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This section is for all your favorite anime movies and series. List them and explain next to it why you may like it in the same format. Disliked anime series/movies would go in a small section under the list, also in the same format. Have fun. - Zarbon by raykugen-d2ygchz PrinceZarbon talk contribZarbon ava3 15:09, 16 June 2009 (UTC)

PrinceZarbon's picks


  1. Dragon Ball Z / Dragon Ball / Dragon Ball GT - No other series offers the amount of unique and excellent designed villains in terms of background and appearance as this. My all-time favorites in the series are Zarbon, Dodoria, and Cui for being three of the most exquisitely designed, unique, colorful, wicked, brutal, mysterious, cocky, and savage villains in the series while maintaining their military discipline and remaining loyal to their evil Lord, Frieza. I love how they play such a huge role in advising Frieza to eradicate the Saiyans (whom I despise). I love how they set the entire story of Dragon Ball into motion. I love how their story is overall concocted... that of brutal warriors who make civilizations suffer and in turn are forced to suffer themselves when meeting a grisly fate at the hands of the ruthless Vegeta. Zarbon, Dodoria, and Cui are not only my three favorite characters in Dragon Ball, but ultimately, my favorite characters in all anime.
  2. Vampire Hunter D / Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust - The animation was extremely brilliant in both instances (especially Bloodlust) and there's a slew of villains I like from both. My all-time favorites are Mashira (the mutated werewolf) and Benge (the shadow warrior). I love the Barbarois overall and the storyline attached to Bloodlust is awesomeness. It's about two mercenary-for-hire teams that are after a vampire who has kidnapped a girl... although they are unaware that the girl has gone willingly since she loves the vampire (Meier Link). The story ends with uber-climax and uber-awesome fight scenes. There's way too much action and bittersweet moments, portraying the cruelty and beauty simultaneously. There are few other instances where I've seen such a combination work so well.
  3. Hellsing - The storyline is intensely awesome. One religious organization fighting against another using vampires and maniacal priests against each other is freaking awesomeness. The characters are brilliant as well, especially Paladin Alexander Anderson, my personal favorite. I love the overall feel of the series... it's very dramatic yet it doesn't hinder the action one bit. There's lots of emotion attached to the relationship between the main character, Alucard, and his "police girl", Seras Victoria. There's lots of pain and suffering that the organizations must endure in order to overcome greater threats, such as Incognito. The remake of the series is likely equally as good, as it stays true to the manga. Both are knockout series though and recommended hands down.
  4. Cowboy Bebop - Always loved the entire story. However, I wish it were longer. My favorite tale is definitely Waltz for Venus due to my favorite character in the series being Roco Bonnaro. I love how in every episode the main cast travels and associates with different rogues and wanted criminals. So many nice stories wrapped up in each episode with moral and virtues... so much anguish and suffering just for one series. Just the way I like it... deep and complex.
  5. One Piece - I love the story arcs and villains as usual. Some of my favorites are Cabaji, Siam, Butchi, Captain Kuro, Don Krieg, Choo, Arlong, etc. Another really long list of favorites here. I followed the story to the part after the Crocodile arc... but didn't get to see more. I loved the story up to that point so I'm sure I'd like some of the rest. Each of the main characters has a sad story that fuels their desires and allows them to continue headstrong. They always rely on their tactics to get ahead... and it seems to work well in the series.
  6. Shaman King - After seeing Lee Bailong (Pyron), it seemed to go well with me. There are others I liked as well, such as Faust XIII and Tokagero. It was an awesome series overall and had lots of complexity for people who associate with spirits as their fighting allies. I enjoyed many of the characters in the series. I did, however, prefer the route the manga took after a certain point in the series because the series was toned down as the manga became more and more grisly and gruesome, which was completely to my liking. In this instance, I liked the manga slightly better than the anime although both were good.
  7. Yu Yu Hakusho - If someone likes DBZ, they eventually might get into this. Gama from the Dark Tournament is my most favorite here, using his Make-up of the Seal. There are a slew of others I liked who face off against the heroes (four guys who keep fighting to protect humans from the demon world and arrest demon criminals)... the story was well established. I felt there were lots of really well-orchestrated fight scenes in the series overall. And the story gets deeper and deeper as it unfolds near the end, where everyone finds out that the main character has demon blood as well.
  8. Hell Girl - Lots of awesome characters that appear in each episode and die in each episode. Their stories are each compelling and enigmatic... I'm always interested to see who else will be dragged to hell by the hell girl.
  9. Elfen Lied - Here's another awesome one. I love the character of Bando here. He's a relentless military guy who never gives up, even after getting beaten severely by the main character.
  10. Fullmetal Alchemist / Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood - So many awesome characters who come and go... such as Shou Tucker, the maniacal doctor who used his own daughter as an experimental test subject and changed her into a chimera. And was wicked enough to use the serum on himself when the government found out about his actions. Loved some other too, like Greed (who had one of the most awesome animated fights I've ever seen onscreen). Pride, the awesome hidden villain throughout the whole debacle. And every time Roy Mustang and Scar executed someone, the scenes automatically became legendary. So many exciting scenes here.
  11. Fist of the North Star - Excellent kung fu style action, with pulsating and exploding nerves and muscles. Like Nappa constantly getting enraged. Very awesome series. I loved the violent sequences and overall attitude portrayed by the characters.
  12. Blood: The Last Vampire - Something about it just appealed to me. Maybe the animation or the way it was drawn.
  13. Bastard! - I liked the art style here.
  14. Berserk - This was another nice one.


  1. Naruto - the only series I actually hate, strongly. All the characters don't appeal to me, due to the fact that they don't have color and due to the fact that they all look like regular folk but without ninja garb, with raggedy clothing and ugly headbands. If I want to watch ninjas, I'd watch Mortal Kombat (best ninjas ever).
  2. Transformers - I also disliked Transformers, partly because I have a strong hatred against robots, machinery, mechs, etc. I always had a distaste for all things mechanized. Transformers in particular never appealed to me, it also seemed to be targeted at younger audiences. I did like Power Rangers though (not an anime) but as a defense, I only liked the rangers and villains, not the zords and mechs.
  3. Pokemon - Sometimes I don't even know if this is considered an anime... but it was horrible either way.
  4. Yu Gi Oh - Always disliked this card-related junk, all kids dueling stuff annoyed the life out of me. I hated pokemon for childish mini animals and this for childish card games.
  5. Hamtaro - Another really annoying mini-animal garbage.
  6. Card Captors - don't know what this is considered, always disliked it for the same reasons I disliked yu gi oh and pokemon.
  7. Digimon - more junk in the form of trading, cards, and dueling.
  8. Gundam Wing - and any other show that had to do with these mechs and bots.
  9. Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo - I never needed to pronounce it correctly because it was drawn to appeal to three-year-olds.
  10. Higurashi - I hated all of it. Almost all of the story was in random order and none of it was exciting anyway. All the characters are lame kids who try to kill each other and I couldn't tell if they succeeded or not because they just kept showing things in random order and had separate arcs that sort of brought them back to life every time. This was a total mess and I despised all of it in terms of story.
  11. Beyblade - more versus garbage using tools.
  12. Zoids - Another lame series about bots.
  13. Bakugan - More idiocy compiled to appeal to a younger audience.

Note: I'd like to see what everyone else comes up with. I may end up adding stuff to my lists after seeing it on yours. - Zarbon by raykugen-d2ygchz PrinceZarbon talk contribZarbon ava3 15:09, 16 June 2009 (UTC)

LSSJTrunk's picks

Favorie anime

  1. Dragon ball / Z / GT - Tons of action so it's my fav
  2. Naruto / Shippuden - The ninja fighting theme was Great
  3. Bleach - Reminds me of yu yu hakusho (always fun to stay up at night and watch it)
  4. Code geass - The robot fightig was alright and the geass powers wre Amazing.
  5. One piece - Pirates fighting are cool, Zolo was the best
  6. yu yu hakusho - A sort of gore type of anime and Hiei was great
  7. Pokemon - The Games are fun and its one of the 1st anime i watched
  8. bobobo - IT was okay and the random parts were fine with me
  9. Full metal alchemist - The latest anime im watching. it seems cool
  10. Shamen king - The 1 who started it all
  11. Final Fantasy - It was preety neet , ive seen the latest 3 and i liked it (not sure how many they are since none of my friends like FF)
  12. Avatar - it was okay i didnt LOVE but it didnt Hate it either


  1. Sailor moon - I saw like 2 or 3 ep. and not impressed really
  2. Yu gi oh - Cards and no fighting doesn't get my attetnion
  3. Hikaru no go - i slept through the episode i was trying to watch
  4. Cowboy Bebop - Too old and looks like crap / Sorry but don't ask
  5. Gundam (all of them) - just never liked robots like this except on code geass

Silver Sinspawn's picks

The Way I Get Into most Anime is Through its abridged Series (Berserk) ,or If its Just Insanely popular (Ie DBZ)

  1. Obviously,I Love DB/Z (not a Big Fan of GT,the only Person i Leiked in this was Eis and Nouva)
  2. And i Love One Piece,its my Favourite Anime (Not 4Kids,obviously) Because,well, I'm A Pirate,and Sanji's a Pimp,and Franky Had that Awesome Music Video to Super Duper Man
  3. Berserk
  4. Digimon,I Know it may Be lame,but its been with me all My Life :D
  5. Final Fantasy Unlimited,because im a Major FF Fanboy.
  6. Yu Yu Hakusho
  7. Trigun
  8. .Hack

And i Dislikes

  1. The Pokemon ANIME,the Games were Excellent,but anything 4Kids Does Automatically sucks.but i Suppose with out the Anime, the games would last so long
  2. Gantz,because,It Made No Sense to Me.Hard to Follow
  3. Bobobo-bobo-bo used to be one of my Favourite,but it got Repititve,tedious and FAR to random.and the plot made NO sense

JayFlesh7891's picks

  1. Dragonball/Dragon Ball Z/Dragonball GT
  2. Bleach
  3. Naruto (excluding the PAINFUL filler before Shippuden)
  4. Cowboy Bebop (cried at the ending)
  5. Trigun
  6. Outlaw Star
  7. Gundam Wing
  8. Ruroni Kenshin
  9. One Piece
  10. Yu Yu Hakusho

Trueevildragon's picks

Favorite anime

  1. Dragonball/Z/GT(Its the very first anime I've watched,most of the content is original and creative, and I like most of the characters.)
  2. YuYu Hakusho(Its like DBZ, but it's own story and the characters are very likable.)
  3. Rurouni Kenshin(Great sword fighting anime.)
  4. Zatch Bell
  5. Naruto(without the filler)
  6. Hellsing(It's absolutely brutal and Alucard is a badass.)
  7. Gundam(Any Gundam other than Gundam Seed.)
  8. One Piece(It's one of the most original animes I've seen. )
  9. Afro Samurai
  10. Hajime no Ippo
  11. Devil May Cry
  12. Kenichi The Mightest Disciple
  13. Outlaw Star

Animes I dislike

  1. Pokemon(This show is so annoying. It's the most repetitive series I have ever seen. The movies and games are entertaining, but the show itself is horrible.)
  2. Bobobobobo(It was not funny at all. This show barely has a storyline!)
  3. Bleach(The show has gone downhill since the fight with Grimmjow. I liked Soul Society arc and the Arrancar arcs, but everything else is not worth looking at. There are only a few likable(Grimmjow,Kenpachi and Sajin). They spent over 6 minutes with the intro and recaps. There are too many protagonist and the fillers are bothersome.)
  4. Yugioh GX and 5Ds(The original series was good, but when they came up with these two series it became stupid. Its like they are focusing on cards sells rather than making the show interesting.)
  5. Duel Masters(This anime is just terrible and corny. As a game and a show it sucks.)
  6. Beyblade(All this is tops attacking each other. What is so exciting about that?!)
  7. Naruto Shippudden (I don't like how the story became so focused on Sasuke, and my favorite characters don't get many fights. Although, I do like most of the Akatsuki members.)
  8. Kekkaishi (The show is just too boring to get into.)

Now that I think of, I hate any anime having to do with toys and card playing(other than the original Yugioh).

GogetaZVegito's picks


  1. Dragon Ball Z
  2. Dragon Ball
  3. Dragon Ball GT
  4. One Piece (it got lame after crocidile was defeted)
  5. Bobobobobobob
  6. Naruto shippuden
  7. Bleach


  1. Pokemon
  2. Deathnote
  3. Gundam
  4. Slam Dunk

Liltroy614's picks

  1. Dragonball Z
  2. Code Geass(Besides a bad ass main chracter with the power to control everyone and with the most intense fights featuring giant robots and the main character acting like a bad guy....Yeah)
  3. Bleach(Somewhat to DBZ but some bad ass characters like Grimmjow, Kisuku, Ichigo, and Byakuya)
  4. Yu Yu Hakusho(A Classic Favorite)
  5. Tekken(If there was ever a show, I bet it would be one of the best things ever.
  6. Inuyasha(Another Classic)
  7. Trigun(Another Bad Ass Show. I loved Vash)
  8. Full Metal Alchemist(Ed and Mustang......My Faves.)
  9. G Gundam("This hand of mind glows with an awesome might. Its burning Rage tells me to defeat you. Take this My Love, My Anger and all of my Sorrows. SHINING FINGER!!!!!" Who doesn't remember hearing that and seeing Domo destroy the living **** out of the other Gundams?)
  10. Yu Gi Oh 5D's(In GX they made it all about "Heroes", "Cybers", and "Cystal Beasts" but besides the cards in 5D's, and the bikes I mostly like the duels. Especially Yusei vs. Kiryu/Kalin


  1. Naruto(Pein supposedly the strongest, dies to Naruto. While Sasuke is supposed to be Equal to him. They've made him look like he can kill Goku O_o)
  2. Digimon(Hated everything about it)
  3. One Piece(Not as much as Digimon but still hate it)
  4. Pokemon(Just Terrible but the games are alright.
  5. Death Note(Same plot as Code Geass just that no robots, and it features a Notebook that only kills that is shared amongest psycho(Mikami), idiot(Misa Amane). Also Light/Kira Excicuted it poorly, result Light dies being an completed idiot as he failed what he started. as for Lelouch completed his goals but died)

Honorable Mentions: Ruroni Kenshin, Case Closed, Blood +

Final Flash15's picks

Favorite Anime

  1. DB,DBZ,DBGT (its got tone of action and a long StoryPlot and i know it looks old but it is great, Best anime of all time)
  2. Yu Yu hakusho (its like Dbz and the Dark tournament is they best of all)
  3. Code Geass (saddest Ending of all time and hope for a season 3)
  4. Naruto (I even liked the filler between Shippuden and have 135 episodes of Naruto and 62 of Shippuden)
  5. One piece (of course i Hate the 4Kids dubbing but i watch the japanese episodes)
  6. Slam Dunk (My favorite Sport into a anime is great!)
  7. Berserk (it looks really good and just amazing)
  8. Bleach (even though it may be taking a lot of yu yu hakusho stuff, its still really good but wish Ichigo wasn't main character
  9. Shamon King (it was cool when it was on but it seems a bit short)
  10. Yugioh ( i only liked battle City, the 16 man tournament, and GX. everything else really sucked)

Dragonballgirl1's picks

Favorites I'm like the more older shows.

  1. Dragonball/Dragonball Z/ Dragonball GT. #1 favorite. No other anime show have the same or more intense designes, personalities/people, or complete summary or storyline than DBZ. If I had 1 million dollars, I'd buy a mansion, and make one of the rooms full of DBZ stuff!
  2. Pokemon. Not really a pokemon fan, and I like the early episodes (now they are crappy) and games, but it goes as number 2 because if it were not for Pokemon ( first anime i ever watched) I would not like anime.
  3. Yu Yu Hakasho. One of first anime shows. Plus it's really, really cool. I watched when I was 10 at my cousin's house.
  4. Sailor Moon. I started watching it around 12/13. I's one of my favs because the characters are nice. I like later in the series, because that is when it becomes more of a action kind of anime shows, and action animes are my favorites.
  5. All Hayoa Miyazaki films. He is one of my favorite anime film makers. I like My Neighbor Totoro, Kiki's Delivery Service, Princess Mononoke, Spirited Away, Howl's Moving Castle and Ponyo (Japanese version).
  6. Inuyasha. Very, very cool and unique.
  7. Mahōtsukai Sarī. Little Witch Sally in America, it's an 1960's show about 3 a little girl named Sally who is a witch. It was very cute and cool.


  1. Naruto. Sorry to Naruto fans, but i did not like naruto. No offense, but it was stupid, over-rated, and lame.
  2. Cutie Honey. A 70's show. It was stupid and pointless. But I did like the drawings and the theme song.
  3. One Piece. Once again, no offense to anyone who likes it, but i just thought it was kin of stupid and lame. And I didn't like the drawings.
  4. BoBoBo. It was just a piece of crap. A guy fighting people with his 5 feet long nose hairs? Seriously.
  5. Transformers. Transforming robots? So babyish.
  6. Yu Gi Yo. It was stupid and was for 6/7 year olds.

Hatchyack1990's picks

  1. Dragon Ball Z. I have loved the anime ever since I was a little kid and still love it tremendously to this day. No other show has captured my imagination and held my interest like DBZ.
  2. Dragon Ball. I really enjoyed Dragon Ball as it had more of a martial arts feel to it than DBZ or GT. The fights were very well drawn out and the story lines were original and entertaining.
  3. Dragon Ball GT. Despite what some people say, I enjoyed DBGT. I felt that it was necessary because as much as I love Dragon Ball Z, it really didn't have an ending. DBGT gave the series a proper ending in my opinion.
  4. Yu Yu Hakusho. This was a really cool show. I though it had kind of a DBZ feel to it. I really enjoyed watching it, and Hiei was awesome.
  5. Inuyasha. I remember watching this on Adult Swim. I thoroughly enjoyed this series and thought it was very entertaining.
  6. G Gundam. I loved Gundam Wing, but G Gundam really caught my attention as a kid. The fact that they get in a body suit and controlled the Gundam with their body was cool.
  7. Ruroni Kenshin. I absolutely loved this show as a kid. The animation style was dark and I loved the sword fights. I would recommend this anime to anyone who has not seen it.
  8. Lupin the 3rd. Ths was a really cool show. I remember watching it on Adult Swim. I liked the animation style and the episodes were well thought out.
  9. Case Closed. I never was a big fan of detective shows, but Case Closed was very entertaining to me. I really enjoyed it.
  10. Pokemon. Even though I'm not a fan of the show anymore, I had to make it a part of this list simply because of how much I loved it as a kid. I have fond memories of watching it excitedly on Kids WB on Saturday mornings.


  1. Hamtaro. Never really got into this one. I just found it annoying.
  2. Naruto. I remember some kids praising this as the next DBZ. I tried to go into it with an open mind and I was not really impressed.
  3. Bakugan. It's beyond me how this got so popular.
  4. Digimon. I tried to get into this. I was a big fan of Pokemon at the time, but I just found this boring.
  5. Yu Gi Oh. I tried to get into this, I used to like Card Captors and Pokemon, so I thought I would give this a try. I was a bit disappointed. No fighting and just playing cards. Not really my thing.
  6. Beyblade. Using tops to fight ? Just couldn't get into this anime.
  7. Zoids.I just thought this anime was really boring.
  8. Transformers:Armada. I just thought this was a boring show. Really couldn't get into it.
  9. .hack//sign. Another anime I tried to get into and just found it uninteresting.
  10. Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo. I watched it for the first time because of it's ridiculous name and was not impressed. Couldn't get into this one either.

Jeffman13's picks


  1. Dragon Ball/Z/GT (Been watching religiously since 2nd Grade)
  2. The Slayers ( 3 words, ACTION, Humor, and AN AWESOME SOUNDTRACK)
  3. One Piece (Some great characters and story line)
  4. Revolutionary Girl Utena (I can't explain it! It's so good!)
  5. Tokyo Mew Mew (My little guilty pleasure!)
  6. Sailor Moon (Dub sucks, but outstanding in Japanese)
  7. Yu-Gi-Oh! (Bloodcurling in Japanese!)
  8. Yu Yu Hakusho! (SPIRIT GUN!!!!!)
  9. Demenshita! Powerpuff Girls Z (Great Soundtrack! Great Story! Great Style!)
  10. Dr. Slump (Can't wait until Funimation finally dubs it!)

Least Favorites:

  1. Bakugan (Yu-Gi-Oh!/Pokeman ripoff, unoriginal)
  2. 4Kids One Piece (An anime all it's own, and It sucked, BAAAAAAAAAAAAD)
  3. Sonic X (Do I really need to explain it?)
  4. Shamen King (Manga was great, anime, not so much)
  5. Hikaru No Go (Great Manga!, But didn't work as well as an anime)

MacCooler's picks

  1. Dragon ball/Z- why we are here anyway
  2. Yu Yu Hakusho- good charactors and plots; the fighting is in almost every one of these lists so why should we note it?
  3. S-Cry-Ed- It would be number two but I'm too loyal to YYH
  4. Digimon- seasons 1 and two were good for teaching friendship at a young age and was actually GOOD
  5. Pokemon- the first 4-5 seasons were pretty cool
  6. G-gundum- the only one I've watch besides SD
  7. Shaman king- this show was the bomb
  8. Zoids- they were awesome and made good, yet hard to assemble toys


  1. pokemon- latter seasons
  2. digimon- same with pokemon
  3. GT- couldn't except that piccolo won't come back[and no goddamned Adult Gotenks]
  4. YuGiOh[5d's] the rest of the series were OK but this was a catastrophe of anime
  5. Avatar- ended horrible, why I don't like I robot

Gene195's picks


  1. Code Geass - Great characters intersting story and amazing end.
  2. Death Note - Good characters good transition for light from an intelligent killer to an insane psychopath.
  3. Akagi - There's just something awesome about it.
  4. Katekyoshi hitman reborn - Gokudera and Chrome are awesome.
  5. Outlaw star - Gene starwind no need to say more.
  6. D Gray man - starts off rather typically but it becomes much darker and intense later on.
  7. Dragonball/Z/GT - Great action and provides wonderful video game material.


  1. pokemon - The games are decent the tv show is so unbearably dull.
  2. digimon - The games sucked and so did this.
  3. Yu-Gi-Oh - The original is bearable the rest is just awful though.
  4. Any that don't involve an actual plot and are basically animated soap operas.

Ssj5vegetas picks


  1. Dragonball: the whole thing is great from the action to the humour thats dropped in every once in a while.
  2. Bleach: I like how it hardly ever gets too serious without adding anything funny.
  3. Death note: I dont know how they kept that storyline interesting but they did and it was awesome.
  4. Hellsing: Alucard is just hardcore.
  5. Soul Eater: Wierd idea but it works great.
  6. Shaman King: I used to watch this nearly everyday i loved it.
  7. Dead Leaves: Seriously if u havent seen this movie you need to.
  8. Spirited Away: It made me cry.
  9. Pokemon: Purely for childhood memories this had to be on here.


  1. Naruto: I really really hate it.
  2. One Piece: The second season ruined it.
  3. Yu Yu Hakashu: I just find it boring.
  4. Yu-Gi-Oh: I think its boring because its just the same thing every time the world is in danger and only the power of the cards can save it.
  5. Gundam: why was this made it sucks.

Lawsmar's picks

  1. Dragonball Z - Do I really need a reason for pure awesome?
  2. Yu Yu Hakusho - Season 2 is my second favorite season/saga of any anime, but I feel like the series when downhill after season 2 just a tad.
  3. Rurouni Kenshin - If this ended after season 2, this would be my all time favorite anime. Season 2 was my favorite season/saga of any anime. Season 3 was terrible and was a huge letdown for me.
  4. G Gundam - Wearing the bodysuit made the movements more realistic to me, although every episode practically ends the same way (SHINING FINGERS/BURNING FINGERS), although I love watching him say "This hand of mine glows with an awesome power, its burning grip tells me to defeat you. Take this! My love!! My anger!! And all of my sorrow", that can never get old.
  5. Gundam Wing - First gundam show I ever watched, plus Epyon is bad ass.
  6. Dragonball

I dislike practically every other anime show that I haven't listed above. ^^

Dankedude's picks


  1. Dragon Ball Z - Awesomeness duh!
  2. Elfen Lied - Very beautiful story and romance.
  3. Outlaw Star - Poor man's Cowboy Bebop but hell I loved it.
  4. Dragon Ball - Hilarious antics and action.
  5. Zoids - Giant robot animals.
  6. Yu-Gi-Oh - See dislikes for reason.


  1. Bobobo - farts and hair are's like the worst concept ever!
  2. Yu-Gi-Oh GX - Let's build a school for card games surely it will be an amazing concept.
  3. Avatar - Nickolodeon's answer to anime with absolutely nothing clever.
  4. Bakugan - It's Yu-Gi-Oh but with a different name and kids who see images of monsters without technology.
  5. Pokemon(With Pokemon USA voices) - Ash: (Insert smokers voice) Go Pikachu use Thunder Bolt for the 175 billionth time on Team Rocket. Brock: Duh me like girls long time. Dawn: I'm generic. Pikachu: WTF happened to this show?

SaiyanWarriorGoku's picks


  1. DragonBall - At one point I liked DragonBall Z a lot more, but I re-watched it DB and fell in love with the story all over again, I love the art style and just about everything in this show, it's fun to watch Goku grow up. No doubt if I have kids, they'll watch this.
  2. DragonBall Z - This is my childhood, I grew up with watching DBZ and I just love it. As a kid you just watch it for the violence (Which is why so many people who stopped watching it think it's only violence) But there's such a great and influential show, I mean look at Sonic the Hedgehog and other franchises, they try to immitate DBZ to make success.
  3. DragonBall GT - I know some of you dislike it and even hate it, but it's great. After all DragonBall wasn't just about violence and such. Toei just wanted to bring it back to how it was at first.
  4. Rurouni Kenshin - I just love this show... You gotta watch it.
  5. Yuyu Hakusho - A lot like DBZ (In a good way) But pretty original.
  6. Fullmetal Alchemist - It's a good show, it also has a cool story but you have to pay attention to it to get it.


  1. Naruto - I don't care how much you like it, I hate it so much. Just by looking at the characters and hearing about the story, this show is a load of crap.
  2. Sonic X - Oh god >_> I don't wanna talk about this...
  3. Pokemon - I like the games but hate the show after the Johto saga. =/ It gets worse every season...

nono1944's picks


  1. One piece(exept the 4kids dub,I REALLY LIKED IT!!!!)
  2. Soul eater(really...i don't know if it should be first,or 2nd,BUT YOU MUST WATCH IT!!!)
  3. Fullmetal alchemist(one EPIC AND FUNNY ANIME,but i just disliked the end...)
  4. Rozen Maiden(traumend)(A mixing of comedy and fighting...SO COOL ^w^,but reccomended for girls)
  5. dragon ball Z(i like this one...but ssj scared me for life...still pretty cool,but you must ABSOLUTLY watch dragon ball BEFORE dragon ball Z)


  1. claymore(too serious...)
  3. 4kids one piece(really...don't ask me why...)
  4. 4kids tokyo mew mew(FOR 2 REASONS: first,its dubbed by 4kids.Second,always saying something to transform or screaming the attack that we only have one really bore me.)

Mitcheru Daiya's picks

  1. Kurokami
  2. Dragonball
  3. Dragonball Z
  4. Rurouni Kenshin
  5. Death Note. Great manga, and the anime did it justice.
  6. Kanto Pokemon Arc (<^.^>)


  1. Naruto. Terrible series from beginning to end. I've kept current with the manga because it's a requisite for my anime club. The story is a bland run-on with no creativity. It's also the biggest cliche I've ever read.
  2. Bleach. After the first fifty or so episodes the story just becomes a waste of good ideas.

Naruto and Bleach both are OVER-RATED to the MAX

Nubescout's picks


  1. Fist of the North Star
  2. Dragonball/Z/GT/Z Kai
  3. Elfen Lied
  4. Yu Yu Hakusho
  5. Urotsukidoji
  6. Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni
  7. Berserk
  8. One Piece
  9. Violence Jack
  10. Dante's Inferno: An animated epic
  11. Hellsing
  12. Ninja Scroll
  13. Bastard!!
  14. Afro Samurai
  15. Genocyber
  16. Devilman
  17. Saint Seiya
  18. Devil May Cry
  19. Vampire Hunter D
  20. Umineko no Naku Koro ni
  21. Street Fighter II: The Animated movie
  22. Yu-Gi-Oh!


  1. Naruto
  2. Avatar
  3. Beyblade
  4. Bakugan

Gogeta SSJ5's picks

  1. Dragon Ball/Z/GT
  2. Naruto
  3. Transformers
  4. Avatar
  5. Pokemon
  6. Digimon
  7. Bleach
  8. Kung Fu

Santoryuu108's picks

Top 10 Favorite Anime:

  1. One Piece-Funny, great action, fantastic storyline. It ticks all the boxes.
  2. Dragon Ball-Even funnier than One Piece, more great fight scenes, only loses because of less plot.
  3. Dragon Ball Z- Best fight scenes in any anime, also decent humor.
  4. Yu-Yu Hakusho-Any self-respecting DBZ fan should definitely check this out.
  5. Death Note-A bit different from the rest of this list, a fantastic story but too short to be higher up.
  6. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood-Really good on all levels just like One Piece, but slightly less in each.
  7. Fullmetal Alchemist-Same reasons, only lower because it strays from the manga
  8. Sergeant Frog-Stupid, inexplicable, and confuses me to no end, but it's so freaking hilarious!
  9. Dragon Ball GT-Can't compare to the original, but still decent in its own right.
  10. Naruto-I like it, but it's too much of a downer as of late

Least Favorite:

  1. The 4Kids dub of any anime-do I really need an explanation? They suck.
  2. Avatar-short, inconsistent, and a very weak ending.
  3. Any shojo-Boring.

Slayer25769's picks

Favorite Anime:

  1. Dragon Ball / Z - The Original Dragon Ball is my favorite but DBZ was awesome as well.
  2. Fist of the North Star - Nothing says awesome like peoples heads exploding and a whole lotta blood
  3. Yu Yu Hakusho - probably the closest thing to Dragon Ball Z
  4. G Gundam - Most Gundam series were decent but this one was awesome
  5. Dirty Pair - 80's + Future + Two Sexy Female leads + Synthesizer Background Music = Awesome
  6. Dr. Slump - I have only seen a couple episodes in a random order due to it being japan only and hard to find online but I already love it.
  7. Trigun - Good Anime but should have gone on a bit longer.
  8. Lupin III - Great and Funny Classic
  9. Ranma 1/2 - Classic series with lots of funny moments


  1. Any Yaoi Series - It burns
  2. Any Series that revolves around playing a card game or something similar
  3. Pokemon - The show is terrible but the game series it is based off of is good
  4. Digimon - Like Pokemon it is terrible except this franchise doesn't have a good game series to save it
  5. Death Note - seems very Emo
  6. Inuyasha - its an ok manga but a bad anime
  7. Graveyard of the Fire Flies - All it did was make me feel sad


  1. Dragon ball Z
  2. Naruto
  3. One piece
  4. Bleach
  5. Dragon ball
  6. Slam dunk
  7. Samurai X
  8. YU YU Hakusho
  9. The Law of Ueki

Tensa Zabimaru's picks

  1. Dragon Ball/Z - The start of all manga/anime. Most awesome-est series eva created!
  2. Bleach - Great story. Awesome characters. action's great. it's dragging on a bit too long but the plot twists are awesome.
  3. Naruto - It is a pretty good series. its getting a bit boring but still good.
  4. Dragon Ball GT - Good, but no as good as the first 2. It was kinda boring and unexpected thing occured.
  5. Yu-gi-oh - i like it when i was young and almost solely for the abridged series.
  6. One piece - its pretty good. characters are cool. humour is okay. A bit too serious at the moment.
  7. Gundam - only seen the games. yet to start watching. seems awesome!
  8. Tekken - if there was a series it would be da bomb!

Omegaplib's picks

  1. Dragon Ball/Z/GT - The Series ARE PURE AWESOMENESS!
  2. Dragon Ball Kai - Seeing All Over Again In HD so what do ya say my little friend?
  3. Katekyo Hitman REBORN! - Great Anime,Good Story,Good Fights i really recommend people to Watch.
  4. Death Note - This is DBZ without using kamehameha and Other Powers!Awesome.
  5. D.Gray-Man - I like these series they are Great! it has everything to be famous as those Animes(Naruto and Bleach by Example)
  6. Busou Renkin - It has only 26 episodes but are very good! It has been made by the same creator of Rurouni Kenshin!
  7. Pokémon - The series can suck now,but if we back to the past this anime will be marked as one of my favorite.
  8. Trigun - Good series it's worth to watch.
  9. The Prince of Tennis - These series are very good i like it,but i don't have time to watch enough.
  10. Hunter x Hunter - Fun,cool battles.
  11. Saint Seiya - loved it.
  12. Naruto - I like it but it sucks now.
  13. Inuyasha - Used to like but i don't see anymore.


  1. Bleach - THIS THING SUCKS.
  2. Bakugan - Total Gayness.
  3. Digimon - Not Good.
  4. Yu-gi-oh! - Cards and More Cards killing each other.
  5. Yu Yu Hakusho - Too boring.

DRAGON'S picks


  2. Naruto/Naruto Shipuden

Do not know more... Dislike

  1. Pokemon The games are no junknothing special but not junck. The show is repetitive junck.
  2. Yu gi oh(Card foolishness I meqan they just are lucky and draw the right card lately it became a bit better with some real fights but still)

SonicJetWave's picks

  1. Yu Yu Hakusho
  2. Naruto- Not as bad as everyone made it, but the fillers was terrible Shippuden is much better
  3. Bleach- Would've made it before Naruto, but the year long fillers was awful and boring
  4. Code Geass
  5. Inuyasha
  6. Dragonball- All series, it is still overrated. I hate the screaming for half the episode.
  7. Death Note
  8. Yu-Gi-Oh
  9. Pokemon(Season1)- The games was much better, now it gotten worst, but I still like the Pokemon from the 4th Generation.
  10. Ruruouni Kenshin

Dislikes... >_>

  1. Cowboy Bebop- No plot. Overrated.
  2. One Piece- Not funny, the Manga is terrible, I don't understand half the things they show. But the Anime is okay.
  3. Fairy Tail- Same as One Piece, except I do understand most of the thinks they do.
  4. Gundam(Everything except the original)- I don't understand half the thinks they do, the fights are short, and they don't even have that much action. Original is win.
  5. Slam Dunk- Sports+Anime=FAIL

NejiHyuga900's picks

My Top 5 Favorites

  1. Naruto / Shippūden
  2. Bleach
  3. Dragon Ball / Z / GT
  4. Yu-Gi-Oh! (all)
  5. Pokémon (all) guy's picks


  1. DB/Z/GT
  2. Death Note
  3. Digimon adventure/tames/savers(and japanese frontier
  4. bleach(except bount and the last half of the sword fiends arc)
  5. K-ON
  6. Shaman king
  7. Yu-Gi-Oh(original series only)
  8. Monster Rancher(old school)
  9. inyuyasha
  10. and then a anime whos name escapes me it involved talking and fighting food it was on fox kids for awhile so i dont remember it at all i just remember that 9 year old me enjoyed it)

SaiyanZ's picks


  1. Dragon Ball/Z/GT/Kai - Classic, Epic, Grandfather of all animes.....Simply just love it. Toonami, Funimation etc.....thank you
  2. Yu Yu Hakusho - Again, thank you Toonami for showing me another great anime
  3. Rurouni Kenshin - Soundtracks, characters, plot etc. make it a must-see. Thank you, Toonami
  4. Cowboy Bepop - Almost as good as Rurouni Kenshin, it was just too short. Thanks, Toonami
  5. Gundam Wing/G Gundam - Soundtracks make this a hit show. Depth of the characters are pretty good too. Toonami, thanks
  6. One Piece - This anime might have the best plot ever. Toonami showed it for a couple of seasons, so for that, you have my thanks
  7. Naruto - Put this right up there with One Piece for best plot ever. Very strong emotional themes. Thank you, Toonami
  8. Fist of the North Star - Think Dragon Ball, with a down-to-earth setting, and real kung-fu in action, and now you have a classic.
  9. Bleach - I like the ideas and concepts and designs of the characters. Seems very Lady Gaga-ish
  10. Shaman King - Yoh!!!!!! I simply love the Great Fire Spirit


  1. Pokemon - Don't know why I still watch it.....damn you 4Kids for hypnotizing me into whether Ash will get a new Pokemon or not.
  2. Yu-Gi-Oh! - I hate the 4Kids dub
  3. Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo - The title itself should give you a clue in to what this thing is

lefthand's picks


  1. DRAGONBALL and all its spinnoffs (garlic jr saga sucked)
  2. yu gi oh i like watching people coming out of cards to fight
  3. FLCL the whole series was only 6 episodes but its hella funny
  4. bleach a lot of fighting and action (and dramatic)
  5. pokemon it just keeps going


  1. avater its not really anime but people think it is even thou it was made in the usa
  2. digimon it sucks in general
  3. inu yasha it kinda on the fence about this one

Kamipiccolo's picks


  1. Pokemon (The first anime whicch I watched. I have almost all of its games)
  2. Dragon Ball Z
  3. Dragon Ball GT
  4. Bakugan New Vestroia
  5. Yu-Gi-Oh! GX
  6. Beyblade G Revoloution
  7. Lost (This is cool)


  1. Dragon Ball (Because its perverted)
  2. Buffy The Vampire Slayer (Lame)
  3. 24 (Too much Drama)
  4. The Ghost Whisperer (Not even Scary)
  5. Duel masters (Lamest Show on Earth)

Popcornchiken's picks

  1. dragon ball Z
  2. dragon ball
  3. dragon ball GT
  4. Pokemon

TienchaX's picks


  1. Dragon Ball Z/Kai - Grand daddy of all animes, the action is so great it's practically unbelievable!
  2. Naruto - A great anime packed with ninja action and great plot. Watch out for the fillers!
  3. Bleach - Sweet samurai style action, with a great plot.
  4. Yu Yu Hakusho - This anime is alot like Bleach, and has great fighting action!
  5. Yu-Gi-Oh - A decent anime I find pretty good.
  6. Pokemon (Before Chronicles) - I remember when I used to watch this when I was younger. It was a joy playing Pokemon video games too, and having the classic Johto region around.


  1. Pokemon (After Chronicles) - Well, when I said I enjoyed Pokemon, I didn't mean the horrible things that came after Pokemon Chronicles.
  2. Bakugan - Really? Alright, we already have people fighting for the world with animals coming out of red and white balls, but robots popping out of decahedrons? C'mon now.
  3. Duel Masters - I never got the time to get into this one, but by the looks of it when I first saw it....
  4. Beyblades - I played with the little tops when I was little, but I didn't see the anime when I was little.
  5. Avatar The Last Airbender - Don't get me wrong, this anime is pretty cool, but the action is rarely good. No injuries really, just scars and burns. No sword fights, no fist fights, just people throwing the elements around at each other. It could've been something really good, too bad it was made by Nickelodeon.

TienShinhan88's picks

  1. db/dbz/dbgt
  2. naruto
  3. kenichi
  4. one piece

Enjoyyourpork's picks


  1. DB/DBZ/DBGT (of course)
  3. Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann (its a good mecha anime that goes pretty fast)
  4. One Piece (drawing style isnt that bad)
  5. Bleach (...its getting better)
  6. Full Metal Alchemist/ FMA Brotherhood
  7. Hellsing (omfg vampire ownage)
  8. Katekyo Hitman Reborn
  9. Fairy Tail (yea...its fun)
  10. Gintama (there might not be much of a plot but the comedy makes up for it)


  1. Pokemon (after first season and apparently ash now has throat cancer)
  2. Neon Genesis Evangelion (the plot was a big clusterf*** of random problems)
  3. Anything Shoujo (I'm a manly man that watches manly things)
  4. Anything yaoi ( i dont do the gay)

TheDarkPrinceReturns!'s picks


  1. DB SERIES (DUH! its by far the grand-master of all anime! & dbz is the best of all! hands down. i think db was better than gt. gt had so much more potential to of been better. but oh well XD)
  2. FIST OF THE NORTH STAR (an EPIC anime. great story and amazing action! i would love to see it cross over with dbz!)
  3. DEATH NOTE (its just GREAT. this anime shows an amazing display of intelligence)
  4. X MEN (some of marvel's finest work!)
  5. X MEN EVOLUTION (a great spin off the original x men, unlike many other spin offs that suck! x men evolution is awsome)
  6. YU GI OH! (only the original series, the rest of it is LAME! i'm not into dueling card type things but yu gi oh is an exception due to it having a cool story, at least in the 1st 3 seasons, lol)
  7. DIGIMON (only the 1st and 2nd seasons, they got lame after that. seasons 1 and 2 were really fun to watch)
  8. BEAST WARS: TRANSFORMERS (its awsome, beast wars is great. i very much prefer it over the original transformers)
  9. HEAVY GEAR (an awsome anime. very fun to watch)
  10. DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS (i didnt really watch it that much but it was still very good)
  11. BATMAN OF THE FUTURE (again, didnt really watch it much but it was pretty cool)
  12. SPIDER-MAN (i didnt watch spider man as much as x men, but i did like it due to the awsome characters)
  13. JACKIE CHAN ADVENTURES (the best part is that jackie chan did the voice over himself in it. story was cool for the 1st couple of seasons too. but then they just dragged it on for no reason. oh well, jackie chan ftw! lol)
  14. BEYBLADE (it was pretty fun to watch and play with the spinners in real life, lol)
  15. CUBIX (i dont know if this is considered an anime but oh well, lol. it was quiet fun to watch)

Trajano's picks

  1. Dragon Ball GT
  2. Dragon Ball Z
  3. Dragon Ball
  4. Pokemon
  5. Bakugan
  6. Naruto
  7. Mortal Combat

(But I still hate the ones that say that Naruto is better than Dragon Ball Z. Goku would kick Naruto'ass)

Wolf Girl 21's picks


  1. Hayao Miyazaki films- Spirited Away and Princess Mononoke are my absolute favorites, but I like Ponyo and Kiki's Delivery Service.
  2. Hell Girl (Jigoku Shojo)- Although it may have a few emotional episodes, it still grabs my attention.
  3. Grave of the Fireflies- A very beautiful movie, but I cried.
  4. Dragon Ball Z- my brother got me into watching this when we were little, I still watch a few episodes on Youtube.
  5. Ah My Goddess!- beautiful
  6. Wolf's Rain- beautiful, but bloody anime
  7. Satoshi Kon films- love his animation style.
  8. Bleach
  9. Blue Submarine #6


  1. Avatar: The Last Airbender- this "anime cartoon" does not deserve the "Avatar" title, I perfer the James Cameron movie.
  2. Pokemon- grew bored with it very quickly, plus I hate the dub.
  3. Yu-gi-oh- the dub is irritating to listen to.
  4. Digimon- same thing as Pokemon, but really I hate the dub.

Heck, I hate everything dubbed by 4kids. It is way better to listen to the original audio.

Sgt. Frog's picks


  1. Dragonball - It was the last of the series for me to watch but is definitely my favorite.
  2. Dragonball Z (Saiyan-Frieza Saga) - In my opinion, DBZ at its finest.
  3. Deathnote - I like Light.
  4. Dragonball GT - Brought back a lot of what the Dragonball series was about.
  5. Sergeant Frog - Insanity galore.
  6. Shin Chan - More goofball.
  7. Blue Seed - I remember watching this one every week when I was younger and thought it was pretty cool.
  8. Vandread - It was a cool concept and didn't have a lot of robot stuff.
  9. Fullmetal Alchemist - I liked what I saw of this but it was taking up a lot of my time.
  10. Origin: Spirts of the Past - This was an okay movie should have been longer.


  1. Anything dubbed by 4kids.
  2. Just about anything having to do with robots.
  3. Revolutionary Girl Utena - Could not get into it.
  4. Pani Poni Dash - Just didn't like the dub I saw of it.
  5. DBZ (Everything else) - I didn't like how the series had nothing to do with the dragon balls after Frieza, it was more about epic fights.

Wants to see

  1. Bamboo Blade
  2. Kenichi
  3. Monster

Bensanta100's picks

  1. DB/DBZ/DBGT: I'd not like DB really but DBZ And GT was pretty good
  2. Naruto: I Dont really like Naruto for 4 or 5 years but when I saw Naruto Shippuden I liked it again
  3. Avatar: I liked it all times and I can not wait for the movie and the 2nd and 3rd
  4. Yugioh: two works Great Show


  1. 4kids One Piece: Hate It! Its Suck!!!

I have alot of shows and thats all the ones I can think now.

Mrs.popos assistant's picks

  1. Naruto - Prince zarbon said that but..... the look of the anime dose'nt mattter. All I need in a anime is to make me laugh my pants off. I LOVE Naruto If I could wacth it I would. My brother says I can't he can't wacth it too.
  2. DBZ is my fav why do you think I go the Wiki?????? Cause I am super bored!!!! NOT. I have a live you know. CAUSE THE SHOW IS COOL.
  3. Poke'mon rocks that's it I do not know alot about anime.

Vegitossj64's picks

  1. Dragon Ball Z
  2. Dragon Ball
  3. Dragon Ball GT
  4. Dragon Ball Kai
  5. Lucky Star
  6. The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
  7. Shuffle!
  8. Death Note
  9. Bleach
  10. Azu Manga Daio

Favbot-DBZ's picks

Favorite Animes:

  1. DragonBall Z ( best thing ever with a cool action and fighting theme)
  2. DragonBall (lots of action and perverted jokes)
  3. DragonBall GT ( badass badguys and good long fights)
  4. Naruto ( there are ninjas in this series... and they have pretty cool techniques)
  5. Pokemon ( the pokemon themselves are mad cool and strong... and the games are amazing too)

Disliked Animes:

  1. Yugioh (its stupid, nuff said)
  2. Yugioh 5D's (bad remake of yugioh)
  3. Yugioh GX (EVEN MORE STUPID!)
  4. Bleach (weird and creepy anime)
  5. One Piece (a stupid kid who can stretch any part of his body... plus hes a pirate and has girl. friends... i hope u get, why this show makes nooooo sense)

SuperCell3000's picks


  1. Dragon Ball Z ~ it is the best out there, it has all the elements comic relief, action, suspence, its only fault was too much suspence, it was like 15 episodes of the 5 minute fight of Goku vs. Freiza
  2. Dragon Ball ~ just like dragon ball z, all the elements are the same, as well as the faults, its #2 because the action wasnt as well thought out or as imaginative
  3. Dragon Ball GT ~ it had action as well, however, the plots weren't as well thought out as the others, and the black star dragon ball saga sucked big time, and i hate pan
  4. Zatch Bell ~ i loved this show, but after a while it got very repetitive
  5. Pokemon ~ i loved this show when i was younger, the games were and still are awesome, but after cartoon network took over it got stupid and every episode is the same, the movies are okay i guess
  6. Sailor Moon ~ i loved this show too, its last because there was too much romance and drama


  1. Naruto ~ omg i hate this show with a passion so much i cant explain it
  2. Digimon ~ it was too hard to follow, there was so many digimon it was hard to keep up to be honest i just hate tv shows about machinces with the exception of the androids from dbz
  3. Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo ~ the name says it all
  4. One Piece ~ it was boring and repetitive
  5. Deathnote ~ snore ZzZZZzzzzzz
  6. Bakugan ~ its so stupid, its just a bootleg combo of yu-gi-oh, beyblade and pokemon

Lexadin's picks

  1. Code Geass (All seasons)
  2. Helsing (Only the OVA)
  3. Shinzo
  4. Dragon Ball Z
  5. Death Note
  6. FMA Brotherhood
  7. Yu-Gi-Oh (from the second season and GX' season 4)
  8. Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo
  9. Digimon (season 1&2 only)
  10. Pokemon

I think that's all the anime's I've ever watched.

StewieMan2032's picks

Favorite Anime

  1. DB,DBZ,DBGT (my favorite because it has the best moments and nearly every episode and chapter is great)
  2. Bleach (the storyline and plot can be more explained, but it is nothing but non-stop soul reaper action!
  3. yu yu hakasho (i started watching this before dragonball z but the battles and plot are both an upbringing)
  4. Full Metal Alchemist (the plot is good, not much gore which i think is good, kind of just a clear storyline trying to save people
  5. dr. slump (i first found arale when she appeared in DB volume 7, and she and gatchan defeated general blue easlily!


  1. naruto/shippuden (i never cared for naruto, it is ok, and that is all, what i dislike is the storyline is terrible, it is mostly filler, not for me)
  2. bakugan (wrong, kids rolling magnetic balls)
  3. yugioh (a show about cards, seen it)
  4. kekashi (i cant say anything, it doenst change the fact this show is terrible)
  5. sonic X ( sonic is a nintedo and sega gaming character, he just screws up anime)

超サイヤ人ガイ's picks

Favourite Anime

  1. The Dragon Ball series of course (Z is the best)
  2. Full-Metal Alchemist
  3. Avatar: The Last Air Bender
  4. The Jackie Chan Adventures
  5. Spirited Away (i love that movie)
  6. Capiton Planet
  7. Bleach (but it sucks in english-dub)
  8. Poke'mon (the first series mostly)
  9. Sailor Moon (m mm i love sailor moon girls at costume parties)
  10. BayBlades (Used to love it, couldn't watch it now)


  1. Naruto (that is all)

Darkmagiciangirl picks

  1. Dragonball Z
  2. Avatar The Last Airbender
  3. Yu-Gi-Oh
  4. Pokemon
  5. Mew Mew Power
  6. Angelic Layer

The saiyan apprentice's picks

  1. Dragon Ball z ( best following storyline, awesome fights, humor, and greatly drawn)
  2. Yu-yu-hakusho (fantastic show, the fights are very good, too bad its only 4 seasons)
  3. Dragon Ball GT (while it holds elements of dragon ball starting off, it picks up 1/8th of the way through with some DBZ fighting styles)
  4. Dragon Ball (wasnt too interested at first because it seemed too slow for me, picked up halfway through though)
  5. Full Metal Alchemist (he original is amazing, the brotherhood is just a little too tame for me but still alright)
  6. One Piece (love the manga, and the show is awesome too, especially in japanese)
  7. Bleach (something me and my gf follow, pretty alright)
  8. Shamen king
  9. inuyasha
  10. The original yu-gi-oh

Rossie9191's picks


  1. Death Note- No other series has really grabbed and held my interest as much as this series. All of the characters actually have some thing to offer, unlike some other series I watch. Light Yagami is easily one of my top 10 Characters of all time.
  2. FullMetal Alchemist Brotherhood- I guess you can put the original series and the new one in this slot as I love them both. But if you ask me Brotherhood takes the prize. Great development, emotional dialouge, Characters that you love and are rooting for. Then there are characters you hate, and hope they get whats coming to them.
  3. Dragon Ball Z- The First Anime I trully loved. It doesn't really get much better than this.
  4. Bleach- I love the show when it's actually moving forward with the plot. I absolutelly hate the filler though.
  5. Yu Yu Hakusho- While DBZ is my first Anime, its generally for all ages. Yu Yu Hakusho is the first series I watched for a more mature audience.
  6. Cowboy Bebop- Took me forever to finish. And I wasn't particuallry happy with the ending, I still loved this series and consider it a must for any anime fan.
  7. Outlaw Star- Not quite what I had hoped it would be, but still very enjoyable. Gene Starwind is badass.
  8. Gundam- I dont have a specific series in mind.
  9. Wolfs Rain- I don't hear to much about this series from other people. But I really enjoy it.
  10. There are so many series I could put here so I'll just leave it open.


  1. Naruto
  2. The filler in Bleach lol

Link793's picks


  1. Bleach- Bleach has become one of my favourite animes, ever since I heard about it.
  2. Pokemon- Pokemon is the anime i have watched for a long time, so it had to be here.
  3. Naruto- This a great Ninja anime! Naruto is hilarious!

Dislikes None.

Tjakari's picks

  1. Death note was so freakin awesome i stayed up until 5am to watch the whole show (although the business part was slow)
  2. Db franchise you no why nuff said
  3. Bleach awesome swords spirits kill good stuff
  4. yu yu hakosho was good but when it stopped airing coulndnt find the episodes
  5. digimon first season and 2nd only got dubm after that
  6. one peice up till the guy with the slingshot came.
  7. Naruto is actuall no 4 thought the last minute yu yu switch.


  1. zatch bell got repititive same words over and ...... get the point
  2. pokemon
  3. one peice.

everything is this i havet watch any else

SuperGhost's picks

  1. Dragon Ball / Dragon Ball / Z / GT
  2. Dragon Ball Multiverse
  3. Transformers
  4. Didgimon
  5. Shaman King
  6. Yu Yu Haseko
  7. DarkStalkers
  8. Teggen Toppa Gurren Lagan
  9. Neko Majin Z
  10. One Piece
  11. Dr Slump
  12. Sailor Moon
  13. Bastard
  14. Naruto Shippuden
  15. Jo Jo's Biizare Adventure

As For Didgimon i dislike card duels and the human kid players but i did like the Didgimon Like Zeedmiliniumon , I Like Neko Majin Z and Dr Slump because they contain DBZ crosovers, etc

MamaLuigi's picks


  1. Dragon Ball /Z
  2. YU-GI-OH!
  3. Naruto
  4. Pokemon
  5. Dr.Slump
  6. Sailor Moon
  7. Bastard
  8. Transformers
  9. Yu Yu Haseko

Toke's picks

  1. Dragon Ball Z
  2. Cowboy Bebop
  3. Gundam: The 08th MS Team
  4. Yu Yu Hakusho

Least favorites would be Naruto, FMA, Dragon Ball GT, Tenchi Muyo, and G Gundam...

Intervention's picks

  1. Dragonball Z
  2. Dragonball Kai
  3. Dragonball
  4. Dragonball GT
  5. Avatar: TLA
  6. Bakugan
  7. First Pokemon series


  1. BoBoBo- NAME SAYS ALL! COMPLETE $H!T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. BoBoBo
  3. BoBoBo
  4. BoBoBo
  5. BoBobo

LittleMissNamek's picks


  1. Dragonball/Z/GT- pure awesomeness,love most of the characters, and possibly one of the best animes around!<D
  2. Pokemon- grew up watching the series.I'm a loyal fan to the four generations so far.As for generation 5, I'm still a little iffy.
  3. Sgt Frog-funny as hell and great characters!
  4. Hamtaro-i don't remember much of it but i thought it was cute.
  5. Ranma 1 1/2-again i found it funny.
  6. Black Cat-I love the how it's funny and serious at the same time.
  7. Digimon- i like this show only because it has agumon! he reminds me of a charmander!
  8. Full Moon-I love the characters and their personalities!


  1. Naruto- sorry to any naruto fans out there but i hate this show so much. a few characters are ok but other than that i hate it.
  2. Sonic X-I still watch it from time to time.I hate how they ended the series. breaking an eight-year-old's heart by letting his girlfriend die with her clan. bet you're REAL proud of yourselves 4Kids.
  3. One Piece- If i have to see it on TV one more time, i will personally go to 4kids and rip their freakin' heads off! that show annoys me to no end!>:(

Kuririnfan22's picks


  1. Dragonball Z - This is Anime at it's finest, the characters are the most rememberal from any anime series.
  2. Dragonball - A true masterpiece in Anime. The story is great, The battles are fierce and The characters are lovable. And of course it led on to be the greatest anime franchise of all time.
  3. Dragonball GT - It's storyline is great and i'm just happy we got to see the oozaru one last time.
  4. Naruto - Watched a few episodes and liked it.
  5. Pokemon - Only Season One and Two, everything else sucked ass.


  1. One piece - Geez this show just plain pisses me off.
  2. Card Captors - A cheap second rate Sailor moon.
  3. Bo-bobo-bobobo - This was disgraceful (And i don't even care if i got the name wrong)
  4. Ultimate Muscle - I liked it as a kid, but it's very childish and it dosen't take itself seriously.
  5. Beyblade - Spinning tops? give me a break.
  6. Bakugan - Another gimmock intended for five year-olds, c'mon it's just a second rate Pokemon or Digimon!

Gohankid03's picks

Favorite Anime

  1. Naruto (Don't Hate)
  2. DBZ
  3. DBGT
  4. DB
  5. Death Note
  6. Bleach
  7. Inuyasha
  8. Avater


  1. One Piece (That Show Is Dumb)

Super Saiyin 4 Gohan's picks

  1. Dragonball Z(Gohan saved the earth twice)
  2. Dragonball( especially Bulma your balls are gone!)
  3. Dragonball GT( Omega Shenron, Goku And Vegeta Reborn it can't get better


  1. everything else's picks

  1. DB/DBZ/DBGT(Greatest Action Scenes Of All Time How Can U Hate it)
  2. Bleach(To Me It's Like DBZ But Wirh Swords And Even The Filler's Keep Me Interested)
  3. Yu Yu Hakusho(Yusuke's Passion For Fighting Is Just Unbelieveable I Enjoyed This Alot)
  4. Rurouni Kenshin(The Things That A Reverse-Blade Sword Can Do)
  5. G Gundam(Best Gundam Series Of All Time)
  6. Beyblade(I'm Sorry People May Think It's Stupid But I Grew Up Watchin Dis)
  7. Yu Gi Oh(Best Card Game Ever Still Got My Deck At The Crib ^_^)
  8. S-Cry-Ed(Though Short Loved The Action)
  9. Zatch Bell
  10. Samurai Champloo(I Love How This Is Mixed Little Bit With Hip Hop Culture


  2. The Prince Of Tennis(Really An Anime About Tennis -_-)
  3. Ghost In The Shell(To Me This Was Boring And All I Know Was A Chick Wit Big Tits Was Main Character)
  4. Blue Gender(I Don't Hate It But It's Also Boring To Me)
  5. Kekkaishi(This Show Is Just Stupid To Me -_-)

Super_Vegito_SSJ4's picks

  1. Dragon Ball/Z/GT (the best anime in the world, now finally returning to the channel in my country :D but it's synchronized -.-)
  2. Digimon (I know it may be kinda stupid but I've grown up in a land with stupid cartoons...)
  3. Pokemon
  4. One Piece
  5. Naruto (One Piece and Naruto I didn't watch on my country channel cuz they're awesome and my country sucks...)


  1. Yu-Gi-Oh! (the first series were ok, second stupid, and the third a complete miss...
  2. Duel Masters (never knew what's the story all about, and the animation is so lame...
  3. Bakugan (wtf!?!?!?!?! dueling with meatballs :D I mean they look like that hahahahhah -.-)'s picks


  1. Akira-the movie that sparked western intreset in anime is also the greatest, amazing animation even today and a nice consipracy scifi story.
  2. Princess Mononoke-The best movie in my opinion from Miyazaki, watched it as a kid and fell in love.
  3. End of Evangelion-the true ending to the greatest anime series ever.
  4. Ninja Scroll- Cool fighting scenes,very violent and gory.
  5. Spirited Away-It was alright

Anime Series:

  1. Neon Genesis Evangelion- The pinnacle of anime. Normally I am not a fan of mech animes but the story with religious allusions kept me hooked. I cannot believe this is not on other people's list.
  2. Dragonball Z- I only like dragonball z, dragonball has boring fights and ssj 4? Hell no!
  3. Code Geass-The mech parts are ok but the real treat is the main character's cunning and deviance. I did not see the ending coming at all.
  4. Berserk- really slow until the last few epsiodes but gets awesome.
  5. Fullmetal Alchemist-I love how alchemy is their science and how it is philosophical it is. The plot is good too.
  6. Death Note-It is alright. Not a fan of the emo art style.
  7. Elfen lied- the first episode was badass. The series then starts to become kind of girly and weird.
  8. Naruto-ehhh just watching it because only series still running that can hold my attention.

Dax4124funcy's picks

  1. Dragonball Z:grew up with it and I love the epicly awesome story and fighting
  2. Dragonball:less fighting more adventure but still good
  3. Rurouni Kenshin:Kenshin is one bad ass character
  4. Avatar: interesting story but way to short 61 episodes
  5. Dragonball GT:good show but it is beat up on because it is not as good as db or dbz
  6. Yu yu hakusho:I like the concept
  7. Pokemon:Who doesnt
  8. Gundam:grew up with it

Gotek's picks

  1. db,dbz,dbgt,dbzk
  2. fullmetel alchemist
  3. bleach
  4. yu-gi-oh 5D's
  5. Bakugan
  6. yu-gi-oh gx
  7. yu-gi-oh
  8. sonic x
  9. DR.Slump
  10. Kekkaishi's picks

Favorite Animes

  1. Dragon Ball Z(Easily one of the best animes I have ever watched. Amazing action, great plot, and creative characters)
  2. Yu Yu Hakusho(Interested as soon as I started watching it. Kept me obsessed for years, but got slightly worse after the Dark Tournament Saga)
  3. Death Note(A great topic for an anime other than physically fighting, as they fight each other with their intellegence and cleaverness)
  4. Full Metal Alchemist(A great plot, but wish it had at least one more saga)
  5. Inuyasha(A beautiful anime with love and action mixed perfectly, which is rare in most anime now a days)
  6. Dragon Ball(Great way to start off a great series, humorous and filled with action
  7. Cowboy Bebop(Creative characters with great music)
  8. FLCL(One of the funniest animes I have ever watched)
  9. Case Closed(A man trapped in a kid's body that solves crimes, how cool is that?!)
  10. Dragon Ball GT(disliked the way they organized the plot but still a decent way to end DragonBall)


  1. Digimon(Too much like pokemon and its name is even like pokemon)
  2. Zatch Bell(They fight with puppets? Really?!)
  3. Slayers(Funny but not as good as I think it could be)
  4. Naruto(can't get the hype about this show and I think its too overrated)
  5. Pokemon(Loved the games but hated the anime)
  6. Bleach(Takes too many ideas from DBZ and gets more hype than it deserves)
  7. Gundam Series(Got nothing against the anime but I could never get into it)
  8. The Big O(I like giant robots and mechanics but could never really get the plot, but loved the fights)
  9. Kekkaishi(Disliked the fact that they attack each other with blocks of energy but it was very creative)
  10. Yu-Gi-Oh(Don't like the anime much but I love playing the card game)

Hagluahga's picks


  1. Fullmetal Alchemist/FMA Brotherhood - Original anime was good, Brotherhood was freakin awesome. Great character building and emotional scenes. Fight sequences with King Bradley are probably the best I've ever seen, along with some "holy crap did that really just happen?" moments.
  2. Dragon Ball Z - Need I explain?
  3. Gundam Wing - First anime I really watched - blew my mind. Wat?! cartoons can be serious?!
  4. Love Hina - Keitaro, you lucky bastard...

Least Favorite

  1. Dragon Ball GT - Took everything/everyone that was awesome from Dragon Ball Z and made it unbelievably stupid. "Goten, just a second...notice anything... different? Heh?"

Maxos Gojira's picks

I only have 4 because i just was inrested in anime in 2006 but are mine LIKES

  1. DB/DBZ/DBGT/DBZKAI (I found a entire collection of Dragon Ball to Dragon Ball GT in my attic and i've been following DBZKAI since it premired)
  2. Bleach (I find that Bleach is awesome espcally with the Bankai and the new hollows Espadas and with Ichigo new form the Half Hollow Half Soul Reaper)
  3. Code Geass (I like the giant mechas and swordplay)
  4. Gundam -all of them- (Same with Gundam)


  1. Naruto (I like the Naru-Saru but it's a fail)
  2. Death Note (Hated this with killing people with just writing it in a book then they die)
  3. DBKAI (I don't like the old Kai because they changed Sean Sheecmal with that guy)
  4. Yu-Yu Hakayuosu (same with DB/DBZ/DBGT I found a collection of that show. What did you know my attic is a tresure trove. I like the hot girls but the main Charater is bad. I don't mind if you guys flame me it's my opinin)

Gohan6200's picks

  1. Dragon Ball /Z/GT-It's awesome and tons of epic fights.
  2. Bleach-It's like DBZ, but with Swords. (LOL)
  3. One Piece-I just love it for some random reason.
  4. Naruto-DBZ Ninjas!
  5. Death Note-I love the art work and it awesome!
  6. Slam Dunk-This is funny and awesome.

Anime I Hate

  1. Pokemon-It's lame and does not look like anime but it is
  2. Yu-Gi-Oh-Boring!!!!!!!
  3. Bakugan-It's like Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh.
  4. Digimon-It's just digital Pokemon's picks

  1. Yu Yu Hakusho
  2. and DBZ.

Everything else is pretty g** and too weird to like lol.

Ki Monkey's picks

  1. Tengan Toppen Gurren Laggan (For those of you who don't know what it is, watch it right now!)
  2. Dragon Ball Z
  3. Dragon Ball
  4. One Piece
  5. Deathnote

I don't consider Avatar an anime. If I did I would put it inbetween DBZ and Tengan Toppen.


  1. dragon ball/dragon ball z/dragonball gt.: totally pwns the best anime ever!


  1. Naruto: Totally bad as hell the worst thing ever.

Everything else i like too, dbz i like most than db gt than db i love all the seasons (db dbz dbgt) they are my fav. anime shows and i hate naruto!!!!

10reapaer01's picks


  1. Durarara!! - The second anime ever to have me hooked not even half way through episode one (and that's saying something, since I missed about half of that when it appeared on Adult Swim). Got my favorite voice actors (minus Chris Sabat and Vic Minonener...), and Izaya is awesome.
  2. FLCL - No words to describe this show. It's...furi kuri. For the record, this was the first.
  3. Cowboy Bebop - Obviously. Compelling characters, great story, amazing music.
  4. Code Geass - Once again, favorite voice actors minus two all together. I generally hate mecha anime, but they managed to not have the Knightmares take up the entire show. Lelouch is pretty similar to Izaya (appearance, personality, and voice actor).
  5. Dragon Ball - Not a complex plot at all, but that's not always a bad thing. It has fun characters and a good message (I was a kid when I first started watching, for the record).
  6. Fullmetal Alchemist - Really cool abilities, great story, memorable characters (no one ever really became meaningless).
  7. Hellsing - Vampires, Nazis, Nazi vampires, Catholics. Yeah, that about covers it.
  8. One Piece - For a series that's run for so long, it never really fell into the Naruto gap. It takes the FMA character preservation to the extreme (Buggy still matters...) and adds a really inspiring message to it.
  9. Afro Samurai - Simple and manly.
  10. Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt - Gainax, you troll...
  11. Soul Eater - The most well paced anime I've ever seen. Everything happened at a steady pace and every episode had some sort of meaning to the plot.
  12. Gurren Lagann - Do I really need to explain this? I won't. Who the hell do you think I am?!


  1. Bleach - "Oh no, my female friend who might be a love interest has just been kidnapped by some generic villains! I must rush to save her with my other friends while aquiring a new power along the way! x3" Add some nice seasons worth of filler for good measures.
  2. Naruto (to an extent) - Basically, if they could tell the story like in Ninja Storm (2), they'd be golden. But since they can't, we get bombarded by filler and things that take way too long to happen.
  3. Ghost in the Shell - It's nice, but I just never really got into it.
  4. EVA - Just, no... Pointless religious crap + main character who cries every episode and jacks off to a comatose girl = crappy show.
  5. New Pokemon - I understand they want to keep it going to promote the games and cards when new stuff comes out, but seriously; how many times can we watch Team Rocket try to catch Pikachu (who should be level 1000+ by now...)? Get a new set of protagonists every few years like Yu-Gi-Oh! does.
  6. RomeoxJuliet - I don't dislike it per se, but it's just so hilarious I can't take it seriously (the hilarity stemming from how radically different it is to the play).
  7. Pretty Cure - Just... Forget it...
  8. Chobits - Pretty much everything good about this series is paved over with the blatant perversion.
  9. Ikkitousen - Same as above, only there really wasn't much good...
  10. Gundam everything - Don't ask why, but I've always hated Gundam with a passion.
  11. Marvel Anime - I like how they did this, and it looked really nice, but I'm just not a Marvel guy (barring Wolverine, but he was a Bishounen for some odd reason...).
  12. Infinite Stratos - It's got some good points, but the plot is just so predictable and basically the same as every harem + school life series.'s picks

who ever thincks one pice is good yoooooooooou suuuuuuuuuuck !!! one pice is wierd !!! my favs are

  1. dragon ball z
  2. dragon ball
  3. deltora quest
  4. maby noroto

Trunten 3900's picks

I stopped watching most anime when I was about 7, then restarted recently, so I'll do mine as my old favs and new favs. Old Likes

  1. Bobobo bo bobobo- thought the randomness was funny.
  2. Pokemon- taught about freindship(and I was taught as a young boy that Pokemon was as violent as it could get, but then I saw Diehard and all that ended).
  3. Yugioh- found something about summoning monsters to do battle was cool
  4. Avatar- I was mesmerized by that crap.
  5. Shaman King- I loved that show and think it's decent now
  6. Somethink abot a guy with a magic sword but i dont remember the name.
  7. Transformers- thought it was cool, but know i only like the movies
  8. Zatchbell- loved that little guy, but i haven't seen the show since.
  9. One peice- seemed silly and entertaining
  10. Digimon- no clue why

New Likes

  1. DBZ/DB/DBGT- thats about the only anime I watch now, and WHERE ARE WE?!
  2. X-MEN Evolution- a bit childish, but still entertaining.


  1. Yugioh GX- some kid learns to dual on an island then gets controled by dragon Yubel, gimme a break, and the whole thing was a scam to sell more cards.
  2. Pokemon- the entire thing was one 2 minute fight then they learn some stupid lesson and make a freind they never see again(Ash had to be smoking 15 packs a day).
  3. Yugioh- scene-"ITS TIME TO DO DO DO DO DO DO DO DUAL!!!!!!!" and "OH NO KURIBO WAS DESTROYED AND I LOST 1 LP, HOLY Sh*#!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!".
  4. Avatar- the kid learns a retarded new power to end the series, WHOOP DEE DOO!
  5. One Peice 4kids- it got really stupid.
  6. anything 4kids for that matter.
  7. Dual Masters- sucked, and it was apparent that the characters know they are animated.
  8. Bobobo- watched 3 months ago and turned it off after 2 minutes.
  9. Backugan- kids throughing plastic talking balls at eachother, how stupid is that, plus everything ends with -ist and it only attracted the attention of retards(if you walked by the convention you would know too).
  10. Digimon- first season is decent but all the rest was lame idiots acting like theyre badass.
  11. Naruto- liked it when I was younger, but now it's a LOT of mellodrama.
  12. I absolutely hate all soaps in anime form(watching bad seemingly russian actors do that is more than enough).
  13. DBZ Kai- it lacks some basic components and Majin Buu(plus every other filler, which i admit i enjoy).

It should be noted that I really dont whatch anything but DBZ now, so i dont have any reference on other stuff.

Tamuraki's picks

Like (In Order)

  1. DragonBall /Z/ GT
  2. One Piece
  3. Lupen 3rd
  4. Naruto
  5. Avatar

Dislikes I have no clue about disliked anime because I forgot their names

Matarroks picks

Well i dont watch that many animes but a few i do like are.

  1. The dragonball entire series.
  2. one piece. One piece is awesome. Great fights and brilliant storyline.
  3. Shaman king. A awesome anime. Great fights and storyline.great drawing.
  4. Pokemon. I have liked it since i was a kid but getting a bit dull now
  5. Neko majin z. Was funny


  1. I dislike.naruto. i think the beginning is way too complicated.

Launcherpl's picks

  1. Dragon ball/z-obvousliy awesome, the characters are so lovable and funny, just amazing from start to finish, wish they kept launch in dbz though :( (i don't really like dbgt)
  2. Ginga nagareboshi Gin- this ridicously long titled anime has a special place in my heart, its about my favourite animals dogs, and like db and dbz, it has a compelling story full of action and adventure, with a little bit of comedy here and then.
  3. Ginga Densetsu Weed- GNG's sequal, obvously not as good as the first, but the characters are just so awesome and so is the story, i personally like the manga better but the anime still is good.

Msdbzfanssjelite's picks


  1. Dragonball, Z, GT: If it weren't for dbz I would not be into anime. Dbz was my 1st anime and it's amazing. This show is awesome! The plots and fighting sequences are epic and the chracters have great backgrounds. I love the cliffhanger: "Find out in the next episode of Dragonball Z !" DBZ never gets old. DBZ is the greatest anime of all time in my book! The original Dragonball was great too. Goku was so naive as a kid, it was hilarious! Dragonball GT was okay. It could have been better. They underrated main chracters like Vegeta, Gohan, and Piccolo. The only thing I liked about it was ssj4 and ssj4 gogeta.
  2. Bleach: This show is great! The storyline and plot is amazing. My favorite arc is the Arrancar arc. Love this show! My only bad thing about this show is when there a major plot coming, it is interrupted by a boring filler arc.
  3. Blood+ This show may only have 50 episodes, but the story is great! I love the conflict between Saya and Diva. The action is suspensful and the cliffhangers do thier job of making you want to watch more.


  1. Naruto: I hate when people compare this show to dbz. This show sucks! The characters are dull, the action is boring, and there are so many episodes of dull filler! Also, people actually think that Naruto can beat Goku? o.o
  2. Sailor Moon: I used to like this show when I was little, but now watching it again, It's lame.
  3. Pokemon: All the shows sucked except the original. I loved all the games up until the recent one, Pokemon Black and White. The pokemon really suck in the black and white game. Like pokemon made of trash and Ice cream? Really?

SS4 Gokule's picks

  1. Dragon Ball Z
  2. Fairytail
  3. Dragon Ball GT
  4. Soul Eater
  5. Death Note

IAmKuwabara's picks

  1. Dragon Ball/Z/GT- It was the first anime I watched as a kid and it has been my favorite for 10 years. SO much action and adventure and lovable characters.
  2. Yu Yu Hakusho- Another old favorite. I love all the characters. Funimation really brought this series to life and the story is so brilliant. I love Kuwabara :)
  3. Shin Chan- SO FUNNY. One of the funniest anime's I've ever seen. I love the humor, especially the toilet humor and political jokes.
  4. Genshiken- It's an anime about people who watch anime....its so great. There's some really great characters in this series and I can really relate to it as an anime lover.
  5. Ghost Stories- Another REALLY hilarious anime. It is one big inappropriate joke.


  1. Naruto- I just never liked it
  2. Shaman King- It is my favorite manga of all time but the anime was God awful's picks

  1. DBZ
  2. Beyblade Metal Fusion/Masters
  3. Bleach
  4. Naruto/Shippuuden
  5. Rorouni Kenshin
  6. Sonic X
  7. Kingdom Hearts (i know its a game)
  8. Final Fantasy 7
  9. DBGT
  10. Original Beyblade

SuperKidBuu's picks


  1. Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z( Unique storylines and great characters)
  2. Full Metal Alchemist (Good Storyline, great characters and funny)


  1. Pokemon (earliar series not bad but it got too repetitive)
  2. Naruto (I just don't like it)

NomadMusik's picks


  1. Death Note - "WHAT?!?!?!" You say? Yeah, Death Note is better than Dragon Ball imo. Deal with it. It's dark theme and amazing moments (Raye Penbar's death is a prime example) make it overall better than Dragon Ball.
  2. Dragon Ball Z - I only recall watching one part of the original Dragon Ball, so Z is number 2. It had epic fights (most notably Seru vs. Teen SSJ2 Son Gohan (yay manga names!)) and decent character personalities. It would've been tied for #1 if there were no filler episodes nor GT.
  3. Bobobo-bo Bobobo-bo - This only for hilarity.\
  4. Bleach - I just liked this. IDK if it's because of the characters or what. (Tied with Inuyasha).
  5. Inuyasha - Same as Bleach. (Tied with Bleach).
  6. One Piece - I've pretty much enjoyed this for Zoro, Ussop and Sanji. Otherwise, it's kinda meh.


  1. Pokemon (Post Johto) - Ah, Pokemon. The first anime I've ever watched (right before Dragon Ball, actually. :P). The series turned for the worst in Hoenn, where all of the characters were childish now. Sinnoh got slightly better, but not by much. I've never seen Best Wishes, though, so I have to look out for that.
  2. Naruto - Ninjas, action, ninjas, jokes, ninjas, perverted ninjas and ninjas. I primarily hate this for the different take on ninjas. If I need to see Ninja, I'd play any game with ninjas in it. At least the games are decent.

BeanJS's picks

  1. Naruto/Shippuden
  2. Inuyasha
  3. Dragonball/Z/GT
  4. Gauken Alice
  5. Shugo Chara/Doki/Party
  6. Mermaid melody pitch/pure
  7. Romeo x Juliet
  8. Spice and Wolf
  9. Vampire Knight/Guilty
  10. Bleach's picks

  1. Dragon Ball/Z/GT: The most action-packed and epic anime of all.
  2. Naruto/Shippuden: The story is awesome, but I hate most fillers. Games are epic and transformations are too.
  3. Bleach: In my opinion, a mix of DBZ and Naruto which makes it epic, but once again, not a fan of fillers.
  4. Yu-Gi-Oh!: I loved this anime as a kid, GX was alright and 5Ds is meh. I used to play the games too.
  5. YuYu Hakusho: This show was awesome and Bleach reminds me of it as they are similar.
  6. Rurouni Kenshin: One of first animes I watched. Loved the action and Kenshin was freaking awesome.
  7. One Piece: Funny and starting to be one of my favorites.
  8. Afro Samurai: Full of action, blood , and Afro is played by Samuel L. Jackson, one of my favorite actors.
  9. Pokemon: Liked it as kid, but after the Hoenn saga I lost interest. Still play the games, though..
  10. InuYasha: Full of action and all-around awesome anime.

Taiki's picks

Favorite Anime Series/Movies Likes (favorites):

  1. Pokémon: I like the first season where everything is so fresh. Just the fact that Team Rocket was badass and that Misty was in it. However, now it seems like it cannot even compete against Dora: The explorer. Every episode after the Kanto ARC, seems to go like this: 1) Ash and co meet someone who is in trouble or in need of help, 2) Ash and co help, 3) The person in help tells about his/her past and what they want to become, 4) Team Rocket appears, 5) Team Rocket flies away, 6) Ash and co leave ~episode ends~.
  2. Digimon: I grew up with this show, thus making it a standard favorite for me. I loved the first 2 seasons because of the freshness. I never compared Digimon to Pokemon because I find them to be very different from eachother. In comparison; Digimon progresses per episode and season (Digimon get stronger, can change and the persons age). The first time I watched an anime torture scene was in Digimon Season 2, where the female villain got killed by her master (MaloMyotismon vs. Arukenimon).
  3. Dragonball Z: This aired when I was very young, but it never appealed to me back then. If I think back of it I can only remember the green/blueish surroundings of Namek and Frieza cutting himself by his own attack. I was also traumatized when I saw Cell absorbing these humans with his tail, and absorbing Android 17. I didn't had the courage to watch DBZ anymore back then. The reason why I consider myself a DBZ fan is because of the fact that this show is not all about fighting scenes and fillers, but because it contains action packed violence, emotional- and heatwrenching scenes. When I saw Android 18 I became highly interested in her (like 5 years ago), and now she (and 17) are my fave characters.
  4. Dragonball: I don't remember a lot of this anymore, but I'm planning on watching it when I'm done rewatching DBZ. (When I was younger I sat days behind the PC to watch DB)
  5. Megaman NT Warior: This show basically caught my attention because there weren't any other decent anime shows over here. We only had shows like Bakugan... I like it because it also contained action and interesting characters.


  1. Naruto: I tried watching this show, and I found it interesting for a few moments, but it really died off quickly. I don't understand what is so great about this show. My brother watches this like there is no tomorrow.. I also hate the fact that this show gets compared to Dragonball / Z / GT / KAI. Naruto is completely irrelevant and different from DB / Z / GT / KAI. And measurments like; Goku could defeat Naruto easily because when he gets in his SSJ state he is like 5.000.003 times stronger than a ordinary human, making Naruto cringe for his life and such. Dragonball Z is in many aspects way better than Naruto, IMO.

BardockGoku's picks

  1. I like all the Deagon Ball Movies, i havent seen any of the DB movies but i am looking forward to seeing them soon

GalickExplosion's picks

  1. Clannad. Easily my favorite show of all time. No violence, it's just about these kids and their lives in high school. Hilariously funny, horrendously emotional, and extremely sad. I cried every time a certain song from the soundtrack played. I'm not ashamed to admit I cried dozens of times watching this show. Perfect in every imaginable way. Made me sad it was only 48 episodes long. Go check it out on Netflix streaming if you have the chance.
  2. Dragon Ball Z. Badass characters, cool fights, good story. Awesome. Aliens, energy attacks, spaceships, giant dragons that grant wishes. I love it.
  3. Angel Beats. Cool idea. A bunch of kids go to a place where they continue to live, unable to die, until they choose to be reborn. It's awesome how much they fight against the thought of being reborn. Cool fights, guns, heavenly powers, funny. What more could you want?
  4. Shuffle! Cute girls, fun story, and ridiculously overdramatic. It's like you're watching a soap opera sometimes, which makes me like it even more, even though i hate soap operas.
  5. Kanon. Made by the people who made Clannad. Interesting. The main character is so inexplicably connected to a town he hasn't visited in like ten years. Spirits and demons at one point. Good, but not nearly as good as any of the previous.

DbzFan555's picks

  1. DB/DBZ
  2. Spiral
  3. YuYuHakusho

(And thats all Meery Christmas!)

Cooper31684's picks

  1. Dragonball (DB/Z/GT) - Best story ever written
  2. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood - I like Brotherhood better than the original anime because it was just a better story that better explained the Elrics' background and the villain was so much better. Father is the man!
  3. Yu Yu Hakusho - Another great story and epic villains! Plus Kuibara is one of my favorite characters ever!
  4. Inuyasha - Seshomaru never lets on just how powerful he really is. But he has a cool head and that makes him extremely dangerous. Naraku is a great villain as well.
  5. Akira - Blood, Blood, and MORE Blood!
  6. Trigun - Vash is awesome
  7. Outlaw Star - I just like saying Kataro Kataro!
  8. Bleach - Pretty good fights but I haven't really followed it like DBZ or some of the others on my list or I'm sure it might have been higher.
  9. Don't know if it's politically correct, Bible Black is a pretty sick anime... Mature audiences only of course. The story is really weird but interesting at the same time.
  10. And to finish of my list, I'd have to say that the Devil May Cry anime was cool, but it needed to be longer. Just when it started to get good, it was over.

Luffy01's picks

  1. dragon ball z- watched it since i was 5 loved it just wish it went for a bit longer, something you can watch over, and over again truley an awesome show.
  2. naruto/shippuden- same but when i was 6 loved it as well reminded me of dbz at times
  3. one piece- was defffinately funny and was easy to follow and truley great.
  4. bleach only started liking it recently love it as well due to it been less childish with lots of blood and loss of limbs.
  5. yugioh- i loved it when i was little but not as much lately
  6. beyblade- first series i loved after that didnt watch it again due to the stupid changes they made
  7. dragon ball gt- was good only 64 episodes should have went for at least 100+ ss4 was good but it outclassed my fav ss3 and seemed as if gt was just not the same as dbz
  8. pokemon- loved the first few seasons but gets very repetitive and predictable after about 7-8 seasons, love the games though.
  9. digimon- as well first few seasons didnt watch it after about 3 seasons still ok.

Freeza Burn's picks


  1. Dragon Ball/Z - The perfect mix of action and goofy humor, and I love the simple, clean, and effective art style. Great characters keep it continually interesting.
  2. Neon Genesis Evangelion - Intense story, loved the characters, really liked the animation. I thought End of Evangelion was a great complement to the last two episodes.
  3. Yu Yu Hakusho - It has a lot of similarities to DBZ, but much less goofy. Kurama's awesome.
  4. Cowboy Bebop - I kinda wished it had more of an overall story, but good characters and good mini-stories combined with a killer soundtrack more than made up for that.
  5. Yu-Gi-Oh!: The Abridged Series - I've never watched Yu-Gi-Oh!, but YGO:TAS is hilarious.

SSJ Domon's picks

  1. Dragon Ball/Z/GT: Don't even need to explain this one.
  2. Inuyasha: I found the plot pretty original, and the fight scenes are good.
  3. Naruto/Shippuden: Lots of people dont like it because they think it's a copy of DB. They're right. In fact, thats WHY I like it. It's so similar it fills the gap that DB left when it ended.
  4. Soul Eater: People turning into weapons to fight demons. No further explanations.
  5. Case Closed: The mysteries are very well thought out, and it can be very funny at times.
  6. G Gundam: DBZ + Robots=G Gundam. Just watch it and see what I mean.
  7. Original Pokemon: Before Hoenn.
  8. Full Metal Alchemist/Brotherhood: Armstrong=Awesome. Only a true man can sparkle like that.
  9. One Piece: I like the manga a lot more, though.
  10. Ultimate Muscle: It's so violent (for shows that 4kids dubs) at first I didn't believe 4kids left some scenes in

The User Who Has Long Since Forgotten His Name's picks


  1. the DB frachise(most memorable anime I watched when I was younger)
  2. Original Pokemon(good memories of when it first came out and was really poluar especially with me and my friends)
  3. Original Digimon(same for Pokemon)
  4. Rurouni Kenshin(one of the most poetic, deep, and realistic animes I've ever seen. Fighting is great. It's also the only serious anime I saw


  1. Naruto(he has an annoying voice plus it sucks)
  2. Current Pokemon(I didn't mind the later seasons like most people but the current seasin is whee they drew the line)
  3. Later Digimon(original was the best)
  4. Yu-Gi-Oh(had potential. I watched the original and liked the story but it should have been about Ancient Egyt and magic rather than cards)

DLRAAR's picks

  1. Dragon Ball Z
  2. One Piece
  3. Avatar: The Last Airbender
  4. Pokemon
  5. Digimon

Honorable Mention: Neon Genesis Evangelion

Goku 11398's picks

  1. School Rumble
  2. Dragon Ball Z
  3. Dragon Ball
  4. Gurren Lagann
  5. Strike Witches
  6. Ranma 1/2
  7. Soul Eater
  8. Rosario and Vampire Caps2
  9. Rosario and Vampire
  10. Dragon Ball GT

GoldenBullet67214's picks

Top Winners

  1. Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z GT AF Kai and Abridged
  2. Naruto
  3. Yu-Gi-Oh

Byakuya Kurosaki's picks

  1. Dragonball Z
  2. Naruto Shippuden
  3. Bleach
  4. Full Metal Alchmist Brotherhood
  5. Fairy Tail
  6. High School Of The Dead
  7. Loveru
  8. Blue Exorcist
  9. Clannad
  10. Needless

Safiajen0055's picks

Mine favorite anime series are:-

  1. Glee
  2. Family Guy
  3. Pokemon
  4. Bleach
  5. South Park............

Solo's picks

  1. Dragon Ball/Dragon Ball Z/Dragon Ball GT Well, it was the very first anime I watched and my favorite. What's not to like about aliens fighting aliens? People changing hair colors? Time travel stories? Yes please.
  2. Deadman WonderlandI love dark and bloody stuff. No I'm not a goth or anything like that, but I'm a violence and dark-humor kind of guy. It only has one season so far, but what has been made so far is awesome. But I'd hate to be the main character,
  3. Kenichi: The Mightiest DiscipleIt's hilarious. I love this show, it's one of the slightly lighter hearted animes I've seen. I haven't seen the whole series yet, but I love what I see so far!
  4. Casshern SinsIt's like another version of Future Trunks' story! And I love the whole Trunks story. Robots! Yeah, this description was short.
  5. Outlaw StarLots of swearing and hilarity! I love this show. I was introduced to it when Toonami was on (before it's revival). I'm just getting lazy now.

And that's about all I can remember.

Deathnote+DBZ+HNI=Epic's picks


  1. DB/Z/Kai/GT: Do I even need to say anything
  2. Death Note: My cherished Depressing anime also L, nuff said
  3. Hijame no Ippo: Surprisingly cohearent plot and characters
  4. Avatar/Korra: Hard to choose, one is better and one is more nostalgic


  1. Pokemon: Great games, Horrendus show
  2. Yu-gi-oh: Don't remind me
  3. Digimon: Crap show apart from tamers which was decent
  4. BoBoBoBoBoBoBo: Nose hair fights *Facepalm*

YourozuyaGinSan's picks

  1. Gintama (manages to be the best fast paced samurai anime while retaining most of the early on comedy.
  2. Toriko (the anime isn't great and censored most of the blood, but the manga has an art style reminiscent of berserk. The ideas behind it and character designs are second to none)
  3. Hokuto No Ken, (Nuff said...)
  4. Berserk (argueably most baddass series in existance, my personal favorite character is serpico, but you gotta love Guts)
  5. Battle Royale (An anime was never made of it, but im including it anyway. Probably the best realism i've ever seen in manga)
  6. Zeta Gundam (most hate gundam, and even mecha in general for it's political backing and such. but I could never get enough of it.)
  7. Space pirate captain harlock (also.. nuff said....)
  8. Rainbow: Nisha Rokubou no Shinchinin (greatest jail/reformatory anime in existance with an awesomely developed cast of characters.... it got somewhat bad after they killed the lead off halfway in though)
  9. Mushishi (most chill anime in existance that doesn't bore the fuck out of me)
  10. Dragon Ball (once again... Nuff Said)
  11. Mirai Nikki (haven't seen the anime, but i've been reading the manga since 06 and it's always been one of my favorites)
  12. Biomega (another one that never got an anime counter part...)
  13. Dragon Ball Z (nuff said)
  14. One piece (only thing that i liked out of the "big three" which now may include fairy tail, but i don't count it seeing as bleach the manga is still ongoing)
  15. Rurouni Kenshin (another awesome samurai anime/manga)

Dislikes/ least favorite

  1. Bobobo-Bobobobo (pretty much what gintama is, but done wrong, and with a horrible art style. not to mention the fights against no name characters that lasted full episodes and took place for no apparent reason. Also the only decent character was the ice cream cone guy)
  2. Pokemon (not even going to explain this.)
  3. Gundam Seed especially Seed Destiny (most overhyped piece of trash in all of gundam history, the characters are almost all whiney scumbags that can only win a fight by relying on their mobile suits, which not to mention, are all ripped off versions of past gundam anime mobile suits. yet the new mobile suit designers are still credited and payed for their designs)
  4. Gundam Age (basically a kids take on gundam. The characters aren't as whiney the ones from seed, but the animation style is the same as digimons and the mobile suits are just dumbed down childish forms of older gundam suits.)
  5. Gundam wing (Maybe i was just expecting too much going in to wing because of the fact that Yoshiyuki Tomino created it. he is credited as the maker of the first 3 gundam anime, along with turn A, and Victory gundam. Which are my personal favorites. Wing just couldn't cut it for me, where seed has overly mellodramatic characters Wing is mostly comprised of superficial, mindless ones. Also the fight scenes could of used a little work, and maybe it was just a tad bit too political even for tomino.)
  6. Naruto (The character designs in naruto are over used... i mean guy and lee look the same, and half of killer bee's village look the same. The only characters i like are the near entirety of the Akatsuki, who by the way all dress the same. the main character i originally liked in part one, but in part 2, in other words shippuden, lost the entirety of his personality. Also, naruto is extremely predictable, and sasuke won't be able to stand up against naruto in a fair fight unless they give him an extremely cheap power up in the next couple weeks. Then there's the problem with tobi. Naruto, Guy, and Kakashi are all teaming Tobi, and still can't win fairly. Im starting to hope tobi just kills the 3 of em, because he is the only currently alive character that i actually enjoy watching. Seeing as the main zetsu was killed off behind the scenes by sasugei.)
  7. Bleach (There aren't many anime i dislike, so bleach is pretty borderline for me in terms of hate. The first arc of bleach was my personal favorite, but then we went into boring fillers and the arrancar arc, which wasn't half bad. My main concerns are with the fullbring arc, it suddenly acting as the abrupt conclusion to the anime, and the current "Nazi" arc in the manga. The current arc is absolute garbage. so far kubo has killed off Byakuya, Kira, and the 1st squads forgettable lieutenant, and we are only 20 chapters in. These characters died pointless deaths, actually the only point was to build suspense for chapters to come. all of the Quincy antagonists thus far have absolutely no motive behind their actions, and from Kenpachi's example can't even hold a candle to a captain unless they nullify the opponents bankai. Also they all use german named attacks/releases, and aren't very well designed. one of them looks like a plain old man with guns, and the other looks like a buffed up steroid junkie hitler.)'s picks


  1. Favorite movie - Spirited Away
  2. Favorite series - Hellsing Ultimate (OVA series)
  3. Other anime I liked: All of Miyazaki's movies, Elfen Lied, Legend of Basara, Princess Resurrection, Rosario Vampire, Fruits Basket, Inuyasha, Ouran High Host Club, Ninja Scroll, Revolutionary Girl Utena, Happy Lesson, Dragonball Z, Maburaho, Midori Days, Blood +, Chibi Vampire Karin, Cardcaptor Sakura, 3X3 Eyes, DearS, Steamboy, Vampire Hunter D, Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt, Kämpfer, Familiar Of Zero, Stop Hibari-kun, Tokimeki Tonight, Gurren Lagann, Guin Saga, Angel Beats, Highschool of the DEAD, Summer Wars, Eden of the East, Dance in the Vampire Bund, Basilisk.

Fatdude's picks

  1. Bleach-- The number one reason I like Bleach is because no character is alike. It's impossible to name two characters who are even remotely the same. Everyone looks very different, has completely unique attacks, techniques, and abilities, and has a completely unique personality. Another thing I like is the fact that the villains are diverse. In most shonen animes every single villain is "Mwahaha I'm evil and I am going to do something terribly evil and no one can ever stop me! Mwahahahahahahaha!" But in Bleach it isn't like that. Every villain has a reason for what they do, and although the series may have a semi-unrealistic premise, the characters have realistic reasons for their goals. Grand Fisher has a huge hunger for souls, because he is a hollow, and naturally hollows must feed on souls to survive. Byakuya isn't a villain truly. He does what he does to set an example for the people who admire him: never disobey the law. The reason for that being the fact that he once made a promise to his parents he would never break the law, and he cares greatly for them, so he dedicates his life to protecting that promise. Aizen believes that the world needs a new leader, and that if there is a God then that God isn't doing a good job. So he sets out to "right that wrong". And lastly I like that the storyline has so many unexpected twists. The writing is amazing. I read a spoiler about who the villain was in the second-to-last arc, and yet I was still surprised when I actually got to the reveal of the villain and his motives in that arc. That's awesome writing. And this final arc just took a sudden turn I never would have expected, and now it's one of my favorite arcs in the series. I, like most people, was skeptic and dissapointed at first, but with what happened with Yamamoto and Juha Bach, I am now on the edge of my seat, quite literally, excited, waiting for the next chapter. (And I like the English Dub, and I like Orihime. I know, I'm in the minority.)
  2. DBZ-- The action is amazing. The fighting style is interesting and never gets old. It has good morals and gorgeous art-style. The story is pretty cool. I liked Frieza's character. He at first is quiet and mysterious. Later on he becomes intimidating. When he meets challengers his pride goes through the roof, and he goes to huge extents to prove that he is the strongest in the universe, the deadly space pirate Frieza, owner of a terrible business that enslaves races, commits genocide, and all for money and pride. That ties into the morals thing I mentioned before. The anatomy of a saiyan is slowly explained throughout the series, and it's intriguing. And honestly it is pretty realistic in some ways. The defense mechanisms (zenkai, SSj) the internal hormonal and chemical reactions (Oozaru, Golden Oozaru). And I could watch the battles all day. The concept of fusion is great. Overall this anime is awesome. Don't be offended I put it under Bleach. But Bleach is still ongoing (although it'll be over in a few years), so it's fresh and new. Were DBZ still ongoing right now, it would probably be above Bleach. But there's nothing new to DBZ, unless you count fan-works (I read Dragon Ball Multiverse, which is a pretty good fan-manga sequel).
  3. Naruto-- First of all, don't kill me. I know this gets lots of hate, but I can't help the fact, I love it. I like the story (you can't argue the story is deep and complex) and I like the characters (PrinceZarbon said he hates the characters. I respectfully disagree.) It may not be very much like how we imagine ninjas, but if you can get over that, it's a pretty good anime/manga. I read the manga, but I don't see any reason not to add it here. I like the diversity of the techniques (no technique is like the other. Don't say Chidori and Rasengan. Chidori hardens the skin on the hand and makes it spark with electricity, Rasengan is a delicately compressed ball of wind.) And I enjoy the visual look of the characters. The characters are really cool looking in my opinion. I like the emotional moments in the series, and I'm a sucker for the love-triangles. Now don't get angry, this is my opinion and I'm not trying to shove it down your throat like some do, so no one has the right to hate on what I like and don't like.
  4. The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya-- What's most interesting about this series is the unpredictability of the series. You can NEVER guess what happens next, and be anywhere near correct. So many moments of "Whoa! That was unexpected!". The main character, Kyon, has a realistic personality and realistic reactions to the crazy things that happen. The movie was awesome. And let's face it, the scenes where Haruhi suddenly stripped in public were hilarious, but they were really hot (if you can't tell I'm a guy). The only downside was the infamous "endless eight" and the baseball episode. Those were both boring and entirely useless. And episode six really should have been the last episode. They tried to stretch it out too much. But don't take my criticism the wrong way. This was one of the best animes I've ever seen, in my entire life, and the movie that goes along with it was incredible.

I don't really have any true dislikes. Animes that I'm not interested in, or even generally compelled to watch at all, but there's no anime that I DISLIKE. Well, that's all for now.

Spdr man's picks

Im only puting likes

  1. DBZ I liked the the characters, fights and transformations
  2. Tree of Might it was a great movie I liked the Bad guys
  3. Coolers Revenge awsome bad guys and fights
  4. Episode of Bardock loved the characters and the fight at the end
  5. Wrath of the Dragon Tapion sorta reminded me of a cooler alien version of Future Trunks's picks


  1. Dragon Ball: Often funny.
  2. One Piece: I like the story.
  3. Dragon Ball Z: Cool characters.
  4. Naruto: I like the action.

DeathWarrior28's picks

Im only puttin likes:

  1. Dragon Ball/Z/GT
  2. One Piece
  3. Bleach
  4. Yu Gi Oh
  5. Yu Gi Oh GX
  6. Naruto

UltimateGohanBT2's picks

  1. Soul Eater
  2. Dragon Ball/Z/GT/Kai
  3. Naruto/Shippuden

18over9000's picks

  1. Dragon Ball Z
  2. Fullmetal Alchemist (Manga and brotherhood)
  3. Dragon Ball
  4. D. Gray Man
  5. Spirited Away
  6. Yugioh GX
  7. One Piece
  8. Bleach
  9. Hetalia
  10. Ponyo

Numbuh424's picks

  1. Yu Yu Hakusho
  2. Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood
  3. Dragon Ball Kai
  4. Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple
  5. Voltron
  6. One Piece
  7. Digimon
  8. Zoids
  9. Dragon Ball
  10. Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Mosnters
  11. Pokemon
  12. Beyblade V-Force

Trunks17's picks

  1. Dragonball/Z/GT
  2. Shaman King
  3. Yu-Gi-Oh
  4. Spongebob Squarepants
  5. Ben 10
  6. Johny Bravo
  7. Sonic
  8. Beyblade


  1. Naruto
  2. Bakugan
  3. One Piece

The Lord Slug's picks

Favorite Anime Series

  1. If I may post in my opinion, my favorite anime would have to be Dragon Ball Z/ Dragon Ball GT. Dragon Ball Z is feeled with uniquely designed characters with a large diversity of races. In fact, Dragon Ball Z is a combination of both Drama, Suspense, and action. It gives you a sense of emotion as they make the battles and stories hard to figure out. Each character's personality fits in with the plot and maintains the character's actions, making you suspect what they'll do next. Akira Toriyama did a well deserved job in the anime.

Favorite Characters

  1. One of my all-time favorite characters in anime is Lord Slug. Lord Slug's ruthless personality and intention to be the best in what he does relates to me. He's unique design in personality and appearance gives the audience the urge to watch what he does. Not only is he my favorite character in Dragon Ball Z, but he is also my favortie in the anime universe.
  2. Another character I admire would have to be Zarbon. He's a well designed villain with a great personality in serving and being loyal to his Lord, Frieza. His facial expressions give other villains the thought that he may not do any harm, but then come to an unfortunate end as they realize Zarbon's intense power.

Disliked Anime Series

  1. Pokemon: It is not in my knowledge for me to say that this is considered an anime, but Pokemon was feeled with childish designs, and in my opinion, the show was created for the amusement of 3 year-olds.
  2. Yugioh: Card tradings, and dueling does not appeal to me and does not maintain the satisfaction as an anime. This show, in my opinion, was made for the amusement of 3-Year olds.
  3. Naruto: The design of characters was too modern, the only difference was the appearance of ninjas. Other than that, everything about the anime was complete nonsense. The attacks were mostly punned off of Dragon Ball Z and was also made for the amusement of 3-Year olds.

Yung Army WarFare's picks

  1. Dragon Ball/Dragon Ball Z/Dragon Ball GT
  2. Yu Yu Hakusho
  3. Trigun
  4. Cowboy Bebop
  5. Lupin the 3rd
  6. Kiddy Grade
  7. Case Closed
  8. Baki the Grappler
  9. InuYasha
  10. Rurouni Kenshin
  11. Blue Gender

In no particular order of course.

Steve.sosa.927's picks

LIKES and DISLIKES 1-4 ARE MY CHILDHOOD. And 5-9 I started watching in order after 1-4 Likes

  1. Yu-Gi-Oh(all generations).And the actual card game is awesome :)
  2. DBZ of course
  3. Pokemon both anime and games :)
  4. Megaman NT warrior/Rockman EXE. Awsome anime and games.
  5. Devil May Cry. The anime and games are awesome.
  6. Bleach
  7. Blue Exorcist/Ao No Exorcist
  8. Soul Eater
  9. Fairy Tail


  1. Naruto.I like shipudden bc of the Akatsuki,Madara and Obito but FILLERS
  2. One Piece. I don't hate it but I think it's stupid to have a pirate that is made of rubber and TOOOOO MANY EPISODES AND MANGA!!!!
  3. Digimon. Tried watching it but I prefer Pokemon

Chocho978's picks

  1. Code Geass. Best anime ever!
  2. Bleach.
  3. Death Note

Sunwukong75's picks

  1. Yu Yu Hakusho
  2. Attack on Titan
  3. Hunter X Hunter
  4. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
  5. Dragon Ball
  6. Fairy Tail
  7. Code Geass
  8. Future Diary
  9. Dragon Ball Z
  10. Death Note

Super Shmevan's picks

  1. Dragon Ball/Z/GT
  2. InuYasha
  3. Bleach
  4. Fullmetal Alchemist/Brotherhood
  5. One Piece
  6. Death Note
  7. Cowboy Bebop
  8. FLCL
  9. Sword Art Online
  10. Samurai Champloo


(name gives it away)

  1. Dragon ball Dragon Ball Z Dragon Ball GT and Dragon Ball Z Kai
  2. Tokyo Magnitude 8.0( really underated not many people know about it but is awesome and realistic but sad as well)
  3. Highschool of the Dead( HOTD beware is really graphic in more than one way)
  4. Elfen Lied( also very graphic) 

ALL DRAGON BALL SERIES FAN(contining my list above)

  1. Avatar the Last Airbender
  2. Yu Gi Oh GX  Yu Gi Oh!
  3. Inuyasha( i think was the first anime i watched)
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