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If somehow DBZ and Pokemon came together.

Which Pokemon would the DBZ Characters have?

You can give them up to a full team if you want.

This topic is just for fun, so enjoy it. :)

Forum If Somehow DBZ Merged With Pokemon. Which Character Would Have Which Pokemon?

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So many Pokemon...so little DBZ cast lol. I'll go by Kanto/Johto region only (to make it easier).

Goku: Probably Snorlax (because they both love eating).

Vegeta: Maybe a legendary Pokemon with VERY strong powers, like Mewtwo or Lugia (to help him train).

Gohan: He did have a dragon named Icarus, so maybe a Dragon-type like Dragonite.

Goten: Something cute... (Mew is the cutest Pokemon IMO).

Trunks: He loves Heros with swords, so I'll go with Scyther.

Piccolo: He'd probably get annoyed of Pokemon and KILL EM ALL (see what I did there? lol).

Krillen: A girl Pokemon since he's so attracted to girls (that sounded weird).

Tien/Chaitzou: A tag team Pokemon because they're ALWAYS together (maybe something like Hitmonchan/Hitmonlee).

Yamcha: No one cares about Yamcha...

Chi-Chi: DEFINITELY Mr.Mime because she needs someone to clean and work around the house (Ash's mom had a rare Mr.Mime who did just that).

Bulma: Machoke? Machamp? She likes guys with muscles...I don't know. 22:51, June 16, 2012 (UTC)

That was my post above, but somehow I wasn't signed in. Does anyone know how I can edit it so that I may sign it? SuperGogeta91 22:52, June 16, 2012 (UTC)

piccolo might have turtwig because theyre green and yamcha might have zorua since yamcha seems to like wolf stuff

Hmmm, Kinda hard.....

Just one or a whole team?

Well, lets see...I'd have to use all five regions for this one

Goku would have Lucario (same VA, similar fighting style), Infernape (monkey and orange), and Munchlax (Eating/ chose Munchlax over Snorlax because Goku isn't lazy)

Vegeta would probably have Zoroark (kind of like a dark Lucario) and idk what else

Gohan, Goten, and Trunks (either one), not really sure.

Idk about the other Z-fighters either

Frieza would have Mewtwo for obvious reasons

Cell...maybe Rayquaza ("I'mma firin' mah LAZER!)

Buu (any form) would have Ditto (pink and can copy powers) or Mew (pink and capable of learning every technique)

Hercule Satan would have Magikarp (weakest pokemon)

These are my choices LeeHatake93 05:32, June 17, 2012 (UTC)

You guys do realize I said Kanto/Johto only right? Unless you weren't trying to correct me, Munchlax, Zoroark, and Turtwig are all from the Sinnoh/Unova regions. But if these are strictly your opinions and not corrections to mine, then ignore this post. SuperGogeta91 03:30, June 17, 2012 (UTC)

Wikia Contributor's Ideas

OK, I know a LOT about Pokemon, soooooooo... i want my choices to be unique.

and the stuff in the ()'s is their reactions

Goku: Probably... pignite or emboar... they're both fire-fighting. and i guess they like eating (aww now THIS is better than shenron!)

Gohan: Dewott ( holy crap it fights with SHELLS?)

Goten: Charmeleon (yay i have my own dragon ^_^)

Vegeta: lvl 50 butterfree. (WTF i get a friggin BUTTERFLY?!)

Frieza: Tyrannitar (it has tyrant in its name... i like that >:D)

Tien/Chiaoutzu: Plusle and Minun (tien: they look like mice... chiaoutzu: but they're cute X3)

Yamcha: Mightyena: (Alright a wolf! me: that's a hyena... yamcha: oh...)

Chi-chi: Minccino (aww it's so cute! and it cleans the house!)


Androids 17 & 18: ZEKROM AND RESHIRAM?! (-fainted from shock lol-)

wait.... oh sorry i didn't do kanto johto only.... sorry.... i'll fix it tomorrow....

you can do whatever region you want. You can use from all of the regions if you want. Remember its for fun, there's no limits on fun. :)

Dragonball and Pokemon: Part 2

Part 2 of my ideas about Dragonball and Pokemon

More.... minor characters... so i put REASONS instead of REACTIONS

Fortuneteller Baba: Absol (It can see the future. Baba can too. Perfect duo >:D)

Good Launch: Togepi (Togepi is so happy and Good Launch is nice and friendly)

Bad Launch: Haunter... or... uh... any dark type pokemon

Did I do Piccolo? If I didn't: Magcargo or Slugma (Namekians are based off slugs. So... LOL)

Nail: Hitmonchan (They're both powerful. Case closed.)

OK. Now it's done. Maybe I'll do part 3.... IF I can find more characters...

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