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Forum Top Ten Funniest Scenes

Dragonball has its fair share of funny moments, list your top ten favorites. No fan material or non-canon stuff; no abridged, only official material from the series.

Kamiccolo57's picks

  1. Android 13 punches Goku's crotch
  2. Trunks takes a leak on Broly's Head
  3. Hercule vs. Cell (So pathetic it made it funny)
  4. Vegeta's Pink Shirt
  5. Goku and Piccolo learn to drive (One of the funniest filler episodes)
  6. Ginyu Force in General
  7. Vegeta vs. Yadjoribe (During Sayian Saga)
  8. Goku and Vegeta stealing food from each other (Yo! Son Goku and his Friends Return)
  9. Master Roshi confronts Broly while drunk
  10. Goku Slips and falls on his head (In Movie 2: World's Strongest)

SaiyanWarriorGoku's picks

  1. Bulma's Balls are missing.
  2. Vegeta's badass pink shirt.
  3. Meet the Ginyu Force.
  4. Roshi and 18 in the World Tournament Saga.
  5. Broly's face durring his transformation in DBZ movie 8.
  6. Trunks pees on Broly.
  7. Yamcha hits his private part on Hero's head.
  8. Drunk Roshi's Super Saiyan style beard.
  9. Chi-Chi powers up in the Garlic Jr. Saga.
  10. Goku confirms that Chi-Chi is a girl.

PrinceZarbon's picks

  1. Krillin opens Bulma's breasts in front of Master Roshi so he can nosebleed in order to reveal Invisible Man!
  2. Master Roshi gets the shrinking device to watch Bulma nude in the bathroom and gets flushed down the toilet. Turtle asks why he got wet, and he tells him to shut up.
  3. Goku pats Bulma's underwear... then removes it to examine whether she has... ahem...
  4. Goku calls Senbei Norimaki a woman and his wife a man... he can't tell the difference between men and women. Arale then points him in the right direction.
  5. Launch's attempt to try and convince Tien to come live with her (she promises not to cook!)
  6. Master Roshi says he named the seagulls Goku and Goku Jr. to avert everyone's attention from Bulma telling everyone that Roshi wanted her shrinking device just to watch people nude in the bathroom.
  7. Goku promises Elder Kai a kiss from Bulma! Vegeta gets pissed and asks why he didn't let Chi-Chi do it instead. Goku replies that Bulma is much more attractive!
  8. Bulma tosses a capsule to reveal its contents and finds porno in them... the capsule belonged to Dr. Brief. Goku takes the magazines and examines them as Bulma angrily tears them apart!
  9. Near the end of the Z saga, Chi-Chi offers to trade Goku for Vegeta with Bulma. Bulma ponders as Yamcha says he's available. Chi-Chi then says she wants an "even" trade... not a "downgrade"! Ouch!
  10. Yamcha says he doesn't want to go back to the living world... he'd rather stay in Other World as long as there's hot girls around.

LSSJTrunk's picks

  1. Chichi asking bulma to switch husbands and yamcha said he's available and chichi says that she wants an even trade not a downgrade HAHAHA
  2. Goku doing pat pat on bulma , 2 other girls and oolong heh
  3. Great saiyamans first appearence
  4. Yamcha staying in otherworld if there hot women there
  5. Goku promise Elder kai a kiss form bulma and Vegeta Gets ticked off
  6. Trunks punching hercule in tournament
  7. Piccolo and goku learn to drive
  8. Vegeta's pink Shirt
  9. Goku finally realizes chichi's a woman
  10. Trunks leaks on Broly

Ghostkaiba297's picks

  1. Master Roshi facing Broly while he's drunk (in the first Broly movie)
  2. Buu and Babidi crashing through a building and Babidi getting a papercut
  3. Dende sets Hercule down (during Vegito's fight with Buu) and he lands on a rock and gets sacked
  4. The video shown in the World Tournament where Hercule defeats Cell (with actors portraying Goku, Cell, Hercule, etc.)
  5. Yajirobe vs Vegeta
  6. Frieza's henchmen trying out for the Ginyu Force
  7. Gohan getting drunk off an apple in the (canon) movie Dead Zone
  8. Goku biting Frieza's tail, and later biting Kid Buu's head
  9. Hercule faking a stomachache to avoid fighting Cell
  10. Yajirobe saying "I'm so hungry and I'm cold!" (the way he stretches out the word "cold")

LightSpeedBlast's picks

  1. It's Over 9000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. You Won't Escape... My WRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. I Hope My Body Can Take It...
  4. Holy DooDoo!
  6. Let. That. Child. Alone.
  7. He's DEAD, Goku! He's DEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Oh, excuse me! Has anyone seen my arm? You can't miss it! It's GREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEN!
  9. When futre trunks tells goku he is bulma's and vegta's son!

JayFlesh7891's picks

  1. Cell slapping Mr.Satan out of the ring during the Cell Games
  2. Recoome piledrives Vegeta into the ground!
  3. Super Andriod 13's crotch punch to Goku
  4. Goku sliding on his head during World's Stongest fight
  5. Goku's face right before Broly hits him after his ineffective point-black Kamehameha
  6. Goku's ineffective point-black Kamehameha wave against Broly
  7. Broly's crater making clothesline against Vegeta
  8. Oolong wishing for the "world's most comfortable pair of underwear"
  9. Mystic Gohan forcing Super Buu to eat one of his own mouth blasts and his reaction to it
  10. ALL of Chi-Chi's temper tantrums that result in someone getting hurt or being afraid!

honorable mentions: Piccolo and Goku teaching the fusion dance, Goku's 1-hit K.O. against Recoome, Goku and Piccolo learn to drive, and Gohan's intoxicated antics during Dead Zone

Vegeta83's picks

  1. Vegeta's pink shirt. (I'm a warrior, not a variety of flower!)
  2. Goku sliding on his head after his flip during The World Strongest. (Ouch...That's got to hurt, but hilarious!)
  3. Cell slapping Mr. Satan out of the ring. (Not only he hit his head on a mountain...He slid down face first!)
  4. Oolong's wish for panties to stop Emperor Pilaf. (Wow...What a pig! It's a pun!)
  5. Gohan getting intoxicated by eating the fruit during Dead Zone. (Hallucinations and stumbling...Awesome.)
  6. Goku and Piccolo learning to drive. (Both of them racing each other was great!)
  7. Chi-Chi powering up when Marron called her grandma. (This is why Chi-Chi scares me.)
  8. Bulma pulled up her shirt, showing Master Roshi..."her business." (Roshi's nosebleed was epic!!)
  9. The first appearance of the Ginyu Force. (The poses were absolutely hilarious.)
  10. When Kid Trunks transformed into a Super Saiyan in front of Vegeta. (When was it that the legendary transformation of the Saiyan race was reduced to a child's plaything?)

Bradbingham's picks

  1. Tien tells a joke to King Kai (The way he powers up to tell the joke and King Kai's reaction was priceless "You can Tune a Piano but you can't TUNA FISH!")
  2. Hero VS Yamcha in the 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament (The entire fight was funny)
  3. Oolong turning into Bulma and flashing Master Roshi after Roshi put out the fire on Fire Mountain (BOOM-BOOM)
  4. Goku patting Nam's Crotch (In my village we just shake hands)
  5. Yamcha feeling around for the Dragonballs only to be feeling of Bulma's Breast instead
  6. Druken Rosh challenges Brolly
  7. Goku removes Tien's Belt in the 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament (Tien Shinhan falls before no man, but his pants does)
  8. Bulma has no balls
  9. Goku thinking Bubbles is King Kai (Him acting like a monkey was funny beyond belief)
  10. Jackie Chun singing at the 21st World Martial Arts Tournament (HEY I'M JACKIE!)

Mi3ll's picks

  1. The Z-Fighters auditioning for King Kai's training ("No more of this monkey business" - Picollo)
  2. Vegeta's pink shirt ("Servant woman! Bring me a drying cloth!")
  3. Bulma as Baby's Queen (tied with) Vegeta having a revelation due to Bulla telling him he looks like a dweeb (same pose when he finally realises Goku is way stronger than him xD. How the mighty fall...)
  4. The first wish ever in DB was a pair of panties
  5. Goku's dream during the Mercenary Tao saga (you really are a girl Bulma...) xD
  6. "You're like, my big green uncle!" - Gohan adopting Picollo as his uncle after he killed his real uncle x.x
  7. The Ginyu Force (randomness x.x)
  8. Vegeta and Bulma getting together (more randomness...)
  9. Krillin opens Bulma's breasts in front of Master Roshi so he can nosebleed in order to reveal Invisible Man!
  10. Great Saiyaman and Saiyagirl

honourable mentions: Cell vs. Hercule, Mighty Mask vs. Android 18

Trueevildragon1's picks

  1. Cell bitchslaps Hercule out of the Ring.
  2. Broly killing Paragus("Where do think your going dad?" Preparing the rocket we can escape the explosion."In a rocket built for one person?")
  3. Trunks punches Hercule out the ring.
  4. The line Broly says to Vegeta when he slams Vegeta into a rock("You are all talk and no action. A true piece trash").
  5. When Captain Ginyu takes over Goku's body and Jeice tells him he's getting weak when he powers up.("22,000 and getting weaker").
  6. Krillin(He's the show's bitch, how can you not laugh at him.)
  7. Trunks peeing on Broly's head.
  8. Super Android 13 crotch punches Goku.
  9. Zarbon kicking one the soldiers in the water after he got beat up by the Nameks.
  10. 18 trying to snap Roshi's neck when he grabbed her boobs.

Goten 133's picks

  1. The driving test
  2. "This is all because of me! I'm the one who threw that guy's head over there!" Hercule
  3. Buu's day after killing Babidi
  4. Majin Vegeta's "slap fight" with Goku while he was trapped in the rock
  5. Vegeta, the Prince of all feminine shirts
  6. Lord Slug chasing Goku as a giant and smashing his face through a building
  7. Uh-Oh, looks like the Z-Swords become the Z-Dagger! (It was so stupid and pathetic that it was remotely funny)
  8. The infamous NO BALLS!
  9. Chi-Chi-Goku what's more important, camping or your son's education??? Goku-Well duh Chi-Chi, I'm not an idiot.........CAMPING!
  10. Chi-Chi going towards Goku to check on him only to fall on her face (Cooler's Revenge)

Bulmavegeta2009's picks

  1. when vegeta transformed into an ape(during the saiyan saga)
  2. the ginyu forces (so hillarius)
  3. Vegeta's pink shirt
  4. When Mr. Satan and his disciples attempted to put down Cell
  5. During the tournament saga when the video of how Mr.Satan defeated cell was shown
  6. All of vegeta's badass quotations

Virtro Tugimora's picks

  1. Anytime Goku is hungry or is eating (especially immediately after Cell is defeated and he starts eating the clouds)
  2. Krillin in general
  3. Cell and King Kai's face when his world explodes
  4. When Vegeta realizes that Goku promised Elder Kai a kiss from Bulma
  5. Hercule in general (and his fake/retarded antics)
  6. Goku and Piccolo learning how to drive
  7. Tien's bad joke on King Kai's planet
  8. Vegeta toying with Cell (Cell: How did you get so powerful? Vegeta: I do plenty of situps and drink alot of juice)
  9. Roshi trying to fight Broly in movie 8
  10. The entire series is hilarious; I love it because of the unwavering comic relief during tense moments (e.g., the very serious fight with Broly when Roshi tries to fight)

Honorable mentions: The Ginyu Force, Vegeta's many one-liners, King Kai in general

Gohantenku's picks

  1. Gotenks vs. Super Buu. I thought it was hilarous
  2. Piccolo and Goku learn to drive
  3. Master Roshi in Dragonball
  4. King Kai's jokes
  5. Satan vs. Cell
  6. Satan tries to fly
  7. Great Sayaman Saga
  8. When Vegeta says he'll destroy all the journalist who try to communicate with them after the tournament
  9. Anything with Gotenks
  10. Arrival of the Ginyu Force in Namek Saga

Kaiokentimesmr.f's picks

  1. after fusing with Nail piccolo acts like a coach yelling yes yes, i can do this
  2. every funny roshi scene (ex. Broly 1, Wrath of the dragon, fat buu saga, dragonball)
  3. Goku getting hit in the nuts by android 13
  4. gohan testing his strength in Cell games saga with logs not paying attention gets hit 3 times lol
  5. Goku slipping on the ice in world's strongest
  6. tien's king kai joke
  7. evey mr. satan scene
  8. vegeta's pink shirt
  9. gohan in high school
  10. goku's hair getting on fire

Super Jaiden's picks

  1. Cell going buff and going crazy over gohan and throwing up android 18
  2. Hercule during the world tournament saga
  3. Goku owning Vegeta about the pink shirt
  4. Most of Vegetas speeches
  5. Omega Shenron kicks Hercule in the gut
  6. Trunks punching hercule
  7. Kibito trying to lifth the Z Sword
  8. The Cell games reanactment
  9. Super Buus reaction to Gotenks defusing in his body
  10. Hercule always falling over and hurting himself

Ares210's picks

  1. Jeice cries after getting punched in the face by Goku.
  2. Jeice's accent in the US dub.
  3. Oolong falling into a pit after everyone runs to Goku after he beats Piccolo Jr.
  4. Giran's "secret" punch to Goku in the tournament.
  5. Goku telling Chi Chi he likes reading and sports.
  6. Goku eating clouds on Snake Way.
  7. "The one thing stronger than a Super Saiyan - his wife!" -Roshi
  8. "You can't leave yet. I've got something to show you. And it's my gun!" -suicidal girl at Princess Snake's
  9. Vegeta wants Trunks to have his pink shirt.
  10. Gohan pissing and crying at the same time during Piccolo's training (and when Piccolo sinks the pyramids for no reason).

Wertyman60's picks

  1. Goku checks gender of people in Dragonball.
  2. Krillin: doesn't seem that you like fighting. Goku: i like marshmallows. Krillin: what's that got to do with anything? Goku: haha. well i'm hungry, and your bald head looks like one. hahaha
  3. Master Roshi when he looks at underwear and women.
  4. When Master Roshi gets Goku to bring him back a girl and he brings him back a huge butch girl.
  5. When Goku is fighting Frieza and says "i'm gonna slap some sense into you!" *slaps slaps slaps*
  6. When Krillin is fighting Bacterian in the World Tournament and realizes that he has no nose
  7. When Goku is doing Mercenary Tao's puzzles in the Cell Saga.
  8. The whole Otherworld Tournament. the contestants were a joke.
  9. When Goku pictured himself fusing with Hercule.
  10. In GT when Oceanus Shenron reveals what wish brought her to life. UNDERWEAR! HAHAHA!

Chiaotzu's picks

  1. When Yamcha was killed by the saibaman
  2. When Yamcha was killed in the pendulum room
  3. When Tien broke Yamcha's leg
  4. When Yamcha almost dies when he finds the androids
  5. When Yamcha was killed by buu
  6. In Tree of might, when Yamcha always calls his car his "cruiser"
  7. When Goku drank that sports drink instead of beer
  8. When Picollo turns around when he senses that Raditz is right behind him
  9. When Krillin gets his powers unlocked by Guru and he says "POOOOOWWWEEEEERRRRR!"
  10. Peroski's Megaton Bull Crusher

Demonjjf's picks

  1. Piccolo, Gotenks and Buu in The Room of Spirit and Time.
  2. Goku and Vegeta in Buu's head
  3. Goku and Piccolo driving
  4. Gohan at highschool
  5. Vegeta yelling at Goku when he said that Old Kai could kiss Bulma.
  6. The Ginyu Force
  7. Freeza and the dragonballs. (0h, what lovely balls.) lol
  8. Piccolo's reaction after fusing with Nail.
  9. Roshi saying Goku's scared of ChiChi as she gets a random sword when attempting to revive Goku.
  10. ChiChi and Videl having a catfight. lol

Vegeccolo's picks

  1. Goku promises the "Elder Kai of 15 Generations" a kiss from Bulma in exchange for his training for Gohan, and Vegeta gets quite irate about it
  2. Krillin exposes Bulma's cleavage, causing Roshi to nosebleed, making the Invisible Fighter visible and thus able to defeat
  3. Oolong wishes for a girl's panties (*Oops* Of course, I meant "A cap with holes for his ears", as stated by the early German Dub)
  4. Kami (in Human disguise) accidently hits Yamcha's crotch with his head at the Tournament
  5. Piccolo visibly has severe problems not to throw up while doing shakehands with Goku ;-)

These are my Top Five so far, I can't think of anything funnier, especially not at 9:30 (cet) in the morning...

Nubescout's picks

  1. The 'Bulma has no balls' scene
  2. Most scenes involving Master Roshi
  3. Cell laughing maniacly during the Kamehameha struggle
  4. Cell saying "Look at him talking to himself, he's gone insane with fear!"
  5. Piccolo's reaction to Gotenks becoming a Super Saiyan 3
  6. The Z sword breaks
  7. All the scenes with Fat Buu
  8. Goku punches Jeice
  9. Roshi sees more than Bulma's underpants
  10. Kid Buu says 'Oohoohoo, Dum Dum!'

LastoftheSaiyans picks

  1. Goku after finding out about the androids to before training (so episodes 122 -124)
  2. Mr Satans showboating
  3. Commentary on the Cell Games
  4. Mr Satan talking with Magin Buu at the end of S8
  5. Roshi being perverted (throughout all of the series)
  6. Goku bites Freizas Tail
  7. Bulma tries to flirt with General Blue
  8. The Driving Test Episode
  9. Goku insulting Uub and his family.
  10. Majin Buu (Fat)in general.

VegetaJr.rox's picks

  1. Vegeta's very manly pink shirt
  2. Goku and Piccolo's driving lessons
  3. When Goku promises elder kai a kiss from Bulma and Vegeta flips out
  4. When everybody was flying through the air and Vegeta thinks something and supreme kai reads his mind
  5. When Vegito blasts super Buu and Buu comes down from a huge black cloud and his legs are gone
  6. When Goku tries to just pat chi chi but ends up hitting her into a tree
  7. When drunk Roshi tries to fight Broly
  8. When trunks fights Hercule
  9. When Bulla tells Vegeta that he looks like a dweeb with a moustache
  10. When Krillin throws a rock a Goku and expects him to punch it into a million pieces

Future-Trunks' picks

  1. Mr. Buu buying ice-cream
  2. Gohan going to high school
  3. Master Roshi's preverted acts
  4. The Cell movie shown at the World Martial Arts Tournament
  5. Mr. Satan's attempt's to kill Majin Buu
  6. Kibito's amazement when Gohan took out the Z Sword
  7. Elder Kai reading comics when unlocking Gohan's power
  8. The Saiyan's Eating Habit's
  9. Bulma losing the Dragonball on Namek
  10. Krillin trying to impress Maron

SSJ0's picks

  1. prob when at the tournament a vid is shown how hercule defeated cell (people are dressed up like the Z fighters) :)
  2. when trunks pisses on broly
  3. when trunks gives broly da finger
  4. Master Roshi facing Broly while he's drunk
  5. Ginyu force in general
  6. vegetas pink T-shirt
  7. Android 13 punches Goku's crotch
  8. Chichi asking bulma to switch husbands and yamcha said he's available and chichi says that she wants an even trade not a downtrade lolz
  9. Master Roshi gets the shrinking device to watch Bulma nude in the bathroom and gets flushed down the toilet
  10. Commander Red wanting to be taller WTH!!!!!!!

Super Saiyan X 20's picks

  1. Goku gets hit in the balls by Android 13(I know its kind of disturbing but come on)
  2. Trunks talks about Vegeta's pink shirt
  3. Raditz's rant about Piccolo's missing arm
  4. Chi Chi vs Maron
  5. Bulma vs Maron
  6. Oolongs wish for the "Comfortable Pair of Underwear"
  7. Ginyu the Frog and Bulma
  8. Frieza asks Vegeta to give a countdown for him before he Transforms
  9. Hercule(Mr.Satan)gets slapped out the ring
  10. Trunks urinates on Broly's Head

SpiritBomber's picks

  1. Piccolo's rant after fusing with Nail (yes yes yes I can do this!)
  2. Trunks Peeing on Broly
  3. Super Buu making a portapotty to go poop
  4. Vegeta saying "Son of a Namek!" and "Great Galaxy!"
  5. Raditz making fun of Piccolo for missing an arm
  6. Satan using a gun to try and kill Super buu and thinking it actually worked
  7. "OVER 9000!?"
  8. Goten wondering what the hell a "Kakarot" is. "Is that a Vegetable? Because I'm not eating it!"
  9. When any charater forgets they can fly
  10. Vegeta finds out that Goku promised Elder Kai a kiss from Bulma

Dbzfan2010 picks

  1. Candy Vegito Kicks Super Buu (Gohan, Gotenks and Piccolo absorbed) butt
  2. Goten goes crazy at Majin Vegeta after hitting trunks so he gets pi**ed off and wacks him Hard
  3. Chi Chi's Power up
  4. Goten says Kamekameha at the world tournament
  5. Babidi's face when he see's Goku's Super Saiyan 3 forn 0_o lol
  6. Kid Trunks turns into a super saiyan and tries punching his dad and when he does Vegeta Punches him in the face and feels guilty so takes Kid Trunks to the park
  7. Veku Uses his super fart attack against Super Jenemba in Fusion Reborn
  8. Gohan and Goten eat almost 50+ dishes and chi chi's and Videl's faces in Fusion Reborn
  9. Goten thinks Kakorot is a Vegetable and goes crazy at Broly
  10. Kid Trunks tinkles in Broly's head

PrinceVegeta88's picks

  1. goku and vegeta inside buus body
  2. Vegetas pink shirt hahahah
  3. Trunks peeing on brolly
  4. world tournament at the end of dbz
  5. goku tries to tap chichi on the back to calm her down and sends her out the window
  6. ginyu force
  7. piccolo and goku learn how to drive
  8. vegeto as candy beating up buu
  9. when vegeta finds out he told elder kai bulma would kiss him
  10. goten and trunks get excited and they both have no idea what a wizard is

Angelus0901's picks

  1. Bulma shows her "panties" to Muten Roshi (Dragon Ball, Episode 03)
  2. Goku pats Bulma's you-know-what... ;)
  3. Goku gets hit by Muten Roshi after he says Yo! to a man (I laughed so hard!!!)
  4. Roshi screams that Goku, a SSJ, is afraid of his own wife...
  5. King Kai hits Bubbles with a club or sth like that
  6. Roshi asks Bulma if he can touch her boobs
  7. Goku and Piccolo learn how to drive
  8. Kinkaku! Ginkaku! Kinkaku! Ginkaku!
  9. Vegeta's pink shirt
  10. Every scene with Bulma

Fulhamfan7070's picks

  1. Trunks takes a peedle on Broly's head
  2. Bulma's Balls...
  3. Vegeta's pink shirt
  4. Android 13's crotch punch
  5. Vegeta's Mustache (in general)
  6. Goku confirms Chi-Chi is indeed the female of the species
  7. IT'S OVER 9000!!!!!!!!!

Son Vegeta's picks

  1. Everytime Trunks Explains Something to Goten
  2. Piccolo In Attack Mode Saying Leave me out of this!) in Goku's Odreal.
  3. Mr. Satan Surprised Everytime in Fusion and Kid Buu Sagas
  4. Piccolo Thinking Gotenks Cant Beat Buu and Gotenks Comes to Talk.
  5. Super Buu Makes Dimensional Hole Thinking He Cant Eat Candies Again.
  6. Everytime a Z- Fighter Bites An Villian.
  7. When Skinny Gotenks is Formed, Bulma Says I Cant Love That!, in Response, master Roshi Says Why Not, He Is My age! and Then Krillin Says No, Older. Even In Reality Master Roshi's Age is Over 320
  8. Goku Defeats a Big Fighter Very (Extremely) Easily During His First Tournament.
  9. The Whole of The First Saga of Dragon Ball is Extremely Funny and Comedy.
  10. Everytime Goku Shows his Fear of Needles

TienGinyu's picks

  1. Krillin throws a rock at Goku just before the Cell games because he thinks he can sense it
  2. Vegeta's reaction to his pink shirt
  3. Baby Trunks pee's on Yajarobe and that Yajarobe has to use his shirt as a nappy
  4. Krillin's scared in 'Bojack Unbound' cause Piccollo etc have decided to enter the universe Matial Arts tournament
  5. Captain Ginyu and Jeice show Freiza's soldiers their Ginyu Force dance
  6. (don't know if its 'funny' but it makes me smile) when Vegeta's being sucked of energy by Android 19, then he breaks his arms off
  7. Kid Goku thinking that Bulma's car is a person or something trying to attack him
  8. When Krillin gets together with Maron and they meet Gohan by a pound or river and Krillin doesn't say that she's his girlfreind - plus Gohans reaction when he finds out
  9. Turtle not exepting Marons peck on the head - plus his ninja syle fighting against the punks
  10. Fortuneteller Baba and Chi-Chi having an argument while watching the Z Fighter battle aginst Vegeta and Nappa

lefty's picks

  1. goku looks at krillin peeing to confirm hes a boy
  2. goku gets hit in his balls
  3. krillins hair
  4. goku said he thought bride was a food
  5. bulmas parents in general
  6. bulma smoked a cigarette(surprized me)
  7. oolong needing to take a dump every time bulma said piggy
  8. puar whispering "victims"(just funny how he said it)
  9. yamcha when he saw bulma (hella funny)
  10. vegeta' yelling at everyonre on earth to put their hands up and started throwing a fit

Raefire's picks

  1. Vegeta Doing the Middle Finger
  2. Kid Buu Making Fun of Vegeta and Goku
  3. Goku falls after his backflip
  4. Hercule being tossed aside by Cell
  5. Kid Trunks wetting himself when he saw the dog demon (Bio Broly)
  6. Gohan Owning Cell
  7. Hercule Faking a stomach ache
  8. Chi-Chi powering up because of Maron
  9. Failed attempt fusion by Kid Trunks and Goten ( Fat Gotenks/ Skinny Gotenks)
  10. Vegeta getting Owned by Android 18

NeedleJizo's picks

  1. Vegeta's reaction when Bra tells him to ditch the "moo-stache"
  2. Master Roshi and his perverted ways
  3. Vegeta goes off on Goku for promising Elder Kai a kiss from Bulma
  4. Krillin singing at the Z-Fighters' picnic
  5. Trunks takes a leak on Broly
  6. Yamcha hits his junk on Hero's head
  7. Goku choking after eating the Four-Star Dragonball
  8. Goku attempts to backflip, but faceplants on the ice
  9. Goku pats Chi-Chi on the back and sends her crashing through their house
  10. Cell bitch slaps Hercule out of the Cell Games ring

leftyz' picks

  1. The last shot of the super android 13 movie piccolo: is it over vegeta: not 'til the fish jumps (fish jumps) vegeta: its over
  2. 13 makes a dramatic appearance (aww the great goku is getting an ass kicking from the androids(something like that))
  3. 13 hitting goki in the balls
  4. vegetas coky attitude in all of dbz (he loses the cocky attitude in gt)
  5. buu in general
  6. gohan training with picccolo (the whole thing)
  7. the fact that gokus entire family have "go" in their names (with the exeption of chichi)
  8. goku when he meets pilaf in gt and when he turns into a kid again
  9. babidi cheering for goku
  10. buu about to eat dabura (esp after the explosion)

Bardock's picks

  1. When Majin Vegeta knocks the wind out of Trunks and Goten.
  2. When Tora asks Bardock when his son was born and Bardock replies a long time ago (when it was the day before)
  3. Hercule's bathing towel drops infront of the camera in Majin buu Saga
  4. Vegeta's Pink Shirt.
  5. Master Roshi confronts a Captain of the Red Ribbon Army and defeats them.
  6. Ginyu Force in general.
  7. Trunks leaks on Bio-Broly.
  8. Dragon ball episode 2- The Emperor's Quest- Curious Goku( Ahemm.. you know why)
  9. Dragon Ball episode 3 - The Nimbus Cloud of Roshi (Roshi asks Bulma to show him her........ in exchange for the Dragon ball)
  10. Krillin dressed as Piccolo in Dragon ball Z Movie: Broly Second Coming

Trajano's picks

  1. Gogeta tells Omega shenron And now my ultimate atack He appears as 5 Gogetas and they say Ka-Me-Ha-Me-Ha and they threw birthday stuff and Gogeta started lughfing.
  2. In the Tarble movie when goku and vegeta steal food from each other.
  3. Vegeta wearing a pink shirt.
  4. Krillin in general.
  5. It's over 9,000
  6. Goku bitting kid buu's head
  7. Cell slapping Hercule out of the ring
  8. Mr. Satan saying that his stomach harts, so he does not fight cell.
  9. Cell's face when he's about to destroy king kai's planet
  10. Goku and Piccolo learning how to drive a car

Zkno's picks

  1. General Tao throws the column faster then a plane and jumps on it.
  2. Master roshi correcting "goku" to "goku2 and his mother".

Darth Megatron's picks

  1. Goku promising nude pictures of bulma to Old kai
  2. World's Strongest candy
  3. In DBZK Nappa's statement " I hate the Media"
  4. Vegeta's pink shirt
  5. The Fusion Dance

Wolf Girl 21's picks

  1. Goku and Vegeta inside Buu's body-very funny!
  2. Goku and Vegeta doing rock, paper, scissors.
  3. Vegeta's pink shirt (of course)
  4. Goku chasing after Bubbles- took him a long time.
  5. Bulma losing the balls.
  6. Gohan breaks the Z sword and Supreme Kai and Kibito freak out.
  7. Goku and Vegeta steal each other's food and begin arguing (OVA).
  8. Chi-Chi losing her temper after being insluted by Maron.
  9. Kid Goku eating all of Roshi's food (orginial).
  10. Gotenk's first and second fushion failure.

Pariah009's picks

  1. Along came the fat man with the sword...and Vegeta's tail went bye-bye.
  2. Vegeta can face any big foes, except for his ultimate: His own daughter. When she disses his mustache, it's hilarious and he reacts so intensely.
  3. Hercule vs Cell. Best fight ever.
  4. Gohan wears teddy bear underwear!?
  5. Chi-Chi vs Gohan's tudor. The tudor naturally got thrown out the window. Man that woman is scary.
  6. SSJ4 Goku going Ice Skating around Eis Shenron.
  7. Hercule's pre-battle taunts to Cell: "I'm gonna spank you Cell!"
  8. Trunks peeing all over Yajirobe.
  9. Goku's brilliant idea of eating the Four-Star Dragon Ball.

Honorable Mentions: Trunks' one hit K.O. to Hercule, Mighty Mask, Vegeta's pimpin pink shirt, "Let's play cards while they're fighting Majin Buu!", Babidi explaining what Ugly means to Majin Buu, Dabura the Demonic Cookie, Dabura the Softie?! Damn what does afterlife do to people, Bubbles the Speedster, The Ginyu Force introduction, Goten and Trunks trying to apologize to Super Buu and Piccolo's reaction (priceless), Vegeta vs Bulma when he calls her Servant Woman, Chi-Chi's reaction to being called middle aged, Bulma flashing Roshi and Invisible Man appears.

SSJ3DriffyD's picks

  1. Vegeta and his manly pink shirt and yellow skinny jeans
  2. Baby Trunks peeing all over Yajirobe
  3. Maron admitting that she would have married Krillin and moments later getting in a car to go get icecream with 2 dudes in a convertable
  4. Raditz to Piccolo after chopping off his arm: "HAS ANYONE SEEN MY ARM?! YOU CANT MISS IT; ITS GREEN!"
  5. Frieza's soldiers trying out for the Ginyu Force - priceless
  6. Veku - 'nuff said
  7. Frieza exploding Krillin from the inside out! Ow!
  8. The big bad father of the tyrant Frieza, King Cold, attempting to trick Future Trunks and still dying moments later
  9. Gohan being the one chasing a dinosaur... poor dinosaur
  10. Super Android 13 punching Goku's crotch

Vegetabardockforever's picks

  1. Bulma loses her balls (lol.)
  2. All of the Fusion Dances
  3. When Naturon Shenron absorbs Pan (I hate Pan.)
  4. When #18 breaks Vegeta's arm (Haha, no offense)
  5. Veku's talking (In Fusion Reborn)
  6. Janemba says, "Janemba! Janemba!" (Janemba is crazy!)
  7. When Vegeta doesn't show respect to the Supreme Kai
  8. Krillin Impaled on Frieza's horns
  9. Raditz blocking Goku's Kamehameha
  10. Master Roshi's face, ass, and voice

FlyingNimbus' picks

  1. "How about a pair of new boots, size 9 please." Vegeta's answer to the third wish to Porunga. (Does he really wear size 9...;-D).
  2. "Look at all those crazy hair." Gotenks transforming into a SSJ3 and checking himself out. xD
  3. Goten and Trunks' first few shots at fushion: the fat and skinny Gotenks, and esp Yamcha's remarks.
  4. Veku. Plain awesome-ness.
  5. "Trunks, give me a boost!", "No boosts! No boosts!" - The scene where Goten and Trunks devise a plan to wake up Buu with Piccolo looking horrifyied.
  6. Vegeta's mustache.
  7. "Servant woman! Bring me a drying cloth at once!". Vegeta with his trademark pink shirt, "I'm a warrior! Not a variety of flower!"
  8. Pulling out the radishes grown by Goku and Chi-Chi in the 2008 special. Trunks' was just...loooooong.xD
  9. Goku dancing along to Jackie Chun(Master Roshi)'s dance moves at the World Martial Arts Tournament.
  10. "What the heck is a kakarrot? Is that a vegetable? I hate vegetables!" - Goten upon hearing his father's saiyan name for the first time.

DragonSword129's picks

  1. Hercule slips while posing and hits his balls on the floor of the World Tournament!
  2. The Blimp that showed the Cell Games Uncut Video with Actors dressed up as the Z-Fighters!
  3. Super Android 13 punches Goku in the Balls!
  4. Hercule vs. Android 18
  5. Kid Goku shows his Penis to the crowd at the 21st Martial Arts Tournament!
  6. Kid Gohan Pees on Krillin!
  7. Goku thought that Bribe meant getting something to eat!
  8. Goku eats 57 Course meals and then uses up all of Master Roshi's Prize Money from the 21st Tournament!
  9. Goku and the Needle!
  10. Yamcha at the Baseball Game!

super saiyan naruto's picks

  1. Vegeta finds out Goku made a promise to Old Kai
  2. Yamcha realizes dragonballs aren't squishy
  3. Goku looks under Bulma's skirt
  4. Goku and Vegeta steal food from each other (Yo Son Goku and friends Return)
  5. Buu buys ice cream 1st time and 2nd
  6. Goku bites Buu
  7. Goku finds out ChiChi is a girl
  8. Trunks pee's on Broly
  9. Vegeta's pink shirt
  10. Ginyu Force dances

Vegetagirl97's picks

  1. People popcorn lol
  2. Bulma's balls r missing
  3. the ginyu force
  4. yamcha hits his (u no wat) on heros head
  5. trunks pees on Broly
  6. Master Roshi in the 1st Broly movie
  7. Vegeta freaks out cuz elder kai was promised a kiss from bulma
  8. driving lessons
  9. Vegeta slaps goku( only vegeta can make slapping another man look manly)
  10. tiens joke to king kai( you can tune a piano butn u cant tune-a fish) a little over done if you ask me)

Thenacho's picks

  1. Android 13 punches Goku's balls
  2. Vegeta's pink shirt
  3. Trunks takes a whiz on Broly
  4. Buff roshi
  5. Zarbon pathetically begging for mercy from Vegeta
  6. Cui's attempt to fool Vegeta (look behind you!)
  7. Dodoria. Period.
  8. Bulma lost her balls
  9. Ginyu force dancing
  10. Over 9000!

TheGilsterMan's picks

  1. Krillin (such a comical character)
  2. Master Roshi (such a pervert)
  3. Start of the Ginyu Force (ridiculous poses)
  4. The Great Saiyaman! (pretty much the same as the Ginyu Force)
  5. Trunks pisses on Broly's head
  6. Goku gets a crotch-punch from C-13
  7. Invisible Man is now visible thanks to Roshi's nosebleed!
  8. Goku and Piccolo's driving lesson
  9. Goku promises a kiss from Bulma to the Elder Kai, and Vegeta gets severely Pissed off!
  10. Yamcha (always the first to die...)

Vegetafanboy57's picks

  1. Captain Ginyu (he's very funny, a truly funny character)
  2. Master Roshi (pervert!)
  3. Vegeta calling Chi-Chi an "idiot".
  4. Maron calling Bulma and Chi-Chi "old ladies".
  5. Oolong wishing for a hot-babe panties!
  6. Trunks peeing on Broly's head! A truly funny scene.
  7. Vegeta disrespecting the Supreme Kai as much he didn't know him.
  8. Trunks peeing on Yajirobe!
  9. Goten and Trunks pee near a hill.
  10. Puar (He's funny)

SuperVegito223's picks

  1. Master Roshi Pervert Moments
  2. The "No Balls" Scene
  3. Trunks peeing on Broly (I lol'd hard)
  4. The Driving Episode
  5. The Infamous Punch to Groin Scene (Goku and Android 13)
  6. Bulma Showing Her (U Know What) to Master Roshi
  7. Yajirobe (I WTF To Him)
  8. IT'S OVER 9,000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Nappa Hating The Media
  10. Badidi's Face When He Sees Goku Go SSJ3

Rio's picks

  1. Anything involving Master Roshis perverted natures
  2. Young Goku molesting people as he doesnt visualy know the differences between genders
  3. Krillin in general
  4. The scene in DragonBall where that woman who pretends to be a fortune teller asks Goku to show her the balls, meaning DragonBalls but Goku's naivete is apparent and puls his pants down
  5. Ginyu force in general
  6. Pilaf , Shu and Mai ....there so pathetic its funny
  7. Bacterium
  8. When Chi Chi is accidently sent flying by Goku when he pats her
  9. Vegetas Pink shirt
  10. Oolong with girls knickers on his head

notable mentions: Kami as hero, Fat Buu's "me eat you up" dance , Kid Buus funny

Sasori 17's picks

  1. Gotenks (Chocolate form) vs Super Buu
  2. Goku grabbing Bulmas underwear
  3. IT'S OVER 9000
  4. Vegeta's pink shirt
  5. Goku and Picollo learn to drive
  6. Third form frieza just tell me what his head looks like. :}
  7. The Ginyu Force
  8. Punch to the balls (Super 13 and Goku)
  9. Trunks peeing on Broly
  10. Gogeta vs. Omega Shenron KA-ME-HA-ME- shower of confetti

Aaa's picks

  1. Vegeta's pink shirt.
  2. "It's over 9000!"
  3. The Ginyu Force doing rock paper scissors.
  4. Goku, Gohan, and Vegeta doing rock paper scissors at Babidi's place.
  5. "I am the Great Saiyaman!"
  6. Trunks's "No comment" on Gohan's Great Saiyaman costume.
  7. Vegeta wrecking the punching machine.
  8. Trunks: "I want to fight grown-ups."
  9. Goten going "Ka Me Ka Me" and Trunks correcting him "Idiot, it's Ka Me HA Me."
  10. Goku accidentally sending Chi Chi through the wall when patting her on the back and trying to convince her to let him take Gohan to fight with him.

Mojo22106's picks

Not in a specific order.

  1. It's over 9,000!
  2. Vegeta vs Semi Perfect Cell (Cell screaming while Vegeta attacks him LOL)
  3. Tien vs Semi Perfect Cell (he/it couldn't get up :P)
  4. Almost any scene with Semi Perfect Cell. (Cell: How did you get so powerful? Vegeta: I do plenty of push-ups and sit-ups and drink a lot of juice.)
  5. Yajirobe vs Vegeta (Vegeta Saga)
  6. Whenever anyone gets owned by Vegeta and begging for mercy by saying: "I was just kidding! Lets say you and I join forces?" Like Yajirobe, Cui, and Zarbon.
  7. When Goku sends Chi Chi through the wall on accident when "patting" her on the back.
  8. Goku and Piccolo attempting to earn their driver's license. (Goku: See you later Piccolo! Piccolo: Are you challenging me to a race?!?)
  9. Nappa: I HATE THE MEDIA!
  10. Super Saiyan Goku slapping Frieza.

Honorable mentions: Krillin in general. Yamcha dieing first during the Vegeta and Android sagas. Vegeta's pink shirt.

Goku556's picks

  1. OVER 9000!!!!
  2. Bulma has no balls!
  3. Goku eating the 4 star dragon ball
  4. Trunks peeing on broly xD
  5. Vegeta pink shirt
  6. Bulma flashing roshi
  7. Goku and piccolo driving
  8. Goku biting freizas tail
  9. chichi flys through wall by goku's " pat on the back "
  10. Android 13 pwning gokus balls
  11. Kid Goku asking kirllin how he finds out their girls by looking ( manga)
  12. goku tapping girls in the places lol
  13. most of kid goku
  14. ginyu force TIE GO AGAIN

SaiyanLen's picks

  1. Vegeta's creepy face at Gohan before kneeing him in the stomach
  2. Goku and Piccolo's driving test
  3. Vegeta's freak out on Namek
  4. Any scene with Mr. Satan
  5. Vegeta's pink shirt
  6. "It's your balls Bulma! They're gone!"
  7. "I hope my body can take it."
  8. Most quotes from Vegeta
  9. Garlic Jr's crazy laughter
  10. Goku with needles

Jacob Longo's picks

  1. goku pees on pilafs camera
  2. goku punches jeice in the nose
  3. NO BALLS!!!
  4. TIE GO AGAIN! (ginyu force)
  5. Krillin mocks yajirobe in the hospital
  6. jeice calls vegeta a bastard
  7. drunk roshi vs broly
  8. krillin vs bactirian
  9. ranfan vs nam
  10. vegeta's creepy face before he knee's gohan.

Friezagal64's picks

  1. Bulma throws dirt at Krillin
  2. Frieza jumps into his hoverchair
  3. Recoomes Butt (L.O.L)
  4. Burter tells Jeice he is going to send Recoome the cleaning bill
  5. Ginyu juggles the namekian dragon balls
  6. Ginyu's dance of joy
  7. Goku imitates Ginyu's pose
  8. Vegeta yells at Nappa in a comedic way
  9. Ginyu switches bodies with a frog
  10. Vegeta's pink shirt

Bonus: Piccolo and Goku take driving lessons, Vegeta yelling it's over 9,000, Every Character playing Rock Paper Scissors, Recoome losses his teeth, Cui dies, Vegeta kills Nappa twice, and everything that has to do with the Z-fighters and Master Roshi

Desmund22's picks

  1. Android 13 goes "downstairs".
  2. Vegeta's servant woman- Bulma.
  3. Vegeta's pink shirt.
  4. Gohan pees in Krillin's mouth.
  5. Majin Buu gonna eat Dabura up.
  6. Gohan gets drunk on apples.
  7. It's over 9000!
  8. Goten & Trunks.
  9. The Ginyu Force.
  10. King Kai's jokes.

Paula's picks

  1. Goku's ordeal
  2. Vegeta's insanely manly pink shirt (i guess its true when they say real men wear pink...)
  3. Tie go again!!
  4. Trunks pisses on broly
  5. cell bitchslaps mr.satan
  6. Trunks and Goten in general
  7. Goku swallows a dragon ball during GT
  8. Goku takes off Bulma's panties, and doesnt find a sword
  10. krillin throws a rock at goku's head while he's asleep

Francisjohntafuro's picks

  1. Chi-chi powers up after Maron calls her old
  2. Chi-Chi and Bulma's argument over who is older after Maron calls them middle aged
  3. Dragonball episode "Anonymous Proposal" (Goku vs Chi-Chi)
  4. Old man and Gohan vs General Tao in A Girl Named Lime
  5. Krillin tells everyone that he "dumped" Maron in "Krillin's Proposal"
  6. Cell vs. Hercule in Losers fight first (it's so damn funny)
  7. Chi-Chi and Videl's catfight in "The Newset Super Saiyan"
  8. Gohan and Videl's relationship before Gohan goes to to fight Babidi
  9. Goku teaching Majin Buu about Super Sayians And him going Super Sayain 3 And everyone's reaction
  10. Goku tells Gohan He should Stuidy and everybody's reaction "(Memories of Gohan)"

Saikoretsu's picks

  1. Yamcha got his nuts head butted by Hero.
  2. Murasaki got Impaled on the balls
  3. Vegeta screaming to Goku about bulma
  4. Vegeta said "(Very Calm at first) People of the earth (Yells) RAISE YOUR HANDS UP NOW OR YOU ARE ALL GOING TO DIE!"
  5. Vegeta got disgusted by the worms on Buu's body
  6. Vegeta's Mustache
  7. Hercule fall from the cliff on Elder Kai's planet
  8. Majin buu droped the bomb on toilet.
  9. Goku punched in the balls
  10. Goku peaked Bulma's panties and said "BULMA! YOU HAVE LOST YOUR BALLS!"

gohankilledcell's picks

  1. Trunks peeing on Broly
  2. Goku's driving skills
  3. Android 13 punching Goku's groin
  4. The Ginyu Force
  5. Piccolo making a dry joking after #19's death (more like burnt toast)
  6. Goku's appetite.
  7. King Kai's corny jokes.
  8. Goku thinking that Bubbles is King Kai
  9. Vegeta's really cool pink shirt
  10. No Balls !

DragonBallZKai5's picks

  1. Yamcha Falling On Hero's Head With His Balls.
  2. Bulma Shows Her "Place Where Boys Have A Crotch"
  3. Any Scenes Where Roshi Is A Pervert.
  4. "Men In Pink... How Absurd"
  5. Trunks Pees On Yajirobe.
  6. "Master Roshi Why Do You Wear You Sunglasses At Night?" "THATS NONE OF YOUR BUISNESS!"
  7. Maron In Her Swimsuit.
  8. Screaming When Popo Is In The Hospital.
  9. "We Need Balls!"
  10. "The Balls Are Inert"

Kuririnmaster22's picks

  1. Krillin accidentaly punches Goku in the face (In the first Broly movie)
  2. Tien's joke (In the Namek saga)
  3. Vegeta beating the s*** out of Yajirobe.
  4. Krillin singing at the Z-fighters picnic (In the first Broly movie)
  5. Goku's hobby "To fight powerful opponents of course!"
  6. Drunk Master Roshi vs. Broly.
  8. Frieza impaleing Krillin on his horn, then talking like a cowboy.
  9. Stoned Gohan (In Dead Zone)
  10. King Kai cracking up after the Z-fighters jokes.'s picks

  1. Trunks wetting Broly's head.
  2. Goku afraid of a needle
  3. Vegeta's BADMAN shirt
  4. Ginyu force poses without all 5 people
  5. Goku attacking gotenks while nude at the end of DBZ
  6. Drunken Roshi attacking Broly
  7. Vegeta and Goku's fight over food at the end of Yo!Son goku and his friends return.
  8. Broly's comment after Goku asks for a handicap.(Is that another word for coffin?)
  9. Gohan getting high off an apple in Dead Zone

Nimbus' picks

  1. Goku takes off Bulma's underwear only to find out she doesnt have a "lizard tail and eggs".
  2. Vegeta's pink shirt (real men wear pink).
  3. Trunks pissess on Broly (made me laugh).
  5. F.trunks- could anyone possibly find this good? (his response to krillin singing in Broly, legendary SS)
  6. Trunks and Goten in general
  7. Olong wishes for a pair of underwear. L.O.L
  8. Goku- But shes (Chichi) not nearly as pretty as Bulma is, see?! ITS A COMPLEMENT!
  9. Yamcha telling 18 not too punch holes threw people. He says this like 20 feet away from her :P
  10. Gohan eats the apple in "Garlic Junior" and gets drunk :P

HONORABLE MENTIONS: The fact that Freeza is a man, Kid buu taunting Vegeta by dancing, Mr. Popo's face when Majin Buu uses the human extinction attack, Bulma leting Goku touch her butt, Gotenks and Piccolo's misadventures, Majin Buu in general, Mr.Satan overall, Vegito owning Buu as a piece of candy, "YOUR USELESS ATTACKS ARE STUPID, ANNND USLESS!" The z-fighters reactions to the cell game reanactment, the para para brother's dance, the epicness of Giru in GT, Vegeta's epic MOUSTACH,

SSJ4Popo's picks

  1. For some reason, I laughed soo hard in GT when Vegeta got called an old man while driving home with Bulla so he rams the guy, pulls up next to him, rips off his steering wheel and watches them fall in the water.
  2. Master Roshi (especially trying to fight Broly)
  3. Goku and Piccolo driving test episodes.
  4. Vegeta's pink shirt and the lines he uses involving it (I'm a warrior not a...a variety of FLOWER!)
  5. Plenty of Vegeta's lines (world champion? I've seen stronger houseplants! and I don't get what the big deal is, when the reporters get there, I'll just blast them. and ofcourse "Vegeta, look people popcorn!" Ugh, what is he on?!)
  6. Piccolo's green arm joke by Raditz.
  7. Shenron at the end of one of the movies "so uhh...does anybody have a wish...?"
  8. Frieza wanting to caress the Dragon Balls
  9. Goku hit in the crotch by Android 13
  10. "you won't WRAAAAAAAAAAAAAATH!!!!!!"

LittleMissNamek's picks

  1. Master Roshi saying Goku's afraid of Chi-Chi.(I started laughing when i saw Chi-Chi carrying the sword and everyone's reaction was priceless.)
  2. Krillin taunting Frieza on planet Namek.('Here's your target, Frieza!' super funny!)
  3. Nail's conversation with Piccolo.('oh, your ego's too big, huh?')XD
  4. Goku and Piccolo going to driving school.( sucks to be them in there)
  5. Goku's fight with Chi-Chi at the World Tournament in Dragonball.
  6. Piccolo getting King Kai pissed off at him.(' so this is what it's like to have a mom!' i cracked up after that line!)
  7. Everytime Launch sneezes.
  8. Vegeta's pink shirt.
  9. Gohan calling Piccolo his "big green uncle"(it was so cute!)
  10. Majin Buu dropping 'the bomb.' ( poor Dende, Mr. Satan, and Bee had to suffer the smell)

Honorable Mentions: Chi-Chi and Bulma's cat fight about who's prettier, Goku slapping Frieza,Goku calling Piccolo"Kamiccolo", Kami telling the past Guardians of the Earth to 'get a life',and Piccolo's face when he and the other Z fighters had to tell King Kai a joke

Seaturtlle101's picks

OMG!!! I absolutly adore the following scenes!

  1. Goku promising elder kai a kiss from Bulma,and Vegita goes beserk (Stick with the classics, right?!)
  2. Roshi's perve issues!!!(As a girl, I feel violated, but it's all pretty hillarious)
  3. Ginyu Force (I was embarassed for ANYONE who watched their iddiotic poses;-D)
  4. Chi-Chi and Bulma's husband exchange. Poor Yamcha! I ALMOST felt bad for him, but I didn`t! That WAS a pretty harsh burn/diss
  5. Vegita's classic Pink shirt w/ yellow tights "I'm a warrior, not a variaty of flower!" 8(( = my reaction then, : ))) = my reaction now. The reason for the BEFORE reaction is simple, I was so shocked they did that! I might as well have been paralized from laghter. That face is from me and my best friend catching our breath from laughing so hard. She hit me to get me to stop.
  6. Goku and Vegita's fights over food
  7. Gohon wissing while crying EXACTLY before the dinosaur came after him (Piccolo's training)
  8. Goku meeting Gotenks (or his Mini-me, either way, it's kinda ironic, even though Goku IS his dad....)
  9. The play with all the masks.... I kinda forgot the name.
  10. Vegita's hatred of worms

SSJNATE's picks

  1. DB: When Master Thief Hasky disguises herself as a fortune teller and reads Goku's fortune. She says he has two balls hidden in his clothing (referring to the Dragon Balls) and asks to see them. He drops his pants.
  2. DB: Goku and gang are preparing to train for the 22nd World Martial Arts Tournament in three years and Goku is going to leave to train by himself. Bulma says, "See you in three years!" Goku then asks Bulma, "Is three years enough time for you to become happy?"
  3. DB: Ninja Murasaki in any scene.
  4. DBZ: Vegeta after his shower at Bulma's.
  5. DBZ: Before the 25th World Martial Arts Tournament, Goku says his stomach is full (or hurts) and asks his friends to take it easy on him if he has to fight one of them. Vegeta responds with, "If I have to fight Kakarot, first thing I'm going to do is punch him in the stomach."
  6. DBZ: During the qualifying for the above-mentioned tournament, the fighter have to punch a machine that measures strength. Goku asks the gang to go easy. Vegeta blows the machine up with one punch.
  7. DBZ: Cell knocking Mr. Satan out of the ring.
  8. DB: Roshi thinking he's a ladies man.
  9. DBZ: Captain Ginyu becoming the leader of the frogs in the pond at Capsule Corp. headquarters and is briefly shown standing on a rock giving a motivational speech to the other frogs.
  10. DB: General Blue disgusted by Bulma's advances.'s picks

  1. "If they set that android free it will be the end of all of us!!!!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -Trunks. (Reason: So many people have parodied the way Trunks said it on youtube similar to the "over 9000 scene")
  2. "It's over 9000!!!!!!" -Vegeta
  3. Bulma revealing the underside of her night gown to master roshi for a dragon ball unaware that goku unintentionally removed her underwear.
  4. Goten and Trunks transforming into super saiyans at 7 when it took Vegeta nearly his entire life
  5. Bulma popping the finger to Pilaf
  6. Vegito laying the smack down on Buu even after he was turned into a jawbreaker
  7. Goku passing off one hundred bitch slaps to the face off as a technique on Frieza
  8. The multiple scenes where Yamcha saw Bulma indecent from Dragon Ball
  9. The part of DB when Bulma had to wear a playboy bunny outfit
  10. When bulma tried to persuate goku to give her his grandfather's dragon ball with "ways" in which he was unaware of

Sirina's picks

  1. Trunks peeing on Broly's head. (And all the other times he pees on someone)
  2. "Kamiccolo!"
  3. Mighty Mask vs. Android 18.
  4. Yamucha's reaction when he finds naked Bulma instead of Dragon Balls.
  5. Vegeta's pink shirt.
  6. "AHHHHHHH!!! A NEEDLE!!!"
  7. All the time Vegeta and Goku were inside Buu.
  8. Gohan screaming when his date (what's-her-name) is telling Videl about his big secret (Teddy bear underwear)
  9. "Kakarot! KAKAROT!!!!!"
  10. Chi-Chi's freakout when she sees Gohan as a SSJ for the first time.

Honorable mentions: Over 9000!; Kibito's and Supreme Kai's reaction when Gohan breaks the Z Sword; Everytime Goku eats; Bulma calling Namekian dragon cute; Ginyu forces in general; Goku's lame insulting when fighting Uub.

Gotenkz's picks

  1. Bulma, Your balls are missing!
  2. Vegeta's pink shirt
  3. Ginyu Force in general
  4. In the Japanese versions they make weird noises
  5. Mr. Satan
  6. Krillin pulled down Bulma's shirt exposing her boobs to Master Roshi to reveal the Invisible Man
  7. Yamcha seeing Bulma naked instead of Dragon Balls
  8. Nappa: "Vegeta, what does the scouter say about his power level?" Vegeta: "It's over *breaks scouter* 9000!" Nappa: WHAT 9000! Theres no way that can be right!"
  9. Buu's knock knock joke
  10. Notice anything different about Vegeta today? Vegeta: "I SHAVED MY MOOSTASH YOU IDIOT!"

Honorable Mentions: Trunk's stares down Vegeta, and Bulma: "You let me have the Dragonball, and I'll let you have a peek!" Goku: "Why would I wanna see your dirty little fanny?"

Supriemsam23's picks

  1. goku cross dressing as a descise in the 4th episide of dragon ball and blowing it by peeing standing up.
  2. yamcha see's bulma completely nude. TWICE IN THE SAME EPISODE! (faveorite episode)
  3. NO BALLZ!
  4. great saiyaman in general.
  5. yamcha breaks a ball fightinh hero.
  6. goku pee's on pilafs camera.
  7. nappa's face before he exploads
  8. the "warrior tunics" when launch first apperaed.
  9. bulma flashes roshi

SilverTaiyoAkira's picks

  1. Cell bitchslaps Hercule out of the ring.
  2. Super Buu's face when he tries to self-destruct while fighting Gohan ("you're missing the point." lol)
  3. Goku gets pissed when Krillin throws the rock at his head. (priceless.)
  4. Any scene where Cell shows sarcasm or when he just acts like a jerk.
  5. Vegeta when he yells at Goku when he promises the Elder Kai a kiss from bulma.
  6. "IT'S OVER 9000!!!" Unforgettable.
  7. Trunks pees on Broly. (just about everyone said it but i must agree. lol)
  8. Cell's face when he gets punched in the stomach by SSJ2 gohan. (owned. =P)
  9. Vegeta kills Nappa. (it was brutal.)
  10. When goku and Pikkon beat up Cell, Frieza and the others and they land in jail.

Honorable mentions:After Super Buu blows up, Piccolo says, "I can't sense him! There's no signal!" It's like he's talking about a cell phone. lol. In movie 13 Goku says,"We need...BALLS!" < like,seriously? XD. Yamcha hits his sensitive spot on Hero's head, the Ginyu Forces poses, Gohan when he kills the Cell Juniors, Yamcha's reaction when the Cell Junior breaks his arm.

Super gogeta's picks

  1. Goku acting like a monkey thinking Bubbles was King Ki.
  2. The Ginyu force opening
  3. Goku and Piccolo learning how to drive.
  4. Kid Goku's hunger after losing to Jackie Chun.
  5. Trunks pissing on Broly.
  6. What's a Kakarot,is it a vegetable [Goten].
  7. Kid Goku checks genders in Dragonball.
  8. Krillin's reaction to when Goku proposes to Chi-Chi
  9. Mr.Popo's name [Popo]
  10. Vegeta's pink shirt

Champsrock2347's picks

  1. Master roshi (esp 18).
  2. Chiatozu's death.
  3. Trunks peeing on Broly.
  4. Goku gets punched in the groin.
  5. Its over 9000.
  6. GT goten ( his weakness amuses me).
  7. Gohan covering his secret identity twice [ haha wearing teddybear undies this is a valuable lesson].
  8. DB goku and his gender antics.
  9. Yamacha's ownage(hes so pathetic).
  10. Krillin telling Goku ,Gohan,and Piccolo his wish, Krillin and 18(that was random) and Chichi vs Videl (LOL) and Maron.

Supahtrunks picks

  1. Trunks punches Mr. Satan
  2. The "Is it over?" scene at the end of Super Android 13
  3. Kakarot? Whats a Kakarot? That sounds like a vegetable. I hate vegetables!
  4. Gogeta's "Ultimate attack" on Omega Shenron. (Did u see his face? Priceless)
  5. Trunks getting dressed up as a girl in GT (he doesnt look too hapy about it)
  6. Vegeta and the "Pink Monstrosity"
  7. Ssj4 Goku slips on the ice before battling Eis Shenron. (Your right Goku that WAS emberassing)
  8. The conversation between Bulma and Yajirobe when they are being carried by Gohan
  9. Bulma finds out that Future Trunks is...well Future Trunks (seems like the baby figured it out first)
  10. Freeza kills Krillin. i dont know why but i found it hilarious. now if he had only stayed dead...

Agamer00's picks

  1. The time mr satin met the kais
  2. Super Buu going to the bathroom
  3. ITS OVER 9000!!
  4. Vegeta getting mad at goku abot him telling old kai abut his rewrod bulma to kiss her
  5. BUU EAT YOU YOU UP! part
  6. King Durbas creepy niceniss
  7. Trunks peeing on broly
  8. goku and picclo having a driving test
  9. Vegetas pink shart
  10. Super buu goes to a cake shop

Toke's picks

(top 5, couldn't think of 10)

  1. Goku demonstarting the fusion dance with Piccolo as his partner. Piccolo's facial expressions were PRICELESS!
  2. Goku getting punched in his sack by android 13. Literally rofl'd.
  3. Goku pooring hot tea into Murasaki's mouth - scratch that, the whole damn fight was funny.
  4. Driving lessons episode.
  5. Gotenks vs. Super Buu. IMO that fight was the perfect blend of action and comedy, ESPECIALLY in the rosat, super ghost kamikaze is the funniest move ever.

Msdbzfanssjelite's picks

  1. Goku and Vegeta inside buu's body
  2. Vegeta Pink Shirt!
  3. Goku getting punch in the "you know where" by Android 13
  4. Goku's and Piccolo's driving lessons
  5. Vegito fighting buu as candy
  6. Piccolo teaches goten and trunks the fusion technique
  7. Hercule vs Cell
  8. Hercule tells the Z fighters who he is, and they look puzzled
  9. Ninja Muraski gets Goku's power pole stuck up his butt
  10. Goku punching Jeice in the face

ParaGoomba348's picks

  1. Master Roshi grabs 18's breast.
  2. Goku confirms Chi-Chi's gender.
  3. Goku tells Bulma she has a dirty fanny.
  4. Cell vs. Hercule...
  5. Captain Ginyu and a Frog switch bodies.
  6. Captain Ginyu is in Bulma's body and looks at "his" chest and says, "What are these for?"
  7. Goku takes a beer out of the fridge and replaces it with an energy drink.
  8. Goku and Piccolo learning how to drive.
  9. IT'S OVER 9000!
  10. Nail trying to fight Frieza!

Multiverseman's picks

(technically more of a top 5, but ah well)

  1. Dragon Ball Z Abridged (technically not part of the series, but it deserves a mention)
  2. "It's OVER 9000!!!"
  3. Vegeta's pink shirt.
  4. "The ball's are inert."
  5. Krillin constantly being pwned in the series

Nappa'sgoatee's picks

  1. When Ninja Murasaki lands on Goku's Power Pole! Painful! (DB)
  2. When Goku pours hot tea into Murasaki's mouth. (DB)
  3. When Bacterian farts on Krillin's face, and Krillin realises he has no nose. (DB)
  4. When Chi Chi and Bulma offer to swap husbands, and Yamcha says he's available, and Chi Chi says she wants an even trade, not a downgrade! (DBZ)
  5. When Yamcha lands on Hero's (Shen's) head, and falls over in pain. (DB)
  6. When Roshi nose bleeds all over See Through the invisible man. (DB)
  7. When Goku spots a needle and try's to run away. (DBZ)
  8. When Commander Red and Staff Officer Black argue over Red's Wish (DB)

I'll add onto it later.

HardcoreVegeta's picks

Top 10 Funniest moments

  1. In GT when Vegeta tears the steering wheel out of the teenagers car
  2. When Grand Kai calls Baba a dirty old bag
  3. When Piccolo and Cell 1st form are talking, Piccolo asks Cell a question and Cell replies with a high pitched weird sounding 'uhhhhhhhhhhhhh huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh'
  4. When Chi Chi goes Kaio-ken
  5. How Frieza fails to see Goku preparing the Spirit Bomb on Namek, he's basically staring at the ground
  6. When Trunks pees on Broly
  7. Krillin when he makes his first attempt tp fight the robots in the Meta-Cooler movie
  8. When Krillin says 'Super Nameks have super ears!'
  9. When ChiChi kicks Krillin into the air in the Super Android 13 movie
  10. Trunks punching Mr. Satan out

UltimateGogeta35's picks

  1. Bulma has NO BALLS!!!
  2. Bulma shows Roshi" her busness" (Roshi has one heck of a nose bleed).
  3. Yamcha gets racked (Yamcha's face,LOL!!!)
  4. Buu goes to the bathroom (I love the look on Hercule and Dende's face).
  5. Gohan gets drunk by an apple.
  6. Android 18 "saved" Roshi's life. #SERVENT WOMAN!!!
  7. Kid Trunks pees on Broly's head.
  8. Vegeta got a pink shirt. #King Yemma has big ears ( Kami lookin all innocent)

Jokerjay's picks

My top ten funniest scenes from Dragonball.

  1. Sky Dragon slapping his brother around (Goku stops him from causing trouble in a village, and Sky Dragon shows up and is angry at his brother).
  2. Cell's Comment to Mr. Satan before knocking him out of the ring. "Your ignorance is painful."
  3. Vegeta's comment to Gohan after giving him and Kuririn battle armour to fight Freeza with. "Besides, with you wearing that armour, I feel REAL safe."
  4. Vegeta's other smart remarks, one of the other funniest being "I was enjoying my first night off in over a month until some mutated, flatfooted behemoth STEPPED ON MY HOUSE!!!!"
  5. Vegeta stealing Goku's food and then chewing in his face in Dragon Ball Movie 14.
  6. Muten-Roshi's nosebleeds whenever he gets his dose of naughty eye candy.
  7. Oolong gets the worst case of the runs after eating Bulma's candy.
  8. Yamucha's general reactions to laying eyes on Bulma for the first few times.
  9. Goku and Piccolo learing to drive.
  10. Yajirobe and Karin.

Honourable Mentions: ...Piccolo dragging Vegeta back to the front lines during the fight with Broly; Vegeta's parenting methods...period; Yamucha taking a groin shot; Goku accusing Bulma of witchcraft.

Goji73's picks

  1. Caterpy tickling Goku
  2. Super Buu vs. Candy Vegito
  3. Goku and Piccolo learning to drive
  4. Vegeta ratting out Goku when he tried to sell Bulma to Old Kai
  5. The Ginyu Force
  6. Goku and Vegeta when they are travelling around inside Super Buu
  7. Ninja Murasaki getting rammed up the ass by Goku's power pole
  8. Vegeta in a pink shirt
  9. Goku's fear of needles
  10. SSJ3 Gotenks vs. Super Buu's picks

My top 25 funniest Dragonball and Dragonball Z scenes

  1. Goku runs towards Emperor Pilaf's camera just before he pees on it (bouncing like a Jack Russel lol)
  2. Goku peeing on Emperor Pilaf's Camera
  3. Kid Buu smile at Vegeta just before preparing an energy blast
  4. The Ginyu Force, period...
  5. Trunks and Goten vs. Mr. Popo
  6. Mr. Popo and Kami running to the vent to pour the sacred water (Garlic Jr. Saga)
  7. Gohan getting drunk off the apple, (the drunk song with the dinosaur is out right hillarious(The Deadzone))
  8. Vegeta saying "Shut Up" all the time
  9. Hercule vs. Kid Buu (Kiss my barneystone)
  10. Goku thinking getting married was something to eat

Honorable Mentions:Goku in Broly:The Legendary Super Saiyan, period. Gohan teaching Videl and Goten how to fly, Vegeta vs. the worms inside of Buu, Goku vs. needles, Goku going to workout after he pulled Bulma's panties off, Krillin vs. Bacterian (UP AND DOWN AND UP AND DOWN AND UP AND DOWN), Goten wanting to fuse with himself, Trunks badmouthing the World Martial Arts Tournament after he and Goten were disqualified from the championship match (The Tournament was stupiiiiidddddd!!), Gohan looking at Bulma after she threw dirt on Krillin (Namek Saga), Master Roshi, period, Chi Chi having an Aurora (Garlic Jr. Saga), Goku thinking Master Roshi is going to eat the rock, Bulma punching Goku in the head after every one of Goku's gender pat downs (Oolong the Terrible), Master Roshi trying to look up under Launch's skirt with a pair of chopsticks, and Gohan vs. the dinosaur (training for the fight with the Saiyans)

awesome gohan's picks

here are my picks

  1. trunks pees on broly
  2. goku confirms chi-chi is a girl
  3. mr saitan vs cell video during tornament
  4. goku and piccolo learning to drive
  5. yamcha entering the vegetas gravity chamber
  6. tiens joke to king kia
  7. piccolo when he realises who suprem kia is
  8. majin buu after killing babidi
  9. roshi grabing 18s boobs
  10. bulma flashin to roshi's picks

  1. vegeta " HEY you this was my first day off in over a month. i was coming back from vacation and to see my house dostroyed"

Super Dragon Ball 23's picks

  1. Gohan's hilarious Spit-take
  2. Goku's fear of needles
  3. The scenes where Goku promises old Kai a kiss (His Plan A was for Gohan to get Videl to do it Plan B was Bulma and Vegeta and Gohan straight up flipped)
  4. Krillin hitting Goku with a rock/ hitting Gohan after "You have a crush on Android 18 don't you?!"
  5. Goku and Gohan wreck the house
  6. Goku vs. Chi Chi in the martial arts tournament "Hey Krillin, what's a bride?"
  7. Gohan's flying school "I'ts like a power you feel inside of you'r body" "WHAT? Who are you to be talking about my body?!"
  8. The "dirty fanny" line in Dragon Ball
  9. Bulma flashing Roshi... both times
  10. Goku and Vegeta looking for Piccolo and their sons in the Buu Saga

ss2trunks' picks

  1. after vegeta used the final flash cell said he ca 'nt be defeated then vegeta laughs cell is not playing

Slendar's picks

  1. Yamcha landing on Hero's head while fighting him
  2. Krillin farting on Bacterian's face
  3. Master Roshi getting flushed down the toilet
  4. Bulma freaking out after Goku came into the bathroom while taking a bath
  5. Yajirobe roasting Cymbal and then eating him
  6. Cui being defeated easily by Vegeta
  7. Captain Ginyu's "dance of joy" after gathering the Dragon Balls for Frieza
  8. Vegeta's pink shirt's picks

  1. Mr popo eats goku's kamehameha
  2. Bulma your balls, there gone!
  3. Vegeta's Pink Shirt.
  4. Goten throws rocks at Gohan
  5. Goku accidently sends Chi- Chi flying to a tree.
  6. Kid gohan gets drunk because of an apple.
  7. Chi- Chi uses kaioken in garlic junior saga =)
  8. Yamcha Tries to sneak into Bulma's capsule house for the dragonballs but instead finds Bulma taking a bath.
  9. Goten turns super sayian because his mom hits him.
  10. Ginyu forces first appearance

NeoBlade12/SniperMarkz12 picks

  1. Android 13 punches Goku's crotch
  2. Krillen (sadly you get owned too much)
  3. Yamucha (You Total dumbass)
  4. Goten (cause of goku getting punched in the nuts and you took over for yamucha)
  5. Roshi (more of a perv than the Pervy Sage)
  6. Ginyu Force (you suck)
  7. Vegeta vs.Yajoribe
  8. Kid Broly's face when his Dad holds him back (MOOSE BOY)
  9. Master Roshi SSJ beard
  10. Goku Slips and falls on his head

Supersaiyan20's picks

  1. Enter, the Ginyu Force!
  2. Vegeta meet's Tarble's wife
  3. Goku pats Bulma's you know what
  4. Chi Chi's reaction to Gohan when him and Goku return from the Hyp. Time Chamb.
  5. Gohan gets drunk on apples.
  6. Vegeta's pink shirt.
  7. Piccolo's outfit when Goku and him take Driving lessons.
  8. Android 13 Punches Goku in the balls.
  9. Goku Promises Old Kai a Kiss from Bulma then Vegeta asks why he Didn't choose Chi Chi and Goku says that Bulma is prettier.
  10. Trunks Pisses on Broly.

Nappa'sgoatee's picks

  1. Ninja Murasaki lands on Goku's Power Poll during their fight. A reason why it was my favorite episode of all! XD
  2. Yamcha thinks Dragon Balls are under Bulma's bed cover, but finds out it's Bulma herself. Yamcha's shocked face was awesome.
  3. General Blue executes a man for nose picking. (The sheer strictness of Blue, and his reaction towards a simple nose picking made me laugh, and a reason why I like Blue.)
  4. Ninja Murasaki gets hot water poured down his throat.
  5. When Chi-Chi and Bulma offer to swap husbands, and Yamcha says he is available, Chi Chi says she wants an equal trade, not a downgrade!
  6. Mr. Satan somehow manages to survive a punch from Kid Buu.
  7. When Goku accuses Oolong of being a coward all of a sudden in Curse of the Blood Rubies, Oolong responds with "I take offence to that, I've been a coward my whole life!"

Ђорђе Маринковић's picks

  1. 1 and only: Goku shows Hasky "the balls" end of story.



Gola245's picks

  1. Cell vs Mr Satan.
  2. Vegeta yelling at Goku.
  3. the PP candy.
  4. Goku's driving lessons.
  5. Vegeta's amazement of Mr Satan's stupidity.
  6. Krillin trying to catch apples.
  7. King Kai messing with SSJ Goku.
  8. Gotenks' ridiculous attack names.
  9. Vegeta's sushi's stolen!!
  10. Kid Gohan drunk.

Little rabbit's picks

  1. ITS OVER 9000!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. goku and teing and picclo atking king kenis joke test to serioulsy!
  3. goten when broly mistaked him for goku "kakarot whats a kakarot!is that a vegtable i hate vegtables!
  4. trunks talking to goten on how hes going to buy him a hair cut!!
  5. bulmas balls are missing!!
  6. bulma show master roshi her panntes!!(that are gone!)
  7. master roshi grabbing android 18 boobs!and rubbing his face in them!
  8. goten saying videl is going to be his new sister!
  9. cell bfights mr satan (so sad it was funny!)
  10. picclo learning to drive!'s picks

Top 10 funny moments in DBZ

  1. The world tournament Video Hercule vs Cell (Vegeta: I wish I were him)
  2. When Yamcha looks for the dragon balls and finds Bulmas Nude
  3. Vegeta talking to Bulma and wearing the pink shirt
  4. Piccalo and Goku learning to drive
  5. Piccalo and Goku (or Krillian) doing to fusion technique
  6. Chi Chi vs the Tutor
  7. Hercule and his students vs cell (elegent rose dude)
  8. Oolongs wish for the underwear
  9. Bulma bathing Goku (DB)
  10. Goku asking "what is a girl"'s picks

These are downright hilarious...

  1. Whatever happens to Krillin in Super Android 13! IT'S FRIGGIN HILARIOUS!!!!!!!
  2. Vegeta's "almighty" pink shirt.
  3. Dr. Gero's face when 17 and 18 thank him. it's all like o.o' derp.
  4. Cell does the falcon punch on Hercule.
  5. The way Baby pronounces sayian. It almost sounds like say-sans.
  6. Trunks " drains the lizard" on Broly.
  7. SS Goku mashing the buttons in Frieza's space ship. WORK! WORK GOD DANGIT!!!
  8. Frieza's face throughout the whole SS Goku vs. Frieza battle. XD
  9. Goku punched Jeice. What a sissy...
  10. Vegito fighting as CANDY!'s picks

It's all hilarious but...

  1. When Goku takes off Bulmas knickers, finding out she has no balls.
  2. Bulma finds her dad's porn collection and Goku thinks the girls are just really poor.
  3. Vegeta's tantrum when he finds out that Goku has promised Elder Kai that Bulma will kiss him.
  4. Vegeta's pink 'badman' shirt.
  5. Goku thinking that 'a bride' was a type of food.
  6. Goku imagining what he would look like fused with Dende and Hercule.
  7. Goku and Vegeta's squabbling in Buu's body.
  8. Krillin opening Bulma's top so Master Roshi will have a nosebleed on invisible man.
  9. Gohan embarrasing Krillin infront of everyone about his crush on 18.
  10. Chi-chi asking Gohan if he is planning of marrying front of Videl.

Nesiaardi's picks

  1. Gotenks ask Picollo to help him play volleyball (ultra buu buu, from galactic donut where majin bhuu trapped in there)
  2. Goku teach Vegeta fusion dance (fusion reborn movie) and Vegeta shouted "water ballet??!!)
  3. Vegeta's pink shirt
  4. Goku and Vegeta trapped in Majin Bhuu's body, and they met a giant worm.
  5. Veku
  6. Goku and Vegeta fighting over foods (Yo! SonGoku and his friends returns)
  7. Vegeta and Bulma fighting over Trunks when he's fighting Abo n Cado (Yo! SonGoku and his friends returns)
  8. Goku offering Old Kai to kiss Bulma and Vegeta were so MAD about it, Goku said Bulma's not near as pretty as Chichi, it's a compliment.
  9. Goku and Picollo trying to get a driving license
  10. Vegeta and Bra went shopping, then 2 guys trying to get Bra's attention, Vegeta gets so MAD (he's always mad at everything) and then roughly grab their steering wheel and threw it away. (DBGT)

Honorable Mentions: Vegeta's moustache, and how Bulma told why he shaved it to Chichi, it's because Bra said he look like a total geek.

Silvertip the WereWolf's picks

  1. Favorite Devilish scene Dragon Ball Z Movie: Broly; the Legendary Super Saiyan Broly: So, the little servants decide to be brave. Servants: (cower in corner) Broly: I see how you like to look up in the sky, at your planet. You probably hope for the day when you'll return there. BUT IT'S JUST A DREAM! (throws what looks like one of Starfire's star bolts from teen titans down at the ground near the slaves. Its bounces off and flies into the sky.) Servant Girl: ( Holds parents) What is he doing? Broly: (green bolt hits planet that the servants used to live on, and the planet explodes) Servants: ( Gasping) Broly: ( Says in a menacing tone) Oops. Did I just blow it up?
  2. Favorite funny scene Dragon Ball GT: A Tail's Tale Supreme Kai: ( pulling on Goku's tail with pliers) You need to try harder! Goku: (just a kid. stops screaming ow for a second) HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO TRY HARDER. YOU'VE GOT ME TIED TO A ROCK!!!!!!

Vargascowboy's picks

  1. When Master Roshi is drunk in Wrath of the Dragon
  2. When Master Roshi wants to see Launch take a bath.
  3. When Oolong wishes for panties
  4. When Oolong and Master Roshi are watching TV and Cell pops out.
  5. When Chi-Chi asks if Gohan will marry Videl ( and Gohan spits)
  6. When Videl gets mad after Gohan tells her to cut her hair.
  7. When Bulma tells Chi-Chi about why Vegeta decided to shave his mustache (one of the few good things of GT)
  8. When Goku asks Krillin what a bride is.
  9. When Krillin thinks that Android 18 and 17 would make a great couple, and the conversation after with Yamcha.
  10. When Chi-Chi wants Vegeta and Yamcha gets downgraded.

RiseOverEvrything's picks

  1. When Goten tries to summon sheron on while trunks is fighting Broly. "Come forth and get the bad guy."
  2. When Broly punches Krillin
  3. Trunks pees on Broly.
  4. Hercule vs Cell
  5. Roshi calling Broly broccoli
  6. Mater Roshi rubbing his head in #18's chest
  7. Oolong wish for underwear
  8. The sound Frieza makes when SSJ Goku punches him in gut.'s picks

  1. (DBZ KAI) Seriously this is hilarious. (Cell refering to Hercule's showboating at the Cellgames)
  2. (DBGT) Oh is that so, This must be your inner peace taking over to make the transition into death that much easier, I Will Enjoy This. (Tuffle gorilla Baby taunting SSJ4 goku after they both wake up from knocking each other out)
  3. (DBZ) Whatever turns you on big guy (Frieza taunting SSJ Goku in the middle of combat)
  4. (DBZ) You where warned but you didn't listen and now your afraid (SSJ2 Gohan making Cell suffer for what he's done)
  5. (DBGT) Hey dragon i hope this isn't to much to ask but could you do my backside now Heheh (SSJ4 Gogeta making fun of how ineffective Omega Shenron's Attacks are)
  6. (DBZ) (Cell slapping hercule out of the ring and in to a near by cliff)
  7. (DBGT) Not even you can survive this one Omega, It has enough power to destroy every bone in your body Haaaa (SSJ4 Gogeta scare the crap out of Omega Shenron)
  8. (DBZ) (Goku promises a kiss to Elder Kai from bulma if he helps them defeat majin buu which later Vegeta finds out and loses his temper)
  9. (DBZ) ALL the scenes that have Vegito turned into a candy and playing around with Super Buu (Gohan Absorbed)
  10. (Fusion Reborn) All scenes with Ceku and Super Janemba

Princess of Saiyan's picks

  1. Goku and Vegeta talking to worms
  2. Goku's reaction when Trunks tells him who his parents are
  3. Krillin throws a rock at Goku's head
  4. Krillin complaining about his life in "Lord Slug"
  5. Goku and Chichi's parent teacher conference
  6. Vegeta's pink shirt (also five people already said that)
  7. Goku's jokes to King Kai
  8. Goku's continuous fear of hospital needles
  9. Buu's bathroom incident with Dende, Mr.Satan, and Bee
  10. Rock Paper Scissors (Ginyu Force; Goku, Vegeta, and Gohan)

IvanL1997Jovo's picks

  1. And I admire your capability to DIE! (Vegeta to Super 17)

Fat Gotenks' picks

  1. Tien's "you can tune a piano, but you can't tune a fish" joke.
  2. Jeice crying when Goku punches him.
  3. Captain Ginyu... The Frog.
  4. The Ginyu Force in general, they're utterly ridiculous.
  5. Bulma's missing her balls.
  6. Goku's celebration when he beats Picollo Jr.
  7. Roshi.
  8. Goku and Piccolo learn to drive.
  9. "I'm a warrior, not a variety of flower" - vegeta
  10. 'It's over 9000! Raah!'

SupaBoySwagg's picks

  1. "Bulma, your balls, they're gone!"
  2. Master Roshi trying to see Launch in his bathroom (With Bulma's Shrink) 
  3. Goku pat pats Oolong 
  4. Goku pat pats Chi Chi 
  5. "Can we eat first? I'm kinda hungry.."  
  6. When Goku changes his clothes in the street.
  7. Kid Trunks moons Broly 
  8. Kid Trunks pees on Broly's head. 
  9. The fact that if you do a frame by frame on Super Spirit Bomb in the actual series, eventually you see Hercule's fist in the picture. Go do it now! 
  10. The rest of Master Roshi's perverted moments.'s picks

  1. Goku shallowing the four starball 
  2. Goku saying "What dont you say 'pepperpot,picklepot,purplepot Piccolo:You are an idot!
  3. Ginyu:i'll do the celeberation dance.Freiza:maybe another time.
  4. Jeice:when he means good time,it dosent mean we're gonna dress up,it means we're beat you up.Ginyu:Did you really need to say that?
  5. Vegeta shaving his mustache.
  6. Well i'm scared of man-eating she devils with butcher knives so lets go.
  7. Goku slipping on ice on gt.
  8. Oceanis Shenron:It was the UNDERWEARRRRRRR!
  9. Old kai:It's a stinking cayon,not a gap.
  10. Vegeta:Stop stalling!

Steve.sosa.927's picks

Funny moments in random order

  1. piccolo faceplam during the fight

between Super Buu and Gotenks inside the time chamber

  1. Kid buu and SSJ3 Goku biting each other
  2. Vegito(candy) VS Super Buu(Gohan absorbed)
  3. All the middle fingers. Example: Vegeta

during Freeza saga

  1. Super Buu: Knock Knock Vegeta: Who's there?? Buu: Buu Vegeta: Buu who?? Buu: Awww don't cry everyone has to die at some point
  2. Hurcule thinking he's the strongest
  3. Hurcule thinking he's in a dream when he arrives on the kai planet
  4. Veku VS Janamba
  5. Vegito(candy) mocking Buu(Gohan)
  6. ITS OVER 9000!!!!!

Teengohanrocks' picks

  1. Bulma your balls are gone
  2. Bills wasabi scene.
  3. Bills being an anime fan
  4. Whis waking up Bills
  5. Mr Satan vs Cell
  6. Bulma offering Goku to look at her panties (Why would I like to look at your dirty old phanny?)
  7. Goku offers Elder Kai to kiss Bulma and Vegeta gets mad
  8. Vegeta Bingo Dance
  9. Goku scene when he tries to open a door in Buu's body (Open Sesmey)
  10. Mai tries to get Trunks and hold him for a bit to threaten to kill him (Uh Mai your chest is touching me)

Goten_trunks_gotenks' picks

  1. OVER 9000!
  2. The balls are inert
  3. Vegeta's pink shirt. ( BADMAN rofl)
  4. Goten Goten's a birdy!
  5. Kid trunnks making fun of Great Saiyamen
  6. Great saiyamen's poses and videl saying there good LOL
  7. Kid goku in general
  8. Vegeta not giving a crap about anything ( like android saga, he doesnt care about baby trunks and bulma )
  9. Videl-Who are you to be talking about my body?!?!
  10. Gohan wanting to be an orthopedist

NashKillmaster's picks

  1. Mr. Satan
  2. Bulma flashing Roshi
  3. Roshi in Broly: The Legendary Super Saiyan
  4. Trunks peeing on Broly's head
  5. Veku
  6. Power Pole goes up Murasaki's ass
  7. Vegeta's BADMAN shirt
  8. When Kid Goku compares with men and women
  9. Chi-Chi pushing Goku off the Nimbus
  10. Krillin calling Yajirobe "Itchy-Robe" in the manga

Honorable mentions: "It's over 9000!" (Ocean Dub version), naked Goku getting ready to fight Jackie Chun, Kid Goku looking at dirty magazines before Bulma rips them to shreds, the exploding Game Boy, fat Gotenks, Krillin farting on Bacterian's face, the Ginyu Force's intro, Recoome and Burter's bet, drunk Gohan in Dead Zone, and Giran surrendering the battle against Kid Goku

1.  Vegeta's face after Goku saying he would let old kai see bulma 

2. Goku and Gohan eating after exiting the Hyberbolic Time Chamber.

3. Trunks using the bathroom on Broly's head in Broly:Second Coming.

4.Yamcha hitting his info on hero(kami's) head in the Piccolo Jr. saga of Dragon Ball.

5.Krillin thinking Upa is a girl in Dragon Ball.

6. Goten and Trunks teasing Gohan and Videl for supposedly kissing in Wrath of the Dragon.

7.Pan saying she has stuffed animals at home bigger than goku after being shrunk down to the size of a kid.

8. Trunks showing his bottom in Broly:Second Coming.

9.Goku thinking a bride is something to eat in Dragon Ball.

10.The Ginyu Force's dance in Dragon Ball Z and Kai.

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