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Forum Top Ten Most Emotional Scenes

Top Ten Most Emotional Moments Note: Make your top ten list and put it here the same way. Make sure it's a top ten list and only list ten, no more. (The rest go under honorable mentions) Lets see how many people's opinions are similar. Have fun!

Note: Only canonical material; manga, anime, movies are fine. No jokes and internet comedies (abridged, etc.) Only the official material counts. - Zarbon by raykugen-d2ygchz PrinceZarbon talk contribZarbon ava3 06:30, 26 May 2009 (UTC)

PrinceZarbon's picks

These are my picks for the top ten most emotional moments:

  1. Piccolo dies in front of Gohan after running in front of Nappa's attack to save Gohan's life. Then he proceeds to tell Gohan of how fond he's grown of him.
  2. Piccolo dies with Earth, being attached to the planet by heart, and deciding to share the fate of the planet he grew to love, saying farewell to Gohan. He explains that sometimes the best thing to do may not be what we want. Very emotional.
  3. Vegeta sacrifices himself against Buu, right after the emotional speech and when Piccolo tells Vegeta that if he sacrifices himself, he may be punished for his prior crimes.
  4. Chiaotzu sacrifices himself against Nappa and Piccolo tells Gohan to watch in the name of honor.
  5. Vegeta is fatally wounded by Frieza and explains to Goku how Frieza made him the way he was.
  6. Tien's death against Nappa; he goes all out and falls to the ground dead.
  7. Krillin's death against Frieza and Goku's following rage as a result.
  8. Goku fades with Shenron in the end of GT.
  9. Vegeta renounces his evil past when he says that Goku is better than him during the Kid Buu battle.
  10. Piccolo holds Vegeta by the head and makes him watch in the name of honor as Broly pounds his allies.

Honorable Mentions: Yamcha's death against the Saibamen, Krillin allowing Vegeta to live on Earth by Goku's request, Goku sacrifices himself against Cell as he was about to explode, Guru's fading when he died, Zarbon and Dodoria destroy the Namek village and kill the elderly and children as Gohan and Krillin watch, Zarbon remembers how Frieza said he has one hour to retrieve Vegeta and becomes fearful, Nappa is bruised and battered and asks Vegeta for help and instead gets killed by Vegeta, Elder Kai giving up his life for Goku.

SSJGoku93's picks

These are my picks for the top 10 most emotional moments:

  1. The ending episode of Dragon Ball GT, made me cry haha.
  2. Future Trunks finds Future Gohan's dead body and transforms into a Super Saiyan.
  3. Future Gohan is murdered by the androids.
  4. Piccolo sacrifices himself to save Gohan from Nappa's blast.
  5. Goku sacrifices himself to stop Cell from destroying the earth.
  6. Tien puts all his effort into avenging Chiaotzu and killing Nappa.
  7. Vegeta is nearly killed by Frieza, and explains of the Saiyans' history with Frieza.
  8. Bardock is killed by Frieza.
  9. Vegeta sacrifices himself to kill Majin Buu.
  10. Goku's first Super Saiyan transformation.

Super Saiyan421's picks

  1. Dragonball GT Ending Video (Made me cry too)
  2. Krillin killed by Tambourine and Goku goes after King Piccolo
  3. Piccolo dies with the earth and Gohan breaks down in tears
  4. Vegeta killed by Frieza
  5. Future Gohan is killed by Androids 17 and 18 and Future Trunks transforms
  6. Krillin is killed by Frieza and Goku transforms
  7. Bardock charges against Frieza and his army
  8. Piccolo sacrifices himself for Gohan
  9. Future Trunks is killed by Cell and Vegeta goes AWOL
  10. Vegeta cries for the first time in his life after relishing his limit

(Gohan123) picks

  1. The ending of GT-made me cry
  2. When goten meets his dad for the first time
  3. When Trunks is hit by cell in the chest
  4. When goku dies the second time to save earth
  5. When gohan breaks down after his dad dying the second time
  6. Piccolo sacrificing his life to save gohan
  7. Saibamen blowing up Yamcha
  8. When goku proposed to Chi-Chi
  9. When Bee is shot
  10. When goku goes SSJ3-Dont ask why!

Kooshmeister's picks

  1. I got one and only one, 'cause I don't care what anyone says, nothing ever tops it. Not even Goku's much-lauded Super Saiyan transformation (sorry). This would be Gohan's righteous indignation and fury at the cruelty of Frieza's henchmen when he and Krillin are watching them from the cliff and ultimately his decision to interfere. And I'll explain why, since this is my one choice and all. Gohan just keeps getting madder and madder with each increasingly depraved and vile thing the villains do, no matter how much Krillin warns him not to give their position away. And for a while it appears as if Krillin is correct. He and Gohan are no match for Frieza's men at this point, and involving themselves will only result in them being killed, helping nobody. But as Dodoria singlehandedly whittles the villagers down to a thoroughly traumatized Dende, and draws out the boy's emotional torture before finally preparing to kill him, Gohan just can't contain himself and finally explodes in fury and jumps down, kicking that murdering S.O.B. through a house. After so much wanton violence and depravity from Dodoria, Gohan's rage is very satisfying. And also it's easy to sympathize with Dende, watching his father and brother murdered right in front of him. They very wisely focus on him a lot, showing his frightened reactions to the killings. So, I dunno if we're allowed to only list one thing, and go on about it like that, but simply put, for me, nothing else compares to it. Much of the other "emotional" stuff is pure melodrama. Gohan finally doing the right thing after lots and lots of internal struggling, and very nearly too late (another few seconds and Dende would've been killed), is drama at its finest.

:Response Note: I loved that scene, how Zarbon and Dodoria butchered the Namekians ruthlessly. Excellent how necks were snapped and cracked. Loved every bit of it, villainy at its best; made a true impact when I absolutely loved them as characters most of all, for being so brutal with the weak and defenseless, was the main reason why I even liked DBZ to begin with. Also, I can understand why you feel this qualifies as an emotional scene, as it is, but this was supposed to be a top 10 list. You can go in-depth in the talk page. Here you were just supposed to list the top 10 mate. - Zarbon by raykugen-d2ygchz PrinceZarbon talk contribZarbon ava3 02:10, 31 May 2009 (UTC)

Jeffman13's picks

  1. The end of Dragon Ball GT
  2. Majin Buu turns everyone into chocolate
  3. Yamcha dies in "Vegeta Saga"
  4. Krillin's first death on Dragon Ball
  5. Goku's first death in Dragon Ball Z
  6. Android 8 dies in "Path to Power"
  7. Chiaotzu dies in "Vegeta Saga"
  8. Gohan dies in "The History of Trunks"
  9. Krillin dies in Dragon Ball GT
  10. Vegeta's reaction to Trunks' death in "Cell Games Saga"

Perfect's picks

  1. When Cell stomps on 16's head.
  2. Frieza killing Vegeta.
  3. Goku goes SSJ for the first time.
  4. Vegeta's acceptance during the Cell games.
  5. Frieza nearly killing Nail.


  1. Piccolo shields Gohan from Nappa's attack and dies.
  2. When Goku reunites with his family and friends after 7 years of being dead.
  3. Piccolo sharing one last conversation with Gohan before dying in the Earth's explosion.
  4. Goku sacrifices himself (both in the fight with Raditz and to save the Earth from the self-destructing Cell)
  5. Vegeta's death at the hands of Frieza, and when he spills out the truth behind the genocide of the Saiyans and breaks down in tears before dying.
  6. All of the Z-Fighters fall during the battle with the Saiyans (Yamcha, Chiaotzu and Tien).
  7. Vegeta sacrifices himself in a failed attempt to destroy Majin Buu.

Phar cyde's picks

  1. Gohan Returning to earth after becoming ultimate gohan and goten, trunks, and piccolo welcome him.
  2. Majin Vegeta using his final explosion wave to beat buu(love the line, I will turn your body to dust and throw you to the wind)
  3. Goku going super sayan 3 for the first time
  4. Gohan Defeating cell
  5. Goku dieing for the earth when cell tryed to blow it up
  6. Future Trunks' SS transformation after seeing future gohan dead
  7. Goku going SS for the first time
  8. Vegeta's death, and telling goku how Frieza made him what he was
  9. Piccolo's death protecting gohan from nappas wave
  10. Bardock dieing for all of the sayan race

Honorable mentions: the end of the series where you see goten and trunks grown up, gohan has a daughter with videl, vegeta's daughter bulla, and the rest of the cast seeing how time has changed and effected them all. it's cool to see it all come full circle.

Jorden's picks

  1. The ending of Dragon Ball GT (made me sad)
  2. Goku sacrificing his life to stop Cell.
  3. Goku telling everybody not to bring him back to life.
  4. Goku and Goten finally meet.
  5. The destruction of Android 16
  6. Piccolo sacrificing his life to save Gohan.
  7. The death of Krillin at the hands of Tamborine.
  8. Vegeta's farewell speech before dying in the Majin Buu Saga.
  9. Krillin dying at the hands of Frieza.
  10. The first death of Goku.

Honorable Mentions: When Goku comes back to life in the Majin Buu Saga, Vegeta dying after being killed by Frieza, Gohan transforming into a Super Saiyan 2, Goku transforming into a Super Saiyan, Goku using the Super Spirit Bomb against Kid Buu, and finally Goku using the Universal Spirit Bomb against Omega Shenron.

Dankedude's picks

  1. Vegeta's death and speech in Frieza saga.
  2. Piccolo's death and speech towards Gohan in Saiyan saga.
  3. Goku marries Chi-Chi.
  4. Goku transforms into a super saiyan the first time.
  5. Krillin die's at the hands of Frieza.
  6. Tien tries to fight Nappa.
  7. Trunks dies in Cell games.
  8. 16 gets stomped on.
  9. 18 and krillin's love in GT scene.
  10. Bardock's defense of Planet Vegeta.

MP's picks

  1. Future trunks killing Frieza.
  2. Vegeta's speech about Frieza turning him into what he is today.
  3. Vegeta giving his life against Buu
  4. Goku turning SS for the first time after watching Krillin die.
  5. Future Trunks finding Gohan dead in the rain.
  6. The ending of Dragon ball GT
  7. Piccolo giving his life to save Gohan
  8. Tien holding down Cell to give Android 18 time to run.
  9. The Z fighters trying to help Gohan when he fighting Cell.
  10. Vegeta crying for the first time.

SaiyanWarriorGoku's picks

  1. The last scene of DragonBall GT.
  2. Goku cries in the Fortune Teller Baba Saga.
  3. Vegeta's speech before he dies in the Frieza Saga.
  4. Piccolo's death at the hands of Nappa.
  5. Future Trunks finds Future Gohan... Dead
  6. Bardock avenges his crew.
  7. Goten meets Goku.
  8. Goku proposes to Chi-Chi in the tournament.
  9. Goku's Super Saiyan transformation.
  10. Vegeta's respect.

MajinObaDBZ's picks

  1. Vegeta crying while explaining Planet Vegeta's history
  2. Piccolo dying at the hands of Nappa
  3. Bardock's last vision of Goku before his death
  4. Piccolo sacrificing himself to stop the Black Star Dragon Balls
  5. Future Gohan getting killed by #17 and #18
  6. Kid Buu destroying the Earth
  7. Majin Vegeta saying that he never held Trunks since he was a baby
  8. Majin Vegeta's farewell to Trunks, Bulma, and Goku
  9. Everyone greets Goku when he returns to Earth for the day (especially Goten)
  10. Tien pleading for Chiaotzu not to sacrifice himself

Crusen7721's picks

  1. The ending of Dragon Ball GT
  2. Future Gohan is killed by the Androids / Future Trunks' first Super Saiyan transfromation
  3. Piccolo dies in GT
  4. Vegeta's sacrifice against Majin Buu
  5. Goku meets Goten
  6. Vegeta's speech while dying from Frieza
  7. Krillin is killed by Frieza / Goku's first Super Saiyan transfromation
  8. Vegeta's attack on Cell after Future Trunks dies
  9. Piccolo's sacrifice for Gohan
  10. Kid Buu blows up Earth

Silver Sinspawn's picks

  1. Piccolo Dies to Save Gohan From Nappa
  2. Vegeta Self destructs in an attempt to beat Buu
  3. Chiaotzu Sacrifirces Himself for Tien.
  4. Piccolo dies with the Earth.
  5. Super 17 Kills Krillin
  6. Frieza Kills Krillin
  7. Goku Sacrifices himself from Cell
  8. Guru Fades to The otherworld
  9. Goku Leaves with Shenron
  10. Bardock Watches as Tora dies

Honorable Mention: Future Gohan's Death

TrueSaiyan22's picks

  1. When Vegeta is close to death and he opens up to Goku telling him about his life.
  2. Vegeta sacrifices himself in order to kill Buu. He hugs Trunks and gives a small speech before doing so.
  3. Goku teleports Cell (who's blowing himself up) away from Earth.
  4. Future Trunks finds Future Gohan dead after fighting with the Androids.
  5. A dying Goku asks Krillin to take care of his son after Piccolo blasts through him with a special beam cannon. (Beginning of DBZ)
  6. Piccolo stays behind on a dying Earth in order for the Black Star Dragonballs to be destroyed. Both Goku and Gohan watch Earth blow up and yell for their lost friend.
  7. Bardock gives an after death speech telling Kakarot/Goku he was right about not being too late to change and how he wished he could have held him before his death.
  8. Bardock finds his team dead on Planet Meat, and then watches his friend Tora die in his arms.
  9. Goku watches his friend Krillin be blown up by the evil tyrant Frieza and as a result of his fury turns into a Super Saiyan.
  10. Goku is reunited with Grandfather Gohan

Honorable Mentions: Pan tries to control Goku (as Oozaru) and remembers past times. Goku reunites with family and friends after being dead for 7 years.

LSSJTrunk's picks

  1. Goku leaving with Shenron at end of GT (almost Cried)
  2. Future Trunks killed by Cell
  3. Bardock killed by Frieza
  4. Future Gohan killed by The Androids
  5. Vegeta killed by Frieza
  6. Vegeta saying Goku's better then him in Kid Buu Saga
  7. Goku Sacrificing himself to kill Raditz
  8. Piccolo Killed by Nappa to protect Gohan
  9. Goku turning Super Saiyan
  10. Chiaotzu commiting suicide to kill Nappa but to no avail

Timmy Tim's picks

  1. Vegeta breaking down at the hands of Frieza
  2. Krillin's death at the hands of Frieza and Goku's transformation to Super Sayain
  3. Goku's death at the hands of Radditz
  4. Zarbon and Dodoria destroying a Namekian village
  5. Chiaotzu's second death
  6. Goku's second death
  7. Vegeta attempting to kill Kid Buu
  8. Cell destroying #16 and Gohan's accension to Super Sayain 2
  9. Piccolo sacrificing himself for Gohan
  10. Future Trunks killing Frieza

Rozzav88's picks

  1. Piccolo sacrificing himself for Gohan against Nappa
  2. Vegeta dying at the hands of Frieza and actually crying
  3. When Goku finds Krillin dead in Dragonball
  4. When Vegeta thinks Trunks has been killed during the Cell Games
  5. When Goku convinces Vegeta to fuse with him against Super Buu
  6. Gohans losing battle against Super Buu
  7. When Goku sacrafices himself during the Cell Games
  8. When everyone raises there hands to aid Goku's Spirit Bomb against Kid Buu
  9. When everyone thinks the spirit bomb worked against Frieza
  10. When Master Roshi,Chaotsu and Shenrong are killed by King Piccolo

(I havn't seen most of GT)

JayFlesh7891's picks

  1. Goku goes super saiyan after Frieza kills Krillin
  2. Goku asks for the entire universe to lend him power for the spirit bomb against Turles
  3. Vegeta sacrificing himself against Majin Buu for the sake and love of his family
  4. Piccolo taking Nappa's attack and saving Gohan's life
  5. Goku absorbing a spirit bomb to defeat Super Android 13
  6. Showing of everyone else defeated by Broly as Goku makes his last stand
  7. Goku Appears in the sky after the Cell Games are over
  8. Vegeta obtaining Super Saiyan for the first time after being overcome by envy and rage
  9. Vegeta's first tears after being killed by Frieza
  10. Vegeta's emotional crumbling at the thought of confronting Broly, the Legendary Super Saiyan

Honorable Mentions: Goku dies to save the earth from Raditz, Chiaotzu's self destruction in an attempt to defeat Nappa, Vegeta kills Nappa after Goku defeats him effortlessly, Broly's death by Goku's shared power, Broly's death via a triple kamehameha into the sun, Piccolo forcing Vegeta to watch his allies unsuccessfully battle Broly, Goku's power surge during the fight with Lord Slug, Krillin is impaled on 2nd transformation Frieza's horn, Tien holding off 2nd stage Cell while Androis 18 escapes, Gohan's furious attack against 2nd stage Frieza, Vegeta being defeated by Goku's redirected Spirit Bomb, Goku telling Krillin to spare Vegeta's life as he has been defeated and is no longer a threat, Nail's defeat at Friez'a hands, Guru's death after unlocking Gohan's hidden power, Dende's friends and family are all killed by Zarbon and Dodoria, and Future Trunk's unleashed power when Vegeta is defeated by Perfect Cell.

Vegeta83's picks

  1. When Vegeta was killed by Frieza. (Vegeta was in tears, telling Goku that Frieza made him who he was.)
  2. When Vegeta sacrificed himself against Majin Buu. (For the first time in his life, Vegeta was fighting for someone else than himself.)
  3. When Gohan watched Cell stepped on #16's head. (Pushed Gohan to the limit, transforming him into a Super Saiyan 2.)
  4. When Vegeta attacked Cell after killing Future Trunks. (Finally Vegeta gave some notice to his son...After he was killed.)
  5. When Piccolo sacrificed his life for Gohan's. (Even a villain like Piccolo can turn over a new leaf.)
  6. When Tien held off Semi-Imperfect Cell. (Epic...A human held his own against Cell.)
  7. When Krillin destroyed the remote to cut off #18. (Krillin discovered that he loves #18. How sweet...But at the wrong time!)
  8. When Frieza killed Krillin. (Pushed Goku to the breaking point, transforming him into a Super Saiyan.)
  9. When Goku sacrificed his life against Cell. (Goku is a true hero...Saving the Earth through his selfless act.)
  10. When Future Gohan was killed by #17 and #18. (Seeing Gohan's corpse made Future Trunks transform into a Super Saiyan.)

Reggie's picks

  1. Vegeta's death on Namek at the hands of Frieza, his speech had me in tears!
  2. Piccolo sacrificing himself for Gohan during the Saiyan Saga.
  3. Vegeta's second death, when he sacrificed himself for Bulma and Trunks in order to destroy Majin Buu.
  4. Gohan's death in Mirai Trunks' timeline.
  5. Goku's sacrifice in an attempt to teleport Cell away from the Earth in order to save it.
  6. When Trunks is killed and Vegeta loses it.
  7. Goten's reaction at his first meeting with his father.
  8. Trunks bidding farewell to his Mother and Father in the past.
  9. Cell impersonation of Android 17 to his sister after absorbing him.
  10. Goku bidding farewell to his friends having died for a second time.

Alkanasquire's picks

  1. When Piccolo makes the descision to die with the Earth.
  2. Goku's first Super Saiyan transformation.
  3. Goku's Universal Spirit Bomb and speech before defeating Omega Shenron.
  4. Goku finally defeating Kid Buu.
  5. Vegeta losing it after Cell kills Future Trunks.
  6. Vegeta explaining how he became a Super Saiyan.
  7. When Goku finds Krillin dead after being killed by Tambourine.
  8. Gohan going SS2 after seeing 16's head smashed by Cell.
  9. Cell being destroyed by the Father-Son Kamehameha.
  10. Anytime in Dragonball when the dramatic music would start playing because you knew Goku was about to lay a beatdown on someone who desperately needed it.

VegetaPrinceofallSaiyans10's picks

  1. Piccolo stands in front of nappa's attack to save Gohan and tells gohan he was the son he never had.
  2. Freeza pierces Vegeta in the heart with the Death Beam as vegeta saids that he was always freeza's slave whil sheding tears.
  3. Tien mourns over the death of chaotzu.
  4. Chaotzu sacrifices himself to save the Z Fighters.
  5. Android 16 tells gohan emotional words until cell crushes his head which cause gohan to go SS2.
  6. Fat Buu sheds tears after witnessing the death of Hercule causing him to free Evil Buu.
  7. Vegeta sacrifices himself to kill Fat Buu.
  8. Goku sacrifices himself to save the earth from Cell.
  9. after witnessing the death of his friend krillin goku gets angry causing him to go SS.
  10. Vegeta witnessing the death of his son trunks he rages firing attacks on Cell.

KingVegeta89246's picks

  1. I only have one and that goes to Vegeta in during the shadow dragon saga when he becomes frustrated that Goku had become so much stronger than him by attaining the ss4 transformation.

Fleen's picks

In no particular order

  1. Goku sacrifices himself to save the Earth at the Cell games
  2. Dragonball GT ending *sniff*
  3. Krillin dying the first time in Dragonball
  4. Frieza kills Vegeta and Krillin, pushing Goku to turn SS
  5. Vegeta blows himself up to save the world against Buu
  6. Gohan watching his friends being attacked by Cell Juniors and turning into ss2
  7. Buus puppy B getting shot by horrible men
  8. When Goku sees his grandpa when fighting in Baba's palace
  9. Goku suffers from the heart virus
  10. Chi Chi and Goku's wedding

JoshuaSuperSaiyan's picks

  1. When Goku Uses The KameHameHa at that giant Robot
  2. When Gohan And Cell Having a KameHameHa Duel
  3. When Gogeta has no effect even Janemba uses his full force
  4. Janema's Death
  5. When Hasky Tell Goku to see the two balls (It Made me laugh)
  6. Gohan fights Majin Buu
  7. DragonBall GT Ending
  8. Gotenks vs Goku at "Yo! Son Goku and his friends Return"
  9. Goku Kills The Evil Kid Buu
  10. Ado and Kado Fuses to fight Goten and Trunks

Boredom77777's picks

  1. The collecting of the bodies of the fallen fighters after the battle with the saiyans.
  2. Bee getting shot.
  3. Piccolo dying with Earth.
  4. Vegeta saying Goku's better than him (although I beg to differ hahaha).
  5. Vegeta telling Goku the truth about the Saiyan's past just before he dies on Namek.
  6. Dende's brother being killed (actually just the death of the nemekians in general).
  7. Future Trunks finding Future Gohan's body.
  8. The reaction when Goku tells everyone that "Vegeta and Gohan are dead" in the Buu saga.
  9. The End of GT
  10. Goku finding Krillin's body in Dragon Ball.

Johnbigdcameron's picks

  1. My favourite DBZ moment is when after the defeat of Frieza, Picolo is outside of Goku house watching Gohan and says, 'If you ever need me Gohan, Ill be there for you. (and in the English version the music matches it PERFECTLY!)

Teen_GohanZ's picks

  1. Last episode of GT =P
  2. Goku sacrifice against Cell
  3. Piccolo dying with the earth in GT
  4. Goku have a bad feeling about Krillin and then finding his dead body in dragonball
  5. Frieza killing Krillin
  6. Nappa killing Piccolo
  7. Goku telling everyone Gohan and Vegeta are dead
  8. Cell stamping on Android 16's head
  9. Tien's death against Nappa
  10. Android 8 dying and Goku using a super kamehameha (Path of power movie)'s picks

  1. piccolo sacrifce for gohan
  2. vegeta sacrifice for earth
  3. goku killing himself to stop cell
  4. vegeta's reaction to trunk's death
  5. choutzu's sacrifice to tien
  6. fat buu witnesses the death of hercule
  7. vegeta piecred in the heart by freeza's death beam
  8. cell stomps on 16's head
  9. freeza kills krillin causing goku to go super saiyan
  10. ending of GT. lol why top 11 cause i'd like to go one step beyond. top 11 - piccolo's sacrifice for earth

TerrorSells' picks

Not sure if I can think of 10, but here goes..

  1. I don't know why, but when Gohan had his birthday party and he wished for the strength to beat Cell, that brought chills down my back and a tear to my eye.
  2. When Gohan and Cell were struggling for the win at the end of the Cell Games.
  3. When Vegeta loses it after Cell nearly kills Trunks and attacks Cell.
  4. When Goku sacrificed himself to save Earth and moved Cell to King Kai's.
  5. When Gohan first went SSJ2, when his friends were being beaten and after Cell crushes Android 16's head.
  6. When Android 18 is absorbed by Cell.
  7. When Goku goes Super Saiyan for the first time.
  8. When Gohan attacks Frieza on Namek unleashing his hidden power.
  9. When Vegeta was talking to Goku after his death about the Saiyan's past.
  10. When Goku is talking telepathically with Gohan, Piccolo, Krillin etc. on the lookout after his death.

master man's picks

  1. goku dies the first time while fighting raditz.
  2. yamcha vs saibamen=yamcha blows up
  3. chiatzu sacrifieces himself to save the z fighters from nappa
  4. tien gets killed by nappa
  5. piccolo sacrifices himself to save gohan
  6. vegeta gets death beamed through the chest and then tells goku frieza made him the way he was
  7. piccolo gets death cannoned the the chest to save goku
  8. krillin gets blown up by frieza
  9. krillin sacrifices himself to save gohan from garlic jr.'s henmans blast
  10. goku sacrifices himself to save earth from cell

Virtro Tugimora's picks

  1. Trunks finds Future Gohan dead and laying in a puddle, then goes Super Saiyan (Japanese version is the best)
  2. Vegeta sacrafices himself during the Buu Saga
  3. Goku sacrafices himself during the Cell Games
  4. Chaiotzu sacrafices himself for Tien during the Saiyan Saga
  5. Tien goes all out on Nappa and dies
  6. Vegeta goes insane after seeing Cell kill Trunks
  7. Vegeta tells Goku about the Saiyans right before he is killed by Frieza
  8. Frieza blows up Krillin
  9. Everyone greets Goku after he's been dead for 10 years during the 25th Tenkaichi
  10. Bardock finds his friends dead and futilly tries to kill Frieza

Honorable Mentions: Saibaman kills Yamcha, All of 4 Krillin's deaths, Cell kills Android 16 and Gohan goes insane, Piccolo saving Gohan from Nappa's blast, Piccolo staying with a dying Earth at the end of GT, the last episode of DBZ

TheDarkPrinceReturns! picks

  1. Vegeta's death on namek (frieza saga)
  2. Vegeta's sacrifice for earth (majin buu saga)
  3. GT ending
  4. Android 16's death (cell saga)
  5. Piccolo's sacrifice for earth (baby saga)
  6. Future Trunks turns SSJ after witnessing Future Gohan's death (history of trunks)
  7. Piccolo's death (saiyan saga)
  8. Vegeta remembers his past (majin buu saga & shadow dragon saga)
  9. Tapion's bond with Trunks (wrath of the dragon)
  10. Vegeta's rage at the death of Future Trunks (cell saga)

Hatchyack1990's picks

  1. The ending of Dragon Ball GT
  2. Goku turns Super Saiyan after Krillin's death
  3. Vegeta sacrifices himself to try to kill Majin Buu
  4. Piccolo officially becomes a Z fighter and dies saving Gohan's life
  5. Vegeta's death at the hands of Frieza.
  6. Gohan turns Super Saiyan 2
  7. Vegeta finally transforms into a Super Saiyan after an emotional breakdown
  8. Piccolo and Kami merge
  9. Goku finally kills Buu with a Universal Spirit Bomb.
  10. Number 18 laying next to Krillin's dead body in GT.

PaisleyD's picks

  1. Goku meeting his Grandpa
  2. Master Roshi and Chaiotzu's deaths against piccolo
  3. Frieza Drowning Goku
  4. Frieza pummeling Vegeta's back
  5. Krillen impaled by Frieza
  6. Vegeta's sacrifice against buu
  7. Krillen and Goku spar at the end of Gt (the only good part)
  8. Tien's Neo Tri Beam
  9. Gohan's neck broken by Recoome
  10. Hercule fights kid buu (despite realising he has no chance)

Mozart13x's picks

Here are the most touching scenes that I have ever witnessed in any anime series...

  1. Future Gohan dies like a true hero courtesy of his fight with the Androids.
  2. Future Trunks becomes a Super saiyan after seeing Gohans dead corpse lying in a pool of blood and rainwater.
  3. Gohans reaction after Goku uses Instant Transmission to save Earth from Cells self destruction.
  4. When Piccolo appears before Gohan to console him before sacrificing himself for Earth in GT.
  5. Goten who never even saw a photo of his father, sees him for the first time at the 25th WM Tournament.
  6. Goku jr. is given advice by his great, great grampa... Goku...
  7. Goku tells his friends a final farewell at the Cell games despite a yell of (NO!!!) by Krillin.
  8. The Final moments of GT when Goku visits Piccolo in hell to tell him that he was one of the finest of friends anyone could ever have.
  9. Also the final moments Goku spends with Krillin are to be treasured.
  10. Now this is a unique one folks... After defeating Janemba, Goku and Vegeta discover the true side of their friendship and Goku says that he enjoyed every moment of the fusion before bidding goodbye to Vegeta who has most agreeable smile on his face...a smile one had never seen on his face ever before...

RONBROLY17's picks


UltimateGohan's picks

  1. Vegeta blows himself up against Majin Buu even though he will go to Hell.
  2. Gohan's reaction when Goku teleports Cell (self-destructing) away from Earth.
  3. Piccolo dies with the Earth to stop the Black Star Dragon balls.
  4. All of the Sayians going back to fight Omega Shenron when they think Goku is dead.
  5. Piccolo saving Gohan from Nappa's blast and telling Gohan he was the son he never had.
  6. The end of GT.
  7. Future Gohan dies and Future Trunks transforms into a SSJ for the first time.
  8. Vegeta's death and speech in the Friza Saga.
  9. Vegeta fades away at the end of Fusion Reborn after talking to Goku.
  10. Goku's death in the History of Trunks and everyone's reactions.

Bigtrav's picks

  1. Vegeta dies in the battle with Frieza, just after telling Goku it is Frieza's fault for becoming what he is.
  2. Vegeta dies trying to defeat Buu, even though he knows he is going to die and that he will not see Goku in The Other World.
  3. When Piccolo dies in DBGT when The Earth blows up as Gohan watches in horror.
  4. Android 16 dies while Gohan is fighting Cell, causing Gohan to go Super Saiyan 2
  5. Goku sacrifices his (and King Kai's) life while Cell is about to blow up, to save Earth and his family and friends.

Ankhit's picks

  1. When Goku is killed along with Raditz by Piccolo's Special beam cannon.
  2. When Chiaotzu self explodes holding Nappa telling Tien that he would be happy to it for him.
  3. When Piccolo bravely sacrifices himself to shield Gohan from Nappa's blast.
  4. When Vegeta remarks that Goku had become a Super Sayian, he pleads with Goku to destroy Frieza.
  5. When Krillin is killed by Frieza, Goku's transformation into a Super Sayian.
  6. When #16 is killed by Cell, Gohan's rage, transforming him into a Super Sayian 2.
  7. When Goku instant transmits Cell to King Kai's planet,thus sacrificing himself for the earth.
  8. When Goten meets his dad Goku for the first time in 7 years at the world martial arts tournament.
  9. When Goten hugs his father and bids him goodbye, after Goku's single day on earth is over.
  10. When Goku and Vegeta return after defeating Kid Buu, the reunion with their families.

SSJ4Gogeta's picks

  1. Goku says goodbye to gohan right before he dies.
  2. Vegeta sacrifices himself to kill Majin Buu.
  3. Vegeta explains the Saiyans' history with Frieza before he is killed.
  4. Future Trunks finds Future Gohan dead.
  5. The ending of DBGT.
  6. Android 16 is killed by Cell.
  7. Goku meets Goten for the first time.
  8. Gohan turns SSJ 2.
  9. Bardock is killed by Frieza
  10. Goku turns SSJ for the first time

Shen ron's picks

  1. Goku meets grandpa Gohan at Forutneteller Baba's palace
  2. Goten hugs Goku goodbye
  3. Krillin's tears after he breaks up with Maron
  4. Goku transforms to SSJ for the first time
  5. Frieza nearly drowns Goku
  6. Goku's goodbye before killing himself with Cell
  7. Krillin's first death
  8. Goten and Goku meet for the first time
  9. Piccolo saves Gohan's life from Nappa's attack
  10. Vegeta's rage after Cell kills future Trunks

Nubescout's picks

  1. Dragonball GT Finale
  2. Goku's 2nd death
  3. End of Dragonball Z
  4. Piccolo sacrifices himself against Nappa
  5. Krillin is killed by Frieza
  6. Vegeta's respect
  7. Future Gohan's death
  8. Frieza kills Vegeta
  9. Bardock's death
  10. Majin Vegeta's final explosion

A ninja's picks

  1. when we said goodbye to son goku*tear**tear*
  2. bardocks death*tear**tear*

PowerPoleExtend!'s picks

  1. End Of Dragonball GT
  2. Goku Jr. meets Goku for the first time
  3. Vegeta realizing Goku is "The Best"
  4. Bardock dying and realizing that Goku will defeat Frieza
  5. The End of Dragonball Z
  6. Piccolo deciding to stay on Earth in GT
  7. Vegeta breaking out in tears in Movie 12
  8. Trunks sees Future Gohan dead and transforms into a Super Saiyan
  9. Goten Meets Goku
  10. Goku sacrificing himself with Cell

VegetaTheOnlySayians picks :'(

  1. When Vegeta Sacrifices Himself To Kill Majin Buu & Tells Trunks He Loves Him
  2. When Tora Dies In Bardocks Arms
  3. When Piccolo Decides To Die With The Earth
  4. When Piccolo Sacrifices Himself To Save Gohan
  5. The End Of GT
  6. When Vegeta Tries To Avenge Trunk's Death In Z
  7. When Goku Takes Cell To King Kai's Planet And Explodes.
  8. When Bulma Knows Vegetas Dead
  9. When Android 16 Is Killed
  10. When Vegeta Admits Goku Is Better Than Him

Fanofdbz's picks

  1. Goten meets Goku for the first time
  2. Trunks sees Future Gohan dead and transforms into a Super Saiyan
  3. When Piccolo Sacrifices Himself To Save Gohan
  4. When Android 16 Is Killed
  5. Piccolo deciding to stay on Earth in GT
  6. When Bardock tells Goku (Kakarot) telepathically that he only wish that he could have held him in his arms while he had the chance.
  7. Goten hugs Goku goodbye

Rossie9191's picks

  1. Bardock is killed by Frieza
  2. Future Gohan's body discoverd by Trunks.
  3. Goku sacrifices himself in fight with Cell.
  4. Bardock, finds his crew murdered by Dodoria, and his elite.
  5. Piccolo dies saving Gohan from Nappa.
  6. Vegeta blows himself up to kill Buu.
  7. Gohan turns Super Saiyan 2 for the first time.
  8. Vegeta trying to avenge Trunks, after Cell killed him.
  9. Vegeta killed by Frieza.
  10. Future Trunks finally killing the Androids.

Super1444's picks

  1. Goku turns super saiyan for the first time after Krillin dies
  2. Piccolo sacrificing himself to save Gohan against Nappa, and severly injuring himself to save Goku
  3. Goku meets Goten for the first time.
  4. Buu makes friends with Hercule and Bee
  5. Bardock giving Frieza everything he's got
  6. Last episode of GT
  7. Vegeta giving Cell everything he has after Cell kills Trunks
  8. Vegeta sacrificing himself against Buu
  9. Gohan finally asscends to Super Saiyan 2
  10. Future Gohan dies to the Androids

Caraway's picks

  1. Krillin recollects his past in GT
  2. Goku meets Goku Jr.
  3. Master Roshi dies
  4. Vegeta goes berserk at Cell
  5. Gohan becomes Super Saiyan 2
  6. Goku's sacrafice
  7. Vegeta blows up
  8. The History of Trunks
  9. Vegeta becomes Super Saiyan
  10. Chiatzu's sacrafice

Honourable Mentions: People of Earth are wiped out.

Nappavich's picks

  1. Android 16 blown to shreds by Cell
  2. Vegeta trying to kill Buu by selfdestruction
  3. Those few seconds of flashbacks when Trunks tells Goku about everyone who died in his future (Ocean Dub)
  4. Goku turning Super Saiyan for the first time
  5. Vegeta is killed by Frieza
  6. Vegeta witnesses how Cell almost kills Trunks
  7. The Z-fighters realise Goku is going to kill himself to stop Cell from destroying Earth
  8. Everyone coming back to life on Namek after the wish
  9. Vegeta doing his best to fight Babadi from going inside his head

GotenSuperSaiyan's picks

  1. When Goten meets his father the first time. (The whole scene not just that part)
  2. Vegeta's sacrafice against Buu after saying good bye to Trunks.
  3. Goku's sacrafice against cell right before cell explodes.
  4. When the earth is blown up by Kid Buu killing everyone Vegeta and Goku just worked so hard to save.
  5. The ending of GT
  6. The death of krillin by the hands of freeza.
  7. The death of vegeta by the hands of freeza
  8. When Piccolo sacrafices himself for Gohan in the Vegeta Saga.
  9. When Piccolo and Kami fuse I always feel bad for Mr. Popo
  10. When Goten and Trunks find out Vegeta and Gohan are dead.'s picks

  1. Vegeta holds trunk for the first time
  2. Omega Shenron is destroyed
  3. Goku Jr. sees his great great grandpa
  4. Goku sacrafises him self to kill cell
  5. Goku helps Goten and Gohan in kamehameha againts Brolly
  6. Kid Buu gets destroyed
  7. FRieza kills vegeta(even though i don,t like vegeta)
  8. goku uses penetrate attack versus piccolo
  9. Piccolo sacrafises for gohan
  10. Vegeta Sacrafises to kill buu

Pedro's picks

  1. Ending of DBGT (Very Emotional Scene)
  2. When Goku.Jr meets Goku for the first time
  3. Were Goku flies away with Shenron in GT
  4. Ending of DBZ(were Goku flies away with Uub and they both cheer!)
  5. Where Goten meets goku for the first Time
  6. Where Vegita sacrifices his life against Buu(What makes this scene emotional is were Vegita actually thinks about others,instead of himself
  7. Where Vegita Hugs His Son Trunks for the first Time
  8. All the Namek's coming back to life after the wish
  9. When Goku returns to earth after the 7 years in the beginning of the Android Saga
  10. Buu making friends with Bee and Hercule.

Future-Trunks' picks

  1. Chiatzuo sacrificing himself against Nappa
  2. Piccolo bidding farewell to Gohan as the earth exploded
  3. Vegeta respecting Goku when Goku was fighting Kid Buu
  4. Piccolo Sacrificing himself for Gohan against Nappa
  5. Frieza killing Krillin
  6. Vegeta's flashback on how he became a Super Saiyan
  7. Gohan's flashback in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber to become a Super Saiyan
  8. Future Trunks finding Future Gohan's dead body
  9. Kid Goku finding Kid Krillin's dead body
  10. Videl saying goodbye to Gohan as he followed Kibito

Raging Blast's picks

Most emotional moment in all of db(z,gt) universe

  1. There are many emotional scenes in db dbz and db gt.But the most emotional from all was at the end of db gt.I cried.It was just to much for me.

Freeza Defeated Mighty Blast of Rage's picks

  1. When Goku decided to use his instant transmission to take the self-destructing Cell to King Kai's place,"Goodbye my friends".
  2. When Piccolo jumped in the way of Nappa's blast, to save Gohan.
  3. At the end of the Escape-from-Piccolo episode, Piccolo said "Gohan what is your mission?" Gohan said "To defeat the saiyans and save planet earth".
  4. When Goku told Freeza it's done and started talking about how Frieza is no longer a challenge to him. "After all he was just a monkey, right. Live with the shock, keep it bottled up inside silently. Good bye Freeza may you live the rest of your life in peace".
  5. When Goku decided not to return to earth, after Gohan defeated Cell.
  6. When Vegeta was crying after being shot by Frieza.
  7. In the Evil Kid Buu Saga, when Vegeta said "You're better than me Kakarot, you're the best."
  8. When Vegeta hugged Trunks and said his final goodbye, before self-destructing.
  9. When Goku finished Freeza with the Mighty-Blast-of-Rage.
  10. When Goku transformed into a super saiyan.

VegetaJr.rox's picks

  1. Piccolo shields Gohan from Nappa's attack and gets killed
  2. When a saibamen clung to Yamcha with the last of it's strength, killing both of them. I cried.
  3. Vegta sacrifices himself against Buu
  4. The end of Dragonball GT
  5. Future Trunks finds Gohan dead after being murdered by the androids and transforms into a super saiyan
  6. Goku sacrifices himself to save the earth when Cell was about to explode. Also made me cry.
  7. Vegeta's reaction to trunk's death
  8. The death of Krillin at the hands of Frieza
  9. Goku transforms into a super saiyan for the first time
  10. Super 17 kills Krillin

SonGogeta's picks

  1. Gohan's battle with Cell.
  2. Vegeta sacrifices himself to kill Majin Buu.
  3. Goku's first Super Saiyan transformation.
  4. Majiin Vegeta's battle with Goku and Vegeta's speech(es) during the battle.
  5. Majin Buu seperates into Good and Bad Buu after seeing Bee and Hercule shot.
  6. Cell kills Trunks and Vegeta goes on a rampage.
  7. Last Episode of GT.
  8. Bardock's last stand against Frieza.
  9. Goku comes back for one day and greets his friends and family, Goten meets him for the first time.
  10. Goku sacrifices himself to defeat Cell.

Juan's picks

  1. dbgt ending scenes
  2. Vegeta sacrafices himself
  3. Bardock showing who's boss to Freeza
  4. super 17 kills Krillin
  5. Goku defeats Kid Buu
  6. When a saibamen clutched on to Yamcha
  7. When Goku finds Krillin dead in Dragonball
  8. Goku defeats Omega Shenron
  9. Goku kills Baby
  10. in dbgt when krillin punches Goku in their last fight, and then Goku goes back to Shenron

ShaolinMonk's picks

  1. When Piccolo chooses to stay on Earth and die with it.
  2. When Goku is reunited with Son Gohan(albeit for about 10 minutes).
  3. When Bee is shot.
  4. When Kame-Sen'nin goes out to perform the Mafu-Ba on King Piccolo, but misses and dies.
  5. When Kame-Sen'nin shoots Tsuru-Sen'nin far away so Goku and Tenshinhan can fight uninterupted.

Kitch's picks

  1. Krillin's second death (blown up by Frieza) this time Goku actually witnessed it
  2. Piccolo taking a killshot from Nappa to save Gohan
  3. Krillin's fourth death (killed in cold blood by Super 17, in front of 18 and Marron)
  4. Krillin's first death (Goku finding him dead after he was killed by Tambourine)
  5. Krillin wishing for 17's and 18's bombs to be removed after Goku decided to stay dead following the Cell Games
  6. Vegeta sacrificing himself against Majin Buu
  7. Vegeta's dying words to Goku after being mortally wounded by Frieza
  8. Goku dying after sacrificing himself to stop Radditz
  9. Chaozu sacrificing himself against Nappa
  10. Bee getting shot

Fusionforeva's picks

  1. End of GT
  2. Gohan breaks down when goku dies with cell
  3. Piccolo dies to the planet he became attached to
  4. In Broly Second Coming Goten says 'I wish dad was here'
  5. Goku witnesse krillins execution and transforms into ssj
  6. Yamcha gets killed by saibamen
  7. Piccolo dies from Nappa
  8. Chi-Chi get crushed by Super Buu and Goten starts to cry
  9. Future Trunks get killed by Cell
  10. Goku turns ssj3 (the screaming -_-)

the dragonfly's picks

  1. after cell games a flashback of goku's life
  2. vegeta sacrificed himself in vain against majin buu
  3. piccolo gets killed by nappa
  4. death of krillen
  5. bulma crying after the death of yamcha

dbzrox's picks

  1. Bardock gets killed by frieza
  2. last episode of gt
  3. goku's super saiyan speech on namek(i still get chills)
  4. future gohan killed by androids
  5. gohan kills cell
  6. goku dies to kill raditz
  7. making of goku's spirit bomb to beat kid buu
  8. tien fights almost perfect cell
  9. krillin dies in dragon ball
  10. bee gets shot

Mockturtle77s' picks

  1. vegeta sacrificing himself when fighting majin buu
  2. vegeta finally admitting that goku is stronger than him
  3. the hunters shooting bee (at least i think they're hunters)
  4. vegeta turning super saiyan for the first time
  5. goku turning super saiyan for the first time
  6. goku sacrificing himself to save the world from cell
  7. gohan defeating cell
  8. the ending of DBGT i cried lol
  9. future gohan getting killed by the androids
  10. majin vegeta vs goku

Dr.Jack's picks

  1. Ending of GT
  2. Uub returning to his village.
  3. Bardock's death.
  4. Vegeta crying.
  5. Krillin being destroyed by Frieza.
  6. Broly as a baby.
  7. Gohan being absorbed by Super Buu.

Fulhamfan7070's picks

  1. End of GT
  2. Majin Vegeta blowing himself up
  3. DBGT: A Hero's Legacy- Goku Jr. Bawling over Pan's hospitilization
  4. Piccolo's sacrifice for Gohan against Nappa
  5. GT- Goku's Golden Great Ape form causes Pan to cry
  6. Gohan's Murder by the androids
  7. Krillin dies by Frieza causing gku to go SSJ

Son Vegeta's picks

  1. Trunks explaining To Goten That Vegeta is the Prince of all saiyans.
  2. Vegeta Smiling And Knocks out Trunks.
  3. The Death Of Kid buu
  4. The Time of When Mr-Satan is Killed.
  5. The Deaths of most Zee Fighters at the Last time of Gt's ending(as its abt 50-100 years later, exept for master roshi, buu(uub too) , and Turtle)
  6. Vegeta Fusing With Goku to Vegito
  7. Death Of Shenron in King Piccolo's hands
  8. Death Of Master Roshi

Vegetaroth Strife's picks

  1. Dragon Ball Evolution and GT (they were just so horrible they made me cry lol).
  2. Gohan coming home to find the others crowded around his father's dead body in the History Of Trunks OAV (only thing in any story ever able to make me cry other than 1. and the death of Aerith in FFVII).
  3. Bardock's last stand in the end of the Bardock: Father Of Goku OAV
  4. When Goku found out about the great ape transformation and realizes that he killed his own grandfather.
  5. Goku's death when Cell blew up (Although it was also funny the way King Kai reacted lol).
  6. Vegeta self-destructing in a failed attempt to kill Buu.
  7. Evil Buu absorbing Good Buu.
  8. Right before the explosion of Namek when Goku stands on top of Frieza's space ship and screams.
  9. Vegeta's reaction to the death of future trunks at the hands of Cell
  10. After the defeat of Kid Buu when Gohan and Videl are reunited at Kami's lookout

uchiwadude's picks

  1. when android 16 encourage gohan
  2. vegeta sacrifices himself aganist buu
  3. trunks finds future gohan's dead body and tranforms into a super sayian
  4. bardock's death by frieza
  5. vegeta tells goku frieza made him the way he is
  6. majin buu's dog bee was shot
  7. goku's first transformation in to a super sayian
  8. goku sacrifices himself to save the world
  9. the explosion on planet namek where i thought goku died
  10. goku telling everyone not to wish him back to life after the cell saga

kakarot810's picks

  1. Krillin cries coz Marron dumped him
  2. Kakarot going SSJ coz Frieza blew Krillin to bits
  3. Gohan going SSJ2 coz Cell smashed 16's head
  4. Bardock dying when Frieza goes insane and blows up planet Vegeta while laughing like a maniac
  5. Piccolo saving Gohan from Nappa's blast
  6. The Arlian reuniting with his love then getting blown to bits by Vegeta & Nappa
  7. Future Trunks gets mad at Vegeta for not caring about the newborn Trunks & Bulma
  8. Namek blowing up and us thinking Kakarot was dead
  9. Vegeta shouting at the clouds after being defeated by 18
  10. Future Gohan getting killed by the Androids

SicklyOlive's picks

  1. Gohan turning Super Saiyan 2
  2. Frieza killing Krillin
  3. Goku sacrificing himself to defeat Cell
  4. Gohan telling Chi Chi that Goku died
  5. Goku and Goten meeting for the first time
  6. Future Gohan's death
  7. Future Trunks finding Future Gohan's body and turning Super Saiyan
  8. Buu destroying Earth
  9. Future Goku's death by the virus
  10. The ending of Dragonball Z

demon king piccolo's picks

  1. piccolo's sacrifice for gohan against nappa, that moment is so emotional that the other emotional moments are not emotional anymore

Gokuss21's picks

  1. When Goku meets grandpa gohan in the fortunteller baba saga.
  2. krillin was killed by Tambourine annd then Goku went after Tambourine.
  3. Piccolo says goodbye to Gohan when he sacrificed himself to save Earth.
  4. Goku bids his goodbye to the Z- fighters when Cell was about to explode.
  5. Goku asks Gohan to take care of Chi- Chi for him.
  6. Vegeta's story before Frieza killed him.
  7. Goku's farewell to the Z- fighters when he was in the other world.
  8. when the Z- fighters flashed back the memories of Goku
  9. When Goku tells Gohan, "Gohan, I'm your father.. now do as I say!"
  10. The end of Dragon Ball GT made me cry..

Silent fighter pikkon's picks

  1. piccolo's death against nappa to save gohan
  2. android 16's death by being smashed by cell
  3. majin vegeta's sacrifice[ its really epic when he says you've made me proud my son to trunks]
  4. yamcha's death at the hands of a sabimen
  5. gt's ending [ 'until we meet again guys- goku]
  6. krillins death against Frieza
  7. Do'nt know why but found mercanary tao's death in db sad[ probably cause he was such a badass]
  8. tien shinhan's first death
  9. nappa's death [ felt sorry for the guy considering vegeta turned on him.
  10. future gohan's death

Dbzfreak81's picks

  1. Ending of DBGT.
  2. Gokus death in the future (made me tear up)
  3. Goten first met Goku!
  4. Goten said goodbye to Goku...
  5. Future Gohan dying
  6. 17 and 18 are killed in the future!
  7. Goku sacrifices his life in vane! )-_;
  8. Chiaotzus death, how is it possible not to love him?
  9. Vegeta going nuts at Trunks death.
  10. Chi-Chi when she said "Be back before dinner!" to Goku in the final episode of GT.

There are my picks

Gothax's picks

  1. Ending scene of GT. "Until We Meet Again..."
  2. When Goku Jr tried to make a wish with one dragonball and Goku show'd up.
  3. Goku's death against Cell.
  4. Almost whole episode #200.
  5. Piccolo when he helped Goku and decided to leave on earth.
  6. Goku's last words for Kid Buu.
  7. Gogeta's first show up.
  8. When Goku said he's gonna return to earth for day.
  9. Moment on buu saga when Goku told the others about Gohan and Vegeta.
  10. "History of Trunks" when Goku died by virus.

Raefire's picks

  1. Goku meets Goten for the first time
  2. Goku sacrifice himself to save the world (Cell Saga)
  3. Teen Gohan turns Super Saiyan 2
  4. Goku dies from heart disease
  5. Future Gohan Dies because of Androids 17 & 18
  6. Krillin saves 18 from Cell after he spit her out
  7. Goku asks Chi Chi to marry him
  8. Bulma helps Vegeta recover after capsule training accident
  9. Future Trunks turns super saiyan in History Of Trunks
  10. Everybody dies at the end of Dragon Ball GT

Vegetables' picks

  1. When Vegeta reveals to Goku the history of his past and why Goku must destroy Frieza
  2. When Vegeta first turns into a Super Saiyan
  3. When the one dude shoots Bee and makes Buu release his evil side
  4. When Gohan dies in Future Trunks world
  5. When Vegeta hugs Trunks for the first before he destorys Buu
  6. When Android 16 dies
  7. When Vegeta admits that he would rather be destroyed for good than let Buu still live
  8. When Gohan gets pulverized by Perfect Cell after he regenerates
  9. After Goku defeats Frieza but can get off of Planet Namek (the origianl ending of the series)
  10. When Guru finally kills over the first time

Honorable mention goes to the Ending of Dragonball GT. Although my least favorite saga, it still is part of the story.

ilovegokugoten's picks

These are in no specfic order.

  1. Goku and Goten Meet (Made Me Cry)
  2. Goten Said Good-Bye To Goku (Made Me Cry)
  3. End of GT. (Made Me Cry...When Goku Said "Until We Meet Again.")
  4. Future Gohan Dies in History of Trunks (Made Me Cry.)
  5. Goku Jr. Starts Crying Because he Tried Making a Wish With One Dragon Ball (Made me Cry)
  6. Goku finds Dead Krillin In Dragon Ball (So Sad Made Me Cry)
  7. Goku Sees Grandpa Gohan in Fourtenteller Baba Saga (Made Me Cry because Goku Cries)
  8. Goku ask Chi-Chi To Marry her (Cute, and Made Me Jealous :\)
  9. Vegeta Tells Goku Frieza Made Him Who He Is. (Sad)
  10. Bardock Dies. (Sad.)

Adarsh and fm's picks

  1. Future Gohan and Future Trunks together for freedom fights against the ruthless androids(Future Android 17 and Future Android 18) in their timeline
  2. Future Trunks goes super saiyan while seeing Future Gohan's death
  3. Future Trunks cries because of the Android's ruthless destruction to all being's on earth
  4. Future Gohan gives his last senzu bean to Future Trunks so that he can live.
  5. Future Gohan innocent smile for asking food to Future Bulma
  6. Icarus gets hurt by one of Cooler's henchmen
  7. The innocent technological bear gets killed by Tambourine
  8. The Android 8 smile
  9. Nouva shenron saves Super Saiyan 4 Goku by sacrificing his life to Syn shenron/Omega shenron
  10. Goku Jr's Innocent character

KamiPiccolo's picks

  1. End of GT when Goku remembers his past adventures and says," Until we meet again, Guys!" and flies off.( Very sad, made me cry)
  2. Dragon Ball GT Movie: A Hero's Legacy(When Goku.Jr asks the nurse if Grandma Pan will be okay and runs away crying)
  3. Dragon Ball GT Movie: A Hero's Legacy( When Goku.Jr tries to make a wish with one Dragon Ball)
  4. Dragon Ball GT Movie: A Hero's Legacy (When Goku tells a speech to Goku.Jr)
  5. Execution of Future Gohan by Androids 18&17
  6. Future Trunks cries at the death of Future Gohan and becomes a Super Saiyan.
  7. Death of Bardock and Planet Vegeta at the hands of Frieza
  8. Goku sacrifices himself to stop Raditz.
  9. Goku does Father-Son Kame Hame Ha with Gohan to stop Cell.
  10. Piccolo dies to save Gohan.

TienShinhan88's picks

  1. Yamcha vs saibamen
  2. piccolo vs nappa
  3. tien when chiaotzu dies
  4. bojack killing zangya
  5. 16`s head goes squish!
  6. vegeta vs kid buu
  7. raditz takes gohan
  8. piccolos sacrafice on earth

MrPopo's picks

  1. Krillen's death in GT
  2. Vegeta's 1st Death
  3. When Goten meets goku
  4. end of GT
  5. Vegeta's 2nd Death
  6. When Krillen was killed by Frieza
  7. When Trunks dies in the Cell Games
  8. When 17 becomes super 17
  9. Goku's 2nd death
  10. Piccolo's death in GT

TienShinhan88's picks

  1. PIccolo dies infront of gohan
  2. chaozu blows up
  3. tien dies
  4. piccolo dies on earth in gt
  5. goten meets goku

Popcornchiken's picks

  1. When goten met his dad for the frist time in his life
  2. When trunks's dad huged trunks for the frist time

Dbzfreak81's picks

  1. Goten met Goku for the first times...
  2. Piccolo died with the earth (gt)...
  3. Piccolo sacrificed himself for Gohan, really emotional, he couldve just pulled him out of the way, but I think Piccolo wanted to show the team he changed...
  4. Goku stays dead after the Cell Games...
  5. Vegeta admits Goku is better than him....amazing...
  6. Super #17 kills Krillin and his wife (18) goes CRAZY
  7. Frieza pisses Goku off when he talks crap about Krillin and Gokus like "HOW DARE YOU TALK ABOUT KRILLIN" (gives me goosebumps just thinking bout it).
  8. Goku JR is fighting Vegeta JR and Pan thinks she saw Goku..
  9. The final episode of GT where Vegetas all WTF!? When Goku leaves.... Makes me cry...
  10. Tien fights off Cell suspense is an emotion too /:

SSWerty's picks

  1. Goku defeating Kid Buu with the Super Spirit Bomb
  2. Goku returning to Earth for the first time in seven years and seeing all his friends
  3. Goten meeting Goku
  4. The final episode of Dragon Ball GT
  5. Android 16 being killed by Cell
  6. Gohan transforming to Super Saiyan 2
  7. When Goku heads off to train with Uub
  8. Goku, Vegeta, Hercule and Majin Buu returning to Earth after defeating Kid Buu
  9. Majin Vegeta blowing himself up
  10. The Z-Fighters thinking Goku's dead after fighting with Frieza

Zkno's picks

  1. just one, the ending of dragonball gt. I cant stand the ending and i knew for sure there wont be any more. Basically by that time my favorite char, goku is a god and he just takes off with his power poll like it all started. So i cried, a lot.'s picks

  1. (I don't think anyone put this) When Chi-Chi, Bulma, and Videl are told that Gohan and Vegeta were killed by Majin Buu.
  2. When Future Trunks finds Future Gohan dead.
  3. When Majin Vegeta kills himself.
  4. When Goku teleports Cell away from earth.
  5. When Buu sees Bee and Hercule get shot and goes Berserk.
  6. When Vegeta is killed on Namek.
  7. When Piccolo dies to save Gohan.
  8. When Majin Vegeta tells of the humiliation that Goku has caused him. (Against the mountain, during the fight.)
  9. When Chaotzu kills himself.
  10. When Goku convinces Vegeta to fuse together using the Potara Earrings.

NeedleJizo's picks

  1. Ending of Dragon Ball GT
  2. Piccolo sacrifices himself to save Gohan from Nappa
  3. Goku's speech to Frieza after becoming a Super Saiyan
  4. Vegeta apologizes for his cockiness after he realized that it could have potentially cost a brother Saiyan and fellow warrior (Gohan) a victory
  5. Piccolo sacrifices himself by staying on Earth as it blows up
  6. Vegeta telling Goku the truth about Planet Vegeta's destruction after being fatally wounded by Frieza
  7. Trunks finds Gohan dead
  8. Vegeta hugging Trunks before his suicide attack against Majin Buu
  9. Piccolo forces Vegeta to watch as Broly pummels the Z-Fighters
  10. Bardock's vision as he dies with Planet Vegeta

Pariah111's picks

  1. Videl confessing her love for Gohan once Goku tells everyone at Kame's lookout that he and Vegeta are dead
  2. Chi-Chi turning into an egg and being smashed by Super Buu
  3. Vegeta knocking out Trunks and Goten and giving them to Piccolo, then running off to fight Super Buu
  4. Gohan's fury on Namek and him rescuing Dende along with Krillin
  5. Future Trunks being killed by Cell
  6. Piccolo staying on Earth and his telepathic farewell to Gohan
  7. Goku's sacrifice in order to kill Raditz
  8. Bardock's last stand
  9. Bardock watching his best friend die in his arms, and the creation of his red headband
  10. Gohan going Super Saiyan for the first time after facing his own doubts.

Honorable Mentions: Tien draining his energy to hold Semi-Perfect Cell at bay, Goku being inflicted with the Heart Virus and failing against Android 19, Android 16's Death, Yamcha blowing up due to a Saibamen's self destruct, Pan telling Goku to destroy Naturon Shenron anyway despite her being absorbed and her possibly getting killed, Bora's death and revival, Mr. Popo's sacrifice to keep Dende and thus the Dragonballs alive, Goku's final farewell and subsequent departure with Shenron, Videl getting pummled by Spopovitch.

FlyingNimbus' picks

  1. Vegeta hugging Trunks and then sacrificing himself against Buu. "Trunks, Bulma, I do this for you, and yes, even for you Kakarrot."
  2. Goten meeting Goku for the first time. "...Hey, and I'm Goku...", "Daddy, ahahaha!"
  3. Future Trunks turning super saiyan for the first time in the "History of Trunks" special when Future Gohan died.
  4. Vegeta telling Goku about the Saiyan's past before he dies from the attack by Frieza. "Kakarrot, please! Destroy Frieza! He made me what I am...Don't let him do it to anyone else...."
  5. End of Dragonball GT
  6. Piccolo's sacrifice to save Gohan.
  7. Gohan turning into a super saiyan 2 and that forever-long kamehameha energy blast with cell. XD
  8. Videl, Bulma, Chi-Chi and the others learning of Vegeta and Gohan's apparant deaths.
  9. Goku finding out the masked man was really his grandpa Gohan!
  10. Goku's famous speech when he turned into a super saiyan for the first time. "I'm the hope of the to good, nightmare to you!" picks

  1. Dragonball gt ending episode
  2. DBGT-a heros legacy

thats all i got, very sad moments, both made me cry...nothing is more sad then these so i wont add anymore:)

SuperSaiyan2019's picks

  1. Vegeta's sacrifice agaisn't buu
  2. Piccolo's sacrifice for gohan
  3. goku's sacrifice for earth
  4. trunks finding gohan dead in rain
  5. bardock's death
  6. 16's death
  7. vegeta death at hands of frieza
  8. trunks' death causing vegeta to lose it
  9. bardock seeing goku in his vision
  10. krillin's death causing goku to go SSJ

LMBK's picks

  1. The end of Dragon Ball GT. *I was teary eyed*
  2. Goku Jr. was trying to bring Puck and Grandma Pan back to life by a Dragon Ball. *It was too sad*
  3. Bulma cries after finding out that Vegeta is dead
  4. Not a scene, but the GT theme song in general is emotional *I really hate that theme song because you know it was going to end*
  5. Android 16 was crushed by Cell
  6. Vegeta went insane when Cell killed Trunks
  7. Vegeta hugging Trunks and sacrificing himself
  8. Krillin is blown to bits by Freeza
  9. Future Trunks says goodbye and Vegeta shows [that] he has a heart
  10. Goku turns SSJ

Vegetagirl97's picks

  1. Ending of GT i cried too
  2. Vegeta giving up his life to save the ppl he loved
  3. when vegeta said the goku was the best
  4. when vegeta tells goku what frieza did to him
  5. when frieza destroyed planet vegeta
  6. when goku gave his life to kill cel but it didnt work
  7. when piccolo tells gohan that he was like the son he never had(except he cant have sons or daughters theres only 1 gender hmmm)
  8. when goku was fighting android 19 and his heart disease was kicking in
  9. when vegeta tells goku he let himself be controlled be babidi for the power
  10. when in GT vegeta is like talking about how goku has always been better and stuff (i think the episode is call heart of the prince)

Ayako-'s picks

  1. Vegeta give up his life in order to kill Buu in an amazing Final Explosion, only to have done it in vain seeing as Buu lived.
  2. Piccolo dies along with planet Earth.
  3. Vegeta telling Goku about how Frieza made him the way he was, and asking him to destroy Frieza, so no-one else turns out like he did. (His speech was so <3 )
  4. When Piccolo jumped in front of Nappa's attack in order to save Gohan's life, then telling him he was the only real friend he ever had, and saying he was proud of him.
  5. Vegeta watchs Cell blast Future Trunks, and him going awol because he was thinking that Trunks gave everything for him, and how could he let that happen.
  6. Majin Vegeta is born. (Don't ask)
  7. When Majin Vegeta hugs Trunks, and then kills himself for Bulma, Trunks, and even Goku.
  8. Piccolo is holding Vegeta's head forcing him watch Broly battle and beat his allies.
  9. Goku finds Krillen, dead, in DragonBall.
  10. When Piccolo tell's Gohan if he ever needs him, he'll be there for him.

undertaker510's picks

  1. End of Bardock the father of Goku
  2. End of GT
  3. when Trunks find Gohans dead body in the history of Trunks
  4. When Piccolo dies in the sayin saga
  5. Vegeta sacrafice in the Buu saga
  6. When Vegeta tells Goku about planet Vegeta and Vegeta cries in the Frieza saga
  7. When Trunks is killed by cell
  8. When Goku sacafices him self when cell is about to blow up
  9. when mr.Popo cries when Kami and Piccolo become one
  10. When Vegeta finaly admites Goku is the best

Gotengohangoku's picks

  1. bardock dies in the movie and never got to see how strong gokus become
  2. goten meets goku
  3. piccolo saves gohan by nappa
  4. goku dies
  5. goku dies again
  6. nemek explodes
  7. planet vegeta explodes
  8. teen gohan beats cell
  9. the end of dbgt
  10. goku leaves with shenron

Pritz x 10's picks

  1. last episode of DBGT. very sad.
  2. Goku's decision teleports cell and himself to king kai's planet and Goku explodes with cell.
  3. Piccolo's decision to stay on earth as it explodes
  4. Piccolo sacrifices himself for Gohan
  5. Majin vegeta's speech before getting beatin to pulp by Buu.
  6. Chiatzu sacrifices himself
  7. Bardock tryes to defeat Frieza
  8. Goku turning to super saiyan after Krillin's death
  9. Vegeta tells Goku about his planet's history befoe dying
  10. Gohan cries after Goku leaves picks

  1. Bardock Dies
  2. Gohan Dies in the future
  3. Vegeta tell's Trunk's he's proud of him
  4. Piccolo dies at the end of GT
  5. End of GT with Goku
  6. Goku turns SS
  7. Goten cries when Goku has to leave after a day
  8. Gohan when he turns SS2
  9. Gohan when he saves Videl
  10. Vegeta willing to fuse with Goku

Mercenary-x's picks

  1. The final scene of GT when all the memories of the dragonball franchise flash onto the screen as the narrator praises goku and all his accomplishments (the english version, without the dan dan song)
  2. dragonball GT movie: A Heroes Legacy, when pan suddenly had a heart attack, as the last remaining z fighter was about to die of a natural cause, goku jr. ran away in a blind rage of sorrow, making the series hit real close to home... and bringing a bit more reality to the oh too real experience of the death of a loved one... then his friend puck died. Then when he finally got the dragonball he shouted "ANSWER ME!" at the top of his lungs, finally realizing his entire journey to mount pouzu was in vein and his grandmother and puck will not be coming back.
  3. seeing the giant spirit bomb that goku was going to use on omega, just the sight of it made me cry combined with the background music.
  4. Vegetas first death on planet namek "please kakarot! he made me what i am!" the only time vegeta is seen crying
  5. Piccolo's death during GT (even though my first time seeing this i didnt cry, but after seeing it again with my girlfriend knowing how much shes grown to love the character, i cried feeling her emotions)
  6. Piccolos death when saving gohans life during the saiyan saga
  7. Vegeta's first act of selflessness and charity when he blew himself up to save the planet earth from majin buu
  8. Gokus (supposed) assumed death when he (was assumed to) meet the fate of the dieing planet namek
  9. andriod #18 during GT in the super andriod #17 saga, grabbing krillins hand after his death, after she is knocked out, she wishes to spend her last few moments holding her husbands hand.
  10. Android #16's head is crushed by cell, and gohan finally loses it, going ape sh#@.'s picks

  1. well all i have to say is i feel sad how gohan gets older in the hyperbolic time chamber in cell saga he wants to become a supersaiyan and he wants to try then i am sad they have no more episodes :(
  2. and goten doesnt want to go in the tournament the one after kid buu is dead i dont know i just feel really sad about that anyone else agree ya i know wierd im straight i am emotional though idk it just makes me sad

Vegetafanboy57's picks

  1. Ending of DBGT, made me cry
  2. Goku meeting Goten for the first time, I cried over the music
  3. Vegeta sacrificing himself in an attempt to destroy Buu
  4. Android 17 and Android 18 kill Future Gohan.
  5. Future Trunks turning to a Super Saiyan after finding Future Gohan dead.
  6. Android 17 and Android 18 destroy the west city killing humans.
  7. Android 17 and Android 18 destroy the Z Fighters.
  8. Krillin's death, Android 17 uses an energy blast through his chest. Android 18 started to cry.
  9. Piccolo's death in DBGT, the earth blew up and that killed him.
  10. Chi-Chi's death, Super Buu turns her into an egg and stomps on her. Goten suddenly started to cry.

tee2dajay's picks

It was very hard to put most of these in a specific order but the first 4 are exactly where they belong..

  1. The ending of DBGT
  2. Vegeta explains to Goku how Frieza made him this way and how Frieza destroyed their planet.
  3. Goku sacrifices himself to save earth by transporting him and Cell to King kai's planet.
  4. Future Trunks finds Future Gohan's dead body.
  5. Piccolo gives his life by throwing himself in front of Gohan to save gohan during battle with nappa and vegeta.
  6. Vegeta's reaction to Trunks death during Cell saga.
  7. Vegeta blows himself up to kill Majiin Buu (and fails btw)
  8. Android 16's talk with Gohan which eventually leads to Cell stomping on his head and Gohan going MAD
  9. Piccolo decides to stay on Earth as it is about to blow up (DBGT)
  10. Android 18 attacks super 17 after 17 killed Krillin.

Goten133's picks

  1. Goku begins to turn into a Super Saiyan after Krillin's death.
  2. Goku launches the Spirit Bomb to kill Kid Buu.
  3. Bee gets killed
  4. Goku kills Omega Shenron
  5. Goku finds Krillin dead
  6. Vegeta reveals the truth about Planet Vegeta before getting killed by Frieza.
  7. Gohan, Goten, and Goku kill Broly.
  8. Android 18 joins the fight against Super 17
  9. Gohan's Super Saiyan 2 trnasformation
  10. Trunks finds Gohan killed by the Androids and turns Super Saiyan.

SuperSaiyanGohan's picks

  1. GT ending
  2. Goku goes SSJ after Krillin dies
  3. Piccolo talking to Gohan before Earth blows up
  4. Piccolo talking to Gohan after protecting him from Nappa
  5. Krillin's death by 17
  6. Vegeta's Final Explosion against Buu fails
  7. Vegeta telling Goku after being shot by Frieza
  8. Bardock gets killed by Frieza
  9. Future Gohan is killed by 17 & 18 and is found dead by Trunks
  10. Future Goku's death

Ssj4Goton's picks

  1. The End of Dragon Ball GT
  2. Goten Meets Goku For The First Time
  3. Goku Sacrifices Himself to Cell
  4. Omega Shenron Covers The Earth In Negative Energey
  5. Frieza Kills Vegeta With A Death Beam
  6. Frieza Kills Krillin By Blowing Him Up
  7. Vegeta Hugs Trunks For The First Time
  8. Vegeta Sacrifices Himself To Majin Buu
  9. When Vegeta Admits Goku Is Number one
  10. Tien Sacrifices Himself For Chiatzou

超サイヤ人ガイ's picks

  1. The end of Dragon Ball GT (its all over)
  2. Piccolo sacifices himself to save Gohan from Nappa's blast
  3. Vegeta hugging Trunks
  4. Vegeta admitting to Goku that he's number one
  5. Bardock watching Tora dies in his arms (the blood red head band)
  6. Piccolo staying to die with the earth
  7. Goku's Super Saiyan Transformation
  8. Vegeta's rage after Cell Kills future Trunks
  9. Future Gohan's death and Future Trunks's Super Saiyan Transformation
  10. Gohan can't hold his rage anymore and rushes to save Dende

Gotenks ss70's picks

  1. Piccolo stays behind on earth to destroy the power of the black star dragonballs
  2. piccolo dies dies saving gohan from nappa
  3. Future Trunks finds gohan dead after his battle with the androids
  4. krillin and master roshi's detahs during the king piccolo saga
  5. Dende leaves kirllin and gohan to live in new namake
  6. 16 Dies to allow gohan to catalysise gohans transformation into super saiyan 2
  7. Goku's departure at the end of dragonball grand tour
  8. Goku leaving with shenron at the end of the shadown dragaon saga
  9. Goku desprately trying to escape namake and appearing to die in the explosion
  10. Goku king kai and bubbles die when goku transports semi inperfect cell to king kai's planet

Bardock's picks

  1. Piccolo dies with the earth (GT)
  2. Piccolo sacrifices himself for kid gohan
  3. Majin Vegeta's sacrifice
  4. Bardock dies and frieza destroys the planet vegeta...
  5. Future Trunks finally has peace in the future by killing cell
  6. The end of dragonball GT (not because the pretty bad ending... but because the greatest anime ever has come to an end...
  7. Goku finally becomes super saiyan and avenges the entire saiyan race!
  8. Future trunks finds the dead future gohan and become super saiyan
  9. Android #16 is destroyed by cell and gohan becomes super saiyan 2
  10. The friendship between piccolo and gohan

(this is about it)

MoBStarr's picks

  1. I think everybody agrees that the final scene of DragonBall GT is the most emotional scene.
  2. When Goku is still on Planet Namek when it blows up and everybody believes that he's dead.
  3. When Goku transforms into a Super Saiyan for the first time against Frieza.
  4. When Future Trunks finds Future Gohan dead after fighting against the Androids and then finally turns Super Saiyan
  5. When Vegeta turns evil again and becomes Majin Vegeta.
  6. When Cell stomps on Android #16 head making him angry and turn into a Super Saiyan 2.
  7. When Piccolo sacrifices himself to save Gohan's life against Nappa.
  8. When Vegeta sacrifices his life to try and destroy Buu.
  9. When Piccolo dies along with planet Earth just after the Baby Saga.
  10. When everybody is killed by the Saibamen during the Saiyan Saga.

destiny's picks

  1. when goten says goodbye to his dad
  2. end of dragonball gt
  3. when piccolo saves gohan life from nappa
  4. when piccolo says farewell to gohan in dragonball gt

Lssj4's picks

  1. Dbgt ending very emotinal when goku say's until we meet again guy's.
  2. Dbz Gohan goes SSJ2.
  3. Dbz Vegeta dies frieza saga.
  4. Dbz Future Trunks goes SSJ for the first time.
  5. Majin Vegeta's sacrifice.
  6. Goku sacrifice cell saga and many more.

Sannie Chie's picks

  1. End of GT
  2. Vegeta's speech to Trunks before he died

KageKiller245's picks

  1. Bardock finds his team killed and makes one final charge to try and take down Frieza single-handedly.
  2. Goku finding Krillin killed by Tambourine.
  3. Vegeta attacks Cell after he kills Future Trunks.
  4. Gohan becomes a Super Saiyan 2 from watching Videl get beaten by Spopovich.
  5. Goku's speech when using the Super Spirit Bomb against Kid Buu.
  6. Broly's anger when he sees Goku.
  7. Goku Jr. trying to use the Dragon Balls.
  8. Hell-Fighter 17 kills Krillin.
  9. Vegeta's death against Frieza.
  10. Goku leaving with Uub at the end of DBZ.

The saiyan apprentice's picks

  1. The Last episode of Dragon Ball GT, where Goku is taken by Shenron and there is a big flashback.And you know the adventure you've invested in is over.
  2. Vegeta taking out his own son Trunks.
  3. Gohan going crazy on Cell after his arm was pretty much destroyed.
  4. Vegeta Crying when talking to Frieza about the saiyans and his pride.
  5. Piccolo staying with the earth as it emplodes and gohan and goku both scream out.
  6. Pan trying to make super ape goku realize his own powers and reason.
  7. Bardock right when Frieza destroy's him and he has a vision of goku taking him out.
  8. Bee getting shot
  9. Hercule aka mr satan trying his darndest against buu even though he had no even the slightest chance of all.
  10. Dende dying by Frieza. And also nail giving piccolo his remaining life energy in an effort to kill Frieza.

Paula's picks

  1. The last episode of GT- dont need a reason. most of us agree
  2. Goku sacrifices himself during the cell games- his speech, gohan's reaction, one of the saddest momments in any anime/ manga
  3. Cell kills trunks, vegeta's reaction-Watching your favorite character die like that is brutal. also really scary
  4. Piccolo blows up with earth- just plain sad...
  5. Goku goes super sayian for the first time- hey, we'd all be pissed if our best friend got killed and couldnt be wished back. goku is no exception
  6. gohan dies in the history of trunks- the scene was horrid, he gave it his all, and with only one hand. props to him. when i saw it online, the quailty was terrible, so it wasnt as touching :P. still sad though
  7. Goten meets Goku for the first time- not really sad, more heart warming. does that count?
  8. Piccolo saves Gohan from Nappa- Piccolo actully sacrificed himself just to save a little kid. gohan changed that pickle's life forever...
  9. Vegeta is killed by frieza- the proud sayian prince, dies at the hands of the man he served for all his life, shows you how cold-hearted frieza is...
  10. Dende is killed by frieza- FRIEZA YOU SON OF A @$#^$@%*&!!!!!!

Turles's picks

  1. goku dies in future trunks special
  2. Bardock is holding tora an sees when he dies
  3. the end of GT
  4. when Tien, Krillin, picollo and the others dies in future trunks special
  5. when goku is begging tien to stop his assult with his tri-beams on semi perfect cell
  6. picollo dies in domed earht in gt
  7. giran dies of tamburine

Friezagal64's picks

  1. Piccolo sacrifices himself to save Gohan
  2. Flashbacks of Characters past
  3. Goku in Frieza's Ship
  4. Vegeta gets killed
  5. Frieza gets killed
  6. Gohan saves Vegeta from Recoome's Eraser Cannon
  7. Gohan gets beaten up by Recoome
  8. Frieza cries
  9. Goku dies
  10. Baby Goku

Note: The crying part was just a thought I thought up.

Picclo-san's picks

  1. Piccolo's last words to Gohan
  2. Future Gohan's Death
  3. Goku teleporting cell
  4. Goku's death by heart virus
  5. Chaioztu's attempt to kill Nappa
  6. Goku find's Krillin's dead body
  7. Goku's farewells in GT
  8. Goku Jr. Trying to use the Four-Star Ball
  9. Gohan defeating Bojack
  10. Goten meeting Goku

Lithoxene's picks

  1. Gohan defeating Cell
  2. Imperfect Cell absorbing the rich guy who pleads with Piccolo to save him
  3. The sniper's shooting Bee
  4. Goku avenging Krillin, going SSJ
  5. Goku restraining Raditz, who is terrified to die, as Piccolo prepares his Special Beam Cannon
  6. Cell crushing 16's head
  7. Goku going SSJ4
  8. Vegeta's self-destruct Final Flash
  9. Goku pushing the Spirit Bomb into Buu
  10. Videl admitting she loves Gohan

NomadMusik's picks

  1. Gohan's first SSJ2 transformation.
  2. Goku's SSJ transformation.
  3. Future Gohan's death.
  4. Bardock's death.
  5. Nappa's death.
  6. The beam struggle between Cell and SSJ2 Gohan.
  7. Future Trunk's first transformation.
  8. The beam struggle between Goku and Vegeta.
  9. The tears/death of a Saiyan Prince.
  10. Kami/Piccolo's first death.

Ascended Maestro's picks

  1. Goku is reunited with Gohan in the Fortuneteller Saga
  2. Vegeta admits that Goku is better than him
  3. Vegeta talks to Trunks before he dies in vain to Majin Buu
  4. End of GT
  5. Vegeta's reaction to Trunks's death
  6. Goten meets Goku
  7. Goku tells everyone he is staying in Otherworld
  8. Piccolo dies on the exploding Earth
  9. Vegeta cries
  10. Goku finds a dead Krillin at the hands of Tambourine

JMbeast2's picks

  1. Goku sacrifices himself by transporting him and cell to king kai's planet where they blow up.
  2. Gohan turns ssj2 after witnessing Android 16's death.
  3. The ending of DBZ.
  4. Vegeta uses his last breaths telling Goku about how Frieza destroyed planet Vegeta.
  5. Goku turns into super saiyan for the first time after watching Krillin die.
  6. Vegeta self destructs himself trying to defeat Majin buu.
  7. Perfect Cell returns after Goku's noble death and kills Future Trunks.
  8. Vegeta gets pwned by kid buu but refuses to give up.
  9. Goku shows mercy on Vegeta and lets him go after all the destruction he had caused.
  10. Vegeta uses Final Flash against Perfect Cell for the first time.

USSVegito's picks

  1. Vegta's respect there are so many moments there's picks

  1. End of dragonball gt [ made me sad] this is it

Dreld's picks

  1. Father-Son kamehameha at the end of the cell saga.
  2. Pretty much the entire episode where Gohan goes SSJ2.
  3. T.P. Trunks gets capped by Cell and Vegeta goes into a fury against him.
  4. Kakarrot goes SSJ the first time.
  5. Gohan goes SSJ the first time.
  6. Videl gets owned by Spopovich and gohan goes SSJ
  7. This one is a tie. Vegeta self destructs against Majiin Buu after sharing an emotion moment with his son. And when Kakarrot sacrafices himself and King Kai to save the earth.
  8. Kakarrot saves Gohan from Bojack, Gohan subsequently goes SSJ2 and owns everyone.
  9. The Family Kamehameha against Broly
  10. Vegeta tells Kakarrot what happened to their race.

LittleMissNamek's picks

  1. when piccolo sacrifices himself for gohan against nappa. (it almost made me cry T.T)
  2. when piccolo dies along with the earthwhy do they always kill my fav characters?!?!?!?!?)
  3. when goku proposed to chi-chi (the line where he says "sometimes my brain doesn't know what my mouth is saying. good thing my heart does.will you marry me, chi-chi?" OMG! i thought that was sooo sweet!)
  4. where guru died for reals. (all those poor namekians crying especially the tough ones, i thought that was really sad.)
  5. when bardock dies.(him wishing he could have held goku in his arms was soo sweet!)
  6. when vegeta dies.(he shows us it wasn't his fault that he was so cruel.)
  7. when the namekians left for their new home and dende leaves with them.( his tear dropping on the floor before leaving almost made me cry.)
  8. dende being killed by frieza( the poor little boy didn't even do ANYTHING to frieza! that bastard frieza!)

MamaLuigi's picks

  1. Vegeta dies against Frieza.
  2. Piccolo dies on Earth
  3. Goku dies against Cell.
  4. Krillin's first death
  5. Dragon Ball Evolution
  6. Piccolo dies against Nappa
  7. Goku going back to the otherworld in the buu saga.
  8. Majin Vegeta explodes
  9. Guru's death
  10. 16's death

WorldTournamentAnnouncer's picks

  1. Vegeta's speech after being mortally wounded by Frieza
  2. Vegeta's speech to Trunks and subsequent explosion against Majin Buu
  3. Gohan's Super Saiyan 2 transformation against Cell
  4. Mr. Satan's speech to get the citizens of Earth to provide energy for the spirit bomb against Kid Buu
  5. Goku's Super Saiyan transformation against Frieza
  6. Chiaotzu's sacrificial explosion against Nappa to save Tien
  7. Piccolo's sacrifice to save Gohan
  8. Goku departing the Earth with Shenron
  9. Goten meeting Goku for the first time
  10. Future Trunks' death against Cell

SuperSayian737's picks

  1. The most emotional moment perhaps in Telivised history was the entire last episode of Dragonball GT! Anyone who isn't sad, happy and touched by the end of it is clearly not a Dragonball franchise fan.
  2. The Super Sayian Transformation of Goku on Namek and what caused it.
  3. The Super Sayian 2 Transformation of Gohan.
  4. Vageta's knobal sacrifice to try and destroy Majin Buu.
  5. Vageta's first death by the hands of Frieza.
  6. Vageta's Super Sayian Transformation agianst Andriod 19.
  7. Piccolo's sacrifice to save Gohan agianst Nappa's attack.
  8. Piccolo dying with planet earth's destruction by the hands of Baby.
  9. Vageta respectably admits that Goku is superior and always has been.
  10. Last but not least, Goku's first recorded Super Sayian 3 Transformation...

(Each of these moments, for me are intense emotional steroids! Each either makes me cry, get extremely pumped up, and/or extremely happy!!!)

Haos_Serpenoid_500's picks

  1. Gohan's first Super Saiyan 2 transformation.
  2. Frieza kills Bardock & destroys Planet Vegeta.
  3. Super Buu kills everyone on Earth at once.
  4. DBGT final episode.
  5. Goku Jr tries to wish Pan better with the dragonball.
  6. The ending to the Super Android 13 movie. (for the LOLZ)
  7. Super Gogeta destroys Janemba.
  8. Frieza kills Krillin & Goku's first Super Saiyan transformation.
  9. Goku finds out Trunks is Bulma's son. (more LOLZ)
  10. And finally, Goku destroys Super 17.

These were my favourite moments, mainly because most of them left me speechless, except 6 & 9, which just made me LOL.

Toke's picks

  1. Trunks finding Gohan's dead body in the city.
  2. Vegeta sacrificing himself to Fat Buu.
  3. When Goku brings the bad news about Vegeta and Gohan being dead.
  4. When Vegeta is like "You can take my body and mind, but you will never take my pride!"
  5. It's over 9000!!!! Lot of emotion thurr ;p
  6. Goku's speech about why he and Vegeta should fuse.
  7. When Vegeta is like (to Goku) "When we fight, we're gonna need a whole planet as our arena" in the last episode of Z.

I can't really think of three more.

Vegetaisbeast124's picks

  1. Vegeta after giving an emotional speech with his kid Trunks, and then sacrificing himself in the move Final Explosion.
  2. Piccolo (The Nameless Namek) staying on earth to destroy the Black Star Dragon Balls he created.
  3. Vegeta dying at the hands of Frieza.
  4. Goku dying in his fight with Raditz.
  5. Cell destroying Android 16's body and then stepping on his head, sparking Gohan Super Saiyan 2 transformation.
  6. Piccolo jumping in front of Nappa's attack intended for Gohan.
  7. Goku dying after using instant transmission to bring a self destructing Cell to King Kai's Planet.
  8. Goku coming back to life and tells Chi-Chi he misses her, then meeting Goten.
  9. Bardock in his (first and last) stand against Frieza.
  10. Vegeta going off on Cell after her murdered Future Trunks.

YourShenron's picks

  1. End of GT
  2. Piccolo dies to save the Earth
  3. Goten meets Goku
  4. Vegeta hugs Trunks before sacrificing himself against Majin Buu
  5. Vegeta cries for the first time
  6. Majin Buu cures blind kid Tommy's blindness
  7. Gohan's day dream about his father returning from the dead
  8. Goku meets Bulma (idk, I just think it's really emotional how it starts like, the longest friendship)
  9. Goku, Chi Chi, and Ox King name Gohan, Gohan while he's still an infant
  10. Goku's friends reflect on all of the good times they had with him, after he decides not to come back to Earth through the wish from Shenron

Nimbus's picks

  1. Ending of GT: Do I even need to make a note on this? Its the end of GT, thats all ya need
  2. Piccolo blows up with earth: same as above
  3. Goku's sacrifice in the cell games: Gohan's reaction is just emotinal as hell. And he wanted to stay dead.
  4. Cell kills Trunks, Vegeta gets PISSED: Aw, Vegeta really did care for his kid :D
  5. Vegeta is killed by Frieza: the prince of sayians being killed by someone he served his whole live just shows the person Frieza is...
  6. Piccolo saves Gohan from Nappa: you think Piccolo is a heartless SOB, but he choices to save a little kid like Gohan
  7. Vegeat blows himself up: its offical- Vegeta is a suicide bomber and a loving father
  8. Pan gets abosrbed by one of the shadow dragons: yeah, I thought this pretty sad, I mean, shes willing to let Goku kill her in the end!!
  9. The many deaths of Krillin: NO REASON NEEDED!! :D
  10. Trunks finds Gohan dead: Raining, screaming, crying, transforming..and the music.. OH GOD THE MUSIC!! I wanna give Trunks a hug :(

HONORABLE MENTOINS: Chatziou blows himself up on Nappa, Yamcha's death against the saibiamen, The Z-fighters getting killed by the androids in Trunk's timeline, Old kai's death, Buu turns everyone into chocolate (CHOCOLATE?! CHOCOLATE!!!!) Seeing Gohan grow up and marry Videl, Chichi getting killed in front of her own son Goten, Seeing everyone in DBZ grow up, Goten meets Goku for the first time

Ssj4Popo's picks

Made me cry mostly (idk why)

  1. I definitely cried the most when Goku finds out he was fighting Gohan his grandfather.
  2. Vegeta blows himself up to kill Majin Buu
  3. Piccolo saves Gohans life and thanks him for showing him what friendship is
  4. Goku Jr. Goes SSJ (this part also made me cry for some reason)
  5. The defeat of basically every main villain was happy
  6. Future Gohans death and the resulting transformation of Trunks
  7. Vegeta's pounding, speech and death in the Frieza saga.
  8. Videl, Chichi and Bulma learning of the deaths of Gohan and Vegeta and possibly Trunks and Goten.
  9. Goku's first SSJ transformation.
  10. Krillins death in DB by Tambourine.

Kamehameha123's picks

  1. gt ending
  2. krillen being killed by frieza a creature so evil and may I add frieza most likey did it for the sport.
  3. when goku was knocked under water on Namek and seeing all the people who would die if he gave up, it made me cry
  4. end of dragon ball z when we saw all our memorys from dragon ball
  5. when bardock dies
  6. when goku dies from his heart
  7. every time goku dies

AeroKnu's picks

  1. The tumbstones of the Z-fighters in A Hero's Legacy
  2. The last episode of GT
  3. Majin Vegeta says goodbye to kid trunks
  4. Krillin sacrificing himself to try and save 18 and the others from Super Buu
  5. Android 8 dying in Path to Power
  6. Goku saying goodbye to Goten before leaving earth
  7. Future Trunks finding Future Gohan dead
  8. Android 16's death by cell
  9. Krillin dying and 18 being badly injured by 17 in GT
  10. Dende watching his brother die by Dodoria's picks

  1. I only found the most emotional part to be the very last episode of DBZ, GT episode 67 (i think)- i cried sooooooo much and it is just soooooooo saaad!!! Why... Why Goku, why'd u have to leave. The music also contributed, CRY!!!!'s picks

Top Ten Most Emotional Scenes

  1. Goku's Penetrate Technique against Piccolo Daimao
  2. Goku's Sacrifice to save earth from Cell
  3. Gohan observing Cell Jr.s nearly killing his friends and 16's death.
  4. Future Trunks discovering Future Gohan's dead body
  5. Goku's Super Spirit Bomb against Kid Buu
  6. Cell Powering Up to his maximum during his battle with SSJ 2 Gohan (the japaneese track really makes it powerful, Like the world is ending)
  7. Goku pleading for Mercy to Krillin for Vegeta after their first battle
  8. Krillin's death in Dragonball
  9. Goku's visions of Freeza destroying Earth, during his battle with Freeza
  10. Goku Transforming to SSJ3

SupahTrunks' picks

I am only gonna do 3 cuz after that it just isnt emotional enough.

  1. Trunks crying over the dead body of Future Gohan. (The music Prelude by Slaughter makes the scene better.)
  2. When Piccolo sacrifices himself for Gohan and says that Gohan was his first friend. *Sniffle*
  3. Tapion pleading with Trunks to kill him. (Especially when Trunks was about to.)

Anime Z's picks

Hyper Moments

  1. Hearing Goku & Vegeta voices screaming going SSJ (Super Vegito)
  2. Goku Avenging "Chatzou, Tein, Yamcha & Piccilo"
  3. Tien Screaming "TRI BEAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
  4. Goku vs. The Ginyu Force
  5. Vegeta turning into a Super Saiyan

Saddest Moments

  1. The End of GT
  2. Vegeta crying and telling goku about the Saiyans and Frieza
  3. Goku's Sacrificing himself against Cell
  4. Chatzou's Death
  5. Goku going SSJ4 for the first time

Krillingohan144's picks

  1. vegeta's death sacrifice in the majin buu saga
  2. vegeta cries about frieza destroying planet vegeta
  3. krillin killed by 17
  4. goku saves the earth by cell
  5. krillin killed by friza

Nick's picks

  1. Goku's Disaperience from master roshi's place.
  2. When Marron Comes back to life(Soo adorible).
  3. Piccolo's Death in GT.
  4. Dragon Ball GT's Ending.
  5. When Bee's Shot.
  6. Goku's Death at cell games.
  7. Goten meets GoKu for the first time.
  8. Vegeta Hugs Trunks and sacrifices himself.
  9. Krillin's Death in DBGT.
  10. Android 16's Death.

Silvic123's picks

  1. Vegeta Dies
  2. Bardock dies
  3. Gohan goes Super Saiyan 2
  4. Trunks sees Fature gohan's dead body
  5. Goku goes to other world in Majin Buu saga
  6. Goten sees Chi-Chi die
  7. Mystic gohan finds out Chi-Chi died
  8. Pan talks to Golden great ape Goku
  9. Goku Jr goes Super Saiyan
  10. End of gt's picks

  1. GT ending
  2. DBZ ending- i knew GT would come, but it was still sad
  3. Vegeta's tearful death in the Frieza Saga.
  4. Majin Vegeta's sacrifice- and his moment with Trunks beforehand.
  5. Bulma, Videl, and Chi-Chi after they find out about Vegeta and Gohan's death.
  6. Goten and Trunks' reaction to the same news in #5,
  7. Goten when he sees Ch-Chi get killed by Buu.
  8. Vegeta's outburst when Cell kills Future Trunks.
  9. Goku's speech when pleading with Vegeta to fuse with the potara earrings.
  10. Right after Buu is killed and Goku and Vegeta reunite with everyone and Goku tells them he's staying.

DBZ Super Saiyan's picks

  1. When Vegeta was telling Goku about his hard life before he dies from Frieza.
  2. The ending of GT.
  3. When Vegeta was saying his goodbyes to Trunks before he went to sacrifice himself against Buu.
  4. When Piccolo says goodbye to Gohan in GT while the earth was exploding
  5. Future Gohan's death (Trunks goes super saiyan for the first time)
  6. Goku meets Goten for the first time
  7. When Krillin dies from super android 17
  8. Goku takes Cell to King Kai's world and dies
  9. Vegeta going crazy after seeing Cell kill Trunks
  10. When 16 was talking to Gohan then CEll steps on him (Gohan going super saiyan 2)

Cyraina's picks

  1. Piccolo's first death by Nappa's attack.
  2. Piccolo's final death in GT when he sacrifices himself with earth.
  3. Vegeta's death when he sacrificed himself against Fat Buu.
  4. When Bee the dog got shot.
  5. When Vegeta is killed by Frieza for the first time and he cries and tells Goku about his life and his people.
  6. When Dende is killed by Frieza.
  7. When Goku dies in the Trunks movie from the heart virus.
  8. When Android 16 is killed by Cell and he confesses to Gohan that it's right to fight for what you believe in.
  9. In GT, when Krillin is hurt by Android 17 and his wife, 18, cries for him.
  10. When the entire series of Dragon Ball ended in GT.'s picks

  1. When goku sees his granpa in draonball.
  2. When future gohan dies and trunk cries.
  3. When umpa's father dies in dragonball.
  4. When picollo dies to save gohan in dbz.
  5. When vegeta was telling goku what frieza made him.
  6. When gohan couldn't save his friend dinosaur in dbz.

SilverTheColonel's picks

  1. Piccolo dies on Earth
  2. Colonel Silver's last appearance
  3. Vegeta sacrifices himself to kill Buu
  4. Piccolo uses Special Beam Cannon to kill Raditz and Goku
  5. Future Trunks killed by Cell
  6. Videl gets beaten up by Spopovich
  7. Krillin is killed by Hell Fighter 17
  8. Vegeta kills Nappa in the air
  9. Super Buu absorbs Vegito and the rest of the Z fighters
  10. Kid Buu destroys Earth's picks

  1. when yamcha dies
  2. when puar and bulma start crying because yamcha is dead
  3. when chiaotzu dies and tien starts freaking out
  4. when tien dies trying to avenge chiaotzu
  5. when piccolo dies saving gohan
  6. when frieza kills vegeta and krillin causing goku to go SSJ
  7. when goku dies trying to save the earth from cell
  8. the last scene of dragon ball gt (made me cry)

Skinnyveku's picks

  1. Bardock facing Frieza and his army and his death along Planet Vegrta
  2. Goku's "I am" speech after turning Super Sayian for the first time
  3. Piccolo sacrificing himself to save Gohan from Nappa
  4. Devilman's speech about negativity before firing the Devilmite Beam
  5. Dodoria and Zarbon murdering the Namekian villagers
  6. Krillin's reaction to Yamcha's death at the hands of a Saibaman
  7. Tien's last enffort so defeat Nappa before falling dead
  8. Piccolo choosing to stay in the planet he had grown to love as it is destroyed
  9. Chiaotzu sacrificing himself in vain to defeat Nappa
  10. Vegeta's reaction to Trunks' death at the Cell Games

Msdbzfanssjelite's picks

  1. Vegeta dies against Frieza - omg saddest moment of the Frieza Saga. Vegeta was crying and pouring out his heart to Goku. He was telling Goku how Frieza destroyed their planet, killed King Vegeta, and turned Vegeta into the person he was. It was also sad to see him suffer. Also when Goku gave his respects to Vegeta and buried him was also a sad moment as well.
  2. Piccolo's death in GT - really sad how Piccolo died with Earth and Gohan was crying, the whole scene was really sad. Also the fact that he couldn't be wished back and was in hell was also sad.
  3. Vegeta sacrifices himself to stop Majin Buu - really emotional scene when Vegeta gave his son one last hug of goodbye and Piccolo telling Vegeta his awful fate. The Vegeta line "Trunks....Bulma....I do this for you...and yes even for you Kakarot..." was really emotional.
  4. Goku's sacrifices himself to stop Cell - this was emtional to see Goku say his goodbyes to all his friends, especially to Gohan, when he was telling him to take care of Chi-Chi. Also seeing Gohan crying and the Z-fighters upset was emotional.
  5. Goku telling his friends that he didn't want to be wished back - this was really emotional to listen to Goku give his speech to his friends about not wanting to come back, and telling them to take note of the important things in their life because when they come to OtherWorld he would like to hear about them.
  6. Gohan saying goodbye to Goku in Kai World before leaving for Earth to fight Buu - this was sad because Goku was telling Gohan that it would be the last time he would see him until he died.
  7. Piccolo's sacrifice for Gohan - this was emotional because Piccolo was telling Gohan that he was his only true friend and that he was the son he never had.
  8. Goku saying his goodbyes and before he returns to Otherworld after his 1 day on Earth is over - this was really sad because Goten had to give his dad one last hug before he left for other world
  9. Goku returns to Earth for 1 day - this was emotional to see Goten to meet his dad Goku for the first time.
  10. Future Goku's Death - that was really sad to see all the z fighters gather at Goku's house then Gohan coming too late to see his father last moments of life.

Honorable Mentions: Future Gohan's death, Goku suffering from the heart virus,Goku is healed from the heart virus, Krillin's 2nd death against Frieza, Yamcha's death against saibaman, Chiaotzu sacrifice against Nappa, Tien's sacrifice, Krillin's 4th death against Super 17, Android 16's speech to Gohan before his death by Cell, Goku 1st death, Bardock's death, the end of Dragonball GT

Goji73's picks

  1. Frieza kills Krillin
  2. Android 8's sacrifice in Path to Power
  3. Goku tells Everyone that Gohan and Vegeta are dead during the Buu saga
  4. Goku's sacrifice during the Cell Games
  5. Majin Buu understands death when Bee and Hercule are shot
  6. Piccolo's death by Nappa
  7. Bora's death and revival
  8. Goku's reunion with Grandpa Gohan
  9. Piccolo's sacrifice in DBGT
  10. Vegeta's turmoil in Fusion Reborn

Degrassigirl123's picks

  1. End of Dragonball series (last episode of GT) - last episode of a great era that we will all miss, and that was definetly something to cry about!
  2. Vegeta sacrifices himself for the Earth against Buu - I know, Goku, Piccolo, etc. did it to, but this is Vegeta. Who would of ever thought he would do something like that? And declaring his love for his son and wife for the first time; I bawled!
  3. Piccolo sacrifices himself to save Gohan - It's always a sad, but honorable moment seeing an ex-villain die for someone he cares about. And Piccolo was definetly a great example. Dying for Gohan, even after he said Gohan was useless, and even trying to kill Gohan. That proved that the big green guy does have a heart for the first time!
  4. Gohan turns Super Saiyan 2 for the first time against Cell - The little boy who was always a little scared of his opponents unless his rage was unlocked temporarily finally came out his shell! After seeing Android 16 killed, his friends being beaten senseless by the Cell Jr's, and realizing that he is Earth's only hope, the little half Saiyan unlocked his anger and potential in tears. A very interesting moment.
  5. Piccolo dies with Earth - Another great hero who sacrifices his life; only this time for good. Piccolo's come a long way since his battle with Goku at the World Martial Arts Tournament, and seeing him die with the planet he's grown to love to protect it is very amazing, but very sad. Especially after his final goodbye to his friend and student, Gohan.
  6. Krillin dies in GT by Android 17 - Call me crazy, but I almost cried at this scene. Krillin sure did die a lot in the series, but this has got to be the most emotional one. After saving 18, his wife, from being hypnotized by Android 17 to join him in his attempted world-takeover, he is killed. 18 goes into a fit of rage, beating 17 on and on, telling her daughter Marron to run away. 18 is then defeated by her brother, leaving her barely alive, and she crawls over to her dead husband, holding his hand. So cute!!
  7. Goten meets his father for the first time - When Goku came back to Earth to compete in the World Martial Arts Tournament, it was a touching moment, being greeted by his friends and family. But not as touching as him and Goten's meeting. Goten, who was shy at first, soon jumped into is father's arms, and the two played Airplane. Everyone watched in hapiness. Because, how could you not smile or shed a tear seeing a reunion like that?
  8. Vegeta's death at the hands of Frieza - Just moments before his death, Vegeta manages to tell the real story of how Planet Vegeta died to Goku, Krillin, Piccolo, and Gohan. He says in tears that it was Frieza, who, scared of the Saiyan's potential and strength, wiped out almost every single Saiyan. He explains how, after all the loyalty they gave him, Frieza thanked them with death, so it should be a Saiyan who defeats him. Frieza then impales Vegeta with his Death Beam, killing him, and Goku, in respect, buries the Saiyan Prince.
  9. Goku sacrifices himself against Cell - After delivering a hard punch to Cell's stomach, Gohan made Cell regurgitate Android 18, making Cell go back to his Semi-Perfect form. Cell then attempts to blow himself up, which would destroy the Earth. Goku uses Instant Transmission to teleport himself and Cell to King Kai's planet, killing himself, King Kai, Bubbles, Gregory, and the entire planet in the process, however, Cell regenerated, and became even more powerful than his Perfect form! Gohan cries stating that 'playing around' with Cell instead of finishing him off was the reason his dad died, and when Cell got killed with Goku's help to Gohan, I admit, I cried.
  10. Krillin's death in DragonBall - Goku ran to find Krillin, only to find his best friend dead. Although it wasn't enough to trigger the Super Saiyan form like it did in Krillin's next death, it was a very sad moment, mostly because Krillin, the first main character to die in the series, was the little guy everyone loved and cared about, especially Goku. Master Roshi and Chiaotzu followed, but, thankfully, King Piccolo died, and they were all revived thanks to the Dragon Balls.

theoriginalnorseguy's picks

  1. Goku dies to save earth from Cell
  2. Majin Vegeta's death scene
  3. Piccolo dies with Earth
  4. Piccolo saves Gohan from Nappa's blast
  5. Tien fires the Spirit Tri-Beam and dies of exhaustion
  6. Kid Buu blows up Earth
  7. Old Kai gives his life for Goku
  8. Frieza murders Krillin and Goku goes ssj
  9. Cell kills Future Trunks
  10. the end of DBGT

SS3VegetaNB's picks

  1. Quite simply put, the final episode of Dragon Ball GT. I am man enough to admit that there were tears for this one.
  2. Gohan's battle with Cell. It got especially emotional when Gohan unleashed his hidden power and ascended to Super Saiyan 2.
  3. Goku's sacrifice to keep Cell from blowing the earth up with Self Destruct.
  4. The struggle to complete the Super Spirit Bomb and the final destruction of Kid Buu.
  5. Goku's first transformation into the Super Saiyan form.
  6. Vegeta admitting Goku's superiority during the fight with Kid Buu.
  7. Vegeta's confession before being killed by Frieza.
  8. Vegeta's Self Destruction against Fat Buu.
  9. The Z Fighters jumping in behind Cell to help Gohan.
  10. Goten meeting Goku for the first time.

SupremestKai's picks

  1. Vegeta dies by the hand of Frieza and talks to Goku before he dies, telling him the truth about Planet Vegeta and the saiyans. (I nearly cried)
  2. Frieza holds Goku's head underwater with his foot, and Goku sees Gohan and Chi-Chi, and Vegeta giving him a speech about the pride of the saiyan race
  3. Goku turns SSJ after Krillin's death by Frieza
  4. Majin Vegeta sacrifices himself to kill Buu
  5. Gohan transforms into SSJ2 after witnessing the death of Android 16 by Cell
  6. Majin Buu temporarily befriends and heals the blind boy Tommy
  7. Bardock is killed by Frieza and screams Kakarot before he dies (pretty sure him screaming Kakarot is filler, but I don't know)
  8. Goku has to go back to Other World and Goten starts to cry.
  9. Piccolo decides to die with Planet Earth in GT, and he talks to Gohan before he dies.
  10. Piccolo sacrifices himself to save Gohan from Nappa.

CriticalCondition's picks

  1. Okay so ive never posted on here before but after reading about half of these emotional moments i'm amazed that (what i consider to be) one of the most emotional moments in all of DBZ isnt on here. (could be wrong i didnt read EVERY single one) but does anyone remember when Goku had to tell Bulma, Chichi, and Goten that Buu had killed Gohan and Vegita? Goten's reaction hit me hard....real hard. he was screaming and blaming Goku for his brother's death. saying something like "Gohan use to tell me that you were the strongest guy in the universe. he use to say that you could do anything! how could you let him get killed by some monster" i mean think about it. Goten never knew Goku. but he spent his whole life hearing stories from Gohan and really everyone about how his dad was the strongest most powerful guy in the world and how amazing he was and how he sacrificed himself to save the world. and then he was so devistated when (in his eyes) Goku let his older brother get killed....i seriously cried....

IAmKuwabara's picks

  1. The ending of GT
  2. When Piccolo decides to die with the Earth
  3. Krillin's death on Namek
  4. Vegeta's death on Namek
  5. When Goku says he doesn't want to be wished back
  6. When Vegeta sacrifices himself
  7. When Goku goes back to Other World in the Majin Buu Saga
  8. The flashback scene of Grandpa Gohan finding Baby Goku
  9. When Krillin gets killed by Android 17 in GT
  10. When Bee gets shot in the Majin Buu Saga's picks

me picks

  1. Bardock gets bloody murdered
  2. Future Trunks seeing Future Gohan's corpse
  3. End of DBGT
  4. Tien Dying after going all out
  5. Chiaotzu selfdestructing
  6. Krillin Dying (first 2 times)
  7. Master Roshi dying
  8. Grampa Gohan's comeback
  9. Goku's Spirit Bomb
  10. Oolong wishes for Panties

Bardockiscool's picks

  1. Vegeta hugs his son before self destructing in order to stop Majin Buu
  2. When Cell stomps on android 16s head causing Gohan to go ssj2
  3. Goku turning ssj for the 1st time
  4. Vegeta going all out against Cell after he killed his son
  5. When Bardock confronts Frieza's picks

  1. I have only 2. First one is when goku left to go train uub. I mean why leave your family to go train a little kid. Goku is one of my favorite characters but he doesn't even visit his friends and family.Urggg!!!
  2. My second one is when gt ended. :'(

SilverTaiyoAkira's picks

  1. This, to me, was the most emotional and saddest scene, like, ever. At the end of Dragon Ball GT, like, 100 years later at the World Martial Arts Tournament when Pan sees Goku and he flies off with his Power Pole and Flying Nimbus, and he says, "Till we meet again, guys!", it makes me cry every time. I'm even almost crying as I'm writin' this. That's pretty much the reason why I'll never watch the end of DBGT. It's such a sad scene seeing Goku fly off and he's pretty much not dead and he's all happy and leaving everyone it just sucks but it makes me love Goku even more.

Sankait36's picks

According to me-

  1. The ending of GT (especially the part when Goku and Krillin have a friendly fight.)
  2. Death of piccolo in GT.
  3. Vegeta's speech to Goku, before being killed by Frieza
  4. Death of Future Gohan in Histroy of Trunks
  5. Goku meeting Grandpa Gohan during the Fortuneteller Baba saga
  6. Goku's sacrifice to save Earth from Cell's Explosion.
  7. Goten meeting Goku for the first time
  8. Vegeta's sacrifice to destroy Majin Buu.
  9. Piccolo's sacrifice to save Gohan from Nappa's Blast.
  10. Goku finding that Krillin died by the hands of Tambourine.

Unknown0064's picks

(The end of GT is a given)

  1. Goku Jr. realizing Pan is probobly going to die in A Hero's Legacy.
  2. Frieza killing Vegeta on Namek even though he was defenseless.
  3. Bardock arriving on Planet Meat only to see that his entire squad had been killed.
  4. Goku saying goodbye to Gohan for (What he thinks will be) the last time before taking Cell to King Kai's Planet.
  5. Vegeta breaking down and realizing that the Z-Fighter's assault on Broly is in vain.
  6. Super Buu killing Chi-Chi, Krillin, 18, Marron, Bulma, and the rest at the Lookout for no reason.
  7. Mr. Popo crying after seeing Kami die during the saiyan saga.
  8. SSJ4 Goku during the fight with Naturon Shenron when he's told he'll see her for the last time.
  9. Vegeta crying in Hell, realizing how much more powerful Goku had become.
  10. Bardock's final vision of Kakarot's confrontation with Frieza, seconds before his death.

Blackbladewielder's picks

  1. Dragon Ball GT ending ( almost made me cry)
  2. When Piccolo stays on the earth, and the earth blows up and Piccolo dies.
  3. When Krillin gets killed by Frieza.
  4. When Goku sacrifices himself to save the earth.
  5. When Vegeta gets killed by Frieza.
  6. Piccolo sacrifices himself for Gohan.
  7. When 16's head gets stomped.
  8. When Gohan gets killed by Androids 17 and 18 in History of Trunks
  9. When Krillin gets killed Tamborine
  10. When Goku meets Goten

Ricileon55's picks

  1. Vegeta holds Kid Trunks (Buu Saga)
  2. Vegeta Explodes (Buu Saga)
  3. Goku goes SSJ when Krillin dies (Frieza Saga)
  4. Gohan goes SSJ2 when #16 dies (Cell Games Saga)
  5. Piccolo dies protecting Gohan (Saiyan/Vegeta Saga)
  6. Kid Buu destroys Earth (Kid Buu/Fusion Saga)
  7. Kid Goku meets Grandpa Gohan (Baba Saga)
  8. Trunks goes SSJ (History of Trunks)
  9. Goku says he loves Chi-Chi (Kid Buu Saga)
  10. Majin Vegeta vs SSJ Goku (Majin Vegeta Saga)

SuperSaiyanJlvl4's picks

i only have 3.

  1. When Goku leaves to go with Shenron at the end of dbgt.
  2. When Goku says goodbye to everyone before he instant transmission him and Cell to King Kai's planet,
  3. when Vegeta begs Goku to kill Frieza.

EricJoel's picks

  1. Goku sacrifices himself to get cell away from Earth.
  2. Vegeta is killed by Frieza with a death beam through the chest.
  3. Vegeta sacrifices him self to kill Majin Buu.
  4. Piccolo dies on Earth for the planet he loves.
  5. Piccolo, the evil demon king dies to save the son of his rival.
  6. Goku becomes a super saiyan as Krillin dies.
  7. Gohan becomes a super saiyan 2 as Android 16 dies.
  8. Trunks becomes a super saiyan as he sees dead Gohan in the rain.
  9. Vegeta is horrified as Broly destroys his son, Goku and Gohan.
  10. The end of GT.

Vegeta lv4 ss's picks

  1. Vegeta sacrifices himself in fight with buu
  2. Goku sacrfices himself with cell so earth does not explode
  3. Vegeta death by frieza
  4. Goku kills old piccolo when all his limbs were broken exempt his hand
  5. Vegeta's speech to gather energy for spirit bomb agianst buu
  6. Gohan kills cell with piccolo, yamcha, krillin, and vegeta helping him
  7. Krillin dies by the hands of frieza
  8. Krillin dies by the hands of tamborine
  9. Buu destorys earth while goku tries to save gohan, piccolo, trunks, goten just the scene when him and vegeta are trying to save then instead saves satan and dende
  10. end of dragonball gt I dont want to talk about it it was a sad day.

SSJ4 Gogeta Jr.'s picks

  1. Vegeta's death by Frieza
  2. Piccolo dying along with the Earth
  3. Goku seemingly to die when Planet Namek bursts
  4. The end of the Dragon Ball series(because i cant see Goku and the Z Fighters have new adventures anymore)
  5. Frieza about to get his wish of immortality
  6. SSJ Goku vs. Full-Power Frieza
  7. Goku telling the others at Kami's Lookout that Vegeta and Gohan died
  8. Cell comes back to Earth as Super Perfect Cell & killing Future Trunks
  9. Frieza surviving the Spirit Bomb
  10. Android 16 dies & Gohan turns SSJ2

Redgohan's picks

  1. The puppy dies :.0
  2. Piccolo shields gohan from Nappas attack. What a hero :.(
  3. Cell crushes 16
  4. Trunks see's Gohan's dead body
  5. Goku stays in otherworld and says good bye to his son
  6. Goku see's Krillin dead
  7. Master Roshi dies trying to stop King Piccolo
  8. Goku sacrifices himself to save everyone from Cell's selfdestruction
  9. Vegeta tells goku to avenge the saiyans as he dies
  10. Vegeta sacrifice against Buu's picks

  1. vegeta letting go of his pride after getting hit with friezas deth beam
  2. goku sacrafices himself to save the planet by transporting cell to king kias place
  3. vegeta training before the androids come
  4. vegeta attacts cell enraged knowing that he cant win against cell after seeing trunks die
  5. piccolo saves gohan from nappas attack
  6. vegeta sacrafices himself to save his family and earth against buu
  7. while ssj3 goku is fighting kid buu vegetas relazation about gokus true nature
  8. majin buu attacks kid buu so vegeta can escape and goku can thow the spirit bomb
  9. gokus speach to kid buu befor throwing the spirit bomb
  10. videl learning how to fly's picks

The most emotional scenes I only have a top five (the others are just to hard to decide)

  1. Videl against Spopovich at the tournament (Videl is getting brutally beaten by him and Gohan comes to help her)
  2. Vegeta giving his life to defeat majin buu (LOVE his speech)
  3. Vegeta brutally beaten by Buu while buying Kakorot some time
  4. Piccolo giving his life to save gohan
  5. Gohan's bravery while on Namek (expecially after Frieza attacks Krillin and Gohan goes beast on him)

Gohan has the most emotionaly stressed life, Vegeta causes some of the most emotional scenes, and he has the most emotional speeches

Lscott13's picks

(in any order)

  1. Frieza Kills Vegeta
  2. Vegeta's sacrifice v Buu
  3. Goku's sacrifice v Cell
  4. Piccolo sacrifices himself to save Gohan v the Saiyans
  5. Piccolo decides to stay on an exploding Earth (Baby saga)
  6. Goku and co. return to the lookout after the defeat of Kid Buu
  7. Cell kills Future Trunks
  8. Chiaotzu's sacrifice v Nappa
  9. Vegeta Hugs Kid Trunks prior to self-explosion
  10. Andriod 17 kills Krillin then almost kills 18 ( GT)'s picks

  1. When Krillin dies for the first time
  2. When Goku meets Grandpa Gohan at Baba's Palace
  3. When Goku gets married
  4. When Vegeta is pouring his heart out to Goku before being killed by Frieza
  5. When Goku proposes to Chi-Chi
  6. When Majin Buu fuses with Uub
  7. When Goku Jr. is crying because he thinks Pan is going to die in the hospital
  8. When Vegeta blows himself up trying to destroy Majin Buu
  9. When Goten meets Goku for the first time
  10. When Goku transforms into a Super Saiyan against Frieza
  11. When Bee gets shot

DragonBallScreenshots' picks

  1. Future Trunks discovering Future Gohan's dead body
  2. Pan's heart attack and the hospital scene in A Hero's Legacy
  3. Android 16's speech and death and Gohan becoming SSJ2
  4. Future Goku dying in History of Trunks. Hands down my favorite music at any point in any Dragon Ball related media
  5. Tora dying in Bardock's arms

GuyaneseSuperSaiyan's picks

Top Ten Most Emotional Scenes

  1. When Goku meets Grandpa Gohan again.
  2. When Goten met his dad for the first time.
  3. When Gohan went SSJ2 after witnessing #16's death.
  4. When Vegeta cried on Namek.
  5. Gohan's rage at the World Tournament after witnessing Spopovich brutally beating up Videl.
  6. Majin Vegeta's Final Atonement.
  7. Piccolo lays down his life to save Gohan's.
  8. When Goten saw Super Buu kill Chi Chi.
  9. Tien avenging Chiaotzu's death.
  10. Future Trunks transforms into a Super Saiyan for the first time.

BigBangVegeta's picks

  1. The end of GT.
  2. When Goku requests to stay dead after sacrificing himself to destroy Cell.
  3. When Future Trunks get shot in the chest by Cell, and Vegeta goed completely crazy.
  4. When Goku turns Super Saiyan against Frieza.
  5. When Piccolo sacrifices himself to save Gohan against Nappa.
  6. Pretty much every time Piccolo talks about how Gohan is his only friend, and is the only one who doesn't see him as a monster.
  7. When Vegeta gets killed by Frieza and gives his speech to Frieza.
  8. Goku finally getting Vegeta's respect during the fight with Kid Buu.
  9. Goku giving his speech about being the protector of everything just before whooping Frieza.
  10. When Vegeta tells Pan to treasure Goku's outfit, showing his eventual great admiration for his longtime rival.

BamaFanBryan's picks

  1. Vegeta's speech before being killed by Frieza.
  2. Tapion giving Trunks his sword, asking Trunks to kill him.
  3. Future Trunks finding Future Gohan's body.
  4. Piccolo's farewell to Gohan, as he stays on Earth while it is being destroyed.
  5. Vegeta's sacrifice to try to kill Buu.
  6. Goku's attempt to sacrifice himself to kill Cell.
  7. Piccolo's first death.
  8. Tien trying to avenge Chiaotzu.
  9. Ending of Dragon Ball GT.
  10. Krillin being imploded by Frieza.

FinalSpiritCannon22's picks

  1. When Bardock sees Lord Chilled hurting Berry and turns into Super Sayian.
  2. When Majin Buu uses all of his energy to save Hercule when one of the crooks shot him.
  3. When one of the crooks shot Buu's puppy >:((
  4. When Tapion gives his sword to Trunks.
  5. When Cell steps on Android 16's head.
  6. When Frieza kills Krillin.
  7. When Piccolo jumps in front of Nappa's blast to save Gohan's life.
  8. When Tapion tells Trunks to kill him with Hirudegarn.
  9. The end of Buu saga :DD
  10. The end of GT...'s picks

  1. When Bardok goes after Frieza
  2. When Majin Vegeta attempts to kill Buu
  3. When Majin Buu's dog is killed
  4. When Tamborine kills Krillin
  5. When Mercinary Tao kills Goku's friend's dad
  6. When Cell kills 16
  7. When Future Gohan is killed by 17 and 18
  8. When Goku Jr. finds out that Pan is dying
  9. When Bardok finds his team on Planet Meat
  10. When 18 over-hears Krillin's wish to Shenron

Igotswagger's picks

  1. Krillin dies, and 18 nearly dies ( I like Krillin and 18, but Marron was the only THING making it sad )
  2. Bulma with an afro
  3. Piccolo sacrifices himself in GT so they're no dragon balls.
  4. Piccolo saves Gohan and kills himself in the process
  5. Frieza 2nd Form attack Krillin ( starts Gohan's rage )
  6. Buu turning everyone into chocolate
  7. When the Baby Saga turned into the Garlic Jr. saga
  8. Vegeta's Loss to Frieza Final Form, and dies ( or faints )
  9. The Scene where 16 dies, right until the point where Gohan screams.
  10. Porunga dies ( I was a big fan of Porunga because he grants 3 wishes and he doesn't look like a normal dragon)

PlanetTTBlast's picks

  1. The killing of Namek villagers.
  2. Tora and Bardock defeat scenes.
  3. Goku dies trying to take out Raditz.
  4. Android 16 killed by Cell.
  5. Master Roshi tries Mafuba and fails.
  6. Namek's explosion Goku's end!?
  7. Goku sees images as he is being choked underwater.
  8. Guru dies. Both times.
  9. Tien and Chiaotzu both die against Nappa.
  10. Goku and Chi-Chi get married.

DBZman225's picks

Top 10 emotional scenes in DB, DBZ and GT

  1. Goten meets Goku
  2. Chaitzou sacrificing himself
  3. when krillian dies facing Frieza
  4. When vegeta kills himself to save Trunks (vs Buu)
  5. Vegeta takes hit for future trunks (vs Cell)
  6. When Uupa's dad dies (and is later revieved)
  7. When goku sees his grandpa
  8. when Videl figures out Gohan is alive
  9. When Mr. Satan saves Vegeta
  10. When mr. Satan tries to protect pan (baby saga)'s picks

  1. Android 16's speech to gohan and gets killed
  2. Piccolo's goodbye speech and dies
  3. Android 8's death in path to power
  4. Goku finds krillin dead after he is killed by tamborine
  5. Goku tells everyone that he is not coming back

layon08's picks

  1. The start of GT. I attemted suicide 3 times after this. Failed each one and still enjoyed each attempt more than I did this......this....ABOMINATION...
  2. The Buu Saga. A very dark time for me indeed. This is when I got on anti-depressants.
  3. The Garlic Junior Saga. I nearly cried when I saw my favorite series begin to be raped by Toei's money hunger.
  4. Everyone (especially Piccolo) jumping in to help Gohan against Cell, knowing it was fruitless, but still getting up and going at it again and again out of pure honor.
  5. Goku sacraficing himself against Cell.
  6. Piccolo sacraficing himself for Gohan.
  7. Gohan flying back to face 100% final form Frieza out of honor when he thought Goku was dead.
  8. Gohan attacking Raditz out of love for his father.
  9. Vegeta apologizing to Gohan after Gohan got his arm broken by Cell.
  10. Vegeta realizing his helplessness againsts Frieza's final form/his death scene.'s picks

3 Super Tear-jerkers The most emotional scenes EVER!!! TOP 3

  1. ANY scene when a character dies. Real tear-jerkers... T-T
  2. Piccolo dies saving Gohan from Nappa.
  3. When Vegeta gives that speech before dying at the hands of Frieza.
  4. BONUS: Vegeta finally swallows his pride and tells Goku that he bested Vegeta. It took a lot of guts to do that Vegeta...

Wave Jones' picks

  1. Vegeta goes back into his spirit form in Fusion Reborn.
  2. How Bardock died in The Father of Goku.
  3. Vegeta uses Final Explosion to defeat Majin Buu in Final Atonement.
  4. Krillin explodes from inside, in Transformed at Last.
  5. Goku remains on Dying Namek in Namek's Explosion... Goku's End?.
  6. Goku Sacrificed himself in Goku's Unusual Journey.
  7. Piccolo uses Risking it all for a friend in Nimbus Speed.
  8. Hopeless Z Fighters in Transformed at Last.
  9. Last scene of DBGT, which is Until We Meet Again.
  10. Cell is defeated at last in Save the World.

SuperYaridovich999's picks

  1. Piccolo's final goodbye to Gohan
  2. Piccolo sacrificing himself to save Gohan from an attack from Nappa
  3. Tein's full out power against Nappa before death
  4. Bardock's death
  5. Dodoria murdering the Village Elder and the child
  6. Guru's death
  7. Vegeta's sacrifice against Majin Buu
  8. Goku seeing Grandpa Gohan again
  9. Goku Jr trying to use the Dragon Ball to heal his grandmother
  10. Android 16's death at the hands of Cell

Honourable Notes: The people who were in the World Tournament being killed by Tambourine, Chiaotzu's sacrifice against Nappa, Bee being shot, Vegeta's death at the hands of Freiza, Goku's vision of Vegeta, Bardock and King Vegeta, the moment before Piccolo destroys the moon (Dramatically), Pan learns that Goku is trapped in Hell, Goku sending Cell to King Kai's planet, killing him (Goku), King Kai, Gregory and Bubbles, Cell kills Future Trunks


  1. Piccolo dies with Earth, to protect it from never having to use the Black Star Dragon Balls
  2. Krillin's defeat by Frieza(Second Form)
  3. Future Trunks finds Future Gohan's dead corpse.
  4. Future Gohan loses his arm.
  5. Android 18 breaks Vegeta's other arm(Especially in DBZ Kai, Vegeta screamed in alot of pain)
  6. Vegeta uses Final Explosion in an attempt to kill Majin Buu
  7. Yamcha killed by the Saibaman.
  8. Gohan suffering from battling Recoome
  9. Vegeta's Refusal to give up against Kid Buu
  10. Piccolo sacrifices himself to save Gohan

Honorable Mentions: Goku being crushed by Vegeta, Trunks about to kill Tapion, Tien's attempt to kill Nappa, and Android 16's death.

Ob9410's picks

  1. Goku meets Goten/Goten meets Goku
  2. Vegeta fights Cell to avenge Trunks
  3. Goku sacrifices himself to stop earth from being destroyed
  4. Goku jr goes ssj first time when a bear dies
  5. when Vegetas line in final explosion goodbye Trunks Bulma and even u Kakarot"
  6. when kid Buus defeated how Chi-Chi and Videll feel to see Gohan
  7. when Picollo goes and sacrifices himself to get rid of the black star dragon balls's picks

Gonna make me cry

  1. when android 16 head tells gohan to let it go, then cell smashes it and gohan goes insane, his face full of anger and in tears after going ssj2
  2. krillins death at the hands of frieza and Goku going ssj
  3. Goku healing the dying bird and going ssj after realizing everything will be destroyed
  4. krillin being killed by tambourine
  5. vegeta dying and telling Goku to avenge the saiyan race against frieza
  6. Bardock being swept up in friezas super nova and realizing Goku will be the one to defeat frieza
  7. bee and mr Satan killed then revived by buu then buu goes insane
  8. majin vegeta sacrifices himself for his family against buu
  9. Goku saves the little boy stuck on earth as it is about to explode and piccolo gives Goku his power to he can leave safely, gohan crying at piccolo staying
  10. krillin dying against android 17

Super Shmevan's picks

  1. The ending of Dragon Ball GT.
  2. Vegeta dieing after his fight with Frieza; with tears in his eyes, he tells Goku how Frieza tried to make Vegeta like him and he begs Goku to destroy Frieza.
  3. Piccolo sacrificing himself in order to save Gohan from Nappa's blast.
  4. Goku seeing Grandpa Gohan for the first time after his death, after they fight in the Fortuneteller Baba Saga.
  5. Goku sacrificing his life while Cell is about to self destruct and destroy the planet.
  6. Krillin's first death, at the hands of Tambourine, and Goku's reaction.
  7. Vegeta right before he plans to blow himself up in order to stop Majin Buu.
  8. Future Trunks' whole life, in particular when he finds Gohan dead.
  9. Chiaotzu self destructing in an attempt to destroy Nappa; and Tien Shinhan's subsequent anquish.
  10. When Piccolo decides to stay on Earth as it is exploding in Dragon Ball GT, in order to atone for his past sins.

Honorable Mentions: When Bee is shot by Van Zant and Buu's reaction, when Goten meets Goku for the first time, when Perfect Cell returns and kills Trunks which enrages Vegeta, when Krillin is so upset after Android 18 has been absorbed by Cell, Yamcha being killed by a Saibamen, & Krillin's death at the hands of Android 17 in GT.'s picks

The Picks of an Unnamed Fan Here we go. I'm just doing Dragon Ball Z, not Dragon Ball or GT.

  1. When Gohan watches as Goku teleports Cell to King Kai's planet to save the world.
  2. When Gohan sees Cell crush Android 16's already severed head, thus triggering his Super Saiyan 2 transformtion.
  3. When the group on the lookout finds out about Gohan and Vegeta being dead, namely Videl.
  4. When Vegeta dies for the second time, including the speech he gives to Majin Buu.
  5. When Vegeta dies for the first time, including the speech he gives to Goku as he cries.
  6. The finale, when Goku announces to everyone that will be training Uub, and doesn't know when he'll be back, namely the reaction of Gohan and Chichi, as well as Vegeta.
  7. Right after Kid Buu was defeated, when Goku and Vegeta talk, and Vegeta finally thinks of Goku as a friend.
  8. When Goku first transforms into a super saiyan, right after Krillin was killed by Frieza.
  9. When Majin Vegeta talks to Goku, prior to their fight, stating his purposes for letting Babidi take over his body.
  10. When Vegeta gives up fighting, right after Gohan obliterated Cell.

SSJ Bardock's picks

  1. Bardock talks to baby Kakarot after he dies, then his headband floats by.
  2. Bardock is killed by Frieza
  3. Majin Vegeta powers up and then explodes to kill Majin Buu
  4. Gohan goes super saiyan 2 against Cell
  5. Vegeta attacks Cell after Trunks is killed
  6. Tora talks to Bardock before dying/The fight afterwards
  7. Goku instant transmissions Cell to King Kai's Planet
  8. Future Gohan dies/Trunks finds him and becomes a super saiyan
  9. The Future Z Fighters die
  10. Vegeta's Final Flash against Cell

Alan-dbzgt's picks

  1. Dragon ball GT ending, made me cry the whole day and i got much stress aswell ;(
  2. Nova shenron gets bodyswapped by omega shenron and afterwards Nova shenron says i am so sorry goku. (that seriously made me share some tears)
  3. Nova shenron gets killed for the first time by syn shenron
  4. Piccolo dying with earth

Now after today finishing watching dragon ball gt fully i got so much stress and shared a huge amount of tears. There is also constantly playing a soundtrack in my head of dragon ball gt, i cant get it out of my head and it stress me so much to say goodbye to goku hercule (he was so funny) and all the others. thanks for reading this's picks

My top 5, sorry, couldn't come up with ten

  1. Goku sacrificing himself to teleport Cell to King Kai's World.
  2. Piccolo saving Gohan from Nappa
  3. Krillin being killed by Frieza
  4. When Future Trunks finds Future Gohan's body after his fight with the androids.
  5. Vegeta's Final Explosion.

Locksaus' picks

Only got a couple

  1. Goku getting reunited with his grandpa gohan!!
  2. Goku's speech to frieza
  3. Goku Turning ssj
  4. Gohan turning ssj2 because of android 16.
  5. Goku finding out that he killed his grandpa gohan.
  6. Vegeta blowing himself up to destroy buu

1st Naruto Fan's picks

  1. Vegeta sacrifices himself to destroy Majin Buu (or so he thought).
  2. Gohan uses his rage to ascend to Super Saiyan 2 against Cell.
  3. Frieza kills Krillin and triggers Goku's transformation into a Super Saiyan.
  4. Vegeta pours himself out to Goku telling him to avenge the Saiyan race.
  5. Piccolo dies in the explosion of Earth at the end of the Baby Saga.
  6. Piccolo sacrifices himself to protect Gohan against Nappa.
  7. Gohan is killed and triggers Trunks's Super Saiyan transformation.
  8. The end of Dragonball GT.
  9. Vegeta's flashback while Goku faces Kid Buu.
  10. Goku tells Chi-Chi that he is alive again after Kid Buu is finished.

Jonesaaay's picks

  1. Goku turns Super Saiyan for the first time.
  2. Android 16 dies and pushes Gohan to Super Saiyan 2.
  3. The ending episode of Dragonball GT.
  4. Goku and Gohan's Father-Son Kamehameha.
  5. Vegeta blows himself up to destroy Majin Buu.
  6. Goku, Gohan and Goten's Family Kamehameha to defeat Broly.
  7. Vegeta cries for the first time and explains why he is the way he is.
  8. Vegeta goes apesh*t after Future Trunks is killed.
  9. Vegeta acknowledges that Goku will always be better than him.
  10. Tien dies after pushing himself to the max against Nappa.


in no order

  1. piccolo sacraficing himself for gohan against nappa
  2. when vegeta begged goku to defet frieza that a very emotional moment
  3. vegeta hugging trunks for the first time 
  4. when vegeta used final explosion
  5. goku's second death 
  6. goten meeting goku for the first time 
  7. yamcha's death to the saibaman 
  8. the end of gt just knowing that it was the end the db series
  9. when gohan crumbled after goku's second death 
  10. krillin's second death

DBZpiccoloFAN1's picks

  1. piccolo sacrificing himself for gohan
  2. vegeta final explosion
  3. gokus death (cell saga)
  4. piccolos death in GT
  5. end of GT
  6. goku relizing he made a mistake sending gohan in (cell saga)
  7. buus human extinction attack
  8. gohans first ssj trasnformation
  9. tien dies trying to defeat nappa
  10. bardock dying

Supersaiyan ._.'s picks

  1. When Goku dies in the cell saga
  2. After cell destroyed 16
  3. Vegeta's death by frieza
  4. when goku tells goten and trunks that Gohan and Vegeta died
  5. After goku left with shenron
  6. krillin's death by frieza
  7. Gohan crying after piccolo dies with earth
  8. When videl was getting up spovuchi
  9. after android 8 dies in path to power
  10. Future gohan's death

SupaBoySwagg's picks

  1. GT's Ending (I cried like the rest of you)
  2. 16's head is crushed by Cell and Gohan turns into Super Saiyan 2
  3. Goku sacrifices his life to destroy Cell (Witnessing Krillin and Gohan crying)
  4. Future Trunks finds Future Gohan's dead body (Cries and turns into a Super Saiyan)
  5. Goku tells everyone he doesn't want to be revived in the Cell Saga.
  6. Goku goes Super Saiyan for the first time after Krillin dies.
  7. Piccolo dies in GT and says farewell to Gohan
  8. Vegeta's Final Explosion (Bulma.. Trunks.. And yes, even you Kakarot..)
  9. Vegeta cries for the first time and dies.
  10. When Krillin dies to Tambourine

Wes Falcon's picks

In no particular order, btw.

  1. Dabura getting left behind in Other World. He's CLEARLY changed and become a good guy, and he's almost instantly forgotten about. Tear jerker for me.
  2. Piccolo staying on earth after Goku saves the kid. Yeah, Piccolo is awesome and when he died with the earth it was like a part of Dragonball died too.
  3. Cell crushing #16's head. The thing about this is that #16 is one of the few characters than can NEVER come back. Toryiama did it good, there.
  4. Goku saying goodbye to Gohan on the Kai's planet. 'Go be a hero' was amazng.
  5. Future Gohan dying, come on, Trunks had more than enough, then Gohan dies.
  6. Mr. Satan getting shot. This just got me, when Van Zant shot Hercule, the whole scenario looks and feels frantic. Good stuff,  thought.
  7. GOKU GOING SSJ3, this was more of an uplifting emotional event, but i thought it was powerful.
  8. Broly going Legendary in the first Broly movie. Everyone just stares, powerless as they see and feel his powerlevel skyrocket.
  9. Semi-Perfect Cell transforming into Perfect Cell. All their plans had failed, and not even ASSJ Future Trunks could stop the transformation, Vegeta looking on arrogantly.
  10. Krillin dies, Goku goes SSJ!! This saw cliche, yet was pulled off well.

SuperGodGokurot's picks

  1. Namek explosion! Goku's End!!!??
  2. Goku Tries to escape in Frieza's Spaceship!
  3. Goku leaves with Uub for training.
  4. Goku says goodbye in the end of Z.
  5. After Namek explosion, everyone thinks Goku is dead.
  6. Goku vs. Uub.
  7. Frieza attempts to choke Goku, strangling him underwater.
  8. Vegeta tries to fight Babidi's mind control but gives in after a while.
  9. Tapion and his talks with Kid Trunks. Also, Tapion giving his sword to Trunks.
  10. Guru fading in front of all his Namekian family.

Honorable Mention: We find out Goku had escaped Namek using a space pod, Goku is nice to Uub after their match.

OriginalNerdling's picks

No specific order really....

  1. Goku meets Goten for the first time.
  2. Goku sacrifices himself at the Cell Games.
  3. Goku's proposal to ChiChi.
  4. Future Gohan's death.
  5. When Upa has to bury his father.
  6. When Dabura gets left behind in Other World...
  7. When Trunks dies and Vegeeta goes crazy!
  8. When Spopovich is beating up Videl and Gohan starts to lose it!
  9. When Piccolo stays behind and is killed along with Earth.
  10. The very first time that Krillin dies in the King Piccolo Saga

legendary Yosho's picks

  1. The scene at the end of fusion reborn when goku says goodbye to vegeta that really touched me.
  2. piccolo,s death in gt even though it isn't canon When Gohan says piccolo d dont leave us. 
  3. Piccolo's flashback of gohan as he dies against nappa remember gohan is sleeping and piccolo rubs his head and promises he will always protect him. 
  4. vegeta's first death. 
  5. Vegeta's  sacrafice agianst that fool majin Buu. 
  6. All of Goku and Frieza's fight beggening to end every moment it was so intense and seeing Frieza suffer like that was awsome god damn monster!
  7. when Yamcha saved Bulma one last time in yo son Goku and his friends return i think that was one of his best moments ever.
  8. Piccolo's speach to Vegeta after Vegeta's sacrafice fucking beautiful.
  9. The scene between goku and Vegeta after kid Buu is beaten looks like we make a pretty good team after all both thumbs up eatch other.
  10. Roshi's farewell to Goku at the end of GT.

VegetoSS3's picks

  1. The ending of DragonBall GT.
  2. Majin Vegeta sacrifices himself to destroy Majin Buu.
  3. Vegeta sheds tears before his death at the hands of Frieza.
  4. Goku sacrifices himself to stop Cell.
  5. Goku returns from the Other World.
  6. Goku returns to the Other World.
  7. Android 16 is killed before Gohan's eyes.
  8. Future Gohan is killed.
  9. Krillin is killed before Goku's eyes.
  10. Piccolo sacrifices himself to save Gohan. 

JadeDBZ's picks

  1. Goku told everyone Vegeta & Gohan was dead ( even tho Gohan really wasnt ) Bulma & Videl made me cry
  2. Goku had to return to the other world ( i cried ) Chi-chi & Goten made me cry then
  3. Vegeta sacrified himself to destroy Buu
  4. Goten met Goku for the first time i was very emotional lol
  5. Goku sacrifice when Cell blew them up ( what Goku says to Gohan makes me cry )
  6. When the earth blew up and Gohan,Trunks,Goten & Piccolo died how Goku was upset made me sad for him
  7. everyone got wished back to life after the earth was blown up ,Krillen & 18 made me cry too sweet lol
  8. Goku,Vegeta,Mr.Satan & Dende return to earth after beating Buu ( what Goku says to Chi-chi is so sweet )
  9. If movies count when Gohan died in history of Trunks
  10. Finally! When DBZ ended and Goku left , it was so sad and they played the sad music & showed pics of everyone having a good time :)

SSGotenZ's picks

  1. Goten hugs his father when Goku leaves back to Other World.
  2. Chiaotzu's death scenes in DB and DBZ.
  3. Roshi dies in DB.
  4. Goku tells his friends not to bring him back to life after dying against Cell.
  5. An image of Goku is seen after the Cell Games is over.
  6. Goku tells Gohan to take care of everything when he is gone after dying against Cell.
  7. Goku tries to train Goten and Trunks.
  8. Goten meets Goku for the first time.
  9. Goten after Goku leaves for Other World.
  10. The Planet Namek explodes and everyone thinks Goku is dead.

Honorable Mentions: Z Fighters help to take down Cell, Every time Goku and Goten interact

Vegito2173's picks

  1. Future Trunks finding Futrue Gohan face down in a puddle.
  2. Vegeta's first death
  3. Piccolo's death in GT
  4. Piccolo dies to save Gohan
  5. Bee gets shot
  6. Vegeta death vs Majin Buu
  7. Videl getting crushed by Spopovich
  8. Cell kills Trunks
  9. Goku dies vs Cell
  10. Goku goes Super Saiyan

ShonenPop's picks

  1. dende's family is killed along with cargo and muri and gohan and krillin can do nothing but watch.
  2. tora is killed and bardock wears the bloody headband.
  3. bardock is destroyed along with planet vegeta. bardock sees flashes of goku when he is older.
  4. tien goes all out and dies in the fight against nappa.
  5. yamcha is killed by saibamen explosion.
  6. goku dies to help take down raditz.
  7. chiaotzu, master roshi, and even shenron are destroyed by king piccolo.
  8. namek explodes and goku is seen screaming. he appears to die with the planet.
  9. goku asks not to be brought back to life.

NashKillmaster's picks

  1. Vegeta's deaths
  2. Piccolo's first death
  3. Goku's sacrifice while Cell tries to blow up Earth
  4. Goku returning to the Other World when his 24 hours on Earth are up
  5. Goku's first Super Saiyan transformation
  6. Gohan's Super Saiyan 2 transformation
  7. Goku discovering Krillin's body in Dragon Ball
  8. When everyone thought Roshi killed Goku in the World Tournament
  9. Future Trunks discovering Future Gohan's body after the Androids killed him
  10. Tien's death

Honorable mentions: Cell crushing Android 16's head, Vegeta knocking out Trunks and Goten, Chiaotzu's sacrifice, and Spovovitch kicking Videl out of the ring after nearly killing her

10X Kamehameha's picks

  1. Piccolo sacrifices himself to save Gohan
  2. Majin Vegeta self-destructs
  3. Majin Vegeta kills the crowd in the World Tournament
  4. Namek is destroyed and everyone thinks Goku is dead
  5. Gohan tells Videl he likes girls with short hair (sort of)
  6. 16's head gets stomped by Cell
  7. 18 kisses Krillin on the cheek
  8. Videl gets beat up by Spopovich
  9. Chiaotzu self-destructs
  10. Vegeta is not killed by Goku's spirit bomb

Shakuran13's picks

  1. The ending scene that recaps the entirety of the series at the end of GT.
  2. Piccolo dies with the planet Earth in GT.
  3. Vegeta cries as he tells Goku his story.
  4. Majin Vegeta kills himself to kill Buu...and fails.
  5. Krillin's death at Frieza's hands.
  6. 16's head is stomped on by Cell.
  7. Piccolo dies to protect Gohan.
  8. Chiaotzu self-destructs...and fails to do any damage.
  9. The end of the Dragon Ball manga, with Goku and Uub flying off.
  10. Goku teleports Cell away from the Earth, dying away from it.

Ultimate Dark Carnage's picks

  1. Piccolo dying to save Gohan
  2. Piccolo dies with earth
  3. Vegeta sacrifices himself against Buu
  4. Goku gets a heart virus
  5. Vegeta dies
  6. Frieza kills Krillin
  7. Nappa kills Tien
  8. Goku sacrifices himself against Cell
  9. Frieza kills Bardock
  10. Cell stomps on 16's head

Sarabada's picks

  1. Piccolo sacrifices himself to save Gohan.
  2. Piccolo dies with earth in GT.
  3. Vegeta sacrifices himself against Buu in order to stop him.
  4. Chiaotzu's sacrifice to stop Nappa.
  5. Tien remembers his memories with Chiaotzu after he sacrificed himself.
  6. Goku sacrifices himself to save the world from Cell's self-explosion.
  7. Vegeta's crying when pierced by Frieza.
  8. Goku finding Krillin's body (after being killed by Tambourine).
  9. Tien and Goku shaking hands after the final match (at the end of the Tien Shinhan Saga).
  10. GT's ending.

WaffleGuy26's picks

  1. piccolo sacrifices himself to save gohan
  2. piccolo dies with earth
  3. vegeta sacrifices himself against buu
  4. chiaotzu dies against nappa
  5. tien dies against nappa
  6. android 16 dies against cell
  7. frieza pops krillin
  8. frieza kills vegeta
  9. zarbon and dodoria butcher nameks
  10. yamcha dies against saibamen

SaiyaJinElite8's picks

  1. Bardock's destruction along with millions of soldiers.
  2. Frieza has the Nameks killed.
  3. The Namek exposion and Goku is assumed dead.
  4. Vegeta becomes Super Saiyan and says that he's prince of all Saiyans once again.
  5. Frieza holds Goku underwater and almost drowns him.
  6. Bardock's crew is killed.
  7. Tapion's emotional connection with Kid Trunks.
  8. Goku proposes to Chi-Chi.
  9. Master Roshi dies against King Piccolo.
  10. Android 16 is killed by Cell and triggers Gohan's rage.

DinkyPotato's picks

  1. Master Roshi fails to seal up King Piccolo and dies
  2. Piccolo sacrifices himself to save Gohan
  3. Vegeta dies on Namek and tells his anecdote about his abuse from Frieza
  4. Vegeta sacrifices himself against Buu
  5. Tien pleads forgiveness from previous fighter he had broken physically
  6. Goku finds Krillin's dead body after Krillin was murdered by Tambourine 
  7. Moori watches his Namek family and friends die from the hands of Dodoria 
  8. Tien sacrifices himself after Chiaotzu's death 
  9. Bee is shot by Van Zant
  10. Upa is reunited with his father, Bora

Ibbe Posey's picks

  1. Piccolo sacrificing himself to save Gohan
  2. Vegeta sacrifices himself against Buu
  3. Trunks dies in Cell games.
  4. 16 gets stomped on.
  5. Bardock's defense of Planet Vegeta.
  6. Future Trunks finds Future Gohan dead
  7. Goten meets Goku.
  8. Vegeta's speech while dying from Frieza
  9. Goku Leaves with Shenron
  10. Goku sacrificing himself in Cell games saga

Blazeine's picks

  1. Krillin is killed by Frieza
  2. Bardock dies from Supernova
  3. Vegeta is killed/speaks to Goku's consciousness (Frieza)
  4. Vegeta uses the Final Atonement/dies
  5. Goku uses Instant Transmission and is killed by Cell's explosion
  6. Android 8 dies
  7. Android 16 is killed by Cell
  8. Goku finishes Kid Buu with the Spirit Bomb
  9. Goku meets Goten for the first time
  10. Goku recovers from the Heart Disease/hugs Chi-Chi

Honorable Mentions: Goku leaves wih Shenron, Bulma finds out Yamcha died (Kai), Goku and Vegeta become Super Gogeta, Krillin is killed by Tambourine, Goku and Chi-Chi marry

MegaBossMan's picks

  1. Piccolo's sacrifice(Nappa): Dodge. Just dodge it.
  2. Piccolo's sacrifice(GT): Only good part of GT.
  3. Vegeta's Final Explosion: This one is for Bulma, Trunks, and yes....Even you, Kakkorot.
  4. Vegeta admits his weakness: When Vegeta admits Goku is better.
  5. Nail gets owned: Poor Nail. You screwed up.
  6. Dodoria kills the kids: Child abuse is not good.
  7. Gohan getting owned by Cell: Come on Cell! Stop hitting Gohan!

Gogeta Jr's picks

  1. Piccolo sacrifices himself to save Gohan
  2. Piccolo dies with Earth
  3. Vegeta sacrifices himself against Buu
  4. Chiaotzu dies against Nappa
  5. Tien dies against Nappa
  6. Yamcha dies against the Saibamen
  7. Android 16 gets killed
  8. Vegeta admits that Goku is stronger
  9. Vegeta is executed by Frieza
  10. Krillin and Gohan watch as Zarbon and Dodoria kill the Nameks and threaten the kids

TenShinHanCrane's picks

  1. Tien dies from exhaustion against Nappa.
  2. Chiaotzu dies from self-sacrifice against Nappa.
  3. Yamcha dies from Saibaman explosion.
  4. Namekians are destroyed by Frieza's crew.
  5. Bardock's team is executed.
  6. Goku and Raditz killed together.
  7. Shenron destroyed by King Piccolo. This was very surprising.
  8. Goku is thought to be dead when Namek explodes.
  9. Vegeta is a Super Saiyan!
  10. Guru fades for the last time.

Shadycat's picks

  1. Piccolo saves Gohan and sacrifices himself against Nappa
  2. Piccolo dies with Earth
  3. Vegeta sacrifices himself to stop Buu
  4. Yamcha dies with a Saibaman
  5. Chiaotzu dies against Nappa
  6. Tien dies after using up all his energy against Nappa
  7. Zarbon and Dodoria butcher the Nameks as Gohan and Krillin watch
  8. Vegeta is killed by Frieza
  9. Krillin is killed by Frieza
  10. Master Roshi dies against King Piccolo

Jim Logan's picks

  1. Piccolo sacrifices himself to save Gohan against Nappa
  2. Piccolo dies with Earth saying goodbye to Gohan
  3. Vegeta sacrifices himself against Buu
  4. Vegeta dies against Frieza
  5. Chiaotzu dies against Nappa
  6. Tien dies against Nappa
  7. Yamcha dies against Saibamen
  8. Goten meets Goku for the first time.
  9. Goku sacrifices himself during the Cell Games
  10. Kid Goku meets Grandpa Gohan

HypercaneTeen's picks

  1. piccolo sacrifices himself to save gohan
  2. piccolo perishes with the earth
  3. vegeta sacrifices himself against majin buu  
  4. chiaotzu dies against nappa
  5. tien dies after using all his energy against nappa
  6. yamcha dies against the saibamen
  7. krillin is killed by frieza
  8. zarbon and dodoria butcher the nameks as krillin and gohan watch
  9. frieza kills vegeta
  10. master roshi dies against king piccolo

SSJ3Vegeto's picks

  1. Future Trunks finds Gohan's dead body and transforms. THE saddest moment in Dragon Ball anything, Trunks literally has no one left but his mom and Gohan, his bestfriend/mentor, who he now finds dead on the floor. Even his father who he never met, is dead. No dragon balls either, probably the most depressing/darkest DB story you'll ever watch.
  2. Piccolo sacrificing himself for Gohan. Loved the setup for this, Goku's greatest rival, sacrifices his own life, for his own son. Also loved the way Piccolo admits he grew fond of Gohan, and that Gohan was the only person who ever really talked to Piccolo, and especially love Gohan's outburst and he even used Piccolo's move to attack. Almost tied for first.

TheKingVinicius' picks

Here goes my choices

  1. In DB, Master Korin tells Goku that King Piccolo managed to kill Master Roshi, then he has flashbacks of his moments with Turtle Hermit. (I've seen thousands times, it always makes me cry).
  2. Piccolo dies in order to save Gohan's life, then tells him that nobody had ever treated him like friend, except for Gohan,
  3. Goku refuses to have dinner while Krillin is out, then he senses Krillin's distress, rushes to the scene only to find out that Krillin is dead.
  4. Goku meets again his Grandpa Gohan, after fighting him at Baba's Palace
  5. Goku meets Goten
  6. Thumbs up scene between Goku and Vegeta after they beat Kid Buu
  7. The last episode of GT
  8. Vegeta sacrifices himself in an attempt to defeat Majin Buu, knowing that he wouldn't meet Goku in the other world because of his prior crimes
  9. Fusion Reborn movie, when Goku says goodbye to Vegeta as his body fades
  10. Piccolo's death in GT, willing to share the same fate as Earth, then he says goodbye to Gohan

SuperSaiyaXIV's picks

  1. Piccolo sacrifices himself for Gohan
  2. Piccolo dies with earth
  3. Android 16 crushed by Cell in front of Gohan
  4. Bardock and planet Vegeta destroyed by Frieza
  5. Dodoria and Zarbon kill the Nameks in front of Gohan and Krillin
  6. Vegeta admits Goku is better in the Buu Saga
  7. Goku meets with Grandpa Gohan in Baba's tournament
  8. Goku Jr. given advice by Goku after trying to use one Dragon Ball
  9. Vegeta shocked by Broly's power and Piccolo tries to snap sense into him
  10. Chiaotzu sacrifices himself against Nappa

SaiyanGhost8's picks

  1. Piccolo self-sacrifice scene against Nappa
  2. Piccolo death with planet earth
  3. Chiaotzu killed against Nappa
  4. Tien killed against Nappa
  5. Yamcha killed against Saibamen
  6. Bardock finds his dead friend Tora
  7. Bardock is killed by Freeza
  8. Zarbon, Dodoria, and Freeza execute the Namekians
  9. Android 16 killed in front of Gohan
  10. Bee and Hercule shot by Van Zant

PowerBlastNamek's picks

  1. Piccolo dies against Nappa
  2. Kami dies when Piccolo dies
  3. Piccolo dies again with Earth
  4. Piccolo and Kami fuse
  5. King Piccolo dies against Goku
  6. Namekians killed by Zarbon and Dodoria
  7. Guru dies with Piccolo and the Nameks watching
  8. Piccolo fuses with Nail
  9. Dende is killed by Frieza
  10. Nail gets beaten by Frieza


  1. Goku sacrifices himself when Cell was about to self destruct.
  2. Future Trunks turns super saiyan because he found Future Gohan's dead body in the rain
  3. Gohan and the spirit of his dad helping him destroy Cell so peace may be restored.
  4. Vegeta makes an emotional speech and sacrifices himself for his friends and family
  5. All of Goku's friends try to help out Gohan by blasting cell with their own signiture technique's knowing it might not do anything but get back up again and keep trying  
  6. Gohan protects Vegeta from an energy wave and gets his arm broken
  7. In Dragon Ball Goku finds his BEST FRIEND dead on the ground.
  8. Krillin, Chiaotzo, and Master Roshi are killed and then put in a container tomb looking thing during the king piccolo saga.
  9. Android 16 gets blown to bits
  10. Andriod 16's head is crushed

sorry not in order i couldn't decide and had to go back and fix things

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