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The Flying Disc is a circular platform that is used to make someone fly around.


The Flying Disc is a disc-shaped hoverboard which allows the user to fly through the air in a manner not unlike the Flying Nimbus though Flying Disc differs in that it is a high tech artificial vehicle.


Bongo uses his Flying Disc to engage in an aerial battle with Goku riding on his Flying Nimbus. However, the Flying Disc is ultimately destroyed during the fight by Goku and causes Bongo to fall into the castle, dragging Goku with him.


DBXV2 Future Warrior Vehicle Capsule 315 (Conton City Business District - Multi Lobby)

Vehicle Capsule #315 in Xenoverse 2

  • In Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, Time Patrollers can use a similar vehicle called Vehicle Capsule #315 which slightly resembles the Flying Disc though it differs in that it can only hover above the ground slightly as it is not capable of true flight. However it is ridden in an identical fashion.[1]
    • Design wise the Vehicle Capsule only shares the Flying Disc's circular disc shape as it features two egg-like protrusions with Capsule Corp. on the written on the sides and a curved section on the front featuring the Time Patrol's TP logo.[1]


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