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"For His Beloved Ones... The End of the Proud Warrior!" (あいすべきもののために…ほこたかせんさい Aisubeki Mono no Tame ni… Hokori Takaki Senshi no Saigo!, lit. "For Those Whom He Loves… The Proud Warrior's Death!") is the one hundred twentieth episode in Japan and the one hundred twenty seventh episode internationally of Dragon Ball Z Kai. This episode first aired in Japan on September 7, 2014. Its original American airdate was August 5, 2017.


Majin Buu tears off some of his own belly, and wraps it around Vegeta. With Vegeta now unable to move, Buu pummels him with blows. Trunks heads for the battleground, followed by Goten. Trunks kicks Buu, and frees Vegeta with Goten’s help. Meanwhile, Piccolo slices Babidi in half. Desperate to protect his family and to atone for his sins, Vegeta hugs Trunks, then knocks him and Goten unconscious. Vegeta asks Piccolo to take Trunks and Goten away from the scene. Deciding there is no other way to kill Buu, Vegeta is willing to die for the planet and his family. He then unleashes his ki, creating a gigantic explosion around himself, sacrificing himself for the sake of others for the first time in his life.[1]


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