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Forum Top Ten Most Brutal Moments

Note: This forum is now closed for additional submissions. If anyone wants to add a submission and haven't done so already, please contact PrinceZarbon. - Zarbon by raykugen-d2ygchz' PrinceZarbon talk contribZarbon ava3 02:28, September 28, 2014 (UTC)

Top Ten Most Brutal Moments

Note: Make your top ten list and put it here the same way. Make sure it's a top ten list and only list ten, no more. (The rest go under honorable mentions) Lets see how many people's opinions are similar. Have fun!

Note: Only canonical material; manga, anime, movies are fine. No jokes and internet comedies (abridged, etc.) Only the official material counts. - Zarbon by raykugen-d2ygchz PrinceZarbon talk contribZarbon ava3 06:30, 26 May 2009 (UTC)

PrinceZarbon's picks

These are my picks for the top ten most brutal moments:

  1. Zarbon batters Vegeta in a relentless headbutt combo.
  2. Zarbon's death, Vegeta rams his fist clean through his stomach and delivers a backbone-cracking spine-breaker that sends him to a watery grave.
  3. Guldo's death, Vegeta decapitates him and explodes his face ruthlessly.
  4. Nappa's death, Vegeta tosses him into midair and slaughters him mercilessly.
  5. Jeice's death, Vegeta cracks his ribs, he chokes, but Vegeta ruthlessly blasts him in his face.
  6. Burter and Recoome's deaths, Vegeta breaks Burter's neck and blasts Recoome in the backside, eliminating both.
  7. Frieza is cut down into pieces by Trunks and blasted into oblivion in midair.
  8. Android 19 gets his hands ripped off and his head blasted off by Vegeta.
  9. Dodoria tackles elder Muuri and cracks his neck, Zarbon slam kicks another elder's neck, sending him to his death, and butchers another namek by blasting him from midair. Dodoria eliminates three more Namekians by butchering them with a headbutt, an arm through the back, and a mouth blast.
  10. Dr. Gero is decapitated and crushed by Android 17.

Honorable Mentions: Vegeta eliminates Pui Pui after a relentless combo, Dodoria is eliminated by Vegeta in midair, Cui is eliminated by Vegeta by getting his brains popped out, Raditz gets hit by Piccolo's special beam cannon and spits blood before dying, Nappa breaks off Tien's arm, Frieza rips off Nail's arm, Goku eliminates Drum by one kick making his eyes pop out, Yajirobe slices Cymbal in half, Mercenary Tao executes General Blue with his tongue through his brain, Frieza executes Dende, Dodoria executes Cargo, Nappa executes an entire military and navy division, Recoome breaks Gohan's neck, Recoome busts Krillin with one kick, Recoome piledrives Vegeta, Dr. Gero impales Yamcha with his arm, Android 19 keeps pounding Goku and choking him.

Silver Sinspawn's picks

  1. 13's Crotch Punch on Goku
  2. Nappa Slices of Tiens Arm
  3. Guldo's Death
  4. Gero Impales Yamcha
  5. Tambourine kills Giran
  6. Vegeta Rips 19's Arms off and blows off his head
  7. Piccolo's Death (By nappa)
  8. Frieza loses his Legs and Arm
  9. Trunks Kills frieza
  10. Tao Kills Blue

Dragonballgirl1's picks

  1. In Dragon Ball GT, when Omega Shenron stabs Vegeta in the shoulder with his spike and uses Dragon Thunder (he was stabbed, plus electrocuted).
  2. In Dragon Ball, when evil Piccolo shoots Goku in the shoulder with a beam from his mouth. Afterwards, he repeatedly stomps on Goku's wound.
  3. When Frieza stabs Krillin in the chest with his horn in his second transformation, then swings him around, torturing him.
  4. When Krillin getting blown up by Frieza.
  5. When Piccolo protects Gohan while getting hit by Nappa's blast.
  6. When Goku and Raditz being hit by Piccolo's Special Beam Cannon.
  7. When Goku obliterates Kid Buu with his Super Spirit Bomb.
  8. When Gohan obliterates Cell by performing Father-Son Kamehameha.
  9. When Vegeta sacrafices himself to kill Majin Buu.
  10. All the things that happens in Goku's nightmare in Nightmare Comes True (which is scary).

Kooshmeister's picks

My picks are based on a variety of factors, including emotional impact, and I'm going to pick some unusual ones.

  1. Vegeta punching into Zarbon's stomach and then blowing a huge hole out his back. Arguably Vegeta's most brutal killing, considering Zarbon was already mortally wounded at this point and also begging his life.
  2. Dodoria punching through the torso of the cape-wearing Namek. This in and of itself isn't too bad, but it's so sudden, and the way the guy stands there for a minute after Dodoria pulls his arm out, before finally collapsing, is just creepy.
  3. Dodoria killing Cargo with a mouth-blast. This is one of the series' most brutal moments, at least in terms of sheer evilness. Who shoots a little kid in the back while they're running away?
  4. Dodoria snapping Moori's neck--actually, y'know what? Anything Dodoria does.
  5. Bardock flipping the green henchman over so that the horned henchman punches into his back, causing him to vomit blood.
  6. Goku plowing through Misokatsun and bursting him like a balloon. I know the guy's an android, but still. Granted because Misokatsun flies around crazily making "blub-blub-blub-blub" noises it's more funny than anything else, but this doesn't change the fact Goku punched a hole through an opponent using his whole body.
  7. Dr. Kochin getting electrocuted and his skin and clothes burning off revealing he's an android. Ouch. The guy was already falling to his death. This was just overkill. Also in the Funimation redub, his line which his speech synthesizer is malfunctioning ("Doc--tor Whee--lo. Doc-tor--") is changed to a pitiful, "Doc--tor Whee--lo, help meeeeeee!"
  8. Van Zant shooting Bee and later Mr. Satan.
  9. Buu liquefying himself, shooting down Smitty's throat, and causing him to expanded and eventually burst.
  10. Vegeta killing the one henchman who tries jumping him from behind in Frieza's ship. You know the one. Vegeta just snaps his fist back and hits him in the face? The fact all we see is the shattered faceplate of the henchman's helmet is pretty telling; he just plain caved that guy's face in with that hit.

Ghostkaiba297's picks

  1. Super Buu turning into liquid and forcing Smitty to drink him making him explode.
  2. Vegeta slamming his fist into Zarbon's stomach and blasting him into the lake to his death.
  3. Vegeta shattering Jeice's ribs with a kidney shot and destroying him with an energy blast to the face point blank
  4. Recoome breaking Gohan's neck.
  5. If we're counting movies here... when Bojack is crushing Gohan and Gohan coughs up blood.
  6. Broly pounding Goku near the end of the first Broly movie.
  7. Trunks shooting an energy blast through King Cold's kidney, sending him crashing into a rock, and then killing him with an energy wave.
  8. Vegeta stomping on Burter's neck while he is unconscious.
  9. Dende setting Hercule down causing him to fall on a rock (in the episode Meet Vegito)
  10. Goku's ribs being broken by Raditz before Piccolo kills them with a Special Beam Cannon (and on that note, why didn't Goku just grab Raditz's tail again?)

MajinObaDBZ's picks

  1. Kid Buu blasting Vegeta clean in the face.
  2. Broly jumping on Goku's stomach.
  3. Cell snaping Piccolo's neck and then blasting him clean in the stomach.
  4. Super Buu going into Smitty's mouth and exploding him from inside.
  5. Majin buu decapitating Babidi.
  6. Broly smaches Vegeta's head against a huge rock, making a HUGE crater.
  7. Android 13 punching Goku's groin
  8. Android 18 kicks Vegeta's left arm
  9. Omega Shenron stabs and electrifies Vegeta
  10. Android 13 breaking Vegeta's back

luffymonkey's picks

  1. goku punches jeice
  2. goku dragon fists omega shenron
  3. cell is killed by gohan
  4. vegeta kills zarbon
  5. piccolo is shot by frieza's crazy finger beam
  6. kid buu is killed by super spirit bomb
  7. vegeta's arm is broken by android 18
  8. vegeta's back is broken by android 13
  9. vegeta is stabbed by omega shenron
  10. krillin is gored by frieza's horns
  11. Broly stomping goku in the abdomen over and over again in broly the legendary super saiyan

Bjkdie's picks

  1. Piccolo ripping off his own arm at the 23rd Tenkiachi Budokai.
  2. Tien breaking Yamcha's leg at the 22nd Tenkiachi Budokai.
  3. Frieza being cut in half by his own attack.
  4. Goku going through Demon King Piccolo.
  5. Super Saiyan 2 Gohan's attack on the Cell Jr's.
  6. Captain Ginyu impaling his own chest.
  7. Super Android hitting Goku in the groin.
  8. Super Saiyan Goku and Super Saiyan Vegeta's attack on Meta Cooler.
  9. Cell Jr. breaking Yamcha's arm.
  10. Oozaru Gohan falling on top of Vegeta.

Honorable Mentions: Vegeta blasting a hole through Zarbon, Super Saiyan 3 Goku killing Hirudegarn with the Dragon Fist, Dr. Gero killing innocent bystanders, Goku killing Super Android 17 with the Dragon Fist and the Kamehameha, and finally Frieza torturing Vegeta.

Bardock12's picks

  1. Frieza does that attack and kill Bardock and the whole sayian race

SSJ2AJB's picks

  1. Gohan kills the Super Perfect Cell with the Father-Son Kamehameha.
  2. Future Gohan loses his life against the Androids and Future Trunks transforms into a Super Saiyan in response to his mentor's death.
  3. Gohan's assault on Frieza in his second form after torturing Krillin.
  4. SSJ2 Goku and Majin Vegeta's fight in the Buu Saga.
  5. Super Android 13 punches Super Saiyan Goku in the groin.
  6. Goku's nightmare in the episode Nightmares Come True.
  7. Piccolo sacrifices his life to save Gohan against Nappa's attack.
  8. Frieza loses his arm and legs thanks to his Homing Destructo Disk technique.
  9. Goku and Frieza's fight on the exploding Planet Namek.
  10. Goku kills King Piccolo with Penetrate!.

Android19ftw's picks

  1. Frieza juggling Krillin with his horns
  2. Dr gero Impaling Yamcha on his fist
  3. Picollo killing raditz and Goku
  4. Saiyans stabbing baby Broly
  5. Frieza killing Bardock
  6. Whenever King Kai makes a joke....urrrgh
  7. Slicing off Tiens arm
  8. Father son Kamehameha
  9. Goku Penetrating King Piccolo
  10. The whole Garlic Junior saga (not brutal to characters just brutal to viewers)

LightSpeedBlast's picks

(no order)

  1. Goku and Raditz getting kill'd together by a Special Beam Cannon (brotherly own'd)
  2. Goku getting blast'd in the chest by a Mouth Cannon from Piccolo (didn't see that coming)
  3. Goku getting tortur'd by Janemba (Janemba's... ah, best villain)
  4. Yamcha getting impal'd in the chest by Dr. Gero (holy effz)
  5. Nappa breaking off Tien's hand (BREAKABLE)
  6. Super Buu liquefying himself into Smitty's mouth and exploding... INSIDE (how does THAT taste?)
  7. Vegeta unleashing The Final Galick Gun into Zarbon's stomach (ugly bastard saw it coming)
  8. Reecome breaking Gohan's neck (gee man, cold...)
  9. Goku using The Fist Of Oozaru on King Piccolo (that's gotta hurt)
  10. Future Trunks taking a Death Beam to the chest from Super Perfect Cell (COLD)

Darthsupernamek's picks

  1. Piccolo is bombarded by Freeza's Crazy Finger Beams (Piccolo really didn't deserve that much sadism)
  2. Vegeta wipes out a Namekian village.
  3. Piccolo is killed by Nappa's Bomber DX.
  4. Freeza slaughters three Namekians.
  5. Krillin is gored by Freeza.
  6. Nappa vaporizes East City with his Explosive Wave.
  7. Turles beats up Piccolo and Goku.
  8. Freeza rips off Nail's arm (but it's regenerated)
  9. Nappa obliterates a force of naval ships and aircraft.
  10. Piccolo is blasted (but not killed) by Imperfect Cell.

LSSJTrunks picks

  1. Zarbon and dodoria butcher the namekians while gohan,krillen,and dende wtach
  2. Vegeta Kills all of Frieeza's henchman but ginyu
  3. Chouzu blows himslf to bits
  4. Goku butchers red ribbon army
  5. Cell steps on 16's head
  6. Ape Vegeta trotures Goku
  7. Bardock killed by frieza
  8. Shenron stabs Vegeta with dragon thunder
  9. Android 17 steps and splatters Dr gero's head
  10. Krillen killed by Frieza

JayFlesh7891's picks

  1. Omega Shenron skewers Vegeta through the shoulder then electrocutes him
  2. Nappa elbows Piccolo in the head
  3. Vegeta gets hit with the spirit bomb!
  4. Turles getting hit with the spirit bomb being destroyed with the Tree of Might
  5. Kid Goku going through King Piccolo's body
  6. Goku elbows Recoome in the gut!
  7. Goku's "saving" Punch against Broly!
  8. General Toa kills General Blue
  9. Vegeta and Goku charging through Meta Cooler
  10. Goku blasting Oozaru Vegeta in the eye!

Vegeta83's picks

  1. When Goku used the Instantaneous Movement then the Kamehameha on Cell.
  2. When Majin Vegeta killed the spectators at the Tournament.
  3. When Piccolo used his Special Beam Cannon, killing Raditz and Goku.
  4. When Frieza killed Krillin.
  5. When Goku took a bite on Frieza's tail!
  6. When Trunks sliced Frieza in to tiny pieces and then blasted him.
  7. When #18 broke Vegeta's arm.
  8. When Omega Shenron pierced Vegeta with his horns then electrocuted him.
  9. When Goku got punched in the groin by Super Android 13.
  10. When Oozaru Vegeta crushed Goku's legs.'s picks

  1. Frieza watches his Elite Force(Ginyu force) Do their poses
  2. Yamcha gets his energy absorbed by Gero, then a hand put through his heart?
  3. Tien breaks Yamcha's leg after beating him in the tournement
  4. Frieza rips off Nails arm
  5. Frieza's Combo against Vegeta before finishing him with a Death Beam
  6. Omega Shenron uses Dragon Thunder On Vegeta
  7. SSJ 2 Gohan overwhelms Cells Kamehameha(not father-son Kamehameha)
  8. Piccolo Blast a hole through Goku's chest and stopms it
  9. Frieza's cut in pieces by his own Kienzan disk
  10. Broly is Blasted into the Sun by the Family Kamehameha

Fred Solo's picks

  1. Frieza rips Nail's arm off.
  2. Dr. Gero impales Yamcha with his hand.
  3. Cell absorbs that guy who tries to give money to Piccolo.(This one is more creepy than brutal)
  4. Super Buu liquefies himself into the gunman's mouth and makes him explode.
  5. Van Zant shoots the old woman and her husband.
  6. Omega Shenron uses the Dragon Thunder on Vegeta.
  7. Super Buu's genocide attack on of the human race.
  8. Frieza is cut in half by his own attack.
  9. Vegeta kills Zarbon.
  10. Goku kills King Piccolo.

Pwner360's picks

  1. Broly-The Legendary Super Saiyan, When Broly has Goku pinned down on the ground and he is rising and falling, stomping Goku harder and harder in to the ground. OUCH!
  2. Goku and Vegeta fight during Vegeta's Majin phase.
  3. Oozaru Vegeta breaking Goku's bones.
  4. Piccolo vs. Android 17...Best non-saiyan fight ever.
  5. Gero pinning his hand through Yamcha's chest.
  6. Spovovitch vs. Videl at the World Martial Arts Tournament.
  7. Super 17 killing Krillin and then 18.
  8. Majin Buu Saga- The biggest threat so far has the intelligance of a 3 year old.
  9. Goku vs. Evil King Piccolo...priceless.
  10. Nappa Tearing off Tien's arm.

Goten133's picks

  1. Cell blasting Trunks nearly killing him, if not killing him.
  2. Special Beam Cannon on Raditz and Goku
  3. Hirudegarn crushing Hoi
  4. 13 punching Goku's balls!!! :(
  5. Majin Buu punching Babidi's head and destroying it, then him.
  6. Gero killing Yamcha
  7. Frieza blowing up Krillin
  8. Dragon Thunder
  9. Goku showing up to find Krillin killed by Tambourine
  10. Majin Buu liquefying and destroying Smitty.

Schiebz's picks

  1. Frieza sticking a horn through Krillin's stomach.
  2. Broly crushing his Dad to death.
  3. Goku cutting Frieza with his own attack.
  4. Mecha Frieza being chopped up by Future Trunks.
  5. Cell stomping 16's head.
  6. Chi Chi dancing, it was brutal for me to watch.
  7. Piccolo killing Goku and Raditz.
  8. Super Buu killing the rest of the world with a single attack.
  9. Frieza pierces Vegeta's heart with a deathbeam.
  10. Frieza kills Krillin.

Trueevildragon1's picks

  1. Omega Shenron uses Dragon Thunder on Vegeta in Dragonball GT.
  2. Broly(Everything he does brutal like when he killed his father.)
  3. Super Buu liquefied himself to enter Smitty's body and kill him from inside out.
  4. Frieza rips off nail arm.
  5. Frieza kills the Saiyan race.
  6. Frieza stabs Krillin with his horns.
  7. Frieza gets sliced in half by his own energy disc.
  8. Goku gets punched in the balls by Android 13.
  9. Gohan punches Bojack in the gut.
  10. Cooler slams Goku in the ground with his knee.

James-50's picks

There are my picks For the Top ten Most brutal Moments:

  1. In dragonball GT when omega shenron stabs Vegeta in the sholder with his horn and uses dragon thunder (he was stabbed plus electrified)
  2. Broly-The Legendary Super Saiyan, When Broly has Goku pinned down on the ground and he is rising and falling, stomping Goku harder and harder in to the ground.
  3. Cell absorbs that guy who tries to give money to Piccolo.(This one is more deadly than brutal).
  4. Android 18 brutally beat Vegeta , kicks his left arm ,use Trunks as a weapon to hit him and step on his left arm.
  5. When Goku got punched in the groin by Super Android 13.
  6. Buu liquefying himself, shooting down Smitty's throat, and causing him to expanded and eventually burst.
  7. Cooler brutally beated Goku when he's in his Final form.
  8. Super Android #13 punches Super Saiyan Goku in the groin causing him to lose his SS transformation.
  9. Zarbon's death, Vegeta rams his fist clean through his stomach and delivers a backbone-cracking spine-breaker that sends him to a watery grave.
  10. kid buu brutally killing Vegeta before Goku goes to his SS3 transformation in Maximum power.

Not Mention:- Dr. Gero impales Yamcha with his arm, Android 19 keeps pounding Goku and choking him,Nappa breaks off Tien's arm, Frieza rips off Nail's arm,Vegeta Rips 19's Arms off and blows off his head using his Big Bang Attack,Vegeta and Goku charging through Meta Cooler and Videl got brutally tortured by Spopovich during the near end of the match.

Kamicollo's picks

Here are my picks for the ten most brutal moments:

  1. Goku's dream whilst he has the heart virus, in which Chi-Chi's neck is snapped, Trunks is impaled on his own sword and Goku is stabbed in the chest by the Androids (I think this is what happened).
  2. Vegeta slaughters Zarbon.
  3. Van Zant killing the old lady, and then urging Smitty to kill her partner, which he does.
  4. Cell shooting Trunks with a Death Beam, and then Trunks vomiting blood and shaking and moaning while he dies slowly.
  5. Super Buu liquefying himself and going down Smitty's throat and then Smitty just pops.
  6. Cell breaking Piccolo's neck and shooting him.
  7. Frieza playing 'Cowboy' with Krillin.
  8. Vegeta kills Jeice by breaking his ribs and blasting his face.
  9. Omega Shenron using Dragon Thunder on Vegeta -- although, it could have been way worse.
  10. Vegeta rips off 19's arms before using Big Bang Attack.

Mistress Gojira's picks

I'm only doing my top one.

  1. Spopavitch vs Videl. By far the most brutal match in the series. Must be viewed uncut to know what I mean.

Virtro Tugimora's picks

  1. Almost all of the fights in which Vegeta is the winner
  2. Dr. Gero impales Yamcha
  3. Broly crushing his own father in a tiny space ship
  4. Spopovich beats the crap out of Videl
  5. The opening scene in the History of Trunks when the Androids slaughter the Z-Fighters (and Gohan's death later on)
  6. Frieza stabs Krillin with his horns and later blowing him up
  7. Goku's nightmare during the Android Saga
  8. Cell killing Trunks with a blast through the Chest, Cell stepping on 16's head, Cell blasting and breaking Piccolo's neck
  9. Tien breaks Yamcha's leg/Android 18 breaks Vegeta's arm/Cell Jr breaks Yamcha's Arm
  10. Frieza in general

Honorable Mentions: Frieza killing Vegeta with a death beam through the Heart, Tien getting his arm ripped off, the death of the entire Ginyu Force minus the Capt., Android 17 kicks off Gero's head (I loved that!)

RONBROLY17's picks


DBZ Kid's picks

  1. Tien's Arm Geting Knoced Of By Nappa
  2. Omega Shenron Jabing His Spikes Into Vegeta
  4. Baby Vegeta Geting Blasted In to The Sun
  5. DR.Gero Jabing His Hand Trough Yamcha
  6. NUT Punch By Android 13# To Goku

Veggecolo's picks

  1. Piccolo using the "special beam cannon" on Raditz, pearcing through both him and Goku, causing them to spill gallons of blood
  2. Vegeta & Nappa blowing up the whole Planet of Arlia
  3. Nappa tearing off Tien-Shinhan's hand
  4. Spoppovich & Yamu geting pumped up by Babidi 'til they e-x-p-l-o-d-e
  5. Vegeta chops off Guldo's head
  6. General Tao throwing a spear at Upa's father, brutally impaling him
  7. 17 stomping on Dr. Gero's brain, causing it to crush
  8. 18 breaking Vegeta's limbs
  9. Cell stomping on #16's head, causing it to crush
  10. Spoppovich beating up Videl at the Budoukai
  11. Goku finds Krillin's corpse after he has been killed by King Piccolo's henchmen

SuperSaiyan3Broly's picks

  1. Gohan killing Bojack and all of his henchmen, most by kicking in half
  2. Frieza playing giddy up with Krillen
  3. Vegeta fighting all of the Z-Fighters
  4. Nappa punching off Tien's arm
  5. Tien crushing Yamcha's leg
  6. Lord Slug crushing Goku in his hands
  7. Zarbon headbutting the s*** out of Vegeta
  8. King Piccolo getting a hole punched in him and spitting out an egg
  9. Goku punching a whole through Super Android 13
  10. All of the times Bulma hits the s*** out of Master Roshi

Nubescout's picks

  1. Spopovich continously attacking Videl
  2. Dodoria and Zarbon slaughter the Namekians
  3. Omega Shenron uses Dragon Thunder on Vegeta
  4. Frieza rips off Nail's arm
  5. Vegeta is crushed by Great ape Gohan.
  6. Nappa breaks off Tien's arm
  7. Vegeta disarms #19 (Literally) and kills him with the Big Bang attack
  8. Bojack tries to crush Gohan's bones
  9. Frieza impales Krillin
  10. Super #13 hits Goku in the balls

Honorable mentions: Raditz and Goku's death in Saiyan Saga, Cui's death, Raditz attacking Goku after his tail is let go, Vegeta getting beat by Kid Buu.'s picks

  1. Frieza being sliced in half by his own move
  2. Frieza stabbed krillin with horn (and licked his blood)
  3. Cell after Gohans kamehameha (not father and son)
  4. Nappa breaking off Tiens arm
  5. Frieza killing krillin
  6. Vegeta killing Burter
  7. Cooler being blasted into sun
  8. Cell killing #16
  9. Vegeta being bashed by kid buu
  10. Piccolo ripping off his own ears(Lord Slug movie)'s picks

  1. when cell blow the massive hole through trunk and he was spewing blodd (sick for a kids show)
  2. the way gotenks and gohan treaded the hell escapes they just blasted them dead

TheUnstoppableBroly's picks

  1. When Broly is hopping on Goku! (you can hear the agony he's in).
  2. The 13 crotch punch, fo obvious reasons.
  3. Android 19's decimation by Vegeta.
  4. Gohan's quiet rage - nice!
  5. Frieza slicing himself in half (because he's a dumbwad).
  6. Tien fighting armless.
  7. Broly blasting Gohan in the stomach at super point-blank range n sending him flying.
  8. Goku punching through so many characters.
  9. 18 crushing Roshi for feeling her breasticles.
  10. Cell smashing 16.

Mangame's picks

All of these are manga only scenes.

  1. Buu squishes Babidi's head
  2. Dodoria snaps Moori's neck
  3. Oozaru Vegeta jumps on Goku's legs
  4. Dr. Gero grabs that old guy's neck, pulls him through the roof of his car, and crushes his throat, severing his head in the process
  5. Recoome snaps Gohan's neck with a kick
  6. Gohan hits Cell so hard he throws up Android 18 (for the gross aspect of it)
  7. Android 18 breaks both of Vegeta's arms
  8. Cell in his first form blows a hole in Piccolo's stomach
  9. Goku kicks Drum in the head, causing it to pretty much shatter.
  10. Piccolo Jr. does a mouth blast, putting a hole in Goku's shoulder, crushes his legs, and shoots him in the elbow with a beam.

Android18Greece's picks

All of the rest are anime manga scenes NOT movie scenes.

  1. Recoome snapping Gohan's neck...seriously living with a broken neck is ... undescribable
  2. Oozaru Vegeta stepping on Goku's legs and crashing his bones with his arms. Goku's yells tell the whole story.
  3. Vegeta piercing Zarbon's stomach and sending him off. Most badass assassination.
  4. Android 18 snapping Vegeta's arms. Even the mighty Vegeta fell before Android 18.
  5. Dodoria snapping Moori's neck. Again undescribable pain...
  6. Frieza beating Vegeta to death. Bones shattering, joints dislocating...and pride and soul suffering their greatest humiliation.
  7. Nappa tearing Ten Shin Han's arm. Talk about brutality.
  8. Vegeta ripping Android 19's arms off.
  9. Buu falling on Majin vegeta with all his weight. How much did he weight?
  10. Piccolo dying from the blast of Nappa. Remembering his scream gives me the chills.

Vegetaisthebest's picks

This is my list of the top ten brutal moments. Some moments are tied with others because I felt that they were quite similar with other scenes due to the circumstances. (In no particular order)

  1. Zarbon’s death at the hands of Vegeta/Imperfect Cell snapping Piccolo’s neck then blasting him through the chest and finally tossing him into the sea (both scenes are similar the victims were severely injured/beaten with a physical attack, blasted straight through their bodies and tossed into a body of water, the only difference was that Piccolo survived).
  2. Frieza (2nd form) impaling Krillin and then torturing Gohan while crushing his skull/Frieza (3rd form) blasting Piccolo with the Crazy Finger Beam/Frieza (Final Form) torturing Vegeta before Goku arrived on the scene (During all of these moments I’m sure that Frieza’ victims were just praying for death!)
  3. Any and all of Gohan’s sudden outbursts when angered that would unleash his hidden powers, most of these fits of insane rage sent even the mightiest of villains/fighters to their knees in pain!! (Headbutting into Raditz, sending Nappa flying into a cliff with a kick to the face, punching Vegeta’s blasted eye after he changed back from Ape form, kicking Dodoria into a Namekian house, beating the mess out of 2nd form Frieza then blasting him with a barrage of energy attacks, almost annihilating 3rd form Frieza with his strongest blast, and finally unleashing his SS2 powers of Cell and the Cell Jrs. leading to their demise!!!!)
  4. Vegeta killing the Ginyu Force(he didn’t kill Ginyu, but did beat the mess out of him in Goku’s body and after he returned to his old body), Dodoria, Cui, Zarbon(mentioned before already), Nappa( in DBZ and in DBGT), the group of Saibamen when he was a kid and the one in the Saiyan Saga, Frieza’s soilders on Namek and the ones on the other planets during the Garlic Jr. Saga (especially the bird-looking one with a blast that probably went straight between his eyes!), #19, and Pui Pui. A majority of these battles had Vegeta as the superior fighter, but he made their deaths so amazing and hard to forget!
  5. Arm breaking; #18 on SS Vegeta, Tien on Yamcha, Nappa on Tien (literally, first he stunned it, and then knocked it clean off!!), Frieza ripping off Nail’s, Piccolo and Lord Slug ripping off their own arms, Cell Jr. on Yamcha(poor Yamcha!!), Janemba almost sliced SS3 Goku’s arm completely off!, the future androids blowing SS Future Gohan’s entire arm off! What made these scenes brutal was that the fighters that broke the other’s limbs were usually the most powerful in the fights. The victims were usually too weak to fight back, but they still were left cripple!
  6. Bardock’s angry rampages against Frieza and his soldiers. I mean really the guy is angry at the world due to the future of his race! He first killed the four elites on his own; slamming the first’s one head in and destroying his Scouter in the process, hiding behind one while he was killed by another’s energy blast (crafty!), flipping upside down while one took the blow intended for him and vomiting blood, and finally he erased them off the map with an energy beam! Then the assault of the Frieza’s ship (legendary!) fighting off hundreds if not thousands of soldiers (no telling how many he killed in the process!), then attacking Frieza with everything he had, but was killed along with his race and many of Frieza’s soldiers.
  7. Buu’s assault on the Z-Fighters and the universe; beating SS2 Gohan, almost killing Supreme Kai, causing Majin Vegeta to sacrifice himself for nothing, beating the crap out of normal Gotenks (he sort of deserved it!), eating Dabura, beheading Babidi, killing the poor man that was drowning before Gotenks blasted him thorugh the chest when he climbed on Buu to save himself, rampaging through the universe killing millions of people before the start of DB, then again while looking for Goku and Vegeta, Van Zant and Smitty’s demises, Candy Beam/Human Extinction Attack on millions of the Earth’s populace, Kid Buu’s merciless assaults on Vegeta, Gotenks Buu’s beating on Mystic Gohan and SS3 Goku, Gohan Buu’s beat down on SS2 Goku and Vegeta before they fused, and squashing Ch-Chi with Goten/Ox-King watching (that had to have been difficult for them to watch!)
  8. Goku’s impalements, combination attacks, or one-hit K.O.’s on villains that either left them unconscious, injured, or dead; Drum, King Piccolo, Turles’ henchmen, Wheelo’s Bio-Fighters, Super 17, Omega Shenron, Hirudegarn, Eis Shernon, Recoome, Kaio-Ken rushes on Nappa, Vegeta and Burter (this combo looked like the one he used on Nappa), 20x on Final Form Frieza, the Warp Kamehameha on Cell, and the list goes on!! (The guy is good and is not that much of a killer, but he sure knows how to leave his enemies with some serious bruises!)
  9. Gero’s hand through Yamcha/Cell’s tail striking victims to absorb the same with Hirudegarn/Omega’s Dragon Thunder on Vegeta/Ginyu’s self-inflicted injury, etc.
  10. Videl’s beating brought on by Spoppovich (I have all the DBZ episodes, and I have had the uncut VHS of this fight for years, but this fight is so brutal that I still cannot bring myself to watch the entire thing!!!)

Honorable mentions: All of the scenes with Death Beams killing their targets, Perfect Cell/Bojack crushing Gohan, and any Giant Ape/Giant fighters crushing their victims, there are just too many for me to list so I’ll stop here!

UltimateGogeta's picks

  1. Videl's beating by Spopovich(Have you no respect for a lady?!)
  2. Cell beating #17 up(Ok now that's ruthless)
  3. Buu beating Vegeta up(Holy..........)
  4. The Spice Boys killing the villagers(Man!COLD)
  5. Vegeta punching hole through Zarbon and blasting him to his death(..............Same old Vegeta)
  6. 18 breaking Vegeta's arm(Ooooooo!Vegeta must've felt sore after that)
  7. Goku sending himself right through Super #17(Holy......Wow you still kept that move?Even after so long?)
  8. Goku sending himself straight through Piccolo's gut(O_O)
  9. Trunks killing future #18 and #17(Finally!)
  10. Trunks killing Frieza(0_0Woah.......At least Frieza's dead)

SSJ3 TonyGus' picks

  1. Freiza torturing Krillin with his horns
  2. Guldo's Death
  3. Gero impaling Yamcha
  4. Nappa chops off Tien's hand
  5. Recoome breaking Gohans neck
  6. Android 18 breaking Vegeta's arm
  7. Perfect Cell practically kills Krillin with one kick
  8. Imperfect Cell attempts to execute Piccolo
  9. Android 17 crushing Gero's head
  10. Future Trunks slices Freiza in half

Super Saiyan X 20's picks

  1. Dr.Gero impaling Yamucha in the chest
  2. Dodoria breaking Moori's neck
  3. Frieza killing Dende
  4. Frieza tearing off Nails arm
  5. 18 breaking Vegeta's arm
  6. Cell blasting a hole in Piccolo
  7. Vegeta breaking Burters neck
  8. Ginyu impaling himself
  9. Broly using Goku as a trampoline
  10. Goku slicing Buu in half

A lonesome warrior's picks

  1. vegeta killing nappa
  2. vegeta getting killed by frieza
  3. krillin's explosion
  4. yamcha impailed
  5. cell killed by gohan
  6. goku's first death along with radditz
  7. omega shenron's dragon thunder on vegeta
  8. smitty killing old people
  9. piccolo getting killed by nappa
  10. recoome breaking gohans neck

Hatchyack1990's picks

  1. Krillin getting gored by 2nd form Frieza.
  2. Vegeta's beatdown and death at the hands of Final form Frieza.
  3. Super Buu flying into Smitty's mouth and making him explode (awesome)
  4. Vegeta killing Zarbon
  5. Videl getting the crap beat out of her by Spopovich (He beat her so bad she cried, pretty brutal)
  6. Android 20 impaling Yamcha.
  7. Frieza accindentaly slicing himself in half.
  8. Future trunks kills Cyborg Frieza and King Cold.
  9. Piccolo killing Goku and Raditz.
  10. Goku Kamehameha's Cell's upper body off.

Dbzfan2010's picks

  1. Goku, Cell, King kai, bubbles and Gregory are killed my cells's Self Destruction
  2. Goku and Brother Raditz gets killed by piccolo's Special Beam Cannon
  3. Cell kills #16
  4. Goku (Super Saiyan) kills Frieza
  5. Bardock gets killed along with Frieza's soilders by frieza's death ball
  6. Trunks slices up and burns frieza into dust
  7. One of the Saibamen blows up Yamcha
  8. Hero breaks yamchas doo daa at the world tournament
  9. Kid buu gets destroyes by goku's Super Spirit Bomb
  10. Vegeta Kills Guldo by cutting off his head

Kitch's picks

  1. Chaozu self-destructing trying to kill Nappa
  2. Goku and Radditz get run through by Piccolo's Makankosappo
  3. Yamcha gets punched through his chest by Dr. Gero
  4. Trunks goes Ginzu on Mecha-Frieza, chops him into little bits, vaporizes the remains
  5. Dr. Gero gets his head kicked off and crushed by Android 17
  6. Kid Buu destroyed by the Super Genki Dama
  7. Cell vaporized by SS2 Gohan's Super Kamehameha
  8. Piccolo taking fatal ki blast from Nappa
  9. Cell self-destructs on North Kaio-Sama's world, taking out Goku and Kaio-Sama with it
  10. Kururin blown up by Frieza

Honorable Mentions: Rikum breaking Gohan's neck, Vegeta punching Gurudo's head off, Vegeta executing Nappa, Old Buu eating Mr. Buu to become Kid Buu, Frieza beating the crap out of Nail, Frieza killing Dende, Tenshinhan blowing out all his energy in a one-handed Kikoho at Nappa, Yamcha killed by an exploding Saibaman, King Vegeta killed with one punch by Frieza

Movie Mentions: SS2 Gohan mowing through Bojack (9), Bojack executing his henchwoman trying to get SS2 Gohan (9), SS/GD Goku (after absorbing a Genki Dama as a Super Saiyan) killing Super Android 13 (7), Goku destroying Dr. Willow with the Genki Dama (2), Gohan killing resurrected Frieza with ease (12), SS Goku shooting Coola into the Sun with a Kamehameha (5)

Flina the Intangible's picks

  1. Any scene where someone gets smacked into a hard surface.
  2. Broly treating Goku like a trampoline.
  3. Anything with Dodoria, that ugly mug gave me nightmares.
  4. People getting lobbed into the sun.
  5. When Raditz gets lazored.
  6. Most of Vegeta's kills on Namek.
  7. Vegeta's eye repeatedly getting whacked, poor guy.
  8. Frieza kills Vegeta, totally uncalled for.
  9. Cell being roasted by the Final Flash.
  10. Piccolo getting hit with the Crazy Finger Beam.

dbz99999's picks

  1. android #19 absorb energy from goku when he has already pain from the heart disease (I HATE ANDROID #19)
  2. omega shenron use dragon thunder on vegeta
  3. vegeta tricks gohan with being nice on namek and kicks him in his stomach
  4. piccolo attacked by crazy finger beam
  5. krillin in frieza's horns
  6. cell blast through piccolo's stomach
  7. cell absorbs people
  8. gohan punch android 18 out of cell
  9. nappa breaks tien's arm
  10. frieza and his men kill nameks

LordBroly's picks

  1. Super Android 13's death-Impaled by SSJ Goku's Spirit Bomb-empowered fist and torn to shreds
  2. Nappa rips Tien's arm off
  3. Nail's death at the hands of Freeza
  4. Zangya's death-Killed by Bojack in order to avoid being killed by Gohan.It was just depressing to see the look on her face.
  5. The moment Goku finds Krillin's body at the start of the King Piccolo Saga
  6. Cymbal's death at the hands of Yajirobe
  7. Janemba's death at the hands of Gogeta-The way he looked as he was dying was crazy violent
  8. Krillin's death at the hands of Freeza-Freeza didnt even use a visible attack to kill him.
  9. The absolutly savage beatdown Broly gives Goku-especially when Goku is in the ground and Broly repeatedly jumps on Goku before sinking him into the ground.
  10. Gohan's death at the hands of Androids 17 and 18-Very brutal and one of the saddest moments in DBZ.

Honorable Mentions:Baby's death when being blasted into the sun,Super 17's death,and the beatdown Goku gives Naturon Shenron as revenge for using Pan against him.

X20KaiokenKamehameha's picks

  1. Frieza impaling Krillin.
  2. Vegeta's assault on a namekian village.
  3. Jeice's death at the hands of Vegeta.
  4. Burter's defeat from Goku's Kaio-ken Finish.
  5. Super Buu forming into a liquid and forcing himself down Smitty's throat, making him explode from the inside.
  6. Nappa ripping of Tien's arm.
  7. Reccome using his Reccome Kick to break Gohan's neck.
  8. Zarbon, in his transformation, attacking Vegeta with a headbutt combo.
  9. Dodoria killing a namekian fighter by impaling him through the back.
  10. Broly. in his Legendary super saiyan transformation, Using his Bloody smash attack on Goku, jumping on Goku's body as if he were a trampoline.

getenk's picks

  1. spopavitch vs videl ( most brutal fight in the whole series in my opinion)
  2. kid buu blows up the earth and a whole lot of other planrts

TienShinhan88's picks

  1. Vegeta vs kid buu :(
  2. cooler 4rth form beating the hell out of goku
  3. chiaotzu being smashed to death the blowing up
  4. colonel silver relentlessly shooting a famillys belongings then killing them
  5. Vegeta vs zarbon BOOM right through the chest ouch
  6. 13`s crotch punch to goku hahahahahahahahah (no seriously ow)
  7. broly 1rst movie
  8. king piccolos death
  9. dodoria kills namekian dad ( after he watched his kids die, child abuse much)
  10. again goku getting nailed in the downtown area lol (seriously O_O)

Popcornchicken's picks

  1. Kid Gohan had to be alone in the woods because of Picclo
  2. When Goten beat that kid with one punch
  3. when Goten and Trunks had to be trained by Picclo

ZPiccoloZ's picks

  1. In GT, Vegeta being stabbed by Omega Shenron's back spikes, and if that wasn't bad enough he uses dragon thunder and electrifies every wound he made, basically paralyzing him.
  2. In Dragonball, Jr uses his Chou Makuhoe (mouth Beam) and blasts thorough Goku's right chestplate, then persists to kick the wound and jam his elbow in it.
  3. Vegeta punching through Zarbon's stomach and blasts every one of the organs that came in contacts, making him fly into the lake where he'll rot, later be destroyed due to Namek's destruction.
  4. Frieza in his 2nd form impaling krillin with his horn and swinging him like a ragdoll, rupturing his insides.
  5. I really couldn't decide this one so this is a tie for number 5. Oozaru Vegeta sqeezing the life out of Goku, breaking all of his bones. The other being Oozaru Gohan falling on Vegeta, crushing nearly all of his bones.
  6. Oozaru Vegeta Jumping high in the air and landing precisly on Goku's legs, Thats 60 ft and probably 750 kilotons worth of Giant monkey. Where did I get those numbers?
  7. Frieza ripping off Nail's arm.
  8. Android 13 punching Goku in the wedding vegetable.
  9. Nappa elbowing Piccolo in the head, knocking him out instantly.
  10. Frieza shooting a beam through Vegeta's heart

SuperSaiyanGohan's picks

  1. Android 18 breaks Vegita's arms
  2. Frieza impales Krillin
  3. Raditz pounds Gohan's head
  4. Dodoria cracks that one Nameckian's head
  5. Vegita kills Nappa
  6. Vegita rips off Android 19's arms
  7. Cell destroys Android 16
  8. Piccolo shoots a beam through Goku and Raditz
  9. Krillin cuts Frieza in half
  10. Vegita is killed by Frieza

NeedleJizo's picks

  1. Frieza impales Krillin with his horn and then blasts him
  2. Broly jumping on Goku's abdomen
  3. Omega Shenron impales Vegeta through the shoulder and then uses Dragon Thunder
  4. Buu forcing Smitty to drink him, then exploding inside him
  5. Nappa snaps Tien's hand off
  6. Recoome breaks Gohan's neck
  7. Tien breaks Yamcha's leg in the World Tournament
  8. Piccolo shoots Goku in the shoulder, then stomps on the wound
  9. Dr. Gero impales Yamcha through the torso
  10. Goku blasts Oozaru Vegeta in the eye

MjrobKageLvl1000's picks

  1. Future Trunks' battle with the Future Androids before going to the past(idk how tha hell he cud've survived that one)
  2. Frieza pounding Vegeta slowly while choking him with his tail
  3. Gohan SS2 pummeling Cell
  4. Future Trunks blowing Future Android 18 to bits (right in front of her face)
  5. Broly leaping up and down on Goku's stomach
  6. Broly's first defeat and it's aftermath
  7. Broly's demise
  8. Android # 16's death
  9. Super Buu killing Smitty (partner of the guy who shot Bee and Mr. Satan)
  10. The entire battle with Vegeta during the Saiyan Saga (Goku, Krillin, Gohan, Yajirobe)

1234PIE43215'S picks

  1. Mercenary Tao executes General Blue with his tongue through his brain.
  2. Dr. Gero executing Yamcha through his stomach.
  3. All the things that happened in Goku's nightmare in Nightmare Comes True.
  4. When Piccolo shot a beam through Goku's shoulder and keeps on stepping on it afterwards.
  5. Dodoria ramming his fist through the stomach of a Namekian.
  6. Kid Buu putting his arm around Vegeta's neck choking him and slamming him to the ground repeatedly.
  7. Super Buu turning into liquid and forcing Smitty to drink him making him explode.
  8. Recoome breaking Gohan's neck.
  9. Dodoria killing Cargo.
  10. Vegeta killing Cui.

Ganonslayer101's picks

  1. Android 17 and 18 Release some stress by Brutalizing Gohan (Future)
  2. Vegeta Punches a Hole in Zarbon then Blast Him Through that Hole
  3. Trunks' Relentless Sword Combo on Frieza
  4. Krillin Go Boom
  5. Saibamen Suicide Bombing... Sorry Yamcha
  6. Vegeta's Knee Drop of Death on Burter
  7. Vegeta's (Genocide Breaker) attack on Jeice
  8. Vegeta's Blast at Recoombe after his Humiliating Defeat at Goku's Hands
  9. Vegeta's Decapitation and Eradication of Guldo
  10. Yamcha Smacks his Groin on Hiro's ((Kami's)) Head

Honarable Mentions: 13 Punches Goku in the Groin, Omega Shenron Stabbing then SHocking Vegeta, and Everything Nappa and Dodoria Does

Popcornchiken's picks

  1. Videl giving Gohan the stare
  2. Cell absorbs that guy who tries to give money to Piccolo
  3. Spopovich beats the crap out of Videl
  4. When Piccolo used his Special Beam Cannon, killing Raditz and Goku
  5. Cell stomping 16's head
  6. Yamcha beating up every one at the baseball game
  7. Vegeta wipes out a Namekian village
  8. Vegeta kills Jeice by breaking his ribs and blasting his face
  9. Gohan punches Bojack in the gut
  10. Frieza is cut in half by his own attack

Honorable Mentions: Future Trunks slices Freiza in half, Frieza kills the Saiyan race, Frieza blowing up Krillin, and Master Roshi had to pay for all the food kid Goku ate

Dbzfreak81's picks

  1. Dr. Gero stabs Yamcha.
  2. Nappa breaks Tenshinhans arm.
  3. Tien breaks Yamchas leg.
  4. Van Zant kills Bee. (bastard...)
  5. Goku blew off Major Mettalitrons head
  6. Frieza pounded Vegetas back while choking him and licked his blood
  7. Buu turning into liquid and exploding inside a man and regenarating.
  9. Future Androids murdering Future Gohan
  10. Cell killing Trunks

SuperSaiyan2019's picks

  1. Buu jumping inside the robbers body and exploding him
  2. Frieza tortures krillin with horn
  3. Cell absorbing man while piccolo is horrifid of it
  4. Gero impaling yamcha
  5. Babidi exlpoding the tournament chefs head
  6. Ginyu punching a hole in his chest
  7. Nappa cutting tiens off
  8. Vegeta breaking burters neck
  9. gokus heart virus while fighting when 19 is crushing goku as he is bleeding from the mouth and choking him
  10. kid buu hitting vegeta and and squeezing him

Mercenary-x's picks

These are my picks for the top ten most brutal moments:

  1. Omega Shenron impales vegeta with the spikes on his back
  2. Frieza's tourcher of krillin when he's impaled by his horn
  3. Super Android #13 breaks vegetas back
  4. Majin Buu's tourcher of Majin Vegeta
  5. Frieza rips off nails arm
  6. The hit goku took to the groin against super android #13
  7. turles stands on gokus back and blasts him in the face repeatedly after claiming his name isnt kakarot
  8. Piccolo Jr. steps on the hole in gokus stomache that he made in dragon ball.
  9. Broly takes (SS) Teen gohans head, and drags it through the side of a building
  10. Tien breaks yamchas leg during dragonball

Vegetafanboy57's picks

  1. Vegeta eliminating Pui Pui
  2. Majin Vegeta breaking Kakarot's back.
  3. Kid Buu destroying the earth, it was very scary.
  4. Frieza using his death ball at planet Vegeta, used it and it blew up.
  5. Super Buu eating everyone on the Lookout.
  6. Chi-Chi slapping Super Buu for killing Gohan.
  7. Krillin's death, Frieza impales him on his horns and blew him up.
  8. Dr. Gero's death, Android 17 kicks his head off and steps on it, crushing it.
  9. Android 19's death, Goten & Trunks make him explode with a dual attack.
  10. Cargo's death, Dodoria uses a mouth blast and killed him.

Majinvegete57's picks

  1. Perfect Cell destroying Ascended Super Saiyan Vegeta.
  2. 3rd form Frieza mercilessly finger beaming Piccolo.
  3. Super Android 13 Crotch Punching Goku.
  4. Recoome snapping Gohans neck.
  5. Zarbon getting killed by Vegeta.
  6. Vegeta killing Cui.(Pui Pui)
  7. Frieza executing King vegeta.
  8. Imperfect Cell killing and absorbing thousands of people.
  9. Nappa destroying Tien's arm.
  10. Bojack making Gohan vomit up blood.

Tee2daJay's picks

  1. Frieza beats Vegeta up mercilessly while Piccolo, Gohan, and Krillin are forced to watch.
  2. Frieza pierces Krillin's chest with his horn and plays "cowboy"
  3. Videl and Spopovich fight
  4. Frieza blows Krillin up
  5. Broly beating the crap out of Vegeta, Gohan, Piccolo, Trunks, and Goku
  6. Omega Shenron uses dragon thunder on Vegeta and his spikes go through Vegeta's arms/body
  7. Super Buu turns everyone on the lookout into chocolate
  8. Future Trunks slice and dices Cyborg Frieza
  9. Android 17 kills Dr. Gero
  10. Vegeta pulls off Android 19's arms

Rio's picks

  1. When Tao kills Bora in front of Upa..that was sad
  2. Spochovich torturing Videl
  3. Piccolo sarificing himself for Gohan against Nappa
  4. Future Trunks killing Frieza with relative easy bu cutting him up
  5. Dr Gero punching that hole through Yamchas middle
  6. Tien breaking Yamchas leg
  7. Future trunks death to Perfect Cell
  8. Goku causing Frieza to get cut up on Namek...I hate Frieza but still
  9. Kriolins Death to Frieza
  10. Dende getting killed by Frieza

J's picks

  1. Vegeta mortally wounding Zarbon and blasting him through the gut into the Namek lake to a watery grave.
  2. Super Saiyan Vegeta breaking Android 19's hands off and blowing him to pieces with the Big Bang Attack.
  3. Vegeta beheading Guldo and killing him.
  4. Vegeta breaking Burter's neck and killing him.
  5. Oozaru Vegeta flattening Goku's legs and breaking the rest of his bones with his hands.
  6. Future Trunks slicing and dicing Frieza and blasting him to dust.
  7. Super Buu liquifying himself down Smitty's throat and exploding from inside.
  8. Vegeta breaking Jeice's ribs and mercilessly blasting him to oblivion at point blank range.
  9. Broly brutally beating the crap out of Goku.
  10. Goku getting punched in the grapefruits by Super Android 13.

Honorable Mentions: Frieza piercing Krillin with his horn and orturing him, Super Saiyan 2 Gohan disintergrating Super Perfect Cell, Vegito being the incredible fighting candy ball and still owning Super Buu, Frieza mutilating himself with his own deadly flying disks, and Nappa cutting off Tien's hand.

MoBStarr's picks

  1. When Freiza coils his tail around Vegeta then keeps punching him in the stomach.
  2. When Freiza pierces Krillin with his horn.
  3. When Freiza pierces Piccolo with his Death Beam.
  4. When Great Ape Vegeta crushes Goku with his bare hands.
  5. When Spopovich beats the s*** outta Videl.
  6. When Spopovich holds Gohan and Yamu drains energy from him using that thing what every it was LOL.
  7. When Broly fights somebody.
  8. When Gohan punches Cell in the stomach making him puke out Android #18.
  9. When Zarbon beats the s*** outta Vegeta.
  10. When Dodoria kills most of the Nameks.

ssj gohan's picks

  1. salt vs gohan
  2. vegeta knocks goten trunks out
  3. vegeta vs gohan frieza saga
  4. broly vs gohan goku vegeta trunks
  5. cell broks gohan arm
  6. bojack vs gohan
  7. gohan punch bojack
  8. frieza cut i haff
  9. vegeta vs kid buu
  10. bio broly vs goten trunks

NomadMusik's picks

  1. When Frieza pierces Krillin with his horns.
  2. When Frieza kills Dende.
  3. When Frieza kills Krillin.
  4. When Mecha-Frieza gets killed.
  5. When Future Trunks dies. (tie)
  6. When Future Gohan dies (WHY!? WHY NOT TRUNKS!?) (tie)
  7. When Majin Vegeta destroys the audience stand in the World Martial Arts Tournament.
  8. When Guldo dies (sure, I hated the freak but nobody should die like that.)
  9. When Raditz dies (Post-Special Beam Cannon.)
  10. When Goku dies for the first time.

Honorable mentions: Majin Vegeta in general, SSJ2 Teen Gohan in general, when Goku dies for the second time, when Frieza blows up Namek, when Burter died.

Friezagal64's picks

  1. Recoome beats up Vegeta and Gohan brutally
  2. Vegeta returns to base wounded
  3. Gohan gets beaten up by Piccolo
  4. Goku gets beaten by Ginyu
  5. Frieza defeats Nail

I could only think of 5 brutal moments

Paula's picks

  1. Future Trunks gets lazored by a death beam, and then pukes blood twice (how come no one mentioned this?)
  2. Cell gets killed by gohan (awesome, but brutal)
  3. Spoopvitch beats up Videl (we see this all the time, but with a girl??)
  4. Vegeta kills zarbon (prince zarbon is pissed)
  5. Vegeta kills guldo (thank god i only saw the KAI version...)
  6. 0ne of garlic jr's henchmen gets thrown into a wall and stabbed (creepy)
  7. Frieza impales krillin with his horn (holy crap, frieza you meanie!)
  8. Frieza kills dende (AHH!!!! I LOVE DENDE!!)
  9. Planet vegeta is blown up (bardock disinagrates in the explosion, and only a handful of the proud race are alive)
  10. Piccolo takes the blow for gohan (he loved gohan that much...)

Super Sapien's picks

  1. The number one most brutal moment of all time! The scene where a battered Goku and Gohan share in a tender moment between father and son, both on the ground reaching for each others hand when a ruthless Vegeta comes from out of nowhere slamming his knee into a helpless Goku's stomach, stomping his face , and kicking his rib's. Laughing the whole time.

Darkmagiciangirl0204's picks

  1. Gohan Cell Kamehameha power struggle
  2. Trunks slicing Mecha Frieza and blasting him
  3. Goku vs Majin Vegeta - the enire hand-to-hand combat was just insane!
  4. Kid Gohan's attack on Raditz - lol
  5. Vegeta's final atonement
  6. Broly beating up Vegeta
  7. Goku's final attack on Frieza
  8. Frieza killing Vegeta
  9. Vegeta killing Zarbon
  10. Goku finishing of Kid Buu with the Spirit Bomb

Toke's picks

  1. When Broly uppercuts Goku and the building Vegeta is standing on a mile away cracks.
  2. Tien breaking Yamcha's leg.
  3. Trunks making cold cuts out of Frieza.
  4. Super Android 13 punching Goku in his sack (um, OUCH!)
  5. When Recoom slams Vegeta's upper half into the ground.
  6. When Buu wraps Vegeta in his belly fat and kicks him around.
  7. The first time Cell absorbs someone (eeeeew).
  8. When Shorty and Scarface kill Yamcha and Tien.
  9. Trunks getting beaten around the city when he fought the Androids
  10. Trunks' sword cracking on 18's arm.

SuperGogetaIsABeast's picks

  1. Goku punched in the balls by android 13 (DAMN!)
  2. Goku getting smacked with a rock by krillin (DAMN!)
  3. Piccolo getting bitch-slapped with a seatbelt (Damn!)
  4. Goku getting digested in an episode (i haven't finished watching the entire series yet im on episode 114.)
  5. Vegeta OWNED by the spirit bomb
  6. Trunks shot by cell
  7. Cell Dies
  8. Kid Trunks hit by his dad when he became ssj
  9. Yajarobe's beatdown from vegeta in the saiyan saga
  10. Krillin gets bitch slapped by vegeta in the saiyan saga

MysticAlucard15's picks

  1. Vegeta ripping Android 19's hands off and killing him, along with decapitating his head with a Big Bang.
  2. Vegeta punching a hole through Zarbon's stomach and finishing him with a point-blank-range Galick Gun.
  3. Android 20 (Dr. Gero) ambushing Yamcha and impaling his arm through Yamcha's chest, and then draining his energy.
  4. Trunks destroying Mecha Frieza by slicing him in half, then into many little pieces, and disintegrating him with a Burning Attack.
  5. Vegeta kills Guldo by slicing his head in half.
  6. Vegeta kills Burter by snapping his neck.
  7. Piccolo killing Goku and Raditz with the Special Beam Cannon.
  8. Android 17 killing Dr. Gero by kicking his head off his body.
  9. Frieza being decapitated by his own Homing Destructo Disk.
  10. Frieza killing Vegeta and Dende with his Death Beam.

Nimbus's picks

  1. Cell is destroyed by Ghoan- Note to everyone: NEVER. PISS. OFF. GOHAN
  2. Goku VS Piccolo in DB- Argueable the bloodiest battle the in the series
  3. Frieza is sliced by his own attack- O.O
  4. trunks getting killed by cell and barfing blood- I MUST GO BARF AGAIN!
  5. Zarbon being blasted by Vegeta- Prince zarbon does not aprove
  6. Dende getting killed by Frieza- FRRIEEZAAA YOU MOTHER %^$#!!!!
  7. The namekians being slaughtered by Frieza and his gang- Imagine how Dende felt the whole way
  8. Vegeta getting stabbed in the soulder and getting shocked- Then he some how recovered like one episode later
  9. Buu getting owned by the spirit bomb- Yaay
  10. Trunks slices Frieza into at least 90000 pieces- I love how king kai yells "GO KIIDD!!!"

HONORABLE MENTOINS: Bardock's death, Nappa gets killed by his own commrade, Omega Shenron blasts Uub in the face, Goku's nightmare in the episode "Closing in", Goku "explodes" with Namek, Anytime someone is blasted through the body, Yamcha getting owned by Gero

Cosmicsurfer zenwalker's picks

  1. Piccolo blasts Goku at the 23rd Tenkaichi Budokai and stomps on the wound
  2. Spopovich vs Videl in the tournament
  3. Piccolo Sacrefices himself for Gohan
  4. Vegeta Stomping on Goku after knee smashing into his ribs when Goku and Gohan were about to hold hands after an emotional moment to get Gohan's spirit up
  5. Frieza Exterminating the Sayian Race and Planet Vegeta with Bardock evisioning in the future that Goku will destroy him
  6. Buu Liquifying, going down Smitty's throat and caused him to explode
  7. Nappa Slicing Tien's Forearm off
  8. Goku Getting Crushed by Great Ape Vegeta in his hands
  9. Goku and Raditz Die together with Piccolos Special Beam CANNON!!!
  10. Frieza gets cut in half by his Energy Blades

Honorable Mentions: Gohan kills Super Perfect Cell with the Father-Son Kamehameha, Goku and Frieza's Fight on Planet Namek, Tao kill General Blue with him tongue straight into his temple, Goku killing Demon King Piccolo by going right through him, Yamacha getting impaled by Dr. Gero, Vegeta getting hit by the spirit bomb

Skeleton3's picks

  1. The battle with Videl vs Spopovich - "Hey, Spopovich gave her a real beating. I'm kind of surprised that not many people had this on their list. But, hey, opinions are opinions."
  2. Android 13's "S.S. Deadly hammer" on Goku - "In Budokai Tenkaichi 3, this move is like the biggest and most burtal beating of the game. What else can I say?"
  3. Android 13's "Crotch Punch" on Goku - "Ouch. Just ouch."
  4. Omega Shenron's "Dragon Thunder" on Vegeta - "Okay, maybe be impaled by Shenron's spikes are painful enough, but being electricuted by them after that is just to brutal."
  5. Goku ripping through Super 17 - "I know that Androids shouldn't be able to feel pain, but imagine if Super 17 was human. That would REALLY look painful."
  6. Broly's beatings - "What can I actually say? Everytime I see Broly, all he does is beat everyone to a pulp."
  7. Videl cracks Spopovich's neck - "Neck-crackings can really hurt, man. Furthermore, they can easily kill people easily. Spopovich's just lucky that he survived from it, though. He should thank Babidi."
  8. General Tao's tongue attack that he used on General Blue - "Seriously.....that's pretty strong a tongue....Tao even hit one of the pressure points on General Blue, and instantly died. Ow."
  9. Android 18 torturing Vegeta - "First 18 elbows Vegeta, next she kicks him off hte ground, then she jumps on his back really hard, then kicks him again, and finally 18 steps on Vegeta's arm really hard unti/ he goes back into his normal form. That's a huge, painful combo 18 made there."
  10. Vegeta's first kick at Android 19 - "So far, I think this is the strongest single-kick that I have ever seen. Vegeta just kicks 19, and that's how damage he dealt to him. I would never want to be kicked like that."'s picks

  1. Recoome snaps gohan's neck
  2. Androids 17 and 18 kill future gohan
  3. Freize rips nail's arm off
  4. Vegeta kills burter and recoome
  5. Freiza destroys the whole saiyan race with one blast!
  6. Kid buu destroys earth

BigBee's picks

  1. Super 13 punching Goku in the family jewels.OUCH!!!
  2. Vegeta killing Burter with a knee to the neck.
  3. Omega Shenron using dragon thunder on Vegeta.
  4. Cell killing Trunks with the death beam.
  5. Broly destroying the slave aliens home planet just for laughs.
  6. Goku using the dragon fist on Omega Shenron.
  7. Broly in general.
  8. Frieza destroying planet Vegeta.
  9. Cell absorbing people.
  10. Gotenks face after he fights Fat Buu for the first time. lol

Sonicsilvermaster's picks

  1. Krillin impaled and tortured by Frieza.
  2. Vegeta kills Jeice
  3. Bardock's death by being blown up by Frieza
  4. Piccolo kills Goku and Raditz using the Special Beam Cannon.
  5. Cell kills Trunks with a beam through the heart.
  6. Nappa kills Piccolo
  7. Nappa cuts off Tien's arm
  8. Chiaotzu blows up to kill Nappa, but didn't affect him
  9. Krillin blows up by Frieza
  10. Goku kills King Piccolo (in Dragon Ball)

LittleMissNamek's picks

  1. Frieza ripping off Nail's arm. (hearing him scream was just torture to me)
  2. Frieza trying to buck off Krillin.(i would hate to be in krillin's shoes at that point)
  3. Piccolo beating up Gohan(garlic jr. saga)
  4. Radditz crushing Goku's ribs.
  5. Zarbon's headbutt combo on Vegeta.
  6. 3rd form Frieza shooting beams at Piccolo
  7. Dodoria snapping Moori's neck.
  8. Dodoria killing the Nameks(i mean the 3 young men and Cargo)
  9. Videl being crushed by Spopovitch.(videl is one of my favorite characters when she's nice to gohan.)

Useless Mancer's picks

  1. Vegeta exploding himself as the most selfless act he has ever done for anyone else. thats number one because he was blown up so hard that he turned to stone, and it looked like the entire time vegeta was in alot of pain. not only was Vegeta completely removed from existance atom from atom, but buu was blown into chucks that looked like cm's thick. So that had to have hurt ALOT on both ends.
  2. Super Buu going down Vegito's throat, and Vegito beating the tar out of himself to make buu get out. i've got to say, that seriously was gross, painful and terrible.
  3. Smitty getting blown up from the inside from Buu going in and expanding has got to suck, and is also up there for most painful things ever.
  4. Cell being disintigrated by the super kamehameha. melted cell for cell.
  5. Kid Buu being blown to pieces atom from atom, but it wasn't as bad, because it looked alot quicker then cell's did so not as painful.
  6. Spopovich getting his neck broken around at least 270 degrees, then him resetting it himself, ouch........
  7. Frieza getting offed by Mirai Trunks, getting chopped into pieces and blown into ashes is not the most ideal way to die.
  8. Anyone who was thrown into the sun and melted all count as 1, because that does suck alot but it was the exact same method over and over.
  9. Vegeta at the end of the saiyan saga, where though goku got his bones crushed into bonemeal, Vegeta got damaged to the point of dying, got his bones crushed as well by eing pancaked by Oozaru Gohan, got his tail cut off, and was on life support by the end of it, only to very nearly getting stabbed by Krillin. he didn't even ever heal from that all of the way, because he never weas able to get his tail back.
  10. Goku getting all of his bones crushed into ash by Oozaru Vegeta, how do you even survive that let alone be able to move ever again??? I don't believe that saiyans can regrow bones after awhile.

Wayneeer1's picks

  1. I can't believe nobody mentioned this. Kaio-Ken x3 Kamehameha vs. Galick Gun

tommy's picks

  1. vegeta punches qui's guts out
  2. 13 breaks vegeatas spine
  3. frieza pushes nails chest out from behind and squeezes his shoulder
  4. broly rams vegetas face in giant rock
  5. vegetas arm broken by 18
  6. 16 rips off cells tails
  7. android 17 punches piccolos back out before beating everyone else up
  8. super buu just before gotenks sends 1 last ghost in his mouth
  9. fat buu jumps on vegeta b4 rapidly punchin his face
  10. vegeta kills pui

SilverTaiyoAkira's picks

The Pain....

  1. Broly uses Goku's stomach as a trampoline in movie 8. (Damn, the pain...still can't get over that.)
  2. Super Android 13 punches Goku in his crotch. (Can't imagine how painful that must be.)
  3. Broly crushes his dad in the space pod and throws it towards the comet. (I thought you wanted to kill Goku, man. WTF? lol)
  4. Future Trunks gets shot by Super Perfect Cell. (I didn't really like him in the first place, but the blood he coughed up was pretty cool.)
  5. Yamcha gets crippled by Dr. Gero. (Felt so bad for him...)
  6. Krillin explodes when Frieza kills him. (Horrible way to sad...)
  7. Broly gets stabbed in the stomach and almost gets killed by King Vegeta's attack. (No wonder he becomes so friggin' psycho when he's older.)
  8. Vegeta gets his arm broken by Android 18. (The angle his arm broke in was just...damn.)
  9. Gohan's nightmare-Cell kills Piccolo and crushes his head. (Thank God they didn't clearly show that.)
  10. Buu kills everyone on Earth. (Takes serious brutality to accomplish something like that.

Honorable mentions: Broly gets blasted into the Sun by the Family Kamehameha, Videl almost gets her head crushed by Spopovich(shoulda let her die.), Gogeta kills Janemba (an awesome villain deserves an awesome death.), Broly destroys the things planet in movie 8 (that was mean, but somewhat funny.), Vegeta is killed by Frieza, Cell and Frieza are frozen in GT and shattered (please tell me they didn't die.), SSJ2 Gohan punches Cell in the stomach, Vegeta gets bitch slapped by Cell afetr spending 3 minutes trying to blast him, Cell self-destructing...there's so much more but I'll finish here.

SilverTheColonel's picks

  1. Vegeta kills Pui Pui
  2. Gohan kills Perfect Cell
  3. Goku kills Frieza
  4. Vegeta kicks Guldo's head off
  5. Gotenks being absorbed by Super Buu
  6. SSJ4 Goku kills Haze Shenron with a Kamehameha with Pan
  7. Android 17 kills Dr. Gero
  8. Baby kills Dr. Myuu
  9. Goku kicks Arqua in the air
  10. Mercenary Tao uses his tongue to kill General Blue

Meta King Cold's picks

Broly destroy and brutalise everyone

  1. When broly said ; look the little slave decided to be brave i know how you love to look up in the sky and some day you might come back BUT ITS JUST A DREAM!!!!! oops did i just blow it up and laugh maniacly
  2. When frieza mercillesly beats vegeta to the point of death
  3. When the saiyans mersillesly conquer tuffles
  4. When frieza destroy planet vegeta
  5. When frieza kills krilin with a you wont escape with your life attack
  6. When cell absorbed all humans in ginger town
  7. When cooler armor squadronuse energy waves to the forest and destroy the forest
  8. When frieza kills king vegeta
  9. When frieza destroy bardock and frieza soldier with super nova
  10. When king vegeta kills saibamen

The Most EVIL villian is FRIEZA

Josh Smith's picks

No particular order (so many choices and tough decisions)

  1. Broly jumping on Goku
  2. Broly holding Gohan's arms behind him and sticking is knee in his back.
  3. Piccolo brutaly annihilating the saibaman that attacked Gohan.
  4. Goku punching Frieza in the stomach causing him to vomit blood (a lot of blood)
  5. Cell elbowing Vegeta into the ground.
  6. Gogeta delivering 3 brutal blows to the back of Janemba's head.
  7. Buu poking Dabura's eyes and kicking him into the rocks.
  8. Goku's combo on Frieza starting with an elbow to the face and ending with frieza flying into the ground, scraping his face
  9. Goku's beatdowns on Kid Buu and fat buu
  10. Cell breaking Piccolo's neck and then blasting him.

Honorable Mentions: Android 16 using hell flash on cell, Goku hitting Baby with a 10X kamehameha, Cell breaking Krillin's neck, Gotenks Buu volleyball and Die Die Missile Barrage, Janemba slicing up Goku with his sword, Majin Vegeta shooting Buu with his Final Impact

Skinnyveku's picks

  1. Yajirobe slicing Cymbal in half
  2. 18 breaking Vegeta's arm
  3. Frieza (3rd form) using the Crazy Finger Beam on Piccolo
  4. 17 cutting Dr. Gero's head off
  5. Zangya beating the crap out of Krillin
  6. Vegeta punching a hole trough Zarbon and blasting him away with an energy wave
  7. Trunks slicing Mecha Frieza in pieces and vaporizing them
  8. Vegeta vaporizing Jeice
  9. 19 getting his hands cut off and being vaporized by Vegeta
  10. Goku breaking Nappa's back with the Kaioken Finish

magedude299's picks

My Ten fav picks that are maybe-ish too brutal

  1. Bardock and others being incinerated by Freiza's death ball.
  2. Buu being incinerated by Goku's super spirit bomb.
  3. Cell being killed by Goku & Gohan's Father-Son Kamehameha
  4. The cutting off of Vegeta's tail. (Yeech!)
  5. Vegeta using Final Galick Cannon on Zarbon and creating a hole in him.
  6. Vegeta and the other Z-fighters getting pwned by Android 17 and 18
  7. Vegeta killing with Cui with dirty fireworks
  8. Syn Shenron getting incinerated by Goku's Spirit Bomb
  9. Baby Vegeta getting pwned by Goku's Super Saiyan 4
  10. Vegeta killing Nappa (What's with all these Vegeta moments....)'s picks

  1. when king vegeta stabs baby broly
  2. when goku and chichi get married
  3. when trunks makes sushi out of frieza

SS3VegetaNB's picks

My Picks for the Top Ten Most Brutal Moments in Dragon Ball history:

  1. ...and finally...#1 The entire Majin Buu Saga from Buu's arrival to the very end. More beings died in this Saga than in any other time period in the history of Dragon Ball, and the fights are overall unequalled in sheer brutality.
  2. The Instant Transmission Kamehameha Wave. 'Nuff said...
  3. Vegeta's disposal of Guldo, Jeice, and the already-defeated squad members Burter and Recoome. This was especially brutal, but also just too awesome for words :).
  4. This one's a mass tie. For #4, I am going with any time Krillin has been killed or very nearly killed. He has gotten it the worst out of all the Dragon Ball characters by a huge margin, mainly because his deaths (and/or near deaths) are usually almost always extremely torturous - and most especially so during the Z Fighters' time on Namek.
  5. Broly crushing his own father to death in a space pod.
  6. The Saiyans stabbing baby Broly. I know we only saw this in the form of a silhouette, but damn.
  7. This one's a tie for me: Frieza's vivisection at the hands of his own Kienzan disks and Frieza's death at the hands of Future Trunks.
  8. The extinction of the Saiyan race in Bardock: Father of Goku.
  9. The first time we actually see Cell (First Form) completely absorb a human being from beginning to end.
  10. Perfect Cell regurgitating Android 18.

Goji73's picks

In no paritcular order:

  1. Dr. Gero impaling Yamcha with his hand
  2. Frieza impaling and torturing Krillin
  3. Goku killing King Piccolo
  4. Super Buu killing Smitty
  5. Nappa ripping off Tien's arm
  6. Vegeta blowing up a Saibaman
  7. Babidi blowing up Spopavich
  8. Omega Shenron using Dragon Thunder on Vegeta
  9. Goku shoving his power Pole up Ninja Murasaki's ass
  10. Goku getting a needle up the ass by Chi-Chi in DBGT

Diabolical-sun's picks

  1. Vegeta tearing off Android 19's Arms
  2. Frieza pummeling Nail into the ground.
  3. Recoome beating down Gohan while Gohan gets up over and over again.
  4. Frieza beating down Vegeta in Final Form then blasting him in the heart when Vegeta opened his mouth.
  5. Vegeta killing Zarbon fist through the stomach and all
  6. Dodoria Vs. the three Namekian warriors.
  7. Tien Vs. Nappa. The arm.
  8. Vegeta killing Nappa
  9. Candy Vegitto ripping super Buu into shreds
  10. Piccolo Using the special beam cannon on Radditz and Goku

Honorable Mention: Buu when piccolo told him to go kill the remaining earthlings and come back later... then he just sent ki beams killing everyone, and Nappa's Vs. the Army/Navy/Airforce etc.

Supreme Gohan's picks

I don't actually have many but i'll name as many as I can.

  1. Piccolo relentlessly kicks Goku's hole in the gut and further brutal attacks(Watch the fight, trust me you'll be feeling pity for Goku).
  2. Videl getting her as* handed to her by Spopowitch.
  3. Vegeta vs Zarbon(Second Fight)
  4. Frieza yoinks off Nail's arm.
  5. Gohan ssj2 relentlessly beats Cell to a pulp.

Thats all i got for now.

Nikon23's picks

  1. Kid Buu Blowing up Earth (Dragon Ball Z)
  2. Broly killing his own father, Paragus (DBZ Movie #8: Broly, The Legendary Super Saiyan)
  3. Kid Goku defeting King Piccolo with Penetrate! (Dragon Ball)
  4. Piccolo saving Gohan from Nappa's Impact Bomb (Dragon Ball Z)
  5. Dodoria Killing Moori (Dragon Ball Z)
  6. Cell Vs Piccolo (Fuse with Kami) (Dragon Ball Z) (Cell nearly killing Piccolo with See Ya!)
  7. Gohan-SS2/Vegeta-SS2/Trunks-SS1/Majuub/Goten-SS1 Vs Super Android #17 (Dragon Ball GT) (Easily defeated with ease, so brutal and embrassing)
  8. Future Gohan-SS1 Vs Android #17/ Android #18 (Dragon Ball Z:The History of Trunks) (It was brutal how they killed him in the tv special with Sadistic Dance)
  9. Vegeta vs Jiece (Dragon Ball Z) (Vegeta killing Jiece with the Genocide Breaker)
  10. Vegeta vs Frieza (Final Form) (Dragon Ball Z) (When Frieza was choking Vegeta, with his tail, he repeatingly punches him in the back.)

Bardockiscool's picks

in no particular order

  1. 2nd form Frieza goring Krillin
  2. Future Gohan getting double teamed and killed by the androids
  3. Kid Buu bashing Vegeta around
  4. SSJ Vegeta ripping off android 19's arms
  5. Android 18 breaking Vegeta's arm
  6. Majin Buu butt bombing a defenceless Majin Vegeta then ground and pounding him
  7. Vegeta stomping Burters neck
  8. Super buu killing those humans who hurt Hercule and Bee
  9. Future 17/18 hunting down and toying with Future Trunks 1st match-up with androids
  10. Final form Frieza killing Krillin

Dragonov-Bullet's picks

  1. Vegeta putting his fist trough Zarbon in the middle of a punching exchange and then exploding all of his insides (in front of his future wife).
  2. Dr. Gero putting his arm trough Yamcha's torso while holding him by the face and absorbing his precious life force.
  3. Vegeta chopping Jeice's side in mid-air and then blowing him to bits in front of a battered and terrified Captain Ginyu.
  4. Dodoria, Zarbon and Vegeta murdering those poor Namekians (that two-arm punch in the head of an elder by Vegeta was gore).
  5. Vegeta finishing Burta and Reecoom (man, especially Burta...).
  6. Piccolo sending the special beam canon through Raditz and Goku, killing them both almost instantenuously.
  7. Nappa punching Tenshinhan's arm off while the latter tried to block Nappa's attack.
  8. Vegeta cutting Guldo's head off and blasting it while it was still trash talking.
  9. Piccolo cutting Babidi in half with a single chop (he almost had him there).
  10. Tenshinhan knocking out Yamcha in mid-air with a body kick and then completely destroying Yamcha's leg with a knee drop (one of the first really brutal scene in the whole dragon-ball manga).

Honorable mentions: Goku punching a whole through King Piccolo and killing him//Freeza ripping Nail's arm off//Piccolo blasting a whole through Goku's chest while pretending to be knocked out//Trunks killing Freeza and King Cold//Android 18 breaking Vegeta's arm with a single kick//Cell breaking Piccolo's neck and blasting his guts out//Majiin Buu (looks so nice and gentle) putting his hand in Deborah's eyes and making him bleed//Yamcha getting his arm broken by a Cell Jr//Yajirobe cutting Cimbal in half//Freeza goring Krillin//Krillin blasting trough Vegeta on the latter's own demand//Goku kicking Drum's head off (eye and brains popping out)//Freeza cutted in half by his own kienzai's picks

  1. cell juniors beating on the z fighters
  2. frieza beating vegeta
  3. great ape vegeta beating on Goku
  4. kid buu beating up vegeta
  5. broly beating the z fighters
  6. recoome beating on vegeta
  7. android 18 beating vegeta
  8. android 19 beating goku
  9. great ape baby beating goku
  10. zarbon beating vegeta

Cooper31684's picks

  1. Frieza beats the S*%$ out of Vegeta before killing him.
  2. Cell kills patrons at amusment park in the house of mirrors.
  3. The Androids kill Chi Chi, Trunks, and others in Goku's dream.
  4. Dodoria breaks Moori's neck after the namek elder refuses to give up the dragonball.
  5. Frieza impales Krillin on his horn and tortures him for about 10 minutes. During which time he licks Krillin's blood from his own face.
  6. Cell absorbs the rich man in Nickytown right in front of Piccolo.
  7. Dodoria impales the namekian warrior who came to help the namek village.
  8. Gohan utterly destroys the Cell Jrs.
  9. Piccolo, Jr rips off his own arm while fighting Goku.
  10. Frieza rips off Nail's arm with ease.

Unknown0064's picks

  1. When Android 18 breaks both of Vegeta's arms, even though he was already...disarmed (Ha ha ha...get it?)
  2. When LSSJ Broly keeps jumping on Goku's chest, causing him to cough up blood and probobly suffer permanent, deabilitating organ damage.
  3. When Perfect Cell crushes 16's head, even though he was just giving Gohan a pep talk.
  4. When Broly grabs Vegeta's head and slams it into a cliff, causing a huge crater in the side.
  5. When Turles uses Ki-Blast Barrage on Goku while he's face down on the ground.
  6. When Frieza's soldier kills the lone, crawling Namekian survivor while searching for the Dragon Ball Vegeta hid.
  7. When Cooler repeatedly plants his foot on Goku's chest and drives him into the cliff-face.
  8. When 17 (Presumably) kills Krillin in GT while 18 looks on in horror.
  9. When Goku and Vegeta are having their energy drained by Cooler in the Big Gete Star.
  10. When Frieza grabs Goku with his leg just as he's coming up for air on Namek.

Friezafire's picks

  1. Frieza slaughters,rapes, and destroys Vegeta
  2. Vegeta's onslaught of blasts at Cell after Trunks dies
  3. Trunks slices Frieza up
  4. Trunks kills King Cold with no mercy
  5. Frieza kills King Vegeta
  6. Perfect Cell kills Adroid #16
  7. Kid Buu tortures Vegeta
  8. Vegeta obliterating Cui with his Dirty Fireworks
  9. Vegeta mercilessly killing Dodoria
  10. Recoome beats up Gohan on Namek

EricJoels picks

  1. Frieza beats the crap out of Vegeta and sends a death beam through the poor saiyan prince's heart.
  2. Vegeta kills Zarbon and sends him to his watery grave.
  3. Vegeta beats the crap out of android 19 and blows his head up.
  4. Frieza is murdered by Trunks.
  5. Piccolos death at the hands of Nappa.
  6. Guldo has his head removed by Vegeta.
  7. "You Talk Mean to BUU"
  8. Kid Buu destroys Vegeta.
  9. This one should be higher but cell blasts piccolo into the ocean.
  10. Cell attempts to destroys the planet and kills goku.'s picks

  1. Cell fired his solar kamehameha nearly destroying Earth.
  2. Vegeta rips off the hands of #19 and shortly after destroys him with the big bang attack.
  3. Future Trunks is killed by Cell shooting a random blast at him.
  4. Zarbon ruthlessly killed a namekian elder to do as simple as to start a conversation with Moori about a dragon ball.
  5. Krillin drops the remote to #18 and she soon notices him, causing Krillin mental havoc.
  6. Future Trunks' flashback of the unnamed androids.
  7. When Yajirobe's car is blown up by android 19 and dr.Gero
  8. When dr.Gero stole energy from Yamcha.
  9. When dr.Gero snaps out orders to 17 and 18, 17 kicks off his head and stepped on it.
  10. When Frieza first introduced his 3rd form.

Nimbus.69's picks

  1. Vegeta kills Zarbon: Okay I never really cared about Zarbon, but DAAAAAAMN!
  2. Freeza is sliced in half by his own attack: DICED
  3. Cell vomits 18: 18 unconcious and covered in white stuff :3
  4. Freeza stabs Kuririn: The way he tortures him is just too painful to watch for me
  5. Spopovitch Vs Videl: I know we've seen a lot of brutal fights, but seeing Videl getting stomped around by Spopovitch is just brutal
  6. Spopovitch is blown up by Babbidi: O_O
  7. Buu kills Smitty: SUPER GUM!
  8. Cell murders Trunks: Brutal for a kid's show; poor guy barfs blood TWICE...ONCE AT THE SCREEN WITH NO EYES DRAWN IT AND VEGETA IS WATCHING
  9. Buu turns the Z-fighters into chocolate: This scene really scares me; I mean, just hearing them all screaming while you see their shadows shrink and turn into candy is just...
  10. Any Vegeta killing scene in the Freeza Arc: Too many to name...

HONORABLE MENTIONS: Future Gohan's arm is sliced off, Vegeta gets torutered by Freeza, Piccolo gets FINGER BANGED by Freeza, Gohan gets stomped by Freeza, Piccolo kills Goku and Raditz, Cell absorbs a man, Vegeta Vs Kid Buu, Gohan watched Goku sacrifice himself against Cell, Cell Jr breaks Yamucha's arm, and 16 is killed by Cell

JohnathanExperience's picks

  1. Gohan Pulverizes Bido and Bujin: Come on! He f***in disintergrated them!
  2. Trunks Bloody Spit: Gore, Gore, Blood, Blood, It's Hell For Women
  3. Krillin is Tortured and Stabbed by Frieza: Count: 1, 2, 3, 4
  4. Vegeta's Final Explosion: Epic Scream, but Stoney Ending
  5. Krillin Explosion: He exploded, in MID AIR!
  6. Cell b*** Slaps Chi-Chi: I know everyone wanted to see that twice or more...
  7. Gohan SSJ2 Tenderizes Cell: Only two punches that made contact, and yet, it made him so damaged!
  8. Spopovich Beats Videl: I love Females getting pounded, in both ways :D
  9. Super Buu Explosion: I'LL KILL YOU!!!!
  10. Goku's Epic Explosion: Great way to end a series, that continued again...

Igotswagger's picks

  1. Spopovitch crushes Videl
  2. Goku scarafices himself to kill Raditz
  3. Goku ssj3 Dragon Fist against that monster in dbz movie 13 that I forgot the name of.
  4. Zarbon's Death
  5. Nail's arm ripped off by Freiza
  6. Burter and Recoome's death
  7. Bojack kills Zangya ( because this probably the most shocking moment in DBZ )
  8. Majin Buu against Gohan and Supreme Kai
  9. Gohan's rage on Freiza 2nd Form
  10. Android 18 vs Hell Fighter 17

Honorable Mentions: Piccolo saves Gohan and gets killed by Nappa.

Ssjcarlinmullins' picks

I only have 1

  1. When Turles has Goku face down on a rock and repetedly blasts the living hell out of Goku's back is just brutal. The screams from Goku, the music and the smoke after are just amazing

Namekian Warrior's picks

Top 10 most brutal moments

  1. SS4 Goku's overkill against Eis Shenron: He punched a hole through his gut followed up my fictions Dragon Fist. Talk about overkill.
  2. Father-Son Kamehameha: You could just see every cell in his body disintegrate.
  3. The deadly beating that Broly gives Goku: First elbow to the face followed by a harsh point-blank ki blast then a volley of energy blasts and a hard punch to the face plus, just to add insult to injury he takes a point-blank Kamehameha wave and finally a cold relentless beatdown
  4. Anything Dodoria does in general: He's just a vicious cold blooded killer
  5. Tambourine's murders: He viciously killed every tournament fighter with the acception of all of the heroes (except Krillin). When he shoved his fist through Giran's stomach was the most brutal
  6. The way Meta-Cooler punches Goku in the stomach: You can just feel the agony coming out of his mouth.
  7. Turles beating Goku: It's not enough that your get to overpower him with a barrage of punches and kicks, but you have to ki blast barrage Goku from point blank range on the very creation that caused your power to rise so far above his.
  8. Anytime Yamcha get beat down or killed: Yamcha just gets pathetically knocked around by every villain he goes up against
  9. 19 stealing Goku's energy: Bad enough that he has a heart disease but now you steal his energy
  10. Anytime Goku gets crushed by a giant villain: He screams in agonizing pain that makes my blood curl.

Sorry it's so long.

Gamewolf67's picks

  1. Majin Vegeta sacrifices himself to try and stop Buu.
  2. Dr. Gero impales Yamcha with his hand.
  3. Cell self destructs.
  4. Goku and Raditz are impaled by Special Beam Cannon.
  5. Turles blasts Goku on the back with an energy barrage.
  6. Frieza is cut to bits and disentegrated by Trunks.
  7. Gohan rips Bojack in half in the middle of a clash.
  8. Frieza "Kills" Bardock.
  9. Zarbon gets impaled by Vegeta and has his insides blasted out.
  10. Goku impales King Piccolo.

Honorable mentions: Lord Slug hit by Spirit Bomb, Goku hit by Taopaipai's Dodon Ray, Cell Juniors getting ripped apart, Goku's Dragon Fist on Hirudegarn, and many more.

Ob9410s picks

  1. Frieza makes Krillin explode!
  2. Goku gets squeezed by Vegeta (I would probably yell uncle if Goku was me in tht clip)
  3. when Gogeta uses stardust breaker on Janemba
  4. super dragon fist and kamehameha combo on Super 17
  5. Gotenks super ghost kamikaze attack on buu (the one where he summoned 10)
  6. Trunks gets full power death beamed by Cell
  7. when Van Zant shoots Bee
  8. the time Veku gets dominated by Janemba
  9. Omega Shenron using dragon thunder (i forgot who he used it on)
  10. my single most brutal moment is *drum roll* Trunks using lightning sword attack on Frieza (mecha)

Barber2481's picks

  1. cell kicked in stomach by gohan
  2. Babidi blows Marvin's head off
  3. Babidis death
  4. frieza impaled krillin
  5. gohan brutally kills bojack,Bido,Bujin/ bojack kills zangya
  6. gokus intense rage and facial expression before beating super 13
  7. Dr gero impaled Yamcha
  8. Van Zant and smitty kill innocent people
  9. super buu kills smitty
  10. trunks kills frieza

Prince Vegeta66's picks

  1. Vegeta decapitates Guldo.
  2. Vegeta murders Zarbon.
  3. Dr. Gero impales Yamcha.
  4. Dodoria and Zarbon slaughter several Namekians (need I say more?)
  5. King Cold is killed by Trunks.
  6. Vegeta kills Burter and Recoome.
  7. Frieza is cut in half (both times).
  8. Vegeta murders Nappa.
  9. Frieza impales Krillin with his spike.
  10. Frieza chokes Vegeta with his tail and beats him.

Zandy62's picks

  1. Watching the entire absorbtion process by Cell on the rich old man from Nicky Town (still creeps me out)
  2. Videl kicking Spopavich's head around
  3. Videl beaten within an inch of her life by Spopavich
  4. Dr. Gero impaling Yamcha
  5. Fat Buu killing Babidi
  6. Vegeta killing Pui Pui
  7. Android 18 breaking Vegeta's arm
  8. Guldo's head cut off by Vegeta
  9. Chi-chi yelling at Gohan to do his homework all the time
  10. Nappa ripping Tien's arm off's picks

No specific order:

  1. Frieza is cut in half.
  2. Vegeta is pierced by Syn/Omega's spike.
  3. Krillin is impaled and tortured by Frieza's horn.
  4. Goku bursts through King Piccolo's gut and Super 17's gut.
  5. Raditz and Goku get thier stomachs blown open.
  6. Piccolo slices Babidi in half.
  7. Baby burst out of Dr. Myuu's back.
  8. Syn bursts through Nuova's body.
  9. Cyborg Frieza is sliced to pieces by Future Trunks.
  10. Goku's body is shredded by Giant Meta Cooler.

Honorable Mentions: That man is absorbed by Cell, Cell's death, Super Buu fills up that man until he bursts, Babidi makes Spovavitch explode, and Daikaioh chops up Ultra Buu.

Super Shmevan's picks

  1. Spopovich absolutely crushing Videl during their fight in the World Martial Arts Tournament.
  2. Frieza impaling Krilling with one of his horns.
  3. When Piccolo blasts a hole through Goku's chest during their fight at the World Martial Arts Tournament, and Piccolo subsequently attacking the bloody wound that Goku had.
  4. Frieza pounding, and eventually killing, Vegeta after he transforms into his final form.
  5. Android 18 breaking Vegeta's arm with a single kick.
  6. Recoome beating Gohan within an inch of his life.
  7. Android 20 absorbing energy from Yamcha as well as impaling him with his bare hand.
  8. Great ape Vegeta crushing Goku's legs, and his attempt to crush his entire body.
  9. Vegeta killing Nappa when he asked for his help.
  10. Cell stepping on Android 16's head.

SupaBoySwagg's picks

These are my picks for the top 10 most brutal moments.

  1. Future Gohan loses his arm to the 2 merciful Androids.
  2. Gohan punching Bojack with a punch through his gut
  3. Trunks killing Gokua with a punch through the chest
  4. Android 16 getting his face smashed in by Cell's foot
  5. Gohan's Rampage against the Cell Junior's.
  6. Spopovich was blown up from his insides by Babidi
  7. Super Buu flew inside a human and made him blow up
  8. Omega Shenron sticks Vegeta with his back spikes and electrocutes him
  9. The way Nameks rip their own arms off.
  10. A tie between Broly's Rampage or Super 13's Rampage or Goku's Dragon Fist against King Piccolo or Omega Shenron

Alifraya1002's picks

  1. Goku Kills Eis Shenron With Dragon Fist
  2. Omega Shenron Stab Vegeta's Shoulder With Dragon Thunder
  3. Kid Buu Obliterated By Goku's Super Spirit Bomb
  4. Piccolo Cuts Doctor Gero's Arm
  5. Vegeta Kills Android 19 With Big Bang Attack
  6. Frieza Uses HAIL Frieza Technique On Krillin
  7. Doctor Gero Impales Yamcha In The Stomatch
  8. Omega Shenron Obliterated By Goku's Universal Spirit Bomb
  9. Cell Uses See Ya! Technique On Piccolo
  10. Great Ape Vegeta Squashes Goku's Leg

False Super Saiyan Jake's picks

  1. Chilled hitting Berry with a Death Razor causing him to hit a rock hillside and fall while painfully hitting multiple rocks on the way
  2. Chilled/Mecha Frieza impaling their soldiers with Ruthless Blow
  3. Vegeta's heart being pierced by Frieza's Death Beam, causing him to cough up a ton of blood
  4. Cell crushing Full Power Super Saiyan Gohan's back while everyone watches in horror
  5. Vegeta ramming his fist into Post-transformation Zarbon's chest and then shooting a blast through the wound
  6. Android 13 punching Super Saiyan Goku in the groin
  7. Imperfect Cell absorbing the rich man in front of Super Namek Piccolo while the man begs for his life
  8. Super Buu turning Chi-Chi into an egg and then crushing it
  9. Van Zant injuring Bee with the splash damage from his rocket launcher
  10. Future 17 and 18 terrorizing and mercilessly beating up Super Saiyan Future Trunks

IvanL1997Jovo's picks

  1. Babidi making head explosion on dude at tenkaichi budokai after telling him a useless information and Buu killing Babidi ripping his head off.
  2. In manga,Gero ripping that guy's in a car head off.

Quackulon The Duck Tyrant's picks

  1. Majin Buu killing Babidi
  2. when Super Buu  uses the Dangerous liquid bomb on smitty.
  3. when Vegeta knees Gohan in the stomach on namek 
  4. when Dodoria kills Cargo
  5. when frieza impales krillen on his horn 
  6. android 20 impaling yamcha
  7. frieza choking vegeta with his tail while he brutalizes him
  8. recoome brutalizing gohan krillin and vegeta
  9. when van zant shoots bee
  10. when 18 breaks vegeta's arm

Saad360's picks

My picks for top 10 most brutal moments,

  1. Gohan punching cell and causing him to puke up android 18.
  2. Broly beating Android 18, Goten and Trunks to a pulp (in movie 13 "Bio-Broly")
  3. Tien breaking Yamcha's leg.
  4. Salza getting his chest pierced by Piccolo's Makankosappo.( in movie "Cooler's revenge")
  5. Goku punching the life out of Janemba in his SSJ3 state. (in movie 12 "fusion reborn")
  6. Broly stomping on Goku's stomach. (in movie 10 "Broly the legendary super saiyan)
  7. Vegeta attacking Gohan.
  8. Goku beating Vegeta to a piece of bloody shit while in Kaio-ken times 3.
  9. Nappa ripping off Tien's arm.
  10. Piccolo punching a Saibamen's gut and then blasting him to a skeleton.


DBZpiccoloFAN1's picks

  1. turles fires constant ki blast into gokus back
  2. frieza beats the saiyan out of vegeta
  3. piccolo sacrifices himself for gohan
  4. omega shenron stabs vegeta with his spikes in GT
  5. goku punches jeice
  6. cell kills trunks
  7. nappa punchs tiens arm off
  8. piccolo cuts babidi in half
  9. krillin get stabbed by 2nd form frieza
  10. 17 kills dr. gero

Maderfakers' picks

  1. Vegeta knees Burter's neck on the ground, killing him.
  2. Frieza beats and kills Vegeta.
  3. Dabura brutally executes Kibito.
  4. Cell kills Trunks with a death beam.
  5. Imperfect cell fires a hole through Picollo's chest.
  6. Android 20 impales Yamcha with his hand.
  7. Frieza 2nd form impales Krillin.
  8. Piccolo rips Android 20's arm off. (go piccolo :D)
  9. Spopovitch beats crap out of Videl.
  10. Android 18 breaks Vegeta's arm.

Super Saiyan 7 Somebody's picks

Note that I haven't seen Dragon Ball or Dragon Ball GT (yet).

  1. Super Buu kills Smitty
  2. Future Trunks kills King Cold
  3. Babidi kills Spopovich
  4. Future Trunks kills Frieza
  5. Vegeta kills Zarbon
  6. Nappa punches Tien's arm off
  7. Future Gohan's death
  8. Frieza impales Krillin
  9. Broly repeatedly stomps on Goku
  10. Piccolo rips his ears off

Legendary Yosho's picks

list of brutal DBZ moments I have a list but I will not be going in any order. 

  1. Frieza peircess Krillin's chet with his horns and preceeds to tormant him by moving up and down.
  2. All the horrible deeds done by future 17 and 18 they killed children!!! CHILDREN!!! and what thay did to Future Gohan.
  3. Tien loses his arm agianst Nappa and continues to fight onely to die.
  4. Frieza kills Vegeta.
  5. Cell beats Piccolo half to death punches him the screen turns black and white for a second cell picks him up and before blasting him he says goodbye put his voice changes as he says it to a terrafying deep demonic voice then he blasts Piccolo and tosses him to the ocean.
  6. When Frieza was drowning Goku and Goku was losing the fight and he has memeries and pictures of all his loved ones in his mind.
  7. Coolers fight with Goku in Coolers Revenge and his fight with Goku and Vegeta in Cooler Returns he fights without mercy wich is understandable but he is very brutal.
  8. 18 beats Vegeta to a pulp and breaks his arm.
  9. Vegeta destroys the bug planet Araleia and the two lovers left on the planet are deystroyed in an instant just as they touch hands.
  10. Cell attempts to kill future Trunks and Vegeta enraged attacks Cell onely to be defeated again and powerless to protect his son. Boy Toriyama could be a real bitch at times.

JadeDBZ's picks

  1. Videl gets beat UPPP by Spopovich 
  2. Vegeta gets a beatdown by Majin Buu
  3. Yamacha gets a whole in his stoamch by the androids
  4. When Trunks got beamed by Cell in the cell games
  5. Broly when he fights the Z fighters
  6. Vegeta gets his arm broken by 18
  7. When the androids beat up Trunks in history of Trunks
  8. When Cell beat up Vegeta that he was on the ground looking cripple
  9. when Majin Buu blasted Gohan that was was going to go into outer space until Supreme Kai stopped it
  10. When the Supreme Kai got beat up by Majin Buu 

GodofDestructionBills' picks

  1. Frieza stabbing Krillin
  2. Cell blasting Piccolo
  3. Frieza uses Supernova at Bardock and Planet Vegeta
  4. Vegeta blasts a hole in Zarbon
  5. Cell destroys 16s head
  6. Omega Shenron stabbing Vegeta and gives him a shock
  7. Goku flying though King Piccolo
  8. Piccolo kills Raditz and Goku
  9. Buu getting in that mans body and maked him explode
  10. Frieza blasting into Vegeta

NashKillmaster's picks

  1. Frieza in general (including his deaths)
  2. Videl vs Spovovitch
  3. Vegeta killing most of the Ginyu Force members (especially Burter and Guldo)
  4. Dr. Gero's death
  5. Broly in general (except Bio-Broly)
  6. Super Buu killing Smitty
  7. Nappa severing Tien's hand
  8. Recoome breaking Gohan's neck
  9. Goku (his first) and Raditz's deaths
  10. Zarbon's death

Honorable mentions: Vegeta as Oozaru crushing Goku, Yajirobe slicing Vegeta's back, Piccolo's sacrifice while saving Gohan from Nappa's Deluxe Bomber, Gohan kicking Cell so hard he regurgitates Android 18, Goku crippling Nappa then Vegeta executing him, Cell killing Future Trunks, Future Gohan's death, Babidi's death, Dabura killing Kabito, Babidi executing Spovovitch, the Namekian massacre, Mercenary Tao killing Bora, Goku's nightmare in the Androids saga, Kid Goku kicking Drum's eyes out, Cell's death, Cell absorbing the civilian giving Piccolo money, and Babidi blowing up Marvin's head.

10X Kamehameha's picks

  1. Videl vs Spovovitch
  2. Nappa punches Tien's arm off
  3. Super 13 knees Goku in the crotch
  4. Goku punches a hole through Piccolo
  5. Recoome breaking Gohan's neck
  6. Majin Vegeta fires into the tournament crowd
  7. Every scene where someone grabs someone else's face and smashes them into the ground
  8. Trunks cuts Frieza in half
  9. Buu kills everyone on Earth
  10. Baby beats the heck out of SS3 kid Goku

Shakuran13's picks

  1. Videl and Spopovich's fight
  2. Frieza pummeling Vegeta, who has lost the will to fight
  3. Frieza twists Gohan's neck
  4. Nappa punches Tien's arm off
  5. Goku getting hit in the crotch
  6. Vegeta breaking Goku's bones as a Great Ape
  7. Zarbon's death by Vegeta
  8. Buu killing Smitty
  9. Cell's absorption of the richest man in Ginger Town
  10. Dragon Thunder

Ultimate Dark Carnage's picks

  1. Vegeta kills Zarbon
  2. Vegeta dies from Frieza
  3. 18 breaks Vegeta's arm
  4. Krillin explodes
  5. 16's head gets smashed by Cell
  6. Yamcha's kick fail
  7. Turles blasts Goku multiple times and kills him
  8. Goku kills King Piccolo
  9. Frieza impaled Krillin with his horns
  10. Frieza got sliced in half

Blazeine (Yellow Flash of the Leaf)'s picks

  1. Vegeta kills Zarbon (Galick Gun through the stomache)
  2. Trunks gets blasted through the chest by Super Perfect Cell (constant blood spewing)
  3. Videl vs Spopovich
  4. Krillin explodes (Frieza)
  5. Vegeta is killed by Frieza (Death Beam)
  6. Guldo is killed by Vegeta
  7. Tien's arm is sliced off by Nappa
  8. Nappa is killed by Vegeta
  9. Gohan makes Cell spit out 18 (punches and kicks)
  10. Cui is killed by Vegeta (Dirty Fireworks)

Sarabada's picks

  1. Vegeta kills Zarbon
  2. Nappa chops Tien's arm off
  3. Frieza dominates Nail
  4. Videl is totally ruined by Spopovich
  5. Smitty killed by Super Buu
  6. King Piccolo impaled by Goku
  7. Frieza tortures Vegeta
  8. Recoome owning Gohan and Krillin
  9. Piccolo heavily pierces Goku (Piccolo Jr. Saga)
  10. Cell partially destroyed by Gohan's Kamehameha

WaffleGuy26's picks

  1. vegeta butchers zarbon
  2. recoome busts krillin and gohan
  3. vegeta rips off 19's arms
  4. zarbon headbutts vegeta
  5. vegeta decapitates guldo
  6. vegeta breaks burter's neck
  7. vegeta kills dodoria
  8. vegeta kills cui
  9. vegeta kills nappa
  10. majin buu pops babidi's head

DinkyPotato's picks

  1. Vegeta kills Zarbon by ramming his hand through Zarbon's stomach. 
  2. Recoome breaks Gohan's neck 
  3. Dodoria kills the Namek child 
  4. Dodoria breaks Moori's neck 
  5. Majin Buu squeezes Babidi until his head explodes 
  6. Spopovich's beating of Videl
  7. Nappa breaks off Tien's arm 
  8. Cell absorbs the rich man in Gingertown 
  9. Cell breaks Piccolo's neck and sends him into the waters
  10. Zarbon brutally pummels Vegeta in their first struggle 

Ibbe Posey's picks

  1. Vegeta slaughters Zarbon
  2. Android 19 gets his arms ripped off by vegeta
  3. Recoome breaks Gohan's neck
  4. Zarbon head butts Vegeta
  5. Piccolo shoots a beam through Goku and Raditz
  6. Android 18 breaks Vegita's arms
  7. Frieza ripping off Nail's arm.
  8. Nappa ripping of Tien's arm.
  9. Frieza impaling Krillin.
  10. Trunks slices up and burns frieza into dust

MegaBossMan's picks

  1. Vegeta butchers Zarbon
  2. Android 19 gets arms ripped off by Vegeta
  3. Dodoria and Zarbon slaughter Nameks
  4. Recoome busts Gohan's neck
  5. Zarbon headbutts Vegeta
  6. Goku gets punched somewhere by 13
  7. Cooler vs Goku
  8. Vegeta killing Recoome and Burter
  9. Vegeta cutting off Guldo's head.
  10. That poor family near Babidi's spaceship. They're so mutilated......

Gogeta Jr's picks

  1. Vegeta executes Zarbon
  2. Vegeta decapitates Guldo
  3. Vegeta breaks Burter's neck
  4. Vegeta obliterates Pui Pui
  5. Vegeta eliminates Jeice
  6. Vegeta rips off Android 19's arms
  7. Vegeta eradicates Nappa
  8. Vegeta launches Cui and exterminates him
  9. Vegeta mutilates Dodoria
  10. Zarbon and Dodoria butcher the Nameks

Jim Logan's picks

  1. Vegeta kills Zarbon
  2. Vegeta decapitates Guldo
  3. Vegeta rips off 19's arms
  4. Vegeta kills Cui
  5. Vegeta kills Dodoria 
  6. Vegeta kills Pui Pui
  7. Trunks kills Mecha Frieza and King Cold
  8. Vegeta kills Jeice
  9. Vegeta kills Nappa
  10. Frieza kills Krillin

HypercaneTeen's picks

  1. vegeta annihilates zarbon
  2. vegeta slaughters dodoria
  3. vegeta butchers jeice
  4. vegeta eradicates cui
  5. vegeta erases pui pui
  6. vegeta decapitates guldo
  7. vegeta rips off android 19's hands and blows him up
  8. vegeta snaps burter's neck
  9. vegeta executes nappa
  10. spopovich beats videl

Rockthedragon678's picks

  1. Vegeta kills Zarbon
  2. Trunks slices Frieza
  3. Vegeta decapitates Guldo
  4. Tien loses his hand
  5. Frieza gets cut in half
  6. Goku swallows a dragon ball
  7. Krillin gets blown up
  8. Goku gets a shot in the chest from Raditz
  9. Frieza kills Vegeta
  10. Chiaotzu blows up
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