.

3. When they wished for everyone killed by Cell to be brought back to life, why wasn't Android 16 revived? Answer: Android 16 wasn't REALLY alive, he had artificial life.
4. Why doesn't anyone exploit Mr. Satan being so weak and how they're infinitley stronger and deserve the money and fame? Answer: They don't care about Hercule enough to do that

The don't want any attention. They know how stupid earthlings are and they also prefer privacy. Plus, they can hide themselves from potential enemies.
5. How did Launch get her split personality? Nobody knows nor will we ever know.

She was made that way. They wanted her personalities to literally split.
6. Why can't you use the Kaio Ken while in Super Saiyan form? Answer: Using a Super Kaio-ken can cause incredible tiring and probably even death( or so I've heard). The one and only time that the already-dead Goku used this technique brought extreme exhaustion upon him. He did use it against Pikkon in the other world tournament while being a Super Saiyan. He called it the Super Kaioken.

It can be used. It is just too powerful and boring to tell the story the same way over and over. Sure people can say it is very difficult for Goku's body but that is not the main reason.

It is useless and serves no purpose any more.
7. How did Yamcha get his scars? Answer: Possibly by fighting in the forest when training for the World Tournament
8. Why doesn't Krillin grow..? He secertly knew one day he would have to fit into the kid sized armor on planet Namek.

Answer: Why did Raditz grow?

EDIT: I believe the reason he didn't grow is because when a human child trains their muscles at extreme conditions or overly trains them before or during puberty it can cause development issues with their body. Since Krillin trained vigorously along side Goku his body and muscles were probably screwed up. The reason this didn't happen to Goku is because he's a Saiyan.

9. How was Frieza rebuilt if he was completely cut in two? Answer: The mechanics and prosthetics healed all his wounds from Namek and supposedly made him stronger..just not strong enough to beat Trunks.
10. If in so many though situations where they had the Dragon Balls, Why did Goku/Vegeta or anyone else NEVER wish for unlimited power or eternal life? When Goku was fighting Kid Buu with the Spirit Bomb,
Dende used a wish to bring Goku's power back to it's full, when he could have just wished for ten times his current power or something else to power him up...? Answer: Goku never desires eternal life, that's Vegeta only, and he gives up on it after the Frieza saga apparently. And no saiyan would *wish* for more power, they are much too proud for that; they'd rather train and obtain the huge boost by themselves than ask a mystic artifact to do it for them.

SS3VegetaNB's Questions

First of all, whoever started this one, thank you. There are truly some things I would really like to know, such as...

...if anyone remembers correctly from Kibito's flashback, Kid Buu was Buu's original form. This form is weaker than Fat Buu, because he had not yet absorbed Dai Kai or South Kai. To me, I don't believe Dai Kai's benevolence gave Buu a smaller power level, it just made him nicer and a bit less intelligent. So bearing all this in mind, how was he even a match for Super Saiyan 3 Goku, let alone able to decimate him after a while the way he did? Answer: Goku said himself SSJ3 waas stronger than Kid Buu. Yet he hadn't fully mastered SSJ3, and lost way too much energy. When he tried to replenish, he only sped his drain, losing the SSJ3 state.

NOPE. Goku's word isn't law, it's not about SSJ3 Goku being stronger than Kid Buu because no matter what Goku threw at him Kid Buu couldn't stay down. So even if his power level was higher it was completely useless, as it would be for Ultimate Gohan. Physically, Kid Buu or any form of Buu really couldnt be destroyed unless it was with a move that would obliterate all the evil in the opponent ala spirit bomb or obliterate the entire planet.

...Super Perfect Cell's entire brief existence is a complete mystery. When he self-destructed, he lost both 17 and 18 entirely, which would have reduced him all the way back down to his first form, costing him over 90% of his complete power. Even if his Saiyan cells granted him the ability to become stronger after death, there's no possible way he could have amassed that much power. I didn't buy the whole "my cells stored the power" thing because only one cell of his being survived the blast - ergo he STILL couldn't have gotten all that power back, even if his cells brought him back in his Perfect Form, which, in and of itself is a mystery. How the hell did that happen? He couldn't have achieved that form without 17 and 18 being a part of him (we fans spent the entire Android Saga being told that again and again), and the two Androids were offed in the explosion. Again, the entire existance of this form is one big conglomerated mystery on top of another. Answer:Alright for why he turned back into his perfect form there's already a answer for that..go read up...And he didn't kill both androids in the blast..Remember he vomited android 18 earlier and she was left on earth so only 17 and my best guess is he was practically saying "**** it" he hated the darn Z fighters so much he just wanted them DEAD he didn't care how he just wanted em dead

...When Goku teleported Cell to King Kai's planet, did anybody notice that he had enough time left to carry on a whole conversation with King Kai? Why the hell didn't he grab King Kai, Bubbles, and Gregory and teleport away? Answer: Because goku's a idiot Answer #2: Its because to IT you have to trace a energy sourse to go to which take time and they only had 5 seconds.

ANSWER 2 IS THE BEST ANSWER. But Goku also wanted to die. He felt he was a magnet to trouble and without him the earth would be in peace.

...Why did it take almost *20* episodes for 5 minutes to pass at the end of the Frieza Saga? Answer: Money Answer #2: 1 minute=4 episodes

Answer 3; LET'S BE HONEST. The original anime was full of filler shit and the DBZ Kai version is a lot shorter. Even so I would like somebody to finally realize that maybe Frieza was wrong?? Maybe he THOUGHT it'd be four minutes and it ended up being a lot longer? 

The amount of episodes have nothing to do with lengths of fights. It was five minutes. They chose to spread it amongst twenty episodes.

...Back to the Cell Games, the rules were still in effect when Goku nuked Cell with the Instant Transmission Kamehameha Wave. Why wasn't Goku declared the winner when he became the last man standing? Granted, Cell didn't permanently die, but the rules were clear enough. Answer: There was no referee in that fight, rather than Cell himself. And besides, with Cell regenerating, any "victory" on the tourney's rules would be completely useless.

...And another thing about Cell. Piccolo can only regenerate so long as his brain is intact, and can only regenerate minor limb damage/loss at best. It is Piccolo's cells that grant Cell this ability. The ability was not altered or improved by Dr. Gero at all. So...after the Instant Transmission Kamehameha Wave, Cell had no brain...or a torso... How did he regenerate? Answer: This was highly debated upon, and that's why in the english dub, they changed it for "every single cell is like a living being". And in the Buu saga, when Piccolo as a statue broke, his head survived, he was completely smashed to pieces before that.

Cell said every cell in his body remembers the abilities that he gains when he returned to super perfect cell. Meaning his legs remembered piccolos regeneration abilities and regenerated, meaning Cell didnt need a brain like piccolo did to regenerate, just his feet

It is because Cell has the most advanced versions of everyone's ability.

...Why does Kid Gohan have a tail in almost every movie he's in, regardless of when the movie takes place? I know the movies aren't canon but it still begs the question.

Because he is Saiyan and his tail can regrow up to a certain age.

...Goku Jr. 'Nuff said.

...Why didn't Vegito just kill Buu outright and wish everyone back instead of letting the earth and several other planets get destroyed? Answer: This is something that happens constantly in the Dragon Ball universe. Whenever someone has the easy upperhand in combat, they tend to get pretty cocky, but then the one-sided battle turns the tides and the fighter's pride can backfire on them.

Answer 2: Vegeta and Goku both fused in order to have a chance at defeating Buu.Thus, like Vegeta, Vegito became pretty cocky when he fought Buu.During the battle, Vegito merely toyed around with Buu, since he could have just beaten him at any moment.At the end of the battle, he gave Buu a chance to "prepare for death".When Vegito almost finished counting, Buu engulfed Vegito, which made Buu the victor.

ANSWER 3 AND BEST ANSWER; VEGITO'S ENTIRE POINT, even indicated within the Manga, was for Buu to get desperate in the Manga and absorb him. He wished to be absorbed to get back Piccolo, Trunks Goten and Gohan who were still in there. 

...And hypothetically, if Buu absorbed Perfect Cell, would it create the ultimate villain? Answer: Ultimate Gohan is far stronger than Super Perfect Cell. So, if Super Buu absorbed Cell, no, it wouldn't be the ultimate villain. If Super Buuhan absorbed Cell, yes.

One i just need to add that no one seems to have mentioned.

  • Krillen is 100% human, then how come he doesnt have a nose, and its not just his design looking like he doesnt have one, he actually doesnt because Goku reminds him in Dragonball and thats how he defeats Bacterion in the first Worlds Martial Arts Tournament. (And what are them dots on his head for?) Answer: Dragon Ball was basically a huge joke manga, there actually wasnt anything really serious in it until the Red Ribbon army started showing up (admit it, Pilaf was a huge joke too and you know it.) That's why he doesn't have a nose.

ANSWER 2; Just because you don't have a nose doesnt mean you're not human.

  • The dots on Krillin's head are small burns that monks have. When he stopped fighting, I guess he stopped being a monk because they don't grow their hair.

Ss4bardock's thoughts

1. What does videl see in gohan Answer:He saved the entire world once..that enough for ya?

Answer: Have you ever heard about love?

2. Why is Chi- Chi such a bitch? Answer: Goku neglects her ALL the time. Answer2 (adding on to Answer 1): Dudes got a point, Goku is dead for several years and spends the rest of the time training or fighting . From the beginning of the series to the start of the Buu series is about 12 years, 8 of which he's dead and 4 years he's out training (1 for Instant Trans, and 3 to prepare for the Androids).

Chi-Chi wants what is best for her son. She realizes that Goku is too different from humans and prefers her son to be more human-like. She is pained by Goku's long leaves of absence and sacrificing of his family to save the world. She wants Gohan to at least have a well paying job and money. She also doesn't want him to put training and fighting over everything else. 

3. What is Chiatzoa? Answer 1: A pokemon who uses "self destruct" (which was super ineffective)

Chaotzu is a human. He is patterned after some kind of ghost (probably of mythology).

4. Why does Tien have three eyes? Answer: Because he is a BOSS.

Tien is patterned after some mythological character.

5. Why do Frieza and Zarbon crossdress? Answer: YOU'D WANNA FEEL PRETTY TOO IF YOU WERE AN AILEAN!!!!

They don't. Zarbon is wearing armor. His earrings are no different than the Kais' earrings. Frieza is not wearing clothes, besides the time he wears armor.

6. Did frieza's mom commit suicide after she gave birth to him? Answer: you shouldn't really be asking this, it's so obvious it's stupid, she obviously didn't like what came outta her. Answer2: I think the horns on his head would of effed her up; Frieza wasn't born with horns. His true form is the fourth, the only one without horns.

You might as well ask the same thing about Goku and Vegeta's mothers. Nothing is mentioned about Frieza even having a mother, far more what happened to her.


NOT TRUE. Frieza mentions he has not recieved any pain since a long time from anyone besides his loving parents, when he first starts fighting goku.

7. How did the immortal pheonix die? Answer: Food poisoning. Or Expired Bird Seeds

8. Why does Turles look like Goku? ANSWER: A lot of lower class Saiyans look similar to differenciate them from the upper echelon of warriors. Answer 2: It is often seen as a retelling from when the Saiyans first attacked earth, which is why he looks like Goku; to show that he was of the same species or something.

Easy. It's called having a look-alike. Turles is like Goku's evil doppelganger.

9. What does Andriod 18 see in Krillin? Answer: Who doesn't see whats in Krillin!?

Answer: Have you ever heard about love?

10. How many issues does freaking Broly have? As a baby he hated Goku for crying? He lived with his dad til he was in his 30's? He still has a grudge on Goku? Answer: Think of it this way, if you were a baby that barely got any sleep because of crying and got stabbed then thrown out with garbage, wouldn't you have hate within you? Also, Broly didn't have a choice, his father manipulated his power, which is why when he was freed, he killed his father brutally.

Bulma lives with her parents, and Krillen and 18 live with Master Roshi. Even in reality, many countries, like Italy, have the same custom. So, Brolly living with his dad is not an issue. DBZ does not take place in the US, which loves to screw its people over. The DBZ universe has its own customs. As for the other things, Brolly snapped because of Goku's incessant and ultra loud crying.

1. Why is broly so overpowered Answer: His Legendary Super Saiyan form provies him with an unlimited amount of energy. The longer he fights in that form, the more power he gains. At some points, he has to burn off extra energy to keep himself stable.

2. How come goku beat hiduregan and gohan cldnt when ultimate gohan was ALOT stonger than goku Answer: SSJ3 is stronger than gohan's ultimate form, however ultimate gohan is still more powerfull than ssj2, so it's somewhere in between.  Answer 2) The first answer is incorrect, Ultimate Gohan was more powerful than Goku in his SSJ3 form, however the movie is not canon and shouldn't be taken too seriously, also the Dragon Fist is most likely very powerful (Like how Piccolo's SPC killed Raditz depite Piccolo being much weaker himself).

ANSWER 3 AND ONLY LEGIT ANSWER; Goku trained. Gohan probably fuckin didn't. Same explanation as why Goku's stronger than Gohan in GT. Besides Hirudegan was weakened and Goku was basically hitting his best move.

3. If gohan has good reflexes and was the strongest warrior at the time, how come he cldnt catch the potora earring Answer: Cuz he's stupid.

ANSWER 2; Strongest doesnt = best warrior and keenest sensual abilities. He was just fucking overpowered.

4. Why is vegeta not the king if his dad is dead? that wld mean that he is king, trunks is prince Answer: Vegeta, Trunks, Goku, Gohan, Goten. Only saiyan-blood people are left. 7 if you count Bra and Pan. What good would be for Vegeta to reign over 6 people? Not like any of them would actually acknowledge him as a king, nor does it seem Vegeta is interested anymore in becoming king. Answer 2: He never seemed to have a problem gloating that he was the prince of all saiyans when they were decreasing in number from 3. There was never an official corronation of Vegeta into being King, so it could be out of respect to his father.

If Vegeta had a planet to rule, then he would be king. Because he doesn't, he has to remain a prince.

5. Why dosent anyone realize future trunks is the king of all saiyans if king and prince vegeta are dead in his time Answer: Trunks is the only saiyan alive in the universe. Nothing to reign for. And Ft Trunks doesn't strike me as the wanna-be ruler kind. Answer #2: He probrably didn't know that Vegeta was prince/what saiyans were and that he was one.

Answer: King of what? himself?

6. Why is everyone insignificent in Gt besides (goku and gogeta) Answer: plotholes. Plotholes everywhere Answer 2: It's GT, what else would you think!? <--Answer 3: Exactly, GT isn't was all an illusion

Actualy DragonBall and DBZ had more plot holes than GT! LAWYERED! GT is just shunned because most people dont feel it messured up to DBZ

ANSWER 4 AND ONLY LEGIT ANSWER; Because Goku and Vegeta are the only people who seriously trained. But agreed with post before me, GT gets unfair ass treatment Because the makers were evil and delighted in screwing over those characters.

7. What grade was gohan in in the saiyaman saga Answer: Freshmen in high school? Answer 2: 16. Answer 3: senior 18, he was 11 in the cell saga then seven years pasted before he went to high school.

8. How come the z fighters didnt catch the dragonballs before they flew away. Answer: I guess they viewed it as morally wrong, but technically they could as Goku did it in the original manga. Answer 2: Maybe they enjoy searching for them.

Why catch them when they don't need them? They know they can find the dragonballs when they are needed.

9. What is frieza? Answer: The official name of Frieza's species is unknown. This is because not much is said about their kind. The only ones known that share his species are Cooler and King Cold. Answer 2:I heard he was an icejin or something, i dunno that's probably fan-made though like that BS Super saiyan 5-12 crap. Answer 3: Some fans theorize that he's an Arcosian, which is an anime-only race that appeared in a flashback while Goku was training on King Kai's planet. See the Arcosian wiki page to see the info.

An alien.

10. ANNNNNND about how strong is krillin at his highest powerlevel in the series answer: probably 2. Answer2: lol at answer 1, krillin is probably about as strong as Freiza in his 2nd transformation cause there is no way he is ever stronger than a super saiyan so Freiza (final) is out of the question Answer 3:He was a good deal stronger then SSJ goku at the end of GT..mind you SSJ goku frieza saga which is alot less stronger then a actual SSJ due to goku at the time being untrained SSJ. Answer 4#: In the end of DBZ about 60,00. In the end of GT about 400,000. Answer 4: at the freiza saga his power level was about 75,000 so it could not ha have been 60,000 by the end of z I imagine it at freizas 100% power. Answer 5 lol: Let's assume Krillin was 75,000 in Frieza Saga. Now, as stated in DBZ Manga Vol. 9 by Vegeta, "The humans' power levels are constantly increasing." Kinda funny considering humans are always made to seem very weak or have no buffs like Zenkais, but if Krillin's PL was increasing (especially since he always trained throughout the series) it's possible that he could have escalated to a PL of Frieza's (approx. 1.2 million) by the end of Buu Saga, which at least 10 years after Frieza Saga. Kinda iffy, but hey.

DB Junkie

Goku turned nice cause he got hit in the head, im pretty sure he is not the only saiyan baby to be hit on the head real hard seeing that they were sent all over the universe to attack different planets, so why is goku the only one who turned out nice. Answer:Because all the others probably killed everyone before they were even bumped on the head and goku's the only good saiyan?..what about gohan?..and goten?..and trunks?..and goku jr?...and pan and bulla and such

The hit did not turn him good. It merely caused him to lose his memory. Yes, his behavior changed. But, his heart was not affected by the injury.

- on a side note to the last question, if you hit Goku really really really hard on the head again, will he go back to being bad? Answer (JMW): that's a very complicated question, followed by a very complicated answer- No

The actual truth and philosophy/psychology is that he actually turned out to be nice because of Grandpa Gohan's affection and love. The hit on his head just made him less aggressive but it was Love that made much of the difference. The Saiyans were cruel by nature and babies naturally grew up cruel and aggressive in that environment. Prassy90 (talk) 12:00, December 28, 2013 (UTC)

- why do goku and krillin look like thay are 4 years old in the martial arts tournement yet they are established as much older. Answer:Krillen is a "little person" and goku has the whole saiyan aging thing where they appear younger then they really are

-Where did Dr. Gero come from? In DBZ they establish that he was the head of the red ribbon army and everyone recognizes his name yet in dragonball, no ever mentions him.

- why did king kai make goku fly all the way back through snake way after being wished back to fight vegeta if he could have just used intant transmition to take him there thus goku could have made it in time to save piccollo.( years later we learn that king kai new how to do instant transmision the whole time) Answer (JMW): cause king kai is a fucking moron? maybe he isn't allowed to leave his planet? (sorry its a terrible answer). A MORE LIKELY ANSWER: Toriyama planned to end the series on Namek after Goku and Frieza's fight, so he didn't device the Instant Transmition until afterwards, when the public had him keep going. THE TRUTH: King Kai mentioned his knowledge of the IT in the amine only.

King Kai does not get involved with planetary affairs. The little that he does for Goku is done while he's on his planet. He even tells Goku that he shouldn't get involved.

- Why are people so freaked out and surprised and skeptical when Cell demonstrates his powers? as if they have never witnessed that befor. i/e- vageta and nappa got news coverage and so did the invasion of king piccollo. Answer (JMW): (Because humanity as a whole is fucking retarded and they are used to normal fighting (such as hercules being the strongest man on earth)) That and cell brought it to a WHOLE new level. I mean a WHOLE new fucking level, like seriously. WHOLE.

The humans are extremely foolish and have selective memories.

- why did future trunks struggle so hard to becom a super saiyan when he had so much pain and injustice fueling him while the normal timeline trunks, who has no motivation whatsoever to become stronger, turns SS like nothing. same goes for goten and gohan Answer: Becoming a Super Saiyan doesn't only require intense emotion. It also requires a necessity, or an extreme need. Its possible that he only had anger then had a need at the last moment, most likely to avenge Future Gohan and defeat the androids.

Originally, future Trunks did not struggle to become a Super Saiyan. Gohan struggled hard to become a Super Saiyan. Goten and Trunks had it easy because their fathers were at least Super Saiyans when they copulated.

- when excacly did goku and chi chi find the time to be together and conceave goten. Answer: During the 10 day waiting period before the cell games.

- shouldnt it be a little harder to surpass a kai in power the way DBZ demonstrates.

The Kais are plenty strong. At least near to a Super Saiyan 2, definitely stronger than Super Saiyan 2 Adult Gohan, because Fat Buu finished Gohan in 1 strike and a blast, whereas Supreme Kai lasted 5 attacks.

TrueCelt (talk) 19:28, September 12, 2012 (UTC)

- why excacly is there a touching goodbye at the end of DBZ when goku leaves to train Uub? as if noone will ever see him again. they are still on the same planet and most of the characters can fly and sence power levels so its not like he is lost. and also is Goku such an irresponsible father and husband that he prefers to leave them all behind to go train some stranger. Answer(JMW): Well chi-chi is a bitch so i'd defintely want to spend some time away from her, but i don't remember the ending (haven't seen since i was like 10, rewatching the series and im only at the super buu-han vs super vegito)

They know Goku. They know that he may return many years later. They tend to see each other in large gaps, like at least five years at a time.You forget that the Z fighters are well over middle aged. If Goku were to take too long, the humans might be too old or dead by the time he comes back. No, Goku isn't irresponsible for training Uub. Uub is not a stranger either, since he is Buu reincarnated. Goku must do whatever it takes to protect the world. That requires sacrifice.

Goji73's Picks

  1. Why didn't Goku use Instant Transmission to drop off Cell in a different place (other than King Kai's planet,) and then teleport back to Earth? Answer: Goku didn't know how strong the blast would be, and he wanted to make sure that Cell was destroyed and no threat to Earth. Remember during Goku's fight with Cell, he learned instant trasmission himself. Answer (JMW): He can only send Cell to a place that has people, so the only places he really knew of where Earth (population-shit load), New Namek (population-a lot), Yardrat (population-dunno, but probably a lot), and King Kai's planet (population-Fat guy, monkey, grasshopper)
  2. How did Cooler manage to survive by one eye and still be alive? Cooler's eye was the muffin button.< He's an alien.
  3. Launch's split personality Answer:theres already a answer for that..and its "Because she's a DB character"<That is how she was made.
  4. Pikkon (a character with such great potential and there's little to nothing about him) Answer:Because he got his head smashed by janemba.< They chose to not have much on him.
  5. Where Bardock went after he died Answer (JMW): most likely hell, he spent most of his life annihilating entire races. Even though he changed his ways and tried to fight evil at the very end, doesnt matter. Straight to hell. (just like what vegeta did, life of evil/selfish actions+selfless sacrifice=Straight to hell biatch.)<Hell, except for the one who went back in time. That Bardock is on planet Plant.
  6. Android 16 not being brought back to life Answer: Andriod 16 was completely andriod, unlike the other androids which were actually human but with only some mechanical body parts.
  7. Frieza's Mother Answer (JMW): Who the fuck cares?<No one knows.
  8. Caterpy's metamorphasis Answer (JMW): He was just put in there to be silly
  9. Vegeta's unusual flat-top hairstyle at the VERY BEGINNING of GT Answer: Toriyama was tired of DB (I know, sad to believe), so when he was asked to do the designs for GT, he revamped Vegeta, a character he never had really liked, with a pathetic new hair. Answer (JMW): DB-GT is a sin, and it shall burn for ETERNITY. Answer: Vegeta finally realized his hair was weighing him down in battle and that by cutting it he could become far mor agile than Goku.<Vegeta chose to change his hairstyle.
  10. Pilaf, Shu, and Mai still being alive in GT Plotholes everywhere Answer (JMW): Read above<There's no reason for them to be dead.

  1. Where are all the animalhumans from DB in Z and GT Answer (JMW): (you see very few of them in DBZ (such as when vegeta and Nappa arrive on earth, theres a wolfman or something in the background.) DB-GT? what is that? it doesnt exist, that name is blasphemy.<Pay attention and you'll see them.
  2. How came only Bardock to the past and the others not when Freezer destroyed planet Vegeta? Answer (JMW): can you ask that question again, but so it makes sense. like seriously wtf, are you drunk? (Actual Answer) It is basically a 'What if' story, the whole time travel thing is pretty BS, but if you want a better answer then just pretend Bardock's future seeing powers allowed him to go back in time ;) (If you seriously didn't understand the original Q JMW then maybe you shouldn't be doing this)

  1. Why are only 4 Saiya-jins (or 8) on other planets when Freezer attacked Planet Vegeta? (in Bardocks team were 5 people, was it the only one?) Answer: if you're gonna annihilate a race, you'll do it while they're all in the same place. 'Better Answer: 'Alright, let's go through each Saiyan. Kakarot (Goku) was sent to earth because it was a planet with pathetic power levels (compared to Saiyans), so he should have taken care of them easily as an Oozaru. Vegeta was being held captive by Frieza so that King Vegeta would still work for the World Trade Organization. Nappa was with Vegeta (I think). Paragus and Broly were exiled by King Vegeta because of Broly's massive power level as a newborn and Paragus's defiance, but Broly's latent power kept them alive during the explosion of Planet Vegeta. Tarble was exiled by King Vegeta because he lacked natural Saiyan aggressiveness and classified him as a low-class soldier, which would be inexcusable for the son of the King. The only two I don't have answers for are Raditz and Turles, but I'm guessing they were both off conquering weak planets, therefore only one Saiyan was needed for each planet. Turles probably went AWOL after a while and formed the Turles Crusher Corps. The reason they needed 5 warriors for Kanassa (where Bardock's team went) Is because the Kannasans were stronger than other races, so all five of Bardock's team went in order to ensure their safety. Answer: Vegeta wasn't being held captive. He was killing people on some planet and some time after he was done one of Frieza's men contacted him and said Planet Vegeta was destroyed by a meteorite.
  2. Why had all the evil guys keep their bodys in the other world? Wasn't say, that only good heroic people keep their Bodys? Anime filler. Anime filler everywhere.<Only the good ones keep their bodies. Otherwise, it's filler.
  3. Why Gohans powere rise if he is angry and not Gotens or Trunks? Goten and Trunks are young and raised in times of peace, thus never get experience on how to handle extreme rage that could increase their powers.<Gohan is the only Saiyan that has inner strength. That is why only his power rises when he is angry. In that way, his power is sort of like the Super Saiyan state.
  4. Where is Launch in Z and GT?answer-they decided to take it out because there would be a confusion between her peronality change and super sayin But she wasn't in the chapter beforee the Super Saiyans were made. She was not seen in the manga since the Saiyan saga. Also they just can healed them or something,,, Answer 2: Akira Toriyama literally forgot about her among the ever growing cast of characters.<Launch is mentioned in DBZ/Kai's first episode. They chose to take her out probably because she has no role outside of DDZ/Kai.

Sankait36's picks

1.Why didnt Krillin cut Frieza up with a Destructo-Disc? After using his solar flare to faze him. (The biggest mystery) Answer (JMW): Cause he's a fucking dumbass. I mean come on, it's Krillin. Guy forgot that he didn't have a nose when he was fighting Bacterian

He was concentrating more on escaping than attacking. Plus, he most likely was going to miss like he did when he cut Frieza's tale.

2. 20 episodes of so for 5 minutes of Planet Namek's destruction.

That's how they roll.

3. If Master Roshi (Jackie Chun during the World Martial Art's Tournament) destroyed the moon in Dragonball when Goku became a Great Ape, How did the moon come back again in Dragonball Z (Gohan became an ape after seeing the moon during the time he trained with Piccolo) Answer: As revealed in the manga, Kame re-made it between when he was a kid and when he grew up training with Kame. Kame permamently removed Goku's tail as they were training, because Kame believed that the moon was too beautiful not to have.

4.Why wasnt Bardock in the otherworld? Answer: He was a killer his whole life. He might have reformed at the end of his movie but... Think about it this way he was just as bad as Vegeta was and Vegeta completely changed and still was sent to hell.

Bardock is in otherworld, depending on the timeline. Otherwise, he is on Planet Plant.

5.Who was Goku's real mother? Answer: No one knows, but some suspects Fasha (female Saiyan) Answer (JMW): It being Fasha is extremely impossible seeing as that goku was born during bardock's team's (with fasha) mission.

Sorry, it's not impossible at all, Saiyans may actually remove the developing fetus from their mothers and monitor the young baby in hospital, to allow their female warriors to get back into combat quicker. This fits in with the Saiyan ideal of being a "warrior race", no time for their women to be laying around being pregnant and useless. Fasha is the most likely person for Bardock to have mated with, wasn't there something about him never getting any R&R whatsoever? He seems to be fighting constantly. And he only has access to one woman while in combat, so it's the most likely situation that Fasha is the mother of both Goku and Raditz.

TrueCelt (talk) 19:44, September 12, 2012 (UTC)

It's not Fasha. It's an unnamed female.

6.How did Gohan get spectacles? Answer (JMW): Nerdiness causes eye problems, leading to spectacular spectacles (NERRRRRDDDDD)

He wants to look the part of a stereotypical scholar. He has perfect eyesight since he is Saiyan.

7.How did Vegeta grow a moustache? (Saiyans facial hair does not change from the day they are born) Answer: Probobaly anoth GT plothole. Answer: King Vegeta had a beard and moustache. Probably another inherited trait.

The comment Vegeta made was about a Saiyan's hair, not his facial hair. A Saiyan's hair is the hair on their heads, not their beard or moustache. Buuuutttt....screw GT, Vegeta would not wear such a gay-looking moustache! And leather pants? Seriously?! :(

TrueCelt (talk) 19:44, September 12, 2012 (UTC)

People with straight hair are probably the ones confused about Saiyan hair. My hair is like Saiyan hair in the sense that I never get haircuts, or anything of the sort, because my hair is very coarse. But, I can always change my hair via styling, to a certain degree. The same applies to the Saiyans, especially Goku and Vegeta (because they're on earth).

8.How do senzu beans work? Answer (JMW): Namekian magic (or just plain magic, IRDC!)

Through magic.

9.Who is Freiza's mother ({Queen Ice}-just a made up name)

They could be asexual, they don't seem to have any reproductive organ/ genitals of any kind. And Frieza and his ancestor Chilled seemed very female, as much female as male.

TrueCelt (talk) 19:44, September 12, 2012 (UTC)

No one knows.

10.Where was Devilman when all the evil characters were on Earth (His Devilmite Beam destroys any person with evil in their heart) Answer: He was Devilmiting ur criminals up! devilmiting, so ya betta hide yo money and hide yo gun Answer 2: I think Baba might have brought him back to hell/otherworld or wherever he came from after he tried to kill Goku.

awesome gohan's mysteries

1 how did goten get born when goku was dead He was conceived in the 10-days wait before the cell games

2 how can some of the animal charecters talk when most cant Answer (JMW): Natural selection

They were made that way.

3 how and when did tien and chiaotzu come to earth Answer: They were probably born on Earth

They are earthlings and human, especially Tien.

4 how are the humans able to fly and shoot ki blasts Training. Duh

Everyone has energy and the ability to fly. They have to train.

5 how many dragonballs are there in total 7 on earth, 7 on namek, so 14' if you don't count the dark dragon balls. Answer (JMW): Did you even watch the fucking series? i mean seriously. i don't mean to be an asshole, but you're kinda fucking retarded if you have to ask that.' @JMW stop answering question if you are A) going to insult people and B) Can't understand that he may have meant are there other dragonballs around on different planets (Like did any other Namekians escape the catastrophe and become a guardian somewhere)

6 why does bulmas mum always cook Answer: Because she liked too. And thats all she is good for in the show 

Bunny is a house wife, what did you expect? 

if you know the answers plz post them on my talk page

awesome gohan

Just One Question

1. I realize this was part of the disaster known at GT, but why didn't Baby escape from hell in the Super17 Saga? Answer:Because Baby was almost completely synthetic, he never truly existed to begin with, and he did not have a host-body to take over in Hell.

Unknown0064's Picks

1.How can Bardock survive in Space if Goku cannot? Answer = 'I guess it was within the limits of the Sayian Training regime that Goku was never able to experience. Then again Vegeta was raised as a full-blodded Sayian and he still traveled by space pod. Must be Voodoo magic. - GoingSuper3' Goku can survive in space and was watching Vegeta's training to keep him in check when Vegeta was also training on asteroids with no air. They can hold their breath a really long time I guess but frieza can go indefinitely.

Saiyans cannot survive in space. They can briefly be in space near planet surfaces.

2.How does Trunks have his sword in the Alternate Timeline if Tapion hadn't given it to him yet? Answer:Best guess is his mother made the sword for him and or gohan made it; Answer: Tapion arrived when Trunks was 8. REAL ANSWER: It is unknown where he got his sword. Tapion was never free'd from his box in the alternate timeline. (he prolly bought it at bestbuy for 30$ along with his haircut)

3.How did Vegeta skip going SSJ3 and go straight from SSJ2 to SSJ4? Answer: He probably learned SSJ3 offscreen. Besides, it wouldn't be the first time that someone has skipped (I.E. Gotenks skipping SSJ2). vegeta never goes ss3, ss4 is a form from the golden great ape only when the person has control 0of the form.

He became SSJ3 in various video games.

4.How did Cooler's brain and consciousness survive the heat of the Sun if only a small portion of his head survived? Answer: Voodoo magic.

Cooler and his kind can survive in space.

5.Why does Vegeta use the Blutz-Wave Amplifier to go SSJ4 when Bulma says he could achieve SSJ5 with it? Answer:Plot holes plot holes lotsa lotsa plotholes

SSJ4 is better. Hence why Goku is also SSJ4.

6.If Turles could beat Goku in Kaioken x20, why couldn't he survive the Spirit Bomb like Vegeta? Answer:Plotholes..and movies ain't canon :3

The spirit bomb used against Vegeta was no more than half powered. The spirit bomb used against Turles was full powered.

7.Why does Cooler blaim Goku for Frieza's death even though it was Trunks that killed him and King Cold was clearly not disgraced at Frieza's failure? Answer: Probably just a film plot-hole; Answer: Trunks wiped out Frieza, King Cold, their men and their ship. No one lived to give Cooler the news.

8.If Piccolo can regenrate both his arms and his ears, why can't he just regenerate from any blow he suffers? Answer: He can grow back limbs, but he can't heal much otherwise

9.Why does Krillin get more powerful when he's angry even though he's not a Saiyan? Answer = Because all in all, Krillin is a god damn BOSS. - GoinSuper3

Because everyone becomes stronger when they're angry.

10.Why is Cooler the only person that acknowledges Oolong as a pig? Answer:Bulma did with that whole PIGGY thingie... :/

Note:Please do not answer "Because he/she is a Dragon Ball" character for any of these questions!

Goji73's Next picks

  1. Who is Goku's Mother? Answer:Fasha or some other random person
  2. If Android 16 could not be revived since he is full robot, how come Android 8 came back to life? Answer:Plot.Holes.
  3. Why wasn't Devilman's Devilmite beam ever used on the villains of earth? (Androids, Cell, Dabura, Babdi, Buu) Answer: He probably doesn't care what happens to Earth, since he is a demon, and besides, it probably wouldn't have worked, since villains like Cell or Buu could have just didged his beam anyway
  4. Why didn't Elder Kai regrow Goku or Vegeta's tail during the battle with Kid Buu? Answer:Would've taken to much time.. Answer 2: The SSJ4 transformation comes from GT. Toryiama never had the SSJ4/Tail connection in mind during DBZ as he did not directly write GT and it had not even  beenconcieved at the time DBZ was written.
  5. Why hasn't "Plan to Eradicate the Saiyans" or "Goku and his Friends Return" been dubbed into English yet? Answers:Cause the creators don't want to? It hasn't been approved yet. Once outsiders are allowed to dub and they choose to dub, then it will be done.
  6. Why didn't Guru unlock Nail's potential before sending him to fight Frieza? Answer: He probably already had before Frieza even arrived on Namek in the first place
  7. Why didn't Chi-chi discipline and crush Goten's spirit with books like she did with Gohan? Answer:Well at that time goku was dead so she wanted to honor goku and actually have her son train <--- wrong, the creator was going to get rid of goku and needed someone to fill the position but fans didnt want it.
  8. Why didn't Goku even revive Pikkon so he could train with him? Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure Shenron can only revive people who have been dead for less than a year, so it's possible that Pikkon has been dead for over a year. I know Porunga can revive people without a time limit, but Old Kai had pointed out during the fight with Kid Buu that using a different planet's dragon balls for your own purpose could upset the balance of nature.
  9. Why didn't Korin ever teach anyone else (besides possibly Yajirobe) how to grow Senzu Beans Answer: Because it is supposed to be sacred. If he taught everyone, it wouldn't be special anymore
  10. Why did TFS turn Mr. Popo into a big bully when he's actually a really nice person? Answer: Because its a PARODY

Vegeta's Tail(only one Q)

1. What happened to Vegeta's tail when he came to Earth?ANSWER:It was cut off and simply never regrew

1. Why does Chiatzou look like a mime? He was designed like that

2. Why did Trunks have to be so quiet when he turned into full power when Goku almost had eternal constipation when turning into Super Saiyan 3? Answer: Super Saiyan 3 is a lot harder to use

3. When does the story tell that Goku is named Kakarot? none. But Goku's real name IS Kakarot but only when he was on planet Vegeta and Goku changed his name when he came to Earth 'Answer 2:When raditz comes to earth he tells goku his real name is kakarot..the "goku" name comes from what grandpa gohan named him..Did you even watch the show or read the manga?'

4. How come Master Roshi is weaker than Kid Goku, even though he taught him almost everything he knows? Roshi is a human and goku is a saiyan.

5. Are Tien and Chiatzou gay? Answer: Tien isn't, since he loves Launch, and I highly doubt that Chiatzu is.

6. Why did Yamcha hold up desert caravans? Money

7. Why does Launch have split personallities? It comes from the genes.

Because she was made that way.

8. How did Krillin grow hair, when he didn't have any when he was a kid? Answer: He probably did have hair as a kid, he just shaved it off because he wanted to be a monk or something like that. he was required to shave it bc he WAS a monk, at the end of the cell games he retired from fighting thus Not required to shave it.

9. How did Nappa become bald? Answer: Probably the stress of having to babysit Vegeta. Answer 2: It was shown in the first Bardock movie that Nappa's hair was already thinning. Plus (correct me if I'm wrong), I think he was about 50 years old when he came to Earth, but since Saiyans don't age as quicly as humans, he appeared younger.

He isnt bald he has a shaved head, shaved thats a hair do, case closed... but no really it probably really was having to babysit Vegeta

He shaved his head! Come on, people!

10. Why is Android 8/Eighter mentally retarded? He is just a bad older model.

How can Goku have trained 3 years on Kami's Lookout to have a PL of 300-400, while Chiaotzu, Krillin, Tien, Yamcha, Yajirobe, with less than 1 year training had a Raditz PL? Answer: Goku's tail was permanently removed by Kami so that may have set him back pretty far.

Who Summoned Shenron In The Movie "Broly Returns" ??

Answer: Shenron never ever appeared in the movie.

what happened after episode of bardock?

If you mean the episode where Bardock travels in time, the main timelime happened (eg: Frieza destroying Planet Vegeta fearing the Super Saiyans without Bardock interuppting)

why didn't baby take over goku's body?

Vegeta is stronger than Goku, contrary to what is portrayed in DBZ and especially in GT when Goku gets a base power nerf. Vegeta has a stronger base power level at each transformation than Goku but Goku passively uses the Kaioken in every SSJ fight. If Goku didn't know Kaioken, he wouldn't come close to Vegeta.

Plus I think Vegeta just made a better evil character again since he was already one!

Baby had no personal beef with Goku, though he hates all Saiyans. He had a personal beef with Vegeta because Vegeta's father led the war against the Tuffles. Therefore, Baby possessed Vegeta.

Just Curious

1. Why didn't goku use instant transmission to get the shutoff switch for the androids instead of having Krillan do it? -He didn't know about it .____. <---WRONG. Goku was still sick(or at least sleeping). Goku learned Instant Transmission before the Androids Saga.

2. Why didn't vegeta and goku just punch through the trap doors to destroy buu's egg before it hatched? - SUPREME KAI D:<

They couldn't. Vegeta and Goku were too busy fighting anyways.

3. Why didn't they use the crystal ball to find dr gero's lab/ cell when he was sucking up the townspeople before he absorbed androids 17 and 18/ anything that was ever missing ever? I didn't understand the question properly. Because they're dumb.

They need Baba for the crystal ball. Bulma told them the lab's location. By the time they found the lab, it was too late. As for Cell, he was already on the earth, outside the lab, for four years. A crystal ball cannot change that.

4. Why is it so easy for people to just blow up moon whenever they feel like it and why doesnt everyone else think that it's a big deal? - They can blow up the moon because their powers and strength have risen to the levels to do that easily. No one is really shocked about it because (Especially by the time of DBZ), pretty much all main characters could do it. Normal people would be shocked though, and it would cause some chaos on the Earth.

5. Why can buu, gotenks, and piccolo all go in the hyperbolic time chamber if only 2 people are able to go in at a time? - They can have more people, it's stated they only have enough SUPPLIES to stay for a year ^^

6. Why didnt goku use instant transmission to hide android 18 at kami's lookout? Cell didn't detect anyone there and it would have been a great hiding place. Answer: Goku would have to sense her energy which he can't because she's and android.

Goku was sick and too busy training to look for 18. She refused to run and hide. When she decided to run, she was stopped by Cell.

7. Why don't more people use the cutting disc attack? Seriously like the coolest and most efficient attack ever

Because Krillin. Kamehameha is probably way more useful.

Krillen used it on Cell and failed. Cell and Frieza used the attack and also failed.

8. Why doesn't Vegeta ever try to wish back the Saiyans so he could rule over them?

They were dead for longer than 1 or 2 years. Therefor Shenron couldn't bring them back.

Porunga can bring the Saiyans back, unless I'm mistaken. Vegeta knows that, due to Saiyans' evil, it's better for Saiyans to remain dead.

9. Where does the 3rd Trunks come with the whole time traveling thing? Cell killed 1 in the future and then theres the baby and the other future Trunks. Answer: The Cell we know is actually Future Cell of coarse. In that timeline Future Trunks had no Idea he existed. That's how he stole the time machine. The trunks we see in DBZ is the same trunks that killed King Cold then time travelled straight to the android fights to learn how to kill his own droids, he encounters cell because he would have travelled forward if cell didn't exist but if cell did steal the time machine then he would have found out about cell before giving him the chance to kill him. Essentially, the Trunks Cell killed is a paradox as the two trunks are not two different ones so was erased from existance and never died. Gotta love physics. 2) There are actually 3 timelines, look up alternate timeline on this wiki, but in short Cell in TL 1 (Main) was killed as a baby, Cell in timeline 2 was killed by the future Trunks we know, the 3rd TL Cell is the villain that made the Cell games and killed that Trunks because he hadn't trained like the other to achieve USSJ.

10. Why doesn't Goku use the Kao Kan technique to multiply his power when he is at super saiyans 2-4? Answer: When the kaioken was all that Goku had, he nearly died..... TWICE [ vs. Vegeta (x4); vs. Frieza (x20)] . I'm sure he wanted to avoid that situation. You seem to remeber the Other World Tournament. That was only filler so Goku has never used the kaioken in any super saiyan form. But it would be cool.

^Nope. Goku always uses Kaioken with SSJ once he learns to go SSJ1 without using energy to sustain the transformation, ie; after the hyperbolic time chamber, Goku is KK.

Kaioken becomes useless and outlives its purpose.

Just One


answer: I'm not sure but maybe supreme kai did because he wanted to know where bobidi and Dabura were. maybe he didn't know the way and wanted to follow them. but i might be wrong as those two went far ahead before they went to find magin buu...

He thought is was a necessary evil to find out where Babidi and Buu were, and to stop them.

2. Cell said that he had stolen the time machine from Trunks on his way back to tell everyone that he had defeated the androids and that the time had already been set to four years before the arrival of the androids. Trunks had never gone back that far. Answer: Cell is from a different timeline. In Cell's timeline, he killed Trunks and took the time machine.

Too lazy

Too lazy to make picks, but I've always wondered what Ginyu's true form was.

We don't Know. What you claim here is just speculation, It could be that the body he is shown to be in is his true form, if not, then...Ya, We Don't Know.

150px-4030463Noctis Lucis Caelum150px-4030463 18:38, July 15, 2012 (UTC)

Just one question

  • Q:Where was Vegeta during Broly: Second Coming?
  • A: No where near the mountain area where Trunks, Videl, and Goten were when Broly was unfrozen.
  • Q : In GT couldn't they just use nameks dragon balls. When the earth would explode just wish for it to not explode or how bout this just wish baby to get out of vegeta's body and be paralyzed.
  • A : Beyond creator's ability
  • Q : Why not just wish for the bad guys to not win.
  • 'A : Beyond creator's ability'
  • Cell comes back and doesn't blow up the entire eath when he couldve with a single kamehameha wave.
  • A : He want to test his new power against Gohan and of course... REVENGE!! (because of Freeza and Vegeta's cell maybe...)
  • Q : Can't the bad guys just get rid of the dragon balls. Just wipe out the namekians.
  • A : All villain in Saiyan & Freeza saga will never do that since they want to use it to gain immortality. Cell won't bother destroying DB and Namekian because he's pretty sure that he's the strongest being and able to wipe out all Z Fighters in Cell Games. AS fot Buu... He didn't know anything about DB and Namek and on top of that, Buu is an Idiot...
  • Q : Why can't they just wish for the dragon balls to not have rules maybe wish for another planets dragon balls to not have rules.
  • A : Again, beyond creator's ability

Some questions...

Here those are...

1. How could Piccon beat Cell in hell? (Cell achived his Super Perfect form and it was much stronger than a SSJ2 form while Piccon wasn't even equal to a Asscended Super Saiyan form) Answer : Anime FILLER!!! -- Answer 2: It is speculated that the Burning Shoot technique, which Pikkon used at the time, is similar to the Kaio-ken. And so that could have boosted his power. -Answer 3: Super perfect smell is not > SSJ2 but gohan had a broken arm and was half ki when he fough cell (and still won). Ascended SSJ is powerful enough to kill cell with a good hit that isn't fully guarded (Vegeta's final flash blew half of him off and Cell was defending himself) and Ultra Ascended SSJ eclipses the power of Cell but is clumsy.

2. How did Goku help Gohan from hell in order to demolish Cell? (Physically and dimensionally Goku was in heaven a completly different dimension and NO ONE is able to come from a different dimension to other though it was seen in Buu Saga that Super Buu and Gotenks in his SSJ3 form suceeded to do it creating a hole but Goku didn't create anything like that. It was repeated once again in Bojack's Unbound.) Answer : It's still in one dimension. In Father-son Kamehame case, It's Goku's spirit, so he didn't actually came to assist Gohan and using a Kamehame (all he did was encourage Gohan). In reality Gohan win that beam struggle with his own power. AS for Bojack Unbound : Nope. How could a dead man do that... He only train with his Instant Transmission. 'Oh, wait... Let's take a closer look... Yeah. He's still in Otherworld training with Kaio. So...

Answer 2: Goku has both telepathic and teleportation abilities. He read Kurirans mind and can initiate communication with the Kais back in the freeza saga

Enogh for now. I have much more questions that can't be asked here at all.. --Mystery reveals!~Luster was here?~Where is he now?~ 04:20, July 27, 2012 (UTC)

1 question why didnt goku just forget about the rules and teleport to earth to fight against super buu? Who cares if he breaks the rules if u dont stop super buu everyones gonna die anyway.

because goku was dead untill the old kai gave up his life energy for goku. therefore he could not pass through into the world of the living without special permission. which at that point was already used up, since he went back for the day of the tournament. Nilla151

PrinceZarbon's picks

  1. What happened to Uub? If he fused to become Majuub and we found out the fate of the others through the end of the series... what could his fate be; similar to the rest or different in its own right. He will eventually take Goku's place as earth's savior.
  2. What happened to Piccolo after GT... he gets trapped in hell and Goku promises to free him someday... well, does he or doesn't he...Goku tends to keep his promises, so he will rescue Piccolo. Perhaps it is just off-screen? ;)? 


Q1 Why the hell didn't Goku ever combine the spirit bomb and the kamehameha? I guess he never needed to/wouldn't of know how to? Recipe for Spirit kamehameha: 1.Collect spirit energy. 2.Form spirit bomb 3.Compress the spirit bomb between hands. 4.Add his own energy. 5'.Ka, Me, Ha, Me, HAAA!!!!! '

Q2 Why does the kamehameha look so much like the spirit gun?

Q3 Why didn't Mr. Popo use his (extremely fast)magic carpet to take Goku to the saiyans when he was revived in the Saiyan Saga? It was in cleaning.

That's too easy.

Q3 Is Broly's "Legendary Super Saiyan" power level closer to a SSJ1 or SSJ2's power? SSJ2

Q4 Why is Nappa bald? Natural hair loss..

He shaved his head.

Q5 Why does porunga look like it's on steroids? Because he's the original dragon, so why not make him look badass?

Q6 How long is Shenron? Very long.

Q7 Is Mr. Satan ACTUALY strong compared to other Earthlings? Yeah. The average human powerlevel is around 5, I'd say Mr. Satan is around maybe 20 or something..

Q8 Are Namekians demons, slugs, or yoshis? Namekians = Namekians.

Q9 Could Pan beat vegeta from the Saiyan Saga? If not, could she beat Raditz? Pan has around a powerlevel of 9 million. So yeah..

Q10 Is Picollo more of a father to Gohan than Goku? Goku is Gohan's father, otherwise Gohan would be half namekian... *I meant since piccolo was ther for gohan more than goku for the most part :/ We can consider Piccolo Gohan's "half" dad. I don't you can ever replace one's father.

When you get wished back from death do you get a new body The body is rebuilt, as stated when Chaos died, they say that Kami "rebuilt" his body so he could train with King Kai.

Why do King Cold and Chiller lack transformations when Frieza and Cooler are able to transform at will? They can transform. King Cold is likely in his second form and Chilled didn't transform because Bardock gave him no time.

Why Mystic Gohan isn't with Yamcha and Krillin in Grand Kai's planet? In the Buu saga, more than 6 billion people died (if you count the Dragon World having the same population as the real Earth) so maybe he haven't talked to King Yemma yet.

Further, I mean he would have obliterate him wouldn't he?

Why doesn't Gohan turned SSJ4 when Piccolo died in GT? His tail wasn't restored, nor the Blutz Wave Generator was pointed at hi'm, so he couldn't turn Golden Oozaru.'

Is Goku death when charging the Genki Dama against Omega-Shenron? I mean Omega's attack do nothing and Videl finds a piece of his clothing. Are you asking if Goku was dead? Well, no.

1. why doesn't future trunks wish goku and the z-fighters back in his timeline?

I believe that you cannot wish back a person that has been dead for longer than a year, AND he would have to go to New Namek for that, and nobody knows where that is. And in Trunk's Timeline, Goku died of a natural cause thus the dragon cannot revive him.

King Kai won't help Trunks. Only Goku has such convenient circumstances. did goten and trunks go ssj at the age of 7 and 8?

They trained for the majority of their lives, and because they already had 'Super Sayain' blood.

Answer 2: For saiyans, power levels cause feedback off each other similar to the power boost they get from almost dying. Being around another of high power level causes them to gain power themselves. This is why Gohan (who also trained his whole life) reached SSJ2 against cell after being around 3 Ultra ascnded SSJ fighters but future gohan took most of his life just to get SSJ1 when all the z fighters were dead and the last leech he got was vegeta SSJ1.

3.why does vegeta always come in to save goku and says he's gonna be the one defeat him if he never does?

Without Goku, Vegeta's life and persuits have no significance. Vegeta was self sabotaging by holding back to always be slightly weaker than Goku. He also would never have killed him either.

Vegeta strives to surpass Goku in strength. In order for that to be remotely possible, Goku must be alive. That's why when Goku decides to remain dead in the Cell saga, Vegeta briefly loses his will to fight.

4.gohan has to study and get his dreams crushed by chi-chi and goten doesn't?

When Goku died during The Cell Games, Chi-Chi realised that the world was in danger, so she allowed Goten to train.

5.why does Broly hold a grudge against goku if all goku did was cry?

Goku drove Brolly insane. Goku literally cried nonstop and ultra loud. Even Raditz couldn't stand Gohan's crying, far more Brolly.

6.why doesn't the Z-fighters get fame and fortune when they save the earth not hercule?

They don't want/need the fame and fortune, and it's better for them to keep themselves hidden.

Head Monk's picks

Note: I am listing questions that I would like answered, not putting my input on them. Otherwise, I wouldn't ask them. I do not want any of the answers to be the following: "It's not in the manga." "It was filler." "Because they're DBZ characters." These are all stupid answers that avoid addressing the questions.

1. Why didn't Cell use Instant Transmission to return to the regular world? You can't teleport back to the living world once dead. The only people who are allowed to do this is Fortuneteller Baba. (but only for one day).' True, but who would stop him from doing so? What happens if someone was to stay longer than a day? How would Supreme Kai stop him? In Bojack Unbound, Goku tries to teleport to help Gohan fight Bojack. But since he lacked vital energy, he was 'immediately brought back. I'm asking WHAT is the force that brings them back? Is there some sort of unseen power that controls the boundary between the worlds? Yes. That's how we know that they literally cannot break those barriers. Only magical beings can have that ability, depending on their powers.

2. Why was King Yemma able to keep the evildoers at bay when he was weaker than most of the villains? I didnt understand a lot what you were saying, but that's why Pikkon and Goku were sent in the Otherworld Tournament saga. (and later Piccolo keep the Hell straight in DBGT)

Their strength is in their bodies, which is why they cannot keep their bodies while the good ones can.

3. Why didn't Babidi come to Earth in Trunk's timeline? Maybe he did, but there were no Saiyans with impressive powers like in the regular timeline. Maybe Supreme Kai also came, but couldn't find Babidi's spaceship. (this is further explained in the videogame Shin Budokai - Another Road)

Babidi has nothing to do with Saiyins or their powers. He only came because, like Goku said, Goku's presence attracts evil. Trunks doesn't have to worry about that, unless he all of a sudden becomes like Goku in that regard. If he does, then yes, he will most likely run into Babidi and Buu.

4. Why didn't Dr. Gero program the location of Goku's house into his androids? That's a good one. Maybe he didn't know

He did. Android 17 and 18 are not programmable as they are enhanced humans under control with a full human brain but android 16 - he knew where Goku's house was the whole time but the twins asked him not to tell.

5. Why didn't Piccolo try to take over the world after Goku died? His friendship with Gohan. I mean when Goku died after fighting Radditz? Why did he decide to train Gohan instead of killing him or leaving him alone? He knew Nappa and Vegeta were stronger than him. And he wanted Earth to himself. So he trained Gohan to be his pupil (he even put his 'ma' symbol, used previously by King Piccolo), but then he grew a friendship with Gohan

6. Did Gohan, Goku, and Vegeta achieve a sort of "Full-power Super Saiyan 2" form, because the intense rage and absolute confidence in the power of the form was gone during the Buu arc? Yeah, maybe they could control more due to all the years training as Super Saiyans.

7. Why didn't Mr. Popo help fight Radditz? Well, he was going to be useless. Mr Popo has a power level way above raditz. He held off two SSJS. I guess Popo was smoking his pot and making buttery toast when Raditz was killing some maggots.

Popo is not an earthling. He is a magical being, and like most magical beings, he doesn't get involved.

8. How did Android 18 get spit up if she was absorbed by Cell and she wasn't shown to be sitting in his gut?

She probably could not be absorbed the same way as 17.

9. Why wasn't Vegito's personality more similar to Gogeta's? It is. Vegito was toying around with Buu. And SS4 Gogeta used that Bluff Kamehameha to scare Omega Shenron. However Super Gogeta (from Janemba movie) didn't have much screen time to show his personality (he had to finish Janemba in less than 20 minutes!!)

And the most important of all:

10. What will the 2013 movie be about?

Bills, the god of destruction for that universe, will visit earth and cause trouble. Vegeta will fight him and lose. Goku, initially no stronger than Vegeta, will fight Bills as a Super Saiyan god and lose. Bills will leave earth.

It was a hypothetical question from well before the movie came out.

11. Is Piccolo as strong as an SSJ2 at the end of DBZ i.e. 28th world martial arts tournament?

Most likely not.

12. Who is the strongest pure human (Uub and the androids don't count)? Tien.

1. Why didn't Piccolo ever lay eggs to summon strong Namekians to fight like his father did? It would be very useful in the Cell saga.

No it wouldn't. Those "strong Namekians" are too weak.

2. How the hell did Future Gohan trained? Teen Gohan trained for one year with Goku and could achieve SS1 and SS2. However Future Gohan trained for 10 years and couldn't beat the androids of his timeline who were much weaker than the regular timeline.

Gohan didn't have his father to help him.

3. Why was Vegeta's hair shortened in GT but when he becomes Baby Vegeta his hair goes back to normal (but the color is white)?

Because the makers love doing random, nonsensical things. An easy answer would be that Baby changed Vegeta's DNA (to a certain degree and temporarily).


1.How has Hurcule survived this long? For more humorous moments.

2.Why can't Pan go ssj?

She potentially could. Dramatic events were only needed for Goku and Gohan. Originally, Future Trunks was already a Super Saiyan years before Future Gohan died. He just lacked battle experience and prowess.

3.Why did future Trunks go Ussj on semi-perfect cell?

He wasn't strong enough as a ASSJ

4.How did future Trunks get his sword? 

No one knows. Tapion only officially visited Present Trunks and gave him his sword.

5.Why doesn't cooler hate Trunks insted of Goku if Trunks killed frieza?

Because he doesn't know about that. He thought Goku killed Frieza.

6.What happened to bardock after killing chilled?

He just lived his life, and then enventually died of old age just like everybody else.

7.If shenron can't grant the same wish twice why do so many people wish for immortality?

Wrong. Shenron can't grant the same wish twice. Garlic Jr. wished for immortality once so nobody could wish this again. But Garlic Jr. is non-canon, so in the manga if Vegeta and Nappa took the dragon balls, they could ask for immortality, but Frieza couldn't.


1.Why did android 18 marry krillin?

Krillin is the reason why 18 is alive. Plus, he loves her. She also did seem to show a crush/slight affection in the Androids saga towards him anyway in the beggining, when she kissed him ;D

2.Why didn't vegeta wish to be ssj?

You can't do that. Shenron has limits, as do most of the other dragons, in which case I belive none of them can do that for him. ;) 

3.Why does goku use the spirit bomb so much?

Because it helps him win. It's one of his best, if not most powerful attack ever. ;D

4.Why doesn't bulla fight?

She is like her mother in looks and desires. In other words, she doesn't want to fight.

5.Why didn't bardock go ssj after his team and friends were killed by frieza? He simply was not strong enough.

6.Why hasn't anyone ever wished for goku to die for good?

You can't wish for someone to die, Except Ultimate Shenron, the dragon of the Black Star Dragon Balls. So...Really the answer is...We Don't Know. 

7.Why does piccolo not take over the world while goku was dead in the saiyian saga?

He became friends with Gohan

8.If saiyins get stronger after the heal from a near death expearience shouldn't goku and vegeta by near unstoppable?

They are the strongest men in the world. They are the strongest in the universe and otherworld.

9.Why is krillin still in the show?

Because he is a main character. That's like asking why Piccolo is still in the show.

10.Why does bulla shop so much instead of fighting?

She is like her mother in looks and desires. In other words, she doesn't want to fight.


1.if future trunks went back in time to stop everything that happened in the android and cell sagas shouldn't it have NEVER happened?

No. The time travel system that Dragon Ball used was the multi-verse; that would create several new timelines different to the one that Trunks came from. (Unlike Back to the Future, that can change)

2.Why didn't vegeta use earth's dragon balls to wish himself to new namek and use porunga to wish back the saiyin race so he could rule over them?

He didn't want it. He even killed Nappa.

He probably wanted to, but knew that it's better for them to remain dead. They are very ruthless after all. Imagine if most or all of the Saiyans became Super Saiyan. Then, the whole universe will truly be in trouble.

Porunga can only revive one person at a time, potentially three people every few Namekian year. However, if Porunga has the same limitations as Shenron, it can't revive anyone after a year has passed.

3.Why did piccolo allow the great saiyin man crap to continue?

Pardon? He wasn't even around when Gohan began being Great Saiyaman.

Piccolo cannot tell Gohan what to do. And why would he stop Gohan from saving people anyways?

4. why doesn't chi-chi just wish that her family were rich?

They are rich (a little). Her father is a king (the Ox-King), so he has at least some money.

Chi-Chi wants Goku to care. It pains her that he is practically an absentee husband and father.

5.why does goku neglect his family so much?

He has to save the world.

If Goku doesn't save the world, then he won't have a family to neglect.

6.why is majin buu even friends with hurcule?

Dude have you even watched the Buu saga?

The short answer is that Hercule saw the good in Buu and showed him good.

7.why didn't they kill krillin off the show and the start of dbgt?

Because he's there since the beginning of the series, there would be no meaning in killing him.

Krillin is a good supporter and Goku's best friend.

8.why does broly hate goku?

Because Goku's crying annoyed Broly.

Goku's crying drove Brolly insane.

9.why does chi-chi hate goten and gohan fighting against evil when she herself fought evil with goku as a child?

She doesn't hate, she doesn't want them to fight instead of studying.

Chi-Chi wants Gohan to be like a normal human. But, she trained Goten and taught him how to fight.

10.why did yajorobie survive the saiyin saga?

He was hidden most of time.

Yajirobe is Korin's pal/assistant, therefore he has to remain alive.

He was one of the strongest fighters on Earth, despite not being able to use energy.


1.why is goku scared of chi-chi?

She's dangerous.

The males fear the females.

2.why didn't the saiyins go great ape against frieza? and if their planets moon wasn't there why didn't they make false moons?

None of them had tail, when they were on Namek. i mean before frieza destroyed planet vegeta 

aaaa. They still would be no match for him. However thousands of giant monkeys could be difficult and dangerous. But I don't know. They were not prepeared for this. They'd die anyway so it doesn't really matter.

But the supernova frieza sent might've made the saiyans think it was a full moon so why didn't they transform?

The transformation requires tails and blutz waves. It has nothing to do with what Saiyans think are moons.

3.why couldn't frieza go into that 5th form like cooler?

In original manga there is no Cooler and there is no 5th form. Movies are non canonical.

Cooler is much stronger than Frieza.

4.why didn't they let krillin stay dead after goku went ssj against frieza?

Krillin was Goku's best friend, he didn't want him to be dead.

krillin is a good supporter. Why would anyone kill off someone like him?

5.if saiyins become stronger after healing from a near death experince shouldt've goku been more than strong enough to defeat perfect cell?

I don't get it, what are you talking about. When Goku should be "more than enough" for Perfect Cell ? After being dead for those 7 years ? He was stronger than Cell, if that's what you are asking.

Goku was too weak to beat cell. That is why everything depended on Gohan's inner strength.

6.if the dbz movie 2 the strongest in the world was after the saiyin saga and just before the namekian saga how was piccolo there if he died during the saiyin saga?

Again, movies are not made by Akira Toriyama. Most of them have plot holes. Don't look at them as a part of the series. Watch them just for fun. Most of them don't fit in the main timeline.

7.why did chi-chi worry about gohan studying if he could face of with enemies like frieza and cell and come out alive?

Who knows.

She wants him to be a somebody according to society's expectations. She also wants money. has krillin come back from the dead 3 times if shenron only grants a wish once?

First time he was wished back by Earth's Dragon Ball. When he was killed by Frieza he was revived by Porunga, dragon from Namek, when he got killed by Buu he was revived with all people that got killed. The 3rd wish was to bring all people killed by Buu back to life not only Krillin.


The third revival was also from Porunga, so it doesn't matter. The fourth time is GT, so if you take it as canon simply imagine Dende upgraded Shenron in the 5-year train of Goku and Uub, so he can revive people a lot of times.

Sandubadear (talk) 01:51, December 3, 2012 (UTC)

9.if roshi did the original kamehameha how has it become goku most known ability? 

Goku used it more times. Goku improved this technique (Super Kamehameha, Instant Kamehameha etc). 

10.why hasn't pan gone ssj if her grandson goku jr can?

Propably because she didn't have any emotional need, like it was the case with Goku on Namek, with Goahn etc. Ant they propably didn't know how to draw a female SSJ. 



1.Gohan killed cell at the age of 11 and chi-chi worrys about his education why? 

She wants her son to have a good education.

She wants more money. Goku's eating habits cause his family to be broke. She also wants Gohan to have something to do besides training and fighting.

2.What is goku most powerful attack?

The Spirit Bomb (and its many variations).

3.Where the hell does chi-chi get her guns from in the saiyan saga?

Launch's old room.

4.If vegeta had used the final flash again on cell before he could regenerate would he have killed cell before the cell games?


5.Why didn't vegeta kill goku when he was majin vegeta?

Because Majin Buu was hatched.

Because Majin Vegeta is not evil (ironic, I know). He wanted to fight Goku, not kill him.

6.why the hell did guru decide to die before vegeta got immortality?

Shit happens.

7.After bardock went ssj why didn't he hunt all of frieza's family to make sure freiza was never born?

How would he of traced them down?

8.Can saiyans breath in space?


They can BE in space, not BREATHE in space.

9.After kid buu unfused with majin buu why didn't he kill hercule?

Because secretly he liked Hercule and wanted to make children with him..

10.Is vegeta stronger than goku


In a way, yes. ''''By default, Vegeta is stronger than Goku. However, Goku's gift is that he can quickly move onto the next level. That, plus special favors, are what allow Goku to be stronger than Vegeta.

1 more question

11. Is vegetio stronger than gogeta?


Im quite sure vegeto is stronger than gogeta. The fusion from the earings made the user more powerful than the fusion dance. If it came down to going up to ssj4 you could imagine that if vegeto was in gt then he too could go ssj4 so would still be stronger


What training did Goku do with Shenron, and has he unlocked another super saiyan?

We don't know.

Why did Goku jr and Vegeta jr turn super saiyan if they aren't 1/4 saiyan?

Simply just an inconsistency. So...We don't Know. 


1.Where did akira toriyama come up with the saiyan full moon thing?

I believe it's an old chinese or japanese mythology.

///\\\ It was first supposed to be a transformation werewolf-like only to Goku. Then, with the introduction of Saiyans, it was established as a common transformation.

2.What was the point in hercule as a character besides the sprit bomb thing?

For humor.

3.why the hell did dr myuu name his ultimate creation baby of all names?

Because it's his baby ;o.

4.After getting a wish from shenron don't any of the z-fighter jsut cath one of the dragon balls before they get sent eleswhere?

Goku did in Dragonball.

5.Why hasn't goku divorced chi-chi?

Gotta get dat human pussy.

Because he loves her.

Because he loves her AND she cooks for him! Besides, he didn't know what 'marriage' was, what makes you think he knows what divorce is?

6.How the hell did chi-chi make piccolo get his drivers lisence?

She's scary.

The males are ironically afraid of the females.

7.Why weren't there any female saiyans left after the desrtuction of planet vegeta but there happened to be about 8 saiyan males (counting movie chars).

Just unlucky. did goku get stronger than vegeta in about 1 1/2 saga's?


9.Why did frieza destroy planet vegeta over the legend of the super saiyan besides fear?

No reason.

10.Is the a chance that broly is somehow related to goku being the fact that bardock was the only super saiyan back in the past and broly was born with the blood of a super saiyan?


///\\\ Actually there is a chance, since they are from the same race. Not directly related though, but all Saiyans have a common ancestor.

No, they are not related.


1.Why do most villins resort to destroying the planet? for example frieza destroying namek.

If they are strong enough and it'll kill their opponent, then why not ? It almost always works.

2.Is garlic jr technicly cannon? i'm confused because he was in dbz movie 1 which is non-cannon but he had his own saga in the anime which makes him cannon.

It was just anime filler. It is not present in the original manga so technically it is not canon. But it is in the anime so you can it is canonical for anime. Just like Dragon Ball GT. It is anime canon, not manga.

3.If someone has an advantige in a battle why the hell do get cocky and taunt their aponent insted of finishing them off?

It doesn't happen always. But mostly, it's because, well, they are stronger so they can do whatever they want to.

4.Why did'nt goku  throw a bucket of water on android 19 causing his circuts to be fried?

I don't think it would destroy it...

5.What did krillin mean by "calm heart" when vegeta went ssj?

I have no idea, I remember him saying something about "pure heart" to become SSJ, I don't remember calm heart.

Krillin was misinformed and naive. He thought that because Goku became Super Saiyan, a pure heart is needed for the transformation.

6.Why the hell did goku need a drivers lisence if he can fly anywhere?

Because he was afraid of Chi-Chi

7.How was goku able too get so many zenkai's while he was training in 100x gravity?

What is so odd about it ? 

8.What is it with villins and immortality?

Well, if you are powerful you want to live forever and rule everyting.

9.Why the hell do the z-fighters let hercule take credit for their victorys?

Why not ? He eventually helps them

10.Why wasn't their one main villin throughout the series insted of many villins throughout it?

How anyone here can possibly know something like this ? ... Oko500 (talk) 20:52, January 1, 2013 (UTC)                                                                                                                                                                                 One last one...

11.Could Vegeta be part tuffle? because he said full blooded saiyans can't grow any more hair after they reach adulthood and he said that full blooded saiyans can't change the way their hair looks except for ssj tranformations but in gt his hair was changed so.... 

Vegeta is 100% Saiyan. There are things that can be done to hair like cutting, trimming, styling, dyeing, etc. I know these are animated characters, but they can and do change their hair, depending on the person. A more direct answer is that Vegeta cut his hair and styled it differently. By the way, all Vegeta said was that full-blooded Saiyans' hair remains the same from birth. He didn't say that their hair cannot be changed.


Isn't king Kai's planet in other world ? So how could goku use instant transmission to teleport there with cell if they're both living?

It is just a normal planet. Goku sensed King Kai's Ki and teleported there. Who said that a living person couldn't do that. Oko500 (talk) 13:45, January 4, 2013 (UTC)

DBZ Kai ending

How did trunks and GOKU come back to life after they were killed by Cell? I thought the dragon balls couldn't bring them back to life anymore and they are both later shown in GT.

Trunks could be brought to life. Why do you think that was impossible ? They did it for the first time.

And Goku wasn't revived by dragon balls. Elder Kai gave him his own life. Oko500 (talk) 13:46, January 4, 2013 (UTC)

LOL. Have you even watched the original series? Future Trunks died the first time by Cell, so he was revived. The Trunks in GT is Present Trunks, the same Kid Trunks from Buu saga.

Sandubadear (talk) 17:16, January 4, 2013 (UTC)


1.Isn't the legend of the super saiyan frieza's fault? because if he hadn't shot that death ball bardock would've never been sent back in time 

Well, yes. Bardock was the SSJ that became a legend which Frieza was afraid of.

Answer 2: In the flashback the legend was a golden great ape, and Bardock didn't transform ito a golden great ape.It can be that Bardock and his family were descendents of the sayin in the legend.

2.If frieza hadn't shot that death ball at bardock would it cause a time paradox?

If Frieza hadn't shot that death ball, entire DBZ wouldn't be the same, as most likely Raditz would never come, Nappa and Vegeta as well. 

Actually Raditz came to Earth because he was going to bring back Goku if Frieza didnt destroy Planet Vegeta Raditz would still have come to earth.

You Mean "Supernova." Not Death Ball. =) WaffleGuy26 (talk) 03:11, May 5, 2014 (UTC) 

3.Why did bardock go ssj after seeing he friends dead body's?

He wasn't strong enough. After he went back in time, he recived a zenkai. Oko500 (talk) 15:22, January 12, 2013 (UTC)

I wonder why bardock is never seen in the other world when goku goes over there. I heard that sayians where not good back then when they went to hell so why didnt they escape when android 17 open a portal to hell

4.Why is Bardock never seen again or any Saiyan for that matter when Hell's Portal opens up, is this because it was filler because Bardock's whole time travel and him being the original SSJ therefore perpetating his own planets demise and saving it. I thought all that was so paradoxical Filler!!

But why wasnt he seen in other world or any other saiyans besides the main ones and minus Raditz since his story was explained that he passed through King Yemma's just a little bit before Goku with Kami Oxescarecrow (talk) 06:20, April 2, 2013 (UTC)

Bardock and Goku

I don't understand why goku didn't see anyone from the planet vegeta, including bardock. Why's that?

/\ Do you even DBZ? Goku was born the exact day the whole planet was destroyed.

Sandubadear (talk) 16:36, February 25, 2013 (UTC)

Bardocks vision

Why did bardock see goku facing off with frieza FIRST FORM if goku only saw frieza and meet him in his 4th form?

Also, does frieza have a 5th form? (well he kinda mentioned that he was using all his power against ssj goku)

Anime filler. Also, Cooler's fifth form is filler too.

Sandubadear (talk) 19:26, February 25, 2013 (UTC)

Bardock also had a premonition like vision from the powers he received so it was more of a symbolic image shown of goku staring down frieza; also Bardock never saw frieza past his First Form. (plus it would have made for some spoilers showing frieza in his Fifth Form before Namek Saga. Oxescarecrow (talk) 06:11, April 2, 2013 (UTC)

Who doesn't die?

So through the whole saga, which fighters don't actually die? The only one I can think of is Mr. Satan, are there any more?

In the Buu saga, everyone is killed, except for Goku (who was already dead, but was later revived) and Mr. Satan. Dende too.

Sandubadear (talk) 16:16, March 1, 2013 (UTC)

Well there is foutunetella baba she didn't die well it wasn't recorded that she died.

(the Namek with Saiyan blood (talk))(20:14, March 1, 2013 (UTC))

yep, she didnt die either. but neither Supreme Kai, or King Yemma, or any magical being.

Sandubadear (talk) 21:03, March 1, 2013 (UTC)

Why didn't Piccolo go to hell?

When Vegeta sacrificed himself to save the world he was sent to hell for his past misdeeds, but when Piccolo sacrificed himself for Gohan he was allowed to travel to King Kai's planet even though he had been evil before that too.Jeroen822 (talk)

/\ Piccolo never actually killed anyone (besides Raditz and Goku), while Vegeta killed a lot of people.

Sandubadear (talk) 22:49, March 1, 2013 (UTC)

/\ He blew up a boat with at least 2 fishermen on it.

Jeroen822 (talk)

Gohan was not SSJ2 against Dabura due to no lightning, but he went SSJ2 the same day earlier to show Kibito. Why did he not fight and kill Dabura and Babidi at SJJ2 (of course it would have destroyed the story, I know, but there has to be a reason)???

Vegeta mercilessly killed probably a lot of people. That's why he was sent to hell and Piccolo wasn't. Jawbreaker3 User:WaffleGuy26 talk contribDaburaCookie.Ep.235 01:53, August 25, 2014 (UTC)


how did GT trunks know what  android 17 looked like when he attacked him?

^He couldn't know but well, GT...

^Im sure they were told stories of the androids after all Vegeta and goku like to talk aout their best fights

17 lived just like 18. Therefore, he could have visited 18 and the others at anytime.

Also, how he and Goten felt Android 19 when he was hiding in a corner, when he escaped hell ?

I would simply assume that they saw him in the corner of there eye, and well, blasted him. 

Gohan vs. Dabura

Gohan was not SSJ2 against Dabura due to no lightning, but he went SSJ2 the same day earlier to show Kibito. Why did he not fight and kill Dabura and Babidi at SJJ2 (of course it would have destroyed the story, I know, but there has to be a reason)???

Complete Story Destroyer, again he got ahead of himself in a way, like you said the story would be spoiled. Oxescarecrow (talk) 06:13, April 2, 2013 (UTC)

Why didn't Goku and Vegeta use the fusion dance while fighting Kid buu,they had plenty of time (Kid buu was sleeping) and they could have easily had the upper hand for 30 minutes,allowing kid buu to go down and having Goku use the Sprit Bomb

Why didn't Goku use instant transmission to return to eath from yardrat?

This is because Future trunks, did not know that goku had this ability, and thought that it would take him 2 hours, to reach earth, so he decided to travel back in time to that exact moment, creating an alternate timeline, known as the "Main" timeline of course. Having sensed trunks energy, and the defeat of Frieza, and King Cold, he decided not to use it, and remained on course to earth. ? =) WaffleGuy26 (talk) 03:06, May 5, 2014 (UTC) 

In the Saiyaman Saga...

Question:  Why did all of Gohan's classmates assume he was scrawny and weak, when he obviously had muscle in his exterior appearance?

I'm guessing this was just for Comedic effect. =D WaffleGuy26 (talk) 02:58, May 5, 2014 (UTC) 

I only have one question that I've never seen answered before.

When Goku is fighting Frieza on Namek Mr Popo uses the Dragonballs to revive everyone killed by Frieza. The same Dragonballs were used to revive Goku when he fought Vegeta and Nappa during the Saiyan saga however the balls should be deactivated as they turn to stone for 1 year once used.

I Think that Kami, since he is the creator of the dragonballs, used his powers, to remove the 1 year waiting period from them. He has done this already in Dragonball, I think. =) WaffleGuy26 (talk) 03:03, May 5, 2014 (UTC) 

Is there Two Future Trunks????

When future trunks when to the pass and killed cyborg frieaza and give the medicine to goku and told him theres going to be androids who are going to kill evereone. Than he gose in the pass . Later in the story he comes back and sees 19 head and freaking out is this a diffrent trunks and the one who give goku the medecine died from cell ??? And took is time machine ???

Cell came from a third timeline where he defeated Future Trunks and took his Time Machine. Androids 19 and 20 didn't appear in Future Trunks' timeline, only 17 and 18. Please look over your spelling before you post.

The Trunks that gave the medicine to Goku and appeared astonished at Android 19's head is the same one. He isn't stronger or weaker. He simply used his time machine from the time he gave the medicine to Goku to the time the androids were predicted to appear. The difference is is that he was from a timeline in which Dr. Gero either didn't activate Android 19 or he was never made. Of course, why would he when Android 18 & 17 are much stronger and energy efficient. Also, the Z-fighters from the future were attacked and killed by 17 and 18, not 19. Android 19 is just a recent model and a plot twist thanks to a change in the time paradox due to Cell being there.

Goku and Chi-Chi broke up?

So... Vegito from Universe 16 broke up with Chi-Chi? How the hell was Goku okay with that?

PLease sign you posts. And btw you should ask these questions to DBM creators. The question is answered in Universe 16 story. Vegeta hated Chi chi but like Bulma. Goku liked both Chi chi and Bulma. So Buma gets two like. Chi chi gets one like and one hate, That's why Vegito chose Bulma.

For all intents and purposes in Universe 16 Goku and Vegeta are DEAD. Vegito is the fusion of Goku and Vegeta so their attitude, their hobbies, what they like is also fused

Dragon Ball Multiverse is created by Gogeta JR and Salagir ask them and Vegito chose Bulma because Vegeta loves Bulma as much as Goku loves Chi Chi  but because Goku was forced to marry Chi Chi and since he knew Bulma since he was a child Vegito chose Bulma instead of Chi Chi and i dont blame him Chi Chi as we all know is overprotective 09:20, June 21, 2013 (UTC)


Who in all of the dragon ball z universe keeps reviving broly i mean seriously hes been brought back on multiple occasions ? Broly never died. He just keep having near death experiences. He never died. Except for Bio-Broly where a small chunk of his DNA/essence was left over and they managed to bring a copy of him back.

Is broly the only character to hate goku over him crying as a baby i mean seriously kinda a stupid reason for him to want to kill someone? Broly is a 100% mental saiyan.

Why hasent goku been able to reach the power that broly has? Broly is a rare genetic occurence. That gives him unique. That's why his power keeps increasing. Goku and Vegeta are normal saiyans who have super high power levels because they trained hard and because of the circumstances they faced and the Zenkais they received.

Dragon ball logic

Q. Shouldn't planet vegeta and the entire saiyan race have been revived by porunga being as though the wish was to revive all those killed by friezas hand?

A. I can solve this one for you. the dragon balls may only bring back anyone who died from unnatural causes only if they died in the past year. so basically if you died and 2 years ago they wouldnt be able to wish you back as shenron will tell you. Oxescarecrow (talk) 03:04, June 6, 2013 (UTC)

Why do all the saiyans have squeaky voices even in adult form in japanese

Why do they have squeaky ass voices in. Jap.

Watch other anime, undubbed. Not trying to be a blunt jerk, but this is commonGalick Gum (talk) 13:10, September 12, 2013 (UTC)

Why didnt android 18 destroy cell before he absorbed android 17 she was deffinitly stronger than he was?

If I recall, they did not understand the threat Cell brought, and at this point, she could do nothing to stop Cell from finishing the 17 absorbtion Galick Gum (talk) 13:10, September 12, 2013 (UTC)

Goku and Krillin dead

one thing I don't understand,  They use two wishes to bring Piccolo  to Namek:  first to bring him back to life,  second to wish him to Namek.  what doesn't make sense is they make a big deal about not being able to wish back Krillin and Goku because they would die in space. No stupid answer,  I'm really confused.

answer - there was no planet namek at the time and you are revived exactly where you died, hence wishing on the earths dragonballs would just bring him back rite where planet namek was, which was space at the time as planet namek was destroyed by frieza and gokus fight, Oxescarecrow (talk) 22:17, June 19, 2013 (UTC)

I need to ask. Where in the dragon ball saga do he fight Turles. It can't be before vegeta because he know kaioken and Spirit ball. And it can't be after namek. Because 1. Vegeta is not in the movie and 2 he can't be super sayian? 22:04, June 18, 2013 (UTC)Mr- big dragon ball fan

In DBZ (Freeza episodes), when Goku arrived to planet Namek, he had a bunch of Senzu beans... what happened to them after he healed Vegeta? lol


Why does everybody hate GT and say its not canon Toriyama made character designs and worked a bit on the plot everyone who says it shouldnt exist probably havent even seen it all im asking is an answer to why people hate GT

Simple, it was poorly written out, the characters acting out of character, and just some terrible dream we all happened to share. Galick Gum (talk) 13:08, September 12, 2013 (UTC)

The logic that since Toriyama was involved makes it canon is flawed due to Toriyama also being involved with Dragon Ball Online and Battle of the Gods.

DBO has many events that couldn't happen if GT happens, and you can make an argument that BotG doesn't mesh with GT either mostly regarding how powerful Goku is.

As for why people don't like it, that is simple: it isn't as good as DBZ. It isn't as horrible as people want to make it out to be, but it isn't as good as what came before it.

BlueMew1234 (talk) 16:24, April 24, 2014 (UTC)Bluemew1234

The Moon

If master roshi destroyed the moon at the world martial arts tornament to turn goku back to Normal after he turned great ape in season one of dragonball how did It return for piccolo to destroy it in season one of dbz to turn gohan back to Normal after he turned great ape.

Maybe Kami ressurected it.

1. wouldnt super buu and gotenks fight inside the hyperbolic time chamber have only lasted about 5 seconds considering 1 minute real time equals 6 hours of time in there? so wouldnt they have walked in and the winners just walked right back out? 

Piccolo destryoed the door so nobody can get out 

2. Since Shenron can only wish people back once, wouldnt the earth still not have very many people in it by the time the buu series rolled along?

There seems to be a loophole to this, as some wishes can bring a person back to life more than once. For example, Krillin was brought back to life with the Frieza victim list, and Buu victim list.  3. does frieza own a watch? or know what 5 minutes means?

the fight was in slow motion because it was hard for us to watch that's why it took 8 episodes

Master Roshi

Why didn't Master Roshi go to Namek? He originally said that he would go.

I think realistically they didn't see the need for him to go to Namek, as they did not think it would be such a threat, or realistically speaking, Bulma did not want to put up with his perv-like behavior. 



Why is it that none of the Z-Fighters have body hair? I mean, except for Goku and Vegeta, who may not be able to grow any. Gohan and trunks should have body hair of some sort.

This could be due to just artist preference, or if you want to try to be within cannon, it helps the fighters move faster. Such as swimmers who shave their body hair, it helps a little. Also they spar alot, and could just do this out of respect. -Galick Gum

Why to saiyins under halfblooded not have tails. Ps tails coun t as body hair!

They Do. As for Gohan, Goten, and Trunks, they most likely had it cut off of themselves. WaffleGuy26 (talk) 02:55, May 5, 2014 (UTC) 

GT Questions

Q1: Did Videl defeat Raditz when he returned from hell in the GT series? Q2: Did Raditz get to meet Goten or Pan when he returned from hell in the GT series?

It was not shown, however it could have been possible. Although Videl is very weak compared to Raditz, still a human, so no. Videl would not defeat Raditz if they confronted eachother. 


Why didnt goku instant transmission out of hell?

Ah, I realise now this is an easy question to answer, I thought it was Z, not GT before. Anyway, since Goku in his child form, he is unable to control/use the technique properly, as such with him not being able to susatain Super Saiyan 3 as well in his child form body. He'd have to become a Super Saiyan 4 to use it, as seen later on in GT. Jawbreaker3 User:WaffleGuy26 talk contribDaburaCookie.Ep.235 01:53, August 25, 2014 (UTC)

Where was Krillin soul after he died on Namek? Before they wished him to Earth check in station?

Limbo perhaps? I'm not really sure myself. Jawbreaker3 User:WaffleGuy26 talk contribDaburaCookie.Ep.235 01:53, August 25, 2014 (UTC)

Fusion Question

What would happen if someone who is dead fused (with potaro earings) fused with someone who was alive.

Vegeta was dead when he fused with Goku to create Vegito. So I am assuming that it would act as any other fusion, with the product being alive Galick Gum (talk) 07:25, September 25, 2013 (UTC)


If the dragon can wish people and planets back to life why didn't Vegeta or Goku wish for their tail back

Well, I belive Goku and Vegeta just didn't want to/Didin't think it was neccesary to have anymore appearence wise, not for power wise. You'd think Vegeta would, considering he wants to preserve the Saiyan race, staying true to heritage etc., but I suppose, after he settled in, had a family, he couldn't really care less about it. 

My Questions

1. Who is the Original Super Saiyan

Possibly Bardock.

2. Who is the Legendary Saiyan/Legendary Super Saiyan


3. Who is the Nameless Namekian?

"No longer am I Kami or Piccolo. I am the Namek who has long since forgotten his name."

4. Who are the Gods Of Destruction ?

Nobody knows this yet. Only one was revealed and thats Bills.

5. Who is the mother of Goku?


6. Who is the mother of Chi Chi?

Unnamed and dead.

7. Where did Goku go after the end of GT?

He died.

8. How to strong is Vegito Super Saiyan 3/4/GOD ?

Well since Vegito was never SSJ3/4/God, we don't know. Super strong.

9. Who are the parents of Krillin?

We don't know.

10.Who is the mother of Vegeta ?

We don't know.

Super Son Goku (talk) 10:50, September 23, 2013 (UTC)SSACEGOD

Sunwukong75's picks

Q1. Why wasn't Nappa brought back with the wish to bring back everyone killed by Frieza and his men? Vegeta still worked for Frieza at the time, and only a few months had passed.

I would simply assume this to just be a plothole. Or they could have specficed otherwise, only to bring back good hearted people off-screen? I'm not really sure to be honest. Most likely a Plothole made by Toriyama i guess.  Jawbreaker3 User:WaffleGuy26 talk contribDaburaCookie.Ep.235 01:53, August 25, 2014 (UTC)

Q2. Why didn't the Namekians just give the Dragon Balls to Frieza? It's not like he knew the password or anything.

Well, Even if they did, Frieza and his men would still slaugther them all anyway. They were all going to die, so they kinda wanted to try to fight back, so that frieza wouldn't collect them all and toture the password out of one of them. If they all didn't speak, He would probably kill them all and blow up the Planet, and then maybe head for the Earths Dragonballs I Guess? Jawbreaker3 User:WaffleGuy26 talk contribDaburaCookie.Ep.235 01:53, August 25, 2014 (UTC)

Q3. Why did Goku even take his ship home when he had Instant Transmission? Just seems like a waste of time he could be training. Even if he wasn't in range on Yardrat, he could've easily gotten there long before Frieza.

Future trunks somehow did not know that Goku had this ability and thought that it would take Goku 2 hours to arrive on earth, so just before Goku could use his technique, he felt the enormous energy of trunks killing Frieza and King Cold, and decided not to use it. Jawbreaker3 User:WaffleGuy26 talk contribDaburaCookie.Ep.235 01:53, August 25, 2014 (UTC) 

Q4. Why did Trunks bother killing Frieza in the main timeline? In his timeline, Goku killed Frieza, so why change that? Bulma was even there in the alternate timeline, so she should've known.

I'm quite certain that Future trunks confirmed/stated that his mother had forgot to tell him about it so...ya. ;p ;) Jawbreaker3 User:WaffleGuy26 talk contribDaburaCookie.Ep.235 01:53, August 25, 2014 (UTC)

Q5. Why did the whole dying after dead thing go from coming back to disappearing from that dimension? 

Oh, ok, I see. This differs between dubbing, as possibly the 4kids version, and others tries to censor up a lot of things, such as this. etc. Jawbreaker3 User:WaffleGuy26 talk contribDaburaCookie.Ep.235 01:53, August 25, 2014 (UTC)

Q6. How did Krillin come back to life in GT? He had been wished back to life once with the Earth Dragon Balls.

They had most likely used the Namekian Dragonballs, however this is only an assumption, as I belive you are corect. Kirllin coming back, happened off-screen I assume as I have not gotten up to that part yet. (I know about him dieing, but they haven't shown him revied yet, they just said they would.) Jawbreaker3 User:WaffleGuy26 talk contribDaburaCookie.Ep.235 01:53, August 25, 2014 (UTC)

Q7. What was the point of introducing Super Saiyan 3? It did nothing of any significance, except for waste what little time Goku had left on Earth...

He became a Super saiyan 3 in order to buy some time for Trunks to collect the Dragon radar. ;D Otherwise-Death for the 3. )He was already being targeted of course by Babidi, A.K.A (Piccolo, Trunks, and Goten.) Jawbreaker3 User:WaffleGuy26 talk contribDaburaCookie.Ep.235 01:53, August 25, 2014 (UTC)

Q8. Why didn't Trunks ever ask to use the Namekian dragon balls to wish anyone back? I'm sure they'd be happy to help, especially since Goku saved them. Either Bulma could build a space ship (especially if she can build a time machine), or I'm sure King Kai could help. They never say the Namekian dragon balls are bound to death within a year...

I Think Goku was the only one who could get there using Instant transmission. Bulma probably didn't know the exact location of new namek. I'm not sure King Kai knew about King kai, so he wouldn't be able to contact him. I'm not sure about why King kai couldn't contact him, so it was either he was unable to somehow, or a plothole. Jawbreaker3 User:WaffleGuy26 talk contribDaburaCookie.Ep.235 01:53, August 25, 2014 (UTC)

Q9. Why didn't Vegeta or Trunks try to go FPSSJ when they went into the time chamber for the second time? It could've made the fight with Cell much easier. Jawbreaker3 User:WaffleGuy26 talk contribDaburaCookie.Ep.235 01:53, August 25, 2014 (UTC)

Trunks and Vegeta's power levels did not increase near as much as the first time they entered (possibly due to the fact that unlike last time, they acquired no new forms during this period, instead focusing on powering up their regular Super Saiyan state to its maximum), but they still improved enough to put up an evenly matched battle against the Cell Jrs. Jawbreaker3 User:WaffleGuy26 talk contribDaburaCookie.Ep.235 01:53, August 25, 2014 (UTC)

Q10. Did andriods 19 and 20 appear in Future Trunks' timeline? It seems likely that the Z-Fighters defeated those androids and then lost to 17 and 18 and nobody lived to tell about them. Chi Chi probably wouldn't let Gohan fight because of what happened to Goku, so that's why he survived.

It seems very unlikely as Future trunks did not recall seeing/remembering Android 19 and 20 (Or-Dr. Gero) when he first saw them, saying that him coming back in time must have caused some serious damage to the no. I would assume no. Jawbreaker3 User:WaffleGuy26 talk contribDaburaCookie.Ep.235 01:53, August 25, 2014 (UTC)

Sunwukong75 (talk) 02:55, October 8, 2013 (UTC)

Porunga's logic

Why was Piccolo not restored to Earth when he was shed back to life? King Kai says that when Porunga revives people he returns them where they had previously died. If it was because Piccolo retained his body in the other world just as Goku did, it doesn't explain why the same did not happen to Yamcha, Tien and Chiaotzu as they all retained their bodies in the other world, while training on King Kai's planet and they were brought back to Earth as soon as they were wished back to life. Prassy90 (talk) 12:07, December 28, 2013 (UTC)

Oh no, you misunderstand. Yes he was ressurected and sent to earth, howevet they used the second wish, for him to be transported to Namek. ;D Hope that helped. Jawbreaker3 User:WaffleGuy26 talk contribDaburaCookie.Ep.235 01:53, August 25, 2014 (UTC)

Please do not post advertising/advertisments/ on the wiki thank you Prassy90. =) WaffleGuy26 (talk) 03:16, May 5, 2014 (UTC)


Why didn't all the DBZ villains become reincarnated as good earthlings when they were sent to hell like kid Buu?—This unsigned comment was made by GCook24 (talkcontribs) Please sign your posts with ~~~~ next time!

Well, this was because Goku specifically asked that only Majin Buu (Kid Buu), be brought back, as he was the strongest enemy that Goku had fought. This concept was also very new, so it was only really used at/in the end of dbz, because Toriyama wanted to end Goku's legacy by simply passing the torch onto someone new...Namely Uub. ;D Jawbreaker3 User:WaffleGuy26 talk contribDaburaCookie.Ep.235 01:53, August 25, 2014 (UTC) 

Kid Sonic's Questions 1

  • 1. How was Bardock able too breathe in space (while attempting to stand up to Frieza), while Goku being stranded in space (after Namek's explosion) was such a problem?
  • I'm not sure if you know this, but Goku was not stranded in space, he merely found one of the ginyu force member's ships, and set a course, which led him straight to the Planet Yardrat,  where he learnt the Instant Transmission Technique. As for Bardock, he most likely was flying just upon the edge of the planet vegeta's atmosphere, where it was still breathable. Jawbreaker3 User:WaffleGuy26 talk contribDaburaCookie.Ep.235 01:53, August 25, 2014 (UTC)
  • 2. When Guru died for the second and final time, how was Porunga still aloud to bring back Goku's friends and send the Namekians to their new homeworld.
  • Before Grand Elder Guru dies, he passes on the Dragon Balls and his position as the Namekian Grand Elder to Moori.? Jawbreaker3 User:WaffleGuy26 talk contribDaburaCookie.Ep.235 01:53, August 25, 2014 (UTC)
  • 3. If Gine is Bardock's wife and Goku's mother. Who was Bardock's original wife on Planet Plant (the one who helped create the Saiyan line)?
  • Episode of Bardock is simply a "What-if Spinoff Idea of Bardock, The Father of Goku, so it is most likely this takes place in an alternate timeline, where say bardock dies years before the Genocide of the saiyans, etc. Jawbreaker3 User:WaffleGuy26 talk contribDaburaCookie.Ep.235 01:53, August 25, 2014 (UTC)
  • 4. How come we see none of the original Saiyans in Other World (or Hell)?
  • It was not really revelant to the story at hand, however i'm sure they could have placed them in a filler scene or two maybe, but i guess they didn't really want too. Jawbreaker3 User:WaffleGuy26 talk contribDaburaCookie.Ep.235 01:53, August 25, 2014 (UTC)
  • 5. Even though Mutaito died from use of the Evil Containment Wave, does that mean he's still trapped in limbo?

--Kid Sonic (talk) 00:33, May 3, 2014 (UTC)

AznPinoy's questions

  • 1. Where would Gine go? She is like Tarble and Goku, so she doesn't seem like the woman to go to Hell.
  • Yes, I agree. I would assume that she'd go to heaven, as she hasn't been confirmed to actually killing a single being, just to be constantly saved by Bardock on the battlefield. As she was not cut out for fighting, Gine went on to work at the meat distribution center on PV-A.K.A (Planet Vegeta.). Jawbreaker3 User:WaffleGuy26 talk contribDaburaCookie.Ep.235 01:53, August 25, 2014 (UTC) 
  • 2. Do the Namekian Dragon Balls have the restriction that the person must have been dead in less than one Earth year in order to be ressurected?
  • So far, no that is not the case. It has yet to be confirmed, so we can assume that yes, that is not the case. Jawbreaker3 User:WaffleGuy26 talk contribDaburaCookie.Ep.235 01:53, August 25, 2014 (UTC)
  • 3. Why didn't the Pilaf Gang in GT use the Black Star Dragon Balls to kill Goku? It would have made a better reason aside from the possible destruction of Earth if the BSDBs weren't returned to Earth. And remember, Ultimate Shenron can kill people, if Goku was able to be turned to a kid again by U.Shenron, its possible that he could have been killed.
  • Well, since the Black Star Dragonballs scatter across the entire universe, I would think the Pilaf gang would just completely give up. Too much work for them. They could have used them when they were brought back before Baby used them the second time, however they were unseen, so it's likely they thought they had lost there chance, and simply given up. Jawbreaker3 User:WaffleGuy26 talk contribDaburaCookie.Ep.235 01:53, August 25, 2014 (UTC)
  • Note: I meant why didn't the Pilaf gang just wish that Goku was dead with the BSDBs from the start? Apparently U. Shenron can kill people, and this is someone who foiled or messed with their plans for world domination a lot. Plus, they would have a real reason to get the BSDBs and it means their clutch character is no longer there to help them. It would seem interesting for the ESF/Z-Warriors if they had to get the BSDBs to revive Goku and save Earth. Who knows, Pan could have become a super saiyan. Aznpinoy (talk) 00:12, September 13, 2014 (UTC)
  • 'Re:Note. Well, I belive the BSDB's weren't introduced at all until GT, so it was likely an inconsistency proven by the fact that it was Toei Animation who was in charge of/made the story that is DBGT, rather than Akira Toriyama himself. Just like how the DB gang wanted to kill Nappa and Vegeta, but couldn't in the Saiyan Saga. How do you explain it? Well, 1: They might not want to have done it, simply because of the risk factor or something in using them, but really the answer is just, with most things that happen in GT is that...It's an Incosistency. (Plus he really had no input into the stroy whatsoever, who knows, even if he was kind of part of it, he might forget the fact to explain it, xD =p.) Anyway, if you mean why they didn't do it right than and there, 1: I think it was simply for the purpose of the story, and 2: The Gang probably didn't know that he BSDB's could actually kill people. Same with the Orginals.' ' WaffleGuy talk contrib 06:08, October 30, 2014 (UTC)
  • 4. Why did Goku leave his family and friends to go with Shenron anyway?
  • To Train with him. It was even stated in the show. Or are you meaning in another way, like is he a bad father or something?...Lol. :p In a way he is, but no, in the show, I would think not, y'know what I mean? :)? Jawbreaker3 User:WaffleGuy26 talk contribDaburaCookie.Ep.235 01:53, August 25, 2014 (UTC)
  • NOTE (from AznPinoy): I meant why leave his family and friends forever, I did know it was to train and purify the dragon balls (apparently), but it did seem like a colossial dick move to just abadon his friends and family forever. Then again, I don't consider GT to be canon. Aznpinoy (talk) 00:12, September 13, 2014 (UTC)
  • I'm not quite sure either myself, from what the Wikia says, apparently Shenron needed Goku's power to Grant the last Wish, and it may have I guess, somehow required him to not be able to return again for another 100 Years? "Shenron grants this wish, but asks Goku to accompany him, as he is not powerful enough to grant the wish by himself without negative effects." WaffleGuy talk contrib 06:20, October 30, 2014 (UTC)
  • 5. Why didn't Goku train both Goten and Pan with Uub? Goten would have been stronger and Pan could have become a Super Saiyan if her grandfather helped her, instead, nope, gonna train the reincarnation of our worst enemy that destroyed Earth only for 10 years, sorry, will try to visit you. And besides, 1 very strong human is not better than 1 possible very strong human and 2 Super Saiyans.
  • Goku didn't really think It was necessary to Force/Want Goten and Pan to Train, as he wanted them to live their lives, and be happy, as they both seemed to think that it was not there style (I.e. Goten wanting to just go on dates, have a girlfriend, etc.) Goku takes Uub to train him to one day help in being the protector of the planet, although he later tells Uub that after the training, he desires to fight him again not only to discover the strongest out of the two, but the strongest in the entire universe. Jawbreaker3 User:WaffleGuy26 talk contribDaburaCookie.Ep.235 01:53, August 25, 2014 (UTC)

Aznpinoy (talk) 22:18, August 20, 2014 (UTC)

Other questions/unformatted/misc.

How can the dbz movie The World Strongest take place after Goku defeats Vegeta if he immediately went to Namek when he healed?

Alternate timeline. Its if Goku had reached Earth in time and defeated Nappa and Vegeta immediately. Basically all except Dead Zone, BU, and BoG are alternate timelines where there was a difference in what happened (example is Fusion Reborn with Buu being killed by either Gotenks or Ultimate Gohan). Aznpinoy (talk) 00:12, September 13, 2014 (UTC) 

A question I'm looking to have answered- Kid Buu was weaker than Super Buu, who in turn was weaker than Ultimate Gohan. Vegeta states in the final battle on the Sacred World of the Kais that to defeat Kid Buu with the Spirit Bomb, they will utilize every bit of power the people of Earth have. But surely Ultimate Gohan's energy alone would be enough to defeat Buu? And that's not even counting the power donated by the likes of Piccolo, Goten, Trunks, 18 etc. So why was there the whole thing of Mr. Satan asking the Earth for help? 

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