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Flash Spirit (フラッシュスピリット Furasshu Supiritto)[1][2] is a Rush Attack used by Bardock.


First, Bardock elbows the opponent in the face, he then kicks the opponent away and then shoots a Full Power Energy Wave at them, inflicting great damage.



Bardock elbows his opponent in the face

After charging to Frieza's Spaceship, Bardock confronts Frieza's Army. After being shot by beams from a large group, Bardock emerges from the smoke and uses the Flash Spirit's elbow attack on one of Frieza's soldiers. He then encounters the next group. He dodges the first soldier, then uses the Flash Spirit's kick on the next, then the Flash Spirit's Full Power Energy Wave on the next, killing him.

Video Game Appearances[]

In Raging Blast, it is named Flash Spirit where it is one of Bardock's Super Attacks.