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Forum Top Ten Least Favorite Moments/Fights/Scenes

Top Ten Least Favorite Moments/Fights/Scenes

Note: Make your top ten list and put it here the same way. Make sure it's a top ten list and only list ten, no more. (The rest go under honorable mentions) Lets see how many people's opinions are similar. Have fun!

Note: Only canonical material; manga, anime, movies are fine. No jokes and internet comedies (abridged, etc.) Only the official material counts. - Zarbon by raykugen-d2ygchz PrinceZarbon talk contribZarbon ava3 06:29, 26 May 2009 (UTC)

PrinceZarbon's picks

These are my picks for the top ten least favorite moments/fights/scenes:

  1. Gohan v. Cell final kamehameha, where the two kamehameha blasts collided for an entire two episodes, and stretched with the two of them grunting and moaning for way too long, bored the life out of me.
  2. Super Buu v. Vegito as a candy...annoying and childish.
  3. Super Buu v. Gotenks (more annoying and childish behavior)
  4. Goku and Vegeta inside of Buu's stomach and head; dumb worms and digestive system, etc.
  5. Pan getting lost in the beehive.
  6. Pan getting lost in the desert.
  7. Pan tagging along like an annoying little brat (more than one instance)
  8. Great Saiyaman going on dates to conceal his identity.
  9. Great Saiyaman trying to save baby dinosaurs.
  10. Goten and Trunks generally acting stupid and/or taking turns to pee on mountains, etc.

Dishonorable Mentions: Goten v. Trunks, Goten and Trunks proceeding through the World Tournament, Goten and Trunks learning to fuse, etc.

GothicHan's picks

Here's mine!

  1. Pan's first appearance (and just Pan in general ... GGRR!)
  2. Gohan's transisiton to the Great Saiyaman
  3. The fight with Freeza was WAY too long
  4. Gohan's high school moments
  5. Raditz's death (he could have been SO much more)
  6. The fight with Guldo
  7. Any scene involving Videl
  8. Piccolo vs Shin
  9. Garlic Junior saga
  10. Vegeta vs Dodoria (too short)

SSJGoku93's picks

  1. Anything with Mr. Satan (he annoys the hell out of me)
  2. Anything with Pan (she's pretty much the most hated character ever)
  3. Gohan becoming a useless nerd during fights in GT
  4. The final fight between Goku and Frieza. (Is dragged on way to long!)
  5. Great Saiyaman's appearance (this is what started Gohan being irritating)
  6. Gotenks vs. Buu (Gotenks is extremely annoying)
  7. Gohan's adventures in high school (while a bit funny, it was still pretty boring)
  8. Bio- Broly (worst DBZ movie ever in my opinion)
  9. The end of DBZ (pretty blah and not very exciting)
  10. The fight with Guldo (I thought it was boring)

Silver Sinspawn's picks

  1. The Entire Dragon Ball Evolution Movie
  2. Anything with The Great Saiyaman
  3. And Anything With Videl (Post Haircut)
  4. The Bobblehead Playback of the Cell Games
  5. The Gohan becomes SSJ2 Thing (I HATE GOHAN)
  6. Cell Vomits Up 18.
  7. Not Really a Scene,but the entire fact that Everybody thinks Mr Satan is The Worlds most Powerful Being....
  8. The Vegeta Kills a Saibaman Scene
  9. The Illusion Saiyans Scene
  10. Goku's Super Saiyan Funimation Dub Speech (The Nightmare to you one,because its was long and pointless)

Dankedude's picks

  1. Pan, just Pan.
  2. Ocean Dubs over 9000! (Too many videos dedicated to a mis-read line.)
  3. GT fights without Goku, Trunks, and Pan. (Everyone seems so under-powered.)
  4. The damn speech yamcha gives in Saiyan saga.
  5. Krillin "fights" Nappa.
  6. Lord Slugs fights.
  7. Bio-Broly and his evil pudding ending.
  8. Broly and Gohan end fight. (Gohan back was broken!)
  9. GT's logic.
  10. GT's lack of depth.

Ghostkaiba297's picks

  1. Vegeta killing the Nameks in that one village. (partly because they aren't wished back (as far as we know), and partly because that counts against him later, when Dende refuses to heal him)
  2. Any of Chi-Chi's spaz attacks about Gohan and that he should be studying and that he shouldn't be fighting (it's good that those finally end once Gohan destroys Cell)
  3. The redub changing Vegeta's and Zarbon's voices (Their FUNimation voices in the original dub sounded Vegeta-ish and Zarbon-like enough for my taste, but in the redub, they are way too unlike their characters, and all four voices were done by the same voice actor)
  4. That the people of Earth so blindly worship Hercule and think that he can defeat any of their enemies, and believe everything he tells them
  5. Vegeta's spaz attack on Gohan during the Babidi Saga (where Dabura realizes he can be turned evil)
  6. Bojack crushing Gohan in the movie Bojack Unbound (Gohan is coughing up blood)
  7. Anything along the lines of Gohan's secret that Angela blackmailed him with, how Master Roshi gets the dragon to cough up the Dragonball, certain parts of the Goten and Trunks vs. Broly scene, etc.
  8. Gohan chickening out during the fight with Nappa
  9. Any part in Episodes 168-235 (in Canada, where Ocean returns for Android Explosion onward) where the word "kill" (as used in FUNimation, which these episodes retained in America) is blatantly and sometimes illogically replaced by "hurt", and "die", "death", and "dead" are avoided as well. This finally comes to a permanent end in Gotenks is Born (Episode 236)
  10. Most of GT except for Goku's fight with Frieza and Cell in the Super 17 Saga (enhancing my view of GT as non-canon)

JayFlesh7891's picks

  1. Vegeta's wimpering in the face of Broly's power!!!
  2. Broly's defeats in movies 1 & 2 (He shouldn't have been defeated at all)
  3. Baby taking over Vegeta's body (one of my Favorites is being possessed!)
  4. All the Ginyu Force's posing!
  5. All the Great Saiyaman's posing (and Great Saiyaman himself!)
  6. Adult Gohan's depowering
  7. The fact that Gohan doesn't use mystic form in GT.
  8. Adult Gohan's unnecessary praise!
  9. Super Buu once he absorbed people and his battling become comical
  10. Tien braking Yamcha's leg (that was just brutal)

Trunks'Girl93's picks

  1. Bio-Broly (his death was lame)
  2. Ginyu Force (Recoome in particular, he make dumb people seem like genius')
  3. the Frieza saga (took for ages and when there wasn't fighting Frieza was boasting how he was going to kill them all)
  4. 18 in GT (Her hair was awesome when it was longer but now it sucks)
  5. When Cell Kills Trunks (Trunks is cute and cell kills him.... God i hate Cell)
  6. Gohan vs Cell the final Kamehameha (took way to long, I think PrinceZarbon said it went for two episodes, that just is to overdrawn)
  7. Pan (Pan in General)
  8. Android 16 (He annoys me i dont know why but i just hate him)
  9. the whole Great Saiyaman thing (Great Saiyaman what more do you want from me)
  10. The concept of GT (kid goku again WTF?)

Vegeta83's picks

This is my top ten picks for my least favorite moments of the whole Dragonball Series.

  1. When Vegeta became a coward in front of Broly's power. (Not his best moment...)
  2. When Launch chases after Tien. (Could she take a hint?)
  3. When the people of Earth worships Mr. Satan. (Did they forget about Goku?)
  4. The whole Bio-Broly movie. (How did that guy know about the Legendary Super Saiyan? Plus the whole story was terrible.)
  5. When Chi-Chi rants about Gohan fighting instead of studying. (If the world is destroyed, how can Gohan do his studies?)
  6. When Chi-Chi nagged to Goku and Piccolo to get their driver's license. (How come she couldn't get her license?)
  7. How Goku Jr. is a coward. (He's nothing like his Great-Great Grandfather.)
  8. How Goku Jr. and Vegeta Jr. can transform into Super Saiyans, but don't know what a Super Saiyan is. (Vegeta especially is probably turning in his grave.)
  9. When Tien broke Yamcha's leg during the World's Martial Arts Tournement. (That's just plain mean...)
  10. Mr. Satan in general. (The most annoying character in Dragonball.)

luffymonkey's picks

  1. pan in general
  2. great saiyaman in general
  3. goku knocks out recoome(the fight should of been longer)
  4. gotenks and goku naked
  5. gohan peeing
  6. garlic jr. saga(goku should of came, went super saiyan, and defeated garlic jr.)
  7. vegeta vs semi-perfect cell(semi-perfect cell was too underpowered)
  8. babys henchmen giving baby more power(it looks so stupid and weird when they hold hands and spin around, making a weird ring)
  9. gogeta vs janemba(too short, and jenemba was overpowered)
  10. dragon ball gt in general

Nominrath's picks

  1. All of Gohan's filler material in the anime when he was being 'trained' by Piccolo for the arrival of the Saiyans.
  2. All the scenes where Chi-chi's insists on Gohan studying in the anime.
  3. All the scenes of Chi-chi babying Gohan. ("My baby!" *blech*)
  4. The 'recap speeches' in the middle of major fights with flashbacks. (i.e. Gohan's lecture to Cell about his hidden power...)
  5. All the scenes with Mr. Satan. (What was Toryama thinking?)
  6. Vegeta and Nappa's stay on Arlia.
  7. The entirety of Dragon Ball GT.
  8. Bulma's side adventures (filler) on Namek.
  9. Supreme Kai and his strategy to defeat Babidi and Buu. (After seeing the Saiyans' full potential, he should have realized that releasing Buu at a low power level would be an advantage, as their chances of beating him would have increased drastically. Or instead of waiting around, just attacking Babidi and Dabura and calling it a day.)
  10. The end of Dragon Ball Z as a series... Goku leaves his family and friends to train this little kid? What a punk.

Honorable Mentions: The Great Saiyaman. Grand Kai disqualifying both Pikkon and Goku in the Other World Tournament (Why can't Goku just win one fight without some kind of setback happening as a result? Like taking one step forward and two back... sheesh). Most of the Garlic Jr. Saga. Almost everything after the Cell Games Saga... just plain silly sometimes.

Schiebz's picks

  1. Otherworld tournament, I dont care about a bunch of weak dead guys with dumb powers.
  2. The annoying cuts to King Kai's planet and to Bulma during the Frieza, Goku fight.
  3. Scenes where they point out how weak a Z-fighter actually is, is it my fault I still cheer for Tien and Krillin to beat the main villian.
  4. Vegeta turning to stone after blowing up, WTF.
  5. Goku always dissing his family, I just feel bad for them.
  6. Gohan and Elder Kai training.
  7. The party episode at the end of DBZ
  8. Awesome teen Gohan turning into a bookworm
  9. GT character changes, Goku shouldn't be a kid and Vegeta shouldn't settle down
  10. Vegeta getting his a$$ kicked

Trueevildragon1's picks

  1. Hercule(It sickens me every time he appears, especially during the fight with Cell).
  2. That stupid martial arts dance Chi-Chi did in episode 289.
  3. Great Saiyaman and Great Saiyawoman(Their lines are stupid).
  4. Bio Broy(His appearance and the way he died. The Legendary Super Saiyan killed by water. WTF?)
  5. GT over all( I liked the last saga,because it was the perfect way to end the series,but Goku back to child form, a villain named Baby,the appearance of the villains(excluding Syn, Nova, Eis,and Super 17),Black Star Dragon Balls,and fact Akira Toriyama had nothing to do with it? They could have done a lot better than this!!!!!!)
  6. Ginyu Force's stupid poses.
  7. The villians becoming a complete joke after death.
  8. Dragonball Evolution(It was a disgrace! It had the potential to be a good movie, but they screwed up so many things.)
  9. The final part of Cell vs Gohan. Watching the kamehamehas clash was kinda boring.
  10. Most of the heroes being treated like trash after Dragonball.

Ssjzachs picks

  1. dragonball kai (for these reasons: 1.the animation looks similar to the original series 2. they didn't put in that good animation they put into the opening of dragonball kai.)

Hey,Dragonballgirl1 here. Just wanna point out, BBZkai wasnt with new animations. It was REMASTERED.

Kamicollo's picks

  1. The moment that is Pan.
  2. Piccolo having almost no role in GT.
  3. The Garlic Jr. Saga. Yes, all of it.
  4. Dragonball Evolution
  5. The fact that Goku doesn't care about his family and goes off to train with a kid and a dragon, with other things.
  6. Vegeta never reaching Super Saiyan 3 (and the fact that he becomes really weak overall up until the end of GT).
  7. GT's plot hole where Gohan can't turn into Ultimate Gohan anymore.
  8. Gotenks.
  9. Goten in GT, where he doesn't look at all like Goku, and he becomes really weak.
  10. Actually, Dragon Ball GT overall.

SSJ4Gogeta's picks

  1. Goku dies vs. Raditz WTF he died.
  2. Super Buu vs Candy Vegito, Just Stupid
  3. Gohan's First day of Highschool, Do we really need to know his first day
  4. Pan in DBGT, She was fine in DBZ but in DBGT shes Just horrible
  5. Great Saiyaman, That was just gay
  6. Bio Broly, The first movie was good, second was fine, Bio Broly Just bad
  7. Gohan becoming weak after DBZ, Why lose a great character
  8. Vegeta Jr. vs. Goku Jr, I had no idea what was going on
  9. Ocean Dub
  10. The concept of GT, DBGT was good ,But goku is a kid again

GokuSS538's picks

  1. dragon ball evolution movie
  2. the garlic jr saga
  3. the first half of season 1
  4. bojack unbound
  5. great saiyaman saga(it was very funny but it didnt have any action in it)
  6. when goku,gohan,and vegeta were in babidi's space ship(they should've just blew it up!
  7. some of GT
  8. when goku was forming the spirit bomb to destroy frieza and it didnt even work
  9. the namek saga
  10. the frieza saga(just a little bit too long for me)

Teen_GohanZ's picks

  1. Ending DBZ (The last canon part) with Gohan being stronger than Goku, the main character.
  2. GTs many plot holes
  3. Kid Trunks, Goten, Goku Jr and Vegeta Jr transform way to early
  4. Goku's constant complaining of being hungry while in a serious situation (Happens a lot more in DB and DBGT)
  5. Chichi wanting Gohan to study rather than save the world
  6. Master Roshi and the Kamehameha wave, and a bunch of other weird stuff are famous in Dragonball but in Dragonball Z they seem shocked at even the slightest non-human activity.
  7. The cheap ways of powering up (Fusion, Elder Kai, Majin)
  8. Never truly explaining what happened to Goku at the end of GT
  9. Gohan's tail just stop growing when it isn't necessary for the plot
  10. Goku not caring enough about his family (Leaving with Uub for 10 years, rather tend to an egg than go to a party with his family)

TheDarkPrinceReturns' picks

  1. Yajirobe- he's nothing but a fat piece of $@!*, annoys the hell outa me, especially wen he cut off vegeta's tail >I
  2. Pan- she is so dam annoying
  3. Chi Chi- very annoying, cud u actually believe at 1 point she wanted gohan 2 stay home & study whilst the world was in danger? WTF!
  4. Hercule- annoying as hell!
  5. Frieza- he wiped out the entire saiyan race, keeps vegeta as his slave, then he kills my all time favorite character (vegeta), p.s. i luved every moment of trunks slicing him up then blasting him to oblivion, also luved the look of fear on his face as he saw trunks was about to kill him :)
  6. Kakarot- not dat i have anything against him, but i just hate the fact dat he ends up saving the day all the time, give sum 1 else a chance wud ya!!!
  7. Gohan- he was ok until he grew up and became a wuss, compare his adult version to his teen version, HUGE change (and not for the better).
  8. Ginyu force- a bunch of male cheerleaders, gimme a break.
  9. Dragon Ball- not dat i hate it or anything, its just dat i found it boring due 2 the fact dat there was no vegeta and everyone was very weak back then.
  10. Bio-Broly, Yo san goku and his friends return, Broly 2nd coming, by far the worst dbz movies.

P.S. i absoloutlety HATE db: evolution. it wud of been number 1 on my list but i figured i shud only put in material dat is canon to the series.

Jeffman13's picks

  1. Goku tries to save a baby dinosaur's egg near the end of DBZ
  2. DB Kai
  3. Gohan escapes from his camp site and gets lost on a beach and a storm
  4. Gohan tries to save orphans
  5. Nappa randomly goes out and starts destroying things!
  6. The end to DBZ (Handled so poorly)
  7. Goku learns how to drive
  8. Goku searching for the Dragon Balls in the Cell Games Saga
  9. Scenes with the T.V. crew in the Cell Games Saga
  10. The first episode of DBZ

Virtro Tugimora's picks

  1. Complete disregard of human characters (Tien, Yamcha, Krillin, Chiaotzu, Roshi) during late DBZ and all of GT (along with the BS excuse that they "retired")
  2. Dragonball GT in general.
  3. The uber-strength and overpoweredness of the Saiyans and Half-Saiyans, and the later villains as well, during late DBZ and GT, as the humans and Piccolo fade into the background because they "can't keep up" (BS!!)
  4. Chi-Chi and her persistance of Gohan studying throughout the series during an important battle
  5. Vegeta and his bigheadedness throughtout the earlier part of the series and how every time he becomes more powerful, he thinks he's the strongest person in the universe and allows his pride to get the Z-Fighters in trouble (i.e., he allowed Frieza to reach his final form, he takes on Android #18 alone despite Trunks' warnings, and allows Cell to reach his pefect form like an idiot). Gohan, as well, for not killing cell immediately after become a Super Saiyan 2.
  6. Dr. Gero impaling Yamcha
  7. Constant grunting and terrified noises made by the Z-Fighters when they aren't doing anything.
  8. Vegeta's pride leaving him when he needed the most (Movie 8, during the fight with Broly)
  9. As with Nominrath, the recap speeches and flashbacks during major battles
  10. The multiple cheap ways of becoming stronger, especially the many levels of Super Saiyan, the Gama Ray machine, etc (They should have stopped at SS 2, though SS 3 was pretty cool)

Dishonorable mentions: Dragonball: Evolution, Gohan's lack of power in late DBZ, the Bio-Broly movie, the staleness of the movies [villain comes along, beats the crap out of all the Z-Fighters, a member of the Son Family (Goku, Gohan, or Goten) becomes super strong at the end and kills the villain], The weakness of everyone except Goku, Vegeta, Trunks, and Uub in GT, how the non-Z-Fighter humans in DB are extremely stupid and incapable and actually believe Hercule is super strong (though it is funny)

Buuface's picks

  1. Gotenks. Worst character ever. Take the already infuriating nature of both Goten and Trunks, and then combine it into one person.
  2. Filler crap. Who cares about these ridiculous little sidestories? No-one, that's who.
  3. Gotenks Vs. Buu. Again, Gotenks is pathetic.
  4. Hercule's troupe in Cell Saga. Can not stand that chick's voice.
  5. Goten and Trunks, in any scene.
  6. Bulma and Chi-chi.
  7. Garlic Jr Saga.
  8. Fight(s) with Captain Ginyu. Hated his body change ability, just so cheap, no wonder he was such a crappy fighter.
  9. Return of Cooler, just not the best movie.
  10. Bio-Broly. Bleh.

TienGinyu's picks

  1. Tien Yamcha etc are never realy explaned in detail and are never as strong as the rest
  2. Fat Buu (why have him fat?)
  3. Buu and cell never have henchmen, like Freiza the ultimate bad guy
  4. Goten & Trunks tern super sayian when their kids, like vegeta says "its a disgrace to the sayian race"
  5. Certain characters are never introduced, like Goku & Vegeta's mothers and Tien, Krillin & Yamcha's family's
  6. King Vegeta doesn't have a majour role - not even a minor one -, not even a movie apperance!
  7. Prolonged fights - Cell, Buu (with the fighting chocolate) & others
  8. When the bad guys come back from hell in GT & Fusion Reborn, they never have a majour role or even talk
  9. The voices on the the first 3 remasterd DVDs
  10. Pan, why a girl ???

Super Jaiden's picks

  1. Garlic jr saga
  2. Candy Vegito vs Buu
  3. Hercule scenes during Cell and Buu sagas
  4. Gohan and Piccolo training for the Saiyans
  5. Most of the Gotenks vs Super Buu fight
  6. Ginyu Force poses
  7. Pan
  8. Fat Buu scenes
  9. Great Saiyaman saga
  10. Gohan beeing a coward

Super Roshi's picks

  1. Dragonball GT (except the concept of super sayin 4 and seeing kid Goku as a super sayin and super sayin 3 there is no point in GT...Vegeta with a mustash? Mystic Gohan somehow not noticed? Videl, Bulma and Chi Chi as ugly as sin lol, Super 17? Goku a kid again?)
  2. The character of Pan (What the hell is the point in her character?)
  3. The way in which Broly was killed (Trunks etc giving up there tiny amount of energy to Goku and that tiny amount of energy somehow defeating Broly whose power was constantly rising)
  4. How Gohan became mystic, seems such a lazy way to have him power up
  5. Piccolo, a great fighter but the constantly (and always randomly) appearing to save Gohan was abit annoying
  6. Emporor Pilaf (in general)
  7. The funimation dub (Bardock a scientist? Phrases such as "dont worry i can see their parachutes" after Nappa completly destroys the news helicopter)
  8. Vegeta turning from a brilliant villian into a good guy that never managed to surpass Goku
  9. The Garlic Junior Saga
  10. Tien and Yamcha being useless after dragonball's picks

  1. Dragon Ball Evolution (youtube versions are better than this!)
  2. The entire Garlic jr saga (they made it like it was really hard to beat Garlic jr)
  3. Some of the Frieza saga the battle between Goku (not super sayian form) and Frieza was longer than it should've been
  4. Most of the Namek saga (there were hardly any action!)
  5. Movies 1 and 2 of DBZ (dont ask me why i just hate him)
  6. The Black Star Dragon Ball saga (cause of pan i guess)
  7. the battle between Super Vegeta and Semi Perfect Cell (dont get me wrong Super Vegeta moves are awesome but it didnt felt like a real battle without Cell fighting back
  8. The Super Android 17 saga (its like an unnessassary saga cause it was very short only six episodes long!)
  9. Bio Broly
  10. Bojack Unbound

Saiyan God's picks

  1. Vegeta's hair in GT. (It was so cool!)
  2. All the new Z fighters e.g Pam, Gotens and Trunks
  3. Chiatzou (seriously he was always useless, why did he even bother)
  4. The build up of the spiret bomb against Frieza
  5. Adult Gohan (So powerful as a kid to become so useless)
  6. Vegeta never getting the opportunity to defeat the primary villain
  7. Bulma on planet Namek(what was the point she just hid in a cave the whole time)
  8. The fact that by the Majin Buu saga achieving super saiyan was easier than taking candy from a baby
  9. The entire buu saga because it had no relation to the fighters prior
  10. The fact that it should have been Vegeta who should have killed Frieza

Swampfire's picks

  1. Two letters GT
  2. Vegeta's extremely stupid choice's e.g Perfect cell,not resurrecting gohan and gotenks etc
  3. The great Saiyaman
  4. Vegeta in general
  5. Garlic junior
  6. Chi Chi bugging gohan to study
  7. Mr Satan
  8. Dumb a$$ normal humans that worship Mr Satan
  9. Broly in general
  10. !@##$%$%^% PAN !!!!!!!!!!

Misterdonutman's picks

  1. How Hercule gets credit for things he didn't do
  2. GT's plotholes
  3. Goku as a kid again, wouldn't have minded it if it was just for a couple of episodes but c'mon.
  4. How fusions and powerups end up being useless against the villains
  5. How human characters are discarded and only saiyans are powerful
  6. Z fighters not taking out Dr Gero before he created the androids
  7. Krillin getting hair and looking like he's 60 years old in GT
  8. Goku not killing Frieza and Trunks instead
  9. Goku not considering staying with his friends and family, seriously, what's the point of coming back to life if you're not gonna see your friends at all
  10. Goten not looking at all like Goku later

Rozzav88's picks

  1. The Battle with the Para-Para brothers in the Blackstar DragonBall saga
  2. Chi-Chi at the dancing celebration after Majin Buu's Deafeat
  3. The Fighters from hell have nothing significant to say or do once they get back to Earth and are instantly vanquished and not all are even seen fighting
  4. Bulla
  5. Bulma after being taken over by Baby
  6. The episodes on fake Nameck
  7. World Tournament before Super 17 Saga
  8. Garlic JR saga
  9. Gogeta (so bleh)
  10. Goku ending up with Chi-Chi, I always kinda thought Bulma more......

KingKakarot26's picks

My picks for the least favorite moments of DB/Z/GT:

  1. HERCULE!!!!!!!! What a cheap a$$! (So freakin' annoying!)
  2. The idiotic humans that actually believe him!
  3. Piccolo's fadeout into the series. Such great potential wasted!Also fadeout of human characters (Yamcha, Krillin, Tien, Roshi)
  4. Gohan becoming more powerful than Goku, then in Gt, becoming useless weakling. Also, Vegeta settling down.
  5. Chi-Chi's constant complaining about Gohan's education instead of the Earth's survival (Earth's death=No study for Gohan)
  6. Pan in general.(What is the point of her?)
  7. Dragon Ball evoulution. Good idea, badly done.
  8. Great Saiyaman. Cheesy name, no significance whatsoever.(WTF is the POINT?!)
  9. Ginyu Force (especially Capt. Ginyu(so cheap!))
  10. Emperor Pilaf (WTF is the point? A little blue dude trying defeat Goku and losing miserably each time).

Honorable Mentions=Gotenks, Candy Vegito, Bulma's cutscenes in the Frieza Saga, end of DBZ/GT, pervertedness in the series (Roshi perving on women in the shower, Bulma's sexual exploitation).

Slayer25769's picks

  1. Dragon Ball Evolution (If that counts)
  2. Kid Goku losing to a scared little kid in the junior division
  3. 18 fakes losing to Hercule keeping people thinking that he is powerful
  4. Launch stops appearing
  5. Mai being old and still working for pilaf
  6. Those pigs that are just like oolong peeking on Chi-Chi just as she was about to strip for a bath but she spots them and doesn't bathe. (Yes a little pervy but I can't help it im a Chi-Chi fanboy).
  7. Broly's Second Coming & Bio-Broly
  8. Yamcha falling off that pole and not qualifying for the Tournament in Bojack Unbound. (Why leave out Yamcha)
  9. People putting down the Z Fighters put worshiping Hercule
  10. King Kai's sense of Humor

SuperSaiyan3Broly's picks

  1. Great Saiyaman(very stupid)
  2. Pan(She messes up (everything)
  3. Vegeta settling down(he is the prince of all saiyans)
  4. Gohan becoming a nerd
  5. General Blue(Nazi)
  6. Goku killing himself in the Cell saga when he could have just teleported Cell away and teleported back with tiime to spare
  7. Android 17(punk)
  8. How most of the Dragonball movies couldn't tie into the main storyline
  9. Recoome(and his speech impediment)
  10. How they cut Future Trunks out

RenbuItsuQiRinKai's picks

  1. All chapters/episodes after Kid Buu's defeat.
  2. All scenes involving Fat Buu.
  3. The scene were Vegeta cause's Cell to achieve his Perfect Form.
  4. The times when villains return from hell, yet don't get the attention or lines and part they could have.
  5. Every time a villain (Especially Movie villains) get's defeated by one punch.
  6. Zarbon's transformation. I'd rather have his regular form being as strong as his transformation.
  7. All scenes including Dodoria.
  8. The fact that Goku didn't join his brother.
  9. When Goku got married. I always wanted him to be with Bulma.
  10. The Penguin Village crossover.

Mrspike1030's picks

  1. being unable to distinguish if Vegeta or Gohan were using the ss2 transformation during the Buu ark of the series due to lack of lightning bolts
  2. Goku remaining a kid for the whole DBGT series
  3. Mystic Gohan and SS2 transformations being excluded from DBGT
  4. Goten, Trunks, Gohan, and Vegta being ridiculously weak in DBGT
  5. Gotenks making no DBGT appearances
  6. The ending 2 episodes of DBZ (could have been better)
  7. Bio Broly looking ridiculous
  8. Bio Broly having a terrible plot (good initial idea but bad plot holes)
  9. certain movies (such as Janemba and broly second comming) not fitting in well with the anime plot lines
  10. Future Trunks never making an appearance after the Cell Games arc other than in the Bojack movie

King kai's picks

  1. Dragonball GT.
  2. The end of Dragonball Z. (Goku leaves his family. Again!)
  3. Anything with the Great Saiyaman.
  4. The Garlic Junior saga
  5. How Goku, Vegeta,and Trunks waste time by not going Super Saiyan in the Super Android 13 movie.(the whole first half of that movie is them getting thier a$$es kicked)
  6. Bio- Broly
  7. The Ginyu Force
  8. Pan (You all knew it would come to this)
  9. Dragonball Evolution
  10. No Mystic Gohan in Raging Blast.

Nappavich's picks

  1. Everything featuring Goten and Trunks (and Gotenks) in the Buu Saga!
  2. Two simple words; Garlic Jr.
  3. Goku and Piccolo getting their drivers license (God, was that stupid!)
  4. Gohan going to highschool and fighting crime as the Great Saiyaman
  5. The announcer guy and Hercule's team at the Cell Games
  6. The Androids who take a frickin' van to search for Goku
  7. Everyone just turning Super Saiyan after they learned how to walk. Wow, what a legend ...
  8. The unspectacular way both keycharacters Vegeta and Gohan turn Super Saiyan for the first time
  9. All the stuff where Gohan trains and becomes friends (with dinosaurs or poor girls or whatever)
  10. How both Frieza and Cell were legends in DBZ and sad pushovers in DBGT. So much for your legend.

Phoenix's picks

  1. Pan, how they resisted the urge to punch her in the face, I'll never know
  2. SS4 Gogeta: i love him but he should talk less, he annoys the hell out of me with his puns/riddles
  3. Bojack: pointless
  4. Yamcha and Tien: pointless

Freeza Defeated Mighty Blast of Rage's picks

  1. Pan being a main character in GT
  2. Great Saiyaman Saga (Except parts with Vegeta).
  3. Black Dragon Ball Saga <Besides Chi Chi's reaction to Goku being a kid again (So Funny)>
  4. Otherworld saga. Instead they should of had a five episode mini series, in which Frieza and Cell fight, to determine who is the strongest villain in hell. (Assuming Frieza trained and got better during the whole Cell Saga.)
  5. The Fat Buu Hercule angle. Although I like fat buu, he is not good enough to have that much of a filler.
  6. Future Trunks (He's a girly man and made the cell saga have too many characters).
  7. The diminishing role of Piccolo in the Buu saga. A strong Piccolo vs Buu would have been an awesome fight.
  8. Piccolo never getting a crack at Perfect Cell after using the Hyperbolic Time Chamber.
  9. The fight with Omega Shenron was really short. You would figure the strongest bad guy in the whole Dragon Ball trilogy would last at least ten episodes.
  10. How every character kept talking about how Vegeta was Goku’s archrival. Lets see:
  1. Vegeta is 0-3 against Frieza, Cell, and Buu. Goku defeated Frieza and Buu and lost to Cell.
  2. Vegeta was trashed by Perfect Cell twice, Goku took Perfect Cell to his limits
  3. Vegeta went in the hyperbolic time chamber twice, Goku was only in there for less than a year, and Vegeta’s power was no where near Goku’s
  4. Goku went Super Saiyan 3, Vegeta needed Baba Di’s help to go Super Saiyan 2
  5. Goku went Super Saiyan 4 on his own merit. Bulma had to create a machine so Vegeta can do it.
  6. Goku defeated Baby, Super 17, and Omega Shenron as super saiyan 4 or kid Goku, while, super saiyan 4 Vegeta never won a single fight (Lost to Omega Shenron and Nova Shenron very easily).
The only time vegeta had a legitamate shot at beating Goku was when Vegeta first turned Super Saiyan.
Don't get me wrong I am a big Vegeta fan but to have a rivalry two people must be evenly match or pretty close.

Future-Trunks' picks

  1. Earthlings not listening to Vegeta to give Goku their energy
  2. Vegeta not killing Semi-perfect Cell
  3. Super Buu vs Gotenks
  4. Gotenks (he's very stuborn)
  5. During the Goku vs Frieza fight where Piccolo, Gohan and Krillin just stood their and did nothing
  6. Videl trying to unmask The Great Saiyaman
  7. Mr. Satan taking credit for the defeat of Cell
  8. Goku vs Majin Vegeta
  9. Whole of Garlic Jr. Saga
  10. Freiza returning as Mecha-Frieza

Nubescout's picks

  1. UK dubbing of the DBZ movies
  2. Chi-Chi making Gohan study all the time instead of train.
  3. Any scene with Guldo.
  4. Ocean dub.
  5. The fact that Piccolo never fought a battle after the Cell games (He could've at least fought Dabura or Super Buu)
  6. King Kai's jokes
  7. Dragonball: Evolution
  8. Dragonball Z: Bio Broly
  9. Gohan's high school adventures
  10. The whole adventure on fake Namek.

SSJ0's picks

  1. Pan
  2. Garlic Junior Saga (no point of it, notice that it's never in the manga)
  3. Videl
  4. Gt (why bother)
  5. Mr Satan when he thinks he can beat cell and thinks that Goku and the others are worthless
  6. Ocean dub
  7. When Frieza said that in 5 minutes the planet will explode and took over bout 5 eps or something
  8. Any broly movie
  9. any scene that takes up a whole ep of someone screaming
  10. Dragon Ball Evolution

Brolythelegend's picks

  1. Pan, Pan and the spanish word for bread
  2. Hercule (Like a extremely annoying version of Hulk Hogan)
  3. Constant stupidity with Cell (Ex. Vegeta letting Cell absorb 18, 17 not escaping from Cell, and SS2 Gohan not killing cell at first.)
  4. The training filler in the Sayian saga
  5. Great Sayiaman
  6. Bio-Broly (Not even a Movie)
  7. Ending of DBZ (Lackluster)
  8. Dragon Ball Evolution
  9. Anything with Goten and Trunks
  10. Super Vegito Candy!

PrinceVegeta88's picks

  1. Dragonball evolution ???
  2. Pan
  3. gohan v. cell kahmehameha battle wwaaaaaaaayyy ttoooooooo llloooooooooooooonnnnnnnngggggg
  4. when gohan deflects a genki dama back at vegeta impossible
  5. great saiyaman
  6. videl

SonGogeta's picks

  1. Pan "blasting off" and jeopardizing their mission, and pretty much everything that Pan does from that point on.
  2. The whole episode with the monster Zoonama who could cause earthquakes by shaking his whiskers.
  3. Goku, Trunks, and Pan hiding from the Imekian police when they are three saiyans that could easily beat anyone on the planet.
  4. Goku constantly asking the Shadow dragons to apologize, followed by him getting his a$$ kicked, and then finally defeating the dragon after 1-2 episodes.
  5. Anytime a Z fighter let their opponent charge up an attack, transform, etc. when they could have ended the fight.
  6. Goku deciding not to finish Buu in his SSJ3 state (which he said he could have done) because he didn't want everyone to keep depending on him to save the world...which he ended up doing every time afterwards, including beating Buu.
  7. Eis Shenron being a cowardly little b**** by using cheap tactics in battle.
  8. Chi Chi, Bulma or any other powerless character acting like their tough s**t. Example: Chi Chi yelling at Buu for killing Gohan (who wasn't even dead).
  9. Everyone being total a**holes while under Baby's control. I know they couldn't help it, but it was extremely annoying (especially Bulma).
  10. Baby constantly mocking the Saiyan race, while he had to inhibit one because he sucked as a fighter.

Fusionforeva's picks

My hates

  1. Dragonball gt (epic pointless)
  2. ending of dbz
  3. Cell kamehameha vs Gohan kamehameha(too loooooong)
  4. Gohan change to Great Saiyaman
  5. all broly movies except first one
  6. Lord Slug
  7. Gohan when hes great ape (only in tree of might)
  8. In android saga when piccolo hits 17 in stomach then 17 does it back (so pointless -_-)
  9. ginyu force getting killed by vegeta
  10. Mecha freezer in the start of android saga

Joratz's picks

  1. King Kai
  2. Any time Chi Chi is over-protective of Gohan.
  3. King Kai's lack of knowledge about people/places/things in his area of administration (the northern portion of the galaxy).
  4. The Garlic Jr Saga
  5. King Kai's jokes.
  6. Planet Namek's destruction taking "5 minutes".
  7. King Kai's voice, whatever the dub or language.
  8. Raditz not being given a big enough role.
  9. King Kai's face.
  10. King Kai's face....again.

Konjiuri's picks

  1. Pan (Don't even ask, her endless jabbering and mockery)
  2. Freeza's ego and voice (TERRIBLE)
  3. Arale (Pointless please?)
  4. DB:Evolution (No, just no. Too many flaws to handle)
  5. Roshi's voice in DBZ (Dragonball ftw!)
  6. Length of certain episodes and saga's (Frieza, Gohan vs Cell)
  7. Para Para Fight (Wtf? 3 lame, fish-look-a-likes dancing)
  8. Gohan sissy mode in GT
  9. Kibito Kai (Kibito = Awesome, Kai = Awesome, Kibito Kai = Stupid Cartoonish Orlando Bloom in LOTR)
  10. Satan and his moronic disciples and followers

Ben Vilgaxbreak's picks

  1. How Krillin just couldn't catch a break in ANY movie.
  2. Krillin not appearing in DB Evolution.
  3. Did we REALLY need Goku and Vegeta to fuse into two different forms?
  4. Pan, and anything about Pan.
  5. Frieza's fight took WAY too long.
  6. Dragon Ball Evolution.
  7. Future Trunks and how his sword broke so easily after the Trunks Saga.
  8. Pan. Did I mention Pan?
  9. Who are Goku and Vegetas moms? Looks like we'll never know!
  10. PAN.

Kevitos' picks

  1. Pan in GT
  2. The entire Frieza Saga
  3. Vegeta always getting beaten like that *snaps fingers*
  4. Android 19's nasally animatronic voice
  5. The z-fighters except Goku are all incredibly weak in GT
  6. Piccolo vs. the Supreme Kai
  7. Some of Goku's Other World adventures
  8. The eyecatchers
  9. Ginyu Force poses
  10. Great Saiyaman poses

SaiyanParadox's picks

  1. The Great Saiyaman saga
  2. Mr. Satan
  3. The Fusion Saga
  4. Pan...just....Pan.
  5. Although it's heartmoving in a way, I hate the fact that Bardock died. He is my favorite character.
  6. When Goku and Piccolo get thier driver's license. They can FLY, flying doesn't cost gas.
  7. Frieza's voice, and the fact it took like 20 episodes for a fight to start, and like 10 for it to end.
  8. DB Evolution, it made me want to kill someone. Preferably the one who twisted the plot to Hell.
  9. The fact Gohan is furniture in GT
  10. All of GT except the last episode

Future-Trunks ssj's picks

  1. Not seeing future Trunks after Cell games return to the series
  2. Gohan stopping training after beating Cell; so much potential wasted - why did the Elder Kai even bother waking his sleeping powers
  3. Gohan/Vegeta being too arrogant to defeat Cell when they had the chance
  4. Goku dying when Cell explodes. I'm sure Cell said there was a minute left until he exploded; Goku could have easily transported to King Kai's Planet and returned with Gregory, Bubbles and King Kai before he exploded
  5. Goku leaving his family to go and train
  6. Goku not wanting to be wished back by Parunga so he could train in otherworld. Probably one reason, other than Chi Chi's obsessive nagging why Gohan didn't train any longer and became a useless fighter
  7. Pan blasting off in GT without Gohan and Goten; would have been good to see them in some action
  8. Hecule Satan most of the time; arrogant and steals credit but he helps defeat Buu and it's funny watching him get hurt)
  9. Final episode of GT; didn't make a lot of sense until I checked on the internet, could have been done a lot better
  10. Teenage Goten/Trunks stopping their training in GT, they as well as Gohan should have at least reached ssj 3 or ssj 4

Vegetables' picks

  1. Garlic Junior Saga!!! Its so freaking retarded
  2. Pan... obviously
  3. GT series broke every rule in the DBZ universe
  4. Chi Chi's constant complaining. And sometimes Bulma
  5. The Great Saiyaman
  6. Besides Majin Vegeta, they weaken Vegeta severely after Cell series (Until GT but I don't like GT except for Gogeta SSJ4)
  7. If GT were cool they would have made SSJ4 Gogeta last longer than one episode!
  8. Bio Broly, Baby, Janemba, Mecha Frieza and Mecha Cooler, and where the heck was Bojack when Frieza was around!?!?!
  9. Krillin's stupid cowardice over and over agian. You'd think he grow some balls after dying
  10. Gohan as a little kid, he was so annoying with his crying. I would have acted just like Piccolo
  11. GT's only highlight was Omega Shenron and SSJ4 Gogeta
  12. How Goku always powers up faster than Vegeta, even though Vegeta trains like an animal
  13. How Goku trained at 100 times gravity in 1 week, when it took him 3 months to handle King Kai's gravity
  14. Yajirobe

25thomashealer's picks

  1. The fact Toriyama hasnt done a sequel
  2. GT's plotholes and some of the stories
  3. N/A
  4. N/A
  5. N/A
  6. N/A
  7. N/A
  8. N/A
  9. N/A
  10. N/A

TienShinhan88's picks

  1. VIDEL!!! :<
  3. dbe i mean seriously
  4. the fact that tien along with other humans just suck right when dbz starts
  5. Raditz dying :(

Popcornchicken's picks

  1. When trunks cheats in a fight with Goten

NeedleJizo's picks

  1. Anything involving Pan
  2. Namek was supposed to explode in 5 minutes, but the Goku-Frieza battle lasted 19 episodes
  3. Earth worships Mr.Satan
  4. ChiChi bitching about Gohan's studies
  5. Most of the Z-Fighters become completely useless after the Android Saga
  6. Piccolo has almost no role in GT
  7. Goku seems to do anything possible to avoid spending time with his family (training Uub, watching a dragon egg, leaving with Shenron...)
  8. Vegeta losing his pride whenever he can't win a fight
  9. Frieza & Cell in GT
  10. Super 17 has his own saga, even though he was only in the series for 4 episodes

Michealjacksonking1's picks

  1. In Fusion reborn Gohan can just fly threw a cluster of people and kill Frieza like that!
  2. Turles's origin unanswered So many Questions
  3. In GT Goku can beat Frieza AND Cell not even going SSJ.
  4. In DBZ kai when Piccolo shoots a beam through Radiz and Goku there just burnt.
  5. Nappa gets killed by Vegeta.
  6. Burstlimit and Raging Blast are not for Wii.
  7. Frieza Dies, Frieza is awsome.
  8. Dragon Ball Evolution.
  9. Dragon ball GT. In GT Goku can beat Frieza AND Cell not even going SSJ.
  10. Yamacha and Yajjarobie.

HalerN's picks

  1. Pan - When she whines and bitches her father
  2. Dragon Ball Z Kai
  3. Dodoria - He's such an a$$hool. He just f*cking killed Bardock and I feel bad for Bardock because Bardock is cool.
  4. When Cell absorbs Goku in hell at Dragon ball GT 786 Age
  5. Frieza - When he kills a few of the people in Namek. I hate Frieza.
  6. King Piccolo - When he nearly Kills Goku. King Piccolo is so bad.
  7. When Goten loses the tournament.
  9. 774 Age - I hate the Buu saga.
  10. Nappa - When he just killed Chaozu during the fight. What a terrible scouter.

Mr. Dragon Ball Z's picks

  1. Pan
  2. Pan
  3. Pan
  4. Pan
  5. Saiyaman
  6. Pan
  7. Pan
  8. Pan
  9. Mr. Satan
  10. Pan's picks

  1. Dragon Ball Kai (didn't like that they cut all that content, why not just edit a few things here and there and rerelease the original series?)
  2. Ocean Group Dub ("hurt", "i can see their parachutes", "they're evacuating the building etc. They're KILLED! Every one knows what that means nowadays, and i also thought they made poor voice acting (imo))
  3. Dragon Ball Evolution
  4. That the human Z-fighters slowly fade out.
  5. Dodoria vs. Vegeta fight (should've been longer, not Zarbon-Vegeta like, but i thought that they should've exchanged a few blows before Dodoria proceeds to tell the story about the Saiyans)
  6. The fact that some people think Dragon Ball are for kids
  7. The hate on Garlic Jr. Saga (com' on, give them some credit for actually coming up with something while they're working on the Cell Saga)
  8. This Wiki Just Kidding ^.^
  9. I think tenkaichi 3 could've had more characters (more movie characters, master shen, the rest of the black star dragons)
  10. Vegeta when he's too confident.
  11. Piccolo not gaining any significant role after Cell Saga.

Crusen7721atdbz's picks

  1. Anytime the Earthlings believe in Hercule's lies
  2. Whenever Chi-Chi tries to stop Gohan
  3. Pan
  4. Garlic Jr. Saga
  5. Goku being a kid in GT
  6. Kid Trunks
  7. Gohan after the Cell Games (excluding Ultimate Gohan)
  8. Vegeta in the Android Saga (his arrogance is at its peak)
  9. Frieza never learns his lesson
  10. Future Tunks is never seen again (I know he would'ne been irrelevant, but still, he was the coolest character)

Vegetabardockforever's picks

  1. Future Trunks' time machine is destroyed.
  2. When the Saibaman are created
  3. The End of the Dragon Ball series
  4. When Future Android 18 and #17 kill Future Gohan
  5. Goten loses the Tournament
  6. Bio-Broly attacks Super Saiyan Goten and Trunks
  7. When Oolong gets too piggy.
  8. General Blue steals the Dragon Balls
  9. When Dodoria kills Bardock's teams orders from Frieza (B@d@ss)
  10. Pan - Sheesh, what a whiner.

FlyingNimbus' picks

  1. The whole Marron and Krillin dating thing. Sorry but that was just plain boredom. Zzzzzz~~ Marron is probably the most annoying character ever.. @_@
  2. Bulma, Gohan and Krillin's encounter with some weird aliens that could shapeshift into Namekians and trying to steal their ship on another planet. =__=
  3. Sorry, just had to say this: The supposed to be "few-minute" remaining fight between SSJ Goku and Frieza that lasted who knows how many episodes...It just gets reeeeaal boring when they don't do much and then look! You've just spent numerous "half-an-hour"s watching how they stare at each other. =D You should be a pro at staring by now! ^_^
  4. Hercule and his students' fights with Cell before the Z-fighters.
  5. Garlic Jr Saga..."Yes I'll rule the world blah blah.." Nice!
  6. I've actually quite enjoyed DBGT but I must admit..some of those scenes were...just....what?" Namely: Lord Luud and etc *cough*
  7. Great Saiyaman saving the day....yay! >__> Come 'n Gohan, why can't you think of something more original!xD
  8. Everytime when Pilaf shows up...arrgh!
  9. Fights with the various evil dragons(except for Eis, Nova and Omega Shenrons) in DBGT.
  10. Krillin singing during the beginning of the DBZ movie where Brolly is first introduced. Ack~ @_@

Dudeman's picks

  1. The end of GT (Goku spends all this time saving the people he cares about just to hop on the dragon and never see them again)
  2. Pan (does she serve an actual purpose other than whining and getting in the way?)
  3. Flash back episodes (we've seen it once. We don't need to be reminded that Vegeta has a rivalry with Goku or that Goku cares about people. Just get on with it)
  4. Great Saiyaman (this is a great example of how to ruin a great character)
  5. The fact Vegeta never goes SSJ 3
  6. Mr. Satan and anything having to do with him
  7. How long Namek takes to blow up (Frieza says they have 5 mins. but it takes 8 episodes)
  8. Piccolo staying in Hell after GT
  9. Trunks in GT (he's not cool any more future Trunks was way better and even as a kid he was ok)
  10. The Z sword breaking (I liked the idea of someone else besides Yajjarobie and Trunks using a sword and Trunks kicked a$$ with it Gohan could of too)

Dishonerable Mention - The fact they still ride around on the Nimbus even though they can fly. Nappa and Raditz dying (they could have been way more). Cell exploding and killing Goku but surviving (seemed just like an excuse to kill Goku)

Mr.SatanZant's picks

  1. Dragonball Kai
  2. Pan in GT
  3. When baby takes over everyone in GT
  4. Chi-Chi bugs Gohan to study instead of training with Goku
  5. The Battle with Vegeta and Dodoria
  6. Piccolo dying in GT
  7. Goku is killed by Raditz
  8. DBZ Bio broly
  9. When Bulla is invited to dinner on Chi-Chi's house. No proof.
  10. DRAGONBALL EVOLUTION, seriously it is boring.

Dbzfreak81's picks

  1. Yamchas appearances in GT, dont get me wrong hes awesome,
  2. Krillin gettign owned by Super #17

Dont get me wrong I like some parts of GT but I hate how everyones dumbed down and Krillin and Yamcha look like CHILD MOLESTORS

  1. Everyone but Goku, Vegeta and Pan getting dumbed down in GT
  2. Piccolos sacrifice in GT
  3. Chiaotzu Crying in GT
  4. Tien cuddling Chiaotzu in the Saiyan Saga.
  6. Van Zant Shooting Bee
  7. 18 beating up Super 17 while Vegeta, Tien, Yamcha, Chiaotzu, Krillin, PICCOLO, Goten, Gohan, Yajirobe, and everyone else did squat!

  1. DB Evolution, DBZ: Bio Broly, Son Goku and His Friends Return, and DBGT: A Hero's Legancy
  2. Future Gohan is killed
  3. Whenever ChiChi stops Gohan
  4. Pan
  5. ANYTHING with Videl
  6. Yamcha in GT
  7. Vegeta v. Dodoria
  8. ChiChi's constant irratat
  9. Whenever Piccolo dies
  10. .......................... DB KAI!!!!!

Super Sayian 69's picks

  1. Some of Dragon Ball, because since I first watched Dragon Ball Z, I got used to watch powerful characters beating up each other, but in Dragon Ball, the characters are weak.
  2. Gohan as a child before turning Super Saiyan was anoying and a crybaby, then in Dragon Ball GT, he became a nerd. He should have been less crybaby as a child and much more focused on training like Vegeta as an adult. Goten and Trunks should have also trained every day as adults.
  3. Early Dragon Ball GT, when Goku, Pan, and Trunks were not on Earth.
  4. The Namek Sagas, they're too long.
  5. Goku leaving his family and friends in Dragon Ball GT.
  6. People thinking Mr. Satan is the one who beat up Cell and Buu is kinda anoying.
  7. Vegeta being beaten up.
  8. Future Trunks never showed up again after the Cell Saga.
  9. The ways Broly was defeated.
  10. Yamcha, Tien, and Chiaotzu became weak/useless against villains after the Saiyan Saga. Krillin after the Cell Saga, and Piccoro after the Imperfect Cell Saga.

I would count more, but since this is a Top Ten, I can only mention 10.

Sonicdude103's picks

  1. Gohan at the end of the cell games saga.
  2. Goku only going ssj3 like for 3 episodes.
  4. The gay little saiyaman.
  5. The nemk saga.
  6. Mr.Satan
  7. King kai
  8. DBGT
  9. GT goten
  10. The news

Mariofan45's picks

  1. Piccolo's death.
  2. Any scene with Pan (jabberish).
  3. The Planet Namek is blown up.
  4. Burst Limit and Raging Blast (I love them but they should be for the Nintendo Wii!)
  5. Any scene with the Great Saiyaman (Total idiotic costume).
  6. The Dragon Balls are stolen by Oceanus Shenron.
  7. Anything to do with Dragonball: Evolution.
  8. And any scene with King Kai (his face is weird).
  9. The scene with Chi-Chi bugging Gohan to study.
  10. When Sharpner and Erasa act stupid while watching Gohan calling him a Saiyaman and Gold Fighter.

Dishonorable Mentions: Garlic Jr. Saga (Wut is the deal of this saga?), Majin Buu Saga, DBZ: Bio-Broly, Future Gohan killed.

Mrs.popos assistant's picks

  1. Any thing that has to do with Krillin in dbz- Krillin sucks man
  2. When trunks cheated in the fight with Goten- nasty cheater
  3. Any Moments/Fights/Scenes that did'nt have Goku in them- Goku fav
  4. the Buu saga- looooooooooooooooooooooooooong and bored talking about makes me want to fall asleeep

hlfkajdfakdjfajdfl's picks

  1. Yamcha
  2. Krillin
  3. Sayaman
  4. Tien's stupid friend that i can't spell
  5. Chi-Chi
  6. The length of the final cell battle
  7. How long the Namak saga was
  8. How Gohan and Vegeta weren't used as much in GT
  9. Goku being a kid in GT
  10. Mr. Satan

SuperSaiyan92's picks

  1. DBGT (Goku leaves his family again)
  2. Goten (pointless. I like Trunks better than him.)
  3. Pan (annoying like-whiner girl.)
  4. Chi-Chi's constant complaining, for example when she makes Gohan study all the time and sometimes in Dragonball: Evolution.
  5. Buu Saga (it was almost cool until I saw that idiotic outfit on Chi-Chi)
  6. Ox-King not having a wife
  7. Videl and Mr. Satan
  8. Bulma getting way too smart (Bulma is stupid)
  9. DB Evolution
  10. Garlic Jr. Saga, when Chi-Chi argues with Bulma. Bulma and Chi-Chi are like annoying versions of Vegeta and Goku, but Vegeta and Goku are way better than them.'s picks

  1. pan
  2. videl
  3. mr satan
  4. mr statan fans
  5. cooler
  6. ginyu force
  7. frieza
  8. cell vs gohan
  9. goku vs frieza
  10. and all buu related scenes they took waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay toooooo long for those like 5 sagas

Vegetafanboy57's picks

  1. Pan
  2. Garlic Jr. Saga
  3. Dragonball: Evolution
  4. Whenever Chi-Chi tries to make Gohan study all the time.
  5. The overall ending of Dragon Ball, when Kakarot and Chi-Chi are married.
  6. All of the Shadow Dragon Saga Scenes.
  7. Do you want to know who Ox-King's wife could be? We'll find out later!
  8. Every scene in the Buu Saga, it took so long to watch it and that made me sleep.
  9. When Trunks and Goten are 22 and 23 when they look like they are 15. No deal.
  10. The Majin Buu celebrations, Chi-Chi was about to slap Gotenks.

SonikFan112's picks

  1. Gohan fighting Cell
  2. Gohan going to school
  3. Gohan fighting Buu
  4. Ultimate Gohan fighting Buu
  5. Gohan trying to destroy Buu's cacoon
  6. Gohan fighting Baby
  7. Gohan fighting any other Cell
  8. Gohan becoming ultimate
  9. Gohan trying to find the earring
  10. Gohan fighting the Cell Jrs.

Dishoranable mentions: Anything else Gohan does, Anything with SSJ4 Gogeta, Anything with Vegito, Anything with SSJ2 (Includes Majin Vegeta)

Jack678's picks

Here's my top ten:

  1. All the pathetic moments when the people get all scared and say the want to join forces ( whats up with that? )
  2. everything about dragon ball: evolution it sucked so bad and it barely had anything to do with the dragon ball series and dragon ball z series!!
  3. When Chi-Chi continues to say Gohan needs to study when the worlds in danger
  4. Dragon Ball z Kai on nicktoons preview of next episode (Gohan talking like a dumb baby )
  5. Dragon ball gt>it was a disgrace to the previous dragon ball serieses and it wasnt even made by akira toriyama!!
  6. Gohan vs. Vegeta ( if Vegeta was able to take half of the power of a spirit bomb and survive, he wasn't that weakened! )
  7. Master Roshi acting like a perve (common, thats the main part of his personality!)
  8. Giru digesting the dragon radar and it becomes part of his software. need i say more?
  9. The death of those namekians in the frieza saga (go nameks!!)
  10. Krillin vs Frieza (he had no chance in the first place and just ended up dying)

Fridge132's picks

The guy above: Nameks suck big time. GO FRIEZA DODORIA AND ZARBON (CUI SUCKS) FRIEZA ALL THE WAY, goku and the protagonists suck. Well: Fights

  1. Pan moments. what I see her I want to facepalm
  2. GT
  3. saving dinosaurs. WTH
  4. killing big fishes for dinner, like WHA? why someone would want to do that?
  5. Goku vs Raditz, oh god kill me now it was terribly boring
  6. Vegeta vs goku, I fell asleep, then woke up after goku was desprete and started his spirit bomb
  7. Super Buu & All his forms vs everyone he fought, that was BOORING
  8. Kid Buu vs anyone
  9. Cell vs gohan
  10. Trunks vs Mecha Frieza& King Cold, mahhhan, I wanna beat up Trunks so badly for his terrible showcase.


  1. Death of Raditz (He looks so cool! Definately didn't deserve to get killed off so early)
  2. The Garlin Jr. Saga (All of it...)
  3. Nappa not making an escape when Vegeta gives him the option in Fushion Reborn (Leading to him being sent to hell again)
  4. Bulma moaning & complaining durning the Namek/Frieza Saga
  5. Chi-chi moaning & complaining about studying whenever Goku needs Gohan to fight
  6. The "character" that is Pan...
  7. Turtles being killed off (Definately should've had a role in the main series or a return at least)
  8. Piccolo dying & having literly no role in Dragon Ball GT
  9. The film about Bio-Brolly (His death is the worst bit)
  10. Vegeta initially cowering to Brolly's power

Dis-hounorable mentions: The death of Android 16 and the fact that he didn't return, the failed fushion Veku - just cheesy & stupid, Gohan's Saiyanman alter ego, Krillin's first girlfriend Maron.

stewieman2032's picks

  1. pan overal
  2. when goku battles colonal silver
  3. sauza, doore and neize blow up the area in cooler's revenge
  4. jakee chun vs man-wolf
  5. the princess snake episode
  6. broly dies (he should have never died)
  7. videl (only when gohan was in school)
  8. future gohan dies ( my favorite gohan besides kid form)
  9. nappa destroyes the military
  10. general rildo dies ( that guy was awsome, he should have never died)'s picks

  1. The moment where Buu yanks off a part of his own belly
  2. How the **** did Goten and Trunks turn SSJ so early?
  3. Goku being a kid again, and the rest of GT, weren't fights way better in Z?
  4. The weird-a$$ fights in the first tournament.
  5. The fact that almost every main antagonist turns good. (i.e. Krillin, Yamcha, Tien Shinan, Piccolo, Vegeta himself, Androids, Buu)
  6. Every human, and piccolo turning weak in Cell Saga.
  7. Tien Shinan being able to hold back Cell.
  8. The earth not being destroyed after bigger blasts than Frieza's (i.e. Vegeta's final explosion)
  9. Almost all of the movies. Only Broly's first was decent.
  10. Goku marrying Chi-Chi without knowing what it is, the Banjo Fan saga after, and the marriage following, doesn't Chi-Chi know divorce? I mean, running off with Uub, come on!!

Rio's picks

  1. Mr Satan
  2. his stupid fans
  3. Babidi.Cant stand him ..most hideous character
  4. Future Trunks leaving series for good after Cell Games
  5. freizas voice
  6. Vegetas voice in first 53 episodes by Ocean
  7. Garlic Jr saga
  8. End of the Ginyu Force...i think there hilaroius
  9. Chi Chi .....Most annoying female character
  10. Gokus child form in GT....he looks so much better in DragonBall
  11. I like Vegeta but his arrogance is annoying at times

MoBStarr's picks

  1. When Goku fights Cell and Freiza in Hell during the Super Android #17 Saga: that made Cell and Freiza look like such pussies it was disgraceful.
  2. When Pan enters the ship rather than Goten I was like 'now I know GT's gonna be s***!'.
  3. Every scene Goten's girlfriend Valese is in. She's so stupid in fact too stupid I mean she doesn't even know how to eat a hamburger or lick an ice cream cone, but she is hot though.
  4. When Hercule cooks food for Fat Buu I mean this guy is supposed to be the most feared being across the galaxy for over a million years and now he's afraid of hurting a dog!
  5. When Hercule fights Cell I mean it was such a waste of time.
  6. When everybody takes a dive so that Hercule can win the World Tournament and be the hero.
  7. When Goku gets tickled by that kid in GT and loses the Junior Division match making Vegeta very angry.
  8. When Vegeta takes Bulla out shopping. I mean she's got VEGETA AS A DAD! and he takes her shopping?! What kinda BULL is that?!
  9. Every scene with Gohan as the Great Saiyaman.
  10. Every scene with Pan.

Sgt. Frog's picks

  1. Para Brothers
  2. Everything having to do with Majin Buu (Kid, Super, Fat, etc.)
  3. Pan
  4. Saiyawoman (as if Saiyaman wasn't bad enough).
  5. Cell coming back from self destructing and being stronger than ever.
  6. The fact that in GT when Vegeta finds Nappa he DIDN'T go super saiyan just to show him up.
  7. Dragonball Kai
  8. Vegeta's GT haircut
  9. Gohan and the city of children whose parents did in some hurricane or whatever.
  10. Broly

GHdude's picks

  1. gt overall
  2. Nerdy gohan
  3. Valese pointless
  4. vegeta's moustache
  5. hercule
  6. videl
  7. saike
  8. trunks vs hercule
  9. hercule vs cell
  10. grand kai

DragonSword129's picks

  1. DragonBall Evolution
  2. Pan (GT Only)
  3. Bojack and his Pirate Crew
  4. Vegeta never gets much glory (except for Namek and Ginyu Sagas)
  5. Kibito
  6. Yamcha is never that important in DBZ
  7. Broly being so Overated
  8. Humans never use Special Techniques in DBZ (Tien's Four Witches Technique)
  9. Piccolo never fighting in the Majin Buu Arc
  10. Farmer (Carl) never showing him again's picks

  1. Dragonball gt (complete disregard of anyone other than goku and pan, power levels were getting too ridiculous, and the concept lacks the depth and feeling of is predocessors)
  2. One of the artists of the series had really bad models.
  3. Young trunks and goten and their kid-like mischievous ways was just annoying most of the time. (noone attacks mr. popo!)
  4. Gohan's loss of power after the cell games.
  5. Piccolo has literally no fight scenes in the final arc of dbz. (he chickens out against supreme kai. Wtf!)
  6. Other than occasions with krillin, earthlings in the final arc are complete nobodies.
  7. In bio-broly, only goten and trunks were enough to put broly down, when in the first movie it took the combined powers of goku, gohan, vegeta, older trunks, and piccolo to just pierce the guys skin. Hi
  8. Speaking of combining powers to beat broly, in another movie goku uses the power gained in the spirit bomb to beat android 13. Why didn't they just use these techniques to beat cell and majin buu in the first place?
  9. Chi-chi's priorities concerning gohan are messed up to the point where she needs to be checked in. (sorry but...saving the world> studying)
  10. Despite all the connotations and references in this bloody show that some of the characters fall for each other and even have sex with each other, there isn't a scene with any affection to show for it. I still don't understand why someone like vegeta decided to make love with bulma when he still treats her like crap still.

Honorable mentions: Fusion, hercule, and saiyaman poses.

KageKiller245's picks

(Not In Any Order)

  1. Cell Juniors - How Cell is able to just make copies of himself without any diminish of power, but they don't even put up a fight against SSJ2 Gohan.
  2. How the Z-Fighters end up - They just end up being the Saiyans and Piccolo.
  3. Goten (GT) - Goten used to be my favorite character in DBZ, but they just messed him up.
  4. The Spice Boys - I liked the Ginyu Force, and was OK with Cooler's Armored Squadron, but the Spice Boys just was a bit too much.
  5. Yamcha's fight against Bandages the Mummy - That beating was way too brutal for me to be a good fight.
  6. Gotenks (Base) - I like Gotenks, but his moves in his base form were so weak and prissy, and his hair looked dumb.
  7. Lack of Explanation For Tien - How he has a third eye and everything.
  8. Goku in the Namek Saga - It just bothered me how he had to stay in the hospital for almost the entire saga, but one Senzu Bean fixes himself up almost instantly.
  9. Pan - I liked the idea of her, making her like Bulma in Dragon Ball, but I was really looking forward to Adult Gotenks.
  10. Super Saiyan 3 - It looks so ugly. All that hair and no eyebrows... ugh.

Friezagal64's picks

  1. Recoome beating up Gohan
  2. Frieza's third form
  3. Baby
  4. Bulma yelling constantly
  5. Dodoria (in general)
  6. Nappa
  7. Guldo cursing at Vegeta
  8. Recoome showing off
  9. Bulma's long hair (I like her with short hair in the Namek SAGA
  10. Super Buu vs. So-so

Lithoxene's picks

  1. All of Bulma's filler.
  2. Gohan's whimpering and fear of fighting Nappa.
  3. Every time a protagonist could have finished the enemy by acting quickly instead of being stupid and allowing a counteroffensive
  4. Roshi
  5. The fact that Puar, Oolong, and Turtle are in DBZ at all. They should have been gone at the end of Dragon Ball.
  6. King Kai in GT
  7. The anticlimactic end to Goku's final battle with Baby; after giggling like a schoolgirl when Goku hit SSJ4, I was extremely disappointed when he just "kamehameha"ed Baby's ship into the Sun.
  8. Chi-Chi's nagging
  9. Goten's dating
  10. Piccolo's extreme weakness in the second half of DBZ and beyond.

NomadMusik's picks

@SonikFan: Seriously, Gohan isn't that bad...

  1. Bardock talking to a dying Toma.
  2. Gogeta's fight with Omega Shenron.
  3. Pan (GT)
  4. Raditz's/Goku's death (Too dramatic.)
  5. Frieza's voice.
  6. Zarbon's voice.
  7. Great Saiyaman's personality and voice.
  8. Vegeta being pissed by Gohan, Krillin and Dende making a wish (Come on... that much fear!?)
  9. Vegeta kills Saibamen (again... love sadistics...)
  10. Gotenks SSJ and SSJ3

Dis-honorable mentions: Janemba's death, Goku turned into a kid, Pilaf alive in GT, Pan's voice, Semi-Perfect Cell, Imperfect Cell, Perfect Cell's cocky-ness (Other than that, Perfect Cell's fine.)

Darkmagiciangirl0204's picks

  1. Gohan vs Buu w/ Gotenks absorbed
  2. Hercule/ Mr Satan whichever...
  3. Some Shadow Dragons were a real pain in the rear
  4. Goku sacrificing himself to teleport Cell away from earth, but to no avail - Cell just returned!
  5. Frieza/ Goku battle to long
  6. Goku being turned into a kid again (Some parts are still ok)
  7. Great Saiyaman's silly intros and voice
  8. The Nameks being killed in the Namek etc. sagas.
  9. Nerdy Gohan in Gt
  10. DBZ's ending I mean come on - give us something to work with!

Dishonorable mentions: Grand Kai not wanting to give a private lesson to the winner of the Otherworld tournament, Vegeta releasing Fat Buu's pod - what an idiot move, Vegeta being trounced by first Frieza then later on Kid Buu

Chicojim22's picks

Here's mine!

  1. Mr. Satan's first appearance( just him in general ..UUUGH!!!)
  2. Gohan's transisiton to the Great Saiyaman
  3. Frieza kills king vegeta just by a kick to the jaw
  4. Gohan's high school moments
  5. Any scene involving dodoria
  6. kami rids goku of his tail
  7. kami vs. garlic jr.
  8. future gohan's death
  9. android 18 kills future vegeta
  10. Vegeta vs Dodoria (too short)

Tokeupdude's picks

  1. Every time the credits came up.
  2. When Gohan punked out of Blasting Nappa.
  3. When Raditz died and didn't come back. He was Goku's BROTHER! He should have played a bigger role.
  4. Bio Broly...
  5. Satan's pupils fighting Cell. Big pointless waste of time.
  6. Bulma's underwater adventure on Namek.
  7. When Ginyu took Goku's body. I was like "You bastard!"
  8. Perfect Cell being called "super perfect cell" when he came back to earth after self destructing. It was the same damn form with a zenkai. Might as well be called "even more perfect cell."
  9. Gohan's tutor episode.
  10. Every single moment of Dragon Ball GT.

MuscularBroly's picks

  1. Pan in general, weakling, stupid, cry baby and usless character with no purpose.
  2. DBZ Evolution, relates nothing to the anime.
  3. Hercule taking credit for what goku and gohan do, pisses me off.
  4. Videl being a nossy person into Gohan's life.
  5. Having the other awesum human fighters like Tien, Krillin and Yamcha and Chiatzu not fighting after the cell saga.
  6. Ginyu force being retarded.
  7. Krillin being a coward all the time.
  8. Androids being invincible and all, and smashing up the Z fighters.
  9. Android 19 in general, damn hes fat.
  10. Yajirobe able to harm Vegeta.

LittleMissNamek's picks

  1. anything that has oolong.He's the most annoying character in dragonballz and i swear everytime he comes on to the screen, i want to roast him like the pig he is!
  2. Vegeta attacking that one namek village.
  3. Chi-chi yelling at Gohan about his studies. as if books are more important than the world!
  4. Bulma telling Gohan that they should leave Piccolo on the exploding planet Namek. Really, Bulma? i guess she forgot that if Piccolo's dead, they can't bring back Yamcha with the dragonballs.
  5. any scene with Krillen's ex-girlfriend, Maron. She's such a stupid bimbo! I swear, I just wanna wring her neck!
  6. Chi-chi calling Piccolo a monster. That just makes me wanna punch her in the face.
  7. Bulma whining WAY too much in a scene and thinking everyone forgot about her.
  8. Chi-chi caring more about Gohan than about Goku. If it wasn't for him, she wouldn't even have Gohan in the first place!
  9. Dragonball Evolution. two words: EPIC.FAIL.
  10. Captain Ginyu thinking style is more important than actual strength. no wonder he got his a$$ kicked so easily by Goku.

Dean O'Neill's picks

  1. Tien telling Android 18 a thousand times to get away from cell but she never does.
  2. DragonBall Z Kai Theme song
  3. Videl
  4. The fact that Vegeta couldn't even put up a good fight against Kid Buu
  5. The fact that Vegeta could not go Super Saiyan 3

Jessica Redfields' picks

  1. The ending of GT.I mean come on goku just left his family and friends to train and he was training for 100 years and pretty much everybody but Pan had died.
  2. When Piccolo or Kami dies and the other one dies, therefore the Dragon Balls are pretty much useless.
  3. The fact that Goten was probably an accident. Look, the Z fighters were going to fight Cell, Goku and Chi Chi had some "fun", Goku didn't know that Goten exsisted, and they probably didn't think of having another kid.
  4. Kami in general. He's just too weak.
  5. Dragon Ball Evolution.
  6. The fact that Frieza (or Freeza) could survive a spirit bomb but, Kid Buu couldn't.
  7. Pan in GT. She was fine in Z but, she's to bratty in GT.
  8. Garlic Jr. Saga. Too long and too boring.
  9. GT in general. Why, Adult Gohan, they killed the awesome Goten and Trunks, and Vegeta grows a mustache.
  10. DBZ seasons 1-3. They just weren't that good or interesting til' Trunks first appeared.

Honorable mentions: Vegeta was just plain stupid in GT. Vegeta was a coward when he saw Broly. When Future Trunks died, I hate Cell for that. Cell was the reason why Goku never saw Goten as a baby, I hate him for that too. The Frieza (or Freeza), Cell, and Buu fights 'cause they were way to long.

TheUltimateGohan's picks

  1. Lord Slug's Movie- Just to boring.
  2. Broly v.s Goku- One word KAKAROTTTTTTT
  3. Raditz v.s Goku - Way to annoying
  4. Nappa v.s Chiaotzu- Too Short
  5. Bio-Broly Movie- Just so stupid. Broly for a THIRD TIME
  6. Piccolo v.s Shin (Suprme Kai)
  7. Other World Tournament- Grand Kai was rusty so that is why Goku and Pikkon were disqualified
  8. Goku and Vegeta inside Super Buu

Ssj4Popo's picks

My least favs

  1. Any scene involving Vegeta losing or dying or being a coward.
  2. Any scene involving Piccolo losing or dying.
  3. When Goku gets hungry (it's over-used in my opinion)
  5. King Piccolo killing Shenron (he's called the ETERNAL Dragon!!!)
  6. Pan = useless. (Honestly, Goten would have been a lot more useful)
  7. Pretty much any filler (except the driving test one, that was funny)
  8. Every preliminary fight in the tenkaichi budokai's past Goku and Krillin realizing how strong Roshi's training made them or showing off a "bad guy's" power, it was pointless.
  9. The reenactment of the Cell Games by actors.
  10. Mr. Satan (except using his influence over the people to help the Z-fighters)

Just bareable enough to miss the cut: Neither Vegeta or Goku telling their wives to stop complaining or be blasted into nothingness. Piccolo not telling them to shutup either. Chichi thinking she should try to scold super Buu. The fight between Nail and Frieza.

SSJOver900's picks

  1. The fact that the human Z-fighters become useless after the cell games
  2. The fact that none of the saiyans after Gohan have tails (Goten, Trunks, Broly, Peragus)
  3. The fact that the world thinks that Mr. Satan stopped Cell and Majin Buu
  4. Pan in GT, She was cute in DBZ, but just plain annoying in GT
  5. The over-confidence of all the villains... and Vegeta
  6. Goku leaving his family at the end of DBZ and DBGT
  7. The fact that everyone except Goku and Uub become "soft"
  8. The fact that Shin could have stopped Majin Buu if he just destroyed the pod before
  9. Everyone thinks the punching machine isn't working when the Z-fighters score in the 200s
  10. The guy who snipes a puppy, i mean come on, WHO SHOOTS A PUPPY! >:(

Sirina's picks

  1. Pan in general. (Annoys the crap outta me.)
  2. Mr. Satan during the Cell games. (Especially when he kept babbling bull$#!t during the fight.)
  3. Super 17 in general. (WTF happened to his hair?)
  4. Gotenks' childish behaviour.
  5. Great Saiyaman's "dancing" (Kid Gohan probably copied this ridiculous showing off from Ginyu force because he thought it was cool. Well, it wasn't.)
  6. Bulma on Namek (Seriously, who cares if she's having nightmares if Frieza's just about to kill everyone?)
  7. Garlic Jr. in general.
  8. Gohan being a coward at the beginning of DBZ. (Geez, kid, your father's Goku!)
  9. Everyone except Goku and Vegeta getting so weak in GT.
  10. The fact that DBZ ended.

Honorable mentions: Videl being so proud of her father. (Oh, come on..); Hercule's acting like he's the best even when he's around the Z fighters. (Pathetic..); Gohan's mentor in "Frieza's Counterattack" (CHI-CHI!!! Your son's being beaten up in front of you and you're standing still doing absolutely nothing and kicking that mother******'s a$$ only when he starts talking trash about Goku?!); All the villains from hell being killed so easily by those who now are really soft.

Anime Z's picks

Only Have 3

  1. End of GT
  2. Vegeta grows a mustache
  3. When Vegeta Says he has a heart of pure evil

SSJNate's picks

  1. Dragonball GT. (I hate Pan and Giru. Two worst characters in all of Dragonball.)
  2. Full frontal male nudity in the DVD version of Dragonball. If I have to see Kid Goku's privates one more time, I'll puke.
  3. Anytime a character is powering up for (insert big attack name here) and two episodes later, they are still powering up. Meanwhile, the other characters are like, "Oh no! He's going to do it! This is it! Look out!" Also, it looks more like they are struggling to take a dump than powering up.
  4. When (insert big attack name here) is finally launched, the heroes all cheer, "We did it! We won! So-and-so is defeated!" only to have the villain emerge unscathed. You would think after this happens in nearly every major battle in DBZ, that the heroes would learn not to celebrate until it was really over. Not to mention the two episodes of powering up were a complete waste of time.
  5. The length of the Goku/Frieza fight. Approximately 20 episodes? I shouldn't have to switch DVDs 3-4 times to see the outcome. And then it isn't even over as Frieza returns!
  6. The once mighty Tien (one of my favorites from the original series) becoming a complete wimp in DBZ. He used to go toe-to-toe with Goku. Now, he sucks.
  7. Everyone thinking Mr. Satan is the strongest. Its funny when he says it himself (and believes it), but annoying when everyone else does.
  8. The "Waiting for Goku" syndrome of DBZ. In every major battle in DBZ, Goku is somewhere else while his friends are getting stomped, while they all say, "We need Goku!" Although, it makes his eventual arrival much more heroic.
  9. All the talking animals and their scenes.
  10. The Garlic Jr. Saga.

Honorable mention: Kid Gohan being a whiny crybaby. Teen/Adult Gohan being a whiny doubting loser.

MasterDylan's picks

  1. Trunks vs. Goten - I hate both of these kids they are only awesome when they become gotenks. goten just whines through the whole fight.
  2. Goku vs. Yakon - this was pathetic. Yakon was one of the worst villains. you hardly see a punch or a kick in this fight. Goku just wins by blowing him up
  3. Goku & Piccolo vs. Raditz - This was the beginning right after DB all happened. Goku mostly gets his a$$ handed to him in this whole fight so does piccolo. But pretty cool to see the kamehameha from the sky, the special beam cannon ending, and gohans epic headbutt to raditzs stomach.
  4. Krillin, Tien, Yamcha & Chaotzu vs. Prototype Saiyans - All these characters became pathetic after DB. they get whooped very easily in this fight and the the two saiyans look very stupid.
  5. Goku vs. Caterpy - Seriously Tickling did we really need to see this fight.
  6. Gohan & Krillin vs. Guldo - Guldo is such a pansy it's impossible to lose agasin't this guy
  7. Nail vs. Frieza - Nail was one of my least favorite characters. he gets owned very easily
  8. Garlic Jr. saga - i hate anything that has to do with the movies
  9. Gohan vs. Recoome - an ok fight but it was very slow. sick kick though by recoome on gohan
  10. Goku vs. Pikkon - I would'nt say this was a worst fight but i didn't really care for this fight too much. very cool to see Goku's Super Kaioken attack on pikkon. i give it 8.5/10's picks

  1. pan sucks! DBZ pan was ok but i hate GT pan, she was so annoying.

People who said some scenes like vegeta with a moustache and gohan`s transformation to great saiyaman weren`t good, is wrong. They were funny.

Nappa'sGoatee's picks

  1. Recoome breaking Gohan's neck. (Despite the Frieza saga being my favourite saga, It just felt wrong for a neck breaking to happen to a child, even In DBZ. Just was too violent. Very uncomfortable to me.)
  2. Krillin's death in Super 17 saga. Krillin's death in this saga was entirely Pointless. It just added another death on, which Krillin did not need. He had a bad reputation of dying a lot before. I wouldn't mind if it led to something but it didn't.
  3. Goku Jr and Vegeta Jr transforming into Super Saiyans. (The same reason why there on my least favourite characters. They Transform way too easily and they shrug it off like it's nothing. super Saiyan is supposed to be something really hard to achieve.)
  4. Goten and Trunks turning into Super Saiyans. (Same thing as number 3.)
  5. Vegeta becoming a Majin and killing all the people at the world tournament. (I never understood how Bulma could cope being married to a Alien who has killed lots of people, but what I don't like was that nobody was mad at Vegeta wanting to become evil again and killing the people at the tournament. And the fact Vegeta never seems to show regretting his actions after the defeat of Kid Buu. That's also a reason why Vegeta is not on my favourite characters list)
  6. Krillin falling in love with 18. He just saw her seriously hurt all his friends, and yet he still fancied her. I don't care how attractive she may be, but you shouldn't fall in love with someone who seriously hurt your close friends.)
  7. Future Trunks killing Mecha Frieza. (I feel that Goku should have killed Frieza, after all the stuff he did to him. Plus it made Goku's SSJ transformation less epic.)
  8. Gohan becoming the great Saiyaman. The Great Saiyaman is basically a less cool version of the Ginyu force. He could have been cool if he didn't pose.)
  9. Ginyu in Goku vs Krillin and Gohan. The idea of body swapping's cool, but it was not very interesting in the end. The fight's were not cool to me.
  10. Super Vegito vs Super Buu (Fight went on far too long.)

ParaGoomba348's picks

  1. Gohan kills Cell... WHY?!
  2. Gohan becomes the Great Saiyaman. Seriously, first he kills Cell, now this?!
  3. Captain Ginyu switches bodies with Bulma after being a frog. It was funny seeing him as Bulma, but really... did he have to do get out of the frog body?
  4. The Cell Games Reenactment. I just do NOT like seeing Cell get killed! ESPECIALLY BY MR. SATAN!!
  5. Anyone calling Vegeta an old geezer. He looks young to me.
  6. Yamcha vs. Tien. Yamcha just had to win, but no... Tien won!
  7. Saibamen explodes on Yamcha. Yamcha gets a whole lot of hate and he doesn't need any more!
  8. Dragon Ball Z Kai in general...
  9. Dragon Ball GT ends.
  10. Videl and Chi-Chi's catfight. I know it's supposed to be hilarious, but it didn't appeal to me.

Wolf777xkaioken's picks

  1. Gohan fights super buu as ultimate Gohan (whole fight was just boring)
  2. Gohan gets ssj2 for first time
  3. Super Cell vs Gohan
  4. Lord Lewd Fight
  5. Baby vs ssj3 Goku (too quick and painful)
  6. Gohan hits Frieza with blast and nearly kills him
  7. Goku suffers from heart disease
  8. None
  9. None
  10. None

SeanAlSayf's picks

  1. Great Saiyaman.
  2. Gohan meets the orphan gang in the Saiyan saga filler.
  3. Garlic Jr. Saga
  4. The end of DBZ.
  5. The second and third Broly movies.
  6. Vegeta using the Blutz wave generator to become a golden great ape and later Super Saiyan 4.
  7. Bulma vs. the Crab.
  8. Gohan trains with Elder Kai.
  9. Fake Namek.
  10. Anything Gohan did after the Cell saga.'s picks



CellSeru's picks

  1. All of Hercule's screen time, specifically in the Cell Games saga. Annoying as hell.
  2. Gohan's training in Season 1.
  3. Any scenes involving a dinosaur
  4. The entire Great Saiyaman saga
  5. Frieza vs Krillin, Gohan, Vegeta and Piccolo. It was pure domination and got boring.
  6. Frieza vs Goku, too long.
  7. Frieza vs Trunks, because it was f****** stupid.
  8. King Cold vs Trunks, because it was completely pointless.
  9. Bulma searching for the dragonballs underwater in Season 2.
  10. The entire Bio Broly movie.

Aliasunknown's picks

  1. Downplay of once important characters (Bulma etc.)
  2. Loss of fantasy-adventure elements in favor of sci-fi over the top action.
  3. Lack of Goten.
  4. People bitching about Pan.
  5. Nimbus replaced with Superman flight.
  6. Ressurecting the dead. Its tough to take anything seriously when you know everything can be set right with one wish.
  7. Raditz dying so damn early.
  8. People think Mr. Satan is the strongest. Did the whole world just forget about Goku's Oozaru transformation at the World Tournament AND Piccolo taking over the world?
  9. Krillin and 18 get a sentimental romantic scene in GT but not our main hero and his wife.
  10. Goku Junior. Way to live up to expectations

Numbuh424's picks

  1. Gohan and the Orphans in the woods
  2. The Space orphans
  3. the raditz fight (i've seen it way too much)
  4. Fake Namek
  5. All the random stare downs when people should be fighting
  6. Downplaying characters to minor of no roles (mainly tien and yamcha)
  7. Good Buu vs. Evil Buu
  8. Frieza killing Krillin
  9. Android 18's acting when throwing the fight against hercule
  10. The early Great Saiyaman saga stuff with gohan

Mrdexter72's picks

  1. All of Dragonball f'ing GT. (especially, yup, you guessed it ... PAN!)
  2. In GT the plothole where Gohan can't turn ultimate, and he is no longer the strongest z fighter. Not to mention the fact that the villians were so strong that only Goku could handle them. I mean wtf. At twelve years old Goku couldn't do jack s*&*. At 9 years old (in the manga) Gohan could turn ss2. How is Goku in the name of god stronger than him? -- dbz had it right by ending with gohan as the strongest then GT went and ruined it)
  3. Killing Piccolo and sending him to hell in GT
  4. Piccolos power being under appreciated (he is the most powerful namekian in history. I don't know why they cast him aside like the humans)
  5. How the villians became too overpowered (it made it less believable)
  6. The people of earth (how they worship Satan, disregard the Z fighters - e.g. the real heroes - and call their skills "tricks")
  7. Hercule (he ruins the show -- I just fast forward everytime hes on)
  8. The camera crew in the cell saga, and how the fights began to include the public in general
  9. Gohan being a coward in the saiyan fight
  10. How GT ended with goku jr. and vegeta jr. fighting as super saiyans. It made the legend seem stupid, frankly I don't care about them, I care about the whole generation they made blatantly obvious had died, and the fact that hercule got a f****** statue grrr...

woodcojb's picks

  1. GT, but that has been stated many times
  2. SSJ3 Goku decides NOT to beat Fat Buu (The kids have to grow up sometime and ages 8 and 7 seems right)
  3. Vegeta's Babidi Saga Mid-Life Crisis
  4. Goku decides to humor Majin Vegeta (One look at SSJ3 or a minute or so trying to fight would have led Vegeta to the conclusion he made later in the series)
  5. Despite fighting Cell, No one in the Buu Saga appreciated how far regeneration could go
  6. The Great Saiyaman (specifically the poses and lines, the concept wasn't bad)
  7. The Mystic Gohan buildup (huge anticipation based on the time it took in the series). Gotenks had a similar prep time and his fight with Buu was needlessly epic; Gohan appears, stomps Buu, and two episodes later is completely obselete (which ticked me off as a Gohan fan) and never does anything else in the series besides fathering Pan (and it does not seem that he has much hand in raising her either)
  8. Gohan vs Frieza filler (Gohan Returns!)
  9. Movie 10's premise. Based on Movie 8, if Broly's energy appeared on Earth, then Vegeta and Piccolo should have come running (not just Krillin) to assist or takeover the fight. Krillin in Piccolo's clothes didn't work either.
  10. Krillin's Hair. As an aside, these may not be my top ten, but they are the ten on my mind at this moment.

Goji73's picks

  1. Caterpy tickling Goku
  2. The Otherworld Tournament (minus Pikkon)
  3. Great Saiyaman Saga
  4. Gohan vs. Cell (The turning point in the whole series)
  5. Shadow Dragon Saga (It ruined the fun/point of the series)
  6. Any scene with Pan in it in DBGT
  7. Future Trunks vs. Mecha Frieza & King Cold
  8. Filler Journey to Namek (really unnecessary)
  9. Bio-Broly
  10. Jackie Chun/Master Roshi winning the 21st World Tournament's picks

  1. Broly being way past overpowered. ( he is still a cool char)
  2. Gohan being useless in GT (he's my fav character)
  3. Recoome and Guldo from the Ginyu Force. (SO ANNOYING)
  4. Vegeta losing almost every fight he is in.
  5. The uselessness of anyone else in GT besides Goku.
  6. Jackie Chun/ Master Roshi quits his match against Tien. (he cld have pwned him if he wanted and only used 50% of his power.
  7. Bio - Broly Idk i just dont like him.
  8. Turles Death ( he was so cool)
  9. Bardock Death ( same as turles)
  10. Hercule takes credit for beating Cell.

Gladiatuss' picks

  1. Goku's fight with Burter and Jeice(Too Short)
  2. Kid Gohan's Alone Training
  3. Bardock's Death(Why you had to die?T.T)
  4. Freeza destroying Planet Vegeta
  5. Goten and Trunks' fight with Fat Buu
  6. Gohan being useless in GT
  7. Great Saiyaman's Scenes
  8. The shadow dragon saga(minus SSJ4 Vegeta)
  9. Raditz's Death(My second favorite Saiyan don't live enough to be a Super Saiyan)
  10. Krillin's death in Gt(Pointless)

SS4 Gokule picks

  1. I dont have 10 but i hate the fight between Trunks and Mecha Frieza and Trunks fighting King Cold so long and it was easy for Trunks

SilverTaiyoAkira's picks

@SonikFan112 I'm so with you on all your picks No real order

  1. Bio-Broly-pretty much hated the movie and his death was retarded. It was a total shame to the real Broly. -_-
  2. Teen Gohan and Kid Gohan-a whiny-a*& little brat who cries every 2 friggin seconds and only beat Cell cuz he started crying and throwing a tantrum. Please.
  3. Tien not liking pretty much anybody-he hates, like, everyone, especially Vegeta, and pretty much every Tien and Chiaotzu moment is just g*&.
  4. The "Great" Saiyaman-Just Gohan finding yet another way to get more attention. His poses are retarded and it's just plain dumb.
  5. Yamcha being killed or already dead or brutally beat up-He could've been a really good character but for some reason just became a punching bag for every villain that came along,
  6. Krillin dying in almost every saga except for Cell-he was a good character but he also became another punching bag and he died way too many times.
  7. Uub-the whole idea behind Uub was just dumb. He's pretty much like Gohan given that he becomes stronger after getting angry and he just seems like a total loser in Z and GT.
  8. Zarbon's idea of blowing up Planet Vegeta-it was his f***ing fault that the Saiyans died in the first place. If he hadn't opened his stupid-a$% mouth and told Frieza to blow up the planet, all the Saiyans-including Bardock-would still be alive.\
  9. Dende not wanting to heal Vegeta-dude...Frieza killed, like 99% of your f***ing people, Vegeta killed, like, what 1 or 2 villages? Vegeta didn't really do that much and he actually did you a favor by killing some of Frieza's people. You should be grateful you dumba$%.
  10. Majin Buu-The F***ING fata&$ and his F***ING high-pitched voice...I'M about to jump into my computer and kill his F***ING a$#. Probably should just choke him with his gay-a#$ cape. Such a disgrace to Kid Buu. Goddamn Toriyama, not one of your best ideas.Super Buu and Kid Buu were perfectly fine but this was just pitiful.

Sankait36's picks

  1. The Fight with frieza (too long)
  2. Gohan SS2 vs. Cell (The final kamehameha was too long)
  3. Goku's use of spirit bomb against Frieza (I mean 2 episodes were spent to use it)
  4. Gotenks vs. Super Buu (Way boring and childish)
  5. Vegeta's stupid moustache and haircut in GT
  6. Super Gogeta vs. Janemba (too short)
  7. The entire Dragonball Evolution movie
  8. Gohan as 'The Great Saiyaman' (childish for a kid going to high school)
  9. Chi-Chi (will sacrifice the world for Gohan's Studies)
  10. Removal of characters like Tien, Yamcha, Krillin, Chiaoutzu from GT.

Vegito117's picks

(no particular order)

  1. Pan in GT (she was actually ok in Z)
  2. Yamcha (hated him from the beginning, so glad he became a worthless pussy by the end)
  3. The fact that Toriyama tried to make Gohan the main character and didn't. Either stick with the plan, or leave Goku as the guy.
  4. Losing Piccolo as a fighter...I always thought he could have been so much more in the Buu arc.
  5. Chiaotzu (worthless clown puppet)
  6. Vegeta/Goku/Gohan or anyone else taking crap from their wives or in Gohan's case, mother. Easily could have transformed and shut them up real quick
  7. GT in general
  8. Gohan becoming a nerdy weakling (I was actually ok with him becoming stronger than his father, but they blew that apart quick)
  9. Chi Chi (always wanted to punch her right in her fat mouth)
  10. Everything to do with the character that is Mr. Satan...his personality, his reputation, his idiotic fans etc.

Dishonorable Mentions: Great Saiyaman, Goku losing his tail, Vegeta losing his worth in GT, and Vegito being separated by bs

NamekianFusion's picks

  1. Vegeta's rants about his pride
  2. Everything in the Cell Games Arc
  3. Anything with a character named Pan
  4. Saiyans consuming large amounts of food
  5. Fusion Arc
  6. Goten and Trunks
  7. SSJ4 Gogeta messing around
  8. Goten crying for the apple in Movie 10
  9. Super Saiyans after the Freeza Arc
  10. Broly screaming Kakarot! J man's picks

10 least favorite moments.

  1. Finding out that adult Gohan stopped training and got weaker than what he used to be
  2. In Gt where 18 helps goku beat super 17. Her top didnt come fully off
  3. Cooler shows up already transoformed in like his third form
  4. Vageta being such a panzy when it comes to broly
  5. I hate kid trunks's attitude it just sucks
  6. When goku gets hurt by a rock that krillin threw in his super sayain form
  7. Any moment when chichi is being a total bitchh
  8. Goku gets sick
  9. The way vegeta finally turns super sayain. (temper tantrum)
  10. i hate the way goten acts in gt. He should have been a super sayain 3 by now's picks


  1. Vegeta's fear of Broly in the first Broly film. Vegeta should NEVER be paralyzed in fear of ANYONE... EVER.
  2. Piccolo being trapped in Hell towards the end of GT.
  3. The scene in Fusion Reborn where Frieza is killed immediately after his return from Hell by Gohan. It took Goku a whole saga to beat Frieza but Goku's lame Saiyaman son re-kills him within seconds.
  4. The death of Cyborg Frieza. Again, why is Trunks capable of killing Frieza immediately when it took Goku so long? Not to mention he also killed King Cold. Trunks is good... but not THAT good.
  5. When Janemba transformed. I have nothing against Super Janemba, but the original big fat yellow Janemba is awesomeness incarnate.
  6. Pretty much any scene involving Android 17 and/or 18. We get it, you're boring cardboard characters, now hurry up and be eaten by Cell!
  7. The Baby saga. What were they thinking?
  8. The repeated death's of Krillin. He's so awesome! Why not kill Videl a few times?
  9. The beginning of the Majin Buu saga where we had to put up with Babidi. Useless green midget.
  10. Not so much a scene or moment, but the fact that Goku, Goten, Bardock, Goku Jr and Turles all share the same face. In a way it can be used for comic effect, but it just feels lazy. I understand that genetics plays a factor, but Turles is no relation to the other four! But he has the Goku face. Explain it however you want, but I think it's silly.

I'd like to point out the only reason Dragon Ball Evolution isn't on the list is because I refuse to watch it for fear that my eyes will boil out of my skull. Thank you.'s picks



Igotswagger's picks

  1. Raditz
  2. Android 18 not being in the first few sagas
  3. Goten and Trunks peeing in the bushes together
  4. Android 16 being killed ( he was a good man, or in other words, android )
  5. Vegeta in the Sayian saga, Namek saga, and Freiza saga
  6. Great Sayaiman saga
  7. Mr. Satan
  8. All mortals ( actual humans except for Videl ) that think Mr. Satan is the strongest.
  9. Dodoria
  10. Every part of the Freiza Saga when Freiza was 3rd forme ( man is that forme ugly )

Goten1996's picks

  1. Kid buu( mainly because he didnt talk, it was good to hear the villians thoughts on the fighter)
  2. Pan
  3. Kid trunks (he was awesome he was just cocky and stingy at the start)
  4. When piccolo died in GT
  5. Bulma in Namek Saga (Vegeta should of killed her then, would of saved him alot of trouble)
  6. Vegetas hair in GT
  7. how goten became so weak in GT
  8. how goten and trunks became ssj so quickly without even a proper story behind it
  9. Gohans bowl cut in namek/freiza saga
  10. Cells flashback on his life before releasing the kamehameha wave on Gohan (we had seen it like 5 times before)'s picks

My opinion

  1. Gohan becomes the great sayaman (Gohan was my favourite character before this)
  2. Anything invloving Pan
  3. Watching Gohan as the great sayaman struggling to tame dragons
  4. Gohans terrible joke about the Z Sword being the Z Dagger
  5. Almost anything involving trunks in GT he was so cool in the Cell Saga
  6. Vegeta constintly saying he had become a SUPER SAYAIN! Even though he knew fully well he hadden
  7. Fat Buu's voice
  8. Gohan becomes a nerd
  9. The famous 5 minutes
  10. Super Sayain 4 ( I just wish this never happend)

Barber2481's picks

  1. any Pan moments
  2. Recoome dancing his ass off
  3. every villain being so cocky
  4. every villain calling a saiyan a monkey, they all can't know that a saiyan turns into a great ape
  5. trunks being a douche when he's with goten
  6. Goku and gohan staying super saiyan and wearing normal clothes during cell games saga, they just look weird
  7. Goku and piccolo driving, funny but why drive when you can fly at a billion mph
  8. Goku fishing every day and eating fish everyday
  9. krillin with hair, became a pussy and didn't fight
  10. every villain after being beat still thinking they were the best after dying a brutal death

Seketwut's picks

  1. Kid Goku beat Frieza and Cell without even turn ssj in GT.
  2. Disregard of Gohan, Goten, Trunks, and Uub in GT.
  3. The villains become a complete weakling after their death.
  4. The entire Cell Games Saga.
  5. The overwhelming hate on Chiaotzu and Yamcha
  6. Some of Vegeta's fanboys.
  7. Goku, Pan, and Vegeta are the only main characters in Shadow Dragon Saga.
  8. The heroes becoming so arrogant when they becoming more powerful than the villains.
  9. The humans and Piccolo being discarded after the Cell Games.
  10. Every screaming moments.

Ujo1993's picks

  1. Any time when Chi-Chi gets angry and obsesses over Gohan's studies.
  2. Anytime Gohan gets beaten up.
  3. Most of GT, especially when Pan enters the spaceship instead of Gotenks.
  4. The villains looking like they'll win
  5. Goku eating like a fat pig.
  6. Villains trying to blow up the planet when it looks like they're losing
  7. Vegeta wangsting about being better than Goku.
  8. Some moments of Gohan in high school.
  9. some moments when Gohan embarrasses himself as the Great Saiyaman.
  10. Gotenks acting like a fool.'s picks

  1. Future Trunks arriving and destroying the rareness of SSJ allowing everyone to become SSJ
  2. Super Saiyan God
  3. Gohan vs Cell (that was not a fight. Gohan overpowered Cell and later 5 episodes fight with Kamehameha)
  4. SSJ upgrades or higher forms (by far SSJ2 is the worst not counting SSJG which I mentioned before, if I didn't read it somewhere, I wouldn't have know that it is a transformation and even knowing that, that Gohan used that form agains Broly lol)
  5. Goku not being inivative anymore in DBZ besides using Instant Kamehameha
  6. Super Saiyaman
  7. Mr Satan arriving and taking all the credits for Goku and Friends
  8. Piccolo dieing in Z in the Buu Saga while sleeping and becoming the Joke
  9. Goku becoming unimportant character and the series is invated by saiyans making all non-saiyan characters unimportant even Piccolo who fused with Kami.
  10. Goku giving up and letting Gohan fight

Fireleferuby's picks

  1. Pan(GT)
  2. GT in general
  3. Adult Gohan
  4. Buu's constant transformations
  5. Ginyu as a frog with Bulma
  6. Great Sayiaman Saga
  7. All the Frieza Minions Beging for Vegeta(and Goku's) mercy.
  8. Everyone dies at some point (except Hercule)
  9. Everyone's affection for Hercule
  10. Gohan in Vegeta Saga

Goku556's picks

  1. Frieza and goku final battle( 20 episodes ugh )
  2. Broly
  3. Gotenks and goten
  4. When krillin trys to secretly slice of vegeta's ( and later freizas ) he has to shout DESTRUCTO DISC!
  5. Krillin
  7. Roshi
  8. Pan
  9. Maron
  10. Goten and trunks learning to fuse.
  11. Goku and cell kamahameha

NashKillmaster's picks

  1. Dragon Ball GT in general
  2. Unnecessary filler (ex. Ridiculously long and boring dialogues, Gohan under the desert, etc. Actually, almost EVERY filler's unnecessary)
  3. Supreme Kai
  4. Freeza's voices (except DBZ Kai)
  5. The edits in Kai (not as much blood)
  6. Piccolo not having many battles near the end of DBZ
  7. Some of the voice acting in the Funimation dub
  8. Bad puns (ex. "He's been disarmed")
  9. Van Zant and Smitty
  10. Bio-Broly (They should've stopped after The Second Coming)

Dis-honorable mentions: The Funimation music (too repetitive), Saiyaman

Kakarott's picks

  1. Cell abs 17 and 18
  2. The entire Buu saga
  3. Luud abs Pan and the Para Brothers
  4. Naturon abs Pan(Pan, noooo!!!)
  5. DBZ Kai
  6. Piccolo's death in GT
  7. Super 17
  8. No GT Gotenks
  9. Bio-Brocolli
  10. What ever happened to Android 16?
  11. Super 17
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