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Forever Dreaming (フォーエバードリーミング Fōebā Dorīmingu) is the fourth ending theme of Dragon Ball Super, playing from episodes 37 to 49. This song was performed by Czecho No Republic for the original Japanese dub, and by Mystery Skulls for Funimation dub.


Japanese Romaji Lyrics (TV size)

Wow Wow

kantan janai kotae wa nai

mogaitemo gooru wa nai

ja kyoufu mo pinchi mo aete

isshuu mawatte tanoshimitai

Wow Wow

mada owaritakunai yaritogetai yo

kachitoritainda ano hi mita yume o

Wow Wow

yokubari datte ii kirawaretatte ii

warawaretatte ii kankei nai yo

Wow Wow

English Translation Lyrics (TV size)

Wow Wow

It’s not simple. There’s no answer.

Even if I struggle, there’s no goal to reach.

So I guess when I’m afraid, or in a pinch,

I’d like to take things for a spin, and have a good time!

Wow Wow

I don’t want it to end yet – I wanna see things through!

I wanna lay claim to the dream I’ve had since that day!

Wow Wow

I don’t care if I’m greedy – I don’t care if I’m hated!

I don’t care if anyone laughs at me; it doesn’t mean a thing!

Wow Wow

English Translation Lyrics (Funimation dub, TV size)

Whoa, whoa

It's hard to say, don't wanna stay

I twist and fight, can't find my way

I must believe, that fear and trouble can even be fun if you think the right way

Whoa, whoa

I don't wanna draw the line, I've gotta see it through some way

Fight for what I know is mine, the dream I had of me that day

Whoa, whoa

Don't care if they call me greedy, if they hate me, make me blue

Don't care if they laugh at me 'cus I will make the dream come true

Whoa, whoa

Latin American Spanish Lyrics (TV size)

Wow Wow

Fácil no es. No encuentro una razón.

Lo intento más, sin meta que lograr.

Sin miedo voy y yo quisiera salir

y me quiero poder divertir.

Wow Wow

Un sueño me da vueltas. Ya no quiero comprender.

Tal vez no quiero que termine porque ya va a suceder. Lo sé.

Wow Wow

No me importa nada de lo que de digan de mí. Lo es.

No importa si se ríen y se burlan hoy de mí. Lo sé.

Wow Wow

Brazilian Portuguese Lyrics (TV size)

Wow Wow

Devo tentar, não sei o que dizer.

Pra onde eu vou,

Não sei o que fazer.

O truque é vencer o medo, fazendo os problemas uma diversão.

Wow Wow

Não vou esquecer de mim.

O sonho eterno não tem fim.

É preciso acreditar

Jamais desista de lutar.

Wow Wow

Não importa se eu errar ou se você me odiar.

Pode até rir de mim.

Eu sigo e não estou nem aí.

Wow Wow

Japanese Romaji Lyrics (TV size)

Wow Wow

簡単じゃない 答えはない

もがいても ゴールはない



Wow Wow

まだ終わりたくない やり遂げたいよ

勝ち取りたいんだ あの日見た夢を

Wow Wow

欲張りだっていい 嫌われたっていい

笑われたっていい 関係ないよ

Wow Wow


The characters in the fourth ending of Dragon Ball Super with this song, in order of appearance, are:


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