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Gogeta is much more powerful than Vegito, hands down. Gogeta beats Vegito even if Vegito gets SSJ4.

[ The anime comics for Dragon Ball GT: A Hero's Legacy states that Super Vegito is perhaps even stronger than a Super Saiyan 4 (Goku was the only Super Saiyan 4 at the time the anime comics was released ] 

So, Goku at Super Saiyan 4 can probably compete with Super Vegito and they are in the same league.But, Gogeta in Super Saiyan 1 form (while fighting super janemba) is much stronger than Goku SSJ4.

So, conclusion Gogeta > Vegito


This is a pretty easy question.....

I have seen many people are arguing that Gogeta and Vegito are equal. I agree with that, therefore they will be equally matched in terms of speed, strength, and power. Ultimately, Vegito wins since he is a permanent fusion and Gogeta simply lasts for 30 minutes.

As for what Old Kai said, he meant the duration of the two different fusing methods and as for the rival boost, how do you know that Gogeta also doesn't get a rival boost? Did someone in the movie say "OH look they don't get a rival boost"? Therefore, you cannot simply say Vegito is stronger because of rival boost because you simply don't know if Gogeta does get it or not.

Personally, I like Gogeta more but Vegito would ultimately beat him becaue of his fusion time. They both tie in strength, speed, techniques, experience and all of the other factors.

Vegito or Gogeta

Well because of the power balences that the fuse dance needs all that matters is someone has to lower tVortexx124 (talk) 02:54, June 12, 2013 (UTC) of power not a fight) i believe Vegito would win. Even though i personally do not like Vegito's clothes i think they are really lame the bottom line is this lets say Goku's power is 100 and Vegita's is 75 while the potara uses all of their power the fusion handicaps Gogeta's power. :\ Vegito is more powerful but i like Gogeta a lot more. 


Yeah, random person later... when goku and vegeta fused to become vegito, neither knew or discovered supersayain 4. Gogeta as supersayain 4 may be cocky, but that was because his/their power was so much greater than omega shenron's. Vegito would be many times stronger than Shenron's, and Gogeta ss4, recognising that trait would be serious. You could also look to the example that these fusions only toy with their opponents if there is a benifit, such as saving all the people buu absorbed or reversing the negetive effects of the shadow dragons. Neither Gogeta, nor Vegito have a truly adverse effect on other's(good guys) so there would be no need to mess around and not go seriously, so... Super sayain 4 gogeta would win just through the fact that from experience he needs to end the fight in 10 minutes and won't go dicking around and acting all cocky. 01:06, April 16, 2013 (UTC)


Gogeta ssj4 is stronger than vegito but the fact that the potara is permanent allows vegito to train and he can be stronger than gogeta in a short period of time while gogeta is strong for only 15 min because of the dance fusion. So for my opinion gogeta is stronger but vegito can surpass gogetas power  with training so vegito is the strongest. Potra fusion times their power by 10 while fusion dance times it by3 therefor vegeto is stronger.

Wait a minute as in the anime it is said Vegito has the power level that is the sum of Goku and Vegeta's power but Gogeta SSJ has an estimated product of their power level in simpler words:

Goku= 100, Vegeta= 90

Vegito = 100 + 90 = 190

Gogeta = 100 x 90 = 9000              yah true if vegito went ssj4 he might even be abe to go ssj 5 with lots f traning so he would be able to surpass gogeta ssj4.

 SSJ5 Gogeta

Vegito is at a lower power level than Gogeta, but he would have a chance agianst Gogeta. most of gogeta's moves, such as the stardust breaker, are avoidable. vegito's moves, however, are not.but Gogeta has a stronger power level because that form is using more of goku's power than vegito's goku vegito is using more of vegeta's and goku is stronger than vegeta.

BTW: there is no ssj5 12:00, January 14, 2013 (bkn)blackcap

^ Wrong, if you understood the cannon of DBZ you would know that vegito is the result of the potara technique, the Potora Technique is stronger than the Fusion Dance technique. It gives the fusers a much higher power level than what the fusion dance would, why else would goku consider fusing with Tien and Dende?

^ Well hurcule is weaker than Tien and Goku had a thought of fusing with him as well so that doesnt mean anything.

  • Wait a minute they never fused in the actual DBZ or DBGT series it was only in "DB AF" which is actually a fan- made CARTOON.


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Vegito and gogeta will fuse to equal gogito and then go to bulma for a time machine, travel back to the past 10 minutes and beat vegito and gogeta .... Wait if gogeta defused while he was potara fused with vegito what would happen . ? Vegovegito . ?

But in real speak . They are exactly equal . Its the same damn people .

no they arent. old kai said potaras effect is greater than fusion. ergo stronger

What does that even mean, "Old Kai said Potaras effect is greater than fusion"? I want the exact quote verbatim. For all we know, that could mean the Potara earrings last longer than the Fusion dance, which is obvious because the former is permanent and the latter is 30 minutes or less. So no, 'greater effect' does not equate to stronger. The idea that Vegito could somehow have 'fused better' than Gogeta is ludicrious; they both have the same two people fused together. So that means Potaras must be more effective in terms of DURATION. Which is all well and good. Vegito beats Gogeta simply because of that. But barring time limits, it would go on forever because they are EXACTLY THE SAME. You are full of it Akria Toriyama flat out said vegito is stronger, and gogeta they have to have the same power level to fuse the potara does not so whats more powerful 2500 times 2500 cause they have to be equal or 2500 times 3500... yeah thats what i thought, but vegito would be stronger anyway just cause AT said so, the ear rings might add some power or the way of fusion might be stronger but something makes vegito stronger cause AT said so thats the bottom line 

Only reason why vegito might be better is because it doesnt take as much time equaling the power out and shit like that.

I must state

First... saying to the last comment....if that was an episode then it would suck and it would be confusing...just saying. But Vegito would win mostly because of Gogeta's time limit. Not only that but Vegito has Blutz Wave and could turn SSJ4 also if Gogeta did. Gogeta would be making a fool of himslef if he tried to beat Vegito. They even said in the show. The narrator said at the end of one of the episodes about Vegito, "...the greatest Saiyan to ever live." I do my reasearch people. And I know I'm GAY. ;P I_Am_The_Prince_of_All_Saiyans! 23:52, August 3, 2011 (UTC)

Your research is quite bad and highly opinionated. For one, you start off by insulting another post that has nothing to do with your argument at all. Secondly, we're pretty much not including the time limit here because that's not a true test of strength; that's wait half an hour for him to defuse. You state the obvious by saying they could both go SSJ4 as well. Lastly, it doesn't matter what they said in the show; the movies and anime generally don't coincide.

Someone's full of themself. (arrow points above) If the sake of your comment was to how down the person types their opinion then you just defeated your own argument dude.

Ok idiots, let me explain. I for one, have actually read the manga and vegito is indeed stronger. as given in another post, gogeta does have a time limit. and also, whoever said the manga and the show don't coincide is being retarded. the TV show is extremely close to the original manga thank you very much...... 00:44, January 15, 2013 (UTC)Whitecap

so it should matter whats said in the manga right? and therefore vegetto wins.

They're both formed from the same people, so explain to me how one would be able to trump the other? Oh, and don't use Old Kai's crap line about the Potara being "better". He said it was better because it was permanent and it wouldn't time out like the fusion dance.

i get the feeling you didnt read the manga. he said the "effect of potara is greater than with fusion". plus vegetto gets stronger because goku and vegeta are rivals. the dance lacks such a boost

--DARK 00:40, August 4, 2011 (UTC)

Yeah that was one of the stupidest arguments ever. I agree with DARK. Shakuran13 01:38, August 4, 2011 (UTC)

FAIL! That's not his username :P Who?What?When?Oh. 01:40, August 4, 2011 (UTC)
Yee i know, it's 10reapaer10 or something similar to that. But he signs his stuff DARK.

Fact is

you cant remove the time limit. its part of the fusion dance, therefor it is part of the equation here. veigto wins because of it. they are both equal in absolutely ever way, except that vegito is permanent. victory goes to vegito after the time limit (which shortens when ssj level goes up) (if you think about this there is two version of Gogeta. This is because there is base form gogeta then vegta and goku fusioning in a ssj form) is up. thats just the plain old facts. nothing more, nothing less. so um, shut up?

Yeah, but that's not a contest of strength. If you wanted to do that, you could have Hercule fight Gogeta, and Hercule could just hide until Gogeta ceases to exist. That doesn't mean Hercule's stronger or a better fighter.Shakuran13 01:41, August 4, 2011 (UTC)

Exactly. It's one thing to say characters can't use any of their powers when they fight X character when X character can do anything they want, but it's totally different when you take off something that would make the character unable to compete. The time limit is totally unfair to count in the fight, simply because Vegito wouldn't be beating him by strength, skill, or intelligence; he'd beat him because he ran out of time. That would make the entire fight meaningless. --DARK 02:16, August 4, 2011 (UTC)

As far as strength I believe they are the same. If all rules of these fusions apply Vegito wins. If you take away the time limit they would just exhaust each other. [1]The Legendary SSJ4 Vegito[2] 02:32, August 4, 2011 (UTC)

Dudes your missing my point here and you didnt read the whole post did you?

Dudes. That was just me stating something about whatever Old Kai said. I really dont give a crap about Old Kai.

you should. hes a valuable source of info. What Im getting at here is that Vegito has proven himself stronger than anyone. And by the way, Vegito wouldnt be the one to run and hide while Gogeta's fusion wore off! First, Vegito has Goku in him which mean Vegito would want the fight to last and he would want to make the most out of the fight. Second, Gogeta is TOO playful!!!

wrong. in movie 12, gogeta killed janemba IMMEDIATELY, plus vegetto isnt serious either. he played around and got caught off guard by the candy beam.

I guess you are right about the seriousness

He would be wasting his times making jokes and smart (yet pointless) comments while Vegito would be shoving those words down his throat and beat the crap out of him. Vegito's serious, Gogeta's not.

Super Saiyan Gogeta is much more serious than Super Saiyan Vegito. What makes you think Super Saiyan 4 is different? Also, Vegito and Gogeta are playful only to enemies that are much weaker than them. Shakuran13 01:55, August 8, 2011 (UTC)

IMO the only reason Gogeta killed Janemba so fast is to finish off the movie to fit into a 1 hour time slot. [3]SSJ4 Vegito Is A Secret Spy[4] 14:27, September 25, 2011 (UTC)

Vegitto FTW

If both are ssj4, then Gogeta would only last 5 minutes;

so if we go by that then Vegitto wins.

But otherwise, they're equal anyway, because, no matter how you add it; a+b or b+a; they're the same.

So by the second criteria, then no one wins.

Trunten 3900 01:49, August 8, 2011 (UTC)

A lot of people also forget that chronologically speaking, Gogeta happens after Buu, therefore Old fart...i mean Kai was talking about the fusion of Gotenks. he saw the flaws of the fusion dance, and based his opinion off of that. had he seen Gogeta (which is impossible due to timeline) he would said either one is fine. And the only thing he said is the "EFFECT (EFFECT meaning Efficiency) of the Potara is better the the Fusion." Simply because its permanent and its faster. no where does he say its stronger or that it gives him a "Boost in Strength." Btw for the people saying Vegetto would beat SSJ4 Gogeta, you have no clue about the DB/Z/GT universe and your just fanboys. SSJ4 Goku alone is stronger then Super Vegetto, how do you expect Super Vegetto to beat SSJ4 Gogeta? weird people here, let me tell ya. SuperGogeta91 03:37, November 30, 2011 (UTC)

One more thing. SSJ4 Gogeta was only joking around so he could get Omega to use the Negative Karma Ball and turn it positive to return Earth back to normal. After that you can see him quickly try to destroy Omega, but his fusion runs out. Same with vegetto. toying around with Buu cuz he was trying to find a way to save his friends. He could've destroyed him in minutes, but he would destroy his friends too, so that's a no no. C'mon guys, its a DB/Z/GT Wiki, use the resources you're given. SuperGogeta91 03:37, November 30, 2011 (UTC)

They are both exactly the same in power, speed and everything else. But in a fight Vegito would win because there is no time limit.

Only an idiot would say their equal. Old kai said the earings create a stronger fusion and they get rival boost. He didn't say time. Fusion dance doesn't have a rival boost. Are you guys also forgetting that the fusion dance requires equal strength meaning goku needs to match vegeta's ki. Those are 3 reasons.

1.stronger fusion

2. rivarly bonus

3. no requirement of ki equality.

for example if freiza fused with ginu using the fusion dance he would have to lower his strength to 120,000 which is 1/1000 of his full power.

Zendarmanitan (talk) 21:48, December 30, 2012 (UTC)zendarmanitan

SS4 Gokule

if Gogeta goes SS4 he would win but he has to beat him within 30 mins if not Vegito would win

1. Time limit at SSJ4 is 10 minutes.

2. We already discussed this 1000000 times.

3. Can't tell if trolling or just stupid.

4. What is with the post title?

Lets think if both wold get  30 minutes than  both will exhaust same with pernament

Gogeta V Vegito

Gogeta despite only lasting 30 minutes could still take out Vegito because Gogeta is more like Goku while Vegito is more like Vegeta.

Says who? [5]S'h'a'k'u'r'a'n'13[6] 15:51, September 23, 2011 (UTC)

Vegito would just keep spuring on Gogeta and toying with him and so his arrogance would be his undoing.

Not only that but Stardust Breaker would tear apart Vegito's soul and kill him while Final Kamehameha would mabey just injure Gogeta at the best.

it is not said Gogeta is more like Goku and Vegito is more like Vegeta but if you concentrat on the persinalities you can tell

So, it's speculation and means nothing. [7]S'h'a'k'u'r'a'n'13[8] 21:06, October 5, 2011 (UTC)

first off vegito and gogeta are fused by the same people so its impossible to fight them! but hypotheticly if it was vegito ssj1 and gogeta ssj1 vegito would win because the fact that the movies have no actual effect on the time line on several games wiht limits vegito is the highest or in the top five usually having the gt charecters a little higher as omega was a match for both goku and vegeta (unfused). now if it was ssj4 gogeta then vegito ssj1 then ofcourse he would win he is said to be the ultimate (known) charecter. but if gogeta could go ssj4 it is very possible for vegito to turn ssj4 leaving that battle to vegito due to gogetas 10 minute timeline. now another thing is that portaras were never said to be stronger then fusion dance. also in the game that ranks or has limits super janemba is lower then super buu gotenks absorbed vegito was playing with the gohan absorbed. now it depends also when the time of the fight was during the majin buu saga? baby saga, super 17, ect, ect. as if its majin buu saga then that leaves vegito winning due to ssj1 vs ssj1. also for all you people saying that vegito is more like vegeta and gogeta more like goku or as someone said up there controled by them well im here to tell you they are equally shared thats why its fusion! and there are infinate outcomes of this battle say gogeta could have finished with a stardust breaker and vegito dodged it then beam sword slashed him or gogetas stardust did hit him you can really have no winner to an equal battle. now in the video games vegito is made out to be stronger as in budokai tenkaichi 3 i think when you go to the battle of vegito vs super buu krillen says something like "this is where goku and vegeta fused into the Ultimate fusion warrior vegito!" but also when you do janemba saga he says around the lines of "goku and vegeta fusion nothing can stop them!" explaining that neither would win unless something happened as i explained above.

stop saying potara fusion or the fusion dance is stronger. there is no proof of whom is stronger, however vegito would win because gogeta can only last 30 mins (less if ssj4). 00:10, October 5, 2011 (UTC)

the point is  with potara rings does the power increase 


ok first off you guys are a bunch of noobs. To start off gogeta can't just turn super sayian 4 unless both goku and vegeta start off in ss4 (this is wrong because if Goku and Vegta are in base form then they can form Gogeta base form then go Gogeta ssj4) that's the only way gogeta can become super sayian 4. As far as which fusion is stronger potara or dance neither is, they are both equal. Potara is quicker to do since they only have to put earrings on, no dance required, that's why potara's better because in the heat of a battle an opponent wont give them time to perform the fusion dance whereas potara u just slipp om the earrings. In terms of whos stronger they are both equal the only difference is personalities where goku has more control over gogeta and vegita has more control over vegito.

nowhere does it ever establish goku or vegeta have more control over fusions when fusions birth an entirely new being

The battle can go either way

1) Call everyone noob 2) Make completely nonsensical/obviously wrong statement. Interesting strategy....Janemba4eva 22:40, October 7, 2011 (UTC)


"To start off gogeta can't just turn super sayian 4 unless both goku and vegeta start off in ss4 that's the only way gogeta can become super sayian 4." What possible logic is there in this? Gogeta was formed by the fusion dance, and in case you've forgotten, Gotenks, who was also formed by the fusion dance, was able to reach Super Saiyan just like Goten and Trunks, and even SURPASSED THEM by reaching Super Saiyan 3. So if Goku and Vegeta fused while having the ability to reach SS4, I HIGHLY doubt that Gogeta would be unable to. It's simple logic.JordanTH 03:26, October 7, 2011 (UTC)

elder kai meant tha the potarra fusion is permanent

Lol at Mr. "Clearfication" calling everyone on the Dragon Ball Wiki a noob. He has much to learn...[9]S'h'a'k'u'r'a'n'13[10] 22:24, October 7, 2011 (UTC)

gogeta is stronger because goku is the one who almost always beets everyone and since goku has more control gogeta would win

That's terrible logic. [11] Shakuran13 [12] Perish. [13] 20:51, October 20, 2011 (UTC)

Note: I did not make this. It is just a plain theory.

given the information we have, vegito must be more powerful than gogeta. here is why.

a. goten and trunks were close in power to gohan, and ssj gotenks (pre) was nearly equal to ssj3 goku.

no they werent and no it isnt. gohan blows the kids out of the water in ssj1.

b. gotenks (post) was even with super buu as an ssj3. and was at least as powerful in base as he was as an ssj prerosat. there are many different ways to interpret the power of fusion and of the transformations, but the most reasonable, imo, put goten and trunks (post) even with goku.

c. if goten and trunks (post) are even with goku, that means that gogeta is even or a little weaker than gotenks.

no it doesnt becase post goten and post trunks stand absolutely no chance vs ssj3 goku.

d. vegito was more powerful as ssj than buuhan, who was more than twice as powerful, but less than 3x ssj3 gotenks. putting ssj vegito at a minimum of 3x ssj3 gogeta.

even without the potara's rival boost, which i put at 2x for convenience, vegito is 1.5x(ssj3 multiplier, i use 4x) as powerful as gogeta, or 6x, in this example. there is really no comparison between gogeta and vegito, except that they come from the same 2 people. but if you take the same ingredients, and you cook them a different way, you do not get the same dish.

[1[14]'''TheDragonThatHasLongSinceForgottenHisName [15] 21:10, October 20, 2011 (UTC)

This theory makes a lot of false assumptions. [16] Shakuran13 [17] Perish. [18] 21:22, October 20, 2011 (UTC)

Yeah I can see. The first one with Goten and Trunks being even with Goku and Vegeta. I didn't find it possible that they got that close to them. The one most impossible to believe was SSJ3 Gogeta being weaker than SSJ Vegito. [19]'''TheDragonThatHasLongSinceForgottenHisName [20] 21:27, October 20, 2011 (UTC)

They are the same

Neither is stronger than the other. In a fight Vegito would win only because of his unlimited fusion time. Unless there were some really unlucky things that might happen going Gogeta's way. So yes same power in the fusion but Vegito would win in a fight.BardockGoku 21:37, October 20, 2011 (UTC)

LOL SSJ Vegito is stronger then SSJ3 Gogeta? HAHAHAHAHAHA! Sounds like someone on Youtube said a while back. NinjaMasterBro was his Youtube name, I believe. He says a lot of nonsense. He once commented to me, saying Mystic Gohan is stronger then SSJ3 Gogeta. I can post a link to the Youtube video, where he posted it too, if you guys want.

Like a lot of people said...They are equal. No one would defeat the other, unless Gogetas time limit runs out. That's the ONLY way Vegetto would win this fight!SuperGogeta91 01:05, October 21, 2011 (UTC)

even then gogeta wins because goku and vegeta are full power whereas vegetto is nearly all out of power due to fighting gogeta for 30 minutes straight. goku and vegeta> near death vegetto

I say Vegito. X10 Kaio KenLogan 21:43, November 5, 2011 (UTC)

Gogeta would win

Gogeta is a hell of lot faster being able to punch faster than we can see.He also has the stardust breaker which disitigrated Janemba. Also if you ever play the dragon ball z games you will notice he is alot faster and stronger. vegito has to last for ever and goku and vegeta can transform into gogeta when ever they want. Also Vegito has to wear silly ear rings :)

Video games don't decide shit, they make Super Saiyan 2 Gohan faster than super saiyan 3 goku, but it doesn't make him stronger, Vegito is by far stronger, all Gogeta did was beat Janemba, Vegito, not even being a super saiyan was stronger than Super Buu with Gohan, Goten, Piccolo and Trunks' powers added on. Btw those earings are badass 01:23, November 30, 2011 (UTC)

I think

That in terms of power they're equal. The old Kai said that Potara fusion was better than the fusion dance, he didn't say it was stronger. I think the fight would last until Gogeta unfused, making Vegito the winner. Tokeupdude 01:39, November 30, 2011 (UTC)

hes right gogeta was auotimaticly ssj he could be ssj3 if gotenks could

the winner is

gogeta removes one of vegitos potara earings with his wittyness... gogeta wins

kibito kai took his potara off and he didnt defuse just letting you know

Old kai did not take them off for 15 centuries so when he took them off he stayed the same

but you do know that if the poatara earings are off there still vegito.I mean what happened to old kai and then he took his earings offSs4 Vegeto 21:01, May 23, 2012 (UTC)

the piont is Gogeta vs vegito if we remove time problem both will exhaust each oher

Personalities ?

I seem to recall that I have a small penis. "As explained by Elder Kai, this can be attributed to Goku and Vegeta's rivalry making their fusion more complete, giving Vegito even more power than expected."

Elder Kai didnt say that.

Goku and Vegeta, almost exact opposites. Result, very very very very very very strong character. The dance has no such effect.


Vegito wins. "I may be just a pothole in the road to you big guy, but it's going to be one hell of a deep pothole." - Tien 13:47, November 30, 2011 (UTC)

Well, he said the they're rivalry made the fusion stronger. That could work for the fusion dance, too. The Elder Kai never actually said it was an exclusive potara trait. Vegetto would still win, though. There's no way Gogeta is a stronger fusion, so Gogeta would defuse eventually. Tokeupdude 15:58, November 30, 2011 (UTC)
but Gogeta IS a stronger fusion. gogeta in movie 12 have stronger base fuses than Vegito did.
But I doubt the dance also owns this trait, since anyone with a similar body type and power could do it. But with Potara, it could be an added bonus that your hatred makes the result stronger. "I may be just a pothole in the road to you big guy, but it's going to be one hell of a deep pothole." - Tien 16:02, November 30, 2011 (UTC)

Gogeta vs Vegito

I think that personally Vegito and Gogeta are both kickass fighters but Vegeto will definatly kick gogeta's ass.

the reason being because-

1.when Goku and Vegeta fuse it will only last for 30 minuts. Goku says if the fuse takes enough damage then the fuse ends.

3.because Vegito is fused with potara he gets a small boost in his power and he can stay permanetly fused.

so thats my opinion. 19:53, January 5, 2012 (UTC)

Neither would when because they both are they same just a different fusion method and you can't say gogeta because he ssj4 because in fusion reborn he was not once they both got tails and stronger they could do gogeta ssj4 but if they were to do the earings then vegito would be ssj4 also

gogeta wins because he can 1 hit KO the opponent, vegito cannot do that 1 hit KO also vegito cannot transform into ssj4 because he already was fused together as 2 super saiyans 2, if that vegito transforms to ssj4 it would add power but not like if vegeta and goku being on ssj4 would fused with potara, the power level is not the same as gogeta ssj4


I really doubt that the power differences between the two fusions are big enough (if it even exists, which I doubt) to really determinates some one them "stronger". Gogeta (SSJ) seen stronger than Vegito (SSJ) based on their fights, but numerous comments put Vegito on advantage, although the word "stronger" was never mentioned.

So I think they are both equals, or almost. Therefore the fight will last until Gogeta defuses, which will not make Vegito the winner since no one actually loses, so.. draw!

And btw, why people keep using their personalities as an argument? Gogeta on the movie was deadly serious, killing Janemba in less than 1 minute. Gogeta on DBGT was playful, like Vegito on DBZ. So I think their personalities are the same, since they are a combination of the same two characters' personalities, they can variate depending on the situation though, just like anyone' personalities.


Vegito would be stronger because to fuse into Gogeta, Goku's and Vegeta's power levels would have to be equal. And since Goku is stronger than Vegeta, then Gogeta would be missing some of Goku's power. While Vegito gains all the power of both Goku and Vegeta. [21][22]Ssj2[23]gohan[24][25] 21:16, February 7, 2012 (UTC)


Although gogeta does have powerful attacks shown against janemba which altogether was a 35 second fight vegetto was not trying against buu so he could save his friends. The only way to ultimately decide who's factually stronger at all is to know how strong janemba is compared to buu with everyone absorbed. If that'd be enough

Dont take movie into account it is nt real timeline of dbz

Here we go again.

First of all, I'm not brinigng SSJ4 Gogeta into the equation. He would obliterate both SSJ Gogeta and SSJ/Normal Vegito. Why? The SSJ/Normal forms are from DBZ.

Also I don't care about personality during the fights. Some say Goku was dominant in Gogeta. Was he really, or was it Vegeta being utterly ruthless? How about Vegito, typical Vegeta playing with his prey or Goku's happy nature and love for the toughest battles? Who cares.

Remove Gogeta's time limit because it's cheating!

Now let's take a moment to think about Gotenks. Trunks had to lower his energy to match Goten's for the fusion to work. This would mean the same thing had to happen between Goku and Vegeta when they became Gogeta.

So Gogeta = Vegeta SSJ2 + Goku SSJ2

And Vegito = Vegeta SSJ2 + Goku SSJ3

We're using the same "ingredients" but cooking differently, fusion with the Potara Earrings are indeed more effective as it combines all the power from both users.

Finally somone with some sense. Yes, you are correct and I personally believe that you would have to multiply by 2 since there is a definate power increase. Gotenks in his base was stronger than SSJ Goten or SSJ Trunks. So by that logic, Base Gogeta would be stronger than SSJ2 Goku and SSJ2 Vegeta. Base Vegito stronger than SSJ3 Goku and SSJ2 Vegeta. Vegito and Gogeta probably have the SSJ3 ability since Gotenks has the ability, when neither boy had the much power, and Goku already had that ability when fusion occurrs. So you can't just add their max power levels or max equal power levels, you also have to multiply by 2 since there are 2 people. That means that if Vegeta had the SSJ3 ability, then Gogeta and Vegito would be equal aside from the 30 minute time limit. But it is all soley based on Vegeta being weaker than Goku at the time of fusion.Ultimatessj1 (talk) 15:32, February 26, 2014 (UTC)UltimateSSJ1

While is true that Trunks and later Goku had to lower the ki to match the other in order to perform the fusion, it was never said that the result' strenght, Gotenks and Gogeta, would be influencied by that.

What do you mean the result strength wouldn't be influenced by that?? It says if their power levels aren't equal they can't fuse plain and simple. Potara does not as Supreme Kai was stronger than the Witch, East Supreme Kai stronger than Kabito and Goku stronger than Vegeta. And Base Vegito was stronger than SSJ3 Goku and SSJ2 Vegeta combined, since if they fought Buuhan in those forms, they would've been exstinguished. That means the base fusion is stronger than the max power levels of each person. As Base Gotenks was much stronger than SSJ Trunks and SSJ Goten. Make sense??Ultimatessj1 (talk) 15:32, February 26, 2014 (UTC)UltimateSSJ1

what kinda question is this

DUH VEGITO FTW GOGETA SUCKS Life and death is a trick of the mind 13:25, February 25, 2012 (UTC)

Vegito.  Dbzfan555   (Talk) 2,105 edits made  14:04, February 25, 2012 (UTC)


Goku is NOT more in control of Gogeta

Guys..... just because Gogeta's name starts with "Go" does not mean that Goku is dominant, and the reverse is for Vegito, they are both in complete control equally in both forms

Yes. I actually think that is the other way around. I mean, just look at both. Gogeta is a lot more similar to Vegeta than with Goku. The facial expressions, the personality, the body size and etc. while with Vegito is the other way around, he is much more similar to Goku, both visual and mental.Are u guys nut gogeta so goku dominant and vice versa riduculous thought

Vegito is stronger but Gogeta is cooler

Vegito is stronger due to the fact that the fusion is with the potara earings, they give him more power.

Although I think that Gogeta is cooler and has stronger attacks.

Gogeta is stronger BECAUSE of his fusion time limit. Because of his time limit he is more determend to win with Vegeta`s pride and both their strength even though their power level disadvantage. If either Vegeto had a 30 minute time limit or if Gogeta`s time limit was also permanent victory would be even more gaurnteed because he will win anyways.

lets end this now

Normal fusion = adding the power levels together and they have to be balanced therefore the most powerful fighter would have to power down (plus there's the time limit)

Potara fusion = multiplying the power levels together and they don't have to be the same before the fusion meaning no worries about powering down (and the obvious lack of time limit)

Vegito >>>>>> Gogeta. The end.

No one ever said that Potara multiply the warrior's power or even that by the fusion dance it just sum the power of the two; none make sense basing on their fights. And it is stupid, the power gap between Gogeta and Vegito would be HUGE, we are talking about Freeza vs. Omega Shenron here, SSJ vs. SSJ4! Based on my calculations, it is actually, power * power / 1,000,000 or (power / 1000) * (power / 1000). So, for example, based on my thoughts, Goku in the end of DBZ was around 34 millions (base form), which is around 11 times stronger than when he fought Freeza, which is not an absurd to think of. Vegeta, on other hand, was around 30 millions. If you multiply both and then divides it by 1 million, you will get 1,050 billion, which multiplied by 50, will result in 55 billions, which will be around 50% stronger than Buu with Gohan absorbed (Buu: 9 bi + 13 from Gotenks + 15 from Gohan = 37 bi * 1,5 = 55 bi). I actually made it the other way around, I try to think of the power first (the 55 bi) and then try to match the final result (1,1 bi on Vegito's base form; since SSJ multiplies it by 50) with some equation. The math explains himself. It matches! By the same logic, for example, Goten and Trunks (base form) were around 2,1 millions each; which is almost the power level of Goku when he fought Freeza (3 millions). (2100 * 2100) = Gotenks base form; *50 = Gotenks SSJ, *2 = Gotenks SSJ2, *3 = Gotenks SSJ3 (which will be around 13 billions, ~30% stronger than Buu).

If we analyze the Janemba fight, it doesnt make any sense that Gogeta only sums up the power of the two either. Do the math. Gogeta (base form) will be around 65 millions (using my calculations), right? * 50 (since Gogeta only used his SSJ form) = 3,2 bi. Goku (which will be around 35 millions) on SSJ2 (*50*2) was by himself stronger than Gogeta SSJ (3,5 bi). And I think that SSJ2 is only 2x stronger than SSJ, most of people are not that conservative. In the fight itself, neither Vegeta on his SSJ2 form (3 bi) and Goku on his SSJ3 form (*3 = 10,5 bi) were strong enough to defeat Janemba (I calculate that Janemba was around 40 to 50% stronger than Goku SSJ3, which will put him at 15 billions). On other hand, Gogeta on his SSJ form obliterates Janemba on the fastest fight in the history of Dragon Ball, so, at least 2x stronger (~30 bi).

Just for people see how absured is if it really is "power * power" and "power + power", Vegito on Cell's saga (Goku: 22 millions, Vegeta: 20 millions - base form), would be around 440 trillions on his base form, and 2,2 quadrillions on his SSJ form. Gogeta, on other hand would be 42 millions on his base form (1 billion times weaker than Vegito) and 2 billions on his SSJ form. Even if we pick Gogeta SSJ4 on the end of DBGT (and pick my method - (power * power) / 1 million), he would never be closer to the Vegito's supposed power level, he would be around 5 trillions (following the logic that SSJ2 is 2 times stronger than SSJ, SSJ3 3x than SSJ2 and SSJ4 4x than SSJ3), still almost 1 million times weaker then Vegito on Cell's saga.


He said that Potara was better, due to not having to do the dance. There is not strength involved, unless it's because of the rivalry, they have more reason to fight.

Vegito would win

Vegito would win in all scenerios.

If vegito would have not unfused then he would have unlocked further super saiyan forms. And he would master them. Second vegito has a higher power level than gogeta Third vegeto would out last gogeta in fusion time


Lol, all of you are idiots.

No DBZ movie is canon, but the editors of this website are morons and attempt to place the NONCANON movie into the canon timeline.

Fusion Reborn is NOT CANON. So your debate is retarded. If any of the movies are canon, it would have to be wrath of the dragon, but even thats got plot holes that make it noncanon.

So this comes down to CANON vs NONCANON. Now idiots, learn.

NEVER is it stated that the portara fusion is stronger than the fusion dance. Idiots should actually learn to read the manga or even the japanese sub.

Reasonable Answer

After reading this entire forum and all of the post here is what I think. First off lets take away the time limit for Gogeta. We are trying to find out who is the strongest, not who will last the longest in battle. Second, there is no mention that the earings are stronger than the dance. If there is then provide proof via a link. Third, whether Gogeta can become SSJ4 or not does not matter. As long as Goku and Vegeta have a tail and fuse, there fusion, whether it be Vegito or Gogeta, will have the ability to turn SSJ4 as well. One comment mentioned before said. "You can cook the same ingredients into different dishes." So just because both fusions invovle the same people does not mean it will end the same. As show when Trunks and Goten messed up the dance and became old Gotenks and fat Gotenks. It was a fusion made of the same people but with different power. One of the draw backs with the dance is the equal power level needed to fuse. The earings can fuse anyone regraudless of power levels. So if a man A with the power level of 100 fuses with the dance with man B then their power will theortically be 200, but using the earings is man A's power level is 101 and man B's power level is 100 then their power will be 201. This is just a theory since it is never stated how the fusions affect power levels. If it is then please provide proof. So based on the theory Vegito is stronger but Gogeta could be strong if the dance is a more effective method of fusion. Since it never says that the dance is more effective then it is unlikely but not impossible. Overall I believe that Vegito is stronger but there is no way of knowing for sure besides asking Akria Toriyama himself.

Vegito obviously, First off Elder Kai states that patora fusion is stronger then fusion dance. then people say that gogeta wins because of ssj4, well if you were not so stupid you would realise that vegito has just as much if not better ability of going ssj4. so there even. gogetas 5 minute time out in ssj4 form has nothing to do with it because if ssj4 goku and frieza can have a whole battle in five minutes before namek explodes then with ssj4's speed they will have more then enough time. so because of patora's stronger fusion vegito wins

Elder Kai NEVER and i mean NEVER EVER states that Potara fusion is stronger than the dance. He states it is "a more effective fusion" which can be argued as to whether he meant the duration of the Potaras (permanant) versus the dance (30 minutes). but, if you insist, take the time factor out. what OP said, we're trying to find the strongest fighter, not who can last longer. lets think about it like this: Fusion Dance = P1 x P2 but the power levels must be equal (P1 = P2), therefore; Fusion Dance = PL^2 whereas Potaras = P1 x P2 but the power levels don't have to be the same. And Goku and Vegeta were not at their maximum during the fight with Buu when they made the fusion, nor were they at maximum fighting Janemba. Regardless, lets say for easier math sake that their power levels were at 10 during the fight with Janemba, and Goku was at say 11 and Vegeta was at 9 fighting Buu. Fusion Dance = P(10)^2 which would make Gogeta at 100, while the Potaras would take Goku's 11 times Vegeta's 9 making Vegito at 99. Now, depending on power levels, the fusion may be more powerful than the potaras and vice versa. No one knows the exact power levels of any of the fighters during the times of fusion, thus making any arguments opinionated or biased.

i think gogeta was a bit stronger because of the skill and kind of power he can use but their power would be nearly the same ( look at their hair length, it al most he same 555 )

i think gogeta was a bit stronger because of the skill and kind of power he can use but their power would be nearly the same ( look at their hair length, it al most he same 555 )


Vegito could go ssj4 too but they never tried it. And he wouldn't time out in 30-10 minutes like Gogeta.we r talking about dbz not gt


Dont think their power levels are supposed to be different. Any way you look at it theres no real indication on who would win. The time limit thing for Gogeta doesn't mean he loses, just means the fights over. There is no prooth that either of them is stronger or faster than the other, neither of the Fusions give you a "added boost" of energy, and none of the characters have hidden abilities that were not shown in the DBZ franchise so stop saying they have made up advantages. It's is more a question of practicality, it would be better to be Vegito if the oppenent was strong enough to require Goku and Vegeta to fuse, because the Potara Fusion will not run out leaving them with no restraints. However because the Fusion Dance only lasts 30 minutes, Gogeta has a much more serious character to him and thats why when he fought Janemba it was over in like one minute or something. ( I know Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta isn't serious at all because he toyed with Omega Shenron.. But DBGT was just too shit for me to put it into consideration

It's unfair to add Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta into this because he would obviously win, and it's also unfair to say Vegito has the ability to go Super Saiyan 3 cause its not mentioned in DBZ. Also it doesnt even matter because both of their power levels are above Super Saiyan 3; Janemba, who Gogeta defeated, defeated SS3 Goku & Super Buu (Gohan Absorbed), who Vegito more or less defeated, was too much for Goku alone. 01:00, May 19, 2012 (UTC)MJ_XO

Gogeta is better

Gogeta is better becaues vegetio didnt kill super buu and gogeta finsh a person because he doesnt have all day but vegetio has all day and he didnt kill super buu and gogeta can go up ssj super ssj2 ssj4 and gogeta has goku more of gokus power level but who would win ssj4 fight 01:15, May 19, 2012 (UTC)MJ_XO

Vegito didn't kill Super Buu because he wanted to save everyone that he had absorbed.

Are you guys retarded? Every damn person knows that Vegito is damn better. Holy kami!!!!!!!

Seriously, Vegito = multiplication of power levels and Gogeta = addition of power levels.

I can't believe there are still people who are asking this. Check google. >.>

Also, Stedman Tabiri is fat.

"Wow guys, use your logic, Vegito is clearly multiplication and Gogeta is definitely addition because of the ridiculous amount of evidence given! Right?"

If you think that Vegito is multiplication and Gogeta is addition, you're wrong. There's no evidence to support this. Check google? Check the published material. [26]S'h'a'k'u'r'a'n'1'3[27]T'h'i's[28]e'n'd's[29]N'O'W'![30] 22:48, May 23, 2012 (UTC)

Are we talking about cooking?

Cooking 2 different dishes with the same ingrediants. They could both possibly taste awsome. One doesn't have to taste better than another.


Now, I don't want to hear any angry fanboys. But Gogeta wins. You see, if the two (by some strange reason) fought, vegito would goof off, like he does against Buu. However, Gogeta (GT is not canon in this situation) is much more serious. Gogeta would get straight to the point and finish off Vegito while he was messing around. Also, the whole Vgeito is a multiplication of power and Gogeta is an addition doesn't count. It is not official. Like I said, I don't want any Vegito fanboys compaining. Godzilla3000 00:35, May 25, 2012 (UTC)

lets put some match up in' ere'

goku figured ss1 gotenks could take out majin buu (enough so he left the fate of the world in their hands)

so ss1 gotenks (pre rosat) = ss3 goku

ss3 gotenks = super buu

ss3 gotenks + super buu + piccolo = slightly stronger than gohan, so that puts gohan at super buu x2

which makes buuhan: super buu + gohan (x3 super buu's base, since buutenks would be x2.1)

ss1 vegeto is far above buuhan by an unknown margin.

we know ss2 = ss1x2 (but thats fpss1 which is at least x10 ss1, since goku said vegeta would at least need to x3 from ss1 to take on cell, vegeta laughed since he had way more... say x5) so lets make fpss1 x2 ussj1

ss3 = x4 ss2 which makes it ss1 x 10 x 2 x 4 = x 80 from ss1 to ss3

Now, lets just discredit the rosat buff to gotenks since it is unknown, and i make my point clear without it;

ss1 gotenks (ss3 goku) x 80 = ss3 gotenks = super buu x 3 = buuhan, so buuhan is 80x3 = 240x ss3 goku. ss1 Vegeto is much higher, lets make it say 600x ss3 goku (a little over x2)

Now we need to find the fusion dance multipler; First i'll note that the multip from base to ss3 is 4000 (50x80) Now lets find out how much stronger goku is compared to the boys; For convenience sake lets put base goku at x10 of the median goten/trunks. Since x10 base would = a x10 boost to any ss stage, this makes it a pretty big difference. Also, goten/trunks seamed to be around android saga goku vegeta by how they were able to fight with no.18. so the multiplier cannot be that much higher. so let work with x10 for now.

Then we get:

SS1 gotenks = ss3 goku which means ss1 gotenks is 4000 (ss3 multiplier) x 10 (weakneess between goku and the boys) = 40 000. So Ss1 gotenks is a 40k multiplier on their base PL. now we divide by 50 and get 800 in base. Meaning the fusion dance is a x800 multiplier to ones PL.

From there, we can infer that after fusing, ss1 gogeta would be base goku x 800 x 50 = 40000 (x10 ss3 modif form base) in other words, ss1 gogeta is ss3 goku x10. falling way short of any buu save majin buu/evil buu and kid buu.

vegeto would stomp

Factual Scientific Analysis.

We are here to compare Gogeta and Vegito in "Who is Stronger." A lot of people would assume that to mean "Who would win in a fight." So lets scientifically compare the two using data and proof and find out who would win in a fight.

First we have to set the rules of comparison in experimenting. Can we compare an apple to the same apple in the far far future? Is that fair? NO. It is not a good comparison to make. So for the sake of this analysis we will keep GT out of this. We will only compare from the dragon ball "Z" universe. It gives us a much clearer comparrison and keeps things much more level and controlled. The next thing to keep in mind is that Gogeta did not exist in manga. Therefore we must use only the anime to make any sort of comparrison due to wanting to keep things EVEN in comparrison. I am trying not to cross any major dubs or canons or series'.

So we have Two "Fusions of Goku and Vegeta" "From the same anime" "From almost the same time period"

That is good comparrison terms.


Gogeta's power can be determined like this. SSj3 Goku was fighting janemba. He was doing well until janemba transformed. He compared the FIRST Janemba to being as Strong as MAJIN Buu. Majin buu in this case can only mean fat buu. The reason it can only mean fat buu is that VEGETA is DEAD!!. the only other buu goku fought was kid buu. AND DURING THAT FIGHT Vegeta RETURNED TO LIFE. So goku fought janemba AFTER vegetas SACRIFICE and BEFORE he fought kid buu. The main point being, at this point Janemba is as strong as FAT buu and Goku is a little stronger than FAT buu. Goku ss3 beat them BOTH. When janemba transformed into super janemba Goku ss3 was beaten fairly easily. but not bad enough to be totaly annihilated. So we make our first assumption. Janemba is twice as strong as ss3 Goku... I believe that is safe to say. now we see gogeta totally wipe super janemba in one blow. if janemba was twice as strong and did moderate damage to goku then gogeta must be at least 5 times stronger than janemba minimum.

From this analysis we see GOGETA HAS A MINIMUM STR OF 10x GOKU SS3

his strength could go much much much higher, and we would never know.


Now to look at vegito we must first look at the str of his only competition. "BUUHAN" starting at the base FAT buu we see him transform into super buu. we know super buu is stronger than fat buu because 1 it was stated by piccolo, 2 super buu has supressed th docile fat buu and fights more ruthlessly. AN MOST IMPORTANTLY 3 ss1 Gotenks "WHO WAS KNOWN BY GOKU TO BE ABLE TO BEAT MAJIN FAT BUU." COULDNT DEAL DAMAGE. SO lets assume that super buu is minimum 2x as strong as FAT buu. THat seems to put him on the same level as super Janemba. if that is true, then goku cant beat super buu. Proof that goku can beat super buu is in Episode 275. GOku stated that "If he and vegeta go out like this they would be KILLED." the context used here is that there actions ,of removing all the bodies from buuhan, would result in buu becoming what he was before. SUPER BUU. and GOKu knew that he and vegeta would be killed if they fought super buu. EXACTLY like they would have been killed separately fighting super janemba... WOW with all that being said. SUper buu is 2x stronger than goku ssj3. gotenks ss1 is as strong as ss3 goku " stated by Goku himself. if gotenks became ss3 he would be MINIMUM of 3 time stronger, thus making him 3 gokus and 1.5 times stronger than SUPER buu. We see him beating down super buu almost no prob. gohan comes and rapes super buu like its no ones business. we know for a fact hes stronger than ss3 gotanks just by the carnage we see. so MINIMUM gohan is 2x stronger than super buu. when buu absorbs gotenks and gains his power. he becomes himself 2x gokuss3 + gotenks ss3(3x goku ss3" in total of 5 gokus ss3 MINIMUM. and gohan would still be (MINIMUM) 4 goku ss3. Gohan can fight but he cannot win. then goku shows up. buus fusion wheres off and GOKu states "GOHAN can take you now". This is because when ss3 wor off super buu basically because his 2x ss3 goku self, but a little stronger because he had the boys base form still. I dont could piccollos power as relevent. so of coarse gohan with a power of 4x goku ss3 can beat buu with about 2.5x goku ss3 power. but he shit hits the fan and gohan is taken. thus making buuhan and boosting his power to roughly 6.5x goku ss3. the strongest villian in dragonball Z. SO long story short. vegeto ss1 fights buu and plays around but is definately a match for buu. vegeto actually had to struggle a bit to break buuhans shout technique. i would easily say vegito was 2x stronger that buuhan MINIMUM. for the record kid buu would be about 1.5 times stronger than fat buu thus making ss3 goku last against him but still not totally win.

FROM this lengthy analysis we see that Vegito's MINIMUM power would be 13x goku ss3

It seems Vegito is a little stronger, but we just cant quite get as good a hold on GOGETA's TRUE POWER. there just wasnt enough evidence to get a better measurement.


SO Vegito may be a little stronger minimally, but is almost safe to say they would be the same power level. In a battle lets assume again that these two agreed to fight. and were both going to try there best. No playing and no holding back, the winner would get braggin rights(which makes vegeta's half go hard) and lifetime supply of food(which makes gokus half try his hardest too) . So no matter whos dominant we get a good match. Gogeta fuses and powers up to max.(we only see ssj of these two forms so we must assume thats as far as they can go. I will use season 1 as evidence. when goku used kaokein x4 his body was raped. i believe that if vegito or gogeta went any higher in level at this time, without the 7-10 years of GT training they both went through, then theres fusion bodies would explode from awesomeness.) plus it keeps the fight even at ss1. the thirty minute fight as hard as they can would be ridiculous. the energy they drain would probly tired them both out before the thirty minutes. is they both didnt die from sheer energy shock, then i would have to say vegito would win due to having 30 minutes to run until there fusion burned off.


All of my findings are based on anime evidence and this is the best i can come up with. you can clearly see that Vegito appears to be a tad stronger minimally and does not posess the same 30 min weakness. Gogeta also fought a much weaker enemy thatn vegito did. so he LOOKED stronger by comparrison. but even gohan can one shot freeza.. lol SO almost hands down Vegito would be the winner. He SEEMS to have more power and he can fight longer than 30 minutes. ANd on a side note. he would have infinite time to master ss3, where gogeta would have to try and do it in 30 minute intervals, because he cant go back in the hyperbolic time chamber.

vegito is stronger becaus he has a bigger ball sack173.206.247.82 03:04, June 21, 2012 (UTC)jinloon

My opinion is that after years of training in heaven/hell Bardock would show up and murder both of them

Guess Who!

Obviously, Lopunny would win because she's like totally lumpin. I'm So Hot 22:37, July 10, 2012 (UTC)

Vegito will win

Vegito will win. but to understand that you have to understand that SSJ3 is stronger than SSJ4. And you have to have seen Vegito vs Super Buu(Gohan Absorbed) and Gogeta vs Omega Shenron.

You also have to understand that Kid Buu is technically stronger than Omege Shenron.

Now if you understand all of the above truly than you can deduce this easily:

Vegito SSJ1 was demolishing Super Buu without even trying.

Gogeta SSJ4 was demolishing Omega Shneron without even trying.

However Gogeta was in his strongest state and Omega is drastically weaker than Super Buu.

Vegito has 2 more states to ascend to. Each one exponentially increasing his power. Vegito can beat SSJ4 Gogeta at SSJ1. And if you can't believe that than imagine Vegito at SSJ2-3. There is no help for Gogeta.

Janembeais weaker than kid buu. That's why Gogeta beat him so easily.

Potarra fusion is better than fusion dance though. Vegito kind've proves that lol.

Before you look at me like I'm an idiot make sure you completely understand all of the above!

If you don't you will find a hard time believing this!

All I understood from this, is that you are a total bafoon and know absolutely NOTHING about DBZ/GT. You also seem to have an unatural love for the fictional character know as "Vegetto"...going so far as to saying SSJ1 Vegetto would defeat SSJ4 Gogeta, and that SSJ3 is stronger than SSJ4. You couldn't get stupider than this people. I'm sorry for being harsh, but people who pull things out of their asses, make me want to vomit. It's a DB/Z/GT Wiki for Christ's sake...use the information you're given. SuperGogeta91 (talk) 17:02, July 28, 2012 (UTC)

Are you serious?

That is complete trash. How is SSJ3 stronger than SSJ4. There is a reason it's called SSJ4.


I don't understand why people are still debating this...Old Kai said the Potara fusion was far superior to the fusion dance, and he didn't mean time limit (though that was part of it), he meant power. So, automatically, Vegetto>Gogeta.

Also, to the guy who said SSJ3 > SSJ4....what? You're right about Vegetto winning, but what kind of explanation is that?? If Gogeta was SSJ4, Vegetto might need SSJ4 too.......

--[31]That guy pointed his finger and Kakarot fell down![32]PrinceVegeta66[33]19:03, July 28, 2012 (UTC)

^They're still debating this because there's no concrete evidence that Vegetto>Gogeta. Old Kai NEVER stated Potara was far superior to Fusion Dance. He never stated it was stronger or that it had more power. All he said was that it was better, and better doesn't mean stronger. You made up the part of Old Kai saying it was far superior. No such thing exists in the Manga or even Anime. Until someone comes with bullet proof evidence that Vegetto>Gogeta in terms of is safe to say they are equal. SuperGogeta91 (talk) 21:28, July 28, 2012 (UTC)

^I take back what I said....I didn't make it up, I could've sworn he said the power was greater, but I checked back on the manga.

In that case, Vegetto and Gogeta are equals, Gogeta simply having a time limit

[34]That guy pointed his finger and Kakarot fell down![35]PrinceVegeta66[36]23:32, July 28, 2012 (UTC)

Portara fusion is stronger than regular fusion.

Gogeta goes SSJ4 and beats Vegito.


Why Vegito Wins

Even though I think Gogeta is a lot more calculated and serious (which is my personal preference in a character, and why I think he's cooler), he will sadly lose to a battle against Vegito, and I will explain why.

Before I explain, these are the stipulations/assumptions I am making (read lest you be a fool):

  • GT is pointless and stupid so we will merely be looking at DBZ Gogeta and DBZ Vegito (because we all know an SSJ4 vs an SSJ simply isn't even close).
  • The debate about kai earrings is intriguing, however, the statement's by elder kai are too ambiguous to be construed. You could take it as: the potara fusion is better because there's less time limit or maybe that you can mess up the dance fusion super easy.So those are out.
  • Let's assume are in a timeless space where the 30 minute barrier has no bound.
  • We are dealing with the same people fusing into a slightly different being, so, it's a close match either way.
  • Goku and Vegeta are at the exact same power-level as depicted in the Buu Saga when they fused into Vegito (mainly because the film only gives us a "loose" timeline to follow, this gives us a more concrete reference and makes the match as fair as possible).

Now that's out of the way, here we go.

WHY VEGITO WINS by Hammy9000

Very simply, if my fellow DBZ acolytes will recall, the fusion dance requires both beings to be at an equal power level. I haven't watched the show since I was a kid, so you'll have to forgive me if I'm mis-remembering, but I recall Trunks having to "power-down" slightly in order to match Goten's power level in order to perform the fusion dance. The fusion dance has a bottle-neck at the weakest member of the fusion.

NOW, with that said, let us recall that Goku is considerably more powerful than Vegeta during the Buu Saga. A full level higher. In order to fuse with Vegeta using the fusion dance, Goku must lower his power level to match him. Whereas, with the potara earrings, Goku is able to contribute the entirety of his power level instead of only a portion. Giving Vegito a pretty fair advantage over Gogeta.


This is also why Vegito looks considerably more like Goku rather than Vegeta. I believe that when you use the potara earrings, the primary "driver" of the fusion is the one with a higher power level. Hence why Old Supreme Kai looks much more like a Kai than a witch, and why Kaioshin looks much more like the Supreme Kai.

Game, set, and match:

While I think Gogeta is considerably more BA, Vegito takes this one because Goku is allowed to contribute the entirety of his power, whereas with the fusion dance he can't contribute all of it.


You have a point, but:

  1. Though Goku has access to a higher level of Super Saiyan, his power in Base is the same as Vegeta's.
  2. It is conjecture to say that once fused, the fusion cannot access the full power of his fusees. The only reason the fusees have to match their power is to achieve harmony between the two people. Once fused however, it is not unreasonable to say that Gogeta can access all of his fusees' power.
  3. Potara fusion is different with the Kais, and we have no evidence to suggest what the difference, if there is any, is between the respective power levels of Supreme Kai and Kibito. But there are other differences, such as the fusion speaking in the Kai's voice. This gives me plenty reason to believe that Potara fusion is different with the Kais.
[37]S'h'a'k'u'r'a'n'1'3[38]T'h'i's[39]e'n'd's[40]N'O'W'![41] 05:24, August 13, 2012 (UTC)

Gogeta wins...Vegito will definitely lose if they never split up...CHI-CHI AND BULMA WOULD HATE THEM FOR CHEATING ON EACH OTHER! HAHAHA!!! Due to the stress of which women to live with, they would go crazy and won't be able to fight. Gogeta? He can separate after 30 mins no problem.


Vegito has half of Goku and half of Vegeta. Gogeta is the same. The Goku half would stop the Vegeta half from killing Vegeta and Goku once the Gogeta fusion wears out. When it wears out, Vegito, Vegeta, and Goku would take a break, maybe go have some lunch, then Vegeta and Goku fuses to Gogeta again and they start fighting again, and the cycle begins again.

Now you Vegito fanboys shut up and accept the fact that there weill be no winner. ~~Gogeta4ever~~


you guys are all forgetting something... in dbz buu saga vegito is facing a buu with a super saiyan 3 gotenks and ultimate gohan(which is stronger then super saiyan 3) absorbed. And Vegito STILL is much moew powerful and toys with him. That leads me to believe that super vegito was aroud the power of a super saiyan 4. So either way you look at it vegito seems to have the advantage

Your all forgetting that fusion reborn occured after goku left the earth to got to otherworld, it seems more likely that gogeta appeared first because majin buu was still fat by the looks of it and therefore gogeta is weaker. Vegitto occured, when Super buu adsorbed gotenks and Gohan and its obvious that goku and vegeta got a lot more stronger compared to when buu first appeared. Vegitto obviously wins this, but counting SS4 Gogeta would make gogeta win this, but they both toy with there opponents anyways Gohan de (talk) 00:33, August 24, 2012 (UTC)

People, why can't anyone just say this.

Normal Fusion: Potara Fusion:

Vegeta's Power level: 10 Vegeta's Power Level: 10

Goku's Power Level: 10 Goku's Power Level: 10

Normaly, a fusion means that something combined , right?

So this means they are doing simple math like 10+10.

So Gogeta has the EXACT SAME POWER LEVEL as Vegeto!

The only way that this statement in false, is that some idiot Lost some of its power like this:


In GT, they used the Normal Fusion in SSJ4.

So if they used the potara, Same stuff.

The only Con about the Normal Fusion, is the time limit, yeah that is a pain. And the cooldown is 1h.

But 30min is enough to end a fight and see a movie.

By the end of the 30min, both fighters would be just as damaged and just as tired.

Gogeta's Power Level: 20

Vegeto's Power Level: 20

Even as SSJ, they would have the same power level. 20 would be raised by 50 in both sides.

Hope This Helped.


Not true.. They have to be the same power level in order to do the Fusion Dance

Goku can be Ss4 and Vegeta Normal and can use the Potara Earrings

A statement from Old Kai

Chapter: 504 (DBZ 310), P9.2-3

Context: as Vegetto beats up on Gohan-absorbed Boo

Old Kai: "What’s more, two rivals have joined together. That’s definitely strongest.”

^ When using the Potara, the joining of two rivals makes the strongest possible combination. Note that this includes the hypothetical Potara fusion of Goku and Gohan - despite Gohan being far superior to Vegeta, a fusion of two rivals surpasses even that. So Vegetto > "Gokhan", much less Gogeta. The reason Toriyama even created Vegetto was to make a Goku-Vegeta fusion that blew Gogeta out of the water (Gogeta appeared first).

I hate saying this since Gogeta is way cooler, but that's how it is.

[42]That guy pointed his finger and Kakarot fell down![43]PrinceVegeta66[44]21:04, August 24, 2012 (UTC)

^And where's your proof that Gogeta doesn't get the same boost? Goten and Trunks aren't rivals, they are friends, so their Fusion can't be used as an excuse. Toriyama didn't create Vegetto to surpass Gogeta. He created him to add Fusion to the canon series. If Vegetto was really a star in Toriyamas eyes he would of wanted him to finish the Buu Saga, not Gohan and the boys as he originally intended (until fans cried for Goku to finish Buu). Vegetto was nothing more than icing on the cake. And there is no where that states Gogeta doesn't get a Fusion rivarly boost like Vegetto. SuperGogeta91 (talk) 22:46, August 24, 2012 (UTC)

^ Well, I've seen a lot people believe the same rival boost thing for Gogeta as well. There's no proof that Gogeta doesn't. Personally though, I believe Gogeta doesn't have it, mainly because Gogeta was created before the concept of the rival's boost - Toei wouldn't really know about it. But, nothing says he doesn't get it, I just think he doesn't. If he does get it, then Gogeta and Vegetto are equals. But I personally don't think it makes sense since the rival's boost didn't exist until after movie 12.

To the whole "making Vegetto to look better than Gogeta" thing - Toriyama never had a real reason to bring in Vegetto, did he? Heck, Vegetto ended up defusing anyway, so why bring in the Potara at all? Why not just use Gogeta? He was already in movie 12, fans would love him to come back (I know I would). This, plus the fact that rival's boost makes its "appearance" after Gogeta, is why I now think Vegetto > Gogeta. Maybe Gogeta does get it, but to me, it doesn't really look like it.

Also, fans didn't cry for Goku to finish Buu Saga (at least, that we know of). Maybe they did, but such information has never been released or anything - it's speculation. If I recall, Akira Toriyama himself said that Gohan doesn't fit the hero role the way he thought it would, and so he gave the spotlight to Goku. Just throwing that out there.

[45]That guy pointed his finger and Kakarot fell down![46]PrinceVegeta66[47]21:14, August 25, 2012 (UTC)

did u kno that Akira Toriyama said Gogeta was a little stronger than Vegito in an interview?I'm not debating i just want to put that out.

^ That interview is from Super Otakuo Magazine, is it not? It's a fake interview, if I recall. Akira Toriyama never compared Gogeta and Vegetto in an interview in that way, I don't think. But the possibility for Gogeta > Vegetto or Gogeta = Vegetto still stands, as SuperGogeta91 stated above. I'm just givin' mah two cents.

[48]That guy pointed his finger and Kakarot fell down![49]PrinceVegeta66[50]21:14, August 25, 2012 (UTC)

Vegito should be the stronger one.

To my knowledge, when performing a fusion, the two participants have to have the same energy level. This ultimately means that if one is stronger than the other the energy level must be lowered. This causes one of them to be at 100% while the other is at, lets say, 90%; not the full potential. It is, how ever, not known if this is only a requirement for the act of fusion or wether or not it transfers onto the result. With a potara, the energies are slammed together with their full potential.

Vegito is Stronger than Gogeta and here's why.

lets go back to the buu saga

do you remember what goku said about him being to scared to fight super buu even with ssj3?

well that was Super Buu. Goku didn't stand a chance against him. Now with Vegito's Power he excelled against

Buu who absorbed Mystic/Ultimate Gohan, Gotenks and Piccolo.

Now, lets go to janemba.

Goku was going head to head with him in ssj3. The only reason he didn't triumph in the fight is because goku lost his focus when he got cut from the blade janemba was wielding. Don't believe me look at the video. but when vegeta and goku fused they defeated janemba effortlessly but have him against buu who can regenerate is a 50-50 chance.

Potarra Earrings automatically fuse without having to alter the users power level

where in the other hand, the fusion technique requires to have the same power level. which is goku going i say 75% and vegeta is 100% im judging from base to Ssj3.

so i've come to conclusion that vegito is much stronger

so in a fight considering the both of them where time limit isn't a factor.

as much as i hate to say it since im a gogeta fan but, Vegito wins nuff said.


there's no proof that can say gogeta wouldn't kill buhan as vegito, he'd just use his big bang kamehameha or stardust breaker. Gogeta is stronger though i hav many reasons and ftw the kai just prefers his method, doesn't mean it's stronger

Thought I may as well add something here.

If you noticed through out the history of the movies vs the main anime, the movie plots somewhat mirror the main anime plot when they are released, case in point, when Bojack came out, he was defeated by Gohan after he struggled to become a SSJ2 an all that crap. Not saying its an exact copy or anything but you get the point.

Same with Fusion Reborn, that movie mirrors a fusion between the two most powerful saiyans at the time, and it shows a very powerful character as a result of that fusion. Sure, the villian of the movie may or may not be as powerful as Buu, but he sure is more than a match for one super saiyan.

All this crap about the potara fusion being stronger because its a forever fusion is crap, it comes down to just how they use the power they have, like with Cell an Gohan. We all know Cell had jack shit once Gohan kicked the girl outta him, yet he used his power to potentially blow the planet up, and would have succeeded to had Goku not done what he did. The other crap about how potara is stronger because its the fusion of two rivals, hello?? Who the fuck forms the other fusion? The same people??? Thats right, its the same two rivals doing the dance instead of using earings.

Really we can speculate as much as we want about which character did what and what moves may give the edge an this an that, but in the end there won't ever be a battle between the two (sweet if there was) and lets just agree that both are kick ass fusion warriors that possibly cannot be beaten.

Renegade308 (talk) 11:22, October 11, 2012 (UTC)

Why don't we vote?

I have read most of these posts, and I have seen this is going nowhere.

So I thought why don't we just have a voting session, accept the outcome and shutup about this subject.

P.S. I vote for Vegito.

sounds fair I also vote for Vegito

votes are not going to help because there are probably too many jackasses who are going to vote Vegito eg ^^^^^^^^^

, the truth is Gogeta is stronger.


I personally think Vegito is stronger, though I can't prove it because they never actually fought (and never will) I have some valid points; Vegito, in his base form, was far superior in strength to Super Buu with Gohan, Piccolo, Goten & Trunks' powers added on. Gogeta only defeated Janemba (while he was Super Saiyan). And the Old Kai did state that the fusion was a better way to fuse. Even though it's not 100%, I think this proves why Vegito would be stronger than Gogeta.

Kai could have been just arrogant and Gogeta had no reason to not end Janemba right awayK1lp1k0nna (talk) 04:22, October 12, 2012 (UTC)K1lp1k0nna

I agree with the statement saying how Old Kai was being arrogant about his method, but, if Gogeta was that much stronger than Janemba (who isn't nearly as strong as Vegito's opponent) he wouldn't have even transformed into a super saiyan

Ok but look at this. You can't really compare the two because they are used at different times when both Goku and Vegeta have different power levels. Comparing these two is like comparing Goku when he was fighting Raditz to Goku when he is fighting Buu. Two different times and two different power levels.

It's not really at a different time, they both take place in the Buu Saga or atleast that time, considering Goten and Trunks are still the same age, and Goku is still dead. Comparing Goku from the Saiyan Saga to the Goku now is much more of a difference.

Vegito is serious? Are you fucking KIDDING me?

Ok. No. Vegito is not serious at all. He plays around. ALOT. Now everybody's going to be like "Gogeta SSJ4 did too." But guess what bitch. He did so because he wanted Omega to use his negative karma ball. Afterwards he went dead to movie 12 Gogeta. Dead. Fucking. Serious. I don't CARE what Old Kai says. Goku SSJ4 could handle Vegito, flawlessly. Look at the post above this one. It makes sense. Sorry children. ★Gogeta☆

Look, Vegito toyed with Buu because he wanted Buu to absorb him, he didn't want to finish him. If he really needed to, he could've finished Buu (with Goha, Piccolo, Trunks, and Goten) in his base form. And if you're going to compare them with Gogeta SSJ4 and Vegito SSJ of couse Gogeta would win, but you can't compare them because they're not at the same level of super saiyan. Ss3Vegeto 19:50, October 15, 2012 (UTC)

Some of you are fucking stupid.

Vegito is stronger than SSJ3. Gokus base form at the end of the Buu saga is stronger than his SSJ3 form. Then add the training leading up to GY. Then Vegeta and Gokus training in GT. Plus the SSJ/2/3/4 multipliers. Vegito has nothing on that. NOTHING.

Lol, I love how you say we are fucking stupid when what you are saying makes no sense. Goku at the end of the Buu saga is most definetely not stronger than his SSJ3 form, and when you compare Gogeta and Vegito, you would have to use the same power Goku and Vegeta, it's like using a Frieza Saga Goku and Vegeta vs a Cell Saga Goku and Vegeta, it's not fair, and if you're going to use SSJ4 Gogeta then make Vegito a SSJ4. Ss3Vegeto 20:01, October 15, 2012 (UTC)

Vegito Godstomps Gogeta

That is all. Super Janemba was almost as strong as Base Vegito. Gogeta had to be SSJ to beat Janemba.

Gogeta=Goku + Vegeta x 1,000= x

Vegito=Goku + Vegeta x 14,000= x

Vegito is much more powerful.

Goku: 300,000,000

Vegeta: 260,000,000

Base Gogeta: 560,000,000,000

SSJ Gogeta: 28,000,000,000,000

Base Vegito: 7,800,000,000,000 approx.

SSJ Vegito: 390,000,000,000,000

SupremeBooyah (talk) 02:01, October 16, 2012 (UTC)

^ where the hell did you get that? 


To the guy above. I don't even know what to say. You have no evidence or statement to support your claims. Where did you get those numbers? Gogeta multiplier 1000 and Vegetto 14000 ? Sorry dude but that's bullshit. We don't even know how strong Vegetto was in his base form cause he in manga he fought only in ssj, and we don't know if base Gogeta could be enough to beat Janemba. There is actually no proof that each one is stronger than the other.

Read PrinceVegeta66's power level list if you want to know more about power levels and then talk.

Maderfakers (talk) 13:55, October 22, 2012 (UTC)

Vegito is Stronger clearly

Okay I wanted to say this forum is making me mad.

Most of you are saying Vegio would only win because of a time out. That is not true.

1.) Vegeta and Goku HAVE to be the same power level in order to fuse so that means Gogeta power level is just 2x of whatever the original power was of the two.

2.) If there was no time Vegito would still win because Vegeta doesn't like to play around all like that and he has more control than Goku. Goku has control over Gogeta more than Vegeta, and mind you, goku plays around a lot. (Fake Big Bang Kamehameha?)

3.) Another thing would be they would have to preform the fusion dance correctly in order to reach max power.

4.)The fusion can also end if the two fusees' power levels fall out of sync after the fusion is completed. In Wrath of the Dragon, it is revealed that if the fused characters sustain enough damage while under fusion, the fusion will end prematurely.

5.) (Referring back to 3) The movements — right down to the fusees' breathing — must be perfectly synchronized and symmetrical, or the fusion will fail. The fusees must also equalize their power levels.

(Im tired so this is as musch info as i could summon at the moment)

To the person above:

1)That doesn't mean they can't just just power up to max after the fusion has been done.

2) Yet the anime and manga suggest otherwise. In the movie,Gogeta took no time at all playing around and instantly defeated Janemba.

3) We're not talking about the fusion dance here. We're saying that if the fusion dance is performed correctly, then, will he be stronger or weaker than Vegito?

4) Yet no such thing happened in the actual anime or manga when Gotenks was fighting Super Buu and getting beaten.

5) Yet again, we're talking about after they fuse correctly, not if they fuse correctly. [51]I can never forgive you for what you've done![52] 06:57, November 2, 2012 (UTC)

Here’s the rub: it depends on when it is. If we're talking GT, of course Gogeta is more powerful. Both fusees had years more training, and could go SSJ4. In fact, Vegito doesn't even exist in GT, so there's no argument. However, both Gogeta and Vegito are formed for the first time somewhere in the Buu Saga. Gogeta appears first (right after Gotenks' Super Fusion), and Vegito appears near the end of the battle with Super Buu.

Here's the difference if you're comparing them in Z:

1. Gogeta is fully dead, Vegito is only half dead. I don't know if this necessarily makes a difference in power, but it does limit their time away from the other world. One would assume that Vegito, still being half alive (and a completely new, permanent person) would be able to stay on Earth. Gogeta, however, would eventually have to return to the Other World.

2. Gogeta is a Fusion Dance fusion. He only lasts 30 minutes. We already know that Vegito likes to toy with his opponents, so if the fight lasts longer than that, Gogeta would split into Goku and Vegeta, both of whom Vegito could easily defeat.

3. Vegito could have beaten Super Buu (with Gohan, Gotenks, Piccolo, and all the rest absorbed) without going Super Saiyan. He chose to power up to demoralize Buu. Gogeta, however, couldn't exist, let alone beat Janemba without going Super Saiyan. We never see Gogeta without being a Super Saiyan. Since Fusion Reborn happens before Vegito is created, we should also probably assume that Goku and Vegeta aren't as powerful when they fuse to Gogeta as they are when they fuse to Vegito.

4. Old Kai said the earrings are better.

Now let's assume we're testing this in GT (although why Vegeta would allow the permanent fusion to happen again is beyond me):

1. Once again, Gogeta is a Fusion Dance product. As a SSJ4, he can only stay fused for 10 minutes. 'Nuff said.

2. There is no evidence to assume that Vegito can't go past SSJ1, just that he didn't. If Goku and Vegeta could go SSJ4 when they put the earrings on, it is logical to assume that their fused counterpart could also obtain this state.

3. Gogeta still doesn't have a base form. Vegito still kicks ass in his. Since the fusees had gotten stronger since Z, it can be assumed that Vegito's base form has also received a power boost. To be honest, Vegito may not even NEED to go SSJ4 to beat Gogeta.

4. To form Gogeta in GT, both counterparts had to be SSJ4 to fuse (as Goku was a child, and the dance didn't work correctly when he was so much shorter than Vegeta). Since the earrings don't involve any sort of ritual, dance, or equalizing of power levels, Vegito could be formed at any time.

So, as I said, it is all down to timing. In current status, yes, Gogeta could beat Vegito, but that's only because he has years more training, not to mention all of the new enemies he has faced and the SSJ4. There just isn't an even playing ground. BUT if we did equalize the playing field, Vegito is the obvious winner.

Vegito is way stronger

1.Vegito had the potential to defeat super buu but he chose not to so that he could save Gohan, Goten, Trunks and Piccolo so that he dosent destroy them in the process. Now Gogeta was able to defeat Jameba but you can't compare Jameba to Majin Buu

2. Old Kai said that potara fusion is more efficient then the ordinary fusion technique

3. The ordinary fusion has some defects like that the two people have to be the same height and power level before they can fuse and it only last for thirty minutes. But if you do the potara fusion the two fusees can be at any power level and it last forever giving you enough time and power to defeat your enemy.

And although super sayian 4 Gogeta can defeat SS Vegito if Goku and Vegita use the potara fusion as they are after they became super sayian 4's Vegito would able to easily defeat Gogeta


If you look back to most of the above statements they are all restating things that are further above them. I feel like there are not enough facts to continue this debate and it will just have to be left open to opinion. What I mean is you can side with Vegito or with Gogeta, but it's your feelings talking not solid facts. If I'm wrong I apologize but that's just what I've seen so far on here.

Gogeta and Vegito

The thing about comparing Gogeta vs Vegito is that we're delving with a lot of factors here. First off, Gogeta hails from a non-canon source (a movie) whereas Vegito is entirely canon. So if we're going to take non-canon sources into account, then Dragon Ball: Raging Blast has pretty much confirmed that Gogeta is slightly stronger because the game put them up against each other in a what-if scenario. But let's ignore this for the sake of argument.

(Well actually if you played the second part of the what if, Vegito won the battle. SSJ3Vegetto (talk) 23:05, November 17, 2012 (UTC))

One issue that must also be addressed is how the Potara fusion versus Fusion dance works. Evidently both fusion forms end up combining two individuals together to form an entity that is way more powerful, but it's never clarified if one method does it to a higher effect than another. What we do know is that Gotenks, a fusion made through the fusion dance, was able to power up to SSJ3 despite the fact that neither Trunks or Goten had been able to go that far on their own, which sets a precedent for all fusions formed through the fusion dance. As a result, we can only assume that Gogeta would be able to power up to SSJ3 in a similar fashion, because it's been established that a fusion made through fusion dance can do that. We don't know if Vegito can do it, however, and I don't think we should just assume that he can. Unlike with the Fusion Dance, there's no SSJ3 Potara fusion to be seen anywhere that would confirm this for us.

Going further, people usually use Janemba vs Buu to compare how strong Vegito and Gogeta are in comparison to each other, but this only ends up being pointless as well. We never get a good sense of Vegito or Gogeta's full powers because they dominate their opponents effortlessly. I mean, in the anime we got to see Vegito have to put up a fight in his base form against GohanBuu, but when he went SSJ it was basically a cakewalk. Was he using 5% of his full power? 10%? And for that matter, when Gogeta utterly obliterated Janemba within a single minute, how much of his full power was HE using? And of that amount of power, how much was overkill?

It's simply useless to try and establish how powerful these two are simply by comparing their opponents. As far as we know, Gogeta could have outclassed GohanBuu in ways Vegito wouldn't hope to match, or vice versa.

I think there are simply too many unknown factors to determine any kind of relative truth here. We do not know the full extent of Vegito or Gogeta's power. We don't know if Vegito can go up to SSJ3 (we know Gogeta can, because Gotenks can). We don't know if the Potara fusion or the Fusion Dance yield the more powerful fusion (speaking strictly power level wise). All we really know is that one fusion lasts 30 minutes and the other doesn't.

If Gogeta can go SSJ3 and Vegito can't, then my money is on Gogeta. He'll be the most powerful of anything this side of Dragon Ball GT.

Just because Gotenks can go Super Saiyan 3, that doesn't mean Gogeta automatically can, it was because of Gotenks' training, not because of the dance, if what you were saying is true, that's basically saying two nameks could do the fusion dance and go Super Saiyan 3, and I'm pretty sure that wouldn't work, and if Gogeta could go Super Saiyan 3, then Vegito probably could too, Goku can already go Super Saiyan 3 and Vegito is made up of Goku. SSJ3Vegetto (talk) 23:14, November 17, 2012 (UTC)

Clearing those statements

So now I'm not allying with none vegito or gogeta, here I'm speaking about the fusions, yes goku SSJ 3 and vegeta SSJ2 fought against janemba and they had no chance, goku stated that janemba was stronger than majin buu, we don't really know witch version of buu it is because regardless of the form it is still majin buu, when goku and vegeta fused, they instantantly become Super Gogeta, yes awesome Ki level speed strengh and managed to obliterate super janemba in a small amount of time, looking the super buu fight, I would dare to say that super buu was a lot stronger than kid buu, goku was not any fight for super buutenks, he pounded goku like a sand bag, even ultimate gohan (witch everyone here says is way stronger than goku) was pounded when goku SSJ3 managed to be equal to kid buu ( that because boo actually doesn't tires at all and was outclassed ). after vegito was born, he was base form because of the effect of the fusion, if they became SSJ (any level) before fusing, they wouldn't have been able to power down reducing their lifespan (as the old kai said) . This voids the theory that if goku and vegeta SSJ4 fuse they can just fight, in that point the metamoran fusion is much effective because the fusees can fuse at any level creating a stronger being, however since the pothala fusion lasts for ever, the fusee (vegito) could have eventually reached SSJ4, for me makes things like this Metamoran Fusion = Less conditions but less time, Pothala Fusion = Cannot fuse at powered up stages, but is infinite. About the power ups, let's leave the non-cannon stuff like vegito SSJ4 gogeta SSJ3 etc, let's talk about cannon stuff, gogeta could fuse at SSJ4 because both goku and vegeta were SSJ4 at the time, however that fusion actually caused a lot of strain in gogeta limiting him to less than 10 minutes, at that point the pothala has the advantage, because no matter the transformation, there's no such strain limit. That clears the fusion "powerups"

Regarding the fights I can say that the fights were in different levels, Janemba can control space and matter, wihle buuhan can absorb, regenerate, and even tear apart universes by just screaming. That clears with oponent was virtually stronger.

You all say that if gogeta and vegito were to fight, then stardust breaker would destroy vegito with 1 shot, wrong. Gogeta didn't kill janemba, he purified his soul that was full of evil returning him to the saike demon we all know, that would not work agains vegito, since goku and vegeta are both pure of heart the stardust breaker would deal damage but not defeat vegito with just 1 shot, if vegito were to use the the spirit sword, he would not cut gogeta in half, it would deal damage but not tear him apart. That clears the 1 hit KO moves.

You all are saying that vegito was toying with buu and that is weaker, well look at this, how many times vegito obliterated super buuhan entirely? if speaking buu had no regeneration power, he would not have lasted the base form vegito final kamehameha that blew half of him apart. Virtually that goes the same for janemba. That clears the super buuhan = Janemba.

And finally about who is stronger, well there's no way to determine that, Even if we count DBGT and placed them in the same timeline ( is unfair to compare DBZ SSJ vegito to DBGT SSJ4 gogeta, it would still be dificult to determine. I'm pretty sure even Akira Toriyama would have trouble deciding those. And deciding on unknown and uncertain data is not always the answer.

People listen to this!

1.   Gogeta would beat the crap out of Vegito because Gogeta is SSJ4 while vegito is ssj. Ssj is far too weak to beat a ssj4.

2. Gogeta even said that Jannemba was stronger than super Buu. 3. Potara earrings aren't stronger and they just last longer than fusion dancing. 4. Most fights only last about 5-30 minutes at its max. For example, Frieza and Gokus fight lasted 5 minutes and so did Trunks versus Frieza and King Colds fight. Also Androids 18 & 17's fight against the z warriors lasted not very long. Thus, giving Gogeta enough time to kick vegitos ass.

                       GOGETA WOULD 
                                WIN !
Lorenzo Reyes

(Gogeta did not say that Janemba was stronger than Super Buu, Gogeta only had one line in the movie. I think you're reffering to Goku saying that only Majin Buu and Janempa had pushed Goku to use his Super Saiyan 3 form. Also, no fights are just five minutes. I'm pretty sure Goku vs. Frieza was about 20 episodes. ? SSJ3Vegetto (talk) 16:28, November 24, 2012 (UTC))


If you all think about this there is alot of Gogeta's forms this is because Goku and Vegta can reach ssj 1,2,3, and 4. So Gogeta fused by Vegta and Goku at any lvl can get Gogeta ssj4 but the strongest form would be Goku ssj4 and Vegta ssj4 to make a ssj4 Gogeta that would last 15 min.So lets say that Gogeta dosnt have a time limet and is ssj4 and Goku isnt a kid like in gt. If now you think about this Vegtio would train if he didnt defuse in buu and be able to be ssj4 because old kai would help him. Now if we but a ssj4 fusion of Gogeta (made bye both ssj4 Goku and Vegta) agisnt Vegtio ssj4 the fight would end up a draw and if you people think that why not fuse Vegtio with ssj1 or 2 Goku and Vegta this is because that body wouldnt be able to with stand the power of a ssj 1 or 2 dont belive this watch the anime bitch  

Why vegetio would win

1) If gogeta was able to go ssj4 at the end as gt so should vegetio which takes out the gogeta can go ssj4 argument.

2) Vegetio has stronger attacks like the final kamehameha.

Gogeta has Big Bang Kamehameha so not reallyK1lp1k0nna (talk) 11:07, December 1, 2012 (UTC)K1lp1k0nna

3) Also gogeta wouldn't stand a chance against buu and in the fight against omega shenron vegetio would unfuse after  15 mins AND vegetio could pwn janemba in about 2 secs.

What makes you say that?Do you have any proof whatsoever that Gogeta doesnt stand a chance against Buu?K1lp1k0nna (talk) 11:07, December 1, 2012 (UTC)K1lp1k0nna

4) And  vegetio is way stronger as seen in the show when sumpreme kai says the potara effect is more powerful than the fusion dance and even if we took out time limits vegetio is still stronger

Potaras effect is the fusion.Therefore when the Potaras effect is stronger,it means the fact that there is no time limit to the Potara fusion.K1lp1k0nna (talk) 11:07, December 1, 2012 (UTC)K1lp1k0nna


I have one reason. I love Gogeta better, but that isn't the reason. He has a better theme music. But, I have one reason. An honest reason: I believe when Goku was teaching Goten and Trunks the Fusion Dance, he told them they needed their power levels to be the same. Pardon me if your wrong, but does not the same rule apply to Goku and Vegeta's Fusion Dance? I know for a fact Goku is stronger. He has been training with Shenron. So both Vegito and Gogeta are stronger. Vegeta would have to go through a hell lot of nonexistent training to catch up to Goku. But it's NONEXISTENT! Why? The series is over, unless Dragon Ball Hoshi rumors are in fact, legends that are true. So, we can only use things already happened. Goku would have to go down to Vegeta's power level, but he'd still be Super Saiyan 4, if he did the Fusion Dance. If he used Potarra Earrings, there is no restriction unless I missed an episode or article. But WAIT! The Potarra Earrings were destroyed by Vegeta. But WAIT! Kibitokai still has some Potarra Earrings. But WAIT! Kibitokai already used his earrings. But WAIT! There is no restriction to using your earrings more than once, because Elder Kai already used his earrings to fuse with the old witch that snatched them away. Well actually, the old witch did, but anyway, Elder Kai could still give Goku and Vegeta the Potarra Earrings. But WAIT! That would be nonexistent, because it never happened! But WAIT! So would Vegito and Gogeta battling each other, because they cannot exist at the same time, so I guess we can use fictional facts in the fiction. But WAIT! That would mean Vegeta's training would become true too, since we're using fictional facts, because if Shenron somehow came back, and since we're using fiction in the fiction, I'm going to pretend Shenron trained Vegeta after Goku fictionally came back from his training, and are now even. That would cause Gogeta and Vegito to be even. But WAIT! How do we know that Shenron truly did train Goku? Because if he didn't train Goku, then Goku still would be stronger, and we wouldn't use fiction inside of the fiction, and Vegito would win! But WAIT! We're using fiction right now because we actually made fiction inside fiction because of Elder Kai giving Goku and Vegeta his earrings so the battle can happen. So that means my earlier 'But WAIT!' prior to this 'But WAIT!' that I am discussing right now actually has no meaning. Which means those two are even, because if you use fiction to make Vegito exist, you use fiction to have Gogeta catch up with him. Correct? I believe so. So, this means Vegito and Gogeta are equal. If Vegito existed and Gogeta caught up. We need fiction for this battle because this battle IS fictional, because it is in fiction anyway so it doesn't really matter. If Vegito didn't exist, this battle would never happen, so we need fiction to make one exist. But in order to balance it, because we need to balance the amount of fiction on each side, Vegeta could catch up to Goku. So that means they are even. My debate has settled this forum, because it is accurate. But WAIT! How do we know it is accurate? But WAIT! We know it's accurate because it has no spelling, grammar, or typing errors. Thus, it is a true article, with fiction in the fiction, which was allowed by the meaning of this article which is fictional. But if you have a fictional question, you need a fictional answer, right?

QUOTE OF THE WEEK: "The best lie is the one that is tightly wrapped around a grain of truth."

~Doctor SCREAMS.


Vegito's fusion doesn't end. Gogeta's will in 30 minutes... Nyan-cat3 CertainlyNot TalkSuper buu steam by mugenmaster-d3gixlc


In the Dragon Ball GT promotional material, they wrote that SSJ Vegito has power equivalent to SSJ4 Goku, so i would say Vegito. Well they did say that SSJ4 Gogeta is several times stronger than SSJ4 Goku and SSJ4 Vegeta but if Vegito can go SSJ4 then Vegito would be stronger without a doubt.


Okay guys some of you made a really good points,Vegetto is stronger than Gogeta,let me explain to you,in fusion reborn movie,when Janemba came ,there was made a gap betwen the earth and the other world,so vegeta made it trough,if you dont remmember watch the movie,goku was still dead in fusion reborn,so on that point,it was before majin buu,and we consider that majin buu was the strongest vilian in dbz,and vegetto played with him,he didnt even had to turn supersayan,that was only showing off,and i dont remmember gogeta had such an easy time with janemba,so that proves it ,vegetto is stronger than gogeta,and of story 20:12, March 25, 2013 (UTC)


Remember Super Buu with all those absorbed is still weaker than Kid Buu, because Kid Buu is purest form and even Kibito Kai says he is stronger (not raw power wise) because when he absorbs others there good auras effect his mentality. Super Janemba like Kid Buu is pure evil and is a fusion of almost every evil soul in hell. Both Kid Buu and Super Janemba handled SSj 3 Goku with ease.  Gogeta simply willed him away with stardust breaker.  The telling sign would be if Kid Buu faced Vegito.  Also we dont know exactly how their power levels are affected Gogeta's might be both pl^2 and vegitos might be both added and like wise.  Plus remember powerful magic can break the bond of the potara errings.  Super Sayian 4 is powerful enough to break the effects of the wish to make goku a child.  Stardust breaker, which basically broke the fusion of the souls in Janemba, could be used in this instance to break the spell of the errings

if you lot had brains you wouldn't think vegito is stronger than gogeta. its simple. why wouldn't they have used vegito against omega shenron. why did they use gogeta. because he's stronger by miles and he can go super saiyan 4 while vegito can oly go super saiyan 2. And boo isn't the strongest villain in dbz broly the legendary super saiyan is. BTW we're comparing power not how long the person can last.And broly is the strongest villian if your including movies,if you're not then boo is. (only the skinny one).


I dont need to read the whole page to realize where this goes: Gogeta is better, no Vegetto is better, no Gogeta is better because of blah, blah, blah. But let's face it: All dragon ball series inconsisent as f***ck. Power levels are only made to be broke and confuse your opponents. I saw an epeisode were they were saying "5 minutes until earth explodes" and Goku stood fighting with Freezer for more than an our, so time doesn't really pass in DB. It is unknown who would win in a fight, but at least we know they are both really powerfull. So please let me end this sh***t once and for all and call it a NO CONTEST. And please dont bother answering this post because it would end in the same loop:  Gogeta is better, no Vegetto is better, no Gogeta is better, no Vegetto is better, no Gogeta is better (for f***cks sake STOP IT!!!).

P.S you dont need to read the whole manga to understand this

10 MINUTES LATER UPDATE: I'm sorry I used so many bad words, but I was pissed. I came here just to check who (reasonably talking) was better. But then I saw all those posts of people discoussing who is better from characters that CANNOT BE COMPARED. If you are reading this you are probably thinking, "but they are being compared through the website". This would be true if it didnt result in a 3 month discussion of people repeating EXACTLY THE SAME as some other guy above them (seriously there is not a single argument that is not repeated). I'm not saying "it's a draw because they would fight forever", im saying there is no result due to the inconsistency of the films and mangas with the personality, power and fighting ability of the characters and because we are never, ever, ever, ever. EVER. EVER. EVER EVER GOING TO GET TO THE CONCLUSION!!!!!!


If you are reading this and are EXTREMATELY pissed for what I just said, do NOT answer. The best way to end this discussion is to let every body win and say BOTH of them, I repeat, BOTH OF THEM are the most powerful characters in all DB. Goldenleyend (talk) 02:03, October 31, 2013 (UTC)

OPINIONS (Including Mine) Also Not No Contest!

EVERYONE is entitled to their own opinions, unless their opinion states false information, in which case just correct them. Im pretty sure that this forum was CREATED so that people could say "Gogeta is better, no Vegetto is better, no Gogeta is better, no Vegetto is better, no Gogeta is better" (~Dude above this post (Also, correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure it's Vegito)). Speaking of opinions, I'm going to state my own. The Potara fusion makes the resulting entity much more powerful than the fusion dance does. The Elder(Old) Kai says "Of course I'm sure. I'm an Elder Kai. And it's much more effective than that fusion dance you must have picked up from the Metamorans" (Anime; Dragon Ball Z, Episode 267: Ready to Fuse?). The fusion dance is also very impractical, having to A: Dance, B: Having to dance in perfect symetry and sync, and C: It only lasts for a half hour or so. For Potara fusion, the fusees only have to throw on a pair of earrings on the opposite sides of their faces, and BAM! Fused. Potara is permanent, which can be good, as well as bad, for obvious reasons. Both Gogeta and Vegito can be 'cocky', but only when they know they can win with no problem. But when shit hits the fan, it's on. Obviously, Vegito couldn't go Super Saiyan 4 because at the time, the fusees, Goku and Vegeta, could not turn Super Saiyan 4. So, during the events of Dragon Ball GT, Super Saiyan 4 Vegito would have kicked more ass than Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta. Even in the time limit of 30 minutes. So, in MY OPINION, Vegito is better. Also Anything past Super Saiyan 4 (Excluding Super Saiyan God and Legendary Super Saiyan) is fan fiction. I do believe this Forum refers to Dragon Ball Z/GT, so lets stick to that. Also, just a tip, to the guy above me, it's 'Extremely', not "EXTREMATELY".

Adventurist8 (talk) 19:27, February 14, 2014 (UTC)

A perfectly healthy man walks into a bar and drops dead. Why?

Ok, the Old Kai states that it is more effective. That means it was easier to do, and lasts longer. We don't know how strong fusion makes the person it creates, so we create a reasonable formula. For the "Potara Earings Fusion" you add the max power levels of the 2 individuals together and multiply that total by 2. Now, we will use 10 as Goku and Vegeta's base power level. At the time of the fusion Goku had the SSJ3 ability, and Vegeta was a SSJ2. That makes their power levels 4000 and 1000. Add them and multiply by 2, since there is a definate strength increase with fusion and I use 2 since it is 2 people. That gives you a base Vegito of 10,000. Much stronger than either SSJ3 Goku or SSJ2 Vegeta. As a SSJ (Super Vegito) he would have a power level of 500,000. That is the furthest Vegito ever asceneded, so that is his max power level. Now, the "Fusion Dance Technique" requires that both individuals be the same power level. Trunks had to reduce his power to be able to fuse with Goten. Ok, during "Fusion Reborn" Goku had the same SSJ3 ability, and Vegeta is still a SSJ2. However, Goku would have to lower his power to meet Vegeta's. Even if they are the same in base form, both fusion techniques add max power levels. With the "Dance" however, they would have to have equal max power levels. So, Goku would only have a SSJ2 power level to add to Vegeta's. That would put their base form of Gogeta as 4000, and actually on par with Goku as a SSJ3. Now as a SSJ Gogeta's power would be 200,000. As you can see in the "Z" universe Vegito is stronger. If we use GT, it is an entirely different game. Base GT Goku is SSJ3 Goku. So that means Base Goku is 4000. We can only assume Vegeta stayed equal with him, since he did achieve SSJ4(not on his own or naturally). And since in GT both characters can go SSJ4, that puts their power levels at 16 Million. Add them together and multiply by 2 and that gives you a base Gogeta in GT at 64 Million. So SSJ4 Gogeta in GT was about 256 Billion. So in their max forms presented (SSJ Vegito Z and SSJ4 Gogeta GT) it is not even a contest. Note though, if Goku and Vegeta are equal, then SSJ4 Gogeta would equal SSJ4 Vegito. In GT if Vegito came he would be equal to Gogeta, except for the fact that after 30 minutes. Gogeta would diffuse. So, Super Vegito from Buu Saga is stronger than Super Gogeta from Fusion Reborn, but SSJ4 Gogeta from GT is stronger than SSJ Vegito from Buu saga. Again, if Vegito came in GT, he would be equal with Gogeta. Potara is more effective, not stronger than Fusion Dance. Hell, with the earings you don't have to worry about little actions that cause big problems. Like fat/skinny Gotenks and Veku. It has to many downfalls with proper form, timing, and power level limits. Basically, the dance is to picky. Also, I say that it adds their max power levels of the individuals to create a bae  since base Gotenks was stronger than SSJ Trunks and SSJ Goten. Also, I believe Vegito and Gogeta in DBZ are capable of going SSJ3 even if Vegeta doesn't have the ability to go SSJ3. Since Gotenks went SSJ3 with to normal SSJ as his make-up. That means that even though Goku and Vegeta were SSJ4 in GT, they fused into SSJ4 Gogeta because Gogeta went straight to his max form. They should've fused into base form Gogeta from SSJ4's. But he obviously powered up to a SSJ4. So, for a true test, you would have to get both individuals at the end of GT and to make it fair, only allow them to fight for the 30 minutes. So Vegito has 30 minutes to beat Gogeta or it's a draw. I personally can't choose a victor if they are equal. Also, I noticed someone said that they can't "fuse better" obviously they can since skinny/fat Gotenks and Veku. But in conclusion, Super Vegito wins against Z Super Gogeta, but ultimatley is crushed by GT Super Gogeta.-UltimateSSJ1- 

I like Gogeta more, but I'd have to say Vegetto is stronger,simple because for the potara fusion both people can be at their max. To form Gogeta, Goku has to lower his power to match Vegeta's. For principle, let's say Goku's power level is 100 and Vegeta's is 75. 100+75 (Vegetto) > 75+75 (Gogeta). So, Vegetto is stronger, depending on the gap between the power levels of Goku and Vegeta. Basing your argument on what Old Kai said about potara fusion being better is pure speculation. That doesn't mean the potara fusion creates a stronger fusion than the fusion dance. You have to go on what's said directly, and the time limit only matters in a fight between the two, but not on deciding who's strictly stronger or more powerful.

My thoughts

I don't view them as THAT far apart. People who actually think one is hundreds of times stronger than the other are dumb. My theory is that Ssjin 2 Gogeta = Ssjin Vegetto since the potara were said to be better. So in equal forms Vegetto could pull it off but it won't be easy


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