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Well if it was first form Freeza than he would win but his youngest son did it in anger his friend Krillin got killed by 50max form Freeza and piccolo getting injured but that is a different story well Bardock,King Vegeta and Vegeta helped him understand his Saiyan blood.

4th form and beyond no

Bardock can beat third form freiza but after that he wouldn't stand a chance. --Ssj3gogeta96 (talk) 20:59, April 10, 2013 (UTC)ssj3gogeta96


Bardock actually survived Freeza's super nova but was sent back in time Bardock had to save Planet Plant from Freeza's ancestor but had a problem with Freeza

Bardock is Stronger.

Remember how Bardock turned in to a Super saiyan that was because someone who cared about him was hurt and Chilled was simmilar to Freeza. So Freeza told his elte troops to kill Bardock and his crew but he survived Dodoria's blast and Bardock had flash backs so he turned into a Super saiyan. To tell you kids who is stronger Bardock is case closed.

In episode of Bardock.Bardock had a Zenkai andhis level up to

His power on Super Saiyan is 3.000.000

Frieza Dominates

Despite the power boost from SSJ, Bardock still lacks the strength needed to defeat Frieza. His 10,000 power level multiplied by 50 only gives him a 500,000 power level. This is enough to tango with Frieza's first form of 530,000, but Frieza only needs to transform one time in order to wipe Bardock out.

SBCSpecialBeamKamehameha!Gohan Kamehameha 01:42, April 11, 2013 (UTC)

Probably Frieza

Frieza would easily destroy SSJ Bardock in his 3rd form or higher.  Bardock could beat 1st form or 2nd Frieza depending on the zenkai he got.  However, I doubt it would be a big zenkai.  Bardock suffered a lot while working his way up through the ranks in terms of power.  Even after all of the years of battle, his power was only 10,000.  Goku and Vegeta were one of the very few who got such huge zenkai boosts.  Even with a zenkai boosts larger than the one Goku got before facing Frieza, he would still not be powerful enough to defeat Frieza.  Even if Bardock got strong enough to beat Frieza, Frieza would probably just destroy the planet.  The only reason I think Goku got such a huge boost before facing Frieza was because of his soul being seperated from his body when Ginyu switched bodies with him.  Plus, Goku's body got beat up pretty good as well.  Bardock's only chance would be if he overcomes the saiyan will to fight a strong fighter and does not try what Goku did (He let Frieza go to full power since he wanted to beat Frieza at his best and prove that he was better).  In other words, Bardock better not let Frieza transform like everyone else tends to do.  Bardock better believe Frieza when Frieza tells him he can transform and become a lot more powerful than him.

'The Daizenshuu (or something) said Bardock had more than 10,000 and he was colossally damaged by Supernova that Frieza was released. If he had over 10,000 I would say that your zenkai leave him with 21,000'And that if he had not a Super-Zenkai (Goku had a zenkai 33x, ninety thousand to 3 million, and Vegeta had a zenkai 13x / 14x, from 35,000 to close to 450,000 / 500,000)

I would say the Goku's Zenkai would be more Inconsistent/Intervention of God Zenkai.


Why so much>

Bardock (if it had 21,000) - 1,260,000 (I believe that he still has his tail to increase your multiplier to 60x, as proven when Goku turns into Golden Great Ape)

Bardock (if it had 40,000) - 2,400,000


Freeza would need up to 4% of its power in the 4 form to beat him

SSJSonGohan's Opinion

Frieza wins... discussion over!

Think about it, Bardock was approximately 10,000 when he was sent back in time, even if he did get a Zenkai Boost, i couldn't see it increasing his base power beyond 20,000.

Bardock base: Approximately 10,000-20,000

SSJ Bardock: Approximately 500,000-1,000,000

Frieza: 530,000 (First Form)

Frieza: Approximately 1,000,000-1,300,000 (Second Form)

Therefore, Frieza wins. Bardock might get lucky against his first or second form, but anything higher than that, and Frieza wins... easily.

Bardock é de 25% Final Form Frieza 

Eu ouvi de alguns fóruns que Bardock teve um salto de zenkai 54x, o que é absurdo, deixá-lo em 540 mil. Em Super SSJin posteriormente deixá-lo em 27 milhões, o que seria suficiente para lutar (não bater) 25% True Formar Frieza.

Os zenkais de Bardock tem mais de 20x um salto pode até ser. Lembre-se que ele pulou no tempo, que iria deixá-lo com um zenkai ainda maior. Sua alma foi separada do corpo por um tempo antes de retornar. Imo, Bardock teve um Zenkai 30x.

Bardock - 300.000

SSjin - 15000000

Bardock 2-540000

SSJin - 27000000

Ouvi de alguns fóruns que ele seria de 600.000, mas que é sobre-estimar-lo. Houve mais de 540 mil em sua zenkai.

Mas vamos fingir

Bardock - 600.000

SSJin - 30000000

Isso faria refrigerados a cerca de 800 mil para a etapa Bardock tão facilmente, isso significaria Chilled> Frieza. Pode ser IMO.

LOL.... No.... Just no...

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