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i think goku and chichi becuz they care alot about there kids. goku may be an idiot, but vegeta he didnt care about trunks when he was a baby. chichi is a strict mom only because she cares. compared to bulma, she cares more about her kids which is why shes so overprotective.

Forum Goku and Chi-Chi or Vegeta and Bulma: Which parents are better?

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Definitely the Sons

Goku, might not have been around very often during his children's childhoods (especially poor Goten's) due to the fact that he had a steady stream of battles that often ended with his death, but he would always try to make the most of his time with them. Chichi was strict and over protective with Gohan with Goten she melowed out perhaps realizing that with Goku dead it was her duty to train him. There can be no doubt however that her children were her life.

Bulma is a good mother too in my opinion, but I imagine being the president of Capsule Corp. is a very time demanding job, I think she maybe had a tendency to spoil Trunks and Bulla, buying them whatever they wanted and generally letting them do whatever they want, but in the end she does love them deeply. Vegeta's just down right neglectful for the most part, even if he too cares for his children.     Seripa-chan talk Seripa2 00:54, February 2, 2013 (UTC)

I agree with you! Goku and Chi-Chi are better parents than Vegeta and Bulma. Goku is a better father because he cares and Vegeta doesn't. Even Chi-Chi is a better mother than Bulma (who's still a good mother). Just because she's strict doesn't mean she's worse than Bulma. She's just doing what's best for her kids which is why she's overprotective.


Vegeta's a much better father than Goku. Toriyama himself says so:

Q: Since Saiyans are supposed to have no affection for family or friends, does this actually make Vegeta, who holds his family and wife dear, an even stranger (kinder) Saiyan than Goku?

A: Vegeta, whose pride had been deeply wounded, sought help from Bulma, and little by little, his ruthless personality changed. Nowadays, you certainly might be able to say that. On the other hand, Goku might not have a sense of family members like Gohan and Chi-Chi except as one of his companions.


Goku always runs out on his family on three occasions (after the Frieza fight, when he refuses to return to Earth, after Cell, when he elects to remain dead and when he decides to train Uub and leave his family behind). Vegeta only does that once, in the beginning and in those early days, he was a horrible father anyway. But he changes during the Cell saga, when he lunges at Cell after seeing Mirai Trunks die. And after Cell, he becomes a whole different person, settled down with Bulma and Trunks. Plus, he sacrifices his life for Trunks, despite Piccolo telling him that he won't be rewarded in Other World as Goku was.

Vegeta's far more devoted to his children than Goku, who always seeks out a new advenure and time away.

As for Bulma and Chi-Chi, they're both very good mothers, so I don't see any arguing there. LearnerSig1Learner556TalkContribLearnerSig2 18:09, May 19, 2015 (UTC)

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