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Forum Least Favorite Character?

Note: This forum is now closed for additional submissions. If anyone wants to add a submission and haven't done so already, please contact PrinceZarbon. - Zarbon by raykugen-d2ygchz PrinceZarbon talk contribZarbon ava3 04:28, September 6, 2014 (UTC)

Well, since we had a favorite character page, I thought we needed a least favorite one..... 10 only, everything else is honorable mentions

Silver Sinspawn's picks

  1. Broly
  2. Android 14
  3. Kid Trunks
  4. Goten
  5. Mr Satan
  6. Chiaotzu
  7. Pan
  8. Kid Buu
  9. Goku (Post Saiyan Saga)
  10. Frieza

Xpd dragon1's picks

  1. Goten
  2. Kid Trunks
  3. Dr. Gero (#20)
  4. Android #19
  5. Demon King Piccolo
  6. King Cold
  7. Salt
  8. Baby Vegeta
  9. Captain Ginyu
  10. Yamcha

PrinceZarbon's picks

  1. Vegeta
  2. Android 17
  3. Cell
  4. Pan
  5. Broly
  6. Gotenks
  7. Kid Trunks
  8. Kid Goten
  9. Majin Buu (Fat)
  10. Nuova Shenron

Dishonorable Mentions: Vegito, Android 18, Videl, Gogeta, Arale, Goku, Gohan, Trunks, Janemba, Super 17, Ikose, Idasa, and Bardock

SSJGoku93's picks

  1. Pan (self explanatory)
  2. Mr. Satan (he annoys the heck out of me)
  3. Adult Gohan (Buu Saga and beyond, Ultimate Gohan was decent, but didn't even stay)
  4. Yamcha (biggest pansy ever)
  5. Kid Trunks (bratty little punk)
  6. Chi Chi (find her incredibly irritating)
  7. Videl (she is pretty annoying)
  8. Gotenks (found him to cocky and annoying)
  9. Garlic Jr. (didn't enjoy his presence)
  10. Super 17 (for some reason I just do not like Super 17)

Dishonorable Mentions: Most of the average humans on Earth

Gonze's picks

  1. Pan
  2. Ginyu(cool power though)
  3. Android 19
  4. Dr.Gero
  5. Dodoria
  6. Emperor Pilaf
  7. Garlic Jr.
  8. Mr.Satan
  9. Chi-Chi(because of what she did to Gohan)
  10. Uub

Dankedude's picks

  1. Pan (This is what you get with unprotected sex)
  2. Lord Slug (Basic goal, basic loss)
  3. GT Goten (Too girl crazy)
  4. Uub (Little to no fights)
  5. Yamcha (Can't train cuz he needs money.....)
  6. Krillin (Useless)
  7. Choatzu (Same as Puar except the crying)
  8. Puar (Gay...sorry it just sceams Yamcha too girly and cries too much)
  9. Kid Trunks (Stuck up, rich, bitchy, momma's boy)
  10. Launch (Face it honey Tiens not into you)

Legendarysupersaiyan's picks

  1. Hercule
  2. Supreme Kai
  3. Hirudegarn
  4. Great Saiyaman
  5. Nappa
  6. Raditz
  7. Captain Ginyu
  8. King Cold
  9. Frieza
  10. Zarbon

LSSJ Trunk's picks

  1. Pan (obiously)
  2. Hercule (Fans thinks he's all that)
  3. Chichi (way too protective)
  4. Goku (Don't really know maybe related to pan)
  5. Android 19 (didn't seem to fit with story)
  6. Puar (too much crying and girly voice)
  7. Yajirobe (useless and pathetic)
  8. Dr Myuu (useless)
  9. The Evil Shenrons (except Nouva , Eis, and syn there great)
  10. Cui (coward)

Dishonorable mentions: Goten GT ,Garlic jr , gohan adult ,Marron , Nappa , General rilldo , Broly SS1/ Restrained ,Appule ,Arale ,Uub , Kid buu ,Spice bros , Mecha frieza's henchman ,Salza ,Master roshi ,Chouzu, unamed frieza soldier ,Guldo ,Yamu, kibito ,Gogeta SS1, Son goku , krillen

Anddroid19ftw's picks

  1. Chi-chi (i think we all know why)
  2. Puar (the burns)
  3. Pan (Teenage girl syndrome)
  4. King kai (Biggest anticlimax ever)
  5. Krillin (Just fails at life)
  6. Mercenary Tao
  7. Cooler
  8. Zarbon
  9. ChiaoTzu
  10. Kid Trunks

JayFlesh7891's picks

  1. Hercule/Mr.Satan (Buu Saga)
  2. General Blue
  3. Android 19
  4. Bojack
  5. Zarbon (pre-transformation)
  6. Kid Trunks
  7. Great Saiyaman
  8. Adult Gohan
  9. Guldo
  10. Demon King Debura

Trunks'Girl93's picks

  1. Hercule (C'mon who actually like Hercule)
  2. Pan (self explanitary)
  3. Kid Gohan (sooooo annoying until he becomes a teenager)
  4. Adult Gohan (Massive Nerd + the great saiyaman)
  5. Zarbon's Monster form (hes really ugly, he was sorta cute in his normail form)
  6. Freiza (He talk way to much)
  7. King Cold (Freiza's father)
  8. Broly (the first two Broly sagas were good but whats with bio Broly?)
  9. Dodoria (he's fat,pink and spiky what else do you want, oh yeah he kills nameks)
  10. Chi-Chi (Holy mother of god could she be more restricting on Gohan)

Vixen Windstorm's picks

I don't have 10 least favorite characters since somewhere down the road I've been able to level with almost everyone I disliked. The ones I've never found resolution with though are listed below:

  1. Guldo
  2. Salza
  3. That dinosaur at the beginning of Dragon Ball Z, because he eats Gohan's dinosaur friend

Bardock12's picks

  1. Goku
  2. Salza
  3. Guldo
  4. Saiyanman(i like Gohan)
  5. Moori
  6. Kami
  7. Puar
  8. chi-chi
  9. Ox king
  10. Cooler

Nisaku's picks

  1. pan
  2. cui
  3. tarble
  4. majin buu (fat)
  5. videl
  6. great saiyaman
  7. omega shenron
  8. goku jr.
  9. android 13
  10. hercule

Vegeta's Mustache's picks

  1. Garlic Jr.
  2. Dr. Wheelo
  3. Videl
  4. Cui
  5. Jeice
  6. King Cold
  7. Dodoria
  8. Zarbon
  9. Nappa
  10. Guldo

Katherine.Wortman 3456's picks

  1. Freiaza
  2. Cell
  3. Baby
  4. Majin Vegeta
  5. Flash
  6. Dr.Myu
  7. Dr.Gero
  8. 17
  9. Super 17
  10. Kid Buu

North Kai's picks

  1. Paragus
  2. Future Trunks
  3. Uub
  4. Icarus
  5. Broly
  6. Nappa
  7. Gregory
  8. Spopovich
  9. Dr. Gero
  10. Pikkon

Although, i have to say, none of these characters really bother me much. In fact it's more that i just have a neutral feeling towards them rather than favorable.

Swampfire's picks

  1. Zarbon
  2. Pan
  3. Broly
  4. Kid Buu
  5. Vegeta
  6. Gregory
  7. Kid Gohan
  8. Yajirobe
  9. Fat Buu
  10. Pre Buu saga Chi-Chi

DraculaCronqvist's picks

  1. Goku (I hate him... always did and always will)
  2. Every GT exclusive character and every character in it, who suffered extreme changes in personality, so they don't resemble the originals any more
  3. Videl (Friggin' annoying)
  4. Chi-Chi (she's a good mother... but the overprotective thing is just too much)
  5. Bulma (does she have any other purpose than being a slut?)
  6. Number 18 (neither good as villain, nor as good guy)
  7. Boo (every version... he's just too stupid)
  8. Babidi (awful... just awful)
  9. Mr Satan (obvious, isn't it?)
  10. Kaio of the north galaxy (just stupid, boring character)

Dishonorable mentions: Gotenks, Vegito, Gogeta, Vegeta

Shawn Yasumara's picks

  1. Mystic Gohan
  2. Babadi
  3. Krillen
  4. Chaotzu
  5. General Blue
  6. Dr. Wheelo
  7. Appule
  8. Cui
  9. The Nameless Frieza Soldier
  10. Videl

RenbuItsuQiRinKai's picks

  1. Pan
  2. Fat Buu
  3. Dodoria
  4. Pure Evil Buu
  5. Spopovich
  6. Guldo
  7. Recoome
  8. Android 19
  9. Android 15
  10. Omega Shenron

Dishonorable Mentions: Pretty much all GT characters, all unnamed henchmens.

Caraway's picks

  1. Pan
  2. Baby
  3. Adult Gohan
  4. Pilaf
  5. Majin Buu
  6. Garlic Jr.
  7. Future Trunks
  8. Kibito Kai
  9. Dr. Myuu
  10. Semi-Perfect Cell

Dishonorable Mentions: Chi-Chi, GT Trunks, GT Goten, Bulma, DBZ Yamcha, Giru, Ginyu Force, Chiatzu, Any Filler-only Characters, King Furry

SuperSaiyan3Broly's picks

  1. Pan
  2. Great Saiyaman
  3. General Blue
  4. Zarbon
  5. Recoome
  6. Android 17
  7. Android 19
  8. Jeice
  9. Dodoria
  10. Dabura

Appulefan's picks

  1. Pan(obviously^^)
  2. Broly (dumb mountain of muscles^^Why does everyone think hes one of the strongest warriors?Dabura could easily wipe him out,Cell too!)
  3. Chi-Chi(annoying as hell(is hell even annoying?^^))
  4. Vegeta(just for killing so much favorites of mine e.g.Ginyu force,Appule,...well,just for the ginyu force and Appule)
  5. Bulma:(same as chi-chi, but more sex-appeal)
  6. Dodoria:(Fat,ugly,pink,kills bardocks teammates-.-)
  7. Dr.Gero:(weak and just...nah,i just dont ´like him!)
  8. Kid Trunks:(freakin,annoying punk-brat)
  9. recoome:(only GF member i dont like,he steals jeice and burter the show)
  10. hercule:(sometimes his scenes are freakin funny, sometimes freakin annoying!)

Rdobson2's picks

  1. Broly
  2. Turles
  3. Dolltaki
  4. Dodoria
  5. Ginyu
  6. Uub
  7. Zarbon
  8. Sharpner
  9. Pilaf
  10. Goku (I love him but who up and leaves his family like that,if I did that I would be called a deadbeat dad lol)

79aznkid79 's picks

  1. Frieza (Ugly thing, talks like a lady)
  2. Ginyu Force (They're posers)
  3. Hercule
  4. Android 19(what the heck is it)
  5. Dolltaki (obsession with toys)
  6. Dodoria
  7. Pan
  8. Para Para Brothers (what kind of guys wear bras)
  9. General Blue (He's gay)
  10. Gohan(Only when he's Great Saiyaman)

Random Dane's picks

  1. Pan (just a pain in the ass)
  2. Broly (retard)
  3. Android 19 (that voice - made my ears hurt)
  4. Ginyu Force (posers)
  5. High school Gohan (Sayaman saga)/GT Gohan (Lost the ability to go mystic and not being the strongest in the universe - WTF)
  6. Gotenks (cocky and arrogant on that level is alright, when you're far superior (like the Goku-Vegeta fusions), but Gotenks wasn't superior)
  7. Chi-Chi (overprotective - her son is one of the strongest in the entire universe)
  8. Chiaotzu (crying like a little girl, and closet homosexual)
  9. Puar (crying like a little girl)
  10. Nappa (not a directly hated character, i just don't like him)

Slayer25769's picks

  1. Ikose and Idasa's Mom
  2. Don Kee
  3. Marron (Krillin's Daughter, her existence was absolutely pointless)
  4. Mr. Satan
  5. Dende
  6. Babidi
  7. Broly (OVERRATED)
  8. Salza
  9. Recoome (lots of video games have him but not the other Ginyu Force members)
  10. Chiaotzu (I hate him because there is so much about him was not explained)

Nubescout's picks

  1. Otukosuki
  2. General Blue
  3. Idasam (Idasa & Ikose's mom)
  4. Guldo
  5. King Moai and all the other Arlians
  6. Evil Shenron
  7. Bibidi
  8. Tapkar
  9. Saibamen
  10. Maloja

Vegeta - San's picks

  1. Garlic Jr. (Do I really have to explain?)
  2. Bio - Broly (Talking about breaking a great character)
  3. Haze Shenron (What an annoying dragon)
  4. Oceanus Shenron (Didn't like it even before revealing its true form)
  5. Rage Shenron (A dragon that looks like a bird?!)
  6. Super 17 (They tried to make 17 look cooler... They found out it was impossible...)
  7. Lord Slug (The only Namekian I dislike)
  8. Dr. Kochin (Annoying laugh)
  9. Ebifurya (Not only a creation on Dr. Kochin, but also who can stand a guy whose name means shrimp?)
  10. Android 8 (An imitation of the Frankestein Monster, one of my favorites, but without its struggles, it's just a lame imitation)

Dishonorable Mentions: Giru; Dr. Myuu; Luud; General Blue; Ninja Murasaki; Colonel Silver; General White; Emperor Pilaf; Commander Red; Mai; Shu, etc.

SonGogeta's picks

  1. Pan
  2. Bulma
  3. Ginyu Force
  4. Red Ribbon Army
  5. Eis Shenron
  6. Spopovich
  7. Baby
  8. Chi-Chi
  9. Nappa
  10. Earthlings when Goku needed their energy to kill Kid Buu with the Spirit Bomb

beadtmdc's picks

  1. All Dragon Ball GT Characters (new characters)
  2. Chi-Chi (I just hate this b**@$)
  3. Pan (I just hate this b**@$)
  4. Uub
  5. Garlic Jr. (and his soldiers)
  6. Broly
  7. Android 13 (14 & 15)
  8. Maron
  9. Tien (22nd World Martial Arts Tournament)
  10. Cooler (and his soldiers)

NicDuchaine's picks

  1. Broly
  2. Mercenary Tao
  3. Nappa
  4. Baby
  5. Saibamen
  6. Cooler
  7. General Blue
  8. Otokosuki
  9. Baby
  10. Paragus

(((O)))'s picks

In no particular order:

  1. Mr.Satan/Hercule
  2. Fat Majin Buu
  3. Uub
  4. King Kai
  5. Pikkon
  6. Cooler
  7. Cell
  8. Dodoria
  9. Nappa
  10. Frieza

Mr.SatanZant's picks

Now for my least favorite characters:

  1. King Piccolo - WTF? What is the deal of him?
  2. Pan - She deserves punishment from whining and acting like a spoiled little brat.
  3. Supreme Kai - What the hell does he do?
  4. Dodoria - Nothing about him but I hate when he always moves his butt. Can somebody just had make Dodoria poop?
  5. General Blue - Nothing but a man who talks like a woman!
  6. Android 16 - I hate his hair style.
  7. Cell (1st Form) - I like Cell in the rest of his forms but 1st Form is an idiot.
  8. Zangya - Does she need to even have the rest of her life in the galaxy?
  9. Great Saiyawoman - Videl in superhero costume is so pointless.
  10. Android 18 - Can she be pointless?

Vegetagirl97's picks

  1. Pan (what can I say ... she's annoying like the rest of her mother's side of the family)
  2. Videl (she thinks she's some "speshul snoflake" just because she a fighter ...( which she isn't even good at...)
  3. Mr satan ( ugghhhhh... what did poor gohan ever do to get stuck with these three pricks?)
  4. Uub ( even if goku did waste time on him at the end of dbz he was still proven useless in dbgt like krillin on namek)
  5. goten( annoying goku copy that was only made for trunks to have a companion )
  6. Yamcha ( useless manwhore)
  7. Krillin ( look at number 4 and you'll see what I'm talking about)
  8. Chi Chi( fantastic mother but her constant bitching makes want to kill my self ...)
  9. Bulma ( To be honest I do respect her inventions and her smartness but her sluttyness is really begining to question me why)
  10. Adult Gohan( even with the amazing opening in the start of the buu saga he only seemed worthful for a second before ultimatetly getting absorbed by Buu ...)

Trueevildragon1's picks

  1. Hercule- (He is by far the most annoying character in the series. I wish he had died when Cell slapped him.)
  2. Majin(Fat) Buu- (I'm not going to lie; when I first saw this thing I almost gave up on DBZ. DBZ has the best villains in history and the show almost ended with this thing as the final villain. I guess he tested my fandom of the series.)
  3. Baby- (He never appealed to me as a villain and he bored me at times.)
  4. Chi-Chi- (She wants Gohan to study instead of save the planet from being blown up. Such stupidy.)
  5. Haze Shenron- (Dragons are supposed be intimidating and powerful. He is not.)
  6. Para Para Brothers- (The dancing annoyed me.)
  7. Pan- (She's annoying and her existence is meaningless. Must've inherited those traits from Hercule.)
  8. General Blue
  9. Recoome
  10. Great Saiyaman(You can pretty much guess why.)

Dishonorable Mentions: Videl, Naturon Shenron, Rage Shenron, Oceanus Shenron, Janemba(First Form), Emperor Pilaf

Super Vegeta 2024's picks

  1. Kid Gohan
  2. Videl
  3. garlic jr
  4. Goten
  5. kid trunks
  6. Yamcha
  7. Bojack
  8. Adult Gohan
  9. Pan
  10. uub

TheDarkPrinceReturns!'s picks

  1. Pan - we all know y she sucks.
  2. Chi Chi - constantly annoying. all her whining gives u headaches not to mention she wanted gohan to study rather than fight to save the world. stupid.
  3. Frieza - annoying as hell. he killed Vegeta at one point and also kept him as a slave his entire life which gives me more of a reason to dislike him.
  4. Uub - totally rediculus. to think Kid Buu was'nt annoying enough, his incarnation was way more suckish.
  5. Gohan - LAME! he never really appealed to me and i found him over rated cuz he got way more than he deserved.
  6. Yajirobe - EXTREMELY annoying. worst excuse for a hero.
  7. All of the Shadow Dragon (except Eis & Nuova) - they r just plain & boring. Omega is just a typical overpowered villan. Eis & Nuova r the only decent ones.
  8. Hirudegarn & Kid Buu - worst excuses for a villian.
  9. Krillin - i was never a big fan of his. he has humour, but i just was not a big fan.
  10. Chiaotzu - y on earth is he so obsessed wid tien? i believe it was him dat held tien back throughout the series.

SuperSaiyan92's picks

  1. Mr. Satan (If you can say that again, he's an annoying version of Hulk)
  2. Pan (Annoying like whiner-girl, don't ask me why I hate Pan again)
  3. Chi-Chi (All she wants to do is make Gohan study all the time. Lame.)
  4. Bulma (Ugh, she's just too smart for me to like, I hate her.)
  5. Goten (Total f*cking baby who always screws everything the crap up!)
  6. Arale (What is she? Pointless robot?)
  7. Android 17 (Punk)
  8. Videl (Ugh, that arguing with Chi-Chi they where both annoying!)
  9. Fat Buu (He's just annoying)
  10. Erasa (Pointless)

Favbot-DBZ's picks

  1. Chi- Chi
  2. Sabimen
  3. Puar
  4. Future Gohan
  5. Pan
  6. Broly
  7. Andriod 16
  8. Super 17
  9. Cell
  10. Videl

Vegetafanboy57's picks

  1. Gotenks (he's very annoying)
  2. Pan (she's so the heck annoying)
  3. Emperor Pilaf (hes kind of annoying)
  4. Krillin (hes a waste of sperm)
  5. Videl (her haircut)
  6. Yamcha (pansy)
  7. Chi-Chi (can you just believe she wanted Gohan to stay home all the time and study?!)
  8. Broly (like an extreme monkey Kakarot killer)
  9. Kid Trunks (hes a brat)
  10. Garlic Jr. (he's just ugh)

Darkhard1's picks

  1. Videl/Great Saiyawoman (Annoying. Retarded. Weak. Daughter of an idiot. The list could go on. How bad i feel for Gohan. Power Level: 120-170)
  2. Mr Satan/Hercule (Weak, uselss and probably one of the most irritating people in the universe)
  3. Chi-Chi (Seems to fail at life and wants to keep her "baby" Gohan studying instead of saving the world)
  4. Broly (Overated)
  5. Pan (Annoying, weak as heck and she becomes a major character in GT... what nonsense)
  6. Adault Gohan/GT Gohan/Great Saiyaman (From the cool kid to go to a nerd, weak compared to when he fought Cell and his High School Adventures were absolutely useless)
  7. The Human Race (Stupid and wouldn't give Goku their energy)
  8. Gotenks (Annoying and cocky, he shouldn't of become SSJ3, he didn't deserve it)
  9. Uub (Buu's reincarnation but yet compleatly useless)
  10. Goten (Childish and weak, I could compare him to Frieza's First Form... Maybe)

LordChill's picks

  1. mr. satan

vegetarules1's picks

  1. Nappa
  2. goku
  3. cui
  4. super buu
  5. gohan(i dont like any gohans)
  6. krillin( sometimes it gets anoying with krillin
  7. bulma (shes anoying and selfish
  8. captain ginyu
  9. guldo
  10. frieza ( i had a hard time that if he was a girl or aboy)

Super saiyan kakahi's picks

  1. Android #19
  2. Dr. Gero
  3. Hercule
  4. Cui
  5. Great Saiyaman (Gohan is fine though)
  6. Babidi
  7. Master Shen
  8. Goten (GT)
  9. Broly
  10. Puar

Nimbus' picks

  1. Videl: PAWS OF MY MAN, LADY!
  2. Mr. Satan: He took the credit for killing Cell. R U SRS?
  3. Nappa: He's epic in the abriged version, but he was a cocky ass in DBZ
  4. Kid Trunks: Hate him and love him. He's pretty annoying though
  5. Chichi: same with Trunks, she just nags and nags 24/7
  6. Vegeta (from Sayian saga): He was a cocky and arrogant dick. And at the same time, you love him :O
  7. Chatziou: USELESS!
  8. Pan: I dont really hate Pan, I just dont like her annoying attitude and her ALWAYS pointing out the obvious
  9. Yajirobe: I HATE FAT MEN!
  10. Broly: overrated. I dont see whats so great about him

Useless Mancer's picks

  1. Yancha-(i don't see a reason after DB at all why he existed, he DIED to a saibaman, whereas krillin killed 3, thats a fail)
  2. Marron (god she was ugly as a baby, also she was even more useless and pointless overall)
  3. Pan (note i actually like pan, its just there was actually alot of potential blown overall. i liked the idea of a random female super saiyan actually filling bulma's role in GT but she kind of became not very helpful very fast, it seemed trunks and goku did ALL of the work.)
  4. Hercule (obvious reasons, though i do attribute the actual win against kid buu to him, without him there was no epic spirit bomb, or vegeta remembering the third wish so goku doesn't get blown up by his own bomb)
  5. Chibi goku (What i mean is GT goku, there is good reasons for this, Goku stays little in all forms but SSJ4? what?)
  6. Chaotzu- (useless and dumb, i found lack of reasoning for his existance what so ever.)
  7. Man Wolf (this guy would be higher, but had nearly no plot so not as bad)
  8. Nappa- (big dumb useless brute, end of discusion)
  9. Uub- (his whole role was dumb, he is Kid Buu reincarnate? why is he human, that makes little to no sense, also why does Uub look about the same age as gohan? he should be like chibi and 10-11 at GT if i remember correctly, no reason for him to be anywhere near that old.)
  10. Gohan (After the Cell saga, he was useless, he could have done great things and gone SSJ3 by buu saga easily had he not gotten very lazy and dull. also in GT why did it seem that even trunks was stronger then gohan?)
  11. King Cold- (he did nothing, was somehow stronger then frieza, and was even more of a waste of a fight. i would have thought that if that really was the case, when mirai trunks appeared, there would have been an epic fight at least against him, because you would think since goku had a lot of problems against frieza, and king cold was stronger, he would be almost as strong as trunks not a pushover.)

Abhi7's picks

  1. baby
  2. majin buu(the bad one)-he look too bad and when i see him it feel like kicking him
  3. cell-no- reason,just hate him
  4. friza-goku gave several chances to friza to change , three at namek then some at hell.
  5. broly-he thinks he is too powerful,its nice goku teached him a lesson
  6. pilaf-no reason,just hate him
  7. vegeta (when he came to earth first time)
  8. goten(gt) he is not that kind of person what he used to be in dbz after he grows.
  9. satan-world's biggest cheater oscar award should be given to him
  10. pan-thinks she is different and has overconfidence.'s picks

  1. pilaf and his crew every1 else is cool but those three from the dragonball

LittleMissNamek's picks

  1. Pan-i admit she looks cute when she was younger, but as for GT, she needs to stop being such a bitch to almost everyone.
  2. Mr. Satan- he takes credit for almost everything the Z fighters do.That does not sit right with me.>:(
  3. Recoome- gayest member of the ginyu force.he pulls off all these stupid girly-looking poses.
  4. Guldo- freaks the shit out of me.
  5. Captain Ginyu- he thinks style is more important than fighting. SERIOUSLY?!?
  6. Maron- slutty little bimbo with a bunch of boyfriends.
  7. Chi-Chi-she's a good mother and she was very pretty back in dragonball, but she needs to chill out with the "only studying" thing and"school being more important than saving the world" crap.
  8. Oolong- that dirty pig is the most useless character of the whole series!i don't know what's keeping me from making him into next christmas dinner!
  9. 17-there were some times I respected him, but i hated his attitude. and what's worse, on another website, someone made a fanfic where 17 and Piccolo are a couple. Could this day get any worse?!?!
  10. Frieza- killed off almost all saiyans and nameks. totally not cool. >:(

Dishonorable mentions: Mr. Satan's fans(complete idiots), Frieza's henchman, and Van Zant(a coward for shooting a puppy)

MsBulma's picks

  1. UGH, I seriously don't like Yamcha. So useless, so unpowerful, so.... yamcha.
  2. Bobbidi sucks too, and so does...
  3. Cui. LOsers. :)

Dbzgal4eva's picks

  1. Yamcha (he's just awful nuff said)
  2. Pan (when she has a tantrum and yells @giru)
  3. Great Saiyaman (Gohan in highschool he's a geek)
  4. Hercule almost everybody hates him in real life.
  5. Goten when in Dragonball Gt, Gt just ruins him and Trunks.
  6. Kid Goku Gt they ruin goku they didn't even turn him back into an adult.
  7. Broly he's mad @ goku for just CRYING when they were BABIES I mean how STUPID!!
  8. Uub he's okay but he took Goku away from his wife his kids and grandchild but, maybe he wanted away from pan.
  9. Dragon ball series' humans they are annoying,they love hercule.
  10. Vegeta Jr. I think he's okay it's just he sounds like vegeta and he's like 6,7,or 8 Idk he's pretty weird.

DBZ Super Saiyan's picks

  1. Dodoria (Fat pink blob)
  2. Zarbon (annoying)
  3. Frieza (EWWW)
  4. Hercule (takes credit for everyone!)
  5. Baby (I just hate him)
  6. All Tuffles (i hate them)
  7. Pan (annoying and useless!)
  8. General Blue (gay)
  9. First Form Cell (SOOOO UGLY!)
  10. Broly (All he does is scream)

MasterWarlord's picks

  1. Goku
  2. Kid Goku
  3. Gohan
  4. Krillin
  5. Goten
  6. Bulma
  7. Chi Chi
  8. Kid Buu
  9. Super Buu
  10. Fat Buu


  1. HERCULE!!
  2. HERCULE!!
  3. HERCULE!!
  4. HERCULE!!
  5. HERCULE!!
  6. HERCULE!!
  7. HERCULE!!
  8. HERCULE!!
  9. HERCULE!!
  10. AND O YEAH HERCULE!!!!!!!!

Gotenkz's picks

  1. Yamcha
  2. Krillin
  3. Tien Shinhan
  4. Frieza
  5. Chiaotzu
  6. Mr. Satan
  7. Yajirobe
  8. Puar
  9. Anyone SS4+ because they look dumb with their hair and clothes
  10. Broly

Tenshinhanfan's picks

  1. Vegeta
  2. Baby
  3. Android 19
  4. Zarbon
  5. Freeza
  6. Dodoria
  7. Yajirobe
  8. Syn Shenron
  9. Nappa
  10. Hercule Satan

Kill You's picks

  1. Videl
  2. Gohan during the Great Saiyaman Saga
  3. Mr. Satan (hated the guy especially during the Cell Games Saga. He was OK during the Kid Buu Saga, though)
  4. Van Zant
  5. Dodoria
  6. Garlic Jr.

Toke's picks

  1. Kid Gohan - He was such a girly little crybaby. I'm tougher than him and I can't even fly.
  2. Chi Chi - She thinks studying is more important than being alive. Gohan won't even have a school to go to if Cell destroyes the Earth, stupid biatch.
  3. Babidi - Give me a pistol and a gilly suit and even I would be able to kill him. He's a wuss.
  4. Garlic Jr - How DARE you make me wait for the Android Saga??
  5. Bio Broly - Do I really have to say anything?
  6. Most Earthlings - The fight with Piccolo and Goku happened, what, 15 years before the Cell Saga? And yet they all think Hercule is the strongest? Can you say "sheep?"
  7. Pan (GT) - Whine, whine, whine, whine, eat, sleep, repeat.
  8. Raditz - Only because he didn't do anything. He's Goku's BROTHER for Kai's sake!! He should have been the "Vegeta" of the series.
  9. Chiaotzu - Weaker than Krillin and Yamcha? Just go home little boy. (And you're BALDER than Krillin!)
  10. Videl - Your annoying, and you gave birth to Pan. Thats double awful.

burchboy21's picks

Least favorite characters: overpowered, wannabes, and annoying people ==

  1. Broly ( anyone who is that over powered annoys me )
  2. any enemy in GT ( i hate GT that much )
  3. any android in Super Android 13! ( stupid movie and super 13 is over powered )
  4. fat janemba ( fat majin buu wannabe)
  5. Zarbon ( hate pretty boys )
  6. kid trunks ( a brat and a crybaby
  7. Gotenks ( stupid and annoying )
  8. Yamcha ( really should have stopped appearing after the frieza saga
  9. Hoi ( babidi wannabe )
  10. Turles ( anyone that has to eat fruit to gain strength is a pussy )

huyh's picks

  1. Mr. Satan- cause he did SOOO much
  2. Broly- wait he is superpowerfull, evil, and giant cool so whats his reasons for being evil... wait because baby Goku woke him up crying as a baby WHAT!? dumbest villen ever
  3. Pan (GT)- both irritating and not too cool to look out
  4. Non future trunks- oh how the mighty have fallen, your future self was cool, you are not
  5. Bulma (freza saga only)- did she do anything on Namek besides bitch and get her body stolen by Captin Ginyu?
  6. the Cooler Armord squadron- the Ginyu force is likeable in their stupidity, but why does the awesome leader (Cooler) get the worse squad then the dumb leader (Freza)
  7. Freiza- that thing is at least a transvite lipstick, nailpolish, gay sidekicks, and a female voice, when not a child all those things added togeather equal fail
  8. King Cold- pointless villen is pointless, can someone please tell me where Cooler got his awesome from is his mother awesome as well or is Cooler the only awesome one in the family
  9. Krillin, Tien, Yamcha, Chaotsu, and Yanjirobi (Z)- why did these guys stay in the series after dragonball they just stopped being usefull
  10. Semi perfect Cell (only SEMI PERFECT cell)- I love Cell his first and every form after the second looks cool but the second form is just UGLY

Broly-The Legendary Super Saiyan's picks

  1. Pan (Self Explanatory)
  2. Videl (Self Explanatory)
  3. Hercule (He is better than Videl but still.... he is very annoying)
  4. Yamcha (In the end he turned out to be a weakling who cant even beat a saibamen)
  5. Gotenks (What is with those stupidly named moves plus he's very cocky and annoying)
  6. Bojack (I just really hate this guy)
  7. Girudegarn (Just some really annoying prick who got defeated by a SSJ3. All he can do is growl)
  8. Uub (Why does Kakarot need another apprentice)
  9. The Ginyu Force (More specific, Recoome becuase of his dumb pose)
  10. Android 18 (I just don't like her)

Honerable Mention: Gohan, Chiaotzu, Nam, Goten, Cui, Appule, Dodoria, Fasha, Zangya, and Android 13 through 20 (Already mentioned 18)

Super Kami Guru's picks

  1. Broly (Way overpowered)
  2. Hercule Satan (Complete Fag)
  3. Fat Buu (Too Homo)
  4. Dodoria (No place in DBZ whatsoever)
  5. Cui (Too simple)
  6. Frieza (Keeps Coming Back)
  7. Cooler (Again, keeps coming back)
  8. Android 13 (Redneck)
  9. Imperfect Cell
  10. The Ginyu Forec for being posers.

SilverTaiyoAkira's picks

  1. Gohan-his whole life is so boring and annoying. He's an even bigger loser in the Buu saga and when he's an adult. NERD FOR LIFE
  2. Videl-she's like every other human in DBZ and just as disbelieving.and she looks like a friggin boy with short hair and she totally sucks
  3. Pan-Too bratty and demanding and just annoying
  4. Every human in DBZ from the Cell to Buu sagas-they will believe just about anything, they don't understand the awesomeness of some of the Z fighters and what they find so great in Hercule is an unsolvable mystery
  5. Hercule- He should've died when Cell bitchslapped him
  6. Dr. Gero-the only thing he was good for was creating Cell. 17 should've killed him earlier
  7. Future Trunks- Depends too much on the Z fighters and Goku. Seems like a total wimp most of the time
  8. Android 17- Never really liked him in the first place
  9. Chi-Chi- for the love of God, if only what happened to her in Gohan's nightmare happened in real life
  10. Bulla- her Japanese name is Bra. <- WTF??? And the fact that she loves to shop just about all the time makes me want to snap her neck. And she dresses like a slut sometimes, maybe all the time

Dishonorable mentions: Master Roshi, Bio-Broly, Kid Trunks, the reporter and the other people watching the Cell Games, The Ginyu Force (except Ginyu, he's funny), Frieza, Cooler, King Cold, King Kai, Launch-when she goes blonde, Oolong and Puar.

Nappa'sGoatee's picks

  1. Super 17 (Blatantly Unoriginal)
  2. Broly
  3. Vegeta and Goku Jr.
  4. Cell Jrs
  5. Supreme Kai (Too Clueless to be ruler of rulers)
  6. Kid Trunks
  7. Cui
  8. Vegeta
  9. Android 17
  10. Cooler

Dishonourable mentions!: Announcer at Cell games, Appule, Gotenks, Android 18, Chaoitzu, Launch, Baba, Garlic Jr.

===Skinnyveku's picks===

  1. Broly (too overpowered, too stupid)
  2. Turles (just a copy of Sayan Saga Vegeta whit Goku's head)
  3. King Cold (pathetic defeat aganist Trunks. He is suposed to be stronger than Frieza, right?)
  4. Gotenks (stupid names for his techniques, too full of himself)
  5. Cui (coward)
  6. Yamcha (he was cool in DB then became useless)
  7. Chiaotzu (too dependent on Tien, just drags him down, becomes useless in DBZ)
  8. Janemba (first form) (pathetic imitation of Fat Buu)
  9. Baby (his backstory is good but I just hate him)
  10. Marron (what's the point in her existance? (cute in DBGT anyway))

Naruku's picks

  1. Hercule(self explanitory)
  2. Nappa and Raditz(Just never thought they were good at being threatining villians)
  3. Chiaotzu(Probably weakest fighter on the show and is ANNOYING!!!!!!!)
  4. Yamcha(After the saiyan saga he just became the worst character ever)
  5. pre- GT Kid Trunks(He wasn't as much a bad character as he was annoying he got better in GT though)
  6. Semi-Perfect Cell(by the time Cell reached this form he became a broken record"Blah Blah Perfect Form." thank god he got his perfect form or we would never hear the end of it)
  7. Namek saga Vegeta(see Cell but replace perfect form withh super saiyan)

that's all the characters I can't stand hoped you liked

FinalFlash90's picks

  1. Krillin
  2. Chiaotzu
  3. Yamcha
  4. Oolong
  5. Puar
  6. Chi-chi
  7. Bulma
  8. Old Kai
  9. Mr. Satan
  10. Fat Buu

Cyraina's picks

  1. Broly - I HATE this character with a passion. He's extremely overrated, his story sucks, he has almost NO LINES except for "Kakarot" and "Not until you lie dead at my feet", and he looks like uber garbage!
  2. Maron - She is such a slutty and stupid character that likes to use people for money. She acts VERY snobby and looks like a bad rip-off version of Bulma.
  3. Kid Trunks - He acts like a little annoying jerk and is WAY TOO CHILDISH.
  4. Gotenks - An even more annoying version of two idiotic characters. He acts like a pompous, stuck up brat, and he looks stupid because of his retarded hair and clothes.
  5. Goku - I don't care that he's the main character! He acts like he's as stupid as Homer from Simpsons (in the way that he is just plain dumb AND he loves to eat TOO MUCH).
  6. Pan - Really annoying and ruined GT.
  7. Erasa - Acts like a dumb slut too, and tries to hit on Gohan even though she knows that Videl really likes him.
  8. Android 17 - Acts like he's better than everyone else and looks like an emo punk retard.
  9. Android 18 - She's another dumb blonde overrated slut!
  10. Bulla/Bra - Another slut. She dresses too provocatively, acts like a party-going whore, and gets herself into trouble with guys and Vegeta is forced to go in and save her. She is an embarrassment to her family and a VERY USELESS character.

Supervegeta95's picks

  1. Chichi (goku can do way better)
  2. Goten (wannabe Gohan)
  3. Pan (just lame)
  4. Puar (annoying)
  5. Hercule (lame but funny)
  6. Bulla (i want her dead. She should be #1! Poor Vegeta has a daughter that acts human! )

Supreme Gohan's picks

  1. Murasaki 
  2. Bulma
  3. Chi Chi (Adult) 
  4. Goten 
  5. Broly 
  6. General Blue 
  7. Super Buu (Regular)
  8. Majin Buu (Good)
  9. King Cold 
  10. Piano's picks

  1. General Blue ( gay)
  2. Frieza (annoying and arrogant)
  3. Android 19 (fat bastard)
  4. Gotenks (stupid little moron)
  5. Yamcha (the most useless character ever)
  6. Pan (I dont like her, he is very annoying)
  7. Adult Gohan (in the past he was a badass, when he is an adult he is only a nerd)
  8. Arale (It freaks me out)
  9. Baby (He is just an ass that depends of others)
  10. Fat Janemba (Too gay)'s picks

  1. Humans - can be good though
  2. Gohan - I like gohan but I don't like that he almost replaced Goku, the Saiyaman saga was just weird, and people say he's stronger than Goku as Ultimate Gohan but Goku beat Hirudegarn while Gohan couldn't
  3. Cell - what's the point?
  4. Trunks - like future but the trunks that was from the main z universe became a slacker after childhood
  5. Oolong
  6. Puar
  7. Jeice
  8. Bojack
  9. Cooler

Janemba2's picks

  1. Andrioid 19 (A copycat of Chiaoutzu but a robot)
  2. Pan
  3. Anyone from GT (If they were introduced in GT)
  4. Freiza's minions (Zarbon, Dodoria,etc excluding Ginyu Force)
  5. Babidi and minions
  6. Hirudegan
  7. Hatchiyak
  8. Mr.Satan
  9. Bacterian
  10. Dr.Wheelo's picks

  1. Gohan (post cell saga) he was soo strong as a teen, now he doesnt do anything
  2. Goten ( adult) if goku had two kids,one could ve had gokus personality
  3. cell - wtf is he supossed to be!!!!
  4. majian buu: horible voice,bad body you just have to laugh
  5. ubb he was sooo pointless

Mrdexter72's picks

  1. All GT characters, especially Pan (I liked her in Z though)
  2. The earths people from the cell saga onward (except for the martial arts tournament announcer guy) and especially Hercule Satan (I hate to hear him speak)
  3. Goku Jr. in that weirdass gt movie
  4. Emperor Pilaf and all his minions
  5. Yamcha
  6. Puar (yamchas cat)
  7. Yajirobe
  8. Kami (not dende, the original kami)
  9. Oolong
  10. Chiaotzu (or however you spell his name)'s picks

  1. Yamcha
  2. Yamcha
  3. Yamcha
  4. Yamcha
  5. Yamcha
  6. Yamcha
  7. Yamcha
  8. Yamcha
  9. Yamcha
  10. Yamcha

habledable30's picks

  1. Hercule (friggin' show off and a liar)
  2. Yamcha (he just plain sucks)
  3. Garlic Jr. (annoying-ass voice)
  4. Chiaotzu (small and weak)
  5. Gotenks (really powerful but he's a smartass)
  6. Cell (have you heard his first form voice?!)
  7. GT Goten (pays way to much attention to girls and never fights)
  8. Dabura (he's the devil)
  9. Pan (annoying little girl)
  10. Kami (he takes to long to make up his mind)

ParaGoomba348's picks

  1. Broly (Way overpowered and has a one-word catchphrase which gets old fast)
  2. Super Buu (He looks weird and ugly, and he is overpowered)
  3. Guldo (Super annoying and is very ugly)
  4. Saibamen (Killed Yamcha and are ugly)
  5. Cui (Weak, useless, ugly, and is a sissy.)
  6. Garlic Jr. (Pointless character who wasted time)
  7. Recoome (Weird, cocky, and an idiot)
  8. Dodoria (Stupid, fat, and was way too easily defeated)
  9. Oolong (A coward and is a shape-shifting pig. How original.)
  10. Teen Gohan (Killed Cell...)

UltimateSuperSayianGohan's picks

  1. Pan
  2. Hercule
  3. Fat Buu
  4. Chiatzou
  5. Chi Chi
  6. Recoome
  7. Bibidi
  8. Frieza
  9. Broly
  10. Namek saga Vegeta

SuperSayian4Vegito's picks

  1. Hercule (Perfect Cell Saga - So *#^$ing Annoying)
  2. Android 13 (I hate his voice it just doesnt fit someone who should be a villian)
  3. Cui (cocky, stupid, and i really enjoyed watching vegeta demolish him)
  4. Baby Gohan (the crying seriously annoyed me)
  5. Yamacha (Pussy, too scared to jump into a god damn lake [searching for dragon balls with bulma, chi chi, videl, and master roshi])
  6. Puar (The god damn voice and turns instantantyl g*$ when seeing Yamacha)
  7. Babidi (He was stupid and could not even control buu)
  8. Chiaotzu (g*& for Tien)
  9. Yajirobe (Beginning of Saiyan Saga-then instantaniosly became awesome when he cut vegeta's tail off)
  10. Vegeta (Only when he is obsessed with beating Kakorrat [end of saiyan saga all the way to dying as majin vegeta]

There are many others too ^_^'s picks

  1. Pan (Spoiled little brat who thinks shes really strong)
  2. Hercule (He somehow gets away with every excuse he makes and the people still love him)
  3. chi chi ( couldnt even let gohan train and is way to protective)
  4. Yamcha (was alright at first but became lazy and stopped training)
  5. Kibito "he said that gohan couldnt get the z sword agnd that no mere mortal could (He was killed by dabura with 1 blast)"
  6. chiaotzu (as a z fighter he is a coward)
  7. pui pui (just caue hes on his own planet doesnt mean hell win)
  8. piccolo (i liked piccolo but towards the end he fell behind and became weak)
  9. Guldo (so weak and he was still on the ginyu force)
  10. Earths Shenron (he is not patient at all)

Gohanxox's picks

  1. Pan (thank you Nautron Shenron for absorbing her)
  2. Master Roshi (disgusting pervert)
  3. Mr. Satan (ugh)
  4. Emperor Pilaf (annoying little emperor)
  5. Garlic Junior
  6. Angela
  7. Super 17 (ugliest andriod ever!)
  8. Oolong (pervert pig)
  9. Puar (annoying voice)
  10. Chi-chi (do not eb=ven get me started on her)'s picks

  1. Frieza thinks hes so cool
  2. Broly i just want to strangle the stupid guy
  3. Raditz too stupid
  4. Hercule cheater
  5. Chi Chi needs to lean to use a condom with goku and get off her period
  6. Krillin died 5 times cant be that cool
  7. Puar gay ass little fucker
  8. Oloong needs to get a new fetish
  9. Gohan thinks hes the sauce
  10. Every vegeta except when hes ss4 and when he hugs kid trunks i just hate him

dishonorable mentions: kid buu, all great apes, yamcha, chiatzou, saibamen, dodoria, zarbon's picks

  1. Teen Gohan
  2. Adult Gohan GT
  3. Adult Gohan Z
  4. Kid Gohan... Or to make it short: Gohan

Mistyc Goku's picks

  1. Haze Shenron
  2. Hercule
  3. Pan
  4. Kid Gohan
  5. Guldo
  6. Cell Jr
  7. Evil Buu
  8. Saibamen
  9. General Blue
  10. Dodoria

NamekianFusion's picks

  1. Vegeta
  2. Gotenks
  3. Gogeta
  4. Cell
  5. Vegito
  6. Trunks
  7. Goten
  8. Pan
  9. Broly
  10. Janemba

Dishonorable Mentions: Kid Goku (GT), Kid Buu, Fat Buu, Super Buu, Android 18, Gohan, Dolltaki, and Para Para Brothers

DragonBallZKai5's picks

  1. Tien
  2. Future Trunks
  3. Jeice
  4. Dr. Gero
  5. Dodoria
  6. Zarbon
  7. Trunks
  8. Baby
  9. Dr. Myuu
  10. Dr. Kochin

AndroidLover's picks

  1. Videl

Dishonorable Mentions: kid trunks GT Goku Pan GT Goten And The Sausage I ate for lunch

Dbzfan555's picks

  1. Mr Satan
  2. Pan
  3. GT Trunks
  4. Adult Gohan
  5. Vegeta in the Android Saga's picks

  2. Emperor Pilaf- how can such a faggot become an emperor????
  3. Every new character in GT - I just don´t like GT.
  4. Buu (all forms)- just annoying
  5. Leader of the Red Ribbon Army (General Red) - most stupid leader ever.
  6. Bulma (mostly on Namek)- crying all the time
  7. Android 17 18 - there was much more potential in them, but they kept searching for Goku with a car. Are you serious?
  8. Creators of DB series - too many mistakes and illogical things in the story line. + They created a bunch of talented and interesting characters, who became totally useless for the end of DBZ (Tien- strong, brave, wide range of special techniques, Piccolo, Master Roshi, Yamcha or even Yarobe)
  9. Krilin - despite he is not so strong (weaker than Piccolo and Tien and probavly Yamcha he gets much more role
  10. Earthlings who forgot everything what Goku and the other Z fighters did for them.

DomonKasshu00's picks

  1. Krillin
  2. Hercule
  3. Dr Gero
  4. Dr Myuu
  5. Dolltaki
  6. Lord Don Kee
  7. Van Zant
  8. Cell Games News Anchor
  9. Dr Wheelo
  10. Master Shen


  1. Van Zant { hurt bee and hercule and killed inocent people{and not in a cool way}
  2. Ginyu { idk but gets on my nerves for some reason}
  3. Luud {really creepy}
  4. Orin Temple Monks { they bullied krillin}
  5. Bacterian {disgusting and stupid}
  6. King Chappa {cocky and weak}
  7. Eis Shenron {coward}
  8. Master Shen {tried to kill tien and chiatzu}
  9. Wings {really stupid}
  10. Medamatcha { just disturbing}

[Dis]Honorable Mentions: Killah, Pintar,Jewel, Giran, Ikose, Idasa, Ikose and Idasa's Mom, Whiny Kid who beat Goku in the tournament in GT, Naturon Shenron, See-Through the Invisible Man, East Kai

EmperorPeelaugh575's picks

  1. Mr. Satan (a.k.a Hercule)
  2. Gohan (Great Saiyaman)
  3. Cell Games News Anchor (I think his name is Jimmy)
  4. Pan
  5. Chaozu
  6. Trunks (GT)
  7. Goten
  8. Oolong
  9. Vegeta (Mustache)
  10. Cui

BrolyVegito252's picks

The Most Pathetic People

  1. Master Roshi(Pervert who likes to have it with Mermaids)(Yuck).
  2. Janemba;Base form(Pathetic,ugly,and other words I would love to describe him with).
  3. Pan(Non-Stop Talker,beating Chi-Chi and Videl to top spot in list of Screamers).
  4. Hercule;before Kid Buu Battle(I would bash this guy up to pieces with a club and He would say,"Hey Look,I got myself beaten up by a kid to boost his self-confidence").
  5. Yamcha(Should have considered staying as a Bandit,and wait,boy, he's pathetic,losing and dying against a Saibaman,killed against(blech!)Dr.Gero)
  6. Frieza;First Form,Final Form(Could not do anything but maim Krillin in the first form,and he looks like a girl in his final form)
  7. Videl(Irritating to the core,with a power level of 120-180)
  8. Babidi(Pathetic,talks too much,deserved hell)
  9. Maron(As in Adding Fuel to fire,she added fuel to Roshi's pervertism or whatever)
  10. Puar(Weak and deserved Yamcha as a partner).

Tommo's picks

  1. Majin Fat Buu ( Very kiddish and an annoying voice)
  2. Great Saiyaman (So stupid, Dragonball Z is fighting not superhero)
  3. Hercule Buu saga ( In Cell Games Saga he appeared abit but in buu saga he took over tien etc)
  4. Para Para Brothers (Dancing jerks that turn good)
  5. Chiatozu ( Only hate cause doesn't get like any fights)
  6. General Rilldo (Talks alot like Cooler and doesn't have any interesting attacks)
  7. Videl post haircut ( Looks ugly and almost instantly likes Gohan alot more)
  8. Master Roshi (big pervert one minute and serious straight after)
  9. Gohan Gt( Completely ignored as a character and really weak)
  10. Pan ( How could I forget, bratty, bossy, annoying, thinks she is the best etc)

Kyo's picks

  1. Everyone exclusive to the ginyu/frieza saga (too homosexual and feminine)
  2. Pan (she always wants to do the impossible and is very disrespectful to the other characters)
  3. Kid Trunks (I don't like the idea of child saiyans cuz everyone else had to earn how Vageta did it to understand)
  4. Garlic and his gang (if Broly was awsome and complex, he wasn't in the show! Why should a disliked villan have a saga)
  5. Hercule (I don't like his design and western style creation, he tends to get in the way and always haf to be saved)
  6. Gohan (his development was exciting but he has become too drawn out and didn't amount to anything supirior or even considerably cool after cell)
  7. Tien (Bulky, usless, unlikeable...Yamcha is equally useless but more likable and cooler than Tien)
  8. Nimbus (useless....Goku can fly!!!)
  9. Videl (She may be a tomboy and a tough girl but she is in the way most ov the time whenever a crazy chaotic battle occures)
  10. Buu (he sucks up powers (we already did this scinareo with Cell!) he ate god?, the last villan...really!?, he resembles a bulky gum man, he dosnt bother me other than those facts but I didn't have a 10)

BaconSprinkles' picks

  1. Broly (screaming and being extremely overpowered does not make a good character)
  2. Kid Buu (pretty much the same as Broly, only small and pink and nearly invincible)
  3. Gotenks (his excessive arrogance renders him almost compltely useless)
  4. Present Timeline Trunks (thinks he's way better than he actually is)
  5. Babidi (kills (or has someone else kill) his loyal servants as soon as they're no longer needed)
  6. Chi-Chi (pushy to the point of obnoxiousness)
  7. Pikkon (basically just a very slightly altered Piccolo, how lazy can you get with making a character?)
  8. Killa (he was a competetor at the World Martial Arts Tournament; all of his lines were frustratingly unintelligible)
  9. Puar (has an ear piercing voice and does just about nothing at all)
  10. Maron (Krillin's ex, not his daughter; she's dumb, trampy, and shallow, so there's not much to like)

Super Shmevan's picks

Disclaimer: I wouldn't say that I necessarily hate any of these characters, I simply didn't like them as much as the others.

  1. Emperor Pilaf
  2. Queen Snake
  3. Crane Hermit
  4. Hercule/ Mr. Satan
  5. Nappa
  6. Raditz
  7. Guldo
  8. Dodoria
  9. Sharpner
  10. Puar

SSJGohan4's picks

  1. Garlic jr.
  2. Hercule
  3. Bebi Vegeta
  4. Android 15
  5. Shu
  6. Cell 2nd form
  7. Oolong
  8. Gregory
  9. Guldo
  10. Popo

SSJ3 Bardock's picks

  1. Sayaiman (Hes really stupid)
  2. Hercule (He should stop taking other peaples credit)

Every one else is fine

Goten4ever's picks

10 least fav DBZ charactors

  1. Paur (omg voice burns my ears off)
  2. Bulma's mom (why isn't she fat her entire purpose is to be a stupied blond and offer food)
  3. Ox king (DBZ) [his entire purpose is calm down chi chi]
  4. PAN (GT) - [ she is cute in DBZ, but loses it with her annoying behavor in GT ]
  5. King Kai - (his jokes are NOT funny)
  6. General Tao (self explainatory)
  7. General Blue (f$%)
  8. Pilaf (crybaby)
  9. Adult Gohan (nerd)

Goten66's picks

  1. Para Para Bros
  2. Recoome (his voice ugh)
  3. Dodoria
  4. Zarbon
  5. Garlic Jr.

Nimbus2001g!rly's picks

My top 5 least favourite characters

  1. Master Roshi
  2. Pan
  3. Hercule
  4. Old Kai
  5. Pilaf

Vegeta88's picks

  1. Choutzu (He never does anything useful. The only way he damaged an enemy was explodeing himself)
  2. Tien (Too weak)
  3. Yamcha (He is just stupid)
  4. Dedoreia (Ugly)
  5. Hercule (Too annoying)
  6. Dabura (Copy's off King Piccolo with the whole "Demon king" thing
  7. Slug (Another copy off king Piccolo)
  8. Pan (SOOOO anoying)
  9. Guru (He just dies when Vegeta is becoming immortal because his deat caused the namekian dragonballs to go away)
  10. ALL OF THE DRAGONBALL EVOLUTION CAST( The movie just *Twich* stunk *Twich*)

Holy.sinner42’s picks


  1. hercule (lets face it, he just sucks)
  2. great saiyaman
  3. supreme kai
  4. saibamen's picks

most idiotic character ok. no list. just..... one character

  1. HERCULE.he's friggin sassy and thinks he's better than everyone but makes himself looks like a retard...'s picks

  1. Pan
  2. Ultimate (mystic) Gohan
  3. Krillin
  4. Android 14
  5. Garlic Junior
  6. Supreme Kia
  7. Chaitzu (or however you spell it)
  8. King Yemma
  9. Dr. Gero
  10. Eighter

Wikia Contributor's picks

  1. Bulla: She's just like Bulma, except not smart. Also, unlike her father because she's weak. I wish Vegeta and Bulma never had a second child that was a weak and non-smart daughter. So useless anyway! I wish she never existed because there was no point why her existence is so important.
  2. Chi-Chi: She's too overprotective and makes Gohan study all day instead of getting healthy exercise. Always angry too! I feel bad that Goku had to marry a woman like her. Dragon Ball would've been better without her. With Bulma, Goku would've had a more powerful child, also smart.
  3. Frieza: He's a cold, cruel, and heartless ruler of the universe. Wish he never was! I wish Bardock was powerful enough to destroy Frieza.
  4. Future Android 18
  5. Oolong: He's such a perverted brat! Bulma and Goku should've slayed him.
  6. Super Buu: He annoys me. I can't believe he killed many innocent people and laughed about it!
  7. Vegeta (bad)

SSJSensar912's picks

  1. Van Zant (Mainly for shooting Bee)
  2. Recoome (I like the Ginyu force, mainly for their comic relief, but do not like Recoome)
  3. Zarbon (sorry PrinceZarbon)
  4. Super 17
  5. Android 19
  6. General Tao
  7. General Blue
  8. Garlic Jr.
  9. Emperor Pilaf and his "gang"
  10. Android 18

GuyaneseSuperSaiyan's picks

Well, I actually like a majority of the characters in DB/DBZ/DBGT. But there are a few that I could really do without, canon or not. I'll try to make a Top 10.

  1. Broly - I really, really, REALLY don't like Broly. He is an awful character and is the complete opposite of entertaining. He's just really boring. Seriously, who wants a boring character? I liked the idea and story behind "The Legendary Super Saiyan" and he was okay in the first movie before he went into his Legendary form. I don't know if any of you guys watch WWE but he's alot like John Cena or Sheamus, but an evil version. He's just a big powerhouse, boring, same thing over and over kind of character. I just don't like him. Maybe you do, and there's nothing wrong with that, you can like whoever you want. I just don't like the guy, he's too boring. That's just my opinion.
  2. The Ginyu Force (minus Jeice. Jeice is cool. :P) - I don't like The Ginyu Force because they're just so unappealing as a group. They don't seem like a force to be reckoned with like Freiza made them out to be. They were ridiculous to the point that it wasn't even funny. That's basically it, I think they're stupid and a complete waste of time and shouldn't have been a part of a great saga. I don't like them, ever since I was a little kid.
  3. That guy that shot Bee (Van Zant) - I hate that guy, he wasn't cool. They tried to make him seem like a badass bad guy kinda thing, break all the rules and whatnot but it didn't work. He just looked like a huge jackass.
  4. Android 19 - I just hate 19. A complete waste of an Android. That's it plain and simple. Plus his voice is annoying.

I can't really think of anyone else right now, but when or if I do. I shall return! :P

B's picks

  1. Mr.Satan's Fans
  2. Mr.Satan
  3. Chiaoutzu
  4. puar
  5. pan

the only ones that i actually dislike


  1. Hercule (Stupid and Sassy)
  2. Kami (Old and wierd)
  3. Android 19 (Cocky, and fell to a Super Saiyan)
  4. Goku Jr. (Why do so many characters look like Goku, so un original)
  5. Chiaoutzu (Did nothing useful and wierd)
  6. Adult Gohan (Acted nerdy and by that time, he had lost alot of battle experience)
  7. Android 14 (Strange and.....just strange)
  8. Future Yamcha (Useless)
  9. Future Cell (Cocky and died easily)
  10. Nappa (Stupid and pretty weak)


  1. Mr. Satan (Dumb, useless, talkative and just plain annoying)
  2. Pan (Whined too much and that voice)
  3. Chiaotzu (Just became so useless)
  4. King Cold (Horrible character in general)
  5. Android 19 (That voice was creepy as hell and was just a clown)
  6. Garlic Jr. (Dude, stay in the Dead Zone)
  7. Chi-Chi (Overbearing and overprotective)
  8. Kid Gohan (Absolute fuck-up and coward)
  9. Android 17 (Asshole)
  10. Vegeta [Android Conflict] (Major asshole to his family)

Barber2481's picks

  1. Pan ... pan pan pan pan PAN!!!!!! so annoying

YourBuddyDean's picks

  1. Oolong
  2. Ox King
  3. Android 19
  4. Garlic Jr.
  5. Nappa
  6. Semi-perfect Cell
  7. Dodoria
  8. Chi Chi
  9. Vegitto
  10. Kid Gohan's picks

  1. Garlic Jr
  2. King Cold
  3. Mercenary Tao
  4. Krane Hermit
  5. Chiaotzu
  6. Arale
  7. Emperor Pilauf and his cronies
  8. Hercule Satan
  9. Uub
  10. The Ginyu Force's picks

  1. Mr. Satan
  2. Baby
  3. Oolong
  4. Pan
  5. Yamcha
  6. Super Buu
  7. Mercenary Tao
  8. Zarbon
  9. Raditz
  10. Guldo

PrinceVegeta66's picks

  1. Mr. Satan (He's meant to be comic relief, but he's friggin' annoying. He wasn't that bad in GT though, but still...)
  2. Chi-Chi (She was okay in DB, kinda *****y at end of DB, but DBZ, where she's seen most, ruined it. "No Gohan, let the world perish, you must study!")
  3. Haze Shenron (This guy was lame and retarded)
  4. Pui Pui (Should be self-explanatory)
  5. Android 19 (A very dark and evil android...had potential, but it was ruined...appearance is slightly part of it, but the overall description of this guy isn't far from how Vegeta described him as...truly pathetic)
  6. Naturon Shenron (Similar reasons as Haze, although he gave Goku a challenge)
  7. Rage Shenron (Not as bad as the above, but still, what the heck is up with him?)
  8. Eis Shenron (Sure, he fights dirty and all, but he's simply obnoxious...he can't pull of the villain-esque personality the way others can)
  9. Cui (There are some elements of his role that I like, but it's just his character that I don't like)
  10. Pan (I don't find her as bad as most people do, but her annoying personality and tendancy to screw things up for me lands her in the top 10 - I still despise her for taking off in that ship instead of Goten potentially going)

Dishonorable Mentions: Just about every average human, General White, Shu, Mai, Yamcha, Puar, Baby, Android 14, Android 15, all the Frieza soldiers (the insignificant ones; Zarbon & Bubble Gum (Dodoria) were cool, lol), Guldo, Saibamen, Semi-Perfect Cell, General Rildo, Dr. Myuu, Great Saiyaman, Ledgic, Uub, Majuub, Commander Red, General Blue's lieutenant (forget his name (Dark)...Blue was cool, though), GT Cell & Frieza (They still retain a little bit of their Z-selves, but they were absolute jokes).

SSJ3Goku6's picks

I'll admit it, I like all characters, but if I had to choose some they would be:

  1. Appule
  2. Adult Gohan
  3. Bulla
  4. Broly
  5. Fat Buu
  6. Master Roshi

PrinceVegeta's picks

  1. Chi-Chi-she's overprotective
  2. Bulma-she's a spoiled brat
  3. 18-she gives me the creeps
  4. Videl-she cuts her hair as short as a boy
  5. Pan-shes so annoying
  6. Launch-she has two personalities
  7. Maron-she's a moron and a bimbo
  8. Marron-shes useless
  9. Bulla-same as pan
  10. Valese-same as marron

Most of the female characters

Hiruman's picks

  1. Chi-Chi (F**ked up logic... Gohan's lesson > Training to save the world... WTH!!)
  2. Guldo (Ugly)
  3. Piccolo Daimaou (Ugly)
  4. Bacterian (simply disgusting)
  5. Android #19 (Fatty)
  6. Cui (Ugly)
  7. Nappa (Baldy)
  8. Chaozu (zombie...)

Silversauce's picks

  1. Bulla - she's just kind of there but has no role
  2. Fat buu - creepy as hell
  3. Uub - annoying
  4. A lot of various GT characters because a) they are useless, b) they are freaky, c) they just plain suck, or d) all of the above. Shenron dude is an exception.
  5. Dabura - eh ...
  6. I don't really like what happened to Gohan after the time-skip. He's still okay, but just because he lost his Dad and Akira decided to continue with Goku as the main protaganist doesn't mean Gohan had to regress. He easily could have been on par with Goku and Vegeta if he had kept at training. Also, I don't like how he wore Goku's gi.. he should have continued wearing his own.
  7. Trunks as a child is kind of bratty and I largely prefer Future Trunks. I mean, he's alright but comparatively speaking.. well he just doesn't compare. Same goes with Goten... I have a hard time seeing them as anything other than spoiled kids. Cute, but spoiled nonetheless.
  8. All of Freiza's henchmen suck
  9. Imperfect Cell in the Alternate Future timeline because he killed Alternate Future Trunks and I can't forgive him
  10. Android 19 can go die in a fire. He took advantage of Goku and almost killed him plus he's fat

Jujitsujotsu2's picks

  1. Pan (Do I really need a reason?)
  2. Hercule (He took credit for everything. I hate people like that.)
  3. Mother of iKosa
  4. Uub (He was a whiny little twerp. And he took Goku away from his family)
  5. Kid Gohan (You could only rely on him for one thing. And that was to let you down)
  6. Videl (She earned my respect when she refused to give up in her fight against Spopovich, but when she refused to believe Gohan was dead she ticked me off. Sure she was right, but she didn't have to force it down Chi-Chi's throat when Chi-Chi really thought he was dead and was trying to mourn)
  7. Yamcha (Useless poser)
  8. Tien (He broke a guys' legs for no reason. NO REASON. Who does that??!)
  9. Babidi (His face got on my nerves)
  10. Pan (I just hate her that much)

Silvertip the WereWolf's picks

  1. Chi-Chi ( The most hideous, abusive woman on TV. I could care less if Gohan doesn't get the proper schooling he supposedly "needs" to be successful.)
  2. Vegeta ( A wuss and just not a father like figure.)
  3. Android 19 ( Vampire Bhooda Dude....Bleh. So glad his face was blown off by Vegeta.)
  4. General Rildo ( Just plain ugly and really stupid to try to attack Goku.)
  5. Captain Ginyu ( Scaredy Cat. the most Humiliating face on DBZ besides Chi-Chi's.)
  6. Red Mamba ( The human version of Scooby-Doo.)
  7. Majin Buu ( Freaky pink dude. Belongs in a mental rehab center.)
  8. Frieza ( I wonder if its a guy or a girl. Kinda hard to tell.)
  9. Nappa ( An afghan hound. Pretty dumb for a saiyan.)
  10. Bojack ( May be the lost brother of the mighty Hulk. Not a big fan of him, either.)

Lilipop's picks

  1. Bulla-She made a useless character throughout the series. Whoever likes her is weird! I mean the series could still go without her.
  2. Kid Buu-He killed everyone on Earth.
  3. Cell-He absorbs too many people.
  4. Frieza-He annoys the heck out of me! His laughing makes me wanna blast him.

BrolytheLegendarySuperSaiyan's picks

  1. Goku-He has bad manners and disgusts me.
  2. Bulma-She whines like a spoiled brat! Makes me wanna slap her.
  3. Krillin-He's such a weak midget.
  4. Yamcha-He's so scared of girls! Lol.
  5. Launch-Something is wrong with her!
  6. Master Roshi-He's a dirty old pervert.
  7. Oolong-He's an ugly pig.
  8. Puar-His voice sounds like a sissy girl's.
  9. Turtle-He was useless anyway.

SuperBob's picks

  1. Pan-She is worse than Bulma and cries a lot.
  2. Trunks-He's a rich and spoiled brat.
  3. Krillin-He's a coward.
  4. Tien-He was weak.
  5. Maron-She's such a bimbo and a slut.

Anime Fan Girl Forever's picks

  1. Pan
  2. Babbity
  3. East Kai
  4. Pan
  5. Uub
  6. Pan
  7. Broly
  8. Pan
  9. Pan
  10. Pan

Metsg657's picks

  1. PAN I HATE HER :(

SuperBardock's picks

  1. Mr. Satan- for obvious reasons
  2. Pan-messes up gt
  3. Gotenks-arrogant
  4. Lord Slug- disgusting
  5. Baby- Keeps on invading bodies
  6. Imperfect cell-looks weird
  7. Dodoria-pink and spiky
  8. Kid gohan- messes up when people need him
  9. Krillin- also messes up
  10. King kai-voice annoys the hell out of me

AkiraSatanxGohanSatan's picks

  1. Goten(Funny,but serious some times)
  2. Hercule(Am freaking tired of him saying that he beat Cell)
  3. Dabura(Stupid as hell)
  4. Pan(Scary Cat)
  5. Adult Gohan(He's Hot)
  6. Videl(She took Gohan away from me)
  7. Trunks(OMG he's like a brother to me)
  8. Frieza(Is he gay or something?)
  9. Bulma(I like her inventions)
  10. Vegeta(Thinks that he's all that)

Dishonorable Mentions:Zarbon(His regular form is awesome,but his monster form,Ewww!!!), Marron(Her crying is annoying), Bulla(Shopping Manic), Goku(Awesome), ChiChi(A bitchy mom), Master Roshi(Pervert), Yamcha(To much of a ladies man), and Launch(Two-sided)

GangsterBoy's picks

  1. Pan: annoying
  2. Trunks: stupid
  3. Marron: useless
  4. Yamcha: cowardly
  5. Launch: weak

Spdr man's picks

  1. Gotenks
  2. kid Trunks
  3. Goten
  4. Krillin
  5. Yamcha
  6. Cell 2nd form
  7. Pan
  8. Dodoria
  9. Nappa
  10. Videl

SupremeBooyah's picks

I don't have a specific top 10 but anyone who is stupid and annoying, like

  1. Chi-Chi
  2. Bulma
  3. Pan
  4. Yajirobe sometimes, and people like that's picks

  1. Kid Buu- He was just plain stupid...
  2. Mr. Satan- Aside from that whole 'Super Spirit Bomb' thing, he was just comic relief.
  3. Broly- KAKAROT!!!! KAAAKAAAROOOOT!!!! 'Nuff said.
  4. Jimmy Firecracker- Even though he was just a background character, it's 'cuz of this gullible ***hole that Mr. Satan is so popular!
  5. Pretty much all GT exclusive characters (except for the ssj4s and Omega Shenron).
  6. The whole Ginyu Force- Again, 'Nuff said.
  7. Post-DB ChiChi- "My son need to study!"... B**** Please.
  8. Saiyan Saga Gohan- "Daddy, WAAAAAAAAAA!!!" No wonder Piccolo threw him at that mountain.
  9. KibitoKai- So pointless. Just sooo pointless.
  10. The Great Saiyaman!!!!- The very DEFINITION of comic relief.'s picks

My top 15

  1. Bio Broly(Worthless Character no personality whatsoever kinda like second comming Broly only covered in shit)
  2. Pan(Do i even need to explain why i hate pan?)
  3. Uub(another pointless regect stopped us from seeing a Kid Buu cameo in GT and lame character overall)
  4. Lord Jaguar(Worthless comedic villain serves no purpose whatsoever )
  5. Men-Men(Same reason as lord Jaguar)
  6. Garlic Junior(Pointless villain basically emporer pilaf but strong)
  7. Emporer Pilaf(He made Goku the annoying kid form in GT it was funny at first but it got old real fast...)
  8. General Red(Lame Villain the red ribbon army was cool but always hated Red staff officer black should have led from the start)
  9. Broly(Only Second Comming Broly)
  10. Buu(Its not a matter of me hating him moreso he failed to live up to Frieza and Cell as a Villain they set the bar way to high for poor Buu and he couldnt keep up)

Dishonorable Mentions: Android 19(Lame ass villain i hate how people act like he could beat Frieza), Android 20(Gero) (Same reason as 19), Android 13 (Lame as Villain Redneck), Hirrudegaurn(No personality whatso ever lame), and Chiatzou(Worthless annoying and pointless character why does he even exist?)

king gogeta's picks

in order of my least favorite

  1. Yajorobie (fat useless idiot who doesn't need the internet cause he's already worldwide)
  2. krillin (weak after goku went ssj he was no longer needed)
  3. cell (canabil and freak who kept trying to eat other androids)
  4. cui (useless coward. need i say more?)
  5. hurcule (even someone without a brain could figure it out)
  6. dodoria (pink fat baby with no life)
  7. zarbon (after transformation) (he's ugly and weird)
  8. master roshi (perverted old man with no hobbies but feeling up bulma and chi chi)
  9. chi chi (overkills with protectiveness)
  10. great sayinman (guy with weird poses and strange cloths and catchphrashes)


  1. Hercule (he stole credit for killing cell,and is videls dad)
  2. Videl (usless weakling  who gohan married for her money)
  3. Yajiorbie (Fat obesse creep who should go to weight watchers and everytime he goes to the beach whales jump up and sing we are family)
  4. Cui (useless coward who i bet freiza wanted vegeta to kill)
  5. Krillin (after goku went ssj)( in the words of lord alan suger and donald trump:you're fired)
  6. Freiza (weak baby who thinks he's all that and he talks like a girl cause he never went thourgh puberty)
  7. Pan (everyone knows why. i feel so sorry for gohan) 
  8. Chiatzoi (poor tien couldn't get any real people friends so he chose the mime reject)
  9. Master roshi (perverted old man who should've died after he trained goku)
  10. Chi-chi (she crushed gohans dreams and she was to protective)


  1. hercule (fraud who stole credit for killing cell)
  2. master roshi (perverts chi-chi and bulma)
  3. yajirobie (he claimed to be the commander of the z-fighters and then had the gall to cower away from nappa and vegeta)
  4. chiatzoi (he's a mime reject who can only hurt someone by killing himself)
  5. yamcha (he's a fake posher who only get's girls by hosting the yamcha games (unsure if yamcha games are cannon)
  6. krillin (after frieza saga dude just stay dead)
  7. pan (whiney little stuck up bitch who sould've got abandoned on a random planet during the search for the dragon balls)
  8. videl (do i really need a reson?)
  9. kid goten (greedy pig need i say more)
  10. buu (he got a saga when all super saiyans deserved one more really he set the standerds really low which is why gt sucked also he needs theropy and he's a retard)

Shaman Kraag's picks

  1. Android 18/Future 18
  2. Broly (Yes, yes, he's the strongest idiot in DBZ)
  3. Super 17
  4. Android 17/Future 17
  5. The Saiyans who were destroyed along with Planet Vegeta
  6. The humans that worship Mr. Satan. (I like Satan himself, through)
  7. Vegeta (His "true" fans annoys me very much)
  8. Gohan (I hate how people always dissing him in Buu saga)
  9. Janemba
  10. Maron (Krillin's ex)

Dishonorable Mentions: Ranfan, Launch, Future Gohan, Imperfect Cell and Kid Goten and Trunks.

MysteryP's picks

  1. Pan-annoying crybaby 
  2. Mr. Satan-ugh, i hate how he brags that hes stronger than Goku
  3. Krillin-weak
  4. Yamcha-useless
  5. Tien-useless
  6. Uub-weak and useless
  7. Bulma-spoiled b**** and annoying
  8. Chi-Chi-overprotective, makes Gohan study and doesnt care if the planet blows up
  9. Launch(bad side)-annoying, crazy gun-girl who shoots about everything
  10. Maron(krillins ex-girlfriend)-annoying, a stupid slut who resembles bulma

Wwevsdbzman's picks

  1. Guldo
  2. Cui
  3. Neizu
  4. Jeice
  5. General Tao
  6. Nappa
  7. Android 19
  8. Yajirobe
  9. Puar
  10. Hercule

Jeroen822's picks

  1. Gohan -Everything until ultimate- (Overrated Whiny b**ch)
  2. Pan (Thinks she is awesome while in fact super annoying)
  3. Chi Chi (Never shuts up)
  4. Bulma (Never shuts up, but she actually helps)
  5. Majin Buu -fat- (Worst voice ever/ pathetic excuse for a fanal villain)
  6. Ultimate Gohan (Most powerfull in the series and screws it up by slacking off, again!!)
  7. Gotenks (Cocky idiot)
  8. Mr. Satan (Self explanatory)
  9. Broly (Second-most overrated)
  10. Everyone who keeps forgetting all the times the Z-Fighters saved their lives.

SSJBardock's picks

  1. Guldo
  2. Salza
  3. Android 15
  4. Yamcha
  5. Goten
  6. Kid Trunks
  7. Great Saiyanman
  8. Kid Buu
  9. Mercenary Tao
  10. Babidi

Dishonorable Mentions: General Blue, Tarble, Puar

GotenSSJ2's picks

  1. Pan
  2. Chi Chi
  3. Mr Satan (Cell Saga)
  4. Videl
  5. Frieza
  6. Guy that shot Bee and Hercule in Buu saga
  7. Garlic Jr
  8. Android 19
  9. Babidi
  10. Kid Trunks

DBZpiccoloFAN1's picks

in order

  1. broly: boring big bulky character
  2. bojack: boring big bulky character
  3. teen gohan: overrated and overpowered
  4. kid buu: overrated and overpowered
  5. hatchiyack: boring big bulky character
  6. gotenks: never takes anything seriously, little brat
  7. babidi: annoying voice, coward
  8. mr satan: brags about beating cell and buu and being stronger than everyone, pathetic
  9. fat buu: annoying voice, annoying character, disgrace for a final villain
  10. dodoria: slow boring character

Across16's picks

  1. Kid Buu
  2. Broly
  3. Babidi
  4. Dabura
  5. Android 18
  6. Saiyaman
  7. Dodoria
  8. Super 13
  9. Goku (Buu Saga)
  10. Bulma's picks

  1. Vegeta's Brother (that is the worst thing, they could have done)
  2. Future Trunks (Thanks to him, everybody is SSJ...even Bardock, not to mention he is such a pussy)
  3. Mr Satan (he is funny at all, but he is one of the major plotholes in the series. What happened to the well known technique Kamehameha? Nobody seems to remember)
  4. Goten (How many characters do have to look like Goku?)
  5. Chaozu from DBZ (he is just useless and doesn't even fight...just get killed unless you count filler where he is already death)
  6. All Androids made by Dr Gero (excluding Cell but including Gero himself)
  7. Dr Myuu and his creations
  8. Yamcha (in Z he became the worst fighter of the Z fighters)
  9. Videl, Pan, Chichi, Bulma
  10. Babidi and his family's picks

  1. Chi-Chi: she was a bad match for goku
  2. Mr. Satan: he brags too much
  3. Piccolo: i dont like him hes weird
  4. Tien: no hair and three eyes
  5. Yamcha: very weak

Legendary Yosho's picks

  1. Future 17 and 18- For some reason they really bother me they kill every one even children and they do it for no personal gain, no revenge, no hate just for FUN!!! Think of all the innocent life thev'e taken those bastards!!! AAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!! ( becomes a super saiyan.)
  2. Bad launch- I dont care what any one thinks she is the meanest bitch of the z fighters she has no redeeming qualities not even her good half can make up for her. I was so happy when kid Goku kicked her face in.
  3. Chiaotzu- He is annoying, weak, stupid,loud,whinning, useless, baby. Yajirobe is more usefull,more intresting and actually stronger. And if you dont think so consider this Chiaotzu's sacrifice didn't faze Nappa's armer Yajirobe cut Vegeta's tail off and hurt his armer. Hell he still has the scars.
  4. Tien - I dont dislike him he is just boring. His hypocritizsmn of Vegeta pisses me off as well.
  5. Frieza- Though his skills were great and I loved his fight with Goku and he is fun in the video games I can never foregive him for what he did to Vegeta and the saiyan race. Yeah I know most saiyans were assholes but watch Vegeta's first death and you will see what I mean.

John.gingerkidzzzz's picks

  1. Mr. satan
  2. Satan
  3. hercule
  4. mr. hercule
  5. hercule satan
  6. satan man

P.s i really hate him

Little Enzo Matrix (Season 1)'s picks

  1. Android 17 I Will Never Forgive Him For Killing Krillin In GT
  2. Broly I Just Don't Understand Why He Had His Hatered Against Goku Because Goku Never Did Anything To Him Why Can Broly Just Get Over It All Saiyan Baby Crys & Broly Should Been A Good Guy Along With The Z-Fighters
  3. Bulma I Think Bulma Is Cool
  4. Chi-Chi I Always Hated Chi-Chi Throughtout Dragonball Z Because She Never Lets Gohan Do Anything He Like & She Is A Bad Mother & I Think Bulma Would Be A Best Mother For Gohan & Goten. Bulma Would Let Kid Gohan & Kid Goten Fight With The Z-Fighters
  5. Frieza I Never Like Frieza After He Kill Bardock,Bardock's Crew,King Vegeta,Vegeta & All The Saiyan Race & Namekians. I Will Never Forgive Frieza For Killing Piccolo & Krillin
  6. Nappa I Always Hated Nappa After He Kill Piccolo,Yamcha,Tien & Tien's Little Clown Dude
  7. Raditz I Never Like Raditz For Kidnapping Gohan
  8. Vegeta I Don't Really Hate Vegeta I Just Don't Like When He Mean To Everyone By Saying STAY OUT MY WAY
  9. Hercule I Always Hated Hercule Because A Weak & A Liar & A Fake & I Knew He Never Save The World From Cell & Majin Buu  & I Knew Gohan Kill Cell & Bojack & Goku Kill Kid Buu & I Find Hercule Is Useless Character 

JadeDBZ's picks

  1. Videl (to me she was weak and annoying)

ssj yamcha's picks

  1. goku ( everyone just wates for him to save them and gave frieza energy)
  2. broly (he is litterely a overgrown baby who cant wear a shirt)
  3. nappa( he is responsable for slaughtering half the team)
  4. frieza
  5. pan

DP15000's picks

  1. Mr. Satan
  2. Para Para Brothers
  3. Dolltaki
  4. The Great Saiyaman
  5. Chiaotzu
  6. Yamcha
  7. Andriod 19
  8. Chi-Chi
  9. Supreme Kai
  10. Bio-Broly

TFK Android's picks

  1. Vegeta
  2. Cell
  3. Dr. Gero
  4. Android 18
  5. Chi-Chi
  6. Master Shen
  7. Yajirobe
  8. King Cold
  9. Krillin
  10. Bulma

LancerEX's picks

  1. Mr. Satan
  2. Nappa
  3. Krillin
  4. Dodoria
  5. Zarbon
  6. Frieza
  7. Bio-Broly
  8. Gohan
  9. Yamcha
  10. Chilled

Ujo1993's picks

  1. Emperor Pilaf
  2. Mr. Satan
  3. Fat Lady (Idasa and Ikose's Mother)
  4. Recoome
  5. Yajirobe
  6. Broly
  7. Fat Buu
  8. GT Goku
  9. Oolong
  10. Baby (GT villain)

Cichusun's picks

  1. Bulma (Slutty Mary Sue! I just can't stand her.)
  2. Frieza (WTF? Friezas a guy.)
  3. Broly (He's too insane for me.)
  4. Bulla (Pointless copy of Bulma)
  5. All the cruel villains

Hanabi-chan's picks

  1. Broly (I like his backstory on Planet Vegeta but after that he's just annoying)
  2. Paragus
  3. Baby
  4. Super 17
  5. Kid Buu
  6. Tao
  7. King Cold (He did nothing and then begged Future Trunks to spare him and offered him planets after his son was killed)
  8. Spopovich
  9. Dr. Gero
  10. Dr. Myuu

Epicfeircefighterssj20godvegeito's picks

  1. mr satan
  2. chi chi
  3. gotenks
  4. dr gero
  5. freiza
  6. yamcha
  7. chounzui
  8. pan
  9. fat buu
  10. tien
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